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Let’s talk about AkaKuroo

Okay, so first off - I’m having a lot of trouble knowing that they can’t have smart, attractive sarcastic babies together. Like they should just adopt Kiyoko and have done with it. Please stop me

But I was just - well, I was thinking about them showering together? So, okay, picture this with me:

Akaashi’s had a very hard, exhausting day, right? He just wants a hot shower, maybe some tea, and then bed.

So Kuroo’s watching him dragging his feet all the way to the bathroom, and he hates the idea that Akaashi would end his day feeling like that - that being the last thing he feels before falling asleep. As if he’s gonna let that happen. Goes into the bathroom, and the water’s already running. So he strips down, says something to announce his presence - because he knows Akaashi’s kinda stuck in his head just then - asks him if he’s okay, or how his day went. Then carefully pulls the curtain open and steps into the shower. Wraps his arms around Akaashi before he can even get out a groan. Just stands there with him for a bit, until he feels Akaashi relaxing a little - rubs circles into the small of his back, kisses his forehead, just lets him stay there as long as he wants. Massages shampoo into his hair and smiles brightly at him whenever their eyes meet, talks about something stupid to distract him. Once his mood’s improved a bit, Kuroo starts screwing around with him until he manages to coax a laugh or two out of him (probably an “idiot!” or two as well, oop). Akaashi kisses him a bit, they finish washing and wrap themselves in fuzzy towels and have some tea together before falling into bed and wrapping themselves around each other and just… existing together until they fall asleep.

And Akaashi wakes up feeling so refreshed and actually able to take on the next day~

“In one timeline we kiss but the stars don’t come down…”

“In another you set a world on fire for me but i parish in the flames…”

“Another and we’re strangers on a busy street. Brushing by close enough to send each other reeling off balance but not stopping…”

“ Somewhere there’s a final space where your hand on my face is the punchy climax to an epic saga…”

“Where the way our mouths meet takes the breath right out of people’s throats…”

“One universe has us right. Of all the millions stacked on millions. So it’s not this one. I can live with that…”

“The world is full of wonders and a hundred years ago the moon was too much to dream of touching. Look how far we’ve come…”

“Turn over your shoulder and just look. Maybe we’ll come across each other at the turning of the century. Racing across breaches between worlds. ..”

“I’ll build my life on that maybe…”

elisabeth hewer