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Top Ten Awesome Fanfics *

* yep, not “all-time favourite”, because I cannot choose in all objectivity only ten fics. This list is a list of ten fics* chosen in my five main fandoms that I love and feel like they should be read, but it could have been ten others … It’s very hard to choose. One day I’ll do a real masterpost fic rec …
* yes, I’ve cheated. There are waaaaay more than just ten fics here … Sorry not sorry.

The lovely @justkeeponthegrass had a brillant idea : to make a collection of our favourite fanfics to show writers just how much we appreciate, respect and admire their work. I personally owe a great deal to fanfic writers, especially in the Merlin fandom, for they helped me get through a very hard period of my life. Fanfic writers have been and are constant companions of my life, whether I’m sad, happy, tired or feeling excited, they always deliver, they are amazing people who do an amazing work just because they like it. I admire the hell out of any of you, and the following ten titles, plus the special and honorable mentions, are me trying to tell you how much you mean. Very, very long post incoming …

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pairing: daveed x reader

prompt: reader relapses and daveed finds them

warnings: trigger warning for depression and anxiety, cutting, blood, intrusive thoughts, swearing

words: 1,308

a/n: please read the blub at the end. i love you. you are worth it. you are strong. i apologize that this kind of sucks, i’ve just been wanted to write for you all. lemme know what you think. xo

You hadn’t had a relapse in years. Two years and seven months, to be exact. But tonight was different. Tonight, you had gotten fired. Tonight, your car died. Tonight, your parents had finalized their divorce. Tonight, it was the anniversary of your brothers death. And tonight, you relapsed.

It all started when you left work around four. The CEO of the company you worked for had called you back and explained some budget cuts to you, and told you in the most sincere voice he could manage that, “they had to let you go.” You walked out into the rain, unsure whether the wet on your face was from the downpour or your own hot tears.

Climbing into your car, desperate to call your boyfriend, Daveed, and order take out and cuddle, you tried to start your car. All you heard was the engine rev, but no lights. You turned the keys again: nothing.

“You’re kidding me, right.” You huffed, trying again. After ten minutes, you called your mom to ask for a jump.

“Oh, Y/N. I’m so sorry - I’m in a meeting right now.” You mother told you.

“For what? It’s almost five,” you sighed.

“Y/N, dad and I are finalizing the divorce tonight.”

You almost threw up, “What?”

“It was the quickest we could do it -“

What?” you said again, this time through gritted teeth.

“It really was the only day -“

“Mom, do you even know what today is?” You almost shouted. How could she do this? Today of all days?

She snapped back, “Of course we do, Y/N. We lost him too. But he wouldn’t want us to continue to let him own this day -“

“Don’t you dare talk about what he would want.” You fought again. The water on your face was most definitely tears and not rain, now.

“I’ve got to go. I’ll call you later,” you mother sighed, hanging up before you could respond.

How could she be doing this? Five years ago today, your brother had died in a car accident. As if today wasn’t enough about death, let’s kill the marriage too.

You got out of the car, slamming the door and began to walk home. You felt sick. Today had gone from bad to worse in the matter of minutes. Realizing you had forgotten your phone in the car, you couldn’t even call Daveed to come pick you up. Groaning, you walked into your apartment, ready to fall.

You held back the choked sob until you were completely inside, falling apart the instant you were.

You ran to the bathroom, feeling as though you might throw up. When you finally looked at the mirror, you had to squeeze your eyes shut, just to focus on your thoughts.

You’re not worth it.

You’ll never be.

Daveed pities you, that’s why he’s still with you. Look at yourself, you’re disgusting.

“Shut up!” You screamed, pulling at your hair, desperate to stop the taunts. 

At that, you opened your eyes and slammed your fist into the mirror, causing it to fall into shards. 

As you stood there, standing at the smashed mirror, it felt as though a part of you had broken as well. 

You picked up one of the broken shards, tracing it along your skin, painting it red. It was the only control you had today, and you couldn’t help but feel at peace. That disappeared the second you heard him.

“Y/N? Where are you?”


He was at your door, rapping his fist at it.

“Go away,” you choked out. He probably didn’t hear you, so you tried again, this time louder: “Leave me alone, Daveed!” 

The knocking stopped when he found your voice.

“Y/N, what’s going on?” You tried desperately to hold in the sob, but it escaped your lips without permission, causing you to drop the glass to the floor.

“Y/N! Are you okay? I’m coming in -” he started before charging at your door.

The door clambered open, leaving you in a tearful mess on the tile of the bathroom. He found you almost immediately, your arms covered in blood. You couldn’t breathe.

“Y/N,” he hushed, unable to form a coherent sentence. He knew that you had battled with anxiety and depression, but he also knew you had been clean for almost three years. He didn’t know you when you were sick, and he did not know what to do now.

He went to sit next to you, but you pushed him away.

“Leave me alone!” You shouted, words as sharp as the mirror. He shook his head, pulling you close again. You fought him back for a moment, before finally settling in his arms. The blood stained his Oakland tee as it seeped through. 

You sobbed into his arms, unable to catch your breath. Daveed stayed still, holding you tightly as he caressed your hair, pressing kisses to your forehead as he did so.

“It’s okay, baby. I’m right here. It’s okay, I love you shh,” he whispered.

Your tears settled after a while, listening to him hum a distant tune. The bleeding had stopped finally, and you stood up. Immediately feeling faint, you steadied yourself on the sink. Daveed instantly grabbed your waist, nervous that you had maybe lost too much blood. Knowing it was okay, and turned the warm tap on to wash off the dried remains.

You hadn’t noticed Daveed’s tears until now, looking up to see his face stained and red. You felt guilty, disgusted with yourself again.

You moved silently towards your bedroom for some gauze, Daveed following behind like a lost puppy. His tears started the flow again as you wrapped your cuts.

“Diggs,” you sighed, cupping his jaw with your palm. His hand instantly went to yours, afraid that you would slip away.

“What happened?” He whispered, almost inaudible. He cleared his throat a little, “I know today is the day your…” his voice fell short, cracking at the end.

You wiped your eyes, wincing at the sting from your wrists.

“I just had a bad day,” you mumbled, taking a seat on your bed.

He came around next to you, “You can’t just close off like that. You have to talk about it,” he started. “I understand if you don’t want to talk about it with me, but you have to talk to someone.” He gently took your hand, “Please.”

You swallowed before nodding, knowing he was right. Taking in a deep breath, you explained your day to him. He listened to every word, feeling every heart break along side of you.

Finally, after a beat you asked, “How did you know to come here?”

He shrugged, “I tried to call you and you weren’t picking up. I knew that today was hard to begin with so I wanted to -” his voice failed him, “I wanted to make sure that…”

You felt you heart fall, “I’m sorry.”

He shook his head, trying to get a sentence out, “It’s okay. I’m always going to love you, no matter what. It’s okay. Things happen. I just,” he paused, “I just cannot lose you.”

You nodded, the first smile of the day gracing your lips. He pulled you close, laying down on your bed and holding you. 

You still felt undeniably weak, but at least you knew you weren’t alone.

Depression and anxiety are real diseases. Just because you cannot always see the symptoms, it does not make them any less real or difficult to deal with. As a person who has experienced these diseases, I know first hand how detrimental they can be. I have found that the best way to deal with them is through communication with other. Please, if you feel like you have no one, know you are not alone. I love you. You are strong. I am here for you.

Between the Lines

Summary: You always thought you could trust Steve. Apparently, you can’t.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader; Steve Rogers x Sharon Carter
Word counting: 500 words
Warnings: Angst. Cheating.,

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Time to tell me the truth

You stared at Steve in silence as he looked down at his own hands, holding back whatever was in his mind.

“Y/N…” He muttered.

“Steve.” You said back.

He said he needed to talk to you, said that something had happened.

“I don’t know how to say this.” He confessed. “I'm… I’m sorry.”

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Off-Limits Part 7

Off-Limits Part 7

Bucky Barnes

Warnings: swearing, smut, unprotected sex

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“Get out Barnes.” Y/N snaps at Bucky, her eyes narrowing when she watches him walk into her bedroom. She didn’t give a shit how Bucky got into her room, she cared that he was now in front of her, a bumbling mess of apologetic anger.

“C’mon doll, we have to talk about this. You can’t just be pissed and stop talking to me forever.” Bucky chides, watching as she kicks her booties off her feet.

She snaps her head up to him, shaking her head. “You can’t tell me what I can and can’t do. You’re the one who knocked Chad out in the middle of a party for no good reason!”

Bucky cuts her little rant short, taking a step towards her with furrowed brows. “He made you cry, Y/N! He was being a douche and you just let him! I wasn’t going to sit there and watch him make you upset.”

