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when you draw faces do you use shapes? for instance for eyes, noses? how would you draw them?

omg okay lol i took way too long to answer this, sorry anon. sO the simple answer is, kind of? but I don’t like, actually draw the shapes first. I just draw with them in mind.

because I cant do anything simply, I wanted to show how i actually go about sketching faces bc idk about you but I like visuals? This style is way more specific to how I draw traditionally, but the concept is pretty much how I approach faces in general. bare in mind, I’m not making like a complete breakdown of step by step How to Draw The Features of the Face, bc there are plenty of great resources already out there. This is just how I draw faces myself.

  1. I always start with the typical circle and symmetry lines, keeping the circle just about the size of like, the forward part of the skull. Keep it loose and light.
  2. Depending how you curve the symmetry lines, it can really help you maintain perspective.
  3. I also usually put like, circles where the actual eyeballs would be for placeholders and to later help with knowing how large the eyes need to be and how to shape the lids.
  4. And I just sort of start adding in features one at a time, practically always starting with the nose cause it’s the center of the face. 
  5. Eyebrows help define where the brow bone goes (can change later depending on the expression you want)

aaaaaand yeah idk what else to say? I guess the long answer to your question is, I think being able to break complex features down into simple shapes in your head is really useful, makes drawing things wayyy easier, and is really the main way I go about drawing almost anything.

When I’m drawing traditionally I’ll usually lightly sketch in some guides, but I mostly just sort of go right into it, just keeping those shapes and actual anatomy in mind.

oh and one last thing, I highly recommend watching this video by Sinix Design on how to draw like a painter. It is so helpful and was super influential in changing how I sketched ever since I watched it years ago. (honestly watch all of his videos, I’ve learned so much from him, he’s fantastic)

sorry for rambling, I just really wanted to show you how I do it instead of just saying bc I feel like it’s way more helpful? at least I hope it is haha

listen,,, if you leave six ninja on a flying boat for long enough they will come up with their own memes and inside jokes

  • “kai would hit on a sexy lamp”
    • one time lloyd dressed an actual lamp in a dress with a mini skirt and kai was so sleep deprived that he hit on it
  • when anyone does anything bad, they go sit in the corner of shame. theres a sign
  • saying lloyd is twelve no matter how old he gets
    • kai: sorry lloyd you cant come fight with us youre like twelve
      lloyd: im sixteen
    • jay: sorry lloyd you cant come clubbing with us you’re like twelve
      lloyd: ?? im twenty??
    • zane: i shouldnt use such big words, lloyd is only twelve
  • mix and matching parts of old uniforms and excusing it with “its called fashion”
  • making up parts that zane needs to keep up to date
    • nya: zane, is your thermalhydrothingabob functioning smoothly?
    • cole: zane’s been pretty slow lately, maybe his popcornjpgwhatsit is broken
    • lloyd: zane! better make sure your chickentron is updated!
  • stacking things on wu’s hat while he’s asleep. cole and nya are tied at 8
  • “morro made me do it”
    • this one is lloyd only and its definitely a coping mechanism so leave him be
      • lloyd: *breaks something* morro made me do it
      • kai: who ate the last cookie?
        lloyd: morro made me do it
      • jay: you look like you havent slept??
        lloyd: morro made me do it
    • pls go get therapy lloyd
  • green ninja competitions similar to the ones in season 1 where they decide who gets to be the green ninja. lloyd is the judge
  • if someone (usually jay or lloyd) starts a disney or dreamworks song, everyone has to join in
    • wu once walked in on lloyd and kai singing “the plagues” from prince of egypt with absolutely no context, and walked right back out
  • exaggerated non swearing around lloyd
  • *someone finds out a new piece of information” wonder what else sensei hasnt told us
  • their pizza order changes every night and its always terrible
    • “yo can i get a hawaiian pizza with pineapple and sardines, deliver to the destinys bounty”
    • “yah id like a none pizza with left beef deliver to the destinys bounty”
    • “can i have one slice of pizza, but, like, with every topping you have on it. deliver to the destinys bounty”
  • “alright im gonna go to the store”
    “only bad things happen when we split up”
  • “whats the weirdest place you can find lloyd asleep” competitions. dareth is the judge. its been weeks and lloyd has no idea
  • they copy old memes too
    • kai: im going to taco bell you want anything
      lloyd: i want my dad back
      kai: yah i got like 12 dollars
    • nya: jay was found dead in miami
      cole: is he okay
      nya: he’s alright but he’s dead
    • jay: remember to drink your respect women juice guys!
  • “the singles club” thats permanently occupied by lloyd and cole, and the others have all been part of it at some point. they have meetings.
  • “how dare you break color coordination” when anyone wears anything other than their usual color
  • “well, we kept kai”
    • variants include “well, we kept lloyd” and “well i kept all of you” (said by wu, once, and the others were in shock for ten minutes and then laughed for five minutes straight)
  • regarding nya as the best thing since sliced bread

