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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @crackmccraigen and best of luck in your future.

Here it is folks! The thing that’s been making me cry for the past half year or so. I worked as hard as I could on it, though some pleases are a little lazier then others and I’m sorry. There’s also some odd color bugs, but I blame youtube, as they didn’t appear when I was drawing them.

Also pay attention in the end credits for the wonderful people who helped me.

Note, some of the artists I listed at the end for the help with line arting, I forgot that while some of them said they’d love to help, I forgot to give them anu scenes to draw because i got so stressed over the project that I drew them myself. I’m REALLY SORRY ;w; Stress can make you forget things! Still thank you so much!!

please insert this somewhere into ootp for me

“So, Sirius and Professor Lupin,” said Ron, conversationally, “they seem pretty close. Must be nice, being reunited with one of your best mates like that.”

Harry and Hermione exchanged a look. Ron’s expression grew puzzled.

“What? What is it this time?”

Hermione rolled her eyes, in her very familiar way, and said, “They’re married, Ronald.”

“They’re what?” Ron gawped, looking between Hermione and Harry like they’d been keeping some great secret from him. “Did you know that, Harry?”

“Yeah,” Harry nodded at him slowly, clearly taken aback by his ignorance, “it’s been months, Ron. I thought it was obvious.”

First Ron’s gaze, then all three, shifted to the room across the hall, where the men in question stood together just inside the doorway. The pair stood very close, heads bowed as they murmured to each other so that their foreheads almost touched. As they spoke Remus unfolded his arms and laid a hand tenderly on Sirius’ forearm, his thumb dipping under the cuff of his rolled-up sleeve. A brief glint of light bounced off the modest gold band which adorned his fourth finger, comfortably, like it belonged there. And there was something in the way they looked at each other; a kind of intensity, almost a fierceness, that was always present when they looked at each other, but never at anyone else.

Suddenly, Remus’ speech cut off mid sentence, and as if he sensed the three pair of eyes now intruding on his conversation he looked up. For just a moment he seemed to colour slightly, before he sent the door closed with a quick wave of his hand.

“Blimey,” said Ron, who had the decency to look somewhat shamefaced, at least.

Harry leant over and nudged him in the ribs.

“I hope you can learn the difference between best mates and married,” he told him, with as much severity as he could muster while trying not to laugh. “Or we might have a bit of a problem here.”

In the room across the hall, with the sound of laughter on the other side of the door, Sirius and Remus quietly kissed one another goodnight.

kremlin annihilation week
Day Three: Worst Episode(s)/Scene(s) - 
2x14: Homecoming

I thought long and hard about this one, because there were a lot of scenes over various episodes that made me want to scream at the writers for putting our hero through this, making her resort to this, constantly sacrificing herself because she feels this is what she deserves or it’s the best she’s going to get, and the list of dishonourable mentions I could have picked instead is very long.

But this episode… Some truth to his suspicions about Jeremiah wasn’t the issue. The issue was the multiple times he completely disrespected Kara.

At the beginning, she asked him nicely, with a perfectly reasonable explanation, to keep their relationship quiet. He agreed, then in the very next scene, upon their arrival at the DEO, announced it to everyone. “I’m sorry I just couldn’t help myself… You’re lucky I didn’t arrange a parade.” He apologises after doing the very thing she specifically asked him not to do, then gave her the “oh it could have been worse” answer. And sure, they tried to make it “funny”, but he excused his disrespect by saying it could have been worse (which is an abusive trait in any sort of relationship, for something to be seen as not a problem because it wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened).

And then Jeremiah returned, and in the middle of that family getting to be together again, his suspicion started. And the suspicion wasn’t the problem, but rather how this person, only barely connected to one member of that family, felt it was appropriate to start that discussion then and there. And then again, Kara genuinely asked him, with a valid explanation, to give everyone time and not respond like that. And he agreed, but then…

The family get together. Suspicious again, so Kara asked him to say something nice to try keep a calm atmosphere. So he attempted to, then turned that comment into more accusations, so much so Kara left the room with him. “This is not about you, and your suspicion and your disrespect are out of line.” And of course we know his suspicions weren’t exactly incorrect, but there was a time and a place and that was neither. She asked him to leave, because his disrespectful behaviour had continued all day, and then he decided that it was his “two strikes” and that she should “let it go.” Because she took him away from the others, explained the issue and that he shouldn’t be around, and he tried to brush it aside and make it not a problem, despite how much it was.

