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tell me why this budgetless gay youtube series made for fun by a group of friends has the best editing and writing of anything i’ve watched in a year.

also tell me how this single scene can contain every single one of the top three most iconic lines in history.

edit: whoa, i didn’t expect this to blow up so quick! putting the source in the tags was a bad idea, sorry. this is brian jordan alvarez’s the gay and wondrous life of caleb gallo, and you can watch it on youtube or vimeo! he makes lots of other hilarious gay videos too, so you should check out his whole channel.



-peter’s vlog about his trip to berlin (10/10 would subscribe)
-peter’s pure shock when tony says he can keep the suit
-tony and peter having the awkward father/son relationship
-every time cap would show up with his pep talks
-“so…you got detention”
-peter blowing up happy’s phone w texts and calls giving him updates
-peter changing into his costume in an alley way because he is *that* excited
-“i need a new backpack”
-“that’s like….the fifth one this month”
-just the entire scene with ned finding out peter is spider-man because me too
-ned and peter in gym and when peter is doing sit-ups the teacher says “nice job parker” and peter then goes slow on purpose
-when peter ends up stranded in the woods and runs across the parking lot bc he can’t swing on anything (i ALWAYS wondered how that worked so s/o to the writers)
-the Trainging Wheels protocol
-when peter said “if you really cared, you would actually be here” aND TONY STEPS OUT
-the fact that peter and ned have their own handshake
-the scene where peter tells liz he likes her and that entire scene because c'mon that was adorable
-but then that ends when he goes to the door and VULTURE IS LIZ’S DAD
-that entire car ride to homecoming because you just knew peter was sweating through his suit
-peter already making up his mind about what vulture said about staying away because he left his cell phone in his car
-ned becoming the computer guy
-“i was…….watching porn”
-peter emerging from the rubble and showing how strong he is (physically and mentally)
-peter saving vulture’s life
-the fact that peter turned down tony’s offer which shows how much he has grown
-“told ya he’s a good kid”
-pepper and tony are back together!!!! (hell yeAH)
-happy pulling out THE ring
-“i’ve been carrying this with me since 2008”

“Are You Okay?” - Jeff Atkins

Summary : Montgomery asks you for help in chemistry, but turns out he doesn’t really want to study. The conversation gets a little out of hands and Jeff is the one who comes to calm things down.

Pairing : Jeff Atkins x Reader

Words count : 860

Warnings : Mature and graphic language

A/N : I wrote this in half an hour and it’s not that good. Also, english isn’t my first language so sorry if there is any mistakes. Send your request!

Originally posted by knightlley

Like every other day, I stopped by my locker to pick up my books. While opening it, I spotted Jeff. So did he, and we both smiled at each other as a ‘hello’. How mind blowing his smile was. I couldn’t help but think that every time I saw it. As I picked my books, I started to hear whispers behind me. At first, I wasn’t paying attention to them, but then some words caught my ears.

“Go ahead!” This sentence was repeated a few times by different guys. “Yeah, go!” And then some laughter came out from their mouths.

As I turned around, Montgomery de la Cruz, surrounded by his friends, was leaning against the lockers behind me. When they caught me looking at them, they all went silence with a playful smile on their lips. I started to feel uncomfortable, so I rapidly closed my locker and started to walk out.

“Y/N!” I couldn’t even take two steps that I was stopped by someone grabbing my arm. My eyes laid on Montgomery, again, who had a stupid smile stuck on his face. “Hey. Hum-” He glanced over at his friends, all laughing. “Can I talk to you for a second?”

“Yeah, hum- sure.” It felt like i was being played and it wasn’t a good feeling, at all.

“So, I need help in chemistry and I was wondering if you could help me, with… stuff, you know?” I was surprise by his request as I’m not good at all in chemistry. But he probably doesn’t know that.

“I would like to help you, but i’m failing in chemistry so I can’t do much for you.” I was ready for him to answer something so I could mind my own business again, but he didn’t.

“Oh, you know, it’s okay. You can still come by my house. We won’t have to study.” His rested his hand against the locker to our left, his face leaning closer to me. It took me a moment to realize what he was talking about, and I couldn’t be more disgusted.

“Are you kidding me? Won’t happen for anything in the world.” My voice suddenly raised with how angry I was at him. His friends started laughing at him, at how I rejected him.

“What the fuck guys? Stop!” He looked back at me with anger in his eyes. “A slut like you will come back and beg for it at some point.” His voice was so loud that it stopped many conversation around us. People were staring at us. No sounds were coming out of my mouth at this point. “What? Don’t have anything to say now?” His arms were wide open, like he was confronting me to fight back.

I looked around me to find comforting eyes, but everyone was just waiting for me to make a move. My mouth was hang open, shocked by the humiliation. Eventually, my eyes laid on Jeff in the crowd of people.

“Are you waiting for my dick with your mouth open like that?” At this point, I just couldn’t take it anymore.

“What the fuck?” I stepped closer to him. “Stop it!” I started pushing him back with the little strength I had. “Who do you think you are!?” I kept pushing him harder. More people were coming around us to see what was happening.

I just kept screaming at him, letting my anger out, when at some point I felt a pair of arms around my waists, pushing me back. I barely saw who it was, they already had their back in front of me, facing Montgomery.

“What the hell, man? What do you think you’re doing here?” Jeff was the one standing in front of me, defending me. No respond was heard from Montgomery.

“Let’s go.” He finally said. He passed by me with his friends, his eyes still filled with anger.

“Let’s go people, there’s nothing to see.” Jeff stated to the crowd that started to dissolve. He then faced me, putting his hands on my shoulders, a worry look on his face. “Are you okay?”

“Humiliated.” I was looking at the floor, so embarrassed to look at him after what happened.

“Hey.” He lifted my head up with his hand. “Montgomery is an ass, you can’t let what he said bring you down.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” As my respond wasn’t that convincing, he took a step closer and took me in his arms. His embrace was very comforting, with his hand stroking my hair and the other on my back. I could have stopped time to stay like this a little longer.

The last bell of the day rang, letting everyone know it was time to go home. We moved away from each other, and he faced me with an adorable smile. I couldn’t help but smile back at him and blushed.

