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I've noticed you like kevin/aaron do you mind sharing any headcanons about them as they're an extremely rarepair and most people hate aaron so I can't ask alot of people.

Ummmmm an opportunity to yell about my rare otp and how much I love Aaron Minyard?? Yes ??????
(this took so long, im sorry D: )

  • Kevin gets into arguments with the foxes a lot and he’ll just stop mid-sentence sometimes and gesture angrily at Aaron like “can you back me up please???” and Aaron just closes his laptop or whatever and goes to stand by his bf and opens his mouth like hes gonna say something to the others and then just shakes his head and pats Kev on the shoulder and leaves
  • Aaron is low-key a meme king and Kevin doesn’t really understand contemporary social media but Aaron trains him to respond to memes educates him, and if you listen closely you can hear Aaron whisper “and we’re roommates” into the darkness at 3am right before you hear a half-asleep Kevin snore loudly and yell “OH MY GOD, WE’RE ROOMMATES” and then the sound of a startled Nicky jerking awake and falling out of bed while cursing
  • Aaron is everyone’s first line of defense when it comes to his bf pushing health food on them. The two go shopping together and every time Kevin turns to look at something, Aaron scans the cart and pulls out anything that’s too green. They get to the check stand and Kev is like “I swear I grabbed an artichoke??” and Aaron is like “guess all that healthy shit isn’t helping your memory at all is it? We walked right past that stuff and you didn’t even stop to look, babe”
  • Aaron is the only person that Kevin trusts to string his racquet
  • you’ve heard of andreil sleeping facing each other, now get ready for Kaaron sleeping facing away from each other. Aaron always sleeps facing the wall with the blanket over his head because he got used to trying to block everything out when his mom would bring guys home or when she would get into these drunk yelling matches with Luther on the phone, and Kevin sleeps facing the room because he used to watch Riko sleep and wonder how the soft quiet boy became so hard and cruel,,
  • (tl;dr,,, Kevin and Aaron feel safe at night with the warmth and weight of the other against their back)
  • sometimes Andrew and Aaron both wear long sleeves and Kevin can’t 100% tell them apart, so he’ll casually sit next to one of them and the boy doesn’t say anything, seems to lean into Kevin a bit even, so he’s like “ah ok this one is mine” in his head, and then he goes to kiss his boyfriend’s cheek and a book comes flying from across the room followed by a glare and “IM Aaron, you asshole,”
  • Kevin starts to get up to go sit by the other twin, but a hand grabs his wrist and pulls him back down and the twin next to him goes “what the fuck, Andrew? He knows it’s me, he’s not stupid like Neil”
  • (Neil got as far as “yes or no” last week before Aaron realized what was happening and shoved him off the couch)
  • Kevin nods and cautiously puts his arm around Aaron(?), and Aaron turns to “kiss” Kevin but actually just presses his lips to his and mutters “retract your arm, you fake bitch, I know you couldn’t tell it was me”

So I guess today is the day when people start changing their names to various depressing James/Lily things and I get sad and confused because I don’t know who anyone is anymore and I am also forced to face bitter realities when I think about WHY.


Sorry haters but I can't hear you over the canon sounds of my ship sailing.


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Piano: Drarry

Hey! Uh, this is my first try so all constructive criticism accepted. There may still be a few spelling errors and I wasn’t able to incorporate the squad as much as I wanted to. But I hope you like it! ~Abi

All he wants is a little bit of sleep. But ever since the war, Draco Malfoy can’t. Because everytime he closes his eyes, everytime his head hits the pillow, the dreams are back, the screams return, and he wakes up in cold sweat, chest heaving. Every night, the same pattern.

At first, it’s just a whim. He is woken up by his nightmares and he is pacing in the living room, when his eyes chance upon the piano, that till then, served decorative purposes. A reminder of when his mother’s smile reached her eyes and his father tucked him into the bed. A reminder of before, to help ease the after. And in a desperate attempt to chase away the blackness of the night and erase the cries in his ears, he sits at the piano and starts to play.

It takes time, but slowly, it all comes back to him. The notes, the keys, the sounds, everything. And he does it more often. And that’s his solace. That’s his routine.