We know he was right, at least to some extent, about Jeremiah, but even if he was still struggling with Earth customs, Kara’s genuine requests were something he should have at least respected. She wasn’t telling him what to do, she was asking him to not do things and explaining why, but time after time, he knew best, and he brushed her concerns off like they were nothing, because the only things that mattered were what he thought and he decided were okay to do. That whole theme has continued throughout their relationship, and it breaks my heart this beautiful strong woman has been reduced to this.

“Yes, it’s my fault because I wanted to see if you were jealous” - Jim Kirk

Pairing:  Jim Kirk x Reader
Fandom: Star Trek
Requested: Yes by
Request: Star trek imagine where you are dating jim and you work in medicine so you’re a training to be in medicine so you’re bones assistant and one day kick hurt himself so he has to se you for help and bones is all like stop flirting with my intern type of stuff and he starts going to medical a lot more to be able to see her and she’s bubbly and sweet and just yeah and then the crew is teasing him about it Thank you so much!

A/N: I have put two together because they were similar requests

Being one of the head doctor/nurse obviously below Dr Leonard McCoy and working on The Starfleet was the best thing to happen in my life, being able to travel to other planets and galaxies was just magnificent. Being on missions meant meeting other species and working with them, having to learning their language (which was cool by the way), helping out when we could with what we had but also fighting some of these species, due to them seeing us as a threat or somewhat. But sometimes parts of the missions were quiet, so we were allowed to have an amount of time to do our own thing, so some people trained, learning, or working, I chose to train whilst off duty, and study whilst it was quiet in the med bay.

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I'm sorry, but...

I have something on my chest.

I don’t know if you watched “13 Reasons Why” but I did and of course I heard about the latest discussion if the show is too dangerous to watch, because it romanticizes Suicide.

I just want to say: that’s not true. First of all the show shows that even the smallest things can affect someone. Even like a dumb comment or joke can make a crack in a persons soul and you don’t know about it.

13 Reasons Why also shows for me: if you don’t say anything, no one can help you. You can’t help someone if they’ re not saying whats wrong. Imagine going to the doctor and not saying what body part hurts etc.
Get help! Open up to someone! You are not alone.

Also to adress this “romanticizing suicide” thing and giving an “tutorial for suicide”?
Have you seen the suicide scene? It was very graphic, I could not sleep the next night and thinking “Wow we are living in a fucked up world”. An impact no other show or movie had on me. And tutorial? I heard enough at a young age to know how to kill myself.

Of course this is only my opinion, and I also respect all the other opinions that are going around.

I’m sorry I posted this here but I think I have an audience here who will maybe read this.

Anyways, i love all of you and thank you so much for your support.


A Long Time Coming

Summary: After three years of working on Supernatural, you’ve become great friends with the cast. When in comes to filming a sex scene with Jensen, you’re understandably nervous.

Words: 1,406

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of sex, filming of a sex scene

Your name: submit What is this?

“So you’re clear with what I want you to do?” Richard asked quietly, just before the cameras started rolling. He was directing this episode, and he was really doing his best to make you as comfortable as possible.

You shrugged, “Yeah. It’s not like it’s my first sex scene ever. I’m an actress, it’s my job.”

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*because I know you need some of this on your dash*

Anonymous asked:
Can I please get RFA reaction to MC so sweet that butter would not melt in their mouth writing death scenes to soft music like disney or happy bobby songs (sorry for and mistakes English is not my first language)


Hey anon I have done these based off of Disney songs (and may have listened to them while writing this) I hope that is cool also I have decided to give writing in second person a go just because that way there is no accidental misgendering. Also sorry for that one pun I couldn’t help myself   


·         You were the cutest person ever like legit Yoosung could not count how many times he had to just stop and be like damn ___ is mine

·         And he often came home to find you listening to really sweet and happy music

·         His favourite to find you listening to was that one from the Lion King…I just can’t wait to be King?

·         You were always so absorbed in your writing when that came on (he loves that you write he finds it hella cute)

·         He always assumed that you were writing happy and like stuff to do with kids but nope

·         You came sprinting over to him and asked him to read what you wrote

·         It was a tragic death scene?????

