sorry i can't use the crayon tool but everyone was using it and i wanted to try

still trying out the crayon tool and doing inappropriate things with it.

but another one for Obscure Fandom Week - Codex Alera by Jim Butcher!  The best quick and dirty summary I can present is that the series is like Avatar: The Last Airbender, only with Romans and Pokemon.  So basically people can control various elements, and as a bonus some elements can manipulate a set of emotions. ie; Fire furies can work with courage/fear, earth is primeval feelings like rage and lust, water can sense all of it.   IT’S REALLY COOL.  There are other elements too like steel and wood… :T

And speaking of wood, one of my favorite characters is Ehern! He has really weak wood furies headcanon says they appear like tiny fairy lights) but he is a super cool cursor (agent) for the Crown and so awesomely competent and sensible and loyal, its painful.  

He’s a minor character but he does get his own POV towards the end and oh, it is so good.  Best master spy. Best.