Noone notices the sweet music, because noone is awake to hear. And if they are, noone disturbs Draco or asks him any questions about why he always looks so tired or why piano music eminates from where he lives.

Until stupid Potty moves in next door. Stupid Potter with his stupid scar.

Draco is so annoyed. And more than a little curious. Why would Potter move into a Muggle locality? Why isn’t he staying with his Weaslette? What’s his reason for being here? Draco is here for ACTUAL reasons. He CHOSE to separate himself from Wizarding kind. He’s sure the world won’t allow a Malfoy back with open arms. And he doesn’t want their pity. He doesn’t want their looks of sympathy, nor their ill-disguised contempt. He doesn’t want their sympathy friendship, he’s fine with who he has, thankyou. He does not want the whispers. He does not want the stares. And he does NOT want Potter here.

So he does some snooping around, only to find that Potter and the Weaslette aren’t a couple anymore. And that certainly does NOT make him feel happy. Why would he care? He doesn’t care about Potter, or whether or not he’s single. Not even if the rumors are true and he fancies blokes too. No. Draco doesn’t care. Except he does.

But none the less, he stays away. He keeps as far away from Potter as he can, and he’s fairly sure Potter doesn’t even know that Draco lives right opposite him. And Draco like it that way. Except he doesn’t. And his weekly talks with Blaise and Pansy are less about Draco and more about stupid annoying Potter and his stupid annoying scar and…..

Meanwhile, Draco’s sleep habits only worsen, and soon, he doesn’t even sleep, he just plays from the moment the sun sets till it rises. And he likes it. So much more than the screams and dreams. He likes it. Playing undisturbed.

Until one night, as Draco plays, he hears an urgent knock at the door. And he jumps up in fear, grumbles and moves to open the door. And there, stands Potter, in his Chudley Cannons nightshirt, and pajama bottoms. Draco is too surprised to notice anything but that “Oh God, it’s Potter?” And for some vague reason, is acutely aware of his messed up hair and rumpled night clothes. But Potter isn’t too started to notice the bags under Draco’s eyes, or how his eyelids are drooping.

“Malfoy,”, he says, evenly, “You look like Hell.”

“Well, Potter, I’m sorry I didn’t dress up for you but I wasn’t expecting company at three in the morning.”

“And I wasn’t expecting music.”

Draco sighs tiredly, and takes a step to the side, allowing Potter a view of the piano. “Look Potter. It’s piano. It can’t possibly be disturbing you. So just go back to bed and leave me alone?”

And Potter turns around. And Draco is sure he’s going to go. But he looks over his shoulder, and says softly,“I didn’t know you could play the piano, Malfoy. You play beautifully.”

And he’s gone. And Draco thinks that’s that.

But it’s not. Because the next night, at around the same time, another knock interrupts Draco’s playing. He gets up with a growl and swings the door open, and sure enough, Potter stands there, arms crossed against his chest. “Good morning, Malfoy. You still look like shit,” he says in voice far too bright for three in the damn morning. “Potter,” Draco says though gritted teeth. “Do you have a REASON for coming here at three in the morning and commenting upon my appearance?”

“Hmm?” Potter leans sideways, trying to see the piano, probably, Draco thinks. “Well see, Malfoy. You look really good usually. But last night too, you look like you haven’t slept in forever. An-”

“I look good?” Draco refuses to aknowledge the surge if happiness he gets from hearing Potter say that. Potter doesn’t seem to notice. “Yes. But not so much anymore. So I thought I’d come over and tell you that while your piano playing is rather soothing, perhaps you ought to sleep.”

Draco snorts and shakes his head. “No.” “Malfoy, I’m trying to help you. You really do look like you need to sleep and-”

“And your presence at my door doesn’t help that,”, Draco says. Potter shakes his head and sighs. “Alright.”

Then, much to Draco’s horror, Potter pushes past him and into his house. “What are you doing, Potter?”

Potter doesn’t answer immediately. Instead he turns a slow circle in the living room, before plonking down on the nearest sofa and turning to face the piano. “Well, I couldn’t sleep anyway. And you do play beautifully. Besides, I’m not at your door anymore. So why not?” He shrugs.