·         What???

·         How could you come up with something like that while listening to that music?

·         Poor babe was so confused

·         But after a detailed explanation of how Scar really only gave Simba what he wanted by killing his dad did he kinda get it

·         Well actually no he was still lost but he wasn’t going to say anything

·         Always asks what type of stuff you are writing whenever you put on Disney music from then on

Jahee (sorry I find her so hard to do but I hope I got her right):

·         Jahee loves coming home to find you on the laptop with earphones in and typing away

·         She always assumed that it was like a story (hopefully romance)

·         But when she saw what was playing on your phone she was like well okay Disney songs, it would be better to write to soundtracks of musicals that Zen played in but whatever works

·         ‘You’ve got a friend in me’?

·         Yup definitely a romance or maybe a comedy?

·         She was right about it being a romance

·         And when you asked her to read the final chapter just to see what she thought

·         She was like okay something light hearted before bed


·         You crushed her soul

·         That last chapter the main character was poisoned before they could confess their love

·         So much for light reading

·         She cried, like actually cried and asked how someone so sweet could come up with something like this while listening to a song like that

·         But she loved it and wanted it to become a musical so Zen could play the main character


·         Would often be found singing Disney songs so having them playing all the time would be no big change for him

·         But having the same song playing for two hours straight?

·         He was kind of confused

·         Like it was a great song (Gaston)

·         But why? Was this inspiration for the chapter you’re writing?

·         If it was he could make an educated guess that it was about a stuck up dude but what was going on in it?

·         He needed to know

·         So when you finally changed the song after hours of listening to it he asked to read it

·         He loves your writing is legit your biggest fan

·         Yup this character was loud and obnoxious one point to him

·         ‘….a loud crack was heard and their head was seen to be facing the wrong way…’

·         WTF???

·         He had his neck snapped????

·         WTF????

·         You wrote this? You? His sweet little, wouldn’t hurt a butterfly babe?

·         While listening to a kid’s song?

·         He was shocked, that was the last thing he was expecting

·         “Babe? H-he died?”

·         “Yup! What do you think anyways?”


·         He knew that you wrote, he offered to get your work published for you

·         You turned him down saying that you weren’t even finished your first story

·         He just was like …..okay

·         He loved coming home to see you writing at his desk with Elizabeth the Third on your lap and listening to music (because you bobbed your head in time with the music without noticing)

·         This song though didn’t really seem to fit in with the more classical music that you normally write to

·         “___, what is this song? I believe I’ve heard it before”

·         “A Girl Worth Fighting for, hon.”

·         He went about doing his own business and came back to let you know that the chef had brought their meals up

·         Perfect timing, you had just finished that last chapter

·         During dinner you told him the basics of what was going on in the story and he asked to read it, ofc you said yes

·         You watched him as he was reading it and you could pin point the exact time that he go to that spot

·         The gruesome death scene

·         “Did you write this when I came in this afternoon, when you were listening to that girl fighting song?”

·         “Mhmm, so what do you think?”

·         “I liked it thoroughly but was not expecting a scene like that, maybe you should stop watching so many late night crime shows.”


·         He has read a lot (all) of your online fan fictions so nothing really surprised him when it came to what you wrote

·         Mind you it was almost always fluffy and smut scenes

·         He followed you and was awaiting the latest chapter of a fic which had stopped at a cliff hanger

·         You had to tell him to give you some time to be able to write it because jfc it takes time to make this stuff sound realistic

·         He agreed pouting the whole time of course but he knew that it would be worth the wait

·         What’s this? Was playing from the bedroom so this was gunna be some quality shit

·         *Ding*

·         OMG you updated

·         Screw work he was going to read this right now!!!

·         After twenty minutes he was sitting there with tears rolling down his face

·         Not only did the younger sister of the main character die but so did the family dog!


·         “So you liked it then huh?”

·         “LOVED IT But did you write this while listening to What is This?”

·         “Yeah! I was playing so that I could make sure that I could get my readers to ask that exact question”

·         0-0

·         “God I love you _____, but it WASN’T necessary to kill the dog! No more Disney for you…..well no more of that song unless it’s in meme form”

Make Ups And Break-Ups

So this is my first imagine!

