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  • Ruby: So you two are dating, right?
  • Yang/Blake: *Both spray their drinks out and stare at Ruby whilw muttering.* Huh?
  • Ruby: You two. Dating. *Ruby motioning her hands together.* Each other. Correct?
  • Blake: *Both Yang and Blake look at each other, searching their partners eyes before looking away with a blush.* It's... complicated.
  • Yang: We... We're going through some things Ruby.
  • Ruby: But you both love each other right?
  • Yang: Well... I mean... *Yang began before going silent with a nod.*
  • Blake: *Oddly though, upon seeing this Blake's cat ear shot straight up as she looked at Yang with some surprise.* Wait what? Y-you... With me?
  • Yang: Oh come on Blake. You know I do.
  • Blake: B-but why? I left when you needed me.
  • Ruby: That reminds me.
  • Blake: OW! Why did you kick!?
  • Ruby: Making Yang cry every night?
  • Yang: RUBY!! Don't tell her that!!
  • Blake: Oh God. Yang... I am so sorry.
  • Yang: It's fine.
  • Blake: No its not, Yang. I betrayed you.
  • Yang: You were trying to protect me.
  • Blake: But I didn't tell you!
  • Yang: You think I would have let you leave if you did?
  • Blake: No but I wouldn't be able to leave if I did.
  • Yang: Why?
  • Blake: Because I love you too.
  • Yang: *Yang lightly gasped before tackling Blake with a hug.* Blakey... I love you too.
  • Ruby: So Dating then?

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i'm undiagnosed, but i sort of came to the conclusion several years ago that i was probably autistic? i didn't treat it as a Concrete thing but it's something i'm certain about and i follow pro-self-dx blogs for advice and things and i had a friend who followed my blog, but he decided he didn't like self-dx and me talking about my stuff and so he stopped being friends with me and spreads rumors about me and says i'm lying about my disorders and sexuality and gender and ick god i hate him

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Hi! So i'm new to all of this, I actually didn't even know that people did all of this for Fallout 4, if I had known then I would have been on tumblr a long time ago haha, it's pretty great that you're doing this sort of thing, but anyway. . . If this has been requested I am so sorry. So, you can change the appearance of the Sole Survivor whenever you want; i'm just curious as to how the companions would react if Sole gets a face swap? Again, I apologize if this has already been asked for.

Cait: “Hot damn.” She lets out a slow whistle. “Gotta admit, I didn’t think y’were serious when you said you were doin’ this. Guess you showed me. I guess it’ll take some getting used to, but…” She shrugs. “Whatever works for you.”

Codsworth: “Are you… quite sure you like this, Mx. Sole?” It unnerves him a bit, especially when he hears Sole’s voice coming out of someone else’s face. He never expresses disapproval, exactly, but it does make him uncomfortable.

Curie: She does ask why Sole wants to do it, but doesn’t judge their reasons. She does insist on being involved in the process, however. “Plastic surgery is not so simple,” she says. “I would feel better knowing you were in capable hands.” She blushes. “Not that I am so very skilled, but…”

Danse: “Why?” He wrinkles his nose, looking them up and down. “It feels… deceptive. You looked fine as you were.” He shifts uncomfortably. He might not admit it, but he’s attached to Sole’s current looks.

Deacon: “Sweet!” He claps his hands together excitedly. “Oh, wow. Geez. You know, I’m overdue for one, myself. Maybe I can a face that matches yours? Oh! Let’s be twins. Yeah, let’s be twins. That’ll be hilarious.”

Dogmeat: Sole’s face is always lickable, no matter what it looks like.

Hancock: “Any particular reason why?” He quirks one hairless eyebrow. “I mean, I ain’t gonna be mad, I just don’t want you makin’ any rash decisions.” He waves a hand over his face. “Like yours truly.”

Nick Valentine: “Huh.” He scratches his chin with his claw, looking pensive. Then, he chuckles. “Well, I guess it’ll make it a helluva lot harder to track you down. Can’t blame you for keeping folks on their toes.”

MacCready: He frowns, brow furrowing. “Kinda hard to recognize you,” he says, uneasily. “I mean… I guess it’s your choice, but. It sorta skeeves me out.” He’s not a fan of change, but isn’t going to argue with Sole’s choice.