And Draco hates that he doesn’t hate that. And he’s too tired to argue. So he just sits down at the piano and plays and tries to forget that stupid Potter is watching him, and fails miserably. But he plays. And it’s beautiful. Draco coaxes music out of the piano that sounds like heaven’s choirs as his fingers move nimbly across the ivory and black keys. Harry doesn’t want it to stop. But after a bit, Draco stops.

He turns around to look at Potter, who is sitting, clapping quietly. “It’s amazing.”

Draco nods. “Thankyou, Potter.” And Potter gets up, thanks Draco and starts to leave. And as Draco shows him out, Potter smiles warmly at him, green eyes glittering. And he leans in so that jis bresth ticks Draco’s ear and prickles at his neck, and Draco can feel the blood thundering in his ears and his cheeks flush and is heart races. “Goodnight, Draco,” Harry says softly. And Draco wants to say something cutting, to put Potter back in his place, but he rather likes the way he says his name. But before he can figure out how to react, Potter has already gone.

Confusedly, Draco closes the door, and walks over to the sofa where Potter was, and sits down wondering what the Hell Potter’s trying to pull, calling him Draco like that. But he can’t figure it out. And slowly, his brain grows weary. And then his eyes. And somehow, he’s asleep.

And this time, the dreams stay away.

That begins an odd little friendship. Draco will play the piano, Harry will knock on the door(for somewhere along the line, Potter became Harry, and Draco liked saying it), Draco would let him in, play for him, and then sometimes they’d stay at Draco’s and talk for a while, sometimes they’d move to Harry’s for hot chocolate, and then Draco would go to his bed, and fall asleep.

And at the end of every night, Harry would lean in close and whisper goodnight. And it was not helping Draco keep his emotions at bay. He was starting to seriously consider grabbing Potter by his shirt front kissing him senseless. He almost does, several times. But Draco doesn’t want to jeopardise their friendship.

And so even though what was a childhood crush returns with much much more vigour, Draco sure to hide his feelings well. Pansy and Blaise were absolutely NOT smirking because of how Draco was ranting about how Harry refused to comb his hair, or how he kept losing his socks. And Draco certainly didn’t blush when Harry gave him the extra set of keys to his apartment. And Draco didn’t give Harry his own extra set of keys, he just….lost them.

None the less, the Draco-Harry friendship grows to where they can call eachother up in the mornings or afternoons or evenings and it’s okay. And slowly, Draco meets Granger and Weasley. They are suspicious at first, but they become Hermione and Ron quite soon. They are quite nice to him once he apologises for being a prat when he was younger, which he does quite willingly.

They DO keep grinning and winking at Harry, and Ron does keep rolling his eyes, in the amused manner. But Draco never thinks much of it, and he never notices Harry’s blush.

And slowly, life is getting better.

The nightmares still haven’t gone away though. They still wake him up. He hasn’t told Harry, but he doesn’t need to. The moment he plays the piano to forget, Harry is at the door, and knocking. And together, the piano and Harry calm Draco down and ease him back to sleep.

And then one night, Draco plays. And plays. And plays. And there is no knock.

No Harry.

Draco panics. Where could he be? Draco leaves his apartment and walks to Harry’s and knocks. No reply. He fumbles, pulls out the keys from his pocket, unlocks the door and walks in. He goes around the whole place, looks in both of the bedrooms, the hall, the bathrooms, the kitchen, but comes up with nothing. Draco is worried sick now. He paces in Harry’s hall. For almost an hour.

Then there is a click and the door opens. And Draco jumps, wand out and ready, pointed directly at Harry, who doesn’t even have the decency to look terrified. “Hi, Draco.”

“Harry, you’ve just come home for God knows where and I’ve been worried sick and you didn’t even Owl me, don’t think a bloody hi-Draco cuts anything.” Harry may not look scared but he looks weak and tired, and as laughs, he collapses onto the ground. Draco shrieks and rushes to his side and helps him to his feet. “Sorry I’m this late, Draco. But curfew doesn’t apply to Aurors.” And then,“Why are you taking me to my room?? I want to listen to the piano.”

And Draco huffs about the stupid Aurors and stupid Ministry, and a little about the piano and walks Harry into his apartment and sits him down on the couch. Harry sighs and lies back. “Okay. Thanks. Though some water would be great right about now.” And Draco huffs again and goes into the kitchen. And he absolutey does not take extra time to debate whether to give Harry cold water, or regular water, and he does not decide cold water tentatively. No way.