Pairing: Thomas Brodie-Sangster x reader

warnings: some mild language 

Requested: no

Word count: 3397

Y/N: your name

Y/L/N: your last name

Y/C/N: Your character name


It was a great day on set, and we were in the middle of filming the bonfire scene Wes (the director) yelled action and the scene started I sat there with Ki-hong and a couple other guys as I heard Thomas who was playing Newt and Dylan who was playing Thomas have their little chat

“see those guys over their?” Thomas asked, pointing to us. Dylan nodded as he continued “those are they runners they go in the maze every day looking for a way out, and they have to make it back before the doors close”

“what if they don’t?” Dylan asked

“They get stuck in there until the doors open in the morning”

“what happens to them,” Dylan asked slightly paranoid

“No one survives a night in the maze,” Thomas said quietly.

“oh,” Dylan replied looking away and guiding his gaze towards the maze.

“but you see the guy sitting on the stump?” Thomas asked him pointing back at us. Dylan nodded “That Minho he’s their keeper” That was the scene but before Wes could yell cut Dylan said something

“who’s that talking to him?” he asked referring to me so right away I started to have a little conversation with Ki Hong.

“That’s Y/C/N, she’s bloody beautiful isn’t she?” Thomas replied. I felt my cheeks turn a light shade of pink as this was NOT in the script.

“Yeah” he replied

“she’s the only girl in the Glade, and she’s off limits you got that greenie?” Thomas said, having a bit of a stricter tone near the end.

“what do you mean?” Dylan asked I could tell he was trying super hard not to smile.

“I mean that she’s off limits, you can’t date her, can’t kiss her, can’t do anything but the occasional hug with her you got that?” He said. I couldn’t help but let myself smile, I was liking this scene. Dylan nodded slowly

“does she have a boyfriend?” Dylan questioned again

“your talking to him.” Thomas said taking his gaze off of me and facing Dylan

“I’m sorry I-”

“Don’t be you didn’t know but now you do so do me a favour and don’t hit on my girlfriend?” he said jokingly. Wes called cut, I got up from where I was sitting and went over to the boys

“great job guys!” I said giving them each a hug.

“Thanks” Thomas replied scratching the back of his head.

“whats that smell?”

“well Thomas is wearing some cologne”

“well, it smells nice.”

Okay may or may not have forgotten to mention that I had the biggest crush on Thomas, but I did a great job ignoring it because I have a boyfriend, we haven’t been dating long, a week at most. Dylan was about to say something but my phone rang, I looked to see it was, It was my boyfriend Mark calling

“sorry guys I’ve got to take this.” I said and quickly left. I picked up the phone. “Hey babe,” I said cheerfully

“Don’t babe me”

“whats wrong?”

“I’ve been needing to talk to you for awhile”


“I’m breaking up with you.” I felt tear start to fall on my face

“what? Why?”

“because I found a hotter girlfriend and she’ll do things with me, so have a nice life.”

and with that, he hung up the phone. I just stared at my phone, there was no way in hell this is happening. I took a deep breath a dried up my tears and hid any trace of me crying. “Y/N!“ I wiped under my eyes as I ran back to everyone. "so we’re going to film the scene with ben being banished into the maze, I need some real emotion from you, think you can do that?” Wes asked. I nodded and he told us to get into our positions. “action!”

the scene was filled with ben begging everyone not to do this.

“Ready!” Someone yelled everyone lowered their sticks except Thomas.

“Clint!” he yelled, then a boy came running towards him. “You need to do it.” He nodded slowly and took the big stick, right away Thomas came straight over to me, he stood behind me and since he’s taller than me he placed his chin on my head and hugged me from behind. “Close your eyes, love, it’ll be over soon” he swayed back and forth, trying to bring comfort to me. I let out a lot of tears but not enough to make me look stupid with weird faces. As soon as the doors closed Wes called a break and before I could move Thomas moved in front of me, and looked me right in the eye. “Whats wrong?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” I said slightly shocked

“you did a good job of hiding it I’ll admit but the moment you started crying your breath got faster and your heart rate picked up, I’ve held a crying girl before, now tell me what’s wrong?”