“Do you need a ride home?” He asked to me, nicely.

“Actually, yes.” I answered, taking the opportunity offered to me.


-Lance’s family going to celebrate Lance’s birthday every year on Varadero beach
-Sparklers, cake fights, seashell crown for the birthday boy
-His entire family gathered on a small plot of beach, just together, loving their future space cadet with every fiber of their being
-After Lance’s disappearance, the family still heads to the beach, with a small cake and candle that the sea breeze blows out
-Lance’s mother recruiting Colleen Hoult to break into the Garrison so she can send out a birthday transmission to her son, hoping that wherever he is, he knows how much he’s wanted back home

Jealousy - Tommy Shelby

- Hey would you write something in the lines of you being close friends with John but dating Tommy and Tom being jealous cause he thinks his brother never got over a silly crush he had over you? Maybe some fight that ends up in make up sex?

- You’re back! I would love to read about Tommy trying to win his lady back after spending the day being ignored by her after a fight (and just being sweet cause he can’t handle her being distant) lots of fluff!!!!

For the sake of their argument making sense, assume they got married pre-1922 ;)

“And then, and then he just goes down like a sack of spuds! Off his fucking face he was!”

John and I dissolve into a fit of laughter, John grasping at my arm as he takes a sip of his drink and proceeds to snort it out his nose. It’s the kind of laughter that snowballs, gets out of control until your stomach aches and you have to calm down just so you can take a breath. And it’s the kind of laughter that happens a lot when John and I are together. It’s also the kind of laughter that Tommy always feels the need to put a stop to.

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I think Lydia could get Stiles to do anything but the real question is did Stiles ever get Scott to watch Star Wars

“Scott I was literally erased from this reality, you owe it to me.”

“How long are you going to keep using the Ghost Riders to get people to do things for you?”

“Until you agree to watch Star Wars, man, come on! How have we been friends so long without this happening, what rock have you been living under?”

“Sorry, I’ve been a little busy learning how to, you know, be a werewolf.”

“And who has been there by your side every step of the way? And yet I somehow still found time to keep up to date with the best franchise in cinematic history.”

“Not all of us have insomnia.”

“Low blow. We’re watching the original trilogy.”

“There’s more than one trilogy?”

“Oh, come on!”

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heeyyaaa can ya do 75 please, im thinking highschool au,btw love your blog


“Quit beating me up!”

Derek prided himself on being a decent guy. Between the weekly volunteering down at the shelter and the math tutoring and free babysitting for the neighborhood kids, he thought he was doing a pretty good job of being a good guy. But for some godforsaken reason, Stiles Stilinski still hated him.

Derek tried to talk to Stiles at school but whenever he got close, Stiles would stare him down until Derek eventually backed away. Sure they never ran in the same social circles but Derek couldn’t figure out why Stiles hated him so much.

He was heading to the locker room for practice when he heard a loud bang and some yelling coming from the bathroom.

Derek pushed the door open to see a few of the football players surrounding Stiles, fists posed to hit him.

