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BLUE’S CLUES in Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda (SPOILERS)

Here follows a comprehensive(ish) list of clues as to Blue’s real identity in Simon Vs (plus some related easter eggs), because I am bored, and there’s no such thing as Bad Simon Content.

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gay-girls-do-it-better  asked:

I love your art style so much! It's so cute! You know the magician/witch girl from DRV3, (Himeko Yumeni, I think her name is) the one with the red hair? I would absolutely love it if you could draw her in a t-shirt with the quote "We are the granddaughters of the witches you weren't able to burn."

thank you!! goodness I love that, here you go

Hi!!! wow I’ve reached 400 followers and that’s the most I’ve ever had on here in 6 years 😂

I love all of you guys so much!!!! Thank you for putting up with my excitable overzealous and oftentimes overloving self. I just have so much love to give my heart is so warm and soft for all of you 😭

Anyway hERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!

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Fake Chats #191
  • Jimin: I'm cold.
  • Yoongi: I'm cold.
  • Hoseok: don't be cold!
  • Yoongi: why are you hugging me?
  • Jungkook: because Hopi-hyung is hinging Jimin.
  • Yoongi: it's weird, right? I mean, we all love each other, especially Jimin, but why is Hoseok hugging him and not me?
  • Jungkook: honestly I expected Jimin to hug you.
  • Yoongi: at which point you would've hugged Hopi?
  • Jungkook: no. Why would I hug him? I'm mad that Jimin is hugging you. He would hug me.
  • Yoongi: true.
  • Jungkook: how long will we be hugging, do you think?
  • Yoongi: until I'm not cold?
  • Jungkook: until they stop?
  • Hoseok: you guys know we can hear you, right? And you're making Jiminnie upset.
  • Yoonkook:
  • Jihope:
  • Jungkook: sorry.
  • Yoongi: yeah.
  • Hoseok: Kookie, get over here and comfort Jimin.
  • Jungkook: sorry hyung.
  • Hoseok: you knew we could hear you, didn't you?
  • Yoongi: are you saying I upset Jimin on purpose? That was not part of the plan.
  • Hoseok: next time just hug me right off the bat.
  • Yoongi: it's your job to hug ME.
  • Hoseok: oh my gosh, YOONGI.

fuckmyfaraday  asked:

I think my ask got eaten but if it didn't sorry for sending twice. But I want to see trans Peter coming out to Yondu.

Hey friend! So I’m pretty sure you meant you wanted to see this drawn, which I will still likely do, but a scene that long would take some time so it’s possible that I wrote a quick canon AU coming out scene in the meantime. I hope it’s in the vein of what you were imagining!

Quick note: Since this is a coming out scene from the perspective of the character who is being come out to, Peter is technically misgendered up top though Yondu corrects immediately once he figures out what’s up.

When Ego had hired him to pick up yet another of his numerous offspring, Yondu had been expecting something more out of Parker Quill.

The kid was scrawny, even for a Terran. A little slip of a thing, all big eyes and soft edges, though she had a hell of a bite. Yondu had the lingering crescent moon impression of teeth where the little hellion had tried to take a chunk out of him when they’d first beamed her aboard the ship, already wet-eyed by only minimal fault of theirs and howling for her mama.

That had been several years ago, now, though Quill was still a lanky scrap, grown a few inches taller but never quite seeming to have enough meat on her bones to make up for it despite the fact that she ate like she was starving, falling on her food with a fervor that rivaled that of crewmen three times her size or more. She was a funny creature, Quill, with that big ol’ chip on her shoulder that she seemed to delight in wielding like a weapon against anybody foolish enough to try and test her mettle. She was gregarious, stumbling mostly by accident into enough charm to swing folk to her favor, and she had spunk, even if it occasionally manifested in somewhat unusual ways.

Yondu stared for a second longer at the choppy, rough-shorn mess she’d made of herself this time, little tufts of ginger hair sticking out over her ears, licking up off her head in direct defiance of the artificial gravity in place on the ship. She had her jaw set, chin poking out and shoulders thrown back, and she hadn’t said yet why she’d come storming up here in the first place but Yondu could see her working up to it, throat bobbing nervously as she swallowed, knuckles white where her hands were clenched into determined fists at her sides. She was a talker, Quill, and most of the crew had learned fast that it was better to cut her off before she could get started, guide the conversation somewhat so that she didn’t wander too far afield while on the circuitous path to her point.

“Whaddya gone and done all this for, now?” Yondu asked, arching an eyebrow and waving a hand at his own face.

Quill opened her mouth, and then closed it again, considering for a half-second before she set her shoulders back even further, reedy little chest puffing out, clearly preparing for some kind of backlash as she said sternly, “It was too long. It - ” She hesitated for a beat, pressing her mouth into a thin line and taking a breath to steel herself before adding, “It was makin’ me look like a girl.”

