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Name Aesthetic: Persephone

She can never quite get the flower petals out of her hair.

I’m no longer accepting name aesthetics!

Fixed at Zero

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger

Setting: Canon-divergent, post-war AU

Word Count: 1,426

Written For: @abarricadebae [fic giveaway #5]

It’s half past nine in the morning.

Crisp-cold drops of rain are streaking the ivory-curtained picture windows in the downstairs study.

The Wireless is turned down low, static crunching against a backdrop of hushed, fuzzy silence.

A cut-crystal decanter of brandy is resting on the padded leather corner of a desk, un-stoppered and mostly empty, and a scone, gleaming with flakes of candied orange zest and buttery dabs of clotted cream, is lying forgotten on an emerald-green linen napkin.

Somewhere in the house, an antique mahogany grandfather clock is ticking darkly while a brand-new pack of imported French cigarettes is being chain-smoked.

It’s placid.

It’s normal.

It’s ominous.

Draco had always thought the end of the world would be a bit more exciting, truth be told.

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Drunk calls || m.c.

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It was late midnight, Michael sitting alone at the bar of LA Nice Guys chugging his third beer. Wanting to forget the argument that happened months ago between him and y/n. Michael never meant to chase her away, he was just pissed at her that night, leading to a break up he caused. He tried calling her back but she wouldnt answer the phone, not giving him a chance. Guessing he fucked up pretty bad. 

Michael never did well with break ups either, but losing y/n for some reason is like missing a piece of his heart. Almost every night Michael came here to have a couple drinks, but not too much so he could be able to come home but tonight was different. Beer after beer, whiskey and shots; he began to slowly loose focus and conscious, everyone around him was blurry. “Another beer.” he slurred throwing another bill on the table. “Sorry man, you had too much.” the bartender said. Michael slammed his hand on the table hard, leaving the place. Everything was moving becoming hazy, he couldnt find his way to his car or anywhere. His first drunken instinct was to call y/n. 

He focused on the brightness of his screen, searching for her contact, pressing the call button. She didnt pick up the first time, or the second but eventually she did, “Michael I-swear-” 

“Y/n I’m drunk and lost.” he said quickly, “I’m lost-and-and.” almost to the verge of tears. 

“Okay, Okay just calm down and dont go anywhere, I’m coming.” y/n said before hanging up. Michael sighed heavily sitting on the curb, waiting trying not to throw up. Y/n drove around a couple of blocks looking for Michael, until she spotted a red haired guy on the curb. “Michael?” stopping the car, rolling down the window. He stood up slowly trying not to fall, walking to the car he stood there not knowing how to open the door. Y/n sighed opening it for him, “You can get in right?” 

“Yeah, yeah.” he slurred, getting in, closing the door. There was an awkward silence during the drive, y/n constantly looked over at Michael making sure he was okay. His head leaning on the window out, sniffling a lot. “Are you-crying.” 

“Y/n.” he cried, “Mikey?” she replied back. 

“How could you leave.” 

Y/n looked at him in disbelief and anger, “Well maybe because my boyfriend accused me of cheating on him with his best friend.” 

“I-sorry. Sorry. Your were always-”

“Yeah because he’s my best friend jackass. Why in the world would i ever do that to you.” she gripped on the steering wheel tighter. 

“Because Calum had feelings for you, like-loved you.” he slurred. “I know.” 

Michael stood quiet for a couple minutes, looking at y/n. “Sorry.” 

“Your just drunk.”

“No-I’m serious, I’m sorry.” tears coming down his face uncontrollably. Y/n stopped in front of his house, turning off the ignition. She shushed him wiping away his tears, “It’s okay Michael, really.”  She got out the car to get Michael  out, and inside safely. His shoulder over y/n dragging him in. She grabbed the house keys from his pockets, unlocking the door. “Come on Mike, almost there.” bringing him to his bedroom he fell onto. Y/n left to get a glass of water and aspirin. Coming back, she placed the two items on the nightstand, Michael knocked out cold so she left, “Y/n.” Michael groaned. “Please come back-I miss you.” 

“I cant, I’m with someone now.” she admitted. 


“It doesnt matter okay.” 

“Who!” he yelled. Michael wouldnt remember what she told him anyway, thinking it wouldnt matter, “Calum.”  

Michael didnt say anything at first, he didnt know what to say. Anger and disappointment coarse through his body, “Oh.” y/n heard the hurt in his voice, feeling sorry for him and herself, hoping he wont remember tomorrow. 

I had a heartbreaking moment at work earlier today.

A black pregnant woman and her mother came into the store today and when I asked them if they needed any help, someone else had already asked them and they were upset. They were looking for anything Tiana related to buy for the woman’s unborn girl and all we had was the classic doll and the singing doll, both which weren’t really appropriate for a baby.

And the mother started saying that she just didnt understand it, how Disney brushed Tiana under the rug. She said “She is the ONLY African-American princess and Disney CHOSE to create her and now they act like she doesn’t exist and I just don’t understand. Why did you even make her if you didnt want to feature her? She means so much to so many little girls and it’s like Disney doesn’t even care.”