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story time

An incest story I found on the net …

I am Peter 19 years old and have been solo for half a year.
My last friend had a study place abroad and therefore our relationship ended.
I still live in the hotel Mama. My mother, Karin, is 37 years old and divorced. She looks absolutely good and looks younger than she is. It has happened several times that they have been held for my new girlfriend.
My sexual life is currently restricted to manual work, which is not exactly the fulfillment, of course. With my mother I’m not as sure as it is. She has stayed away several times over night, supposedly a good friend, but in the last quarter she was always at home always in the evening.
Some time ago it began with me, That I looked at my mother with different eyes. I tried to see her in underwear or maybe naked. I almost never succeeded. I was looking for her used sexy underwear and smelled of it when I was in the bathroom on jerk off.
I tried in the bathroom through the keyhole to stretch something when she wanted to showers, but the angle was wrong and so I could see nothing.
The only option was at the bedroom door. But the angle was not good either. I could only see something when she walked back and forth in the room.
A few times I have been able to watch them in underwear for a very brief moment. But nothing more.
Today was Saturday night and my mother wanted to leave. For this she wanted to move. So I took the opportunity and squinted again through the keyhole.
Somehow I did not look at her at all. Why not?
I did not know, of course, that she had already arranged her things before and thus had not to run through the room.
Thus, the doom took its course. Suddenly, the door opened and my mother stood in front of me and looked at me in a stooped attitude in front of the door.
The situation was absolutely clear and an excuse was completely superfluous.
I came up quickly and saw her face twitch with anger.
“What should that be? Are not you very close? "She cursed me aloud.
"The guy is sitting in front of my door and peering through the keyhole. I could scare you left and right, even if you’re too old for it, "continued her sermon.
I could only stand in front of her and stammer some kind of nonsense like "excuse me” and “sorry”. The situation was embarrassing to me, and I would have sunk into the ground.
“What am I going to do with you?” She asked, getting more and more into rage.
“I think we both have to talk a serious word and it will not be a positive thing for you.”
She grabbed me angrily at the trouser belt and pulled me into the bedroom. I thought she would still hit every moment.
“You come here now and sit down. The tension will now be driven out for you once and for all ” “She said, pulling me further, pulling her trouser belt up to her bed.
There she stopped and gave me a hard blow against her chest, so I fell on the bed. There I lay with my sewn-on neck and hard of the things that would still come.
It was certainly not good.
"Please, Mutti, excuse me for doing this. I do not know why. I’m really sorry. I’ll promise you something like this never happens again, "I tried to get her back down from 180.
"Somehow you do not have to be saved any more. Man oh man, boy, how can I trust you again. I could burst with anger, "she continued.
I could understand her. In the aftermath, it was also a shitty idea of ​​me.
I wanted to get up and sit down. When she noticed this, she knelt on the bed and pressed me, still with anger in her stomach, with all her strength down and hit my chest with my fist.
"You’ll be lying there until I’m done with you, young man. You’ll have to listen to a couple of things, "she continued, but was slightly quieter.
"Damn, why? What do you get when you look through. You can see nothing anyway. Can not you lend a porn movie like all the guys at your age? Why do you try to get on your mother? You broke my trust. Are you sniffing about my things? "She continued.
"No Mama, I’ve never done that before. This is really taboo. I swear to you, "I tried somehow to smooth the waves.
"Why are you thrilled? Do you need it so badly? "She continued.
"Well, okay,” I tried to justify myself, “that’s because you look so great. Not like a mother. I admired your nice underwear on the clothesline and wanted to see what it looks like when you wear it. ”
“ Oh, great. Then the villain tries to justify his crap, which he has built, with a compliment. This is already brazen, "she said, but became visibly calmer.
"Honestly, Mom. Look at the mirror. You’re an absolutely great woman. If you were not my mother, I’d even ditch you on the street, "I tried to make them continue to vote well.
"Now is good. Do not exaggerate, "she said somewhat embarrassed and I realized how her anger slowly smoked.
She even stroked my hair tenderly, smiling at me.
"Ne, really. If I say it, it is so. Do not you notice when the men look after you? And there are not only older ones, "I said, trying to divert them somehow.
"I’m not quite sure. Is it so interesting for you to see me in underwear, that you are exposed to such a danger of being caught by me? You’ve seen other girls even naked, "she continued.
"That is something different. You look so sexy and I just wanted to know how you look like that. I can not tell you otherwise, "I tried to justify my actions.
My mother sat upright and was totally lost in thought. No one said a word. Like thoughtless and unintentional, she put a hand on my leg and lightly stroked my pants.
As if she had come to a conclusion in her reflections, she pulled me up once and asked, "How would you react if I said now, I want to see your naked upper body now. Or let’s see how your panties stand for you. I think you would look funny from the laundry. Boy Boy!! Actually, I’d still be damned evil with you. What am I doing with you now? Do I now have to impose all keyhole?
Or do you feel good when I jerk when you’re jerking again? ” Peng! That had been sitting. From the side I had never considered the matter.
When she saw the last question, she pulled me up by the collar and took me in the arm and said,
“You see. Now you understand what I mean. I think we should get along again. I suppose it was really just a stupid thing. ”
“ Mom, Mom. I’m also quite honestly sorry and I promise you it will never happen again, "I promised her so sincerely and joyfully so well.
"You could have asked me. Who knows what answer you would have gotten ” She said, pulling me to her side and giving me a kiss on the cheek.
“I can go badly to you and say hello Mama, I find you sharp and want to see how you look in underwear,” I replied now more courageously to the answer.
“Well, really sounds a bit funny,” she laughed, “but why not. Let’s just try it differently.
"Dear Peter, I would like to see your muscular body. Do you take off your shirt? "She asked.
I did not know whether she was serious about it, or wanted to fool me, and asked, "Now you’re kidding me? Or? ”
“ Do I look like I’m going to kid you? I do not think so. It is my seriousness, "she confirmed.
Before I knew, however, She sat on my lap and asked, "What is now?
Yes or no? ” “ Yes, of course, "I went on to the game without knowing what she was going to do.
"Then you too. Away with the shirt, "she said, and began to unbutton my shirt.
I could only be amazed and faster than I could think at the moment, the shirt was open. I felt quite different and my tail grew slowly more and more. I hoped she would not notice it, because she sat almost on it.
Desperately, I tried to suppress the growth. It remained however with the attempt. The situation was totally unreal, but I was still aroused.
I had the impression that my mother wanted to give me a lesson that would keep me from tensioning once and for all.
Affectionately she stroked my chest and said, "You really have a nice
upper body. No gram of fat too much. ”