Yondu considered this for a moment. He wasn’t especially familiar with Terran biology, knew that it was fairly concrete, difficult and time-consuming to make alterations to unlike some of the other species on the ship who could change their appearance and molecular structure with relative ease. He’d been operating under the apparently erroneous assumption that Quill was Ego’s daughter - he thought that was the word the Terrans used, though he’d have had to double check to be certain. All of which was assuming that Yondu was correctly inferring Quill’s meaning in the first place, which was something of a crapshoot.

He canted his head and worried at his teeth for a second with the flat of his tongue while his mouth was still closed before asking, “Lookin’ like a freshly plucked Tezrak is better?”

Quill’s face flushed red, which Yondu knew enough by now to read as embarrassment.

“A boy!” Quill hissed mutinously. “I want to look like a boy.”

Ah, so that was it. Yondu couldn’t say he wasn’t surprised by the announcement, not that it was any real skin off of his back what his crew’s biological particulars were. He hadn’t known many Terrans and most of the ones he had known seemed fairly settled in their gender, though he couldn’t say for certain how they’d gotten to that point. That wasn’t to say that it couldn’t be done, of course, but it would be difficult. Much harder than say, Resslin who could shuffle through their species’ entire library of genders in the space of a thought, though not perhaps so difficult as it would be for some others. He’d have to do a little digging, maybe talk to Kraglin - Xandarians were fairly similar to humans in biological makeup and might have some know-how about how to do something like this.

For now, though, Quill had the right idea, Yondu thought. A haircut wasn’t a bad start.

He rubbed at his chin, thoughtful, and gave Quill a long, considering look before he replied, “Boy with a pisspoor haircut, maybe.”

Quill’s face went nuclear, little shoulders coming up defensively as he crossed his arms over his chest.

“It ain’t that bad!” he snapped. “I sharpened the scissors ‘fore I used ‘em and everything!”

Yondu sighed and clapped a hand to Quill’s shoulder.

“There’s your mistake, boy,” he announced loudly, stepping past Quill toward the hallway and pausing in the doorway to turn back around and look at him. “You don’t use scissors for a close cut like that. You need somethin’ steadier, make it nice an’ even.”

Quill’s hand twitched against his arm, like he wanted to reach up and tug at one of his choppy-edged little tufts, brow furrowed and gaze suspicious.

“You called me boy.”

Yondu stared at him. “You just said you was one, didn’t you?”

Quill shifted his weight nervously.

“Well, yeah.”

“So?” Yondu pressed. “Is you or ain’t you?”

“I am,” Quill said, immediate and sure.

“So what’s the trouble then? You got somethin’ else you’d rather be called?”

“No, I - ” Quill started, and then hesitated, ducking his gaze to the floor. “Peter.”

“Peter?” Yondu repeated. Quill shifted again but when he looked up this time his face was sure, some of that embarrassment receding. He nodded, the longer of those little ginger tufts shifting with the motion.

“’s my grandaddy’s name. Mama always said she was gonna call me that if I - if I was - ” he gestured absently at the length of his body. “Y'know.”

Yondu didn’t bother trying to hide his eye-roll.

“I ain’t here to listen to your life story, boy. You want me to show you how to use the clippers or not?” He held an arm out to indicate the hallway he was poised at the mouth of, and Quill jumped to attention and trotted over.

“Yes please,” Quill said, falling into step alongside Yondu as he led the way back toward the captain’s quarters.

“Don’t be so polite, boy. Askin’ for trouble, that is.”


Yondu fought the urge to grind his teeth.

“Don’t apologize neither. It sends the wrong message.” He picked up his pace a little bit, trying to put a few feet of distance between himself and Quill. He liked the kid well enough, was glad he hadn’t couriered the little bastard right to his tyrant father’s doorstep, but it made his skin itch from time to time, being so explicitly responsible for another creature’s well-being. He was poorly suited to it and everyone knew it, though most of his crew was wary enough of his reputation not to make criticisms to his face.

Quill just sped up alongside him, though, gamely attempting to keep up though it resulted in his doing a funny little hop-skip every now and again, not quite walking but not quite jogging either.

After a few long moments of quiet, Quill said, muted and sincere, “Thanks.”

Yondu didn’t look at him, but he did reach over to tousle the sloppy mess Quill’d made of his hair.

“Better pay attention, boy, 'cause I’m only gonna learn you up proper this once,” he grumbled. “After that you’re on your own and it’s your own damn fault if the whole galaxy knows you as Peter Quill: the Fella with the Stupid Hair.”

