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And i’m on mobile so sorry this isn’t all fancy but here is part 4 :)
the parent trap pt2 // archie andrews

The Parent Trap (2/12)

Words: 1.1k

Summary-Archie and (Y/N) separate, splitting their twin daughters between them. What happens when ten years later, the pair seem to be reunited in a twist of fate at summer camp?

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“Oh my god, Jughead. What if she’s being bullied?” (Y/N) panicked “Maybe its not too late for you to pull her out of the camp.”

“(Y/N), I’ve literally just gotten back from a ten hour flight.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just it’s the first time she’s been out of England, without me.

“Oh sweetie, you’re going to get frown lines if you keep stressing about Aria like this.” Kevin tutted at his friend “Although, Andrews isn’t ageing too well himself.”

“I haven’t missed the gob on you, Keller. To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“Josie sent me to fetch her dress and I wanted to see how Nanny McPhee is doing without her beloved child.”

Aria rolled her eyes at the counsellor for, once again, getting her mixed up with a girl she had yet to meet. Her cabin mates grew quiet whenever she asked about Amelia, almost as if they were hiding something from her. “For the last time, I’m Aria Jones!”

“I’ve done it again.” the counsellor muttered to himself “I’m punching Andrews when I next see him.”

“I’m sorry what?” Aria raised her eyebrow. “Who exactly is Andrews?”

The counsellor’s eyes grew wide, making a note to himself. Aria was the straight forward twin with the thickest British accent he had ever heard. Amelia was more on the quiet side and was never seen without Charlie Blossom.

“Charl, guess what?” Amelia sighed as she noticed her best friend join her on the picnic table by the lake. “It’s been the sixth time in two days. Who even is this ‘Aria’ girl? And why are people mistaking me for her?”

“Must be the new girl, A. Haven’t seen her yet but maybe if we find her, we can find out why people are mixing you both up?”

“Didn’t Jess tell us that the new girl was her cabin mate? The British one?”

“Yeah, guess we’re paying cabin twelve a visit.” the boy smirked at her.

“So your mom is a fashion designer?” Jessica gasped “My auntie Betty always talks about her best friend (Y/N). She designs dresses and she’s based in London too. They might know each other.”

Aria giggled at Tara’s words, knowing full well that when she returned home, she’d tease her about how she was now a D-List celebrity and how her uncle Jughead would groan and shake his head telling her not to encourage her mother. Instead of responding to Tara’s previous words, Aria shrugged.

“Holy smokes! What sort of witchcraft did Jessica use to get you to look exactly like Amelia?” a voice practically squealed, making everyone in the cabin snap their heads towards the entrance.

“Charlie, you’re not funny, I bet she looks nothing like me.” another voice added. “Move out of the way, I want to see her.”

Aria’s mouth dropped as a girl who reflected her walked into the cabin. She couldn’t believe it. She didn’t want to believe it. She didn’t have to believe it. The flame haired girl’s eyes met Aria’s, causing Aria to let out a small scoff.

“I’m guessing you’re Amelia.”

Archie and (Y/N) had argued for what felt like the hundredth time. Exhaust was written all over both of their faces. Between school and the twins, the pair never really had time for them. Archie let out a sigh as (Y/N) tried her hardest to fight back the tears. The pair kept their eyes on the floor, despite hearing Jughead clearing his throat.

“Remember when (Y/N) told you she was pregnant, Archie? She had just turned seventeen. She was so naive back then. It’s funny how a few months can really change a person. She came to you crying. I remember feeling distressed myself because I had never seen (Y/N) so upset. You told her that no matter what happened that you’d support her no matter what. What happened to that, Archie? Because right now, neither of you are supporting anyone.”

“God, I hate you Jug, you always know what to say.” (Y/N) exclaimed “But I can’t cope with the constant arguing. Maybe we should take a break, Archie. A week, a month, maybe a fortnight. We need this, for us, for Melia and Aria.”

Amelia couldn’t believe Aria’s attitude, she reminded her of Charlie’s mom. Her auntie Cheryl. They both had a hot temper which was reflected through their hair colour. She began to notice a pattern. Every time Amelia was mistook for Aria, the camp counsellors would give her a glare and a warning, saying that one more wrong move and her mother would be informed of Aria’s misconduct.

“Listen up, Aria. I’m sick and tired of getting mistaken for you.” Amelia stepped into the cabin and was instantly met with a cold and wet feeling. She let out a squeal alerting the nearby counsellors. Before the pair knew it, they were sent off to what their camp mates called solitary confinement.

Aria rolled her eyes as she realised that herself and Amelia would not be leaving the cabin atop the hill anytime soon. She hadn’t even remembered what caused her to get stuck in such an awkward situation. Aria didn’t know what it was about Amelia but she couldn’t bring herself to like the girl, who was basically her doppelgänger.

“Want an oreo?” Amelia and Aria asked in sync, taking each other by surprise.

“What just happened?” Aria gasped “That was a bit odd.”

“My question still stands, Aria, do you want an oreo?”

“I mean, we might as well just open one, we’re most likely stuck in here until tomorrow morning, maybe afternoon.” Aria paused for a bit before speaking again “Embarrassing question, do you by chance have any peanut butter?”

“Are you joking?” Amelia grinned “I love peanut butter and oreos!”

“My friends back home mock me for it, says its a weird combination.”

“My dad told me my mum used to get a really weird craving for them when she was pregnant with me. I guess I must’ve picked up my love for it back then.”

