sorry i deleted it and made it better

squishable-amethyst said: My mom’s family are immigrants from Mexico and Czechoslovakia, and this episode made her hate the show. She used to love it and talked about it and even made a cosplay of Rose. She loathes it after this episode.                      


Oh man… I’m really sorry to hear that. Gem Harvest was just the fuckin worst, it ruined the show for so many people and that’s really sad.   

Based on this
I’m so sorry but the idea was too good

I originally was just keeping this url so no one would take it to make fun of me but I’ve gotten too many messages already so listen.

Im 15 and trans. I’m not transphobic or biphobic. That post was horribly worded and came of as grossly biphobic and transphobic, and I’m really sorry. What I meant to say was “if you’re cis and experience no sga/mga whatsoever, then your not lgbt.” Meaning cishets.

I’m a trans girl so I should have known better than to use the term “opposite gender.” It was super transphobic and I should have used my brain before making that post. I know that post probably hurt a lot of trans, bi, pan, and other people and again I’m sorry, I never meant to and I wish I’d never made the post in the first place.

I deleted because the amount of death threats and transphobic and ablest comments was getting out of control and I needed to get out. I only saved the url so nobody would take it to make fun of me or make me sound like I was a gross transphobic and biphobic person.

Again, I’m so sorry, that post was terrible and I wasn’t at all what I meant. If you’re trans/nb/ect and straight, or if you’re bi/pan/ect, you’re still 100% valid and a part of the lgbt community.

Kobold, also known as the Pale Goblin. 

I don’t really feel like talking about Sherlock :(

Gonna be blogging elsewhere for a time. Might delete this blog. I’m not sure. If we’re pals here, hmu for my new URL.

We made something beautiful. We saw the world for something better than it was. I don’t regret that. I don’t regret you. I’m proud of you, and of us.

I’m sorry we squandered so much on cruel, arrogant men who never deserved our love or our faith. I’m sorry.


Hey everyone! I’ve decided to open commissions in order to make up some rent money. All payments are done through paypal. 

Prices go up incrementally for additional characters. Each character is $10. Color is always $5. Pricing is for basic poses. For more complex pose requests price will be raised per discussion.

Please contact through ask box or PM if interested.


I used to run a fake Homestuck screenshots blog but today I deleted it today because I haven’t posted there in months (years?) and it just felt really cluttered keeping it around.  

So here’s everything I made for it plus a couple extras I’ve posted on here before that are also panel redraw gifs.  I made most of them a long time ago and could do a lot better now, but there it is.  Sorry if you saw that first title picture and got excited, haha…

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hey I don't mean this in a rude way at all but the word female in that context "the future is female" really reminds me of terfs trying to invalidate transwomen because they're not "female" (especially since that phrase got popular and sprang off of the women's march that had way too much transphobia in it for comfort) obviously you didn't mean it that way and I could be overreacting but maybe something like "the future is women" would be better?. have a nice day paisley~<3

Hey that’s a great idea! Sorry if that post came across that way, I’ll delete it and remake a new one once I have the time! Thank you so much for pointing it out and I’m so sorry if it made you uncomfortable!

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I'm the Babs anon. Yes you made a racist post and thank you for deleting it. But rather than freaking out for being called out on it, it's better to acknowledge what you did and own up to it. I know you said that you regret it and that it was wrong but plenty of people reblogged that post. Others felt sorry for you but didn't know what was going on. Indifference to racism is damaging no matter how small, so if your apology is sincere, educate yourself and speak out on it. Learn & grow from this.

Thank you. Thank you so much for sending me this. I feel terrible and though it may be written in a not so great way, I never meant to be racist. I take all the hate for it because it sure looks that way, but I’m very against discrimination. I made a bad choice, and I regret it severely. I acted in a way that was immature and I deserve to be yelled at for it. I won’t hide what I did. I spoke about the color is Barbara’s skin in the Lego Batman movie, and it wasn’t great. I regret it. I can’t take it back though, no matter how much I wish I could. I have always stood up for people who have been discriminated and pushed for them not to be, so I have no clue what made me write this.

Maybe it was my mood at the time, maybe not. Im not sure, but thank you for telling me this because it helps. It helps me to know how you feel, about the mistakes I made and how they make you feel about me. I’m grateful for this because as silly as it may seem, I’d rather receive hate on the matter than a pat on the back and a “we all make mistakes” because this was a terrible mistake and I deserve to know how it made you all feel, not to be told it was alright because it very much wasn’t.

hello hello lil kiwis!! it’s your fav mixed kid and i’m back with my third follow forever! this one’s a lot smaller than my previous ones and i have a smol announcement to make! after today, i will be leaving. i’m not gonna delete, but i think i’m gonna go on an indefinite hiatus. i made a post talking about that earlier so you should check it out!

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mun here.                    I had been doing so well. I don’t know what happened but I recently just had a mood crash. I don’t know why, but I feel really down and I don’t know what will make me feel better. I watched Nestor Carbonell sing as Señor Senior Junior even and it made me smile but I still feel bluh. I’m just gonna go mobile, or maybe play Sims. I don’t know. Sorry guys.