The grin Quill shot him in response was broad enough that Yondu caught it out of the corner of his eye. Poorly suited, maybe, but Quill didn’t seem to mind.

hurricanelistmaker  asked:

Would being an Salesman be Stanley's dream job (equivalent to Ford studying the paranormal and weirdness) if Stan didn't become fixated on proving to Filbrick that he could make millions of dollars?

Sorry to take so long to get to this!  It’s a really interesting question!

To be honest, though – I’m going to say, no, being a salesman isn’t truly Stanley’s dream job.  Rather, I think it’s a job he’s actually very *good* at; but I don’t think it’s the job he finds the most fulfilling, or that he ultimately would have been happiest doing.

(Look up that comics story and insert here.)

The thing is, I think that Stanley is really a very good salesman. After all, even as a young man, he was good at *selling* his terrible products, like the Sham-Total, and the Rip-Off bandages.  People *bought* them.  The problem was that they were fraudulent products.  That’s what sunk his business ventures, not his ability to sell.  

(The outlier seems to have been the Stan-vac, which is implied to have failed because of the slogan.  One wonders if that was one of Stan’s earlier ventures, and he learned better later?  Or whether it was a fluke of another kind, because “It’s a total sham!” is no better a slogan for a product than “It sucks more than anything!”, but the Sham-Total did sell to a lot of people, while the vacuum cleaners didn’t.)

But I tend to think that his salesman abilities were really just an outgrowth of his overall talent for showmanship and performance.  And that his being a salesman was a means to an end – he was trying to make a lot of money, quickly; and that goes back to Filbrick’s demands.

(As an aside, however… I do think that Stan wanted money *also* because… he wanted money.  After all, prior to getting kicked out, his “dream-job” was to go *treasure-hunting* with his brother on the Stan o’ War.  Stan *wanted* treasure, even before Filbrick demanded that he earn millions.  There could be a lot of reasons for this.  Stan also clearly wanted to sail away on the Stan o’ War in order to escape Glass Shard Beach.  And it’s pretty clear that the Pines family lived in fairly poor circumstances.  He might have fixated on money just because to him, it represented stability and freedom.)

I tend to think that Stanley’s dream-job would actually have been something that would combine things like his creativity, his talent for working with his hands, his talent for performance, and his love of adventure.  And really, it’s just a shame that he was never encouraged in a direction that might have led him to consider jobs of that kind.

For example – and I think I’m really not the first person to suggest this – Stan would have done great in the special-effects industry in Hollywood, especially pre-CGI, when effects were practical.  I’m going back here to the monster-movie posters he had on the wall as a kid, but can’t you imagine him loving making monster costumes or puppets or animatronics for movies?  And having a great time traveling around to all kinds of places where movies were being filmed?  Think of Stan being somebody like Adam Savage on Mythbusters…

(Oh. My God.  *stares into the distance*  GF Mythbusters AU with Stan and Ford….)

The truth is though, in a way, Stan *did* wind up in what I think would have been his “dream-job” – running the Mystery Shack.  It’s a job that combined many of his talents, both as a performer (being Mr. Mystery), and as a creator (making all of the exhibits and coming up with stories to tell), and as a salesman (who kept the place in the public eye as a popular tourist attraction for 30 years).

On the one hand, you could say that the sort-of tragedy is that he didn’t fall into that line of work earlier, somehow.  That he got kicked out, and then spent 10+ years struggling for survival, turning to bad ideas and having all kinds of bad experiences, before he finally got to do something that so suited his many talents – and that even then, he couldn’t fully “enjoy” running the Mystery Shack, because at the back of his mind was always the guilt of having lost Ford and the driving need to get his brother back somehow.  (I also wonder to what extent his ability to purely enjoy running the Shack was dampened by his harsh experiences during his decade of homelessness and criminality and danger.)  

On the other hand, he really *did* get to do something he enjoyed a lot, for most of his adult life.  And it’s clear from some things we saw that despite the many pressures he felt, he really did enjoy running the Shack, and he enjoyed being good at it.

(Really, both Stan and Ford got to pursue their “dream jobs”.  It’s just that for most of their lives, the trade-off was uncertainty and danger.    But, Ford got to explore the multiverse, which you’ve got to admit has to have been what he dreamed of doing ever since being a little kid doodling sci-fi stuff in his notebook.  And Stan got to perform and be creative and also make a lot of money, while additionally having the pleasure of feeling like he was putting one over on his customers.  It’s just that their circumstances wouldn’t allow either of them to fully enjoy those things.)