“Bucky,” She groans, pulling at her roots. “I know Chad better than anyone, I know how to deal with him. I was okay, he’s said much worse things! I didn’t need for you to go and attack him!”

“The fact he’s said worse to you isn’t okay, Y/N! I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but shit, I care for you more than anything. I’ve become so fucking attached to you over the past few weeks to the point that I don’t even know what I’m feeling anymore.”

“I don’t need your protection Bucky.” Y/N sighs, looking up at Bucky. He’s sure she’s looking through him with the depth of it. 

“Clearly you did because you let that guy walk all over you! It was like you had no backbone what-so-ever!” Bucky nips at his bottom lip, itching the back of his neck.

She becomes quiet, her eyes focused off into the corner of her room before she moves towards her closet. Bucky notices his mistake immediately, his eyes closing for a second so he can collect himself.

He can tell she’s not mad, not even in the slightest. She’s uncomfortable for sure, there’s no doubting that. He wishes he hadn’t said that stuff because he knew she was capable of taking care of herself.

He can’t even imagine the thoughts churning in her mind over his words, mulling over them. How could he have been so foolish? First of all, he attacked her ability to protect herself, as if he’s some beacon of safety. He literally killer her grandparents and he had the audacity to talk about protection?

Maybe he should have let her deal with Chad on her own, she’s a competent, smart girl. Hell, she’s Tony Stark’s daughter, she’s one of the most intelligent people that family had ever seen.

Despite her having every reason to be mad with him, he just wants her to say it’s okay and for him to be able to hold her and make her feel better. Wants to make up for his disastrous blunder, talk it out ever. 

She emerges from the closet in a teeshirt and some shorts, her hair flowing carelessly over her shoulders. She sits on her bed, leaning over to pull her phone off of the nightstand. 

Bucky makes a split-second decision to be bold and in a single slued motion, he is straddling her thighs and holding her wrists in his hands, stopping her from hitting his chest. He sets her phone back on the nightstand, looking down at her.

“Get the fuck off me!” She snarls, thrashing her legs under Bucky. He holds her wrists in one hand, moving the flesh one to hold onto her chin and push her face to look at him. 

“Stop, just stop okay? Listen to me.” Bucky hushes, forcing her to face him. “I’m sorry that I punched Chad, alright? I was pissed that he hurt your feelings and I wasn’t even thinking that you could handle yourself, I was so focused on making him hurt ten times more than you. I’m sorry that I fucked up, I won’t do that shit again, I promise. I just can’t lose you, you’re the only good I have in this life.” He cups her face and brushes some hair behind her ears.

“Bucky,” She sighs, looking up at him solemnly. “It’s okay.”

“No it’s not. I want you to understand that i can’t change what’s been done but I won’t let it happen again. I didn’t do it out of spite to make you feel bad, I did it because that guy deserved it in the moment.”

 “I know, Bucky.” She pulls a hand from Bucky’s grip, pressing it to his cheek. He nuzzles into her touch, his eyes closing. “All is forgiven, okay?”

He breathes a sigh of relief and lowers his head about two inches or so. “Sorry for giving you the cold shoulder.” She throws a small smile at him, chewing her bottom lip.

Bucky drops his head, brushing his lips against her to test the waters. She runs a hand behind his neck, twirling in the strands of hair before leaning up and capturing his lips with her own.

The kiss is passionate, not rushed like many of their other ones. They’re taking time to taste each other, savor and relish the way their lips mold perfectly together.

He pulls away, almost smiling at the small whine that makes it way up her throat. He kisses lightly around her neck, just showing some sort of affection to her. 

She wiggles under him, tugging at his henley. “Off.” She pouts and Bucky swears her face alone could bring him to orgasm. 

He complies with her, tugging the material over his head to show his toned, muscular chest. Y/N bites her lip, running her hands down his chest and to his belt buckle, fiddling with it momentarily until the leather tears from the metal.

Bucky all but rips her tee shirt over her head, tossing it behind him before lowering his head to suckle on the the plushness of her breast that her bra doesn’t cover.

His fingers splay across her belly and down towards the tops of her shorts and panties, pushing the waistband down to her mid-thigh. He’s about to push them all the way down when she scoops him into a mind-frazzling kiss. 

When she finally releases his lips, Bucky’s so dazed he needs a moment to come back down. he blinks once, twice, three times before he finally remembers what he was doing prior to the kiss.

Fuck, he hopes those kisses never stop coming.

He lowers himself, pushing her clothing fully down her legs before pressing a kiss to her mound. He spreads her legs, revealing her glistening lips to him, in which he has to swallow the bunch of air that stuck in his throat from the amazement.

“So wet, baby.” He runs a finger along her slit, sucking on it after to pull her juices. Her lovely flavor bursts on his tongue. Bucky dips his tongue into her heat, leaving her body slack and coursing with pleasure.

He presses a single digit inside of her hole, running his tongue along her clit, sucking and lapping at it. His hands are barred on her thighs, pinning her down into the mattress. 

“Fuck, Bucky..” Y/N moans, tugging at the base of Bucky’s scalp. He can’t even complain because the way she pulled his hair made his cock twitch relentlessly under him.

“So warm too, baby.” Bucky sighs. “I’ve missed your pretty pussy all day. Had to resort to jacking off this morning when all i wanted was to be inside of you, fucking you until you screamed my name.”

He lavishes her clit, giving it the most attention out of anywhere else. He circles it, making it plump and aching with desire. 

“Bucky.” She calls out, tugging hard at his hair to make him look at her. He snaps his eyes open, ears perking at the sound of her velvety voice.

He wants to continue his assault down here, to keep lapping at the sweet juices. But, his cock pulses in his briefs and he knows he wants to be inside of her in that moment.

He moves up her body, placing kisses along her skin as he crawls all while palming his cock through his underwear. He sits between her legs, looking up at her for further instruction.

“You taste so good, so sweet.” Bucky hums, licking his lips. “Can’t wait to have you wrapped around my cock.”

He can’t stop his hand against his shaft any longer, the pressure building inside of him. He rubs particularly harshly against his cock, a hiss escaping his throat. She watches him, chewing her lip and rubbing a finger across her needy clit as Bucky keeps his wrist moving against himself.

Bucky likes that she needs him as much as he needs her. He likes the knowledge that she was most likely just as horny as he was during their little argument. 

Bucky slips off his briefs, catching his cock in his hands while watching her finger move in languid strokes. “Wanna fuck you,” Bucky mumbles, breathing heavily. “Wanna make you scream.”

“You’re chatty tonight, huh?” She muses under him, comparing his usual constructed demeanor to his entirely wrecked one at the moment.

Bucky winks at her before pulling her hand away from herself. She pouts her bottom lip and Bucky wants to do nothing more than pull it into his mouth, but he refrains when he feels her other hand pressing against his cock.

Bucky leans down to press a kiss to her lips, his cock pressing against her wet heat in a delicious way. He circles his cock around her snug hole before pressing the tip inside.

“Fuck me, Bucky.” She groans into his mouth, his tongue licking at her own, muffling her speech. 

He inches inside of her, eyes clenching shut as he reaches the deepest parts. Her fingers splay along his shoulders, nails digging into them, small whimpers coming from the both of them.

Flipping one of her legs over his shoulder, he pulls out of her until the ridge of his tip is left, and slams back into her to set a pace. She’s delighted at the force he’s using, loving the pain/pleasure mix.

“Fuck.” Bucky grunts and thrusts harder, feeling his cock rubbing against her throbbing walls. He thrusts harder, feeding off her whines.

She cries out when he hits her sweet spot, his ego boosting by a hundred percent. Bucky lives for the feeling of her wrapped tightly around his cock, so when she pushes him back and removes him from her, he’s more than confused.

“Wanna be on top.” She mutters, pushing him by his shoulders until he lays down. He has no qualms about it, loving the way she kicks a leg over his waist and hovers her heat over his dick.

She sinks down on him, his entire body jolting and his throat emitting a low groan. His hands slap to her ass, holding her and guiding her along himself as she rocks her hips.

Bucky moans and leans back, enjoying how her body is doing the work. Her warmth coils around him as she moves down, a moan spilling from her lips like a prayer. 

Bucky starts to meet her thrusts with his own, planting his feet firmly behind her and thrusting upwards with his stomach. He guides her hips fast with his hands, plunging her down onto his cock.

Bucky misses the closeness they once had, his body feeling bare without her pressed to it. He lifts his torso off the bed and wraps his arms around her back to pull her into himself.

They’re pressed so tightly together, her chest flush with his own. He places his head in the crook of her neck, moaning out at the feeling. “That’s it, baby. Just like that.” Bucky motivates, pushing his hips against hers even harder.

