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Good morning, Mr. Host. It's almost 7am here and I have not slept. I think it's safe to assume my battle with insomnia hasn't ceased yet. *insert deep sigh here* However, I'm just checking in to see how you and Mun are doing. I hope you both are doing well and getting better rest than I am. But I digress... until next time, wish me luck with maintaining a sleep schedule. -♡

“‘Good morning, my dear,’ the Host says. ‘I’m sorry to hear that your insomnia isn’t letting up, but I hope it gets better soon. Take care of yourself, alright?         ( ´ ▽ ` )  and I are doing alright to some extent, though they experienced an energy and emotion crash earlier today, which is why I’m late talking to you all again. I am doing alright, though all this Anti stuff has me a little… stressed. We haven’t gotten any contact from Jack or his other figments, and Dark is stressed out as well. We’ve both had a better sleep schedule than you have, for sure, but it’s not necessarily great, either. I will wish you luck, I hope you get a better sleep schedule soon.’“