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the key signatures as star trek characters
  • c major: picard
  • c minor: geordi
  • c♯ major: dax
  • c♯ minor: odo
  • d major: troi
  • d minor: tuvok
  • e♭ major: sulu
  • e♭ minor: kira
  • e major: chekov
  • e minor: spock
  • f major: riker
  • f minor: sisko
  • f♯ major: janeway
  • f♯ minor: garak
  • g major: kirk
  • g minor: bones
  • a♭ major: bashir
  • a♭ minor: seven
  • a major: uhura
  • a minor: worf
  • b♭ major: scotty
  • b♭ minor: data
  • b major: dr. crusher
  • b minor: chief o'brien
Sweden Gothic
  • You once saw a childhood friend step on a manhole marked with an ‘A’. She were never the same after that.
  • If the teacher doesn’t show up in 15 minutes after class is supposed start, you’re allowed to leave. The students who do never return.
  • You’re the second person to arrive at the bus stop. The other person stares at you. You stand ten meters away from the other person, trying to only look towards the direction you know the bus will come from. You shiver, heart racing. The other person stares at you. You were the first person to arrive at the bus stop. The other person keeps staring.
  • People are desperately moving away from the smaller villages in the north. Escaping, even. When they’re asked from what they’re escaping they look at you with white, empty eyes and red tears.
  • You arrive home late one day to find the door to the refrigerator open,  kitchen completely wrecked,  a window smashed open. The refrigerator is empty. You should have thrown out the milk yesterday.
  • The train is delayed. Something wrong with the power lines between Södertälje and Stockholm. You grip the arm rests as the train, and the sky, goes pitch black. You wake up. You’ve arrived at the end station. It’s not the same year anymore.
  • Whenever it rains, a man appears on the bridge near where you live. He stares at the water, unmoving. You’ve been told to never cross the bridge while the man stands there. Sometimes, during rainy nights, you hear loud splashes, as if something heavy has fallen down into the river.
  • A tourist sits down beside you on the bus. He tries to ask you something, perhaps start a pleasant conversation. You keep staring right ahead, pretending as if you didn’t hear. You want to scream. The bus is completely silent. The tourist quiets forever.
  • It’s summer, and there are a lot of mosquitos in the air. At least you’re not in Österfärnebo. You wonder why  new people move there every year, even if they know about the mosquitos. Maybe it is the wonderful buzzing sound and the constant smell of blood that beckons.

I asked my followers what Disney songs they liked listening to when they are on the road, and added some of my own personal favourite songs to the list. I leave for Disney tomorrow, so hopefully this can help with the traveling. Hope you guys enjoy it! There are 49 songs here, so I’m just going to put the titles of the songs so the text post isn’t too long!

On My Way // Let It Go // Go the Distance // Let’s Go Fly A Kite // Love is an Open Door // Son of Man // I’ll Make a Man Out of You // Stand Out // Be Prepared // I Just Can’t Wait to Be King // Almost There // When Will My Life Begin // When We’re Human // Hakuna Matata // Two Worlds // Two Worlds (Finale) // Zero to Hero // A Whole New World // A Spoonful of Sugar // Poor Unfortunate Souls // Colours of the Wind // The Circle of Life // Prince Ali // Belle // Just Around the Riverbend // Gaston // Seize the Day // Thomas O'Malley // That’s What Friends are For // Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride // Under the Sea // Mine, Mine, Mine // Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious // Why Should I Worry // Whistles Stop // Never Had a Friend Like Me // I Won’t Say I’m in Love // The Bare Necessities // One Jump Ahead // A Star is Born // He Mele No Lilo // Trashin’ the Camp // You Can Fly! // That’s How You Know // Gonna Take You There // You’ve Got A Friend in Me // If I Didn’t Have You // Bella Notte // He’s A Pirate

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 holy shit there’s so many of you now so i am doing a thing as a kind of thank you for putting up with me and stuff. now by next month i will have been writing charlie for 4 whole years, and i’ve changed blogs since then, and gone through a bunch of stuff with you guys. 

time for the sappy shit… basically i have so much love and appreciation for each one of you guys, i’ve made some great friends and i’m hoping i’ll make many more. i love interacting with you guys both ic and ooc, you guys give me inspiration to write and your muses are what helps develop charlie further. like honestly i could write paragraphs of how much each one of you means to me. 

unfortunate bc of time, length and me being a lazy fucker i can’t include all of you in this list, but just know i have a great amount of love, respect, and gratitude for every single one of you. it doesn’t matter if we haven’t interacted, or we used to, or we speak to each other every day, i love you little fuckers. 

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hi everyone! i finished my junior year (in hs heh) this past wednesday and i also reached my next thousand a couple //months// ago! i promised an anon i would make a follow forever a long time ago (sorry omg) and now that it’s summer, i finally have time! 

thank you so much for putting up with me and just ugh i love you all :) :) :) p.s. special shoutout to my gardener-cat-uglychingu tracey xoxo 

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it’s been a while since my last follow forever so here i am :) the reason i’m doing it now though is because i recently hit 20k followers(!!) which is unbelievable and i want to thank every one of you for following me! some of you on here i have recently followed, and some i have followed for such a long time.. it was really hard to not put everyone i follow in here because i love you all but these below are my absolute favourites :))




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I finally got over my laziness and made my first follow forever. In the past two months i’ve started talking to so many cool people and you all made this shitty website a fun place for me again. So I guess i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who follows me and that i love you lots!!!

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Kinda Long Headcanon Homestuck Kid Cosplayers List!

Alright, so. Cosplay is very important to me. That includes cosplayers, as well. Most people who make a headcanon list like this normally include just one or two cosplayers per character, but I have a lot of headcanons for the kids, and I cannot choose one. So I went all out and compiled a masterlist for all of my favorite alpha+beta kid cosplayers. That’s over forty! But all of them are absolutely amazing. So here it is!









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Hello everyone!~ Recently, I have just reached 200 followers. To celebrate this and show my appreciation to you people who put up and deal with my annoying posts, I made a follow forever thingy. 

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