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you can't deny you're looking for the sunset

Admittedly, the first thing he thinks of when Beth tells him of the opportunity in National City is not the promise of growth. It’s not putting Biomax at the forefront, in the spotlight where he’s tried to hold them in for years.

(Just one breakthrough, that’s all he needed.

Years of modifying and rethinking, and then-

Then it happened in a matter of months that he can barely recall past a blur.)

It’s Lena Luthor.

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Fremione! "I can't believe you talked me into this"

Everything was ready. The plan was flawless and they’d been going over it for weeks. Today was the day, today it was finally going to happen.

And then, hopefully, George would shut his big fat mouth.

Fred’s face couldn’t help but contort into a blissful grin as he envisioned a future where his brother and Angelina finally got together, meaning that Fred finally got to go ten seconds without hearing his twin talking about how amazing Angelina was or having him ask Fred if he too had noticed the confidence she carried now as their team captain.

Ugh …

Instead, Fred held out hope that the two of them getting together would mean less talk and more snog, strange as that might sound. But if it was for the greater good! Even Lee, who never shied away from expressing admiration for any lady, was growing tired of the rambles of a lovesick idiot.

It was near Christmas and mistletoes existed in abundance, but the one Fred had designed was engineered to nail down anyone who stepped underneath and wouldn’t let go until they’d kissed properly—as in none of that friendly peck on the cheeks nonsense. There would be no room for misinterpretation. All that remained was for Lee to steer the lovebirds to stand beneath the archway on the fourth floor. It was secluded and quite romantic with its view of the snow-covered grounds and the looming sunset. It was the perfect setting for his plan …


Fred startled, flying up from his crouched position where he’d been peeking around the corner to where the archway was, and turned around meeting Hermione Granger’s suspicious gaze. She raised an eyebrow. “What are you up to?”

Recovering from the surprise, Fred plastered on the most innocent smile available in his repertoire. “Hermione,” he said, “good evening.”

She wasn’t fooled and crossed her arms, making her robes move and call attention to the shining Prefect badge on her chest. “What are you up to?”

“I—“ There was a tingling sensation and Fred stopped in horror. He looked to the side, with Hermione following his move, and as he’d predicted, there was his brother. But he wasn’t alone.

“Angelina?” Hermione’s frown from before let up and was replaced with a look of surprise. “I thought you were on your way to the Quidditch pitch?”

Angelina grimaced. Fred could hear the gears in Hermione’s brain working next to him, attempting to discern the cause of Angelina’s guilt-ridden face.

Fred addressed his brother, “George, tell me you didn’t do what I think you did.”

George—who unlike Angelina bore no signs of feeling bad—smirked. “I did nothing that you hadn’t already planned on doing to me, Freddie.”

“I can’t believe you talked me into this,” grumbled Angelina as the twins were fighting a battle with their eyes. “I’m so sorry, Hermione.”

Hermione’s eyes bulged. “What? What is happening, Angelina? Why can’t I move?”

Fred broke away from glaring at his brother and pointed up, sighing, “Mistletoe.”

Hermione groaned. “Merlin …”

“Now, we’re merciful enough to not gather you an audience, but hopefully this’ll remind you to not meddle,” said George, catching Fred’s attention again.


Fred ignored Hermione’s questioning eyes, knowing that she wanted to know how much he was to blame for their situation. He instead busied himself shouting obscenities at his brother, who did nothing but wave unconcernedly whilst walking away, Angelina trailing behind him and sending a last ‘sorry’ Hermione’s way.  

Once they were around the corner and out of sight, Fred stopped his shouting but continued cursing his twin in his mind. If they had the connection everyone always claimed they had, then George would be hearing him loud and clear.

“What do we do now?” Hermione asked after a moment of silence.

“There’s nothing to do,” admitted Fred, facing her at last. “This thing isn’t going to let up until we’ve done as told.”

“I can’t believe someone with your genius didn’t build in a failsafe.”

“Failsafe?” asked Fred, hint of a smile growing wider, “And excuse me, did you say genius?”

Hermione ignored him, “Failsafe, as in a code word in case you wanted to abort the mission.”

“Why would I want to do that?”

“Oh, I don’t know—perhaps for situations like this one!”

Fred grinned, “You know, we could really use brains like yours developing products.”

Hermione rolled her eyes, which did nothing to hide the fact that the flattery had got to her, “This is not the time to try and recruit me. Honestly, what are we going to do?”

Fred took some time to think, going over the various precautions he’d taken to ensure that whoever ended up beneath the mistletoe wouldn’t be able to get out. There really was nothing else to do but … He swallowed at the thought. This was not how he’d imagined this would go. He’d built up this image of what he was going to do for so long now that the fact that reality had caught up with him made him question everything. Surely, Hermione couldn’t be looking at him with those gorgeous and clever brown eyes of hers, asking him for a solution. Surely, she wasn’t standing so close that he could feel the warmth of her against his front (he forgot that this was because of the gravitation spell he’d cast on the mistletoe) and that he could count the freckles on her nose that were infinitely fewer than his. Surely, she wasn’t there for him to kiss. It was insane. It was preposterous. But somehow, it was reality.

Hermione spoke then, her eyes taking on an amused glint, “I think this is the first time I’ve seen you speechless.”

Fred couldn’t help it, he chuckled. “You do have that effect on me.” He summoned some courage and willed his hand to move a lock of hair behind her ear.

To his delight, a furious blush appeared on the witch’s face. “I …erm, that is …”

“Look,” said Fred, “there really only is one way to get away from this mistletoe and …I’m  afraid that—“

“Fred, I’d rather give you a small kiss than stand here any longer, so perhaps we should just get it over with.” Hermione’s face remained red, but she looked determined. Fred felt sorry as soon as he told her it wouldn’t be that easy, and watched her determination faltered.

“Bloody hell, I need to build one of those failsafes next time.”

Hermione bit her lip and nodded in agreement. “All right, we should …we should just go ahead. And do it. I mean, do the kissing. That.”

Fred let out a long breath. “All right. Try to not fall in love with me after this, Granger,” he added with a wink to cover up how nervous he was.

To his surprise this made Hermione’s eyes widen in horror. Something inside Fred stirred at the look. “Granger?” he asked. “…Hermione?”

“I …” Hermione avoided looking at him now. She shook her head. “Nevermind, it’s nothing. Let’s just do this and you can leave to do your pranks.”

Something wasn’t quite right, but before Fred could ask what was wrong, Hermione had grabbed him by his tie and crushed her lips against him.

At first, there was surprise. Then, amazement at the feel of her soft mouth caressing his and the way her body molded itself against him, making him clutch her tighter at the waist with one hand and tangling into her hair with the other. And after that, Fred’s sense made a slow return and he noticed the desperation emanating from the girl he was kissing. The only girl he’d wanted to kiss for months now. But somehow, he didn’t think she knew that. So he made sure she knew.

Hermione made a startled noise as his kiss deepened, but he could feel confusion gradually replace the emotions from before. After a while, the two of them broke apart gasping for air and Hermione’s eyes searched frantically over his face.

“Fred,” she asked, her eyebrows pulling close together, “are you …?”

“Yes,” he said, determined to meet her uncertain gaze as steadily as he could. “For a long time now.”

“Bloody hell,” she breathed. And then she pulled him close again, neither of them noticing that the mistletoe above them had burst into colours before disappearing.


“It’s worse than I imagined,” Lee groaned, watching Fred and Hermione. He righted himself and looked back at Angelina and George standing next to him behind the wall. “But hopefully this’ll put a stop to his ramblings, the lovesick idiot that he is.”

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Since requests are open, i wanted to ask for a scenario where ignis' s/o would start to be a bit sad but then it gets worse and worse. When iggy finds out, it's because the s/o feels that they don't deserve him because they're not THAT pretty/handsome, not THAT good of a fighter and can't cook for shit. They feel like a huge burden and undeserving of ignis' love. How'd iggy handle that? Wow sorry forthis

You kids are throwing so many emotions at me I don’t know what to do with myself I love it though don’t stop.
Fem!s/o for ease of reading/writing!

Unkiss Me

She flopped onto the motel room bed with a heavy sigh. The mattress was lumpy and uncomfortable, but at least it wasn’t camping.

Through the paper thin walls she could hear Gladio’s deep voice followed by Prompto shrieking something in dismay as Noctis laughed. She could almost see Ignis rolling his eyes.

Her eyes grew hot as emotions began to make themselves known yet again. They were all so perfect. Funny, strong, attractive… everything she felt she wasn’t. How could she possibly fit in with them? Not only that, but how could she be worth Ignis’s time?

She quickly wiped her eyes as the door opened and the four men entered, Prompto chattering away while Gladio occasionally interrupted with sarcastic remarks.

“We missed you at the Crow’s Nest!” Prompto’s voice finally reached her ears as he gave her a playful nudge. He wasn’t quite sure what was wrong, but it was obvious Prompto could tell something was off.

“Yeah, yeah,” she smiled slightly, “I needed a shower and some rest.”