The pregnant woman said “I had really hoped to decorate the nursery for her in tiana stuff but we cant find anything anywhere.” She started tearing up because she was so upset and she kept saying sorry and blaming her pregnancy but I told her to not even apologize because she is justified.

I told them I couldnt agree more, that I love Tiana and if I had any control over what we carried, we’d have a lot more. I told them I had seen some tiana curtains and sheets at walmart recently.

I asked if they had tried etsy yet and they said they didnt know what it was so I told them. Hopefully they can find things there they like. I wanted to hug them.


halosydnes  asked:

Sorry if this is a silly question but I looked for it and couldnt find an answer. Is kinslaying / guestright actually proven anywhere to have negative physical consequences for those who break it? The only example that comes to mind is the Rat Cook but it's unclear how true that is...

Is kinslaying or betrayal of guest right supposed to have negative physical consequences? All we know is “the kinslayer is accursed in the eyes of gods and men” (and similar phrasings); and that the laws of hospitality are sacred and breaking them is unforgivable (by gods and men), treated as the direst of treasons.

So it seems more like the consequences are supposed to be spiritual, not physical. Those who break guest right are pariahs, treated with disgust. (The Rat Cook’s transformation is a metaphor for this reaction, if there’s any truth to the story.) The Freys are loathed beyond measure now, by all of Westeros,

Bronze Yohn rose in wrath. “Put up your steel, ser! Are you a Corbray or a Frey? We are guests here.”

“So young,” said Wyman Manderly. “Though mayhaps this was a blessing. Had he lived, he would have grown up to be a Frey.”

“Lord Wyman is not the only man who lost kin at your Red Wedding, Frey. Do you imagine Whoresbane loves you any better? If you did not hold the Greatjon, he would pull out your entrails and make you eat them, as Lady Hornwood ate her fingers. Flints, Cerwyns, Tallharts, Slates… they all had men with the Young Wolf.”
“House Ryswell too,” said Roger Ryswell.
“Even Dustins out of Barrowton.” Lady Dustin parted her lips in a thin, feral smile. “The north remembers, Frey.”

and when they are inevitably revenged upon, I doubt there will be much of anyone who will truly care, or dare to say it was unwarranted. (Thus their hasty ass-covering, by claiming it was Robb who broke guest right first, by turning into a werewolf and attacking at the wedding. It should be noted nobody believes this and it just makes people even more disgusted by them.)

As for kinslayers, many of those are physically punished, tried and executed for murder. For those who escape the law, well, it depends on their own character (i.e. this does not apply to sociopaths), but many (even those who may feel justified) will suffer emotionally (e.g. Tyrion), and whatever bad happens to them may be considered the judgement of the gods. But even those who kill relatives by accident can be considered accursed – and any with a conscience may torment themselves enough about it to feel as if they are.

Baelor Breakspear was cut down in his prime by his own brother Maekar at the tourney at Ashford in the year 209 AC. […] His death was a mishap, almost certainly, and it is written that Prince Maekar always bitterly regretted Baelor’s passing and marked its anniversary every year.

And even those whose kinslaying is deliberate but legally justifiable, by war or the like, may have the stigma follow them nevertheless. (For example, the great drought of 210-211 AC was called the gods’ judgement on King Aerys I for making his Hand the bastard and kinslayer Bloodraven.)

So, any kinslaying and breaking of guest right, that is not physically punished through applicable civil laws, will be spiritually/emotionally punished by the reactions of society and self. (Or “by the gods”, in whatever way society interprets that punishment.) In this, the cultural mores of Westeros are not unlike any society in history, or even our own today.

So I was watching rise of the guardians for the first time and pitch black

literally looks like

benedict cumberbatch

i literally couldnt stop laughing the whole movie at this

it’s kinda weird man

legit guys was i the only one who thought this

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umm ;A; do you have this predebut photo of sehun the one where he was wearing a black and white 3/4 sleeved shirt, probably when he was around fifteen or something?¿?¿ sorry if im bothering you i just couldnt find a nice ver of it anywhere ;~;

ahh are you talking about these ones ? because that’s the best quality you can get :/ pre debut photos usually don’t have hq ~


Firstly, thank you so much for following me!  I never thought when i made this blog approx 5 years ago that i would reach even a tenth of the followers i have and im honored that u choose to follow me and stick with me!!  ilu!

Secondly, some of the preview pics look a lil blurry, this is because i have to play in the lowest resolution atm and if i dont have the camera at the right angle things get blurry, i didnt realize until i was editing these pics, but i promise in game they look fine, they are not blurry. the tf shirt looks esp bad, but here is a bodyshop pic for proof.  i just didnt feel like retaking the pics lmao

THIRDLY lmao im sorry this isnt much/nearly as extravagant as my last 1000 gift, i just really wasnt feeling it but also i wanted to make u all at least a lil something so here we are.

okay finally onto the stuff u actually care about haha.

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anonymous asked:

Someone told me that indigenous korean and japanese people were white? I couldnt find anything when I looked it up and was wondering if this came from a place of misinformation or if this is an actual thing, sorry I just cant find it anywhere :/

They are wrong. Seriously. Indigenous Japanese people weren’t white - they were Asian. Here are some resources:, and

- Samantha