Then she came up and sat down beside me on the bed. Thank God, I thought, otherwise she might have felt my stand on her body.
“Well, let’s continue. Same right for both. Now you’re going to ask your question, "she said. I looked at her, irritated, but then, as she asked, asked, "Dear Mutti, would you please show me how you look without a jacket, just with a bra?”
“Well, go,” she said Her costume jacket.
“Who politely asks, gets a polite answer. And now you can see my bra. ”
I stared at her bra, Who scarcely concealed her breast.
“I think I should rather make the jacket again. It looks as if the sight does not get you, "she said, looking demonstratively at my step, where the bump in the pants could not be hidden.
"No, no,” I said quickly, “I’d like to have a look. You have so beautiful breasts. They look really great. ”
“ Do you think it will not be too much for you? If your part continues to grow, it could hurt, "she told me directly to my needs.
"It’s all right. This is because I find you really hot, "I tried to justify my condition.
"Good. Then you can look a little more, if you want. But watch out, That your eyes will not fall from your head, "she said, and continued speaking the same way.
"Now you realize that you are coming a lot further, if you honestly ask and risk a no, as if you sit and spy and then see nothing.” “Yeah, I understood that,” I said softly. What was she going to do? Did she want to make me horny and then leave me in the rain? Should that be my punishment? But I would like to accept it. Never had I seen so much and so close to see her.
I was still staring at her tits with a hanging tongue and wished I could touch her once in my life.
“Would you like to touch her?” She asked without a pass. Could she read my thoughts? Was my gaze so clear? I could say nothing more with astonishment. I could only nod. I still did not dare to go.
“No inhibitions. Lang too, "she asked me again to do what I had dreamed for a long time. To confirm that she was serious, she took my hand and laid it on her breast. I was blown away. It felt exciting. Again she stroked my chest and said, "You must be able to grab something firmer and caress me. They do not bite. ”
Excited as a little schoolboy, I began to caress her breast.
“Hmm, you’re doing well,” she said, pulling her jacket completely.
“So now you see how I look in the bra without what about it. Do you like it at least? "She asked.
Again I nodded and said, "Absolutely top. Even more beautiful than I imagined. ”
“ How does it feel? ”
“ Beautifully soft and stiff. Your breasts are so big and your nipples hard, "I replied in a trembling voice.
"Then do not let me wait and caress my chest a little. Look, if my nipples do not become bigger, "she continued with the game. Immediately I began to paint over her chest and played something at her horny warts.
She began to moan softly and enjoyed it visibly. With her hand she put on mine, she showed me how I liked it even better.
I began to knead her breasts properly. I noticed that she was slowly but surely aroused. I wondered where that was going. If she were about to go on, she would immediately come to herself and end it abruptly.
At the moment it did not look like it.
She dropped back on the bed and pulled me down.
I was still playing at her breast when she gave me a kiss.
Not so much as a mother and a son, but a very hot and intimate tongues like man and woman.
My cock felt like imprisoned, so tight it was in my pants. I was very horny. Nevertheless, I tore myself together and only made what she said to me, and thus guaranteed, even if it was difficult for me.
We were banging around for a while, and I was terrified and afraid that I could unload myself in my pants. Just before that I was already.
Then Mother stopped kissing me and came up quickly. That’s it, I thought. Now she comes back to herself.
"What would have happened if you had seen me like that before? Would you go to your room to get you a ride? "She asked.
"I do not know … maybe … maybe,” I stuttered, reddening my thoughts so clearly. I was so horny that I even needed to wank me. I would have liked to do it right here, but then she would certainly scour me.
“Was it now that, What you wanted to see through the keyhole? Or did you even have the hope to see more?
Would you like me to get naked or do you just stand on sexy underwear? ” What should the question? You should be clear what a young man wanted to be at my age.
“Sure, I’m on hot clothes … it looks cool with you … without it I would like it but better,” I admitted openly, without knowing what mother planned with me.
“So you would like my tits without bra even better,” she stated to herself.
With a dry mouth I nodded. How she talked at once. Mother began to speak it right. Her voice sounded somewhat smoky, somehow erotic.
“Good. Then I will meet you a little. So that you will never again squat before keyhole, You can now take off my bra and look at it from near. "She offered, turning her back to me.
Excited, I nuzzled at the shutter and tried to make the bra open.
With the remark, "We still have to practice that so that you can do better next time,” she helped me open the lock and started to laugh.
Now the darn thing was open and I took the piece of fabric from her. Now I could admire her bosom completely naked. Her nipples stood hard and excited. Her breasts were not hanging down a bit, but were still firm and firm. Actually, she did not need a bra. I could not help but stare at the things fascinated.
I would love to get into a big life now. Somehow I dared not. What did she say? … Ask me the next time! Should I … through the bra, I was already able to touch her … would she now allow it again? … no matter … now I wanted to show her that I understood and asked: “Dear Mutti, you have great breasts.
Can I play my nipples? ” Mother laughed heartily and said,“ My son has learned his lesson. Since there is always a reward for followers, you can now go to my tits. ”
Now nothing stopped me. I took her breasts in both hands and kneaded them easily. I was always busy with one of her nipples.
She lay down with her back to my chest, relaxed and enjoyed my treatment, and said in a low voice, “You’re doing great. You are eerily tender.
So you are allowed to continue. ” Now I stroked her on the whole upper body. From the neck over the chest to the belly and back again. She purred like a cat.
It was really fun to spoil my mother and feel her getting hotter.
With me it was getting worse and worse with the excitement. I would now like to have my friend taken out and hosed. I knew, however, that my mother would feel used and then I would have broken everything.
So I tried to think of all sorts of things, just not to my abode, which of course was very difficult for me.
Now my mother rose and said, “That was very nice, but I think we should stop now. We have already gone way too far. I think you already had more than good for both of us. "She looked at me rather mischievously.
Did she really mean the way she said it? Could I have somehow changed her mind?
"Oh, mutti. Now where it is just beautiful … why should I stop there? "I begged.
"Let’s do it all, but we can not do more. Somehow you have to find an end. ”
Should I ask her more directly? Mother said that questions would be OK for her.
I let it arrive at an attempt and begged, “Dear Mutti. But I have not yet seen your panties. Let me know how good he is to you. Above all, I like your stockings so great.
” Nu began to rumzualbern and said, not without me a Knuff in the side and to tickle me:“ Oh man. What a joke you are. You’ve seen more of me than ever by keyhole. Are not you satisfied? ”
“ But … but … well … so the rest I imagine, too, cool, "I did not let loose.
"And what if you’ve seen it? Look at you. You have already problems with your tail. Do you want to run into your room and jerk your mind at the thought of your mother? "She tried to provoke me.
"No … of course not …” I stammered.