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am I the only one that thinks Richie without his glasses is like Velma without hers? like if his glasses were knocked off, I feel like he wouldn’t see anything. DO YOU SEE HOW THICK HIS PRESCRIPTION IS?? THIS BOYS EYES DOULBE IN SIZE!!

ok but one time, Henry broke Richie’s glasses on purpose and the next day, Richie had to go to school without his glasses for the first time
when the other Losers first saw him they were like “wow richie you look damn cool, did you put eye contacts or something??” and Richie would be like “who…. who is talking to me…. who is there for god’s sake

he would also make flirty comments to their math teacher (a horrible grumpy old lady) thinking it’s their pretty english teacher, but also high-fiving Henry because he thought it was Bill, just after he insulted his mother


Eddie: Richie. You have your hand on my butt.

Richie: uM?? whO IS TalKing??? i canT SEE anything IM SORRY SIr

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ahhhh i love the dog headcanons they're so cute! that st. bernard is probably larger than chopper tbh. which dogs would the rest of the supernovas have?

Can you do Ace,Sano and Shanks with a dog too please? 

Hello, Blen-san! I would like to request dogcanons for any character that you’d like. I’d be supper happy if you do so! P.S. i really like your blog 😁

i’m so happy you like my blog? :D LIKE awww thank you a lot! And I’D love to do more dogcanons tbh! They’re beyond adorable and make me SUPER happy because I love dogs and Im about to adopt my first own one <3 and Im also SOO sorry for all the other requests that are delayed, i want to do them justice and work on them once im creative enough again, long story short dogcanons make me uber happy <3

btw Kid and Law’s dog are heavily inspired from @op-heartstealers, but I sadly cant link anything since she deleted her blog


  • Bonney would get an English Bulldog
  • It wouldn’t matter to her if it was a male or female one she loves it either way
  • the damn dog eat about as much as Bonney herself lol
  • Bonney’s Bulldog is pretty drooly too and affectionate around Bonney and her crewmates, also lazy as fuck
  • not because of it’s just because it’s Bonney’s dog
  • Bonney trained it to tug at her boots whenever it senses a hot girl


  • This gorgeous creature is Kid’s dog, a pitbull
  • He’d get a boy probably and he heavily plays into the stereotype of pitbulls being aggressive
  • He loves his dog, and his pitbull is very well trained and only listens to Kid
  • He’s very affectionate around children at which Kid rolls his eyes at
  • The crew loves him too and feeds him with leftover meat
  • Kid always styles him in a really intimidating manner, like spikey collar and a dog leash decorated with small metal sculls

(btw pitbulls arent aggressive per se, they are family and guard dogs first an foremost, the aggressive and violent behaviour of some pitbulls comes from irresponsible owners)


  • Capone’s pride and joy
  • his male little Papillon
  • Capone loves his Papillon, his son and his wife and crew (in exactly that order)
  • spoils him rotten
  • he’d give him a fancy male italian name like “Donatello” or “Michelangelo”
  • and dress him up with a bowtie
  • Capone has pictures of his dog inside him as well as professional expensive paintings