I took a deep breath I was happy he cared but I didn’t want to start crying on set. “Can we talk later? I don’t really want to start crying in front of the whole cast and crew, plus we go horseback riding tonight.” he sighed

“fine but you will tell me later right?” I nodded. We headed back to everyone and started up conversations. We had already been filming for a month but we still wanted to get to know each other.

“What kind of person were you in high school Y/L/N?” Will asked me. They call me it because it’s my last name and it just sounds cool.

“I was basically that kid who wanted to do everything, ” I said laughing, no matter what mood I was in, these guys always managed to make me feel better

“Okay you couldn’t have been that bad” Dylan cut in, I raised my eyebrow at him

“try me.”

“Okay name all the sports teams you were on go,” Ki Hong said getting his hands ready to count

“In what grade?” I asked everyone just laughed

“you’re joking right?” Dylan said

“no I’m being serious,” I said laughing

“Grade 9.”

“Okay are you ready Ki Hong?” he nodded “okay I was on Jr.boys tackle football, well these are all jr teams okay?” he nodded

“That’s one” I laughed

“I just started I was also in basketball, baseball, rugby,soccer,hockey,tennis,badminton,volleyball, cross country, track and field and rowing and just to add to the list I was the female lead in the musical, I was in choir and band, I was president of the student council, I was in the social justice team and got to go to Africa and I ended the year with honours.” I finished everyone just stared at me shocked “told you!” everyone just broke out laughing “and I did the same thing every year. But the great thing was that throughout all of grade 9 every sports team I was on I had the number 87 jersey and it got to the point where the seed ‘Y/L/N’ into the back of all of the  87 jerseys and as a graduation gift they gave me a box and inside it was all of the jerseys with the number 87 on it and to this day that school has another 87 jerseys in a glass frame with 'Y/L/N’ on the back and a little engraving listing all my accomplishments also they will never have any 87 jerseys again because of me.”

“wow, yeah remind me never to doubt you again,” Ki Hong said laughing. I agreed and they rest of the day went like that. We wrapped up filming and we walked back to the hotel. As soon as we got inside it started pouring rain so we called the stable and they said we could go tomorrow. Will,Kaya,Thomas,Ki Hong and I spent the rest of the night in Dylan’s room playing Mario cart. There was no room left on the couch so I sat on the floor, I was currently in first and I finished the race.

“Take that suckers! Since I won and I’m freezing Thomas give me the blanket!”

“What! No way!” He exclaimed, I just started laughing.

“Yup pays up” he just shook his head.

“Oh my god just share it!” Will yelled laughing. Thomas slid off the couch and moved the blanket so I could sit.

“Uncross your legs,” I told him, he looked a little confused but he didn’t argue he uncrossed his legs and I sat down right in between his legs and leaned back on his chest, he put his arms around me so he held his controller just in front of mine. I looked up at him to see him staring down at me.

“What?” I asked

“I didn’t notice until now,of how tiny you are,” he said chuckling I stuck my tongue out at him and he just smiled.

“Well aren’t you to shanks just adorable?, Hey we can be adorable too!” Ki-hong shouted jumping into Will’s lap,Will immediately put his arms around Ki Hongs waist and the room went crazy, I almost died of laughter.

“Remember to breathe Y/L/N” Thomas managed to get out the words in between laughs.

“Oh shut up Sangster” I replied looking at him, his cool brown eyes filled with joy

“guys let’s set up a live chat” I shifted my gaze as Kaya spoke. I snapped my head back to Thomas

“oh can we, please?!”

“You sound like a five-year-old on Christmas love,” he said chuckling

“oh my god guys just admit it you love each other and get it over with,” Will said dropping Ki Hong, Thomas’s cheeks turned a light shade of pink.

“I don’t 'love’ her, it’s just a, well an um nickname” I couldn’t help but smile at Dylan’s next comment

“yeah a nickname for your girlfriend.” I laughed a little and changed the subject.

“So are we doing this live chat or Nah?” we agreed on it as Kaya set up the computer and filmed it as we tweeted that we were about to do one and for everyone to ask questions.

“HI EVERYONE!!” I yelled as we went live.

“So basically we’re bored and have nothing to do so we’re like hey let’s do a live stream,” Will said, so we answered a few questions.