Either way he takes too long. And by the time he’s out again, Harry has fallen asleep, in a most uncomfortable position.

Draco looks at Harry, at his mussed up hair and sleeping face. He listens to his gentle inhales and exhales, and watches his chest rise and fall. And the slight flutter behind his eyelids. And he goes around to Harry, picks him up(with a little magic help) and takes him to his room and lies him down on his bed, and flops down nexto him, to catch his breath. Almost instantly, Harry turns and hugs Draco who doesn’t mind at all. “I can lie down for a while,”, he says to himself. So he lies there quietly, breathing in the smell of Harry, which is at the moment of smoke and….is that treacle tart?

Rolling his eyes at Harry, Draco falls asleep to the sound of their breathing. But before he does, he whispers, “Goodnight Harry.” And then he’s fast asleep. And it’s the most peaceful sleep he’s had for a long time.

The next morning, when Draco wakes up, it takes him a bit if time to figure out what happend the previous night. And then he remembers and flips out. What if Potter over thinks it? What if he tells BLAISE AND PANSY? What if he’s freaked out and never wants to talk to Draco again? How will Draco sleep??

And slowly, Draco realises that it’s not the sound of the piano that helps him sleep.

It’s Harry.

And he’s not about to lose him.

So when he goes out into the kitchen to see Harry making breakfast, he grins. “Hey Draco! How’d you-” Draco grabs the front of Harry’s shirt, and says,“Harry, I’m greatful for the sweet dreams you’ve helped me have, but if you don’t mind, I’d very much like to make one a reality now.”

And he pulls Harry against him, earning a delicious squeal.

And he kisses him.

Toothpaste has never tasted that good.

And when Draco pulls away, Harry smiles a mischievous smile and says, I know I made breakfast, but I’d don’t think that that’s what I want to eat anymore.“


It’s a good thing Draco and Harry’s neighbours weren’t very observant, else they would’ve noticed that neither of the two boys seemed to sleep in their own houses anymore. Or the loud ABOUT TIMEs that were heard when four newcomers came for lunch. Or the loud, “I TOLD YOU YOU FANCIED MALF-DRACO! Sorry, Draco,”, when lithe red head girl came over for tea.

Or the fact that piano wasn’t the only sounds that came out from under Draco’s door at night. Or Harry’s.

And they didn’t notice when both boys moved out, together. And they certainly never found out that they moved it together either. But that’s myggles for you.

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bellarke + ‘Should I be concerned about how much caffeine you’re taking in’

“Should I be concerned with how much caffeine you’re taking in?”

The hand reaching across the counter for her coffee stops and she glances up at the barista, with a raised eyebrow, who did this guy think he was policing her coffee intake. “Excuse me?” she asks, reaching the rest of the way and picks up her coffee cup.

“Sure it’s great for business and I shouldn’t be complaining,” he starts. “But you have been in here every day for the past week and a half, sometimes twice a day, and sometimes you get the doubleshot.”

Clarke just stares at this stranger, wondering just why he would care so much and she doesn’t know what makes her tell him, maybe it’s the sleep deprivation, or the fact that she’s hyped up on caffeine or that fact that is barista is kind of adorable especially with the way he’s looking at her. And not to mention those freckles.

Well I guess he wasn’t technically a stranger, considering she has been in here for almost two weeks and he’s been here every day she has.  And he didn’t look like an axe murder so maybe she was safe telling him about her occupation.

“I’m a surgical resident and I’m a fifth year and my boards are coming up,” she explains, using her free hand to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her hair. “So there’s a lot of studying on top of all my patients,” and she stops herself when she realizes she’s rambling.

“At Arkadia Medical?” he asks, quirking an eyebrow in interest. “You’re going to be a surgeon?”

“That’s the plan anyway,” Clarke responds.

“Well maybe I should let you get back to your studying,” he says with a smile which Clarke returns before turning around and turning back towards the hospital across the street.

Normally, she would just grab some coffee at the coffee cart on the fourth floor of the hospital but that tasted like sludge half the time. Someone needed to find out how to make coffee, especially a hospital full of surgeons and surgical interns. Also, she was partial to the coffee house right across the street from her hospital ever since she discovered it.