  • Hawkin’s pride
  • Now Hawkin’s would get himself an Afghan Hound, with long beautiful golden hair (fur?)
  • She’d be female and Hawkins would give her a name like…”Morgana” or “Ursula” or something like that
  • She’d be by his side and most of the time and get lots of cuddling sessions with all the Hawkins pirates
  • Hawkins also gets her a a long purple coat so they can match


  • I feel like Killer would get a Boxer!
  • A male one as well, he wouldnt want to get a stereotypically aggressive one like a Pitbull like Kid he rather has a really even tempered and playful one
  • His Boxer is very active and wont leave Killer’s side
  • Very good friends with Kid’s dog, to parallel their owners, Killer’s Boxer often seems like the reasonable one, especially since he’s a bit older too
  • He doesnt mind that he never saw Killer’s face, he can perfectly sense his owner by his scent (and blonde locks)


  • Ok so Drake gets himself a Golden Retriever
  • He doesn’t care about the sex of the dog but he would specifically want this breed just because they just look like the embodiment of sunshine
  • Drake’s Retriever can totally make him smile
  • And it loves their owner sooooooo much
  • Drake would let his dog get out and explore whatever island they’re currently docked on and you guessed it would bring a horde of kids to the ship who wanna pet the dog and Drake’s Retriever fucking loves it
  • Drake would absently pet him whenever reading something


  • Urouge would get a Tibetan Mastiff
  • It just really fits aesthetically both being super large and all
  • Urouge wanders a lot with him and the Mastiff really likes climbing mountains just like their owner
  • He’d actually feed him with a lot of sweets, just not chocolate but yeah Dog sweets
  • his crewmates made fake wings the dog can wear for aesthetics


  • Law would 1000000% a German Shepherd Dog
  • She’d be female because Law thinks they’re easier to train, and dammit she’s very well trained
  • Law’s German Shepherd, Killer’s Boxer, Kid’s Pitbull, Hawkins’ Afghan and Sabo’s Husky are the best trained dogs on this list
  • She’s super smart (she once beat Bepo in Tic Tac Toe three times in a row)
  • carries Law’s sword around whenever he puts it down
  • very protective of Law


  • Apoo’s Havanese is totally the most playful and adorable one of this bunch, 10/10
  • It’d be a girl and she loves APOO SO MUCH, they love each other a whole damn lot
  • She loves it when he sings or plays an instrument for her
  • as much as she’s playful and lovely around Apoo she’s kinda wary and much on guard with strangers, she barks at them most of the time and stays close to Apoo
  • much like her owner she’s LOUD


  • Ace would probably have a Doberman and it would be a male
  • He’d give him a name like “Apollo” or “Ares”
  • he only listens to Ace, Ace thinks it’s cool but his dog is a little aggressive so he has to keep an eye on him
  • other than that he’s a cuddle monster, he’s infatuated with Ace
  • very fun loving but not afraid to pull lots of shenanigans and honestly? He isn’t super well trained, this one is totally on Ace
  • Everybody on the Moby Dick about Ace’s Doberman: “He’s an asshole but we love him.


  • he would have a Husky and she would be female
  • she’s all calm around a lot of people, when it’s only her and Sabo she’d jump right into his arms and lick his face
  • she can be very sweet and let everybody pet her but as soon as Sabo gives the command she can make a 180 and go wilde
  • she’s very protective of Sabo, nobody can go anywhere near Sabo while he’s sleeping, she will lowly growl at you all like, “I dare you mofo get another step near my human.”
  • He’d give her a fitting name for a husky girl like “Lyanna” or “Darcy”


  • And this is Shanks’ dog, an Irish Settler
  • I feel like he’d get a girl too just to have at least one lady on his ship lol
  • She’s very affectionate and playful just like Shanks 
  • they’re ginger buddíes
  • very even tempered and LOVES kids a lot just like her owner
  • He’d let her wear funny stuff like ties or funny hats and laugh himself into an early grave
  • She’s the first one to put an end to his drinking before he gets too drunk and gently tugs at his fugly pants then

