sorry i cut many ppl off

anonymous asked:

I've written to you a couple times but you never reply, I know your busy but your words would mean so much to me, I'm having a hard time, I want to cut so bad, and sometimes, I do. I'm ashamed and I just want to be told it will be okay.

Ahhh I’m so sorry :/ I’m honestly online most of the day, attempting to reply to everything but I can’t keep up with all of it !!! I want to do my best to help everyone! I’m really trying! I do care though I promise and so do many others!! There’s a lot of great and loving ppl out there, even if they are hard to see. If you message me off anon, I can hopefully reply to that and find some ways for u to help yrself !! U will be ok, just stamp that into your mind at this point. Eat some blueberries and watch a vhs tape and get excited to wake up every morning and have a good time being alive