“Oh I have a good one,” Kaya said “It’s for Y/N, it’s from Mazerunner_lover and she asks if you yourself were in the maze who would pick team Gally or team Newt”

“Yeah which one would you pick?” Thomas asked from behind me, gently squeezing me.

“Wait Thomas where’s the nickname?” Will said raising an eyebrow

“I don’t need to use it every time I talk to her” he responded laughing

“Ummmmm I don’t know their both just desperate for my attention” everyone let out a couple laughs

“of course, we are,” Thomas said pulling me closer.

“I can’t pick next question,” I say simply

“okay, this one’s from the same person, Y/N, and Thomas why are you guys sitting like that?”

“Okay, we can explain it!” Thomas said laughing, “we were playing Mario kart and she won and was cold but I already had the blanket and she wouldn’t stop asking me for it and there was no more room on the couch so that’s why.”

“What’s her nickname?” Will asked again I laughed and looked up at him

“yeah what is it?” I asked innocently

“I’ve just started calling her 'love’”

“cute,” Dylan said, causing us all to laugh. 

“Comment below if you ship #thoren” I laughed so hard as the comment section blew up with comments and Ki Hong was in charge of the chat,

“guys, there’s not one comment that doesn’t say #thoren, and basically everyone ships you two so ya know, no pressure” he winked into the camera. we ended the live chat about an hour later and started up the next race. Half way through Thomas hit my controller causing him to go in first place, but Will hit him with a blue shell, and then I hit his controller

“really guys!” he said as he finished in last. Kaya and I were In a fit of laughter with Will, Ki Hong and Dylan joining us. We started the last race and Thomas and I kept hitting each others controler, but I finished first and he came in last once again. I turned to face him

“sucks to be you!” He just laughed

“yeah, yeah” I almost forgot about what had happened today, as it set in I looked at everyone

“Well, I’m gonna call it a night guys.” Everyone said goodnight and headed back to their rooms. Thomas and I had separate rooms on a higher floor so I headed to the elevator.

“I’ll be up soon I just have to do a few things” I nodded and went up in elevator to my room, where I quickly slammed the door, got changed into sweatpants and my grey maze runner shirt and just let everything out, and I did that for at least an hour until heard a knock at my door. I rubbed my eyes and went to answer the door, and there was Thomas drenched from head to toe with a giant teddy bear in hand, a bouquet of roses in the other and a bag of stuff hanging from his arm. I covered my mouth out of sheer happiness and gave him a huge hug I didn’t really care if he was wet or not. “Can I come in?” he asked gently I nodded and sniffled.

He came in and placed the stuff on my bed and gave me another huge hug and he swayed back and forth gently, trying to give me comfort and it worked a little bit. He left the hug and moved his hands so they were cupping my face. He wiped away my tears with his thumbs and looked me in the eyes. “Now can you tell me what’s wrong love?” Until tonight my feelings for him have never been surer, I mean I already had a huge crush on him but this certified that I have major feelings for him.

“My boyfriend broke up with me,” I said in between sobs. Sympathy was written all over his face

“now why the bloody hell would he do that??” He sounded almost insulted, strange.

“He said he found a hotter girlfriend-”

“Okay stop right there from what I hear already this guy’s a dick and not worth a single tear of yours okay? You are the most beautiful girl in the world, you don’t need someone like him telling you otherwise.” He said I pulled him in for a hug

“Thank you.”

“anytime love” he whispered. I broke the hug, but we still held each other,

“he also said she was willing to do things with him” my voice was barely more than a whisper, and the look on his face made me laugh.

“Okay, it’s decided he’s a man whore” I laughed even harder at his comment.

“A midget man whore I mean I was taller than the guy.” I was only five foot 6.

“I couldn’t agree more” I laughed as I stood like this longer I noticed he was shivering.

“Thomas, why are you soaking wet?”

“Well I knew you were really upset so I went and got you a couple things at the store,” he said quietly looking down.

“at 2 in the morning” I raised an eyebrow he just nodded,“and in the middle of a rainstorm?”


“why didn’t you buy an umbrella?”

“Because I was too busy thinking about you,” he said gently.

