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Spideypool vs movies

Have you noticed that in all of the 3 cinematic incarnations of Spider-Man start him over again as a teen? They do that because this character is the most interesting at that time in his life, balancing superhero stuff with school and growing up. Filmmakers choose what works best as a movie, so the Marvel Cinematic Universe is different from the main comic storyline, canonically known as dimension 616, because what’s best as a movie might not be best as a comic, and vice versa.
What works best for Deadpool movies is him being an adult who buys guns, drinks, and loves sex, because he’s a devil-may-care, morally neutral hitman, whose writing relies on comedy and gratuitous vulgarity.

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No but can you imagine Gina/Rosa (dianetti??) as a couple though:

Power couple af, no one outside of work ever saying anything about them for the sake of their lives

Gina wanting to ride with Rosa on her bike to work one morning so she can have a ‘zazzle entrance’

Gina finding out about Rosa’s ballet skills and being v impressed with her girlfriend

They can be together without it totally interfering with their work (tho that was no problem for Gina anyway)

Gina describing them to Terry as 'girl holding girl hand emoji’, making Rosa groan, but secretly smile when no one’s looking

Before they told the precinct, Jake was the first one to figure out their relationship just bc of how many times Rosa smirks/smiles at Gina, and the lack of time Gina’s on her phone whenever Rosa’s around

Rosa saving up money so as she can buy Gina Rihanna tickets for her birthday

Gina throwing (most probably) important work-turned-paper-aeroplanes at Rosa’s desk, the words ’# bored’ and ’#u look gr8 gurl’ scribbled onto it

Rosa being super proud of Gina going to college as well as work, and actually goes to Amy to get advice (shudders) as to how she can help Gina’s education further

Rosa being a little nervous about telling Holt of them, but Gina just shrugs her shoulders and tells Holt 'we’re two delicious, sensuous kwazy cupcake matches sir, the next great miracle since Beyoncé herself’ and he 'acknowledges their feelings’ before dismissing them happily


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hey mom!! okay so imagine if reader and bts are a couple and both are working in the same place (pizza shop as waiter & waitress!) how would bts do skinship with their s/o when they're working? :3 it's a weird request but hopefully you understand heh. also if you can't do all members just do jimin, yoongi & taehyung. sorry for my english! I lack a bit...

your english is great!! and i totally understand ^^ 

Namjoon would just be smiling so much more when you’re around. Like he’ll be taking an order but when he sees you walking by this little grin will spread on his face and he won’t be able to control it. His skinship in front of customers won’t go beyond that, but when you guys are helping in the back he’ll always look out and make sure you’re safe aka making sure you’re holding the pizza cutter with both hands. He’s also the type to leave messages in your little pad for orders along with small drawings.

Yoongi’s skinship is plopping his head on your shoulder like “I’m tired~” even though you’ve been on your shifts for twenty minutes. He rubs his head into your back or keeps poking your side with his pen out of boredom. He’s always trying to convince you to come to the back with him and take a nap in the storage closet and you’re like “Yoongi, we have to work.”  

Jin is always offering a helping hand, but he’s also always stealing the two of you food. You’re probably like “Jin, we can’t eat these pineapple slices they’re for the pizzas-” and he’s just like “Ok, but how many people order pineapple on their pizza? Exactly, so eat.” 

Hoseok is a little cheeky he’d walk behind you and like let his hands linger on your waist behind the counter or he’d like flip your hair while passing you by and you’d ask him what he was up to when you two are out of sight but he’d just give you that smile and lean in to give you a small kiss like ‘Oh, I’m not doing anything~’ while obviously taking every chance he has to touch you. 

Jimin would be adorable in a sense that he’d keep giving you smiles and little waves and offering a hand whenever it looked like you needed one. Like, oh you’re carrying two pizzas by yourself? Jimin is there to help! To be honest it’s not really skinship, it’s just him being a kind boyfriend but it’d be cute because all your customers would gush about how adorable the two of you are. 