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hiccup x astrid –> “milady.”

Hello, Beautiful (text messaging) [SaiIno]
  • Setting: Around the time cellular phones became a thing in the Narutoverse, right around the time Sai and Ino started dating.
  • ---
  • *after their first date*
  • Conversation Started: 6:45 p.m.
  • Sai: Hello, beautiful (*¯ ³¯*)♡...
  • Ino: Hi. Who's this?
  • Sai: Who else would it be? ♡♡
  • Ino: Could be anyone, really. ╮( ̄_ ̄)╭
  • Sai: Anyone?(O_O;)
  • Sai: Fine, if anyone can call you beautiful, then I'll call you Miss Beautiful.
  • Sai: So, do you now know who it is?
  • Ino: Sai?
  • Sai: Yay~! You got it right.ヽ(♡‿♡)ノ
  • Ino: Imagining you saying that with a blank face is kinda scary.
  • Sai: Whaaaat? How am I scary? ;---;
  • Ino: Haha. Never mind that.
  • Ino: So...what's up? ヾ(*'▽'*) Why'd you text?
  • Sai: Wait, you need a reason to text somebody? (•ิ_•ิ)?
  • Ino: Well, that's usually how it is.
  • Sai: Oh...
  • Sai: Well, I really don't have any reason, so...sorry for disturbing. (╥_╥)
  • Ino: Wait! It's fine! Don't go...
  • Sai: But I thought you said you needed a reason to text somebody.
  • Ino: Hey, hey, that's not entirely could text someone just because you wanted to talk to them.
  • Sai: Oh...then I guess I do have a reason, after all.
  • Ino: Hm, what might that be?
  • Sai: I wanna talk to you. Is that a bad thing?
  • Ino: No, not at all. I wanted to talk to you too, but I forgot that I didn't have your number.
  • Ino: So I'm glad you texted.
  • Sai: What are you up to?
  • Ino: Not much, I'm just tending to the flower shop. I still get customers as late as 9:00, and I don't have anything to do.
  • Ino: What about you?
  • Sai: Need help with that?
  • Sai: Nothing, really. I'm just practicing a few sketches.
  • Ino: I'm fine, but I'll probably be needing help next week. A wedding's coming up. (╯_╰) What are you sketching?
  • Sai: I can help you if you like. Just a few...things.
  • (He's actually trying to draw her from the top of his head, which he didn't really find difficult at all)
  • Ino: Thank you! I really appreciate it!
  • Sai: No problem. If anything, I should probably thank you.
  • Ino: Why?
  • Sai: You know, for what you did back there...and for earlier. I had a lot of fun.
  • Ino: Don't worry about it! I hope I wasn't talking too much back there. (╯︵╰,) You seemed a little quiet.
  • Sai: I did? No way. I actually said a lot of things.
  • Ino: Ah, I guess ours standards are different. ( ̄▽ ̄)
  • Sai: I enjoyed listening to you talk. But if it troubles you, I'll try my best to speak up a little more. (>_<)
  • Ino: Ah, don't worry. I'm not trying to pressure you or anything.
  • Ino: I just thought that you were uninterested. (;;;*_*)
  • Sai: Uninterested? Why would I be uninterested?
  • Sai: I wouldn't have asked you out if I was uninterested in hearing what you had to say. ( ´ ▽ ` )
  • Ino: Is that so? ( ̄▽ ̄)
  • Sai: Yup. Besides, I know how much of a loudmouth you can be. ☆ ~('▽'人)
  • Ino: Eh? Did you just call me a loudmouth? (╬ Ò﹏Ó)
  • Sai: Hahaha, I'm sorry about that. (シ_ _)シ
  • Ino: Hmpf.
  • Sai: Come on, why don't we just hug it out?
  • Sai: (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  • Sai: (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  • Sai: (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  • Sai: (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  • Sai: (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