The chatter and card games continued into the early evening, but she didn’t say much. She was much quieter than usual - normally she was in there with the boys, laughing with and teasing them.

Rolling off of the bed, she quietly slipped out of the motel room. She need some time to herself. They had gone on a hunt that afternoon, but things had gone terribly wrong. It ended with Ignis and Gladio both taking harsh blows in her stead. If only she had been stronger…

Wiping her eyes again, she made her way to a bench and plopped down, leaning her head up against the wall behind her. Her eyes fluttered closed in an attempt to stop the tears from rushing down her cheeks.

She didn’t deserve Ignis. Why was he wasting his time on her? She was such a mess… she couldn’t cook, she always forgot which cabinet she had stored the spices in, she was always having to be saved during battle…

The sound of the bench creaking startled her; she hadn’t heard footsteps. Opening her eyes, her gaze fell upon Ignis. He was sitting beside her, a cup of tea in his hand. But he didn’t drink tea.

“For you,” he said with a small smile, “Chamomile with a bit of honey.”

Hesitating slightly, she took the cup of tea, halfheartedly smiling at him in thanks. Chamomile was her favorite. He was always taking such great care of her. Yet another reason she didn’t deserve him.

The two sat in silence, Ignis watching the stars beginning to speckle the evening sky as she quietly sipped her tea beside him.

“This has gone on long enough.”

His voice finally broke the silence. She froze, unwilling to even steal a glance in his direction.

“You haven’t been yourself for quite some time. You need to tell me what’s going on. Are you alright?”

“I…” her voice caught in her throat, so she cleared it, hoping it would come out firmly, “I’m fine.”


That hadn’t sounded convincing.

“You’re not fine. Please talk to me.”

She finally looked over at Ignis; he was looking at her, searching her, his green eyes filled with concern.

“I…” she started again, but this time she couldn’t continue. Tears began streaming down her face, and she let out a small sob, looking away from Ignis.

“Darling…” his voice was soft and quiet, warm and gentle… home.

He gently placed his hand over hers, lacing their fingers together. There was a long silence, only occasionally broken by her sniffles.

“You’re too good for me,” she whispered, still not daring to look at him.

Another pause.


“I can’t cook. I can’t fight; you’re always having to save me. You take better care of me than I do of myself. And I’m not of noble blood. And…” she paused for a sniffle and a shaky breath, “And I’m definitely not pretty or smart or even worth your time in any way. Why do you even waste your time with me? You could find someone so much better so quickly… There are tons of people that would line up just for a possible for a chance with a guy like you. Just… just leave now so you can find someone better… quit wasting your time on me, okay?”

There was another gap of silence as Ignis processed the flurry of words that had spilled out of her. His grip on her tightened, gently stroking the back of her hand with his thumb. He reached out his other hand and touched his fingers to her jaw, turning her face towards him. He brushed the hair out of her eyes, tucking it behind her ear as a soft smile played across his face.

“You don’t need to be spectacular, darling. You just need to keep being you. That’s why I fell in love with you.”

She let out another shaky sob as Ignis pulled her into a tight hug. He kissed the top of her head, allowing her to release her tears for a few quiet minutes.

“Now, are you done?” he said as he leaned back, a glint of amusement in his eyes, “You’re being rather melodramatic.”

Iggy had finally gotten the response he wanted. She gave his chest a playful shove, muttering something to the effect of, “Oh shut up.”

He pulled her in for a quick kiss, smiling slightly after.

“You know it’s frustrating when you’re so hard on yourself. Even if that, there’s no one I would rather walk this life with. Please allow me to bear your burdens with you.”

She smiled and nodded, snuggling in closer to him. She rested her head on his chest, and his fingers were soon gently combing through her hair. He was so good to her. He always had been… how did she get so lucky?

“I love you, Iggy… thank you for loving me even though I’m such a mess.”

“I will always love you so much more than you know, darling.”

Body Say

A little more than 500 words of pure, utter fluff, posted at @sky-girls‘s request. You might drown in how cheesy this actually turned out and all I can say is, I’m not really sorry. 

I wrote this with a playlist in the background, but the idea (and title) are from this song

Her hair. It fell on her shoulders in beautiful waves, framing her face and highlighting her crystal clear green eyes. Looking too soft to not make him long to touch it, he hoped she’d never wear it in a ponytail. Sometimes, when a strand went loose, he gently brushed it back behind her ear and he always wanted to do it again.

His mind. Like poison in his veins, she took control over him. At some point, every cell carried thoughts of her. Dreams revolved solely around Luna, especially the ones he had at daytime. Only with her by his side did the storm inside calm down. Without her, though, concentrating on anything turned into a new-found challenge. After some weeks, Gastón even ran out of puns to make about it, which Matteo had never believed to be possible.

His eyes. Looking at her became a drug, giving him a rush he couldn’t and didn’t want to escape. Whenever she entered the room, his gaze drifted towards her. No matter how hard he tried to resist, he inevitably turned towards her light. She was so bright, and so beautiful, he wanted to look at her forever.

His ears. Her voice was his new favorite sound. He had a message of her on his phone and he’d never delete it. When sleep didn’t come because he got too lost in thinking about her, he listened to it until his eyes fell shut. Hearing her laugh turned into a mission, just like singing with her at every opportunity. It was never enough.

Her lips. Every day, hours passed by where these perfect curves filled his head, along with the question how they’d feel. He wanted to kiss her. Badly. Once in a while, he caught her biting her lip and it haunted him. Her smile too. It also awakened him, like he had been blind before he got to watch the corners of her mouth curl up.

His heart. She caused him cardiac arrhythmia, making his heartbeat a mess: skipping beats, only to speed up when she smiled, clenching and drowning in the love he felt. A smile threw him off already, or the way she said his name.

Her touch. Intertwining his fingers with her – even if only for skating – felt like a match made in heaven. Jolts of electricity leaped all over him whenever her skin brushed his. And mostly they forgot about personal space around each other, hugging, resting their hands on top of each other’s and sitting next to each other, always too close.

His stomach. Matteo had never been aware of how alive the human body was before he met his chica delivery. Just like his heart, the sensations in his gut changed more often than the weather. Butterflies inside turned into a huge knot when Simón hugged her a little too long or filled his every vein when she greeted Matteo the same way.

His knees. When she smiled at him, they started shaking, throwing him back in time to when he learned skating and every step felt insecure and weak. But this time, he wasn’t afraid of falling anymore. Because with her, he’d be safe.

Every day, he fell in love a little more, deeper and deeper until he couldn’t remember life without her. Luna had enchanted him, body and soul. Matteo never wanted her to stop.

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bellarke + ‘Should I be concerned about how much caffeine you’re taking in’

“Should I be concerned with how much caffeine you’re taking in?”

The hand reaching across the counter for her coffee stops and she glances up at the barista, with a raised eyebrow, who did this guy think he was policing her coffee intake. “Excuse me?” she asks, reaching the rest of the way and picks up her coffee cup.

“Sure it’s great for business and I shouldn’t be complaining,” he starts. “But you have been in here every day for the past week and a half, sometimes twice a day, and sometimes you get the doubleshot.”

Clarke just stares at this stranger, wondering just why he would care so much and she doesn’t know what makes her tell him, maybe it’s the sleep deprivation, or the fact that she’s hyped up on caffeine or that fact that is barista is kind of adorable especially with the way he’s looking at her. And not to mention those freckles.

Well I guess he wasn’t technically a stranger, considering she has been in here for almost two weeks and he’s been here every day she has.  And he didn’t look like an axe murder so maybe she was safe telling him about her occupation.

“I’m a surgical resident and I’m a fifth year and my boards are coming up,” she explains, using her free hand to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her hair. “So there’s a lot of studying on top of all my patients,” and she stops herself when she realizes she’s rambling.

“At Arkadia Medical?” he asks, quirking an eyebrow in interest. “You’re going to be a surgeon?”

“That’s the plan anyway,” Clarke responds.

“Well maybe I should let you get back to your studying,” he says with a smile which Clarke returns before turning around and turning back towards the hospital across the street.

Normally, she would just grab some coffee at the coffee cart on the fourth floor of the hospital but that tasted like sludge half the time. Someone needed to find out how to make coffee, especially a hospital full of surgeons and surgical interns. Also, she was partial to the coffee house right across the street from her hospital ever since she discovered it.

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The kissing prompt with KnB Akashi and his fem s/o please??? 42, 47, & 51... Sorry if that's a lot lol I figured maybe you could somehow combine the threee into a scenario since they kind of go together? If you can't then just choose 1 of the 3! ^^ In need of some Akashi love rn, gotta love the emperor. Thank you!! ^^

Hi yzzy-gggg, thank you for the requests! I think you’re right and these string together well. I agree the emperor could use some love on this page and I hope you enjoy.