O k ok reAL QUICK 

its something never outright said but i think its supposed to be implied. heres something from a post i made on it here before:

the original members in the blade of marmora were either altean or had a close relationship with altea, because thats where their magic swords were mined from:

  • “the planet these were mined from hasnt existed in decafebes” the shamwow knife salesman says 
    • we dont know what decafebes means exactly, but if we break it down:
    • it sounds like a hell of a lot
    • its in intervals of 10, caus thats what the prefix deca means
    • so where’d the magic swords come from??? how about a planet known for magic, which hasnt existed in 10,000 years, and that the galra definitately either lived on or interacted very closely with?   A   l te     a
  • lux also means light in latin
  • suffix “ite” is from the greek lithos and means stone, so literally light stone
  • altean magic is bright and glowy and light as opposed to the way galra druid magic is always so dark, so it makes sense if something called the light stone is from altea and associated with altean magic

also, altean magic is pretty much always blue, while druid is purple/black. the marmora blade does that altean bright blue glow when it morphs, so …ya…

again, never outright stated, but to me it seems pretty implied

Kris has some trouble asking his (ex)wife Suho out on a date...
  • kris calling suho: hi my dear galaxy of mine
  • suho: ...
  • suho: what is it
  • kris: ooh don't tell me you're still mad at me?
  • suho slightly irritated: why did you call me
  • kris: well, next week i'm invited to the première of Ant Man in China, i can bring a guest as per usual. Does my dear Junmyeon want to join me to one a lovely trip to china and a great film afterwards?
  • suho: yea no
  • kris: what oh c'mone Suh-
  • suho getting really irritated: last time I was in china when u invited me and our son Tao over for a trip to Disneyland u chickened out. Do you know for how long I had to console Tao? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HAD TO SPENT ON ICE CREAM AND SOUVENIRS??
  • kris: my dear galaxy of mine, I'm really sorry I had to film so long that day. But I swear my schedule is empty for next week.
  • suho: still no, y don't u go with you gf Fan Bing Bing eh?
  • kris: oh no she cant next week I asked she is in Ame-
  • kris hesitating: nonnonono dear galaxy of mine i didn't mean it like that i -
  • suho very irritated: don't u dare dear galaxy me. I need to go; Chanyeol is strangling Baekhyun again, I think he ate his food. I have so much work with these children, i still can't believe u left me alone with them. *hangs up*
  • kris: ... shit
  • ...
  • kris calling flower shop in Korea: hi yes, could u please sent 12 roses to the exo dorm pls, yeh for Suho. pls draw a lot of hearts on the card. yes, yes thank u v much.
  • ...
  • a few days later at the exo dorm suho receives 12 roses and calls kris:
  • kris very exited picks up the phone: hi dear galaxy of mine i guess this means u got the flowe-
  • suho: TWELVEE ??? U COULDN'T PICK A BETTER NUMBER COULD U *slams the phone down*
  • kris: ... fck
Domestic Wesper Headcanon

Anon asked for domestic wesper headcanons, so here you go! Thank you so so much for this prompt, domestic wesper is literally my ultimate weakness (so this could end up being a pretty long post, just so you know!)
(And sorry im not doing this in response to your ask, for some reason i cant tag or anything when answering asks, so i thought id make it as a post instead!)

Also, warning, there will probably be crooked kingdom spoilers in here!