“Whom do you want to shit now? Be honest to me ”, I got a ruffle.
“Yes … you’re right … but just as you say …”
“How do I say it?”
“So directly.”
“That corresponds to the facts. Why talk about it? I can tell you that you’d like to cum. ”
It was strange. Just before, she almost gave me a few ears when I watched her secretly, and now she was enjoying herself. But it was true what she said. I was horny to bursting and would not even need to jerk me hard, so it comes to me.
She seemed to think for a moment, then said, “All right. So you’d like me to take off the skirt? ”
I could only nod.
“I hear nothing!”
“Yes mutti. I’d like you to take off your skirt ”, I said softly.
“Well … go …”
She opened her zipper slowly and pulled the skirt down, so I could see the back of the string and the notch of her posing. Then she interrupted, turned back to me and said, “I do not really know. Shall I really show you the rest? What did I actually get from it? ”
I looked at Mother questioningly. I did not understand what she was going to do.
“If I take off the skirt now, you have reached what you wanted. You could see me half-naked. What are you giving me? "She asked.
"What do you want?” I asked, looking at her uncomprehendingly.
“Na jaaa … think about times … Should not you perhaps offer me something from you? Maybe by train? "Mother explained to me.
What should I offer her to take her skirt off? Should I also free myself completely? Did she really want to see my cock?
"Should I take off before you, too,” I asked somewhat uncertainly.
“Yeah, that’s how I imagined it. You can start with your jeans, "she suggested. So I had understood correctly. I stood on the floor and unbuttoned my pants. When I started pulling her down, Mother also dropped her skirt slowly.
When both were lying on the floor, we stared at each other with open mouths. Oh man, the woman looked good. Her figure was breathtaking. Just clothed with stockings and the string thong, she was the sin in person.
"Oh, Mutti, you look hot,” I said.
“But you have a big cock. I never thought that the little cock had become such a nice part, "she said, almost whispering, not responding to my words.
I looked down at me and turned red. My panties were not able to curb my pint. He simply pushed the rubber away, so Mother had a clear view from above. Should I take my leave, or did I rather stay the way I was?
Mother stroked my chest, as far as the belly, and when she came with my backs against my glans, she immediately shrank back and left me. She licked her dry lips and lay down on the bed. I remained a bit hesitant.
Mother pulled me by the hand, so I lay on the bed. She could not look away from my abdomen. It was the same with me. I stared at her, too.
I stroked her nylon-trimmed leg lightly with her hand. Where the naked flesh began, I stopped and let my hand wander back to her feet. Man, this woman looked hot, with her stockings and the black panties.
Mother groaned excitedly and stroked my leg in thought, still staring at my panties.
Could a woman be just as horny as a man, When she saw the corresponding parts? Somehow it seemed to be so, because Mother forgot everything around. I slid on the bed with my panties pulled a bit further down. So now my cock hung out in full length and only my sack was still hidden.
It seemed as if Mother liked it even better. As I stroked her slightly higher, she spread the automatic so far that I now had an unobstructed view of her panties. To my regret, he still completely concealed her pussy, but I could see that she was getting wetter there.
A sign that not only was I excited to burst, but my mother as well.
"Do you like to touch the legs when the nylons are still on, Or is it better for you without? "She asked so softly that I hardly understood her.
"I think … that with nylons is much more erotic and mysterious. Almost a little wicked. It feels really cool, if one goes over it … ”, I admitted honestly.
“Then please fondle me. I also like the feeling when you touch me like that, "she moaned softly.
I stroked her legs with both hands and always stopped at the top of the stocking and moved me down again.
I could admire her beauty. There was no hair on the panties, and I wondered whether she was shaved or not.
We were now somewhat opposed to each other and could thus directly look at the objects of our desire.
Mother also stroked my legs, But to my regret, she did not touch my cock, but only continued on my stomach. I was horny to swing off and slowly needed relaxation.
Mother’s slip became more and more transparent through her wetness. The contours of her excited pussy were clearly marked. I just could not resist and ran my fingers with these lines. Instead of resisting, as I almost expected, she even spread her legs even more. It seemed to me to continue as an invitation. I came up and put myself down so we were right again next to each other. Since my panties disturbed me, I simply pulled him off without a mother.
She looked at me with big eyes, but did not protest. I lay down so that I could suck at her breast. It was like a dream. I was allowed to lie unhindered on these gorgeous tits while I stroked her whole upper body. Again I began to touch her at her sanctuary. I became bolder and rubbed her clit. Mother groaned excitedly and gave me a hot tongue kiss. Ever faster we let our tongues dance.
I had never experienced such a sensual and erotic game. I absorbed every movement and touch. Normally everything would have been over for me and I had already come a long time. Now I had the feeling it could still go on for hours, even though I was cool to the point.
I just pushed the slightly disturbing panties aside and touched the center of my desire for the first time. A shiver ran over my back and made me tremble. Even as I gently pushed a finger into the wet hole and gropingly exploring her innermost, my mother liked that. With the thumb I stimulated her clit further. Mother pressed with excitement very close to me and began to rub with her leg at my tail. I had to withdraw something, or I would have sprayed it. It was just too horny to feel her dripping leg on my cock. Immediately, however, she came back and rubbed my shaft.
"Mutti … please not … I can not stand it …” I groaned and began to fuck her even more violently with the finger.
Suddenly she pressed my hand away and sat up.
“Shit … I would have just shut up … now she has come to herself again and everything is over,” I thought.
Mother looked at me with a deep look and asked: “You seem to have slight problems. Why can not I touch you while you’re playing around with my mouse? ”
“ But … you may … but … it’s only … "I stuttered. It was a bit embarrassing for me to tell her why I left.
"Is that embarrassing to you?” She simply continued.
“Noooo! Not at all. It’s just … ”
“ So you want to stop … "Mother said, grinning at me.
"Oooohhh no … by no means …. I would like to continue. But … oh shit … I can not tell you so … ”, Tried somehow to make clear to me how it stood around me.
“So what. Then everything is clear, "she said rubbing lightly with her foot over my cock. I groaned and said, "Please Mutti … stop short …. I can not … ”
Mother wanted to drive the whole thing to the top. She certainly knew how it was about me. Why did she torture me so. I could not just cum now. If I sipped her legs, she would surely hold me for a quick-blow and it would be out with this game. Again and again she slid her toes over my shaft.