Seijuro Akashi – Kisses #42, #47, #51

#47: moving around while kissing, stumbling over things, pushing each other back against the wall/onto the bed

#42: Kisses where one person is sitting in the other’s lap

#51: hands on the other person’s back, fingertips pressing under their top, drawing gentle circles against that small strip of bare skin that make them break the kiss with a gasp

As you approach the Akashi Manor butterflies whirl about in your stomach. It’s not every day you enter the dwelling of modern day royalty. Smoothing your skirt for the hundredth time that morning, you stand poised at the door, reaching toward the doorbell.

Its clear tone sounds through the hallway, signaling to Seijuro you’ve arrived. Eyeing the clock, he’s pleased to note you’re early. Punctuality is something he appreciates.

Outside you fidget as you wait, palms slightly sweaty. It’s not just nerves of where you are, it’s who you’re about to see and be working with. Of all the people for your teacher to assign you to work with it just had to be the one boy in the entire school who utterly intimidates and captivates you. The door opens revealing a butler in full suit.

He extends a surprisingly friendly smile. “Ah, you must be miss ______-san, the young master is in the study. If you will please follow me.”

You enter, trying to keep your expression from showing the awe you feel for the beauty of Akashi-san’s home.

“May I take your coat?” the butler asks.

“Um, yes, thank you,” you reply allowing him to remove it.

“This way,” he continues after hanging it up.  

Your steps echo through the massive hallway, your eyes trailing over all the exquisite artwork. In little time, you’ve reach the double doors of what you presume is the study as your escort stops. He taps so gently you wonder if anyone could possibly hear but a firm, “Enter,” confirms he has been. He opens both doors, drawing back and ushering you forward with a bow and extension of his arm.

“Young master, miss _____-san to see you,” he announces. He stands again, ready at attention.

“Thank you, Tekkan, you may go,” Akashi-san says as he rises from his seat. As the door shuts, you bow slightly.

“Good morning, Akashi-san,” you offer, thankful your voice isn’t shaking.

“Good morning, _______-san, thank you for being willing to come all this way. Normally I would say we could meet after school but I’m sure you know I’m exceptionally busy preparing for the Winter Cup.”

You nod, working hard to maintain eye contact with him, the intensity of his gaze making it rather difficult.

During the ensuing silence, Akashi observes you, impressed by the way you carry yourself in what is most likely an uncomfortable situation. His home, he knows, is not the most welcoming and himself rather…intense. He just doesn’t know any other way to be; winners are focused. Partnership and group projects are the bane of his existence but when he heard he’d been paired with you, well, he knew two things. One: the work would be perfect and two: the company would be enjoyed.

A natural observer, Akashi was rather startled the first time he saw you. All day he couldn’t get you out of his head. There was, and still is, something about you that draws him in, keeps his attention on you. He wonders if you’ve sensed it, but figures probably not. For all his focus on winning and the pride of one’s worth, he finds himself admiring your humility. You’re kind to everyone, pleasant and respectful, your beauty radiating from inward out.

“Shall we get started?” you ask pulling him from his thoughts.

He smiles and you feel your legs shake. “Absolutely,” he replies heading to the French double doors. Looking over his shoulder he continues, “Forgive my rudeness, is there anything you would like? Tea? Water?”

“No, no, I’m fine, thank you,” you say hastily following him outside where you see he’s set up, or had set up for him, all the materials you need for your art project. Having a rather unconventional idea, your art teacher decided it would be a good idea to have her students combine their work on one canvas. Looking at the supply table, you see there are multiple paint tubes, brushes and numerous canvass.

“I thought it best to have additional ones in case something goes awry,” Akashi answers to your inquisitive look.

Of course, he would think that far ahead. Taking a deep breath, you set down your bag, extracting a few books brought for inspiration.

“We won’t need those.” Your red-headed companion’s words surprise you.

“I…I’m not very good at painting freehand,” you admit.

“In that case, allow me to guide you,” he offers. He steps to a docking station, turning on light instrumental music before looking back at you.

You tilt your head in confusion, but step in front of the easel when he extends his hand towards it. Moving around you, he gathers a palette, filling it with various colors. Taking a brush, he hands it and the palette to you. As you step forward, you’re startled when he moves up right behind you.

“Are you ok with this?” he asks covering your hand with his own, fingers grasping the brush. Throat dry and heart pounding you can only nod; truthfully, you’re a wreck but would be lying if you said you weren’t getting a thrill of having him so close to you.

“Relax your arm, that’s it,” he says lowly in your ear and you have to suppress a shiver. Slowly he guides your hand to the paint, selecting the color he wants, and then pulls back, placing the brush against the pure white canvas. With slow, deliberate movements, his breath fanning over your neck, he moves your hand in long sweeping motions.

“I find painting while listening to music to be the most inspirational,” he says gathering another color and moving back to the canvas. “It allows your mind to wander free but at the same time helps you focus on conveying the emotion of the piece, translating it from audio to visual.”

All you can focus on is the heat of his body next to yours.

Akashi has no idea what possessed him to try this, he barely knows you and yet here he is, his chest pressed into your back, his hand over yours, his face so near your skin he can smell your perfume and all of it is working against his finely tuned self-control.

When the paint runs low, he releases you, both of you missing the contact more than you probably should. You stand stock still, eyes focused on the work you’ve been creating together, though Akashi has been doing pretty much all the work. Unable to stop yourself, you reach a hand forward, the images he’s created feeling like their sucking you into their depths. Warm reds, yellows, oranges and pinks swirl together in a typhoon of color, darker purples and blues creating the impression of leaves dancing on a fiery wind and in the center of it all there is what appears to be a heart.

You turn your head at the same moment Akashi looks up from what he’s doing. When your eyes lock, it’s as if the rest of the world disappears. You have no idea what’s going on between you, but it feels intense and carnal and…the clatter of the art supplies landing roughly on the table snap you out of your haze just long enough to realize Akashi is heading towards you at a rapid pace.

A second later, you’re in his arms, his forehead pressed against yours.

“_____-san,” he breathes out, your name a statement and a question all at once. You barely nod and his lips are against yours. He kisses you gently at first, but it builds quickly, his arms wrapping around your waist tighter. He turns you around, pushing you against the closed doors, making you gasp when your back hits the handles.

Akashi curses inwardly; it’s not like him to make a mistake like that. Intent on rectifying it, he whirls you to the side, opening the door and pulling you inside. He lands on the chaise, tugging you down onto his lap, his head craning up to reach your lips once more.

He can’t get enough of your taste, the natural sweetness of your mouth, the intoxicating scent of your perfume and the feel of your body beneath his hands. He’s never felt so out of control in his life.

You’re sure any second now your heart is going to give out. Akashi is, like with everything else, excellent at kissing. A gasp escapes your lips, eyes flying open, when his hand, hot and confident, trails over the slightly exposed portion of your back between your shirt and your skirt. He pushes it up further when he feels you lean more into him, pleased you want him to keep touching you like this, his already bright eyes flashing with heat looking at your dazed face.

A hand on the back of your head pulls your lips back to his. He’s more insistent, more intense, holding you tighter and making your head swim. Sucking your bottom lip between his teeth, he smirks as you moan lightly, tongue dancing with yours as he enters your mouth and you let him lead.

“Askahi-san,” you whimper, knees shaking from the effort to hold yourself up.

“Hmmmm?” he mumbles against your skin and you tremble as his hand goes even higher.

Looking into his eyes, you hesitate, nervous about continuing. You don’t even know why you’ve allowed yourself or him to do this; you barely know each other! And sure, you have friends and acquaintances who hook up all the time, sometimes with complete strangers, but this isn’t how you normally are. The thought that you could have blown a chance with Akashi, of something remotely real…

“Do you want me to stop?” he asks pulling away slightly.

You don’t, but you will, because you’re not this girl. You only have to nod once and he’s helping you to stand back up, though you’re unsure if your legs will hold your weight. Thankfully, he keeps hold of you.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that…”you swallow once, finding it ludicrous that you could have your tongue down his throat thirty seconds ago but you can’t get it to work long enough to tell him how you feel. Shaking your head, you try again. Looking back up you finally breath out, “I really like you and…and I’m not usually this…this…” you can’t even say the words, looking away again.

He draws you back to his face, kissing the tip of your nose and smiling. “_____-san, please do not think that I think less of you because of this. Besides, I’m the one who put us in this position. It should be me asking your forgiveness for my complete lack of decorum.”

“Does that mean…do you regret this?” you ask fearfully.

He shakes his head. “Not at all, in fact,” he leans in again, kissing you gently before admitting, “I’d really like to take you out on a date some time.”

“I’d like that,” you whisper.

“Next Saturday?”

“Perfect,” you reply smiling.

“Good, then let’s get this project done, shall we?” he asks, taking your hand and leading you back out to the terrace.

Needless to say, you both received an “A” for your “stunning representation of the tumultuous storm of the heart”.

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5 Theoliza

Prompt 5: Help

Eliza takes a deep breath, trying to gear herself up as she gets onto her tiptoes for the third time in the past minute. She extends her hand as far as it will go, reaching up as high as she can, basically the closest she’s ever been to levitating right off the ground. Her fingers barely brush against smooth wood before she’s flat on her heels again, huffing out a breath of frustration.

