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Can you recommend some blogs similar to yours? I really really love the anime aesthetic you have! The bits of hunter x hunter are great too❤️ Anything like your blog would be perfect!

Thank you so much, I’m so flattered!

here’s a list of people I follow who post a variety! None of them match my aesthetic perfectly of course, but none of them will clog up your dash & they make my tumblr experience pleasant.



Some are mostly retro anime, some are more general aesthetic pictures, but you can take a look & see what suits you. I think a few of them post hxh.

thanks again!

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I'm leaving and not going to on for 3 days or's a silly question I got from an ask That I am going to ask you! Are sasster and Mr.G ticklish.

(bonus bc I love this gag)

as for Mr. G…


Yoonmin AU edits | 02/ ?

❝AU in which Yoongi is the rich CEO of a music label and Jimin is his precious baby boy. Jimin just wants to fool around and make money at first, but he eventually finds himself falling for Yoongi. Yoongi feels that Jimin’s presence is slowly warming his cold heart and his way of seeing life doesn’t seem dull anymore. When Yoongi is forced by his father to attend an interview for an arranged marriage, Jimin knows he can’t take this anymore and decides to put an end to his relationship with him. Only then Yoongi realizes he’s been in love with Jimin from the very beginning and refuses to get married. He then takes Jimin to his main house and tells his father Jimin’s the only one for him.❞

(please DO NOT reupload this work without permission.)


here’s my super late entry for day 2 of karabita week: Vampire AU, part 1 out of 3 probably.

it probably won’t make sense unless you know about the vampire event in Hesokuri Wars. i’m sorry.

i’m also very sorry about Chibita’s hunter outfit and my writing. i’m… not great at designing clothes %) or writing well.

Here we are one more week with episode 5! For the record: I’m not ready. I have zero knowledge of Japanese regionals (in fact, I only learned about their existence when I watched episode 4), so let’s see what I can learn!

[If you’re curious about the previous mega-posts, feel free to read them here:

Episode 1  Episode 2  Episode 3  Episode 4]

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2016 is almost over, so it’s That time of the year and i’ve decided to make an appreciation post for those of you who constantly brighten my dash and my day! 

this is just a thank you for bringing A+ content to my dash every day, whether it’s original content creators or just blogs with amazing content, thank you for just being here giving me the opportunity to be with people that share my love for bangtan ♡

i’m not following a lot of blogs but i appreciate each and every one of you, thank you so much and happy new year!!

every blog is a fave so i won’t bold or anything


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the little study/organization guide for lazy students

I decided to write this post for those people who don’t have that much motivation to study all day. Even though you’re not that motivated, here you’ll find a minimun of things you can do every day/week/month/trimester/semester that will help you keep organized!

So, the least you should do…


  • Do your homework!

I don’t think that’s a secret, but doing your homework helps you knowing if you understood the subject or not, and it’s also a way of revising what you did in class.

  • Clean your workspace!

Even if you don’t have a lot to organize. A clean workspace often makes you feel more at ease, and this way you can actually find your things.

  • Organize your notes!

You should organize every note you took on class when you arrive at home, so later, when you need them to revise, they’ll already be there. Usually I take notes in messily because my teachers speak so fast, so when I arrive at home I rewrite them so I can understand easily later on when I need them.


  • Organize your binders/folders!

Throw away papers you don’t need anymore and add important ones you’ve placed somewhere else. It’ll help you keep organized!

  • Revise!

You can do this twice a week as well, if you feel you need it. Even if you’re not studying for any kind of exam, once a week you should choose a subject and do a big revision: study the most recent arguments making flashcards, summaries, quizzes or any other technique you usually use when you study.


  • Buy new pens/pencils!

Of course, only if you need it. Usually I need more black/blue pens and pencils, but it’s all up to you.

  • Update your calendar!

Write the new important dates: exams, appointments, goals…


  • New stationery!

When there’s a new semester or trimester I need to buy a few things so I don’t need to ask people to borrow everything once school starts again. Most people need new notebooks for subjects like maths and physics, which make the notebooks end faster.

  • Do a big revision!

Revise every subject so you can remember all the things your forgot while on vacation! Usually I only do this with chemistry, physics and maths but again, it’s up to you!