He let go of me but took my hand and brought me to the bed. He handed me the giant teddy bear and found a vase and put the roses in it and placed it beside the TV. He then opened the bag of things and emptied it on my bed. He went out of his way and bought me my favourite ice cream(which is oreo ice cream), chocolate, smartfood popcorn and there was a grey hoodie that lay on the bed.

“I remember that you love big sweaters and the number 87 is closed to you and that you love New York,” he said holding the sweater up for me to see, and on the back it said 'Y/N’ and in big numbers under it, it read 87. He then showed me the front and it read 'Brooklyn’ he tossed it to me and I happily put it on,

“How did you get this at 2 in the morning?” I asked laughing a little

“When your Thomas Brodie-Sangster anything can get done love” my nose twitched as I smelled a sweet scent, I brought the sweater closer and I sniffed it.“Well you were saying earlier you liked my cologne so I sprayed it with it”

“Awh Thomas!, You’re too sweet!” I exclaimed pulling him in for a hug.

“There’s more, love,” He said happily in my ear

“there’s more!” I said matching his tone, he just laughed

“I checked and the walking dead marathon starts in about two minutes”

“Then what are we waiting for!” I asked excitedly I jumped onto the bed and quickly got under the covers. Thomas chuckled as he turned on the TV and went to AMC and the first episode just started but we got the time wrong and it was season three. Thomas felt so bad but I didn’t mind season 3 was my favourite season. Thomas got under the covers and moved right beside me, snaking his arm around my waist and pulling me close to him, my gaze drifted to the roses beside the TV “the flowers are so pretty” I turned my head to look at him and he looked me with the sweetest smile.

“I want you to know I will be there for you whenever you need me until the last rose dies” I smiled I know that roses only last a couple days but I ignored it and got closer to him by placing my head on his shoulder. We ate and laughed all night and it was 5 in the morning when it was all over.

“Alright love, you look so tired I’ll leave so you can get some sleep” I look up at him as he gets up, I get up as well to see him at the door.

“Thank you, Thomas, for everything”

“your welcome love,” he says as he pulls me in for a big hug and we stood like that for what felt forever. We left the hug but we still held each other close I stared right into his soft brown eyes, they flickered down to my lips then back to my eyes. “screw it” he pulled me closer to him by my waist and our lips instantly attached to each others perfectly, his lips were firm but gentle at the same time. It felt like time froze and we were the only two people in existence. We broke apart and he pressed his forehead on mine,

“Tommy, can you stay with me tonight?” I asked he nodded and we headed to the bed. He took off his shirt and climbed into the bed beside me, we cuddled until I was drifting off I heard him say “I love you so much Y/N, you have no idea how much right now means to me.” I wanted to say something but sleep can quicker than my words.

Auntie Mary

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Requested by the lovely @hcndredwolves hope you enjoy it love!


You were going through the boxes you had taken from your old house. One box really caught your eye. It was covered in dust as if it had been untouched for ages. The box caught your eye because it had “AGENT” written on the side in big letters. Obviously it was important but you hadn’t seen your family in ages… So you decided to open it and see what it was. Inside was a lot of files that you decided you had to read through.

“Rosamund Mary..” you read out loud before slowly opening the file. What you read had blown your mind. You were smart. In fact you were incredible smart. You could deduct things but this you couldn’t. This confused you.

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comicsuperheroloverotaku10  asked:

Hey I'm really sorry to be asking for another request this soon but ur writing is so good I just can't help myself! Could you do one where Steve is pregnant and is scared to tell Buck cause he doesn't know how he will react and his scent changes and Buck thinks he is cheating and confronts Steve and accuses him and then gets the truth. Angry Buck--Horny/Happy Buck PS Your fics can never be too long and they're always amazing Thanks Again

Finally got this written! XD I…didn’t actually include a sex scene, so sorry if that’s what you were looking for. This is mostly feels and teasing, but I hope you enjoy! -Jenna

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movie night aus

“i invited you over to watch horror movies bc you told me you liked them but didn’t want to watch alone and you’re currently holding my hand and hiding behind a blanket bc you’re so scared and it’s adorable” AU

“we’re watching these terrible rom-coms and laughing bc they’re so unrealistic and dramatic and oh my god are you crying???” AU

“it’s disney movie night and we’re watching aladdin and suddenly we’re singing the duet together how did this happen” AU