She tilts her head back, narrowing her eyes at one of the books on the second highest shelf of the bookcase, hoping her glare will just knock it down. But it stays stubbornly where it is, lodged between two other books. Eliza glares even harder.

It’s the perfect book for her research paper, and of course there’s not an online version, because the universe really seems to be out to get her today. Eliza doesn’t know what she’ll do if she can’t get that book. Her paper is due in three days. She needs that book.

Tucking a piece of hair behind her ear, Eliza takes another slow, deep breath. “Okay,” she murmurs to herself, bouncing a little on her feet. “I can do this. Just-” She jumps, reaching her hand up and cursing softly when her hand just smacks uselessly against the shelf. She tries again. And again. And again. “Dammit,” Eliza hisses. If she was just two inches taller, if she was-


Eliza spins at the voice, coming face to face with a maroon colored shirt. She pulls her eyes up higher, meeting the slightly amused gaze of another girl. “Sorry?” Eliza asks. “I didn’t hear y-”

“Do you need help?” The girl says, slowly, and with a smile on her lips. She’s got a deep purple color of lipstick on, and Eliza forces herself to tear her eyes away. It’s a nice color.

“O-oh,” Eliza stammers out, not realizing that other people probably saw what looked like her attacking a bookcase. “I…yeah, I just really need this book.” She points up, not checking to see if she’s pointing to the right one. The girl has a really nice smile. “But I can’t reach.”

“Let me.” She steps forward, and Eliza blushes when their arms brush against each other for a brief moment as she steps aside to give the girl more room. “This one?”

Eliza looks up to where her hand is, and she tilts her head. “Next one over.”

The girl nods and grabs it easily, bringing it down and turning it so the cover is facing her. “The Gothic Tradition,” she reads aloud, an eyebrow quirking up. “Interesting.”

“It’s for my intro class,” Eliza tells her, holding a hand out for the book. But the girl just keeps looking at it. “Which is due soon, so…” She trails off, unsure of how to tell the girl nicely that she really needs that book.

“For Montgomery’s class?” The girl asks, laughing a little when Eliza nods. “Let me guess, he assigned it last minute? A ten page paper with just one,” she waves the book, “outside source?”

“You took his class?” 

“Yep.” The girl opens the book and starts to flip through it. “This paper kicked my ass. I mean, the process did. I aced it though.”

“Y-you did?” Eliza asks, stepping closer. She’s never been able to pull an A on one of Montgomery’s papers yet. But this one…she’s determined. “How?”

The girl shrugs. “I’m just that good,” she teases, and Eliza rolls her eyes, but she can feel a smile tugging at her lips. “Here.” The girl pulls out a pen, and Eliza watches with wide eyes as she starts to write something on one of the pages.

“But you…that’s a…” Eliza mouths wordlessly at the girl, hoping she won’t get charged for marking up the book. “What are you doing?”

“Leaving you some notes,” the girl tells her with another smile. “They’ll help you out with the paper.” She flips the book shut and hands it to Eliza, still smiling, and Eliza feels her face flushing again. “You know, wearing heels might help out your height problem. You could get all the books you want that way.”

Eliza laughs at that. “Too clumsy as it is.” She hugs the book to her chest. “Thanks, though.” She bites her lip as the girl nods her head, dark curls bouncing as she does. “I’m Eliza.”


“Theodosia,” Eliza murmurs, liking the way the name sounds, the way her lips move when she says it. “Nice to meet you.”

Theodosia holds out a hand for Eliza to shake, which she does, her hand shaking just a little. Theodosia’s hand is smooth and warm wrapped around hers. “Nice to meet you, too, Eliza.”

Eliza likes the way her own name sounds when Theodosia says it. 

“Well I should…” Eliza gestures vaguely around her, taking a slight step back. “But thank you.” She winces internally, realizing she had already said that to Theodosia.

But Theodosia just shrugs. “Anytime.” She turns and starts to walk away, pausing to look back. “Don’t forget to look at my notes.” And then she’s giving Eliza one last smile before disappearing behind another one of the shelves.

Eliza stands there a moment longer, cheeks still flushed and a smile on her face. She should hang out in the library more often.

She takes the book to the front desk, showing the person working there her ID and then thanking them once she successfully checks the book out. She trots down the stairs of the library, only stopping once she’s all the way down. 

Holding out the book in front of her, Eliza starts to flip through it, keeping an eye out for any handwriting. A few pages have underlining and stars written next to certain paragraphs, but it isn’t until the middle of the book that Eliza sees actual writing. But it’s not notes.

It’s a phone number.

Eliza bites her lip, feeling her heart jump in her chest as her eyes roam over the numbers, gaze landing on the small note beside it.

In case you ever need help reaching more books - Theodosia.

Eliza smiles, her cheeks hurting a little from the force of it. But she can’t stop. She only hesitates a moment before pulling out her phone, punching the number into her contacts and putting a lipstick emoji next to Theodosia’s name. Then she calls.

Maybe she can get notes from Theodosia for the paper in person. Over dinner. 

Polar Opposites (2/2)


Words: 7678

Genre: Fluff, Implied Smut, Stripper Jimin, Pole Dancing OC

Notes: Inspired by this fic

The teachers had called down every student in your department during lunchtime over the intercom. Walking down the hall to the studio  - you hear your name being called. “Hey Y/N!” Turning around, It was Seolhyun – one of your good friends who was in your department.

“What’s up?”

“Are you competing in the annual Conte De Fée?”

“Yeah of course!” Conte De Fée was a national, partner competition. The academy had won 3 times in a row until last year but it was the pride and joy of the academy. The winner received a trophy, $3000 for their department, a scholarship but the best was the summer internship in France with the top instructor, BoA.

Seolhyun starts walking with you. “But I heard a lot of things changed.” She whispers while looking around.

“Like what?” You ask suddenly feeling curious.

“Well it’s just rumours but remember what happened last year?” You nod, the gossip was still clear in your mind. Last year the academy was eliminated from the competition due to tampering, sabotage or something of that sort - nothing was really clear, it was just all rumours.


“Ahem.” Her words get cut off by a teacher standing behind you. Embarrassed, you two step aside and allow your teacher to enter the studio. “Coming in ladies?” He asks and you two nod.

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Anonymous said: Hey! Could you do a fic where reader has a huge crush on charlie? But dean is the only one who knows? Thanks!!


Word count: 1,577

Pairing: Charlie x Reader with some Best-friend!Dean

Warnings: None.

Your name: submit What is this?


“So, of course that’s one of the reasons Hermione would be able to perform high-level spells even as a third year,” Charlie said quickly, her eyes concentrated on the computer screen in front of her. “I mean, wizarding family and blood doesn’t really play a lot on your magic capability – unless you consider Ginny, who was the seventh daughter in the family, but she was also just very good – so one of the strongest suits that came into play with Hermione was the fact that she had a good memory and that she practiced more than everybody else in her year. I think things came mostly naturally to Harry, at least in defense…”

You didn’t notice that your mouth had been hanging open this whole time, your book laying on your lap and long ago forgotten. It was lucky, in your case, that Charlie could talk and type at the same time, else she might have seen the way your eyes glazed over the curve of her lips whenever she pronounce certain letters, or how you admired the fast, calculating movement of her eyes across the laptop.

The one thing that always distracted you, though, was the brilliant shade of her hair. You loved the way it bounced off sunlight whenever you went on supply trips or hunts, a furious hue of ruby-colored strands that blushed under the sun. But then it seemed like the darkest shade of auburn in the night, smoothly running to her shoulders (although never touching them for too long), and always jumping with her laugh.

“…but, I mean, Harry is kinda underrated, don’t you think? He’s like this…precious cinnamon roll that nobody admires because they get used to his point of view throughout the series. He’s so amazing and brave, though,” she went on, finally looking away from the keyboard.

Her dark green eyes suddenly met yours. You blushed, quickly averting your gaze to the inky words printed on the white pages of the book. You didn’t even remember where you had left off.

“Yeah, he is,” you said, clearing your throat. Your tongue darted out, nervously licking over your lips as you prayed that Charlie wouldn’t say anything.