- they’re not very good at it at first, the domesticness (is that even a word?)
- jesper’s still jittery and alert the whole time
- wylan’s still nervous, feeling like hes still on the run from his dad or the stadwatch
- but after a few weeks they settle into it
- they have long lie-ins in the morning
- neither of them are early risers, though wylan’s better than jesper, who could easily sleep through the whole day if no one wakes him up
- the servants brought them breakfast in bed a few times, before Jesper spilt coffee all over the sheets and wylan decided it was probably better that they ate their food elsewhere
- they stay up late into the night too
- sometimes just talking, or jesper reading to wylan or sometimes just enjoying each others company knowing that they are finally happy and safe
- on weekends wylan doesnt let all the servants work
- partly because he knows his father made them work far too hard and they deserve time off
- and partly because he just wants some alone time with his boyfriend
- Because theres no one there to cook for them, they either have to cook themselves or go out to restaurants in the city
- when they go out to the restaurants, jesper always insists on ordering a meal to share because “ its more romantic ”
- (also, if the table doesn’t already have candles on, jesper insists the waiter brings them some, though wylan thinks jesper and open flames is just a disaster waiting to happen!)
- when they eat at home on these weekends, they have to cook for themselves
- wylan has absolutely zero cooking ability because hes had food made for him his whole life
- and all jesper knows how to make is boiled eggs and mashed potato (which wylan decided wasnt a suitable meal for every weekend)
- so they decide to learn to cook
- well, Wylan decides to learn to cook, jesper got bored halfway through the first recipe and decided to go outside to shoot stuff
- wylan doesnt really mind
- he loves jesper, but someone that tall, lanky and restless just does not get on with the fairly cramped kitchen in their house
- wylan starts asking the cook for advice and he quickly starts becoming a pretty decent cook
- hes very good at working out the proportions and cooking times of food, so he doesnt have to try to read the recipes
- the first time he cooks for jesper, jesper acts like its the best thing hes ever eaten
- its not
- and wylan knows this
- but he definitely appreciates his boyfriends enthusiasm
- after that, saturday becomes wylan-cooks-dinner day, and eventually he does get better at it until hes a kind of amazing chef
- jesper decides to tell all the people wylan does business with what an amazing chef wylan is and how great his food tastes (obviously using as many euphemisms as possible!)
- and finally
- i need to talk about jesper reading to wylan
- of course
- so at first its a bit weird and uncomfortable
- but its fine because they expect it to be
- jespers never read to anyone before so hes never sure what tone of voice to do or anything
- and wylans only ever been read to by his dad or tutors, who only ever wanted him to learn how, and never because they actually wanted him to enjoy or absorb what was being read to him
- eventually though, they settle into it
- it takes them forever to get through all the business letters and forms and stuff, because every few sentences jesper reads, hes reminded of some crazy story from the barrel or his time at uni or his childhood and he has to tell that to wylan instead of reading the letter to him
- wylan tries to act like he minds
- he really really doesnt!
- jesper also sometimes reads stories from his childhood to wylan, old books he collected from novyi zem when he went to visit his father
- these are wylans favourites
- he likes to imagine jesper as a kid, happy, as his father reads him these crazy adventure stories and zemeni fairytales
- jesper also sometimes reads him newspaper articles
- articles about jan van ecks trial, or about some huge robbery that has happened in the city that the stadwatch and the council are confused about
- but they know was done by kaz
- jesper reads wylan the letters from inej and nina too, wylan loves these!
- sometimes they read late at night, curled up in bed together
- or in wylans office, sat in the overly fancy armchairs, trying to act like proper businessmen
- but actually just acting like teenage boys in love

this list of headcanons really could have gone on forever but i had to restrain myself! Like i said before, domestic wesper is my ultimate weakness, i love it more than anything ever!
As always, feel free to add to this headcanon if you want, and i hope you liked it!

send me crooked kingdom/six of crows prompts and i’ll write headcanons like this

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I dont expect you to be an expert on this but i have literally nobody i can talk to so here it goes. What do if your boyfriend of 1 month wants to "do stuff" with you but you are 1. Pretty sure you're asexual of some sort 2. Know he doesnt think being asexual exists and 3. Underage anyways?? I love him as a person but the thought of doing anything other than kissing makes me want to vomit but i cant exactly tell him that?? Sorry im just complaining lmao 💖