  • Ino: Fine, fine. Just stop sending those huggy things.
  • Sai: But I like hugs.
  • Ino: Sigh. And I thought you were the quiet and cool type.
  • Sai: don't like me anymore? (个_个)
  • Ino: No, that's not it.
  • Ino: I still like you, even though you text like a twelve-year-old.
  • Sai: How?
  • Ino: You keep using these little face thingies.
  • Sai: But you've been using them too, haven't you?
  • Ino: I know. Hahaha. So I guess we're both at fault here.
  • Sai: Heh. We're on the same team now.
  • Sai: Are you still tending to the flower shop?
  • Ino: Yeah. Sorry my reply's a little late. A customer just came in. He wanted to find the perfect flowers for an apology to his wife.
  • Sai: Huh? Flowers...for an apology? By the way, am I bothering you?
  • Ino: No, you aren't. :) Yeah. Every flower has a different meaning.
  • Ino: It's the language of flowers.
  • Sai: what did you recommend?
  • Ino: Carnations. Pink ones, with some white ones. He was so tired from work that he forgot their afternoon date.
  • Sai: What do they mean?
  • Ino: Carnations symbolize devoted love. Pink ones mean that he'll never forget his wife again, and white ones mean that he'll remember her forever.
  • Sai: Oh, that's interesting.
  • Sai: You're constantly surrounded by flowers, aren't you? I think giving you flowers as a present will be difficult.
  • Sai: But I hope I don't relay the wrong message.
  • Ino: Why? What message would you like to relay to me?
  • Sai: Well...
  • Sai: Romantic love?
  • Sai: Why? Is that wrong?
  • Ino: No, definitely not...I'm just a little surprised.
  • Sai: Why? Do you dislike me?
  • Ino: No! Why are you asking me all these difficult questions? (ಥ﹏ಥ)
  • Sai: Heh...sorry.
  • Sai: Anyway, isn't it getting a little late?
  • Ino: Nah, it's still a little early.
  • Sai: Want me to come over and walk you home?
  • Ino: Ha? Why would you do that? I'm totally fine.
  • Sai: I'm just worried.
  • Ino: The streets are safe, remember? I'll be fine. No worries, no worries.
  • Sai: But still. You never know if you end up running into a violent, drunk person or a thief...
  • Ino: Fine, fine. I'll be going home soon then.
  • Sai: Please let me know when you're home...or if you run into trouble.
  • Ino: Alright. <( ̄︶ ̄)>
  • Sai: Oh, Ino...
  • Ino: Hm?
  • Sai: Would you...
  • Sai: Would you like to go out on another date next time?
  • Ino: Are you kidding me?
  • Ino: I'd love to go!
  • Ino: So, where are we going?
  • Sai: I honestly haven't thought about that yet, but I'll come up with something.
  • Ino: Alright. I'll trust you with that! (・ω<)☆
  • Ino: Anyway, I don't think any customers are coming in anymore, so I'll close shop right now.
  • Sai: Alright!
  • ----five minutes later----
  • Ino: Are you...standing outside right now?
  • Sai: Wait...that's your flower shop? I never would've guessed!
  • Ino: It's called 'Yamanaka Florists.' How is that not obvious?
  • Sai: I can't lie to you, can I? (╥﹏╥)
  • Sai: I'm just worried about you. Let me walk you home...please.
  • Ino: Fine. Why don't you come inside? It's freezing outside.
  • Sai: Alright.
  • Sai: Hey, why don't we grab something to eat?
  • Ino: Sounds fine to me. Now, get in here before you freeze to death!
  • Sai:'re worried about me~
  • Ino: Idiot.
Morning Calls