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Vic Fuentes Fan Fiction
****TRIGGER WARNING****  This imagine includes self harm and suicide references. It is not meant to romanticise either thing in anyway, and if you are going through either of these things, please feel free to message me anytime. Um yeah so I wrote this imagine because I was reading some other ones and got inspired, plus there’s nothing better to do between midnight and five in the morning. I’ve never written one before, so tell me if it’s really bad, Everything’s Not Alright:
External image
So this is it. I can feel myself growing weaker and weaker. I want to phone for help. No, this is what’s best for everyone. I look over to where the note I scrawled earlier lies in the sink, along with the blood stained blade that was clasped in my hand until my hand was too weak to grip it, and it fell on top of my note to Vic. I didn’t want the note make me sound weak, or attention seeking, or selfish, or anything really, I just had to explain. He deserved that at least.  It wasn’t that I thought he’s miss me. I mean, it would shock him, and he would be upset initially. But he could do better. He could do so much better - everyone could. They’d all be better off without me.  So I kept the note simple. ‘Vic,I know you must have some understanding of how I feel, I hear you sing about this kind of thing a lot, I know how you’ve felt, and I’m so glad that’s all behind you now. You’re gonna do so great baby, you’ve still got so much left to give, and I don’t want to hold you back. I can’t hold you back. And that’s why it’s okay that I go. Please don’t feel like you should’ve done something, because I want you to know that you did. You did everything. You were the one person who made me feel beautiful once again. Even if it was just temporarily.I love you so much, and if I mean anything to you, sorry but I’ve made up my mind x’ The pills have begun to kick in, I feel so drowsy now, barely able to keep my eyes open, or focus my mind clearly on anything. Although there is one thing that keeps re-surfacing. I can’t help remembering Vic’s face, when he saw my cuts for the first time, after he came back from a gig one night. I think he genuinely cared. Have I done the right thing? Should I not have taken them? No, it’s okay, he’ll be okay. He’s strong, and he doesn’t need something like me holding him back. He almost didn’t play his show tonight because he’d been worried about me. Well that will be okay now, he won’t have to worry again. He’ll be free. I’ll be free. I’m in that twilight zone now. I’m not     quite            here.  I can hear my heart beat, getting louder and louder. Or is it footsteps coming up the stairs?  Crash. The sound of the bathroom door slamming into the wall behind it made it clear. Vic was home. Shit. I’d hoped to not have to be awake when he got back, but as soon as he came into view, my brain welcomed the image of his soft face.  ’Fuck. Babe, what’ve you done? Wha’. He whispered, because his voice wasn’t quite there. He couldn’t even finish his sentence before his trembling lip lead to a full break down into tears. He leant over me, placed an arm beneath my knees, and one behind my back and left arm, and scooped me up and out of the empty bath, clutching me close.  My drowsy eyes looked up into his, I recognised the desperation. When he spoke this time, it was barely audible, but easy to read on his lips. 'Why?’.  As he came close to breaking down again, I could feel his body quivering underneath me. He lay me down on the floor softly, before the quivering became more rapid, and he started shaking uncontrollably. *Vic’s Point of View* I couldn’t control my breathing, it was rapid and uneven. Why had she done this to herself? How had she done this? How had she carved so many deep cuts into her beautiful body?  Looking around for help, my eyes found the empty pill bottle that had been flung across the floor. As the adrenaline pumped through my body, I sat her up and pressed my fingers to the back of her throat, but she was too drowsy to react. I can’t give up. I begin to pat her increasingly harder on the back, and ram my fingers towards the back of her throat this time. I hesitate for a split second each time I do it, I don’t want to hurt her, I can’t stand being so forceful to something so delicate, but there’s no other way, she needs this to stay alive. I look down at her with such desperation, and yet again force my fingers deep into her mouth, and this time she gags. With sign of hope, I quickly repeat my actions, and finally she wretches, bringing up the contents of her stomach.  *Normal Point of View*  I suddenly begin to feel a lot more real, like I’ve been pulled back into the world. Why? Why did he do this? Couldn’t he see that this was what was best for him? I couldn’t have him constantly worrying about me when I wasn’t with him, that’s no life, and he deserved better. So why would he do this?  He’s still being quite rough with me, after I finish gaging, he cleans me up and lifts me to sit on the edge of the bath, resting me against the wall for the brief moment he turns his back on me, his hand never leaving mine. With his other hand, he quickly reaches into the cupboard and grabs a bottle, spins back round and empties the contents onto my arms, thighs and sides. The pain that had begun to fade with the drowsiness gushes back through my body, into each individual gash. My body jumps as I tense up and yell out in pain, but he grabs me and pulls me in close. After the initial flood of pain subsides, I relax my body a little, and Vic leans me back up against the wall. He says something as he rushes out of the bathroom, but I don’t pay much attention. I feel so exhausted and weak, emotionally and physically. I close my eyes. Vic comes racing back into the room with a huge roll of soft white bandages, and, more gently this time, approaches me and begins to lift my arm and wrap it carefully. Each time I wince he pauses and looks at me apologetically, and each time I give him a weak smile, to let him know I’m okay.  He tends to each part of my torn flesh, then, being careful to avoid touching any of the wounded areas, he lifts me and carries me through to our bedroom.  He lies me down, pulls the blanket up from the bottom of the bed, then wraps my body with his, gently kissing the back of my head. I close my eyes, and fall asleep almost immediately. The few times I wake up, I look around, panicked, but Vic’s still right there, wide awake, holding me tight. The next day, I wake up late in the afternoon, and hear Vic talking to someone downstairs, he sounds as though he’s crying. By the time I gather up the strength to sit up, and get out of bed, Vic has come in, his phone in his hand.  I smile at him, and he rushes over and sits me back down, he can see I’m trembling with the effort of standing.  'Who was that on the phone?’ I ask. 'Oh, you heard? I wasn’t sure that you were awake.’ 'I only heard you just as you were hanging up’. He looks at the floor, then up at me. 'It was Tony,’ he says, 'he says he’s coming over to see how you are. He was, uh, devistated when I told him.’ 'You told Tony?!’ I wasn’t annoyed at Vic, but Tony had been my best friend since we were kids, and he’s already dealt with enough of my shit. 'All the guys knew what I suspected when I left the gig last night, I’m sorry. I did try and tell him you probably wouldn’t be up for seeing anyone, but he said he had to see you. He sounded desperate.’ 'It’s okay Vic, it’ll be okay seeing him. I guess I’ll have to clean myself up a bit then’, I say, as I glance in the mirror on the wall. 'I look like utter shit.’ He’s about to say something, when I stand up, and with all the strength I can gather, walk across to my dressing table, and pick up my hairbrush. I begin to lift the brush to my head, but my arms feel so heavy today. Seeing me struggle, Vic comes over. 'Here,’ he says, as he sits me down on the floor at the end of the bed, and he sits on the bed. Then he carefully takes the loose bun which he must have tied last night, unties the band, and begins to brush my hair gently. I let my head fall back onto his lap as he continues to brush my hair slowly, and after a while, I feel him begin to tremble. Although I’m facing away from him, I can feel him crying. Here it comes. 'Why did you do it babe?!’ he blurts out. I begin to tremble as well, and tears fill my eyes, but I remain silent. 'I don’t… I can’t… I mean… What if I’d got home five minutes later? What if you’d taken the pills five minutes earlier? What if you’d done something that killed you instantly? I just can’t help thinking about all these what ifs!’ I want to say something, I want to explain, but I can’t. The back of my throat starts to sting, and no words come out. But then, all of a sudden, my words find me again.  'I couldn’t do it anymore! I couldn’t live my life watching you be, well, you, and know that you had to put up with me everyday. You’re beyond perfect and I don’t even compare to you, and if you weren’t going to let me break up with you for your own sake, I had to find another way of freeing you!'  His hands had stopped brushing my hair now, and he pulls his legs up into his chest and rests his head into his knees. It was obvious he was in floods of tears, but I couldn’t face him, I couldn’t see him like that, it would break me. 'You don’t need to be perfect, because you’re perfect for me! I don’t go out with you because I feel sorry for you, or because I feel like I can’t break up with you, or because you’re best friends with Tony, or for any other reason, it because I’m so fucking deeply, madly, stupidly in love with you okay?!’ He was yelling pretty loud, and he realises. His voice becomes more gentle as he slides down onto the floor next to me, and touches my cheek for me to look at him. 'I’m so fucking in love with you, and I couldn’t live if anything happened to you.’ 'I’m sorry,’ I whisper through my tears, and he pulls me in close and presses his face against mine. *A couple of hours later*  The doorbell rings, and Vic gets up from lying behind me on the sofa. I hear him unlatch the door, and as soon as it opens, Tony throws himself into Vic’s arms, giving him a reassuring hug. Their hug lasts for at least a minute, then I hear Tony ask where I am. He runs through to the sitting room doorway, where he sees me, and stops. We make eye contact, and I can see the sadness in his eyes. He walks across the room, and as I sit up, he flings himself around me. I wince as the cuts in my body twinge, but smile. He holds me tight, like he has so many times before, then, when he eventually pulls back, looks me straight in the eye, and smiles. 'Im so glad you’re okay’. He kisses me on the forehead, then rejoins Vic, who was stood watching from the doorway.  As I lie back down, I can hear them talking in the kitchen, they both sound so emotional, I can’t believe I did this to them.  That night in bed, I roll over to face Vic, who’s eyes are closed, but I know he is awake.  'I love you so much.’ I whisper. His eyes remain closed, but he smiles. 'I love you too babe, more than you could ever imagine.’

Kara felt like a zombie when she got home from Alex’s place. She was exhausted, emotionally and physically, but none of that mattered compared to how worried she was for her sister. She’d never seen her like this, so broken and scared. It terrified her in more ways than one, but she knew she had to be strong. It was her turn to be the rock, the shoulder, everything Alex had always been for her growing up and over the past year especially. If anything, she was just glad she could finally return the favor.