Taehyung would do cute things like give you bunny ears while you’re taking orders or would untie your apron while passing you into the kitchen and you’d pout and give him a scolding in the back, but he’d just look so cute and kiss your face all over as an apology that you wouldn’t really mind. 

Jungkook would probably try to keep face out in the dining room so while he’s taking orders or carrying food he won’t really particularly try to engage in any skinship, but the minute you two are in the back of the kitchen do expect him to tease you and be like “Oh, you had pizza sauce on your face the whole time!” and playfully pretend to clean your cheek. You’ll get scared and be like “Jungkook, why didn’t you tell me earlier?!?” but he’d just laugh and you’d be like “You lied….didn’t you?” and he’d just chuckle and be like bye gtg take orders and you’d just get tricked a lot by your cute boyfriend. 

I’m still working on this new Dean one shot.

Dean is being really stubborn and unhelpful. *yells over shoulder* I TOLD YOU I NEED YOU TO TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! …NO! NO, I DON’T KNOW THAT’S WHY I ASKED! AND NO PIE UNTIL WE GET THIS DONE! *sighs*

Sorry guys. Sometimes I just can’t do anything with him…

Thank you

Aw shucks you guys– thank you so much for your words of support and comfort in regards to the last anon ask I replied to. :’)))

Don’t worry – I ranted out my anger and irritation through that post, and I’m fine haha. I’m actually a really tough cookie, so things like this usually don’t bother me or affect me for long; they tend to just bounce off me and I usually ignore their existence entirely or I have a chuckle/eye-roll at how ridiculous they’re being. Seriously, I am very aware that they’re not worth the time or energy.

It’s just that anon managed to sound so obnoxious that I just saw red. Like a lot of people said in response to that post: demanding art from someone who does fanart for free and is supposed to do it for fun is just plain rude (the artist is NOT just a tool/means for you to look at pretty things; the most you can respectably do is ask). For people who are committed to do fan-comics especially–they feel pressured enough to update regularly, already well aware that people are waiting, and they don’t need other people trying to put more pressure on them and even worse, trying to guilt-trip them. That’s just not on. They are doing this completely for free and for their own enjoyment and are not supposed to feel like they’re being forced to draw when they don’t want to. We are doing the best we can for you because we love doing it and we love YOU. The anon needs to learn some gratitude and respect.

(Also, in hindsight, the thing that actually triggered me is that they mentioned SUBMISSIONS. I love getting submissions and I appreciate the people so much, and I just got all protective mamabear on them jhghfcjh It’s not even a question that they’re worth giving attention to, so cmon Anon, plz, what were you expecting?)

But yeah, just letting you all know that I super appreciate all your kind words; I am very aware that the vast majority are unlike that anon, and I’m very, very lucky that my followers are actually really, really nice people. I don’t have to deal with ignorance and rudeness as much as I know some friends do, so I’m lucky! <3

I will respond to direct messages tomorrow though– it’s really late (or early depending on how you see 5am BWAHAHAHA). I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that that anon is completely off my mind now, I’m all good, and I’ve moved on with my life. I was actually just working on a comic to be hopefully submitted later on today HEHEHEHE B))) So don’t worry, I’m all gee, and thank you again! You’re all very sweet :’) Love you all and sorry for the unpleasantness :‘DDD


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(I can't see it, would you mind helping me out. I'm so sorry oh god I'm sorry if I'm a bother) -ooc

(It’s totally fine omg haha)

Enjolras raised his eyebrow. “I’ve known him a long time too. An entire lifetime, to be exact. I know he’s a great guy. I’ve seen how he acts around the others, back then and now. Whenever he turns to me, however, he isn’t like that. I mean, I was the cruel one, I still am, but he’s different in his dealings with me. He stares at me with that damn broken look and I can’t fix it because you can’t just fix depression. He sighes loudly. “With you it’s simple. He actually feels comfortable with you. I can’t seem to reach that point with him though. He just mocks and drinks.”