+ bonus tip:

  • Buy a planner!

That is, if you don’t have one. A planner helps you knowing the work you need to get done for a certain day and it’s where you’ll write important dates.


I hope this post can help! Please tell me if there’s anything you find important that I didn’t write so I can add it :)

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ur possessed takumi art literally fuels me, thank god, i draw so much of him but am too embarrassed to post and am rooting for you always

aaaahhhh you’re too sweet thank you ;__;
and have courage, anon! if you really want to post that art you definitely should!!

here, have possessed takumi realising he has lost to corrin

“Absence is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it inflames the great.” 

~Roger de Rabutin de Bussy

Happy Misawa Day @misawaday! ^^ (sorry for the late post… I had work T.T… so it’s kinda messy/sloppy)

Here’s some Avatar AU featuring Fire Prince Miyuki and Avatar Sawamura. Our poor Fire Prince has a terrible past with being outcasted by his father and never receiving love, but everything changed when he met our one and only Sawamura who healed his lonely and broken heart… only the wind can rekindle the flame

Dear Twitter anon, I saw your message, but in an effort to not bring a lot potentially unhappy speculation onto my blog I’m not going to post your ask, I’m sorry! My thoughts are in the tags here. If you want more conversation, please come off anon so we can privately message and I promise I won’t bite 😸

So I’m actually a terrible person and like @manawhaat tagged me in this in December and it’s February and that probably explains why she doesn’t talk to me but anyways I’m doing it so here it is!

I was tagged by @manawhaat in case my little message above didn’t make that clear

Rules: Tag At Least 7 followers you want to know better.  

Name/Nickname: Rachel, no cool nicknames sorry

Gender: Female.

Height: 5′7″.

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw.

Fav Color: Tardis Blue, I’m particular to the darker shades of blue but I have a severe fondness for the grey blue color

Number of blankets I sleep with: So in the Winter I sleep with 2 blankets, a sheet and in the summer it’s just a thin sheet and maybe a blanket if it gets cold which is unlikely

Dream Vacation:London, France and Japan

What I’m currently wearing: White sweatpants with white shirt that had Captain America’s shield pattern on it

Do you get asks on a regular basis?: No not at all, no one talks to me

Aesthetic: Books, Rain, Hot Cocoa, a grey blue color.

Star Sign: Taurus

Last Thing I googled: Fez

Fav Music Artists: Vance Joy, Lady Gaga, FOB, TOP, Sia, etc,

Do You Have any other blogs?: @luciferxreader which is run in collaboration with  @justcallmeyourgoddess and @live-on-the-fandom-side 

How did you choose your URL?: I started Tumblr when I was in my senior year of High School and honest to goodness there was so much homework and let’s be honest that’s really what killed in High School

I’m tagging: @toopreciousforthisworldtoopure, @teamfreewill-imagine, @fenrirklan@crazyabbyarcanine, and @one-shots-supernatural and anyone who would like to do this, Thanks!


Post-MJ in which Effie goes back to 12 and Haymitch has missed her so damn much (even tough he’ll never admit it…probably) and is so happy to have her back

This is ridiculously fluffy and maaaybe a little ooc sorry, I based this from a scene of Clannad (which you can see here)

Meanwhile Katniss and Peeta are spying through their window and Katniss is all confused and Peeta is like… I knew it lol


Happy Birthday Nee-chan!! σ(≧ε≦o)

I hope you have a wonderful day!! ╰(‘ω’ )╯

And as a gift, here it is, some Daia no Ace phone wallpapers!! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

And don’t be satisfied yet!! Part 2 is coming next!! (◎`・ω・´)ゞ

(But I’m still not sure when I will post it…)


Can we take a second to talk about the Blackhawks pail and shovel?

Okay, I noticed something potentially huge in “Too Far”, and if you haven’t watched it yet, this post will have some spoilers, tho nothing terribly plot-centered. You can watch it here if you haven’t yet. Hopefully they won’t take it down…

One more warning, if you do not want any SU Spoilers from the episode “Too Far” stop reading right now. Using a”read more” so you won’t accidentally see anything..

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