“Let’s say what’s going on with you. I want to hear it, "I was asked. She said rubbing lightly with her foot over my cock. I groaned and said, "Please Mutti … stop short …. I can not … ” Mother wanted to drive the whole thing to the top. She certainly knew how it was about me. Why did she torture me so. I could not just cum now. If I sipped her legs, she would surely hold me for a quick-blow and it would be out with this game. Again and again she slid her toes over my shaft. “Let’s say what’s going on with you. I want to hear it, "I was asked. She said rubbing lightly with her foot over my cock. I groaned and said, "Please Mutti … stop short …. I can not … ” Mother wanted to drive the whole thing to the top. She certainly knew how it was about me. Why did she torture me so. I could not just cum now. If I sipped her legs, she would surely hold me for a quick-blow and it would be out with this game. Again and again she slid her toes over my shaft. “Let’s say what’s going on with you. I want to hear it, "I was asked. I could not just cum now. If I sipped her legs, she would surely hold me for a quick-blow and it would be out with this game. Again and again she slid her toes over my shaft. "Let’s say what’s going on with you. I want to hear it, "I was asked. I could not just cum now. If I sipped her legs, she would surely hold me for a quick-blow and it would be out with this game. Again and again she slid her toes over my shaft. "Let’s say what’s going on with you. I want to hear it, "I was asked.
"Mutti … what are you doing …? I’m so horny … uaaahhh … please take your foot away …. Damn I’ll be right now !!! I’ll spray right away, "I cried. I had to pull myself together. The feeling of the nylons on my cock gave me the rest.
"Look! Why not the same. Would you have been able to say much more, that your lousy is a cold and is immediately sniffed. You are certainly afraid that I would be disappointed. Since you do not need to be afraid. I know that I have irritated you to the last and it is now with you so far. I’m not yesterday. You just have to say it. Perhaps I can help you yes, "she distracted my fears.
She squeezed my legs apart, crouched between them, and took my friend in his hand. "Now I will show you what you neglect, If you continue to do so, "she said, and began to wank me very easily.
I heard the Englein sing. This woman knew exactly how she could get a man around.
"Well, how is it? Do you like your hot cock, if it is to be gewichst? "She asked correctly ordinarily. I had never heard such words from her. But I liked it so much that she said that way. It showed me that she was just as pointed as I was.
"Jaaa … it’s gorgeous … aahhh … watch out …. I’m coming … "I groaned.
Immediately Mother stopped and said, grinning, "I do not believe it. If I stop now, it’s over. ”
“ Please, Mutti, finish it. I can not stand it anymore, "I begged.
"Well, if you ask me so kindly, Then I will not be so, "she said, bending over my cock. The acorn was quite wet from the drops that had already come. Before I came to think, she had my part in my mouth and began to suck.
"Mom …. Watch out…. I can not hold it anymore … ”, cried and tried something half-hearted to release my cock. I had no idea how my mother would react if I sprayed the whole cream into her mouth or face.
But she did not let herself go astray, but sucked even more. Deeply she let me enter her throat. It was incomprehensible to me how she did it. Now she also began to wank me hard and push my balls easily.
I could not stand it any longer. I still called to the warning: “I kooommeeee.
” And then the cream shot me out. Instead of taking her head aside, what I had expected, she just sucked stronger, so I sprayed her into her mouth.
Again and again I jerked together and shot a jet after the others loudly moaning. She swallows everyone down without even a drop of her mouth running.
When I finished, she licked farther and farther than if nothing had been done and cleaned my cock from all spermaresten.
In the treatment, my tail was not even smaller in the batch, but kept unchanged its size.
I had never experienced such a thing before. To this day he has always fallen together, and I took a while to recover. Thanks to my mother, it was different now. She licked the glans again and then rose.
“So. I believe he can still. Now we can continue in peace without your pressure is too big and we both have more of it. Otherwise you would have come completely uncontrolled and I would have had nothing of your cream. I like to swallow sperm and bubble tails for my life. That’s a good thing for me, "my mother said, laying down with her legs spread.
"Now it’s your turn. I’ll let you know what you think, "she told me now.
Immediately I began stroking her legs again, stroking her fingers with the shapes of her gaps.
My finger was all wet, even though the fabric was still in between.
"Damn boy. Pull me the shit. I want to feel you without substance, "she cried. Faster than she could think, I had eliminated the thing. Now she lay in front of me with a completely naked plum. She was completely shaved and her labia was shining with moisture. Excited, I took her horny smell in me.
Since my mother had freed me from my great pressure, I was now able to focus entirely on her.
I was still horny as never, but needed nothing more to pounce. Of course, she knew about it, so I had to let go so quickly.
Again and again, I stroked the hot mash like a cat around her pleasure center, then went back through the gaps and massaged her clitoris.
She rummaged to and fro and groaned in one. Whenever I met her clit, she came up with her butt and pressed herself against my hand.
"Oh, yeah, that’s great. You make me hot, "I heard her say softly.
She looked incredibly horny, as she lay so with her eyes closed and only with her stockings clad. I could not get enough of this picture. Now my pressure on her column grew stronger, and she was formally bucking my hand.
She seemed no longer to be in this world, but far away in the realm of pleasure. She squirmed under my hands and saw that her body screamed for fulfillment.
It was the first time that I could feel a hairless pussy, as my previous girlfriends, (Unfortunately only two where I ran so far) a dense Haarbusch wore.
Nutter’s hand groped for my cock and stroked it. The touch was light as a breath, but it had a greater effect than if it had been brutal.
I drifted this game for a while and stroked her whole body with one hand without caressing the other with her pussy.
For a moment, she was back with me and moaned, "You’re driving me mad. I can not stand it anymore. ”
She was totally wet and the swollen clitoris lurked out of the crack.
Completely stepped away I let this beautiful sight look upon me. Never before had I seen anything so beautiful and exciting.
I completely forgot, They fondle further. Now my mother looked at me with a loving smile and said, “I do not like to disturb you in your reflections, but it would be nice if you would continue with something. No matter what.
But finally! ” I would have liked to put myself on her now and pushed my cock into it. But I was concerned that she was not so far and that I would be echoing afterwards.
I could not know how far she went. So I stroked her bald pussy anew. Mother began to twist back and forth.
Since she had put my cock in her mouth, I thought she might not mind if I licked her.
Cautiously, I ran my tongue through the crack and took her juice into me. I had never done it before and was surprised that the plum juice tasted so good.
Since no defense reaction came, but only a lusty droning, I became bolder and began to lick it completely. I even put the tongue in her horny hole and fucked her with it lightly, to the next moment again their clit work.
“Uhhh, mhh, jaaa, that’s nice. Keep up the good work, "I heard her say as she pushed my abdomen against me.
I ran my tongue up to the back of its mouth and circling it. She pressed so hard against me that even my nose disappeared in her hole.
Now I took her clit between my lips and sucked me tightly to him.
Again and again I licked and sucked. My mother grew more and more into ecstasy and began to work on her breasts herself.
As if a gate had been opened, the sweetheart ran out of it. I licked and sucked like a wild one, to take in everything and not let anything pass.
Her abdomen began to twitch. It could not be far away from an orgasm.