“Oh fuck, Bucky..” She starts, her core rippling along Bucky’s cock. He rolls his hips into hers, eyebrows pinched from the pleasure. “Fuck!”

“C’mon baby, cum for me.” Bucky encourages, his orgasm begging to be released. 

She nods into his shoulder, kissing along the line where metal and skin meet. She hums, tightening her hold on him before letting out a loud “James!”

She’s cuming hard around him, trembling and whimpering. He finds it hard to thrust into her from her core clamping on him so tightly.

With her still pulsing around him, Bucky plunges deeper into her. “Fuck.” He coughs, nails pinching her skin. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, Y/N!” He yells, shooting his load up into her and coating her walls.

He feels himself shaking in her arms, her hands rubbing soothingly up and down his back. “Y/N,” He begins, taking a deep breath. “I really like you. I don’t know if this was just some way to pass the time but god, I like you so much.”

“I like you too Bucky. I’ve been waiting for you to get some confidence and ask me out on a date.” She hums, pressing soothing kisses to his cheek as his body comes down from his high.

“You’re dads gonna kill me.” Bucky laughs breathlessly, rubbing his hands along her body before laying back on the bed with her on top of him, cuddling into him.

“Bucky,” She giggles, kissing his lips. “My dad knew about us the second you hit Chad last night. He hasn’t killed you yet so clearly he’s okay with it.”

The End! Thank you all for your constant support throughout my first fic!

Hello Hello

Jughead x Reader
A really shit, short imagine slightly based on Hello Hello by Fickle Friends (Please check out the song, and the band guys. I love them so much!)
Jughead and the reader are in a relationship but she worries about how much time he is spending on his novel. 

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Hello Hello 

Your a problem but your mine. I think you hide it well despite the dark around your eyes. 

“Jug?” you ask, rising your head off the arm of the couch where you had been resting minutes ago. He was sat on the other side of the couch to you, squished to the other arm of the couch since you had curled yourself up on the rest. The only light in the room coming from his laptop screen which was balanced carefully on his lap as his long, delicate fingers typed away frantically. The light only showed a faint outline of his face which was pouting with concentration as he worked his magic. No reply left his lips, keeping them pursed and tight.

“Jug” you repeat, sitting up right and leaning over to touch his arm. Despite the touch being gentle and soft, he still jumps with surprise. “Jug” you laugh, his face looking as surprised.
“What are you doing awake?” he asks, his eyes scrunched up as they adjust to the darkness of the rest of the room.
“I could ask you the same” you laugh, looking at the bottom corner of his screen which displayed the time. 2am.
“I feel like I’m really getting somewhere with my novel.”
“I feel like you need to get some sleep” making a subtle remark to the dark circles which had formed around his eyes through the countless nights of staying up late working on his novel. You supported him so much with his work, always giving him space to concentrate. Sometimes you felt kind of pushed out of the picture, left out in the background of his life. But you adored his passion for his work, so often left him to do his own thing, appreciating the special moments you had together.

“I’m fine” he lies, turning his face back to the screen.
“Jug come on” you push, grabbing the material of his sleeve and tugging on it gently. You could see a little smile start to appear on his lips as you pouted your own lips like a child. He finally gives in and closes down his laptop as you drag the both of you upstairs to bed.

Sitting on my suitcase in the doorway out of spite.

“You don’t seem to get it” you sigh, leaning against the door-frame to Archie’s room. Luckily Archie and his dad weren’t home to listen to the two of you arguing cause they would have tried to calm you down, which would have made things ten times worse. Jughead was sat on the bed, laptop to the side of him as he kept glancing between the screen and you.
“Your not even listening now, are you?” You scoff, rolling your eyes. You loved this guy to pieces yet he could barely make the time to talk to you. This relationship felt completely one sided, it wasn’t fair on you.
“This is what I need to be doing Y/N. I’m sorry” He sighs, pulling off his beanie, a gesture he only did when he was stressed as being seen without it was like a criminal offence. He rubbed a band through his jet black hair, pieces of it springing back over his forehead, over his eyes. The bags were still dark and prominent.
“I’m worried about you” you finally admit. “Forgetting about us for a second, because there doesn’t seem to be an us right now. You barely sleep. Barely eat.”
“I’m… I’m focused”
“There is a difference between focused and obsessed!” You emphasis, maybe shouting a bit louder then you intended.
“Maybe I am obsessed Y/N!” he snaps, throwing his hand out in the air. You jump at his shout, surprised at the sudden aggression. “Maybe I am. But this is all I have right now!”

Your breath feels knocked out of your lungs. Nothing. You were nothing to him, and finally he admits it. You slowly nod your head to him, taking in everything he has said. Tears from in your eyes as you grab your sweater and walk away from the room.
“You had me” you sigh, before leaving the house, and Jughead behind.
Your a winner even though you think you’re not.

You sat in a booth at Pop’s with Betty sat opposite you. You had rang her as soon as you left Archie’s, in tears, in need of a milkshake. She sat comforting you as you told her the truth about how pushed out you felt, how much you adored him and his passions but you hated watching his destroy himself and ignoring you in the process.
“Y/N” a rough, breaking voice says next to you. You look up to see Jughead stood near the booth, his cheeks red and raw, his eyes blurred. You try to force a smile but you know it looks pained. Betty gets up from the other side of the booth to give the two of you some privacy. Instead of sitting opposite you, he decides to sit close to you on your side of the booth.

“Y/N I’m so sorry” he sighs, looking deep into your eyes.
“I just care about you”
“I know.”
“Then let me. Stop pushing me away” you sigh, turning to your milkshake and taking a sip, breaking the intense gaze he had been giving you. You couldn’t look at him without feeling sorry for him, looking at how tired he was. “I know how shit things have been recently. With the drive in being destroyed, and your dad… but I’m just trying to be there for you”

“I know. I know I’ve been so focused on my novel and not focused enough on you. You are so important to me Y/N” he says seriously, gently taking your hands and stroking your skin with the rough pad of his thumb.
“I know it feels like your not winning at life right now, I get that. Your always there for me when I need you. I just wish you would let me do the same”
“I’m always a winner, because I have you” he says, one hand cupping the back of my head, gently stroking parts of my hair. I give him a small smile as he leans in closer and presses his lips gently on mine. It only lasts a second but I know he means it.
“Just listen to me when I tell you to go to sleep” I joke, a smile appearing on his lips as he laughs.

Pls send in requests 

anonymous asked:

Slightly odd request but I love your head canon lists and was wondering if you could do one for some LGBT+ characters in Who? If possible New Who as I'm not all that familiar with the Classics (I'm sorry, shoot me). Only if you're able to of course, it must be really time consuming! Xoxo -a whovian who is feeling really shitty about their bisexuality today

not odd at all!!! i’m sorry you’re feeling shitty, i hope this can make you feel a little better,,, also this turned out Really long im so sorry

under the cut!!

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My thoughts while watching Newsies for the first time

-the sEt oh my gosh it beaut
-Crutchie, you are my favorite character and I’ve seen you for all of two seconds
-if only I could be this hopeful
-“I don’t need folks..I got friends” my heart just melted
-“How old are you, kid?” “I’m ten, almost” GAHH he’s so adorable
-“You wouldn’t try to pull a fast one on a little kiddd” Les is my new fave, sorry Crutchie
-I’m having an eargasm
-ugh why do rich people always have to be mean
-“Somewhere out there someone cares, go tell them!” :)) I like her
-ugh at this point I’ve given up and I’ve accepted that I’ll have 83 favorite characters by the time the shows over
-How to steal a girl’s heart in 2 minutes, by Jack Kelly
-“I’ll be sleeping on the streets”
“You already sleep on the streets”
“in the worst neighborhood”
-Les is so adorable “LET THE MAN WORK IT OUT”
-I have my volume so loud I’m probably going to go deaf but it’ll be worth it cuz this music is 👌👌😩
-“AND THE WORLD WILL KNOW” I got chills, they’re multiplying
-“and who wants Brooklyn?” *crickets*
-Dang Katherine just roast everybody why don’t you?
-Katherine’s thought process is accurate and relatable af
-I’m gonna cry
-I S2G if Crutchie dies I’m gonna throw my phone across the room
-Jack don’t you DaRe run away or I’ll slap you right back to New York
-why is Katherine in Pulitzers office?
-did not see that coming
-AGHHHHHHHHHHHH end me I hate ultimatums
-how the frick do you have Pulitzer as a father and not want to shoot him
-yea Brooklyn !
-the betrayal in Davey’s eyes ripped my soul in half
-“GIVE ME YOUR BEST SHOT” oh this is gonna be-HOLY CRAP (jk I totally saw that coming but that didn’t make it any less amazing)
-“oh so I can’t have a good idea?” “or is it because I’m a girl” “now would be a good time to shut up” KATHERINE YOU BOSS
-aww Jack bb don’t you worry she likes you
-they’re so cute THE HECK
-10/10 would feel like a 3rd wheel again
-“Hey, its good to have you back again” “…shut ahp” boys, amirite
-“write it in ink or in blood it’s the same either way, they’re gonna damn well pay” ASDHFJFEK JACK IS BACK
-GO KICK BUTT GUYS wow I am way too into this
-holy crap that stomp after the last “once and for all” gave me the shivers
-“that old printing press in the cellar” “ohhhhhhhh”
-Jack’s smile of triumph and amusement is everything
-“Mr Roosevelt?”
“Joseph, Joseph, Joseph. What have you done now?” HAHAHAHAH
-“Well don’t just stand there and let those children sing…endlessly”
-Mr Roosevelt is hilarious omg
-“that’s DISGUSTING”
“Well that’s just the price of doing business” YES JACK
-“Newsies of New York City…WE WON!!!”
-I’ve never been prouder tbh
-“What’s Santa Fe got that New York aint? Tarantulas?”
-“come along, Governor, and show me that backseat I’ve been hearing so much about!” Medda is an amazing human
-dat kiss tho
That. Was amazing. Ok, I’m gonna go watch it again.