Piper: “Whoa!” She lifts the brim of her hat, staring wide-eyed into Sole’s new face. “Cool! What made you decide to do that? What, uh- what’d you base it on? Why’d you do this face?” She’s more curious than anything. As always.

Preston: “Oh, uh.” He’s a bit surprised, but shrugs it off. “Well, I guess it’s up to you. Gonna be a little hard to recognize you for a while, but if it’s what you want.” He’s seen stranger things. He’ll live.


X6-88: He tilts his head to the side very slightly. “Why?” If Sole chooses to give an explanation, he nods. “Very well.” He doesn’t question it further.

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Howdy, I found a couple of old notebooks about a year ago and it turns out I also had nightmare demons (and candy demons idk what I was thinking there). I was planning on redoing the species but when I found you on youtube I didn't want people to think I was copying you. They aren't very similar to yours but would you feel offended if I built on my silly ideas I came up with when I was about 8? (Sorry for typos if any)

i guess haha as long as you didnt use my species as a building block or anything haha 

i cant guarantee what other people will think tho so just dont be surprised with accusations o3o but feel free to link them to this ask if u need to lol 

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what do you think your characters' favorite movies would be (guilty pleasures included)?


so santi’s favorite movies are akira and godzilla (only the original godzilla, although he did like shin godzilla that came out last year, but otherwise he gets very heated about the remakes and sequels, especially the one starring matthew broderick…don’t even bring that one up) he was also obsessed with jurassic park when he was a kid and wanted to become a paleontologist until he found out that paleontologists don’t actually get to meet real dinosaurs. he’s a geek ass so star wars of course. i feel like he would probably like green room too. oh and the goonies. hmmm what else…probably spider-man (2002)…scooby-doo 2: monsters unleashed…bad movies that are fun to watch. oh and when he gets really high he watches mary-kate and ashley movies. his favorite is the one where they go to the bahamas. 

gianni is the hardest because i feel like he would like a lot of obscure foreign films or weird surrealist films. like probably el topo or the holy mountain until he found out how shitty of a person alejandro jodorowsky is. omfg wait i watched swiss army man recently and just thought of santixgianni the whole time. he would definitely like that one. OH I JUST REMEMBERED i decided a while ago that his fave is fantastic mr. fox. oooooh and big fish. OH and definitely lord of the rings i mean c’mon. and he’s probably a slut for david lynch too so u know eraserhead and blue velvet. aversely, he probably watches a lot of ridiculously over the top action movies (probably like the fast & furious series lmao) because he finds it interesting how desensitizing they are. OH AND he and santi definitely binge watch the road warrior/mad max series together every so often hell yea.

rooney is probably so easy to please omg. her favorite movie is defffffinitely amélie heheshe loves anything ghibli/miyazaki, and wes anderson as well. she also went through a huge tarantino phase in her teen years when she tried to be edgy and walk around paris smoking hand rolled cigarettes out of those long fancy audrey hepburn cig holders u know what i mean. she also likes movies that radiate existential happiness and philosophical reflections on life, like almost famous, beginners, 20th century women, captain fantastic, those kinda optimistic, relationship-oriented storylines. oh and whip it because she’s always dreamed of becoming a roller derby girl ;-;

lou is probably a movie junkie. all she does is sit at home and watch movies and tv with fiona lmao (when she’s not babysitting santi) for that reason she’s seen everything and is a huge critic but will still watch anything even though she’ll complain about every gripe she has with it. her taste is kinda hard to pinpoint…i feel like she would like mysteries and maybe even sci-fi films. a lot of old film noirs as well. i mean u just know mildred pierce is her shit. gone girl and ex machina also come to mind. and she would like room and where the wild things are ;-; she’s also a sucker for tragedies (go figure) and kubrick films.

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Whenever I think of Bertolt related anything I just get really, really sad. He didn't deserve any of this. Reiner and Annie didn't either, of course, but I can't help but feel like poor Bertl gets it the worst...

I know it’s been a long time that he’s gone now but I feel the same way too.

Maybe now that we know that memories get passed on we will find out more about him. It’s wishful thinking but at least it’s more likely now.

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if you ever get around to writing that a/b/o verse for ryder and reyes, don't think about scott telling reyes that he smells like home ;)

The moments that Reyes actually gets to have Scott in his space, let alone on the same planet, are far and in between. For all his avarice, he won’t begrudge the rest of the cluster their Pathfinder just so long as he remains the harbor that the man never fails to return to.