Honesty is honestly the best policy. Trust me. I had a boyfriend once who didnt believe i could be bisexual and dating him and it made me ashamed of being myself. It was really fucking damaging and then when i figured out i was on the asexual spectrum, i was TERRIFIED to tell my fiance for the longest time because i was scared he would tell me that was untrue bc i have sex with him, etc. but he was actually chill about it! You need to have someone who you can talk to and who understands you. If its something you dont want or something youre not ready for you should be able to communicate with your partner about your needs and boundaries. If they dont understand then they are not the person for you

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Another s.q. because you're basically the most informative person ive ever asked a question of: A lot of people get diagnosed as kids for whatever reason with add or anything really and otherwise people are just unhappy until they CANT cope and then go to a shrink who goes "depression. Do xyz to help." And it makes SO much sense and gives them something tangible to work with to improve their ability to handle things. So does that happen to autistics?

Yep! That’s pretty much exactly what happens. I can’t speak too much to the experience since I was diagnosed when I was eight, but from the accounts I’ve read “everything falling into place” seems to be the most common reaction. Lots of people describe feeling like their world suddenly makes sense and lots of folks do end up handling things better once they know where to start.

[Here’s one person’s account of what it was like to learn about autism and get a diagnosis]

If anyone has experience with a late diagnosis or links to resources, please feel free to add on!

Preference #70: She Looks So Perfect(5 Seconds of Summer)

Harry: Your lip stick stain is a work of art. Got your name tattooed in an arrow heart…

“Harry what are you doing?” You asked squinting at you phone. Its 2 am your time, and he had something to tell you that, according to his text is, “EXTREMELY URGENT”. But since you answered the face time call you’ve been starring at his naked chest, while he fussed over his hair or something. “One second..” He huffed, before his huge green eyes popped onto the screen. “What’s going on? Whats so urgent?” You urged, blinking the sleep out of your eyes. “I want to show you something.” The camera shook around a bit, before it stopped on the mirror in front of him. He stood with his back to the mirror. Nothing looked different, until your eyes landed on what looked like a spot on his shoulder blade. “What is that?” You prodded, bring your phone closer to your face. He got closer to the mirror, and you could clearly make out the spot as what looks like your name, in a beautiful script. “Oh my god Harry!” You gasped into the mic. He got your name tattooed onto his body. The camera is back on his face. “Do you like it? I put it on the spot that you kiss me at night,” It was true you kiss him right there when you spoon at night, and sometimes you wrap your arms around him and rest your head on his back. Kissing that exact spot, “of course I love it.”

Liam: His POV She looks so perfect standing there in my American Apparel underwear.

“What about this one?” She asked stepping out of the closet in yet another, completely different outfit. “You look beautiful love. Wear that one.” I encouraged zipping up me jacket. She looked into the mirror on the wall, judging herself. “This makes my knees look fat.” She whined walking back into the closet. I don’t exactly know what fat knees look like, but I’m 99 percent sure she doesn’t have them. “Why is it so important what you wear any way? It’s just dinner with the lads.” I questioned. “Aaaaannnddd their girlfriends. They are all so pretty. UGGH i give up!” She groaned from the massive closet. I guess this is going to take a while, so i lay on the bed, and pull out my phone. Sending a text to Zayn. ‘Sorry bro, we night be late. Y/N cant find anything to wear.’ I sent the text, crossed my feet and opened the twitter app. I’d barely began to scroll when i hear Y/N’s quiet voice from the end of the bed. “I guess I’m going like this.” My gaze shift to her, shes wearing nothing but a bra and a pair of my underwear. I know shes not serious but she looks so perfect. Her face flushed in frustration, and hair getting increasingly mess as she ran her hand through it. I scooted to the end of the bed and wrapped my hands around her waist, pulling her between my legs. “You look perfect,” I whispered against her lips. “Your not helping Li.” She smiled. I let my fingers explore the naked skin at her lower back. “You know, we don’t have to go to dinner tonight, We can just like hang out here. I want to keep you and your perfect little bum all to myself.”