dialogue taken straight from the show / feel free to change any wording, punctuation, or pronouns as you see fit!

  • Oooh, that’s gonna leave a mark, sorry!
  • You tasty little scrumpet, oh my goodness, I couldn’t stay mad at you.
  • Look at the three, it’s clearly tits.
  • I hope you get ear cancer!
  • I was going to sell this on Ebay…
  • You ever hear that expression, ‘who shit in your cereal?’ Well for me, it was (insert name).
  • We were on the brink of World War Three…. Point five.
  • This is worse than the war of 1812!
  • I haven’t killed in ten years. Not counting the hundreds of women and children.
  • I couldn’t do anything to save him - to save the man who taught me everything I know.
  • Only children could be this evil.
  • When the doctor tells you you’ve got diabetes, you don’t NOT eat three bowls of ice cream, right?
  • I’m sorry, I can’t tell if you’re predicting something really specific, or just waxing poetic.
  • The only thing that matters? Ooh-la-la, sex appeal.
  • They were merMEN!
  • One of these days, that libido of yours is going to get you into serious trouble.
  • This is your shrink ray. Unfortunately, it only enlarges things.
  • They don’t remember a time before Youtube.
  • You know what would be really cool? If you shot this guy.
  • You moron, that’s not mist, that’s knock-out gas!
  • It’s all over MTV, get in the fucking now.
  • I told them we’re taking messages exclusively by vine now.
  • Someone is trying to kill us and we need to stick together!
  • My God, even math has turned against us!
  • My name is (insert name) and I’m here to save your ass.
  • Those aren’t bullet holes, those are arrow holes.
  • Allies don’t burn down each others White Houses, or their hopes and dreams.
  • Fifty nine dollars for a bleached butthole, that’s a lot!
  • I’m talking… to myself.
  • Sorry not FUCKING sorry!
Love yourself.

Lay x reader

synopsis: because not everything is about looks -“show me something about your personality.” 

word count: 1667

genre: angst + fluff 

You picked the coffee shop that inhabited at the end of the street which was usually not packed with people: plain white walls, wooden chairs, following with light conversations and the gentle murmur of voices mixed together. You settled down at the back corner, facing the window as you watched time pass. Everything was fine until a guy walked into the coffee shop: dark hair, ripped jeans and a black coat that only emphasised his height. No doubt it was him. Your immediate response -not even getting the time to process through your brain was to shove everything into your bag and walk out of the shop. However it was too late. The cashier was just next to the exit and there was no way you could get out without bumping into him.

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Swan Queen Week Day 4: Soulmates

Title: Of Flowers and Numbers
Pairing: Swan Queen
Rating: T

Regina started noticing the marks when she was in high school. She was sitting in her business class when black lines started to appear on her wrist. Her attention shifted from the discussion to what was being drawn - a simple flower.

At lunch, Kathryn immediately pointed it out.

“Looks like someone’s soulmate is getting artsy!”

[Soulmate au where when you write something on your skin with pen/marker/whatever the hell you want, it will show up on your soul mates skin as well.]


Regina started noticing the marks when she was in high school. She was sitting in her business class when black lines started to appear on her wrist. Her attention shifted from the discussion to what was being drawn - a simple flower.

At lunch, Kathryn immediately pointed it out.

“Looks like someone’s soulmate is getting artsy!” she said with a smile.

Regina simply rolled her eyes. “More like giving themselves the potential for ink poisoning— would that affect me as well?”

Kathryn simply laughed in response.


The flower was starting to fade when the next drawing showed up. It started out as simple curling line, and as the time went by it became more intricate, with dots and leaves being added on.

Regina had to start wearing long sleeved shirts to cover it up. The last thing she needed was her mother noticing.


Regina sat in her bed trying to keep herself from crying. Final grades had been released, and she had received a B+ in her geometry class. Her mother found out and yelled at her for it. And yelled. And yelled. And gripped Regina’s arm so tight she was pretty sure it would be bruised.

She was reaching a hand out to grab a tissue when she noticed it.

There was a little heart drawn on the side of her wrist. She smiled at it, silently thanking her soulmate, who had no idea what she was going through but was there for her anyway.

She fell asleep looking at the heart, hoping that one day she’d be able to see the artist in person.

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what she says: i’m fine

what she means: its time for america’s vote. you can vote to tempt the houseguest of your choice inside the den of temptation. each temptation offers an advantage that could help them in the game. but remember: it also comes with a consequence that will affect one or more of their housemates. the third temptation is the halting hex. who do you want to receive this week’s temptation? go to for all the details and to vote now. remember: a houseguest can only be tempted inside the den of temptation once, so choose wisely.

Come Back Down Part 11

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Some smut, nudity, language, unabashed objectification of Jensen

Tagging: (I’m not sure who wanted to just be tagged in Collide or both of my fics. If you’re horribly offended and wish to be taken off message me and I’ll take you off) @perpetualabsurdity, @maileann, @daydreamingintheimpala, @gecko9596, @gemini75eeyore, @jotink78, @dancingalone21, @winchesterprincessbride, @sandlee44, @exploratiionist, @arryn-nyx, @littledarlinhavefaithinme, @tiffanycaruso, @boredoutofmymindstuff, @feelmyroarrrr, @raeganr99, @ruprecht0420, @anokhi07, @letsgetyourdeanon

Y/N was fortunate because she had a walk in shower with plenty of space. Her house was modest, but she’d spared no expense when it came to her bathroom. She was unfortunate because now I was faced with dressing up her cast with a black garbage bag and some cute pink, Hello Kitty duct tape. She’d opted to take off the brace once she was steady in the shower to avoid another garbage bag covered appendage.

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bystander pt. 2 - (m)

Originally posted by jungkooktouchbutts

(gif credit to @jungkooktouchbutts)

(chanyeol x reader - ft. sehun)

(3.0k words)

WARNINGS: smut, oral, masturbation, voyeurism 

A/N: looool sorry this second part literally took soo long, thank you for reading though! honestly you could just read this part if you haven’t read the first! hope you enjoy and again I would love feedback :)


Read pt.1 here

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Mend My Heart

Pairing: Yoosung Kim/ Mc

Genre: Angst, Hurt/ Comfort

Note: I hope you guys like it! It was so much fun to write and now my heart hurts lol Let me know what you guys think!  This in NO WAY is Rika/ Yoosung! They are cousins! 

The day she came back Mc felt herself become progressively more unsure of her place in Yoosung’s life. He had decided to spend every and all of his time with Rika, which Mc tried to accept. Mc knew that Yoosung missed his cousin terribly and that he didn’t mean to push her aside. At least, she hoped he didn’t mean to push her aside. After a week or so of Yoosung choosing to spend his time with Rika he promised Mc that he would meet her at their favorite cafe, the one where they had their first date.

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anonymous asked:

Any tsundere!Ignis headcanons?

I think that saying he’s tsundere is pretty much a full headcanon as it is.  ❤

But here I go!


  • Ignis isn’t good at showing his feelings, so that’s what leads him to hide them behind all that sarcasm and uptightness.
  • His Tsundere attitude is shown through harsh/cold speaking rather than physical aggresiveness. He doesn’t like physical abuse, so his only way left is through the mouth.
  • He will be VERY aggresive on his own way: with sass and sarcasm.He speaks Sarcasm even better than he speaks Lucian.
  • It’s an overall thing, not only shown in the romantic aspect. It also shows in friendships and any other sort of relationship he holds.
  • He’s not necessarily aggresive as the Tsundere term may suggest, not that way.
  • He won’t scream around and cause a fuss or punch people in the face out of nowhere.
  • He’s like an ice block; cold and hard.