He had grown far too used to how Scott slots in against him, each kiss far gentler than anything Reyes has the right to put a claim. Even when Scott trailed off in the middle of a retelling of his fairly madcap time on Elaaden, breath evening out as long lashes flutter, Reyes can’t even find it in himself to be disappointed.

Not that he wasn’t when morning comes without Scott still tucked against his side. What comes when he sits up in bed to discover the man in question rifling through the case at the bottom of his bed is a good deal harder to place. None of it is a sensation he ever thought he would have to cope with when it came to this man.

“I don’t remember forgetting to lock that.” He arched a brow when Scott’s head snapped up, doing his best not to be phased by the wide eyed panic in the other man’s face. 

“You did. I mean…” Scott held up his hands, swallowing hard. “This isn’t what it looks like?”

“Then what is it?” Reyes asked, barely able to stop it from being an outright demand. He had been through similar situations a time or two before, but none of those people had found their way in as thoroughly as Ryder had. He didn’t know how to seal off against this kind of hurt, let alone piece together the proper mask.

“It’s gonna sound stupid.” Scott scrubbed a hand across his face. “You’re doing important work here. It’s not like I can smuggle you aboard the Tempest whenever I chose. But I can…uh…take a part of you with…me?”

Reyes’ brow furrowed, only to have a burst of laughter tear free when he saw what was being clutched in the man’s hands. “You’re after my clothes?” he said.

Scott set his head high, eyes firm even with the flush creeping up his neck. “It’s your scent I’m after,” he said. “You… You smell like home, alright?”

Reyes could all but feel the way his throat constricted at that, hands reaching out with any real purpose. A strangled sound managed to work itself free when Scott caught one to press a kiss to the palm, of all things. “You are impossible,” he bit out.

“True.” Scott eased up onto the bed, shirt forgotten on the floor as he leaned into Reyes’ touch. “But I’m yours.”


The shirt that Scott wore back to the Tempest almost certainly wasn’t his, let alone the vest. That the collar slung low enough to show the edges of some impressively deep love bites was enough to sent Cora to scoffing while Lexi looked over her array of topical lotions.

At least no one had the heart to tease their Pathfinder for how he kept sniffing at the sleeves whenever he thought no one would notice.

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Why do you think Eobard liked Hartley so much? I was thinking today about how the whole first series we have to look at Wells as Eobard now and i feel like the Eobard we've seen wouldn't necessarily take the effort to form such close bonds like he did with Hartley. Or was that all part of the long con he was playing? Because it didn't seem he was ever that close with Caitlin or Cisco or Ronnie.

Sorry this ask got swallowed in my inbox…

I think there’s a few reasons. One of which is that Eobard was/is excellent at manipulating people. He maybe knew that with Hartley, getting his loyalty would require something different, more favoritism, and so he provided that. He wanted to harness Hartley’s brainpower, and wanted to keep him complacent while doing so. In the end, he underestimated how much Hartley cares about right and wrong, and his natural curiosity, because Hartley did notice a problem with the accelerator and tried to do something about it to save lives.

I also think it’s possible that Eobard saw something of himself in Hartley. A young and socially reserved (cold?) genius with particular standards who treats everyone around them like they’re a bit of an idiot in comparison? It seems like the Original Eobard to me, before he had to play the role of Wells. So he might’ve seen Hartley as something of a more genuine protege before Barry came along. They could talk Latin (and maybe other languages) and exchange wit and barbs and Eobard got to relax just a little, being around someone he perceived as “like him”.

He also seemed to have been working with Hartley for a lot longer than Cisco (who he did become close with later, and came to see as a son), and maybe worked closer with him than he did with Caitlin and Ronnie. It’s hard to say. Ronnie “wasn’t even supposed to be there” the night of turning on the particle acclerator, if I remember Caitlin’s words correctly, so he maybe didn’t normally answer directly to Wells. 

It’s hard for me to understand exactly why Caitlin did answer directly to him to be honest, or at least why she was there the night they turned on the accelerator, because she was doing medical research and not working on the accelerator? But maybe her work with Grodd endeared Eobard toward her and he kept her close, or having a prestige position in STAR Labs got her an invite to their big event. She might’ve even been head researcher in the biomed lab at the lab before the thing exploded. But if she wasn’t quite as close to him as Hartley (or Cisco), it’s probably because she seems like she takes professionalism quite seriously and was probably not trying to befriend her boss at that point in time.