She dropped her keys on the table, removing her coat before shuffling into the living room and plopping onto the couch. Alex would be fine. This was good. Difficult, but good. She wished she could find Maggie and rough her up, or shake some sense into her, either way, but Alex made her promise she wouldn’t, and she was never one to break a promise, even those she made to herself.

But right now, a little voice in the back of her head threatened one such promise. Her chest burned, throat heavy with confusion and unspoken words and all the things she knew she had to keep inside because this wasn’t her story. It was Alex’s story, and for once she wanted her to have something of her own. For as long as Kara could remember, she had been making everything about herself, prioritizing her own needs and fears above everyone else’s. She felt selfish, but beyond that, she felt lonely and lost, even as her fingers reached for her phone and began scrolling through her contacts.

Everything in her told her not to. Everything in her told her not now. Why now? she thought, but before she knew it, she was pressing the screen, pulling the phone to her ear, holding her breath as she bit at her cuticles and listened to it dial.


“Hi…Ms. Grant,” she squinted, face turning beet red as she pulled a pillow into her lap.

“Is something wrong? Don’t tell me: Evelyn deleted all my archived files. Not to worry, I have a backup flash…thumb…thingy in the drawer under my…”

“What? No, Ms. Grant, that’s not…”

“Is the building burning?”

“W-what?” Kara stuttered. “No…”

“Someone accidentally printed a slur? A photo leaked…”

“No, no, nothing like that I just…wanted to say hi. See how you’re doing.”

“Oh,” she could hear Cat swallow. “Hello.”

“How…” Kara grimaced at the reaction. “…how are you?”

“Fine,” Cat sighed. “Though it’s a little late to be making small talk, don’t you think?”

“I…” Kara’s heart fell. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have…”

“Don’t be silly,” she spoke a little more softly. “I was wondering when I’d hear from you.”

“Well you…could have called too, you know.”

Kara wasn’t about to be guilted, especially when she wasn’t the one who left.

“Yes,” her voice lowered another octave. “I suppose…I could. So, how is it working under Snapper’s reign of terror? Or have you managed to win him over yet?”

“It’s not…that bad,” Kara admitted. “I think he’s beginning to trust me. And I’m definitely learning, a lot, but…it still isn’t the same without you.”

“Mmm,” she heard the sound of ice cubes clinking as Cat took a sip of something. “Of course it isn’t. I don’t expect things to be perfect, but this is the way it has to be. For now.”

“Does that…” Kara tried to keep her voice steady. “I mean…have you thought about what you want to do, or…when you might be coming back?”

“It’s only been four weeks.”

“I know, I just…”

“These things take time,” Cat insisted. “It took decades to build one empire, I can’t expect to snap my fingers and have another one magically rise from the ashes in a matter of…” she hiccuped “…four weeks. I’m not a witch, despite what some may think.”

“I…no one thinks that,” Kara shook her head, smiling a little. She’d missed this, all of it.

“What are you doing up so late?” Cat finally asked. “And why did you really call me? Have you been drinking?”

“No, Ms. Grant, I told you…” she sighed. “I just…wanted to see how you were. I…I missed you.”

The line was silent. Kara felt like her blood might shoot straight through her skin, her pulse was racing so fast. Maybe this was a mistake.

“I miss you too,” Cat told her, a bit coldly. “For someone who hasn’t been drinking, this sure sounds an awful lot like a drunk dial.”

“I think you’re projecting,” Kara dared, burying herself further into the cushions. “Why is it that everyone thinks alcohol will solve their problems? Because I can tell you from recent experience that it does not.“

“You don’t drink,” Cat huffed. “You never drink.”

“I do…sometimes!” she defended. “I did, recently, and let me tell you, it was not great.”

“What?” Cat gasped a little. “How…how did you get home? Why didn’t you call me?”

“It’s fine,” Kara quickly assured. “My sister came for me and I…didn’t know I could.”

“Of course,” she breathed, and Kara melted. “You can always, always call me. God knows you’ve put me in my fair share of late night rides across town.”

“That’s…good to know.”

“So…” she could almost feel her smirk on the other end. “Kara Danvers, drunk. I wouldn’t mind seeing that.”

“Well…” she fumbled, skin flaming, the ache in her stomach starting to creep lower. “That’s…really what I called about, actually. I mean…not for you to see me drunk, but just…”

“Spit it out, darling,” Cat teased.

“I um…” Kara couldn’t believe how quickly the conversation had turned, how natural it all felt. “Thanksgiving is next week, and I know you usually work because Carter’s with his father and you don’t really mind being alone, but…if…if you did, this year, since you’re not at work, I…you’d be more than welcome to come to my place. I mean, other people will be here too…Alex, Winn…but I would really, really love it if you came. No pressure, I just…wanted to throw it out there if…you did.”

More silence. For once Kara was glad Cat wasn’t there. She was sure she would have heard her heart knocking at her chest like a fist at the door, powers or not.

“That’s incredibly sweet,” she finally spoke, voice just above a whisper. “But…I don’t think I’ll be back in town by then.”

“Oh,” Kara exhaled. “Sure, yeah, that’s fine. I just figured I’d offer, you know? Just in case.”

“Thank you,” Cat sniffed. “Really…it means a lot.”

“Of course. Where are you, exactly…”

“Here and there,” Cat answered quickly. “And I should really be going.”

“Okay,” Kara swallowed. “Well it was…really nice talking to you, Ms. Grant. I…I hope it won’t be too long…before we see each other again.”

“Me too,” Cat sighed. “Goodbye, Kara.”

“Goodnight,” she breathed, and then, she was gone.

Kara curled up in a ball on the sofa, pulling her knees beneath her, squeezing the pillow hard, refusing to sob.

This was not her story. This was not her time.

She lie awake for hours, sniffing back tears, smiling up at the ceiling, thinking about Cat and all the adventures she could be having, thankful for the sound of her voice, for her kindness, even if she hadn’t said as much as she’d hoped. One day, she’d be back, and by then maybe, just maybe, Maggie would get her act together, Alex would be happy, and maybe then, it would be time.

anonymous asked:

I love your writing! Could you do an imagine where Josh and the reader are supposed to be on their first date, but Josh can't show up or contact the reader for some reason. Then Josh makes it up to the reader with lots of fluff. Thanks!

Definitly! Sorry I haven’t been writing, school is pounding me into the ground. Enjoy!

Joshua Dun

You sort of hated your job. The movie theater was always too cold and the theater-goers too rude. Still, you were too terrified to quit.
But that all changed the day that you met Josh. You were selling tickets at the window, feeling a little lonely handing tickets to happy couples and friend groups. Josh was the only one that you gave more than a glance.
With his bright hair and easygoing smile, it was easy to start a conversation- with the added bonus that he was at the very end of the line.
“Hey,” you remember saying. “What are you seeing?”
He responded with an easygoing, “Star Wars! Have you seen it?”
“Nope, not yet, but I’m hoping to see it soon!” You handed him a ticket and expected him to wave and dismiss the conversation, but he didn’t.
Josh was already full of surprises. Instead of leaving, he handed the ticket back.
“I’m Josh.”
“I’m (Y/N), you smiled curiously.
“Okay then, how about tomorrow I’ll see you here again?”
You smiled and nodded. “Perfect.”
“Seven o’clock good with you?”
“Perfect,” you smiled again.

Now it was “tomorrow” and seven thirty. Josh was nowhere to be seen and you hadn’t gotten his number. You knew that it was too good to be true. You shook your head and headed to the projection room above the theater to watch Star Wars alone.
About halfway through the movie, you noticed a head of brightly colored hair enter the theater. You automatically got chills and sat up in your seat to see better. The head of hair searched the theater frantically and then exited.
You dropped your popcorn and bolted out of the projection room to see Josh searching the hall. As soon as he saw you, he ran up to you, almost in tears.
“(Y/N), I’m so sorry. I don’t want to make excuses, so I won’t but just hear me out.”
You nodded for him to go on.
“I wanted to be here so bad, trust me. Can we just redo this all over again?”
You smiled and grabbed Josh’s wrist before dragging him up to the projection room.
You sat back on the couch and watched the ending of the beginning of the new Star Wars trilogy. After a few minutes, Josh sat on the opposite end of the couch and the awkwardness was almost tangible.
After the ending credits began to roll, you turned to face Josh.
“This was the last movie tonight in this theater so I’m gonna replay it, but first, tell me where you were. I deserve at least that.”
Josh sighed, “I’m sorry. I know this is gonna sound like a crap excuse, but my sister was going through her first breakup and I was the only one home. I was going to call you, but we never got phone numbers.”
You smiled and let him stop worrying. “It’s okay, I totally get it. Family first, no matter what. Now, how about this movie?”
Josh smiled and nodded. You reached to restart the film and texted your manager that you’d close up and clean up. As the theme song began to play, you scooted a little closer to Josh and he got the hint and wrapped his arm around you, letting you curl up next to him.
“Ready for the best movie ever?” he whispered.
“Always,” you smiled back.