  • He’s the most caring of people and does things for others and appreciates very deeply and intimately that you say Thank You.
  • But he, of course, won’t show this appreciation.
  • He doesn’t make a big deal out of what he does, either.
  • The most selfless man on Eos tries to pretend “it’s nothing”.
  • But he won’t say it with a blush and a smile.
  • He’s going to stay quiet or come with a aggressive-like reply.
  • Ignis WANTS to say you’re welcome, but he doesn’t want to sound rude or like it matters because to him it doesn’t; he does all the things he does because he wants people to be happy and healthy, and he feels that saying ‘You’re welcome’ is like accepting he did it as a favor when not really.
  • So…Tsundere Ignis is triggered.

  • “Wow, you cooked this for me? Ignis, you’re the best!”
  • “It’s not like you deserve it, you know. I don’t know why I took the bother on doing it. You better like it. That’s a threat.”
  • “Ignis, you didn’t have to clean my room for me. Thanks.”
  • “You’re a messy idiot, you’re lucky you have me.”
  • “Astrals, Iggy, you…despite your parents being SO rude with you if you take even five minutes of a break from school, you still took your time to come nurse me. Iggy, I’m…wow, Iggy, I’m…thank you…”
  • “It’s not like I care about you or anything, you know that? It’s, it’s…nothing personal. You’re important to the kingdom so you can’t be sick. I’m doing this for the king and the council and…it’s not like I- eat the damn soup. But bE CAREFUL, you bloody idiot, it’s still too hot. Here, I’ll cool it for you. You’re too dumb to do it yourself.”
  • “WOW, Ignis, I can’t believe you managed to get the tickets for the concert AND got the Council to let the three of us have the day off! You’re the BEST!”
  • “Let go of me, Noctis, I’m not- I didn’t do this for you, I did it because I wanted. Gladiolus, not you too, let go of my leg. Will you two- CAN YOU PLEASE STOP TOUCHING ME, ENOUGH, YOU KNOW I HATE THAT PEOPLE INVADE MY PRIVATE SPACE.”
  • *smooches*
  • “Ugh. You two are the grossest.”
  • But a small smile will escape from him.

  • Even though this attitude shows in any sort of relationship, it’s much more explicit on the romantic term.
  • Not only is Ignis naturally tsundere, he’s also inexpert on the romantic matter; he’s not interested, so the very counted times he is, he panics because he has no experience on dealing with those stupid sensations.
  • Crushing on someone makes him feel like a ‘pathetic teenage schoolboy’ so that makes him even more angered.
  • Extra sarcasm.
  • Even when not necessary.
  • Even if what he says makes no sense or doesn’t fit in the conversation.
  • I’ll assume you like/accept Gladio x Ignis, anon, so I’ll take the freedom to use it to give more headcanons (even if you don’t like Gladnis cause I do and you triggered me lmao not sorry).

  • So seen under the Gladnis scheme:
  • Seen as his crush not only is a man but also the toughest, strongest that he knows about, he’s unconsciously being especially mean with him no regrets.
  • Will constantly nag Gladio about stupid stuff.
  • Will smack him on the head once or twice (softly but still, that’s like ten times the more physically aggresive Ignis could ever get).
  • Will be especially aggresive during training with him.
  • Gladio’s going to be scared of him for months because “I hate practicing with him, he almost impales me FIVE TIMES already. I’m very sure it’s not an accident, he’s trying to kill me. What have i ever done to him? :’(”
  • Gladio’s done nothing wrong.
  • It’s just Ignis that can’t control his feelings and he’s angered they won’t go away.
  • Indeed, the more that they grow, the more aggresive Ignis turns. 
  • “You okay, Iggy? What’re you thinking?”
  • “Oh, the weather, it’s very nice. Why do you insist on wanting to know what I think about, Gladiolus? It’s my privacy, you know, I have all rights to think whatever I want about, okay?”
  • “Oh, okay, chill, I was just worried and-”
  • “Worried? What am I, a fragile princess in need? Will you stop treating me like I need heLP DO I LOOK LIKE I NEED HELP-”
  • Ignis really isn’t a screaming or aggresive mess, not really.
  • He just doesn’t know how to deal with the feelings :’(
  • Once, Gladio tried to talk with him about chicks and dudes just to figure out if Ignis liked someone (the poor brute).
  • “Say, Iggy. Whatcha think of Crowe? She’s pretty hot, isn’t she? Man, I wish there was more female Glaives. The uniform looks fine on slender, curved bodies, don’t you think?”
  • Tsundere Ignis is triggered.
  • “That is not of my concern and it should not be of yours. That is harassment, you know? You disgust me, Gladiolus. Staring at respectable women and trying to talk dirty about them to me. Is this the kind of man you are? UGH. No. Thank you.”
  • Ignis is not jealous, he’s just angered the man has not noticed Ignis is crushing ON HIM, STOP QUESTIONING ME ON OTHER PEOPLE AND ASK ME THE HELL OUT BEFORE I LOSE IT AND I DO IT INSTEAD.
  • “Oh. Okay.”
  • “…”
  • “…what about Nyx? He’s pretty damn HOT.”
  • Tsundere Ignis is triggered.

  • Tsundere Ignis confessing:
  • *defeats Gladio on training*
  • *puts a heel on top of Gladio’s back now that the shield hit facedown the mat*
  • “You’re a brute, Gladiolus. But you’re caring and sweet. I’m tired of hinting you and that you don’t get it. So I’ve had enough, no option but to do it myself since you’re too damn blind. Gladio, I want you to go out with me.”
  • “Wha-”
  • “And to keep it clear, I’m NOT complimenting you.”
  • “Ignis?”
  • “Also, I asked YOU out, so I will go pick you up and will pay for dinner, so have very clear since this moment that it’s nothing personal, it’s the formal etiquette of how all this…stupid, dumb thing of romances works. Or so internet said. Not thAT I- I didn’t search that, did you hear me? I…heard it somewhere.”
  • “…are you…asking me out?”
  • “Are you DEAF, ohmygod, don’t make me repeat it!”
  • This is totally NOT Ignis’ normal behavior.
  • He’s formal, quiet and reserved. Very gentle in his way of speaking.
  • So Gladio’s taken off guard at first that Ignis is so moody and rather aggresive right now.
  • but he notices that’s Ignis just being a mess of feelings and doesn’t know how to express them.
  • “Okay. I’ll be honored to go on a date with you. :)”
  • “…I-I know! I’m- you should- you should be honored, Gladiolus.”
  • “I am :)”
  • He stormed out of the room.
  • He’s not angry; he’s blushing, but NO WAY is he going to let anyone see it or know.

  • First time Ignis brought flowers to Gladio.
  • “Iggy! Ohgods, are those…really? oh gods, that’s so sweet! :3″
  • “D-don’t look at me like that! I just…I ASSUMED that I HAD to bring you something. You did agree to a second date, s-so…this is the etiquette only.”
  • “Whatever, Iggy. This is ridiculous, but I also brought you a flower. Sorry it’s not a full bouquet like yours…”
  • Ignis is frozen. And blushing.
  • “…that’s VERY embarrassing. Give it to me.  You’ll look stupid if I don’t accept it, so I HAVE to.”
  • Ignis kept it always in his hand.
  • Smelled it constantly when Gladio wasn’t looking.
  • Ignis freaking damn slept with the flower pressed to his chest.
  • Gladio knows it moved him a lot, and that Ignis just needs time to get over his Tsundere stage. Time and a LOT of care and love. Which he’ll give him happily.

  • First kiss.
  • “You want to what!?”
  • “Kiss you. If that’s fine with you, Iggy. I want to go to your pace, I know all this about a relationship is hard and new to you, so I don’t want to pressure you. So you don’t have to if you don’t wanna, that’s why I’m asking before any move.”
  • At first there’s silence.
  • “You just ruined it, Gladiolus. Kisses are meant to be spontaneous and romantic, right? You don’t- you don’t ask me first! Do I look like I would reject you, you idiot?”
  • Gladio laughs.
  • “Is that a yes? Can I kiss you?”
  • “Of course you can. Just. Don’t. You don’t- I’m-…just don’t ruin it, okay? I want it to be perfect. I swear to the gods if you ruin it, Gladiolus, I’ll murder you.”
  • That’s his way of saying “Kiss me, and take your time; i want this to be as special as I know it is.”