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What's your opinion of the new app Irresistible Mistakes?

Warning: Possible Spoilers

I really like it! I think the plot is something that really could be either tacky or well-done, but Voltage made it work. There isn’t any major shame towards MC for having a one night stand (that I could pick up on, anyway). I think it’s a more mature and realistic theme that’ll appeal to older Voltage fans or people looking for non-fantasy options.

As for the characters, I personally love how this MC was written. I think she’s portrayed as a strong, independent person. I’m tired of MCs who act helpless and shy, and can’t stand up for themselves. I like how this MC addresses her flaws but doesn’t try to apologize for them if that makes sense? Like how she feels possessive over Shunichiro, but she doesn’t try to talk herself out of this feeling or convince herself that she doesn’t deserve him. I like how she seems to view herself as an equal to the guys, instead of some outsider who constantly doubts her worth. 

I’m also really glad that her love interests don’t seem to treat her like shit lmao. Like Voltage could have easily made Shunichiro this aggressive boss that belittles his employees and uses his power over MC, but they didn’t. They made him this complex, kind character who views MC and his other employees as actual people. In his route, I really appreciate how open he is with his feelings. He isn’t written as someone who acts like he doesn’t care about MC, but as someone who genuinely has an interest in her and isn’t afraid to show it. He doesn’t come across as aggressive or give off the vibe that MC should be lucky to be with him since he’s in a position of power or that he’s attractive - he’s unapologetically interested in her as a person and always seems to view MC as his equal. 

I’m not going to get into the other characters until more information is released about them, but all in all I think this new game is great and a really refreshing take on otome games. 10/10 would recommend. 

Snip Snip. (Chocobros)

This one’s about the boys having little kids who really hate getting haircuts. Sorry that the s/o’s involvement is very minimal, it just sort of unfolded that way.

His little one is fidgety. Very fidgety. Looking clearly unhappy and trying to get out of the barber’s chair. Wanting to settle down his child; he thinks of what would make a good bribe, and starts negotiating. Promising anything that could make a child’s heart race. His little one seemed to consider it, but the second the scissors came, all was forgotten. Tears, screaming, panicking; and most of it wasn’t Noctis. Expecting this and not ready to give up, both Noctis and the barber try to distract the little one with toys, or a story. And while it works, it only lasts till the little one sees scissors again. Which unfortunately, ended really badly. Noctis is too embarrassed by that point and just heads back. He figures he’ll have someone come over to take care of this, asking the little one who he should call. A small hand reaches out to his phone, and takes it. He looks at his child and waits, coming close to crying himself when he hears “Daddy you do it!” with an innocent smile. 

He picks up the scissors, and taps into hope he didn’t know he had. “It just needs to be shorter.” He’d repeat to himself. Moving around, cutting some hair here, then some there. Using a brush to settle it down. When he was done, he wished he would have given the barber another shot. He inflicted the worst haircut he’d ever seen on his own child. Cleaning up as fast as he can, he sits the little one down. “Listen, you look so nice! How about, we tell everyone you cut it yourself okay?” There’s a nod and a handshake. And when his s/o comes home and sees the choppy, inconsistent hair, they look to Noctis, who could only say, “I guess I should’ve kept an eye on the scissors, haha.”
They weren’t impressed.

He just picks up and cradles his kid the second, he feels like there was going to be a fuss. Saying sweet, encouraging things. Trying to make the haircut sound like an adventure. And while he wants to keep his kids happy at all times, this is one time he hoped his kid would just stay still long enough to get this done. While he’s talking, he gestures for the barber to take a crack at doing this sneakily. It goes well enough, quite a bit managed to get trimmed. But then, the whining and wriggling about started, and he was forced to let down the hyper fuzzball. Who went on to run straight for the door, not wanting to stay another minute. Prompto apologised and gave a small tip for the trouble, making an effort not to focus on how exasperated he felt.