The duo spent a few moments in silence whilst they ate their peanut butter and oreo combination.

“So tell me more about you, Aria, when’s your birthday?”

“Twenty-Seventh of June.”

“No way! So is mine.”

“Maybe it’s just a freaky coincidence and call me crazy but what, what if there’s a possibility that we could be twins?”

“You know, I didn’t like you at first. I had heard a lot about you from Jessica. She talked about how close you were with your dad and how you had these traditions. Maybe I didn’t like you because I-I wanted that.”

“Hey, I didn’t like you at first too! You always got me into trouble.” Amelia argued back “But you’re pretty decent. You’re basically me but with an accent!“

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this ask is probably going to be real annoying but idk if you do WCIFs and im on mobil so i cant link the post but WCIF the hair in your • cats • post? sorry if this was annoying!!!

No worries! I have gotten a couple questions about that hair, you can find it here :)

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hey sorry if this sounds dumb I'm quite new to well commie stuff in general and I struggle with a lot of the jargon/reading up do u know any good resources? u don't have to answer but u just seem rlly cool and know ur shit

no this isnt dumb at all dw. and yes i have a few resources (sorry i cant link them nicely im on mobile)
dictionary of marxist/communist stuff:

marx for beginners pdf (this is like the first thing i read on marx and its pretty good and relatively short and also has definitions in the back):

introductory thing on socialism from jacobin:

introduction to anarcho communism if ur interested in that:

reform or revolution by rosa luxemburg- a bit longer/more difficult to read but its a really great refutation of “socialism through reform” shit:

leninism or marxism by rosa luxemburg- this is reflecting my bias as a libertarian socialist but its is a great critique of leninism:

introduction to council communism:

marx/engels/other people masterpost:

also @leftist-daily-reminders and @justsomeantifas are good blogs. oh yeah and if u havent read the communist manifesto yet u should

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What would happen if CP was Joker's daughter but not Harley's?

Harley fell in love with Joker through and through and everything that came with him. Through the highway scene and chemical wedding he asks and she fully accepts him for all he his. So since his daughter is apart of him, Harley would love her too and want her in their lives. It’s all or nothing for Harley and Joker and Harley wants it all. I have an imagine called ‘Dr. Harleen Quinzel’ on my masterlist (sorry im on mobile I cant link) about Harley meeting the step daughter and it not going too well if youre interested in the idea!


ADVENTURE TIME IS KICKING OFF SEASON 8 WITH A BOMB!!! (unfortunately i could only do a doodle in my break for the promo initiative but hey it’s better than nothin)

Today kicks off with Two Swords and Do No Harm! And new episodes are airing every weekday in pairs!

(i can’t link the posts because I’m on mobile but, you can definitely find them in my #adventure time tag on my blog lmfao, but if when i get home i might edit in the links)

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Huhuhu😭 I still can't click you're master list below you profile I'm dying to know how the no hope no fear and the other fics and hc you wrote 😭 pretty pls can you post a master list again 😭 im so sorry if this brings you trouble but i cant help to ask you for it 😭i dont know whats wrong with my account every tumblrs I visit I can't seem to push their master list and it saddens me can you pls help my poor soul and blessed it with your astounding creation? Thank you very much keep it up 😉

Yeah… idk what’s happening, but I think it’s a problem with the app, because the links are still working in browser (mobile or not), here’s the link: (or you can search the tag #masterlist next to the ask icon)
And… No Hope No Fear isn’t mine (I wish it was, because it’s amazing and I wanted to draw like that), it’s made by @zoecam37, so you can see it in her awesome blog!
Hope this helped you, hon 💜

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*Sorry for the late reply, school wifi is terrible*

4: I love @fleetofshippyships, (even though she’s a total tease with her contant snippet posts) @picascribit (THEIR WRITING GIVES ME TOO MANY FEELS I CAN HANDLE THIS) @sappypotter (best one shots I swear) @captofthesswolfstar (WWI is sooo long and soooo good im jealous) and @dorthyanndrarry (still not over that amazing magical menagerie fic, so cute😍)!!!

8: I write because I’ve been having trouble motivating myself to do anything (getting out of bed, school, homework, social interaction etc) and the only thing that makes me happy now is writing, and writing has also inspired me to do more with life in general, I now want to get inspiration from real life and it motivates me to do more

13: I AM IN LOVE AMD OBSESSED BY DISCARDS BY @picascribit (Sorry cant link to it bc Im on mobile😞) it’s the best wolfstar fic I know and can be read without even knowing HP since its a non-magic AU and its sooooo gooood. Please Google it and read it so I can fangirl to you about it. This fic is my life.

16: I only structure the fics that were already meant to be multi chapter, not my one shots. My structuring can vary from a few notes on my phone to a gigantic exel file (*cough* bright lights *cough*)

18: Believe it or not but I only started writing at the start of february this year, age 17 (im still 17, bday is the 10th of september)

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I am trying to access your BG Masterpost, but I can't. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I put my curser over it,but it just stays an arrow. Help. please ;)

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Hey im sorry if im annoying u but im on mobile and i cant click/find ur bg masterpost. Can u link it to me? Thank you. Sorry for bothering you. Have a nice day! x

Hey guys! Sorry, that’s my fault, I need to fix it!! (p.s. not bothering at all, nony! Thanks, have a nice one, too x) 


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Hey, if you use SAI, what brush do you use for your sketching? Thanks in advance--

I link to my brush settings in my faq, i cant give a link because im on mobile, sorry!! :/