“we decided to watch a movie together and there’s this loud noise at the beginning from THX and it scared the shit out of me pls stop laughing” AU

“i heard some weird noises downstairs and i thought you were being murdered so i ran downstairs with the first object i saw and turns out you were just watching an action movie and now you won’t stop teasing me with the fact that i wanted to save you with a trashcan for the loVE OF GOD STOP LAUGHING” AU

“you were feeling down so i tried to cheer you up with a disney movie and we were watching big hero 6 but that thing happened and now you won’t stop crying im so sorry someone pls help me im not good at this” AU

“we’re watching a horror movie together and im super scared cause it’s a really tension filled scene and there will be a jump scare any second and OH MY GOD COULD YOU STOP THROWING POP CORN AT ME I ALMOST PISSED MYSELF STOP LAUGHING” AU


Something I’ve been noticing about Peridot with every new scene she’s in- she always looks surprised when she does something new.
It might just be me but…here’s a few things I’ve noticed;
- when she first flew she was just staring at her hand as it activated, and now knowing how boastful she likes to be I would have thought she’d be grinning if she knew she could do that. 
-Although she obviously knows she has a ‘hand gun’ (sorry, I couldn’t help myself), she seems really shocked at how powerful it is, she even falls over from the recoil and stares at it! It’s possible she’s never had to use it before now and has not been trained to use it. This would be likely considering her main job seems to be maintenance and gathering info.
-When she catches Pearl she puts her hand out in front of her, this to me looks like she’s done it on reflex to defend herself, plus she does a short shocked laugh as if she didn’t expect it to work. I’m guessing this is how she rebuilt the hub but once again I doubt she has ever used it on another gem before, otherwise she could have done this in jail break.

There have been a few signs to suggest that Peridot is a relatively young gem, or at least younger than all the others we’ve seen so far, and the crystal gems admitted that it takes time to learn of your own abilities and how to use them so I wonder if she is so young and inexperienced with battle that she had no idea what she could do on her own [without the use of gem tech] until she was forced to experiment in order to survive on earth?

(Although I kinda base this theory off of one of my Pearl theories; when Pearl is fighting in the past she used a human sword…why? Why not just use her spear? Unless she didn’t know how to summon it at the time and had to learn to use a sword instead- it would explain why she knew so much about swords and seemed (imo) to be more skilled with a sword than a spear. It made me wonder if Pearls and Peridots were similar on Homeworld and both were discouraged from summoning their weapons?)

Any thoughts on this???


From the official novelization of “Fight the Future”:

“But I need you on this, Scully!” he said urgently.

“You don’t, Mulder. You’ve never needed me. I’ve only held you back.” She forced herself to look away from him, biting her lip to keep herself from crying. She turned and started for the door. “I’ve got to go.”

He caught her before she reached the elevator, running to keep up with her. “You’re wrong,” he cried.

Scully turned on him. “Why was I assigned to you?” she asked fiercely. “Yo debunk your work. To rein you in. To shut you down.”

He shook his head. “No. You’ve saved me, Scully.” He put his hands lightly on her shoulders and gazed down into her open blue eyes. “As difficult and frustrating as it’s been sometimes, you goddamn strict rationalism and science have saved me- a hundred times, a thousand times. You’ve- you’ve kept me and honest and made me whole. I owe you so much, Scully, and you owe me nothing.”

He dipped his head, a knot in his throat as he went on in a voice barely above a whisper. “I don’t want to do this without you. I don’t know if I can. And if I quit now, they win…”

He gazed down at her and she stared back at him, silent, her blue eyes dark in the half light. She moved very slightly away from him, not breaking his gaze; her own registering respect and sorrow. His hands remained barely touching her arms as she lifted herself on tiptoe and kissed his forehead.

He did not move away, did not for a moment respond. Their eyes met and linked. A sudden, inexplicable tension flared. And then his hands tightened on her, his head dipped as he drew her toward him, fingers moving upward to trace the long line of her neck, her skin warm beneath the thick mane of auburn hair, her cheek. For only an instant she hesitated, then reached for him. She could feel his mouth grazing hers, when-

“Ouch!” Scully pulled away from Mulder, rubbing her neck where his hand had been.

“I’m sorry.” Mulder stared at her, worried he had done something wrong. 

(Read the script for this scene here)