Her groan grew louder and her breath more chopped and when I stopped briefly to take a breath, she cried, "Do not stop. Go on. Fuck me with the tongue. Tear my clit out with your lips. Leak me my pussy dry. ”
Man oh man, the woman had to be excited. She used more and more expressions of force. I never thought she would ever put such words in her mouth.
I licked now like wild, without regard for losses.
When I then pushed a finger into her hot hole and fucking her hard, it was happening around her. The face twitched and her hand squeezed tightly against her belly.
She cried aloud, “I come, aaahhhhhh.” She pressed my head so hard on her pussy that I almost got no air.
One wave after another shook her body and gave her a passing mega-gosh.
She had lost control of herself and was only a bundle of pleasure.
I did not stop licking her, but only grew gentler again, leaving my finger resting in her hole, as I realized the orgasm slowly subsided.
I began to caress her softly over her whole body and did not let her breasts out, while I gave her nipples a special treatment.
Cautiously, I let my fingers wander again through their gaps, then immediately again only their breasts to treat.
Her breath, which had just recovered a little, began to get more restless and flatter.
“Please cum on my tits. Massage me my udders, "begged Mother.
It gave me eerie pleasure to spoil her so tenderly, because I realized she was hovering again in a cloud of pleasure.
Oddly enough, it was easy for me to put my own pleasure behind and only to take care of my mother’s feelings.
It was incomprehensible to me, That she could enjoy my game after such a huge orgasm. I saw her split like a flower blossomed and pulled her labia wide apart to see everything exactly.
I could not resist and let my tongue revolve around a new one around the clit.
Suddenly I noticed a slight pain on my shoulders. She held tightly there and clawed my fingernails into the flesh.
But it was more a sweet pain and I took for the hot sight, which she gave me gladly in purchase.
Her grip tightened and with her legs she pressed my head as in a vice firmly on her pussy.
Then she came, for me completely unexpectedly within a few minutes, again with a short scream, for the second time. Not as strong as the first orgasm, but still with high intensity, as I could notice the twitch of her body.
Now I left her plum in peace and stroked her legs and belly. At the same time, I enjoyed feeling her stockings on my body.
It took two or three minutes for my mother to be back on earth. With a loving smile she looked at me and stroked my hair tenderly.
She looked really happy and relaxed. There was an absolute silence between us and no one could stop the harmony of our feelings.
We only looked deeply into each other’s eyes and were able to read out our happiness.
As she lay there, I admired and admired them even more, Than I had done before.
In her charming nakedness, she was the most beautiful woman imaginable.
I loved her as a mother before, so I realized now that I began to see, love and covet her as a woman.
She was now the first to break the silence and say affectionately, "Thank you my boy.
1000 thanks. You gave me the most beautiful feelings. ”
I was proud to hear such a compliment from my mother’s mouth and answered,“ That was not hard, so horny as you Have gone off. It was wonderful to be able to experience this with you. ”
“ Still. After all, you were holding back and focusing on me. I’ve never experienced that a man pushes his own feelings so far into the background and only thinks about the satisfaction of the woman, "she praised me further and stroked my own still sticky hardships and also joyful hope.
"That’s quite simple,” I asserted. “You first relieved me. I’ve also had some of it. What do you think, how beautiful it was to watch you as you hover over into another world. ”
“ I do not know how you managed to forget everything around me. I drove on a wave of pleasure. You have played on me, as if on an instrument, to which you draw a love song, She tried to explain to me her feelings.
"I think I’ve had time to recover. Now I will take care of you a little. After all, I totally neglected you and only thought of myself, "she said, and began to stroke my chest.
"But Mama, you do not have to, if you can not anymore. I can also wait or even give up, "I said, and secretly thought about how best I could get myself one down.
"I think so. But I’m not an old woman yet, and I like a young boy like myself, even after such an adventure, "she said, laughing.
She took my cock in her hand and jerked it lightly and tenderly, saying,
"I am still amazed at how big and beautiful he is.
I believe in the Freudenstab I could get used to forever. ” This saying went down to me like oil. Should it be that there should be a continuation of our game on other days? I did not dare to hope so much happiness, and gave myself entirely to the charm which my mother gave me by her hand.
I would have liked to have pounced on her now and fucked her until I fell, but I had the impression that she was not ready for this last step.
Somehow I could understand that synonymous. After all, it is really not everyday, if the son fucks the mother and that there is a certain inhibition threshold there, probably be understandable.
But I was satisfied with what I had and now got.
“Now you do not do anything with me and let me pamper you,” she said, and began to blow my cock.
I could not suppress a loud groan as her tongue touched my glans and started playing. Her hair tickled my stomach and increased the erotic effect a lot.
Her tongue circling my glans and slowly slipping down the shaft until she got my eggs and let them disappear into her mouth.
Now it was up to me to disappear on Cloud 7. She gave me feelings that I did not even know they existed.
I closed my eyes and enjoyed the dance of her tongue.
Then she let my penis disappear in her mouth, and with the tongue tenderly opened the glans of the glans.
It looked so hot that she knelt in front of me, swinging her breasts back and forth at every head movement.
Slowly it began to boil with me, and I noticed how slowly the steam was going to escape.
Since my mother was an experienced woman, she realized by the twitch of my cock, as it stood around me. She sucked my part once again vigorously and then left me. She sat down in front of me, so that her labia were wide open and I could take a hot look into her cunt.
She looked at me affectionately and asked: “Shall I take off my stockings now? Would not you rather see me now? ”
“ No, by no means. The stockings please stop, "I asked her. "That looks so cool.
” Actually, this woman needed a gun, as sharp as she looks now, I thought when I saw her sitting there. I could not be satisfied, as beautiful as she was. She had an erotic charisma which brought me almost to my senses. I could not resist and put a finger in her hole. Geil groaned her and took my cock again in the hand.
I fucked her with her finger and sucked at her breasts like a baby.
“Oh, God, my boy. You’ll get me back on the road again, "she cried, laughing and stood up.
She knelt down and stretched out her butt. Something insecure, because I did not know exactly what she wanted, I took my fingers again and put it in.
"Now is enough with a finger,” she said and I pulled him out quickly.
She was still lying in front of me.
She did not want me to do it —? No- I gave myself the answer. Impossible. She wants something different. But what?
“Bloody hell. How long do you want me to be stewed, "she said, playing angrily.
"Come on. Do I have to become even clearer? - - - Now finally get your cock in my cunt and fuck me as hard as you can, "she cried and now it was for me unmistakable, which was expected of me.
Strange but true. At the end of my most beautiful dreams. I was allowed to fuck my own mother.