  • Kyung: You guys should get the orange soda, it's amazing.
  • Zico: Okay
  • Waiter: What would you guys like to drink?
  • Kyung: Orange soda, please.
  • Zico: I'll have the strawberry soda.
  • Yukwon: Me too, strawberry soda.
  • Kyung: I can't believe you guys did that.
  • Zico: Did what?
  • Kyung: You didn't order the orange soda.
  • Yukwon: We changed our minds, Kyung.
  • Kyung: You said you were getting the orange soda.
  • Zico: Strawberry is better.
  • Kyung: *gets up and leaves* whatever fuck you guys
2x13 Headcannon
  • Alec: I need your hair.. for a DNA test
  • Magnus: I didn't realize there was anything I needed to be cleared of
  • Alec: I know but it's the new Clave protocol
  • Magnus: Well I'm sorry I just got a haircut so I can't afford to take anymore off
  • Alec: I'm serious Magnus
  • Magnus: and I said no
  • Alec: Why are you being so difficult I know it's bad but if you just cooperate it will be over and we can move on with our life
  • Magnus: You. Can move on this is how it starts Alec I'm sorry but I am not going to submit to this literal witch hunt you shouldn't either
  • Alec: What am I supposed to do?
  • Magnus: You are supposed to trust me
  • Alec: I do you know I wouldn't​ do this if I didn't have to but I have a job to do
  • Magnus: Your job is to protect the innocent not mindlessly persecute them
  • Alec: Magnus....
  • Magnus: You know for as long as I can remember I had rejected and avoided Shadowhunters because they would smile when they needed you and throw you away when they were done without a second thought.
  • Alec: I'm sorry...but I
  • Magnus: I'm sorry too because I thought you were going to be different and it hurts to think that I may have been wrong. (Sighs) I love you Alexander and I don't want to stop loving you but I need you to get out.

imjustpale  asked:

Hi! So i'm new to all of this, I actually didn't even know that people did all of this for Fallout 4, if I had known then I would have been on tumblr a long time ago haha, it's pretty great that you're doing this sort of thing, but anyway. . . If this has been requested I am so sorry. So, you can change the appearance of the Sole Survivor whenever you want; i'm just curious as to how the companions would react if Sole gets a face swap? Again, I apologize if this has already been asked for.

Cait: “Hot damn.” She lets out a slow whistle. “Gotta admit, I didn’t think y’were serious when you said you were doin’ this. Guess you showed me. I guess it’ll take some getting used to, but…” She shrugs. “Whatever works for you.”

Codsworth: “Are you… quite sure you like this, Mx. Sole?” It unnerves him a bit, especially when he hears Sole’s voice coming out of someone else’s face. He never expresses disapproval, exactly, but it does make him uncomfortable.

Curie: She does ask why Sole wants to do it, but doesn’t judge their reasons. She does insist on being involved in the process, however. “Plastic surgery is not so simple,” she says. “I would feel better knowing you were in capable hands.” She blushes. “Not that I am so very skilled, but…”

Danse: “Why?” He wrinkles his nose, looking them up and down. “It feels… deceptive. You looked fine as you were.” He shifts uncomfortably. He might not admit it, but he’s attached to Sole’s current looks.

Deacon: “Sweet!” He claps his hands together excitedly. “Oh, wow. Geez. You know, I’m overdue for one, myself. Maybe I can a face that matches yours? Oh! Let’s be twins. Yeah, let’s be twins. That’ll be hilarious.”

Dogmeat: Sole’s face is always lickable, no matter what it looks like.

Hancock: “Any particular reason why?” He quirks one hairless eyebrow. “I mean, I ain’t gonna be mad, I just don’t want you makin’ any rash decisions.” He waves a hand over his face. “Like yours truly.”

Nick Valentine: “Huh.” He scratches his chin with his claw, looking pensive. Then, he chuckles. “Well, I guess it’ll make it a helluva lot harder to track you down. Can’t blame you for keeping folks on their toes.”

MacCready: He frowns, brow furrowing. “Kinda hard to recognize you,” he says, uneasily. “I mean… I guess it’s your choice, but. It sorta skeeves me out.” He’s not a fan of change, but isn’t going to argue with Sole’s choice.

Piper: “Whoa!” She lifts the brim of her hat, staring wide-eyed into Sole’s new face. “Cool! What made you decide to do that? What, uh- what’d you base it on? Why’d you do this face?” She’s more curious than anything. As always.

Preston: “Oh, uh.” He’s a bit surprised, but shrugs it off. “Well, I guess it’s up to you. Gonna be a little hard to recognize you for a while, but if it’s what you want.” He’s seen stranger things. He’ll live.