“Hello?” Bilbo grumbled into his phone. It was three in the morning and his phone had been ringing incessantly until he finally decided to answer it. Had he been more awake he might have been able to muster more anger or frustration on the matter, but as it was he could hardly keep his eyes open let alone be angry at anyone.

“Finally!” the man on the other end of the phone said. “What took you so long to answer?”

“It’s three in the morning,” Bilbo muttered. He didn’t recognize the voice, but that did not mean that he didn’t know the person. Bilbo was generally known for his lack of memory and had more often than not completely forgot that he knew a person until they were reminding him where they met in the first place.

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just this once

Ladrien June – Day 16 – Window Kisses
(continuation of the drabble “A Jealous Detour” that I wrote for Ladrien June day 8)

Part 1 | 2
AO3 | FF


“Let’s just say I have this annoying little thing called a conscience that tells me it’s a bad idea.”

“Ah, well, is there anything I can do to convince your conscience otherwise?” Adrien asked, leaning his elbows on the windowsill. His startling green eyes seemed to act as a magnet, drawing her in until they were way too close.

“You don’t need to convince it at all…” she whispered, swaying closer and closer to him. There wasn’t enough air between them for her lungs to take in.

“And yet,” he said, his warm breath tickling the tip of her nose, “you still can’t stay?”

“Better not,” she murmured, completely unsure of what she was even saying anymore. Her brain was incredibly fuzzy as she stared into his steadily darkening eyes. His gaze fell upon her lips and she swallowed nervously.

“Well, that was an interesting development, Marinette,” Tikki said, her mouth full of the cookies her miraculous owner had just handed her.

They were back in Marinette’s room, having arrived at the corner in front of her house just before she detransformed behind a bus stop. She had grabbed a handful of cookies for Tikki on her way upstairs after giving her mother a swift kiss on the cheek and was now twirling around in her room.

“Interesting?” she said, making a final leap and collapsing onto her couch. “Tikki, it was the most wonderful thing that has ever happened!”

“Oh, Marinette. When will you learn how to control your emotions?” Tikki said, laughing as Marinette continued to lie there, completely dazed and elated. When she didn’t respond for another minute, Tikki rolled her eyes. “Okay, but seriously. Earth to Marinette?”

Marinette snapped up into a seated position with the biggest grin on her face.

“I have to see him again!” she squealed, then, looking out of her window at the blood orange sunset, added, “Tonight!”

“What?!” Tikki exclaimed, flying up to her at once, the second half of the cookie left behind on the desk. “Marinette, think about what you’re saying. You have a duty and a responsibility as Ladybug that you absolutely cannot take lightly.”

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She Can’t Do This Again

@tinkbooklover said: Hey I have a prompt if you still are taking them. I was wondering if you could write something with Clarke. Like either a mother daughter or Marcus/Clarke talk about Kabby. Or both. Or like Clarke watching her mother fall in love over lots of scenes. Your choice. Just my thoughts.

I am SOOOOO sorry this is so late. Also, sorry for any grammar mistakes, guys! I hope this is okay. I love the idea of Clarke watching her mom fall in love. I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. I’ll write another one if it’s not good enough!!! ^_^

“Absolutely not.”

It’s what her mother had said upon hearing her daughter’s pleas to accompany them to the newfound swimming spot, courtesy of Octavia. It was a slow day around the camp, which was rare in itself, and Clarke wanted nothing more than for her mother to relax.

It wasn’t a white sand beach somewhere in the tropics like all of her Earth history books portrayed, but the water was just as beautiful, if not more.

In the end, all it takes is for Bellamy to convince Marcus, and for Marcus to literally drag her mother out from Medical.

“Did she put you up to this?” She hears her mother ask him as they pack up a few things and head out to hike an hour away from camp.

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I'll never be over this episode
  • Me @ my professors tomorrow and forever for the rest of my days: Sorry, what was that? I can't hear you over the sound of LYDIA MARTIN PULLING STILES STILINSKI BACK INTO EXISTENCE BY THE SHEER POWER OF THEIR LOVE/UNSPOKEN CONNECTION/EMOTIONAL TETHER.
  • Lydia: Everything changed after I kissed him.
  • Me after failing college and ultimately my entire life: Yeah, you right.

anonymous asked:

Hey, found your blog today randomly and love it:) I don't ship Touken because I just can't see it happening. I don't generally agree with Tokyo Ghoul shipping. You seem to be a polite person (that's what I have read so far). I'm just curious — why do you ship Touken? May I ask why? You don't have to answer.

Welcome to my blog! Thank you for leaving such a positive feedback! (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄)

I must confess that I have a problem of answering questions like that. Some months ago, I got invited to a barbecue. I met some Tokyo Ghouls fans, we had a nice conversation and at some point we ended up at the shipping discussion. While everyone was talking about their OTP (if i remember correctly, I was surrounded by “Shuuneki” and “Hidekane” supporter, haha) I remained silent; it’s not that I felt lonely, but they were able to put their thoughts in a short shape and form. And I couldn’t help, I wasn’t able to do my job in a few sentences… orz. ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌ But listen to the shipping opinions of others was kind of interesting.