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You volunteer for the Littleton Diversion program for experience and extra credit. One day, a guy comes to a class you're helping with and you can't take your eyes off him. He seems so intelligent and different than all the other kids in the program. He's tall, quiet, and has the most piercing blue eyes you've ever seen. You end up talking with him outside during the lunch hour & you have a lot in common. You know you shouldn't but, you need to get to know him better outside this encounter...

“Thanks again for coming today, y/n,” the diversion teacher says, “We can really use the help.” You smile, “Well, thank you for letting me come in!” He nods, “It’ll be good experience for you.” The people start to filter into the room and you take your seat, looking around at the posters on the walls. The teacher walks to the front and says, “Hi, everyone, it’s good to see you all again. We have an assistant here with us today.” He points and you smile faintly as he says, “Her name is y/n and she’s here to help out, so let’s give her a warm welcome.” The room is silent except for a few shuffles and a cough. “Class,” he says a little more firmly and you hear a half-hearted chorus of “Hey.” “Hi, it’s nice to meet you,” you smile, looking back at the teacher. They all go back to looking at him or not paying attention, except the tall blonde boy in the back row. You make eye contact with him and his heart skips a beat as he stares straight forward. You watch him for a moment as your own heart beats a little faster. He’s perfect. You try to keep up with what the teacher is talking about, but you keep getting distracted by the boy and watching how he acts. He’s having the exact same problem. His attention is focused on you the rest of the morning.

Everyone is out the door within twenty seconds of the teacher announcing it’s time for lunch. The group scatters outside and some of them leave to get lunch. You talk with the teacher for a moment and then walk out, smiling at a few of the people who are talking. They give you an unwelcoming look and you turn to go back inside, pausing when you see smoke coming from around the corner of the building. You chew on your lip as you walk over and round the corner, stopping short when you see the blonde boy from class. You look at each other in surprise and you break into a hesitant smile, “Hi.” “Hi,” he murmurs. “Um,” you lean against the wall, biting your lip, “You’re… sort of not supposed to smoke.” “Oh, yeah, sorry,” he says, quickly putting it out. “I’m y/n,” you smile. He gives you a small smile back, “Dylan.” You look around, “Did you bring any lunch?” He shakes his head and you hold up your paper bag, “Want to share?”

The two of you end up sitting with your backs to the wall and Dylan takes a bite of half of your sandwich. He’s nervous about talking to you, so he’s staying pretty quiet. You look over at him, “So, what did you do?” He shakes his head and looks down, “Don’t ask. it was stupid.” You raise your eyebrows, “Now I’m just curious.” He sighs, glancing over at you, “Well, I was hanging out with my friend and we were just doing dumb stuff… and we stole some computer stuff out of a van.” You tilt your head, “Why?” He sighs again and shakes his head, “I really don’t know. It was open. We just did it. Just because. I know that sounds stupid.” You nod, looking away for a moment before back at him, “So where’s your friend? He got in trouble too, right?” Dylan nods, “He was in class, he’s just running to get lunch.” Almost on cue, the two of you hear, “Dylan?” “Yeah,” he calls back and you see a boy round the corner. He stops and looks down, “Hey.” “Hi,” you smile up at him. Dylan pipes up, “This is y/n.” “Reb,” Eric says as he nods at you. You glance around the corner with a smirk, “I should get back… I don’t think the teacher will be too happy if he sees me hanging out with you hardened criminals.” They both grin and chuckle as you get up and you say, “See you in there.” You walk away and Eric sits next to Dylan, “She seems cool.” Dylan shrugs and eats the rest of the sandwich. I have to get her number…

I'll Keep You Safe

Prompt:Dan and Phil get stuck in a lift at the BBC, all would be fine if Dan didn’t have claustrophobia and starts freaking out when he finds out they won’t be out for a few hours, Phil tries to help calm him down, when they finally get out the lift, Dan is taken to hospital for shock, that evening when they get back home Dan is still a bit scared and can’t sleep on his own so Phil cuddles him to sleep.”

Genre: Fluff, angst, panic attack/shock.
Warnings: Angst, panic attack.
Words: 2.630

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Heart and Soul

Author: liketolaugh
Summary: Miranda and Marie have just moved into their first house, and they have… a couple of unexpected roommates. Luckily, they’re very friendly. (M&M and Linkllen ghost AU.)

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No, Will, You Can't Sing Along

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into doing this…” Nico grumbled as Will settled next to him on the couch. They were in the commons room, which was unusually void of campers due to the bonfire going on just across the camp.

“Don’t be a downer, Sunshine.” Will pouted with a dramatic huff, reaching over to pinch one of Nico’s cheeks.

Nico groaned, masking a blush, and leaned awayas his older boyfriend reached forward to grab the TV remote from the couch’s arm. “How many times have I told you not to call me sunshine?”

“How many times have I told you that I’m gonna call you sunshine no matter what you say ‘cause despite how angry you can get, you’ll always be my little sunshine?” Will shot back with a smile, powering on the TV. The screen flashed on with the colourful title screen of “Aladdin”, an instrumental version of “A Whole New World” playing softly in the background.

Nico eyed the bright screen with uncertainty as Will’s smile continued to grow across his cheeks. “Oh, you’re going to love this movie!”  He beamed, selecting the play movie option. The title screen faded to black and then a moment later, previews for movies that had been released years earlier began to run. “Wish we could skip these though…” Will said to himself, only noticing his boyfriend’s silence after he dropped the remote and reached over to grab the bag of popcorn he had bought from the Stolls days earlier. “Something wrong?” He asked, slinging one arm behind Nico’s shoulders and the other deep into the bag of popcorn.

Nico shook his head, his eyes leaving the screen to send a particularly nasty side-glare at Will. “You better not sing along.” He said bluntly, the hardness in his voice contradicting his body as it relaxed against Will’s.

Sky blue eyes rolled back with a groan. “C’mon, Nico… That’s the best part of watching Disney movies! You can’t expect me not to-”

Before he could finish his sentence, Nico cut him off with a protesting Ehem.  “Don’t even try that with me, William. My one condition to watching these movies with you was that you weren’t allowed to sing along.” Nico could feel Will’s larger body deflate against him, but felt only the smallest pinch of empathy. After all, a deal was a deal.


“No buts.”

Fine.” Will whined as a trailer for some cheesy kid’s movie ended, leading into the start of the movie. The blond perked up in synchronization to the starting notes of the movie’s first song. “Finally!” He cheered, earlier disappointment forgotten. Nico couldn’t help but smile and roll his eyes.

“You’re such a child…” He said fondly, reaching into the bag of popcorn and taking a handful of the buttery kernels for himself. “Now hush, the movie’s starting.”


Will fought against the urge to sing along to the movie’s catchy songs - the same catchy songs he’d listened to ten thousand times over and could recite forwards and backwards with perfect timing - but he was an Apollo-born, so it wasn’t his fault that singing was in his blood. He couldn’t help mouthing along to the opening verse of “Prince Ali” despite Nico’s glares of warnings, but it was the chorus that finally broke him. He all but jumped up as Robin Williams sang, belting out the lyrics at a ear-splittingly sharp pitch.

“Prince Ali, fabulous he! Ali Ababwa!” He shouted, proud and much too loud for just about anyone with ears, including Nico, who shrunk away from the blond.

“Wi-” Nico tried, making a quick grab for the bag of popcorn before it could tumble to the floor.

Genuflect, show some respect, Down on one knee!” Will continued to sing, oblivious to his protesting boyfriend until a small hand clamped down and tugged on his bicep. With the music still playing without his singing, Will glanced over at Nico, who wore a mix of disbelief and amusement on his face.

“Will.” He scolded, eyebrow raised accusingly. With a nervous chuckle, Will sank down.

“Sorry?” Nico shook his head, and Will’s shoulders sagged. He blew his one chance to watch his favourite Disney  movies and cuddle with his boyfriend, no doubt about that. “Crap, babe, I promise I won’t do it again… It’s just my favourite song and I had to-”

“You’re ridiculous.” The smallest of grins cracked through Nico’s pressed lips, pale features relaxing into a look of fondness as he stared at the pleading Will.

“I’m-? Does that mean we can still watch?” He asked hopefully, all attention away from the movie continuing its run in the background.

With a sarcastic roll of his dark eyes, Nico nodded. “Just, and you know I don’t want you to take this personally, please don’t sing along. I think I’d rather hear Genie sing than you, no offence.”

Will gasped in mock offence, but leaned over and kissed Nico’s cheek. “You’re the best boyfriend ever, you know that?” He grinned, hooking his arm around Nico’s skinny shoulders and tucking Nico’s body against his own, noting for the billionth time how they fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

“I know.” Nico replied, but it seemed that Will had already averted his attention back to the movie. His pale eyes were transfixed to the colourful screen, lips mouthing along the lines as the characters spoke. “But you, on the other hand, are the biggest dork ever.” He poked Will’s side, earning a challenging side-glare.

“Dork, huh?” Will smirked, pulling the almost-forgotten bag of popcorn back onto his own lap. “Remind me, who’s the one who plays Mythomagic, again?”

