sorry i didn't intend this to be this creepy

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hey I asked you about where do you work and I feel like a sounded like such a stalker sorry I didn't mean to I just read that you are an illustrator and I kinda am going in that direction with my career so I'm very interested to know what do you do in your work, also I'm absolutely in love with your drawings

It’s okay, I didn’t find it creepy!  XD

Actually, my story is a bit atypical, since I studied biology in college and didn’t originally intend to do art for a living.  Hopefully my experience will still be useful to you.

Currently I freelance so I can work part-time from home.  I’m a young millennial mom of two small kids, so freelancing gives me the freedom to work as much (or as little) as I want, depending on what’s going on in my life. 

I’ve had many kinds of freelance art jobs.  I’ve done portraits, fashion illustration, business card design, logos, card game illustrations, children’s books, character/concept art, etc. plus “regular” commissions drawing characters for people. I’ve been freelancing on and off for years, even through college. 

Eventually I might decide to do it full time, or I might decide to apply for work at a bigger company for the added stability of knowing when and how much the paychecks will be. Or maybe I’ll go back to science! Who knows! It all just depends on what I feel like doing. It’s good to have multiple skills, so you can have multiple options.

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