At home, he decides he might as well cut the hair. Looking up tutorials, reading whatever he can find. Just anything that would help him make sense of how to give children haircuts. He takes a deep breath, and trims a little. Then consults whatever guide he’s looking at. This goes on for a bit, and he feels pretty skeptical about how it’ll turn out. Paying attention to the length on each side, hoping it looks at least decent when dry. But to his surprise, it actually looks somewhat nice. When his s/o sees, they praise him a bunch, that is until they feel the back of their child’s head and notice a nice patch that’s a lot shorter than the rest. He can’t believe that slipped his mind.

Having a thousand things to do, is hard enough on it’s own. But when you need to look after a child, it’s that much harder. He’s normally very patient. And he’s also a very doting parent. However, all of that only goes so far when his child is throwing a fit and his phone has gone off multiple times. The barber kept trying to employ all sorts of strategies to pull of the haircut slowly but surely. Yet, there was too much to do and not enough time, so with complete and utter resignation, he decided it’s better not to keep at something that isn’t going to get any results. Spending a great deal of time alternating between calming down his child and returning phone calls, he finally got a few moments of peace.

Asking his child to take a seat and sit still, he raced to get the job done. Too irritated by that point to care about anything other than having this out of the way. He could sense a small crying fit was going to come on, and just put the scissors down and did a little deep breathing to calm himself down, while his child flailed about for a little while. His apathy was beyond words, so he just went back to it. Rushing through with nothing but sheer willpower and the adrenaline rush of exhaustion. He takes a look when he’s done, quite pleased with the result. His s/o later messages him, saying that they absolutely love the job he did, and think that he should be in charge of haircuts from now on. There was a lot of internal screaming.

He waits, and he waits, and he waits. He doesn’t see his little munchkin calming down any time soon. It had already eaten up so much time, he just zoned out. Wanting to figure out, what it was about haircuts that drove children into hysterics. He stuck on, only because he had faith his patience would be rewarded. Just when it started to get quieter, and he felt hopeful, the barber got his attention. Looking thoroughly agitated, but apologising. Because his child was too unruly to keep at it. Trying not to panic, he messaged his s/o. Asking what’s best. They were sick and tired of this haircut getting delayed, and in the spur of the moment told him to do it himself so long as it’s done.

He was tempted to go back to the barber and try again. But looking at how much more peaceful the little munchkin looked with him, he was willing to try it. His s/o meanwhile realised that a delayed haircut is probably better than the mess Gladio might leave behind. Rushing to their house, hoping to stop him. He however, wasn’t feeling very confident. He tried cutting a sheet of paper just to test whether he could cut in a straight line. Disappointed, he looked to the empty bowl nearby with a heavy heart. He had no choice. He placed it on the little munchkin’s head. Prepared himself and started cutting. When his s/o finally made it back. They were torn between helping their child feel good about the new hair or, chewing him out for giving their child a bowl cut, of all things.

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AU where Nymeria didn't come soon enough and Joffrey maimed (murdered?) Arya. What would've happened? How do you think the story would proceed?

well this ask is sure a punch to the gut so thanks for that.

but after that initial punch, i had fun with this.  my goal was to keep major strokes of the plot largely the same but to justify them with different characterizations that precipitate from this different scenario.  

this is also long bc i had fun so i’m putting it under a cut

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some of my personal favorite highlights from the Osomatsu-san seiyuu commentary on Episode 12

youkyan’s own opinions on karamatsu:

according to the others, onodai letting jyushimatsu’s popularity get to his head and adding too many adlibs…

…only for them all to be rejected:

the seiyuu of the elder matsus discussing how karamatsu might have gotten his tanktop:

youkyan apparently being the type that’s no good at making himself stop laughing once he’s started, to the point where he can’t even say his own lines:

miyu asking fukujun to read ichimatsu’s “nomination scenes” out loud, just to emphasize how terrible they are in comparison:

the seiyuu of the younger matsus commenting that ESP Kitty is maybe not as touching of a story as it seems, because it’s really rooted in bad intentions:

the younger matsus’ seiyuu trying to contemplate why totty’s a virgin if he’s “so good with women”…

fukujun’s love for the Iconic Totty Face:

youkyan pressuring onodai into saying a likely-totally-OOC adlib for jyushimatsu:

and finally, the two groups of seiyuu insulting one another:

i was tagged by the lovely @lz-01 thank-you dear!!

i don’t think this is even very clear, especially with scribbled side-notes and little pictures, oops!

i’m gonna tag @theshyauthor, @jilliancares, @webedragons, @a-link-between-urls, @castiel-fuckin-winchester, @disappears-in-snow@danielbear, @ask-slytherin-yoongi, @cardigansarepunkrock, @i-am-obsessed-with-many-things and @saltyauntsuga!  that’s a lot and i don’t talk to all of you but i recognise your url and we’re mutuals and i think you’re cool!!  yay for talking to strangers on the internet, right? right :D

“Everyone makes mistakes, sweetheart. What matters is whether or not you try to fix them.”