“We are not bringing MythoMagic into this.” Nico warned.


“What happened to watching the movie?”

“You were the one who continued talking-”

“Well, you were the one who started singing.”

Will opened his mouth, about to shoot something right back at Nico, but the opening piano to A Whole New World began to sound from the TV’s speakers, causing the blond to freeze up in what Nico could only guess was excitement. “Okay, shut up.” He commanded, eyes widening childishly as Aladdin’s voice flooded the air around them.


“Nope.” Will hushed, flinging his hand out and slapping it over Nico’s mouth.

Mmph-” Nico sounded, attempting to pry off Will’s hand and failing, mouth only being freed once the song had come to an end. “What was that for!?” He asked in bewilderment, eyes wide as he stared up at the blond.

Will shrugged, as if the answer was the most obvious in all of the mortal world. “You can’t just talk during A Whole New World!”

Nico let his head fall back, staring up at the dim ceiling as he debated whether slapping his boyfriend would be an appropriate response. “I don’t know what to do with you.” He finally said.

“Kiss me?”

“I’m not-”

“But Aladdin kissed Jasmine.” He complained, dramatically jutting out his bottom lip.

“What’s your point?”

“It’s like, a Disney law that we have to kiss.”

“No it isn’t, you’re making things u-”

Their banter was cut off as Will leaned forward and bumped his lips against Nico’s, softly and hesitant at first before Nico pulled him in by the curls of his golden hair. They remained kissing for gods know how long, movie long forgotten once Nico leaned away, their foreheads just hardly touching.

“We’d be the perfect Aladdin and Jasmine.” Will smiled, eyes fluttering shut just in time to miss the crooked smile Nico’s slightly kiss-swollen lips tugged up to. 

“You’re such a dork.”

“Yeah, but you love it.“

“Scratch that, you’re a cliché dork.”


Hello!! I’ve finally got a new one shot up! Holy gods! 

Based off the prompt sent into me two thousand years ago by demigod-from-galifrey: hi! ok, so, about the fanfic prompt thing? see, i got this head cannon that will and nico can’t watch disney movies together because will insists on singing along, but he sounds absolutely horrible when he tries <3 and i wondering if you could write something based on that? also, i really like your blog, and i think your really cool! :D

Thank you for reading, and if you want to find any of my other fics then just click here —> (x)

Wrap Those Boys Around Your Finger (Rian Dawson/Jack Barakat imagine)

A/N: gonna be honest here, I’m not sure about this one but I hope it’s okay. Really great request but I just didn’t know how to end it cx Hope you like it!

Also when I was writing this I imagined everyone being teenagers, there’s a little bit of context I guess.

Title cred: Dear Maria, Count Me In // All Time Low

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Can you do Takao Akashi Kuroko Aomine Kise are cuddling with there gfs and they are telling them how much they love her and they make them so happy and then suddenly she starts crying because she didn't think anyone would love her and she's bad at being affectionate so she feels bad that they can't be as affectionate as they are

Awww this is one cute ass ask!! 

Takao: “Your so cute [ Name ]!” he stated as they felt their cheeks start to heat up. “M-Me?” They questioned looking down as the blue eyed male smiled. “Yup~ [ Name ] [ Surname ]!” Takao stated as they seemed to get even more flustered. “I love you~” He stated gently nuzzling into the back of their neck. “I-I…” they choked out as he opened his eyes to see them crying. Did he do something wrong? “ [ Name ],” he whispered his eyes full of worry. The sounds of laughter from the TV seemed to drone out as he focused on his girlfriend right in front of him. “I-I’m just so happy,” they whispered rubbing their eyes. “I-I’m so happy,” They stated again as they awkwardly shifted to face him. Their cheeks bright red. “I-I’m awkward,” they started off to say as they rested their face on Takao’s collarbone. “I-I don’t show a lot of affection, a-and I always feel as though t-that I should try harder.” Takao chuckled as he ruffled their hair. “You don’t need to do anything, your perfect the way you are! And if you change that I might not love you.” he teased out. 

Akashi: The red headed male looked at his beloved with a beautiful gaze, “I love you.” The red headed male whispered gently kissing the side of their neck. “You love me?” They questioned as he nodded. His eyes showing care and concern. “How could I not dear?” He asked his voice soft as he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, “Your perfect in every single way.” The male whispered, “And I can’t help but love you.” He whispered as their body started to shake. “ [ Name ] dear?” he asked worry lacing his tone as he touched their hand gently. “I-I’m sorry, I’m overreacting, I-I just can’t believe you said that.” They whispered out. Akashi stayed quiet all he did was squeeze their hand gently. “I’ve a-always been afraid that I’d never find anyone who loved me because… because I’m so awkward. I never want to do anything and-” before they could say another word his lips were against theirs. It wasn’t a passionate kiss full of lust, but rather a kiss that was sweet and simple. “Just enjoy the moment dear.” 

Kuroko: “ [ Name ]-san your really nice.” The blue haired male stated, “And I love you.” HIs voice was not as monotonous as usual. It had a flare of kindness to it. They were wrapped protectively in his arms as they became rigid. “Why?” They asked their voice soft as they squeezed their eyes shut. “Because you love me for me.” Kuroko stated as they let out a sob. Instantly his eyes widened the grip around them tightening. “[ Name ]-san are you hurt?” he asked his eyes scanning over their smaller form. “No, not at all.” They whispered out. “I-I’m elated.” They muttered. “That you love me,” Kuroko had a gentle smile on his face as he let out a breath. “You worried me for a second [ Name ]-san.” He answered. “I know, and I’m sorry. But I’m relieved. I-I never thought that someone would love me. I’m always so awkward. And unlike the other girls I don’t like kissing in public or holding hands.” Kuroko chuckled. “Why do I love you?” he asked. “Because I love you you for you?” They questioned as he nodded and gently kissed their cheek. “And I love you for who you are as well.” 

Aomine: “Daiki,” They whispered as they looked at their slumbering boyfriend. “We need to get you to bed.” They whispered as the male shook his head waking up slightly. “No [ Name ] I want to sleep.” he mumbled as they sighed. “Come on Daiki,” They muttered. “It’s alright 1 AM.” They muttered. He let out a groan, “ For God’s Sakes [ Name ] I love you but let me sleep.” he grunted out as he continued to cuddle the female. “L-Love?” they squeaked out. “Hush!” he barked out as he felt their body start to shake. He opened one eye to see tears running down their face. “S-Sorry,” he stuttered out. He didn’t mean to be mean, he just wanted to sleep. “N-No, i-it’s not you being a dick.” they whispered as he chuckled slightly He was awake now. “So what’s the reason for the waterworks huh?” He asked touching their tears and wiping it away. “You loving me,” his cheeks turned slightly red. “W-What about it?” He asked feeling slightly defensive. “Y-You do.” they exclaimed as he looked to the side. “Of course I do.” A soft smile spread across their features as they shook their head. “Nevermind you can go back to sleep Daiki, we’ll sleep on the couch.” With that he closed his eyes trying to stop his erratic heart from beating even faster. 

Kise: The two were snuggled with a bunch of blankets watching a romantic comedy. His lips were quirked in a smile as he watched the two slowly yet hilariously fall in love, “ [ Name-cchi! ]” The male exclaimed deciding to be cheesy as they grunted out a response. They were too engulfed in the movie. “I love you,” he blurted out as they seemed to freeze. “R-Ryouta where did that come from?” They asked burying themselves deeper in the blanket. “W-Where did that come from?” they stated feeling tears burn at the corner of their eyes. Kise looked worried, did he do something wrong. “W-Where did that come from?” they whispered again. “ [ Name-cchi ] I do love you, so please tell me.” He whispered out as they shook their head. “I always felt like I was doing something wrong, that I was the problem with our relationship.” They whispered, “A-And to hear you say that you love me, i-it puts those doubts to shame.” Kise’s s/o whispered out as the blonde haired male looked at his s/o and gently smiled. “There’s nothing wrong with you, everyone shows affection in different ways.” The blonde whispered. “And no matter how you show it I will always love you.” 

p.s. the idea wouldn’t leave me alone so i barfed this up

Yuri was starting to regret Friday breaks.

It had been his habit to catch up on Transfiguration lessons at the library, eager to advance himself beyond his classes. Everyone knew he was going to be a master; Headmaster Lilia had taken note of his talent herself. Yuri was proud of it; he’d worked hard at both theory and practice. Victor Nikiforov was the top at Transfiguration, and he’d promised to train Yuri once he got moved to Advanced classes. Which Yuri intended to be at, before the start of winter break.

But since the start of the Triwizard Tournament, Victor had become distracted by other trivial things.

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Chat Noir’s curiosity pushes Marinette too close to her insecurities, and her refusal to answer him stretches the tension between them to a breaking point.

Read on Ao3

Words: 1611, Language: English

  • Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
  • Rating: General Audiences
  • Warnings: None
  • Categories: M/F
  • Relationships: Ladynoir
  • Additional comments: Slight angst and hurt/comfort

Basically: I push my insecurities of not being good enough onto Marinette. 

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