X6-88: He tilts his head to the side very slightly. “Why?” If Sole chooses to give an explanation, he nods. “Very well.” He doesn’t question it further.

anonymous asked:

I think the mental impact of the stolen century is something they kinda accidentally worked in a bit. Throughout the show all three of them didn't take much seriously and were basically awful to everyone they met. Joking about everything and taking nothing seriously is like the leftover mentality that they have seen and been through worse, and even if they screw up they'll come out alive. (1/2 sorry didn't think it would be this long)

Them being dismissive and rude to everyone is I think all three of them falling into Taako’s “everybody’s dust” mentality. Taako is of course the worst, having lost his almost literal other half Lup. Magnus and Merle I think started with it after forgetting about the IPRE crew, thus losing a big source of empathy, although they both probably got better after making new families they reverted back after losing those too. (2/ I guess 3 sorry again)

Those probably wouldn’t be the only effects the century had on them, or even how severe they would have been. I just thought it was funny that the weird way Justin, Travis, and Clint made their characters see and interact with the world could then be kinda explained by their backstories. (3/3) 🙃


yo, that makes a lotta sense — i don’t really have anything to add other than to be like “hm, yeah, you’re right. that makes sense!” 

its kind of neat how the meta-plot of the bros getting more and more invested in their characters worked so neatly into the plot of the boys remembering how to be people again. 

Some background tips

In response to that last ask <:

I don’t consider myself very pro at backgrounds, but hopefully a thing or two here can still be helpful to some people c:

There’s 2 main things in making nice bgs, I think:

1) enjoying them

2) unifying them with the character

Enjoying them seems to be the biggest hurdle for a lot of artists. For understandble reasons, ppl like to focus on the character because it’s the most interesting - they have personality, a familiar anatomy, fun outfits, etc.

but what’s to say a background can’t have those too? :D (ok except the outfits)

I like to keep a library of backgrounds/little details that have interesting aspects in em whenever I need inspo. things that have story and personality to them

find such things/settings that strike your interest. (eg maybe it’s abandoned, breaking buildings - with paint-chipped walls, hanging vines, graffiti, cracked cement floors and moss and tiny flowers poking out, etc - look at all the specific details and textures in such places.) and get to practicing! 

experiment with brushes and techniques. Bricks are usually not just a perfect red rectangular box. They have cracks, different colors, and get splotchy with age.

look at real life/photos mostly, but it’s ok to observe how other artists interpret something too.

courtesy of studio ghibli

It’s a fun adventure imo <: the more comfortable you get with backgrounds, the more enjoyable they’ll get. They really open a lot of opportunities in your pictures.

ok and the second part: unity

I think, because people look forward to characters more than bgs usually, the bg may be started after the character is already 100% done. to me, it’s p apparent when this is the case. The colors/shading/style/time spent have a jarring contrast.

my tip is to progress in the picture as a whole.

I like to start by adding 1 color to the rough sketch to establish mood:

Using a semi-transparent brush to get values and colors straightened out-


Ok this was kinda a cheap example because it was a monochromatic pic. But the same general process is for everything <: just using a nice blendy/kind transparent brush on top of a mood-setting color (or two) will really help with unity. 

Overall sketching colors is a hugely important step for illustrations imo. A solid sketch is important for a solid final pic. Check out some tutorials on color theory, values, and balance/composition for more info there.


that’s some of the main things I can think of for now <: (sorry if it was a bit disorganized)

hope it helps!

  • Ruby: So you two are dating, right?
  • Yang/Blake: *Both spray their drinks out and stare at Ruby whilw muttering.* Huh?
  • Ruby: You two. Dating. *Ruby motioning her hands together.* Each other. Correct?
  • Blake: *Both Yang and Blake look at each other, searching their partners eyes before looking away with a blush.* It's... complicated.
  • Yang: We... We're going through some things Ruby.
  • Ruby: But you both love each other right?
  • Yang: Well... I mean... *Yang began before going silent with a nod.*
  • Blake: *Oddly though, upon seeing this Blake's cat ear shot straight up as she looked at Yang with some surprise.* Wait what? Y-you... With me?
  • Yang: Oh come on Blake. You know I do.
  • Blake: B-but why? I left when you needed me.
  • Ruby: That reminds me.
  • Blake: OW! Why did you kick!?
  • Ruby: Making Yang cry every night?
  • Yang: RUBY!! Don't tell her that!!
  • Blake: Oh God. Yang... I am so sorry.
  • Yang: It's fine.
  • Blake: No its not, Yang. I betrayed you.
  • Yang: You were trying to protect me.
  • Blake: But I didn't tell you!
  • Yang: You think I would have let you leave if you did?
  • Blake: No but I wouldn't be able to leave if I did.
  • Yang: Why?
  • Blake: Because I love you too.
  • Yang: *Yang lightly gasped before tackling Blake with a hug.* Blakey... I love you too.
  • Ruby: So Dating then?

anonymous asked:

Hello! So I'm rewatching S6 and something that I find surprising now that it came to my mind, is that Soulless!Sam didn't take up on demon blood again? I mean his purpose was to be the best/most effective hunter, and special kid powers could have made it pretty easy. And not that he had a conscience to begin with, so I don't think he would have worried about Dean's or anyone else's opinion. Besides he was certainly smart enough to keep it secret, if he wanted to. What do you think?