  • Over the relationships there’s constant “I hate you, Gladiolus” but they ALWAYS sound like the entire opposite, despite the ‘anger’ in them.
  • “I hate you, Gladiolus.”
  • “? Then why did you kiss me?”
  • “Because I wanted to >:(”
  • “I hate you, Gladiolus.”
  • “Say that all you want, I’m not putting you down anyway.”
  • “Like I care…”
  • “I hate you, Gladiolus.”
  • “Well, that’s definitely not what normally you say after sex, you know?”
  • “It is if your partner just broke your butt.“
  • “Should I apologize?”
  • “….not really.”

  • Tsundere Ignis on daily basis.
  • “Stop, I didn’t ask you to hug me!”
  • *Ignis is hugging back*
  • “Don’t get all sentimental on me, did you hear me?”
  • *Ignis has composed 10 romantic poems to him*
  • “Ugh. Romantic movies. So stupid.”
  • *The Notebook gets him every time*
  • *he loves Amelié*
  • *Omg it’s Pretty Woman on TV, GLADIO, HURRY*
  • “I hate to be touched”
  • *constantly crawling onto Gladio when the man’s sleeping*
  • *constant nuzzling at his head/neck*
  • “Don’t be so clingy, Gladiolus!”
  • “*Ignis clings to Gladio like a koala bear because he didn’t want to let go of bed cuddling and Gladio stood up to this result*

  • “Two months away on a mission at the other side of Lucis? Don’t look at me like that, Gladio, it’s not like it saddens me or anything. I don’t even care. Two months free of your ass, I’ll enjoy every second of it.”
  • *texts him ‘I miss you’ every night*
  • *since the first night*
  • *sends first ‘I miss you’ text midnight*
  • *Gladio reads it*
  • *Turns around*
  • “Iggy… I think you just miss-programmed your message. I still don’t leave. That’s later this morning, sweetheart.”
  • Ignis is trying to frown but instead he just looks sad.
  • “I know. I just…already miss you. You, idiot.”
  • Gladio stays quiet at first, but snuggles and kisses his man’s head when Ignis drops a small tear.


I gave myself the feels with that last part, I ain’t going further, it’s hurting me,a sjsfdkljg.

I hope you liked this, anon. :’3

The Little Tunnels

A/N: Hey guys! I’m sorry about the lack of content recently, spring quarter’s been quite the doozy so far! I promise I’ve got a bunch of stuff in the works, you’ve just gotta give me a little time to finish it. But hey, here’s a piece with a character I’ve never written as a love interest before, so I hope you enjoy it!!

Pairing: ClintxReader

Word Count: 1255

Warnings: Slight language, self depreciation, slight angst

It had been months since I had left. Months since I had abandoned the only real family I’d ever had. Left behind the one person I had ever truly ever loved. But hey, it was all of the better right?

I had never felt like I really belonged there. I was only ever on the sidelines during missions, only joining in when things really got tough. I was only ever backup. I didn’t think they needed me, so I left.

It was quick. There are plenty of little secret passageways in the Avengers tower that only Stark knows about. The only reason he knows about them is because he put them there. When I found out about the secret passages, I immediately went to talk to Tony. He had told me all about them and even gave me a map for navigation. He was weirdly open with me about them. The night I left I was more thankful to him than I can ever express.

I left early in the morning. No one can really sleep very well in that tower. Everyone has something that keeps them up through the night until they can’t take it anymore and they pass out long enough to get the rest they need. I left when everyone was actually asleep, and no one knew I was gone until that evening.

I got a job at the local cinema working the night shift so I don’t have to leave my shitty apartment for fear of being seen in case the team is looking for me. Nobody really knows me or who I am. No one really expects more out of me than what I’ve shown them I’m capable of.

It’s about 4 am on Sunday and I’m walking home from the cinema after closing. It’s a short walk and I soon arrive at the stoop of my apartment building quickly ascend the stairs, stopping at my door to unlock it. Once inside I shrug off my jacket and hang my ball cap on the hook by the door before pulling my shoes off by the heels. I wander to the kitchen, stripping out of my work uniform, tossing my black polo and slacks onto the back of a chair, leaving me in a tight white tee and black compression shorts.

“Get out of my apartment, Clint.” I say sternly, retrieving a bottle of water from the fridge.

“I just found you and you want me to leave?” He asks, turning on the lamp next to the couch he sitting on.

“Yes,” I answer, unscrewing the cap of my water and flicking it towards his forehead. He catches it before it can make contact. “I left for a reason.”

“A reason you never bothered to give.” He growls, slowly rising from his seat. “I have been looking for you since you left. The team is worried sick. What could have ever possessed you to leave, (Y/N)?”

“Why should I tell you?” I snap. “There’s nothing you can say to make me come back. Just go home, Clint.”

“I’m not leaving without you.” He says, his tone growing steadily more angry. “Nat can’t walk past your room, Steve’s destroyed nearly 100 heavy bags since you left, Banner won’t come out of the lab, Stark seems way guiltier than he usually does and we’re all sleeping fewer hours than we did before you left.”

“You can’t pin all that on me.” I say, slamming my water down on the counter causing some to fly out the top. “It’s not my fault you didn’t realize what you had until you lost if.”

“What? Were you trying to teach us a lesson or something?” He advances on me, getting right up in my face, our noses almost touching. I refuse to be intimidated and I glare up at him, not moving an inch. “That’s messed up, (Y/N). You say it like we disregarded you.”

“Because you did, Clint.” I hiss. “How long did it take you to realize I was gone?” I shove him away from me and he stumbles back, his expression one of shock.

“W-what?” He stammers.

“How long until you realized I was gone?” I ask again, slightly more angry this time. “That I wasn’t coming back. How long, Clint.”


“That’s what I thought.” I say quietly, walking to the door and opening it. “Just get out.”

“I saw you leave.” He says, his voice hushed.

“No one saw me leave, Clint. No one could have.” I run a shaky hand through my hair. “That’s why I went the way I did. So no one could see me.”

“I know about the passages, dumbass.” He says, his voice more rough. “I knew about them the day after I moved into the tower. Stark basically put them in so I wouldn’t hang out in the ventilation system. I saw you go into the one next to the elevator. The question is, how did you know about them?”

“I found them and went and asked Tony about it. He gave me a map of the system of passages.” I look at the floor, knowing that if I looked him in the eye he could convince me to go back with him.

“That’s why he’s felt so guilty lately…”

“I didn’t want any of this to happen…” I say quietly, tears suddenly springing to my eyes. I cover my eyes and slide down the wall, releasing my grip on the door handle.

“What exactly did you want to happen, (Y/N)?” He asks. I can tell he’s frustrated with me without having to look at him.

“I just wanted to slip away. I didn’t think anyone would notice. It’s not like I contributed anything to the team anyways.” I feel my breath quicken and my heart rate speed up.

“You honestly thought none of us would notice?” His voice softens, but only slightly. “How could you ever think you weren’t important to us? To me?”

“I’m backup, Clint. That’s all I’ve ever been. I was only there in case you were outnumbered. I never did anything.” I rub angrily at the unstoppable flow of water from my eyes. “I went on tons of missions and  only got out of the quinjet twice. Two times in ten months. How would that make you feel?”

“I’m sorry, (Y/N), I had no idea. I’m sorry I didn’t do more, I-”

“There was nothing keeping me there, don’t worry about it.” I say, trying to slow my breathing. A panic attack is the last thing I need right now. “I couldn’t stay and take up space and resources that someone else needed more.”

“We need you to come home. I need you to come back.” He closes the door and slides down the wall next to me. He gently wraps his arm around my shoulders l, pulling me to his side. “I-”

“Don’t.” I say, my tone quiet but firm.

“Don’t what?” He asks.

“Don’t say things you think I want to hear just to make me go back.” I answer, turning my watery eyes to look up at him. My face is probably splotchy, and my eyes puffy and rimmed with red. I don’t care. “I can’t… ” I sigh shakily. “I can’t do this. You can stay till I leave for my next shift, but I’m going to bed.”


“I’m not going back, Clint.” I breathe, gently removing his arm from my shoulders and standing to go to my bedroom. “I can’t.”


part 2

Thanks for reading! Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Ps: I would totally be open to doing a part 2 if you want that.

Kiss Me: chapter five

Hi everybody, and welcome aboard. Hope you all enjoy this, and see you at the end! xx

Demelza 14:37 Any idea where Caroline is?

Screwing my flatmate 14:45 No

Demelza 14:46 The fact that that disappointment of a message took you eight minutes to send makes me think she’s with you right now.

Screwing my flatmate 14:47 Demi, I’m in an practical assessment, can you please piss off?

Demelza 14:48 Practical assessment? Wtf is that? Like an exam where you do stuff? Oh, yeah sorry. Forgot about the pissing off bit. Doing that now. 

Demelza put her phone away. She had texted Caroline thirteen times, and she hadn’t replied. She wasn’t with Dwight, so realistically, that left a limited number of  options.

