sorry i broke your eyes


“Uh Pan?” You asked holding out your broken arrow. Okay whatever that lost boy scared you and you may have fired BUT it was okay because he broke it before it could hit you. But you also cut yourself badly on your arm. And there was blood. A lot. But you decided not to address that and just give in the broken arrow. He turned away from his conversation and looked up at you. “Yes y/n?” He asked kinda annoyed. You never really knew if he liked you or not so you kinda just stayed out of his way. “Uh I broke a arrow. Sorry.” You said. His eyes went down to your arrow but grew wide as he saw your injury. “Y/N what happened?!” He asked turning your wrist over gently. It surprised you how gentle he was and you just said “oh you know just cut myself accidentally nothing big.” You said. But it hurt. A lot. “Nothing big? Y/N your bleeding like crazy. Here this might hurt a little.” He said. He waved his arm around you and the blood was gone. He did it again slower and you felt a sting of pain as if someone was rubbing lemon in it. You winced loudly and saw a look of guilt on Pan’s face but soon the pain was gone and so was the cut. “Thank you.” You said. He smiled at you. “Anything for my lost girl.”