SEVENTEEN’s Vocal Unit reaction to walking in on you changing



You lifted your shirt over your head, tossing your top to the side when you heard the door open. You quickly turned your head to see a shocked Jihoon. He swiftly backed out the room awkwardly and shut the door, “I didn’t see anything!” Jihoon said in a fluster. Making you embarrassed and yell back, “You better not have!”


You slipped out of your shorts from returning from the gym. Joshua entering the room casually before you looked at him, he looked up from his phone then looked at you. Realizing what he was seeing he scrambled out he room. “Forgive me for I have sinned!” He yelled flustered, making you laugh loudly. 


“I’m back, you’ll never guess what I–” He paused in his steps. You quickly covering yourself and yelling, “Yah! Stop looking!” Seungkwan rolled his eyes before he turned around, “Can’t you just lock the door like a regular person!?” “Can’t you just knock like a regular person!?”


He walked in and you turned around, squealing and hiding in the closet quickly. Jeonghan laughed softly before he shook his head, “I’m sorry, Y/N, I hadn’t realized you were changing. I didn’t see anything though.” With that he walked out simply. But on the inside he was surely going nuts.


*Gif explains it all*


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I'm a little uncomfortable saying this, so I'm just going to stick to anon... I've noticed you reblog some supposedly humorous "Shiro freaking out at Slav" stuff recently, and you seem to be pretty on top of diversity stuff, so, uh: as someone with OCD, I found Slav's portrayal and treatment by other characters to be insulting at best, outright cringing whenever he came on screen because of how the narrative treated him. Those posts that continue that treatment/portrayal are... kind of ableist.

You’re absolutely right, anon. It was thoughtless and insensitive of me to reblog those posts and to not see the ableism in Slav’s portrayal. I’m sorry for perpetuating that attitude, and I’m sorry that I made you uncomfortable. But believe me when I say that I really am grateful to you for pointing this out to me. I’ve deleted the relevant posts, and I’ll try to do better in the future.

Bonus gifs:

Hedy Trivia:

Hedwig’s one of the people whom Kane modelled the comic book character Catwoman after.

“In the first issue of Batman (Spring 1940), Bob Kane introduced the world to ‘Cat’, who later became Catwoman, appeared alongside Batman. Her real name was Selina Kyle. Kane had long admired Hedy’s ‘feline beauty’ and the figure of Cat/Catwoman was largely inspired by her and Jean Harlow.”

- Hedy Lamarr: The Most Beautiful Woman In Film, by Ruth Barton

Images —-@hedylamarr @elizabethrosemondtaylors @gatabella @beauvelvet @deforest @fycatwoman @selinakylesquad

It’s day six since you broke up with me. You called me today. Twice. ‘pocket dial, sorry’ you replied. 'well you better delete my number then.’ is what I said. Because I picked up the phone hoping you would be on the other end telling me you made the biggest fucking mistake of your life. I was hoping you’d tell me you miss me and that you were on your way to see me. So I told you to delete my number and you assumed it was because I have someone else in my life now. 'I can’t fucking handle you calling me all the time.’ I replied. 'I don’t have a new man and I’m not going to be able to for a while. You fucked me over, big time. So I hope your happy. In the mean time get the fuck out of my life unless you have an interest in actually staying in it this time.’ you’ve got me crying on the floor now and I can’t keep going through this. I don’t want you to delete me from your life but I think it’s for the best.
—  Letters to T.J.
A better world

RivaMika Jam
Title: A better world
Pairing: RivaMika | Words: 3695 | Rating: T |  AU Post canonverse
A/N: I accidentally deleted my entry, I rewrote my entry, I kind of love this, I’m not sure about this, but I made it and I love this baby so much. So, please let me know what do you think. Sorry, I’m late.

Prompt by october-star: I kind of want to see an AU where Kenny hadn’t died. Years later when the main conflict is resolved (you can come up with your own idea on how or leave it ambiguous if you’d like) and humans start settling land outside of the walls, Kenny hears rumors of an ackerbaby being born at one of the settlements and decides to crash the happy party. I’d like to see how Mikasa and Levi deal with it, maybe with some protective mama bear Levi in there.


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I deleted all our texts, but the last time we talked, he was supposed to deliver me something that belonged to me. 

Instead, when he came to the place we were supposed to meet up, he decided to completely ignore me and sit with a girl he had a crush on during our relationship. His friend came and gave it to me later. 

Our relationship was so toxic, and so I blocked him and deleted him that very moment. I don’t know if he knows, or cares. We both made too many mistakes and had too many conflicting interests. I was depressed during our relationship, and he was frustrated with my inability to get better, and blamed himself for not being good enough. I’m sorry he felt that way. After we broke up, he went chasing after the girl right away. Yet, he still said he wanted to be my “best friend”, and I wish I never gave that a chance. That relationship brought out the worst in me - I made him feel guilty all the time for what he did to me. I wish I could’ve been a more loving and accepting person then.

I’m working on it now, and I won’t make the same mistakes with anyone again, lover or friend. In the end, our two year relationship just boiled down to a life-time of lessons. 

Right now, in this very moment, I feel blessed with what I have and who I am. For those who are going through their first break-ups: it’ll feel like hell at first but it’ll open up your world. I fell out of love with him, but fell in love with the rest of the world.