1. She’s dead.

2. She dropped her phone down the loo/in a pond/in her tea/coffee/alcohol.

3. She got mugged and is now being held for ransom.

4. She’s pissed at me.

Number 4 seemed most likely to Demelza, so she tried to think what she might have done wrong, thought of absolutely nothing but bought a can of gin and tonic for safety’s sake and went back to the flat to put it on Caroline’s bed. Just as she got there, her phone buzzed with a text from Ross.

The bane of my existence 15:10 Want to come over to mine for a bit? Please. I’m bored.

Demelza 15:10 Yep, just give me a minute, I’ll be right over.

The bane of my existence 15:11 Yay

And that was how, when Caroline got back to the flat at half-past three, she found a can of gin with her name written on in Sharpie, and no Demelza. It was the last day of January exams, a Friday thank heaven, and she was taking Dwight down to Killewarren as soon as he got out, staying the weekend, and coming up again Monday morning. It would either be the most stressful weekend of her life, or it would be absolutely wonderful. 

Caroline 15:32 Where are you??

Demelza 15:33 Out. With Ross. Dwight’s not here. He’s coming straight to you.

Caroline 15:34 K. I’m nervous…

Demelza 15:34 Why??? Scared your uncle won’t like him?

Caroline 15:35 Yeah…and I don’t know what the arrangements will be. I usually go in my old room from when I was a kid, but I don’t know if he’ll be ok with that.

Demelza 15:36 D or your uncle?

Caroline 15:36 Both. Uncle Ray is going to be WAY too protective and might not like us sharing a room, and I don’t even know if Dwight wants to coz we haven’t…yet???! Arghhhh HELP

Demelza 15:38 Relax it’ll be fine. Your uncle can deal with it- you’re not six and he should be grateful. Dwight’s a nice guy and not like some boyfriends you could’ve ended up with. About Dwight I wouldn’t ask him, just go for it. He fancies you like hell anyway so…*wink*

Caroline 15:40 Yeah…but wouldn’t it be awkward? I couldn’t look Uncle Ray in the eye if it happened there, like in his house, across the corridor.

Demelza 15:41 You’re so…posh. If you like him, I don’t see the problem.

Caroline 15:42 Ok. We’ll see. Anyway, I’ll see you on Monday.


Caroline 15:43 Hi Ross.

Demelza 15:43 Hi. Now go away.

Then, there was a knock on the door. Caroline practically jumped into Dwight’s arms with the classic ‘I haven’t seen you for at least two hours’ franticness that he had expected, and kissed him very nicely, he thought. “Hello,”

“Hi. You ok?”

“Yes. You ready to go, we’ve got about seventeen minutes until the next train?”

Dwight looked at his watch. “Yeah we can make that one.” Caroline smiled and pulled on her coat and shoes. Dwight hung about awkwardly with his hands in his pockets. Being in her and Demelza’s flat was always awkward; it was too…well, female. There were fluffy blankets, piles of laundry and sanitary products at every turn, and Dwight was altogether happier with his eyes closed. He had a laptop bag slung over one shoulder and was carrying a small rucksack with both straps (of course Ross had mentioned that this wasn’t what you were supposed to do), but was travelling pretty lightly, mostly because he had virtually no possessions in the first place. 

Caroline picked up a Cath Kidston overnight bag stuffed to the brim which was not actually stuffed because everything was neatly folded, and her across-the-shoulder handbag that looked totally incapable of carrying anything at all. Dwight offered to carry her bag like a true gentleman, unworried by the thought of walking down the high street carrying something that looked like a volcanic eruption had happened somewhere near the Chelsea Flower Show, but Caroline said she was happy to carry it. Probably she didn’t trust him with something that was inside.

They hurried down to the station, holding hands rather awkwardly, and bought their tickets with student railcards. Dwight bought them both coffee at the Starbucks (which pretty much burned out his entire budget for the weekend), and they went to loiter on the platform, because this was Britain after all, and the train would be late.

“I think it’s going to be pretty good weather,” said Caroline after a while. “For January, anyway. We’ll have to come down together again in the summer sometime. Part of the Killewarren estate is a private stretch of beach just down from the woods, and I used to swim there as a teenager, because no one could see.”

“I’d like that. We used to do river swimming when I was growing up.”

“Yes, I like that. What about sailing?”

“Only when a rich friend took me a couple of times. We never had a boat.”

“Uncle Ray does. He’s terrible at sailing actually, so I learnt because I felt sorry for the boat. I’ll take you sometime.”

“What’s she called? The boat?” Caroline smiled, remembering idyllic childhood memories of sailing on the calm open water.

Evening-Rose. She’s beautiful.” 

“I’m sure. Can you sail her alone? I wouldn’t be much help, I haven’t sailed for ten years or so.”

“I’m sure you’re much better than you make out, as with everything. She’s a fourteen foot yacht so I would be grateful for a little help!” 

“I could probably pick it up again fairly quickly.”

“I bet you could.”

“How much!” he teased, and put an arm around her waist instinctively. When he realised where his hand was, he looked at her for direction, but she only smiled up at him, clearly perfectly comfortable with this public display of affection and togetherness.

The train clattered in. Dwight and Caroline smiled at each other and got in. It was beginning.

Next time…the journey in a first class carriage is a revelation for Dwight, and the great meeting occurs…hopefully you guys enjoyed that and I’ll update as soon as possible. xx

First Class Fright.

I was counting, literally, the hours until we would be landing in Barcelona.

At this moment, I had three hours and twenty six minutes left until I could breathe easy and the time was slowly ticking when I wished it would just speed up so I could toss my headphones on and hand my sister back her stubborn child.

I sat alone in the first class cabin of the flight with my nephew Daniel nestled against my chest with the baby carrier I wore, his screams of displeasure echoing throughout the cabin like I was slowly pulling his non-existent teeth out of his mouth one by one tortuously.

And he had been like that for the past twenty minutes. I was slowly regretting taking up the task of babysitting on this flight while my sister sat in the next cabin over, probably sound asleep and smiling with joy as she didn’t have to deal with the stress of a crying baby on board. Of course I had taken up the job thinking how bad could it be? I would be nestled in a comfortable seat in first class while everyone else was in closer quarters with the sneezing, too close strangers surrounding them and in their space. Too bad Daniel wasn’t enjoying the benefits like I was. He hated first class.

“Shh,” I slowly patted his back and rocked him where I sat. I had tried walking up and down the aisles a bit to visit the bathroom and the flight attendant who gave me quite a few sympathetic smiles when she saw me walk past but that only seemed to make him louder so I returned to my seat. The cries didn’t cease no matter me giving him a new bottle or changing his diaper or rocking him softly. Nothing was working and I was ten seconds away from screaming myself and trading seats with my brother-in-law.

The woman sitting closest to me had opened her eyes and tossed and turned enough to let me know she was displeased with my abilities to quiet babies as she cut her eyes at me numerous times with dissatisfaction. All I could do was mouth a sorry the first few times but after a while I stopped caring. If anyone should be cutting their eyes, it should have been me. I was the one with the screams directly in their ears!

“Daniel, Daniel,” I tried to sing out though the pleasure in my voice was strained. “Please stop crying,” I urged thinking some sympathetic switch would go off inside my nephew and send him into a quiet sleep.

It didn’t work.

My eyes lifted to see a figure a few rows ahead stir in their chair and peer behind them towards me. I began to mouth another ‘Sorry’ until my lips stuck midway when I realized who it was.

Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior.

It was one thing to displease some random woman sitting next to me who kept patting her personal Louis Vuitton in her lap but Neymar?! I was probably going to be the source of complaints to his friends and managers when anyone asked how his flight went and why he looked as if he hadn’t slept in days.

He turned back forward in his seat and I expected him to resume sleeping, or at least try to given the noise, but instead I could see the blanket in his lap being tossed to the side and soon enough he stood and turned to head down the aisle in my direction.

Oh great, Daniel. The first time I’ll get the attention of an ultra famous footballer and it’s for him scolding me for being a terrible babysitter. Thanks a lot!

I tried to prepare myself mentally and also prepare myself to utter a thousand sincere apologies but my voice got caught in my throat as soon as he stopped next to my seat and bent down some to speak, his eyes clearly spelling sleepiness but the small grin on his face suggesting he felt a bit bad for me.

“Is everything okay? Do you need any help?”

Oh nope. Everything is fine. Just a crying baby in my lap who is trying to ruin my entire flight and weekend and you’re now speaking to me, probably internally hating my guts because I’m ruining the little bit of sleep you can bare to catch. Of course I need help!

“N-No. Everything’s fine. Thank you,” I stated as I gave him an unconvincing smile.