This reply is so unforgivably late! If you ever see this, Anon, I am sorry it took me so long to get around to replying!

The thing is, Soulless!Sam retained all of his memories, and, by all indications, he also retained some impressions about them. I think, even to him, demon blood would have been off limits because of what it did to him. Everything he did was to have a place, and drinking blood would have isolated him. It would have been the last thing he’d ever think of doing, if only for that reason.

In season 6, it’s not that Sam wanted to be the best or most effective hunter, though his lack of a soul did make him unsettlingly efficient. Despite all that, he did not seek  a group of people he could step on to get higher and more powerful, but a group of familiar people to act as a conscience in the absence of his own.

He specifically went to Dean in order to learn how to be normal again–or imitate normal. His own words about his soulless state cast it as something he recognized as “wrong” about himself, something he “[needed] help” with.

Without a soul, he could have gone wild, given in to violent urges like those the other soulless in the series have given vent to. Instead, he sought out a balancing force to keep himself “normal.” 

You’ve gotta wonder if it’s because he’s felt that way his whole life: something strange and wrong that doesn’t fit right. It’s like he was practicing his whole life for being soulless.

I see where you’re coming from with your thoughts about Soulless!Sam and conscience, but I don’t think it’s quite so simple. He absolutely seemed tied to his old self, but most of his emotions were performed and not felt. 

For whatever reason, though, he sought an external conscience.

Also… I wish I could say I felt that he was “smart enough to keep it secret.” I love me some Soulless!Sam, and he is amazingly intelligent with or without his soul, but he was also very clearly not!Sam. 

Sam Winchester (1.0, the Original™) is his soul. Soulless!Sam recognized that the “other guy” was pretty much one big ball of suffering and indecision about the life he’d lived. It was harder, but he also acknowledged that it would be preferable to be his old self, despite the pain (6.08).

Soulless!Sam did not aspire to wealth or fame. He aspired to wholeness, until he learned that it would likely kill him, and then he acted in the interests of survival, because life was all he had.

Still… I don’t think his soulless state is something he could have hidden. It isn’t a matter of intelligence, which Soulless!Sam had in spades. It’s a matter of emotion. Without his soul, Sam could not accurately emulate the person he had once been.

Ugh I love Soulless!Sam. I have so many feelings about him.

ectopic-constellation  asked:

Howdy, I found a couple of old notebooks about a year ago and it turns out I also had nightmare demons (and candy demons idk what I was thinking there). I was planning on redoing the species but when I found you on youtube I didn't want people to think I was copying you. They aren't very similar to yours but would you feel offended if I built on my silly ideas I came up with when I was about 8? (Sorry for typos if any)

i guess haha as long as you didnt use my species as a building block or anything haha 

i cant guarantee what other people will think tho so just dont be surprised with accusations o3o but feel free to link them to this ask if u need to lol 

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So here's a scenario, s/o can sense a creep stalking them from a distance, so they just call a number, if they sound like they're meeting up with someone the creep would go away right? And they call their crush (they didn't even realize just choosing a number out of panic) Bakugou and beg then to stay on the line until they think they're safe

I am so sorry for being away for so long ! Buuut now I’m back!

Sure thing ! Hope you like it!

(Name) was walking home from the library. They got carried and didn’t realize what time it was , and now they were left walking in the dark streets.

They never had a problem walking the streets alone , but tonight they felt as if someone.was following them. They weren’t far from home but the feeling was only growing bigger. They pulled out their phone . They had to call someone. Anyone. So they called a random number from their contacts. 

If someone was actually following them then they would stop of they saw they were talking to someone, right?

The hell you want at this hour?“ Wait…

Was that Bakugou? Great out of all people!

“Bakugou, I am so sorry to call you at this hour! I am going home from the library and I think someone is following me…I am scared” they whispered  as they walked faster.

The sound of their scared voice made Bakugou to sit up on his bed. 

“Do you want me to come and get you?” He asked , and what confused them was that he sounded almost worried . They shook the idea,probably their mind was running wild again.

“No,no you don’t need to do that! Can you just stay on the phone? ” the sighed.

“What were you doing in the library anyways?“he asked curiously

"Studying?” They asked sarcastically making him scoff.

“And why do you return home at this hour? Are you stupid?!”

“I just lost track of time" 

"Yeah right, dumass!” He said after clicking his tounge.

“Hey Bakugou , I am just outside the door” they finally said. Bakougou let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding.

“Good! Now you can let me sleep!”

“Yeah , I am sorry for waking you up. Anyway thank you! You are a hero! Even through the phone!” They said opening their door.