Niall: They say were to young now to amount to anything else. But look around we worked too damn hard for this just to give it up now…

You stood off to the side as the boys were being interviewed by Sugar Pop. The woman had asked each of the other four boys about their loves lives before turning to Niall. His eyes on you, watching you laugh at the silly answers the boys spit out. “And what about you Niall? Do you have a girlfriend?” She prodded, putting her hand on his knee to get his attention. “Uhh, fiancee actually.” He answered proudly. She sat back in her seat surprised at his answer. “Fiancee, that a huge step. How long have you been together?” The tone in her voice is actually insulting. “About a year, but in me personal opinion I don’t think that matters how long…” He shifted in the chair and looked over at you again. He knew you hates it when people judge your relationship. “Don’t you think the two of you are to young for this kind of commitment?” She followed his gaze to you. Standing there now slightly irritated. “Not at all. Sure, were both young. But I’m absolutely crazy about her. And she has been with me through some difficult situations…” “Like what?” She cut him off. “Rumors, surgery, touring, fans, hate. All of it. I love her, im not going to let anything ruin that.”

Louis: Cause all I really want is you…

You stood off to the side watching as your boyfriend signing autographs for yet another group of fans. All you wanted to do was spend some time with him, but he was always to busy doing something else. You don’t want to complain, because it’s his job and it means a lot to him. Today he spent the entire day going to interviews, making appearances, and hanging out with the boys. When he finally shuffled into your bedroom around midnight, you were still awake. He falls in bed next to you, “Do you want to cuddle?” He asked with a weak tired smile. Unable to stop yourself you let go what you’ve been holding in all day. “Isn’t there something you would rather be doing?” But when you saw his face you immediately regretted it. “Sorry that’s not fair—” “Don’t apologize, it’s true. I’m always doing something else. Sometimes i get so tired of it, and all I really want is to be with you.” He interrupted. You immediately scooted as close as you could to him resting you head on his chest, and wrapping your arms round him.

Zayn: If I showed up with a plane ticket and a shiny diamond ring with your name on it would you wanna run away too.

“Do you eva get tired of all this” Zayn asked in a quite voice. The sounds of passing cars muffled in the background. He was on the tour bus, probably thousands of miles away, of course you get tired of it. But it’s what he loves, and your happy when he’s happy. “Of course I do, but your happy doing what you do.” You murmured back curling up in the big bed. He was quite for a minute. You could almost picture him. Laying on his back, his skin glowing slightly nude his stubble, and his eyes slightly squinted. Staring at the ceiling but looking much farther than that. “Sometimes I think about, like just going.” He stopped talk and you can hear him roll around In his small bunk on the tour bus. “What do you mean?” You replied with a yawn. He giggled at the tiny squeak that follows. “I mean like, me and you just get married, and run away. We could be out of the spotlight, And just sit somewhere, just us two, and like chill.” You couldn’t help but laugh at him. He sounds so cute and tired. “What’re ya laughing about ?” You didn’t have to see him to know that he was utterly amused by you. “Your tired Z.” “Yeah I’m em’ tired but I’m serious. If I picked you up one day, and there was no time to like think. Would you run away with me?” you were going to answer when you heard Louis’ cheery voice, getting closer to the phone. “Awe Zaynie, your a proper romantic.”

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anonymous asked:

Do you ever wonder if Members walk in on other members masturbating? or do you think they have like a code to where they need to take care of themselves?

i think about this every night before i go to sleep. 

chanyeol def stays out the room and let kaisoo do their thing. hes probably so used to it .. 

look at kaisoo just casually there in the back like.. theres no avoiding them chanyeol im sorry. Kyungsoo all happy cause he got to top jongin last night and chanyeols just like goddamnit i just want to sleep. 

im pretty sure since tao cant shower alone, sehun is def there . 

lay is def too oblivious to anything that he probably wouldnt even understand the code. 

Chen and Baekhyun have def walked in on their members to troll them. i can feel it. 

Look at them laughing at who they walked in on. smh. they probably make jokes and talk about the members dick sizes. 

Suho and def. the one that gets walked in on. 

“guys i spent 100 years in the SM basement, please let me just jerk off in peace.” poor suho… 

xiumin’s the one who never gets caught