My excuse wasn’t enough as he didn’t nod and walk away but instead squeezed past me and sat to the seat on my right. “Here.” He held out his arms towards Daniel and motioned for me to hand him over. I began unclipping him from the carrier wrapped around me and Neymar reached for him, careful to remove him and placed him against his own chest.

It was the most adorable sight I had ever witnessed and if I wasn’t too busy internally crying with joy that someone was here to try and save the day, I would have probably pulled out my phone to take a picture.

Would have ruined the moment, huh?

Daniel didn’t immediately quiet once in the stranger’s arms but I could see Neymar beginning to soothe him by rubbing his back and saying something in his ear I couldn’t hear. I could only watch in awe as soon enough, the dramatic baby began to slowly lower his volume until completely quiet.

Why the hell couldn’t I do that?!

“What did you say to get him to quiet like that? How–”

“I told him that his mother looked as if she needed some sleep or she was going to lose it soon,” he chuckled, speaking lowly so not to send Daniel roaring again with cries.

I quickly shook his head. “Oh no. I’m not his mother. I’m his aunt.”

“Ah, I see. What’s his name?” His eyes drifted down to the young boy for a moment, smiling with pleasure, until his eyes wove back up to me.


“Funny. I was just texting my friend Dani before the flight. Mind if I take a picture? I’ve gotta tell him Dani’s just love me,” he chuckled.

“Sure sure!”

He reached into his pocket and unlocked his phone, beginning to take a selfie with a sleeping Daniel while I just watched in awe. No way would my sister believe this.

“So what has you headed to Barcelona?” He spoke as he continued looking down at his phone.

“My cousin is getting married.”

“Send my congratulations,” he smiled.

“Why are you headed to Barcelona?”

Oh what a stupid question! I immediately winced, scolding myself for being so idiotic. Why else would he be headed to Barcelona? He works here. He lives here!

I blushed, sinking in my seat some. “Stupid question,” I rushed out before he could laugh and force an answer. I had to find another suitable way to continue conversation. “Thank you so much for helping me. I’m clearly not as good with children on planes like I thought I was.”

“It’s nothing. I’ve been there before. My son Davi used to be the same way and I always had to find little ways to quiet him. It took a lot of tries to find something. Trust me.” He relaxed further in his seat, his hands still moving against Daniel’s back while he remained sound asleep. “I’m going to try to catch a little nap while he’s quiet. Wake me in an hour?”

“S-sure.” I was even more amazed he was willing to remain in the seat instead of returning to his own. I watched as he began to close his eyes and slowly drift while I couldn’t quite get myself to do the same. Not with him sitting next to me.

The rehearsal dinner was practically chaos with all of my family members bouncing about, trying to find their place. The hall was filled with loud conversation so when my sister came bouncing up to me excitedly I figured there was something going on.

“Did you see it??” She practically screamed with glee.

My tone on the other hand? Fairly normal. “See what?”

“Neymar posted a picture of Daniel!” She reached out her hand to pass over her phone, the screen already showing the selfie that Neymar took of himself with Daniel against him on the plane. The caption read ‘Meet my new best friend Daniel!

A smile immediately graced my face, my eyes running over every piece of the picture over and over. It was an adorable sight and an experience I would never be able to forget.


Scene One • Part Six

Neymars POV

‘Neymar! Long time no see!’ It was my ex, Bruna. She was the only woman I’ve ever loved. Besides my mom and my sister, ofcourse.

'Neymar, are you okay?’ (Y/N) whispered. I ignored her and walked over to Bruna.

'H-how are you?’ I gave her a warm smile. 'I’m good! I’m absolutely fine! And you?’ God, her beautiful warm smile made my knees go weak.

'Excuse me, who the hell do you think you are?’ A tall, intimating man asked me, and wrapped his arms around Bruna’s waist.

'Babe, relax. He’s just a friend. Neymar, this is my Fiancé, Patrick.’ Bruna smiled. 'Oh, congrats.’ Was all I could bring out.

I smiled friendly and walked back to the table. ‘Where’s (Y/N)?’ I asked my mom. ‘Oh, she walked home, she got a call from her father.’

I nodded. ‘Thanks.’ I trew some money on the table and rushed outside. I couldn’t let her walk alone to her house. It was over thirty minutes from here with the car, not even walking.

’(Y/N)?’ I screamed. No answer. I started running for about a minute. ’(Y/N)! Is everything alright?’

She turned around, shaking. ‘No, it is not Neymar! You just completely ruined the thing. How do you want to make your parents even believe this bullshit? You just embarrassed not only yourself but also me. You just made it ten times harder to make me deal with your crap then it already was before.’ I opened my mouth but before in could even bring out a word she grabbed Lucas’ hand and turned around. ‘(Y/N) wait!’ I grabbed her wrist and made her face me. ‘I’m sorry. But I don’t get why you’re getting so upset about this? It’s not like they’re your real family in law.’ I laughed.

I could see in her eyes I shouldn’t let that laugh out. ‘You fucking embarrassed me! You’re such a jerk.’ Her eyes filled with tears. ‘No (Y/N), don’t cry. Please. Just come here.’ I opened my arms. ‘It isn’t the real reason why you’re so upset, is it?’ I whispered. ‘I don’t want to talk about it.’ She replied in a raspy voice. ‘You don’t have to.’

'I better get home. Bye Neymar.’ She pushed me away and pulled up Lucas. 'You want to walk home? You know that it’s a over thirty minutes walk?’ I frowned.

'Well, last time I checked I didn’t have a car. So yes, I’m walking home.’ She rolled her eyes. 'I can take you? Perhaps we go to mine?’

She laughed. ‘Funny, Neymar. Why would we even be together if there’s no paparazzi?’ She shook her head.

'You didn’t say that in the hospital tho..’ I watched her getting tears in her eyes, again.

'Come on (Y/N), you don’t have to say anything.’ I lifted Lucas up and kissed (Y/N)’s cheek. I pulled my arm around her waist. I walked with them to my car. 'Lucas, do you want the front seat for once? (Y/N) can take the backseat, she seems really tired.’

I saw her rolling her eyes. ‘Yes!’ Lucas enthusiastic reached for the door. When he was in the car and the door was closed i looked at (Y/N).

'Get in.’ I gave her a warm smile. Normally she would argue because told her what to do but she seems to tired. She sighed and got in the car.

The long ride to my house was basically me and Lucas talking. (Y/N) didn’t say a word.

When we arrived, Lucas was sleeping. I lifted him up and grabbed (Y/N)’s hand. ‘C’mon.’ She sighed and walked behind me.

'You know, i don’t have any clothes with me.’ She laughed a little. I was glad she laughed. I mean, not that i cared.

'I’ll give you sweatpants and a shirt.’ I smiled and opened the door. 'I’ll change Lucas in some comfy clothes too, i’ll be right back.’

’(Y/N), come upstairs! We’re going to bed.’ I got her some sweatpants and a shirt. 'Thanks Ney.’ She gave me a little smile. 'Any time. I’ll be right back, so you can change.’

'Ney, you can come in!’ She called. I smiled, and opened the door. She looked beautiful in my clothes.

'Isn’t it weird we’re sleeping in the same bed?’ She asked. 'Nah, i’m perfectly fine with it.’ I smiled, and wrapped the blankets around her.

'So.. What happened?’ I asked, wrapping my arms around me. 'Hm?’ She looked into my eyes.

'The call..’ I whispered. 'I don’t want to talk about it, sorry.’ She whispered, and got tears in her eyes. 'Don’t cry. You can tell me whenever you’re ready.’

She smiled. ‘Do you know what i don’t get about you Ney?’ Oh oh. ‘Tell me.’

'You have two sides. And i know everyone has them, but yours are so different. Like, how you are now, I like you how you are now. But then we got the jerk side. Ugh. You’re acting disguisting when you do that.’

'I don’t know why I do that.. But you’re the same. You’re an angel, but when you’re mad you turn into the devil.’ We both laughed. ‘That’s why we’re fighting seventy five percent of the time.’ I kissed her forehead.

'Anyway, I want to ask you something.’ I stroked some hair out of her face.

'Hm?’ She looked at me, smiling. 'Since you’re alone with Christmas, I hope you and Lucas would like to spend it with me and my family.. I mean not that you have to it’s just i would really like it and-’ 'Yes, i’d love to.’ She smiled. 'And Lucas will find that also amazing.’

I don’t know what made me do it, but I kissed her. I kissed (Y/N).

And surprisingly, she kissed me back. I wrapped my arms around her waist and let go of her lips.

She opened her mouth to say something, but I cut her off. ‘Goodnight (Y/N).’ I smiled and kissed her forehead. ‘Goodnight Neymar.’
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