Gangrel for f0ffff‘s FEA red phone collab :> What a nice project, I’ve loved seeing everyone’s drawings for it so far! I might have failed at trying to make Gangrel positive tho ;v;

Old Habits, Young Love, and Other Things That Just Won’t Die

Summary: Despite their branding, Dan and Phil haven’t actually been friends for all of the seven years that they’ve known each other. For almost two of those years, ‘best friend’ was just a label they used on the internet, a clever disguise used to keep people from knowing what they really were. Because from the day they met until the day they broke up, Dan and Phil were something else entirely. Not something more. Just something else.

Rating: T

Word count: 4.4k

Warnings: vague references to 2012, little bit of implied internalized homophobia/biphobia, food mentions, one swear word

A/N: Written for @eamn-resu, who requested a fic based on this (really cute) phanart by @houseplantsandmadbants. Sorry it took so long. I thought this was going to be a cute little drabble but I should have known that I would accidentally turn it into 4000+ words of angst followed by obscene amounts of fluff. I hope this isn’t too far off from what you wanted.

read on ao3

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skullgirls blogs
  • beowulf: humor blog. does nothing but liveblog wrestling and reblog shitty repost +xnotes blogs. lots of 9gag. doesn't understand tags.
  • big band: blank blog. justice does not have time to post minutae. he has an account but it's just to keep an eye on peacock (he sends Very Stern messages when she gets into internet fights).
  • cerebella: business & personal blog. shameless selfpromotion, lots of talk about the cirque. also, every single one of beowulf's selfies, even the ones he accidentally posts of his feet. tags cirque stuff only.
  • double: a pornbot. every single pornbot on the site.
  • eliza: mostly an ~ancient egyptian~ aesthetic blog. plus signal boosts for her charity fronts, and every variation of money cat. no tags ever.
  • filia: aesthetic blog. photos of kittens, the ocean, and her starbucks orders. has an ungodly number of followers. reblogs everything that carol posts and gets her weird bursts of notes. tags for visibility.
  • marie: social justice blog. lots of resources but also personal ventposts and some frilly fashion photosets. tags painstakingly for triggers.
  • ms. fortune: humor blog. cats!!! memes, vines, shitposts, and puns. frontpage has autoplay of the dancing cat song. tags her own posts but nothing else.
  • painwheel: horror blog. mostly classic movie gifs, some meta. reblogs pun posts with "NO!!!". tags series but no warnings.
  • parasoul: business blog. advertising posts for new black egrets events. occasional annie of the stars meta. tags everything except for the aforementioned meta so that nobody can find it.
  • peacock: cartoon nostalgia blog. the source of the worst animaniacs gifs on the web. all assets are .jpg intentionally, or if .gif then they have more artifacts than indiana jones. tags are for the weak.
  • squigly: music blog. lots of phantom of the opera photosets and meta. the pizza rolls gif is autoreblog. tags everything meticulously.
  • valentine: nobody fucking knows. is it an antisjw blog? is it an artistic gorethemed visual blog? nothing is tagged and everything hurts.

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Hello! The name of my town is Serenity and it would be awesome if you made a town flag for me?? I would really like for you to design whatever pops into your head when you think of the word Serenity, I also love pastel colors. Thank you:)

Woo, took me a while to finally sit down and get this one done!

Anyway, I hope you like it!


I’m sorry, Dean. I really am — I never wanted to hurt you or anyone. But I swear, even if the word ‘family’ didn’t mean the same thing to me as it did to you way back then… you made growing up in the place we did a little easier. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t been there, okay? You kept me sane sometimes. You were my only constant friend. 

You’ve gotta know, my heaven wouldn’t have been right without you there. 

Why do you think we share one?