Yeah , get some sleep you idiot” he said ending the call . He thanked every god that they were not there to see his red face.

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What's your opinion of the new app Irresistible Mistakes?

Warning: Possible Spoilers

I really like it! I think the plot is something that really could be either tacky or well-done, but Voltage made it work. There isn’t any major shame towards MC for having a one night stand (that I could pick up on, anyway). I think it’s a more mature and realistic theme that’ll appeal to older Voltage fans or people looking for non-fantasy options.

As for the characters, I personally love how this MC was written. I think she’s portrayed as a strong, independent person. I’m tired of MCs who act helpless and shy, and can’t stand up for themselves. I like how this MC addresses her flaws but doesn’t try to apologize for them if that makes sense? Like how she feels possessive over Shunichiro, but she doesn’t try to talk herself out of this feeling or convince herself that she doesn’t deserve him. I like how she seems to view herself as an equal to the guys, instead of some outsider who constantly doubts her worth. 

I’m also really glad that her love interests don’t seem to treat her like shit lmao. Like Voltage could have easily made Shunichiro this aggressive boss that belittles his employees and uses his power over MC, but they didn’t. They made him this complex, kind character who views MC and his other employees as actual people. In his route, I really appreciate how open he is with his feelings. He isn’t written as someone who acts like he doesn’t care about MC, but as someone who genuinely has an interest in her and isn’t afraid to show it. He doesn’t come across as aggressive or give off the vibe that MC should be lucky to be with him since he’s in a position of power or that he’s attractive - he’s unapologetically interested in her as a person and always seems to view MC as his equal. 

I’m not going to get into the other characters until more information is released about them, but all in all I think this new game is great and a really refreshing take on otome games. 10/10 would recommend. 

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AU where Nymeria didn't come soon enough and Joffrey maimed (murdered?) Arya. What would've happened? How do you think the story would proceed?

well this ask is sure a punch to the gut so thanks for that.

but after that initial punch, i had fun with this.  my goal was to keep major strokes of the plot largely the same but to justify them with different characterizations that precipitate from this different scenario.  

this is also long bc i had fun so i’m putting it under a cut

Keep reading

Some thoughts

So now that.. my emotion are somewhat calm down, I can finally express my thoughts on ep108.

And I want to start off with this.

My heart is broken.

I was expecting something. And I was worried, even sad about what I expecting, but I expected it. I didn’t think I would have accepted it, but I felt it coming. And I knew this episode was somehow going to get me upset in some way. That, I could have seen.

What happened was something much worst.

The episode started ok, pretty general. Made it to half way commercials, pretty usual. And then the second half happened.

I freaked when Frost called Frieza senpai, not once, but twice. I had to pause the episode to really process it for many reasons:

•Frost using the term “senpai”. Absolutely beautiful.

• Frost showing he could respect, even admire someone else aside from himself

•Frieza older than Frost confirmed, I guess (Frost did always look younger in comparison anyways)

• fanboy

And I continued. I liked how even Champa knew Frost couldn’t go up against Frieza, that was pretty funny. Frieza finally showed Frost his ‘golden’ form, even encouraging him that he could also achieve it with training. And Frost was loving it. His voice was so happy and inspired by Frieza and what he was teaching. Even showing he too could go 100% form, something that really took me by surprise, also confirms he mastered his final form, but also makes me think that if he hadn’t used his final form in a long time (as stated in the Champa arc), during the time he was a fugitive, he must of somehow learned it/tapped into it again for unknown reasons. But shows he still has room for improvement.

And then comes the betrayal. Expected. Pretty much by all, just not by who. In the middle of a casual conversation, Frieza ki blasts Frost out of the ring and he’s brought to the stands.

I freaked. Not only because my dreaded theory was correct (that characters that have been getting episodes centering them soon get eliminated), but because I felt it was just a bit too early for his elimination. I was expecting, even wanting Kale or Caulifa to drop out before he did. There was so much he still could of done. But nope, they decided it was his time to go.

He was out. Ok. I panicked, but knew it was coming eventually. They could of stayed there, just right there, and I would of ended up alright.

N o

What happens next? Frost becomes pissed, and attempts to shoot him, therefor breaking the rules, and getting him erased, on, the, spot.

Erased. Not his team, not his universe, just HIM. Not even a warning, or even a brief moment to let his death be remembered, he was simply, g o n e.

That’s when the tears came.

It was so unceremoniously, so quick, so lacking and so.. heartbreaking. I’m stumped. Why would they do this? Frost was a heavy built up character, so much personality and story, motivation and even complex with being evil, but also respecting those above him, prideful but can admire those he feels worthy, powerful but knows when he is beat. And they threw him away in less than a beat. Did Toei just woke up that day and go, “you know what, fuck Frost”? It was one thing to make him drop out. It was another entirely to WHIP HIM OUT OF EXISTENCE ON THE SPOT.