Huhm, getting emotionally attached to something or someone is a process that takes a while. It’s not that I had a *click* moment where I suddenly started loving them. I just found myself joining their journey in an instant of eternity. Usually I don’t start shipping two (fictional) characters… but if something did happen, it happened. Whether it’s right or wrong. And some part of me will always be loving them… the two are basically separate characters anyway and I love them like that as well. I love them for many reasons; for personal reasons, their character, their development,…

Well, I think I might have said this somewhere before, but one factor that influenced my “shipping decision” is their nonverbal communication; simply facial expressions. The way they look at each other is worth more than a thousand words. I actually enjoy (”enjoy”; more like “Okay, this is causing me serious emotional harm…”) these moments more than their actual conversation. 。・゚(゚⊃ω⊂゚)゚・。

➊ “This is all my fault… I’m sorry.” (Kaneki, Chapter 72) [On my first manga run] The first thing I did after seeing this: I went into my kitchen and made a pot of my favorite coffee. And I have drunk it. I still remember it as if it were yesterday. This little boy was being tortured 2 or 3 times everyday for 10+ days and he took the blame for her injuries she received by her brother. That facial expression… and her reaction…

“See you later, Touka-chan…” (Kaneki, Chapter 79) When he is forcing himself to smile, because he is trying to stop her from joining his group. And he felt so bad about the whole situation that he had to look away. Why are you always lying? Please, stop lying! 

➌ Their first reaction when they haven’t seen or talked to each other for several months…

➍ Kaneki’s reaction when Touka told him quite emotional hurt that he shouldn’t return to Anteiku anymore. This always got me. According to his reaction, he never really expected to hear that of the least of her. 。゚(*´□`)゚。

➎ The crying face of Touka. “Why did you have to change?” (Touka, Chapter 120) She always had a tough time passing emotional boundaries with others. That was a face burned into his memory like no other. And it had positively an influence on his decision.

➏ An amnesiac Kaneki/Haise entered unsuspecting a certain coffee shop. He just wanted to drink a cup of coffee with “his kids”. Then a certain waitress appeared from the front door and…

.+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙ That being said… to a degree, I believe in fate. I believe, some things happen, and were ment to happen, but not all things are determined by fate. We make are own decisions, but actual things that happen to us, like we were at the ‘right place at the right time’, is fate. That’s my personal opinion. And that’s why I also believe in John Gay’s (English Dramatist and Poet) famous words: “We only part to meet again.”

I think, Kaneki and Touka deserve the golden pride award in this discipline. To be honest, I wish, they would stop repeating this quote over and over again… (ಥ__ಥ) Sensei, make your mind up!

Another important reason is perhaps their relationship development itself. They started out as strangers who didn’t know how to deal with each other. They didn’t get along well together; they are different as night and day, but at the same time they complement each other perfectly. He deals with the rough side of her tongue and her tomboyish behavior without complaining. And he who plants kindness gathers her acceptance/respect/trust, because it caused Touka to think about her behavior. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ One reason why she was softening later. While Kaneki’s mother almost never had the time to spend with him, he stayed in his father’s study room. His mother didn’t have the strength, the resolve to turn back. And that’s why he never got an ability to gain strength. But with Touka he had the chance to change that to a certain degree, because she spent a long time training with him. He needs someone to push his limits. The once strangers became close.

I am in love all these little things. Sorry, I couldn’t have written a shorter response. Somehow I can’t explain it simply; maybe the roots of my OTP love began to grow too deep. I’m pretty sure there are other things I could list, but the reply is already so long. You may understand me better when you have read it. After all this only my opinion. People see it differently and I’m absolutely fine with their thoughts. If you don’t like them in this way, you are free to do so, sweety. ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ I must say, I’m embarrassed by the way I answer it, because it sounds a little bit sentimental. They ruined me. No, Sensei ruined me. Though, I’m quite proud to support them. One major reason why I started “choukoto” over a month ago. If i think about it long enough, I could cry… lol. Narw, it was impossible to formulate a perfectly unbiased opinion with “this kind of question”: I want to apologize, if I offended someone.