Anyone who follows me know how much I love this character, from design wise to story depth to personality analysis. This episode made me feel empty for the rest of the night. I didn’t even want to think about it. Whenever I did, I could feel tears.

Maybe I’m overreacting, but I can not express my disappointment any other way. There was no one else reacting over his sudden death, either! No one reacted except for Champa, him, out of all others. I don’t understand why they would built up so much into a character like Frost and just.. get rid of him like that. Unceremonial and lacking. If they wanted to show how serious the tournament actually was in terms of rules and survival, they could have used literately any other character. One that only appeared for a cameo or few minutes like U9 or 10. But no, they had to use it on Frost; FROST. And in the most unsatisfying way possible. That’s like learning about Cabba’s backstory and home planet, then suddenly, boom he’s gone, and no one mentions him. Did Toei really want to get rid of Frost that badly?? You couldn’t have him sit on the spectators seats like the others?

Frost could still have done a lot. He still had plenty of potential. His redemption arc could of started HERE. There was absolutely no reason to just throw him away like that!

I felt empty. I felt weak. I couldn’t do anything else during the rest of the night after watching that. I legitimately sobbed rewatching it. I didn’t want to remember because the tears would start again. I couldn’t move. My emotions because too sensitive; I was almost sure I couldn’t feel my heart. There was no warning, no moment to really process it, just a snap of fingers and they expected us to forget about it. No. That’s not how it goes.

I just.. don’t understand. I don’t understand why they would do this. So many options, and they chose him. The one who actually used his intelligence to win, the one we could have sympathize with (he was so happy to be learning from Frieza and he was DUMPED), who had every reason for redemption.

It’s just.. not fair!

We knew U6 would have been erased eventually, but WHO could have GUESSED he would be the first out!

I want this arc to end. I can’t continue it if I keep having the thought in the back of my mind that that was the end of them. I need to know they’re going to be safe.

I don’t care about anything else that happens in this arc. Screw Jiren, screw new form Goku, screw the Zenos, screw this tournament, I just want my boy back. I just want my boy Frost back. ;-;

akiirakuruusus  asked:

if you ever get around to writing that a/b/o verse for ryder and reyes, don't think about scott telling reyes that he smells like home ;)

The moments that Reyes actually gets to have Scott in his space, let alone on the same planet, are far and in between. For all his avarice, he won’t begrudge the rest of the cluster their Pathfinder just so long as he remains the harbor that the man never fails to return to.

He had grown far too used to how Scott slots in against him, each kiss far gentler than anything Reyes has the right to put a claim. Even when Scott trailed off in the middle of a retelling of his fairly madcap time on Elaaden, breath evening out as long lashes flutter, Reyes can’t even find it in himself to be disappointed.

Not that he wasn’t when morning comes without Scott still tucked against his side. What comes when he sits up in bed to discover the man in question rifling through the case at the bottom of his bed is a good deal harder to place. None of it is a sensation he ever thought he would have to cope with when it came to this man.

“I don’t remember forgetting to lock that.” He arched a brow when Scott’s head snapped up, doing his best not to be phased by the wide eyed panic in the other man’s face. 

“You did. I mean…” Scott held up his hands, swallowing hard. “This isn’t what it looks like?”

“Then what is it?” Reyes asked, barely able to stop it from being an outright demand. He had been through similar situations a time or two before, but none of those people had found their way in as thoroughly as Ryder had. He didn’t know how to seal off against this kind of hurt, let alone piece together the proper mask.

“It’s gonna sound stupid.” Scott scrubbed a hand across his face. “You’re doing important work here. It’s not like I can smuggle you aboard the Tempest whenever I chose. But I can…uh…take a part of you with…me?”

Reyes’ brow furrowed, only to have a burst of laughter tear free when he saw what was being clutched in the man’s hands. “You’re after my clothes?” he said.

Scott set his head high, eyes firm even with the flush creeping up his neck. “It’s your scent I’m after,” he said. “You… You smell like home, alright?”

Reyes could all but feel the way his throat constricted at that, hands reaching out with any real purpose. A strangled sound managed to work itself free when Scott caught one to press a kiss to the palm, of all things. “You are impossible,” he bit out.

“True.” Scott eased up onto the bed, shirt forgotten on the floor as he leaned into Reyes’ touch. “But I’m yours.”


The shirt that Scott wore back to the Tempest almost certainly wasn’t his, let alone the vest. That the collar slung low enough to show the edges of some impressively deep love bites was enough to sent Cora to scoffing while Lexi looked over her array of topical lotions.

At least no one had the heart to tease their Pathfinder for how he kept sniffing at the sleeves whenever he thought no one would notice.