It had happened to me. Deeply I hammered her my cock into her wide-opening hole, which my mother a little scream from surprise pulled out.
When he had completely disappeared into it, I remained motionless for a moment and enjoyed this completely new feeling. After all, it was not any woman.
My mother did the same thing. She, too, was quiet for a moment. A penny for her thoughts, I thought still and then she wiggled with her butt.
Now nothing stopped me. Slowly I began to fuck her.
She groaned louder and louder and came to meet me at every stroke. I was so wild, and the hole so well lubricated that I even slipped out again. But I did not let myself be puzzled and quickly sent my cock back to his dark cave.
I pushed more and more violently, and could not restrain myself. Deeply I sprayed my seed into her lap. Again and again I discharge myself into her.
"Oh no. Please, not yet, "cried my mother when she realized that it came to me. But it was too late. When I had pumped everything inside her, she turned her head to me and said, "A pity, I would have liked a little longer. But I can understand it, as exaggerated as you must have been. ”
But I did not let myself go astray and still drove my cock in and out.
As hot as I was on it and as hot as the situation was, my cock was not any smaller at all.
I had a permanent stand. I never thought that there was such a thing and certainly not, That it would happen to me.
Now also my mother as it stood around me and said joyfully surprised: “I just do not believe. Since the guy pumps me to the overflow full and its tail is not even in the smallest. On the contrary. I have the feeling that he’s grown. ”
“ That must be up to you. They’re better than any Viagra pack, "I said.
"Let’s go. Lay down. Now I will ride on you. I want to feel him as deeply as I can, "she told me. I lay down on my back, and before I knew it, she was already standing over me, and once again joined her joy-giver. Slowly she let herself down until he had completely disappeared into her.
Now a devilish ride began. Again and again she came up and let herself fall with full force. I was rushed hard by her as a stubborn stallion. Our bodies were clapping each other like this.
This woman was slowly becoming eerie to me. How could it be that this horny Feger was alone for so long? Whoever once had such a woman, she would never let go of her life.
Again and again she drove my spear so deeply into the abdomen that I noticed how I pushed at each stroke against her mother’s mouth.
I rose a little and began to knead her breasts.
"Oh yeah. Hot. Push my tits. Walk through it until the milk becomes cream, "she said.
I liked that. I would make butter out of the cream if she wanted it.
We forgot everything around us. There was nothing left in this world but us both.
We existed like a body, with two halves. We both only consisted of lust and lust.
Now I asked her to descend and lie down on her back.
She came up and looked at me questioningly.
"I would like to fuck you from the front, because I can look into your eyes when I push you.”
“But gladly. Leg los, "she said, leaning willingly on the back.
I wanted to keep them a little longer, to extend our pleasure.
I began to lick her ripe plum again and tasted of her juice, which was mixed with my seed. Greedily I licked the mucus and bite once again very tender and careful in the clit. She cried out loudly and I thought I was too wild and it hurt her.
But she said immediately: "Do it again. That was nice. ”
I was happy to follow him. I licked around again and bit again, for her completely unexpected, light and tender. She squealed again.
Now I knelt between her legs, which were wide spread and began to drive along with my tail along their gaps.
She pressed her pussy against me and tried to catch my beating with her pussy.
Now I did not want to torture her any longer and drove in with pleasure.
She had closed her eyes and it was great, Her facial expressions. I could read everything in her face.
I still moved very slowly into her and enjoyed this game of retreat.
Then the moment had come when she could no longer hold back. I noticed now she wants it all. I continued to move slowly. I wanted her to come out of herself and scream out her demands.
She did not let me wait a long time and shouted all around her forgetfully: “Make finally. Fuck me right through. My pussy wants more. ”
Now she was ready. I fucked her with a hardness that I had never done in my life. Again and again I pushed, then to withdraw something, but only to push as hard again.
Her face became more and more distorted,
But looked more beautiful than usual. I hoped she would come soon, because at this speed I could not last much longer. I wanted her to come first.
Suddenly the horses went by with her. She began to rub her crazy clit like crazy and screamed me formally: “Get rid of horny Fotzenlecker. Is this anything? Fuck me finally harder. I want to feel your cock so hard that he comes out of my throat. Fuck my pussy until she is sore. ”
That was the total madness. She went off like a rocket and rubbed her clit, that I was afraid she would hurt herself.
Her face was sweaty, and her breath was still bumpy.
She was constantly pushing forward with my help and told me, “Come on, Work my tits.
Fuck my pussy but yes. ” I accomplished a real trick. I fucked her as obsessed and kneaded her nipples with one hand.
With the other hand I grabbed her butt and moved my finger to her rear entrance.
Her butt was completely smeared with our mucus and when I carefully tried to insert my finger gave her hole immediately after. I pulled him back again and then rammed him with a jerk full in the ass and immediately began to fuck her with the finger.
This was really too much for my mother. She clung to my legs and then shook her whole body and began to twitch convulsively. Again and again she cried aloud.
My cock was milked by her pussy right and then everything was over with me. I also had to scream to get air in the orgasm that I got. Again I pumped her all my juice into the mother’s lap.
Afterwards, we both together, as if you let the air out in a tire.
I moved forward on it and stayed where I was. My cock was still in her, but I noticed how he was now developing into a little misery.
I rolled down, and lay down on my back. Then I dragged my mother over to my arm and began to kiss her lightly and gently without touching her anyway.
My mother was also completely finished, But my kisses replied and nibbled my tongue tenderly. We did not say a word for some time. We only wanted to feel.
A few minutes later, I pulled her tightly to myself and said, looking deep into her eyes, “Dear Mutti. This was the most beautiful thing I ever had to experience. I love you over everything and never give you again. ”
“ Thank you my son. I love you just as much. Never has a man ever brought me to such exaltations. I have now come three times within such a short time. That has never happened to me. You are the best lover a woman can wish for. I’m spoiled for the world of men, because I would compare anyone with you, "she said, kissing me again for a long time.
We both were totally ready and slept slowly. I was awake and I lay with my mother in the arm and had her chest in the hand. So not dreamed. Blessedly I slept on.
Somewhere in the morning I woke up, because something moved beside me.
It was my mother, who was slowly awake. We were both on the side. I lay behind her and had cuddled close to her.
My morning squeeze pressed tightly against her butt. My mother turned slightly and gave me a kiss and asked: "Well my young lover, slept well?”
“How can you sleep with such a beautiful woman in the arm. Of course, as never before, "I replied, kissing her as well.
Then she reached back and had my cock in my hand and said fun: "What have we got there? Ah,
Now at least I know what has been pressing all the time. ” My cock grew in her hand again, and I noticed how my blood began to pulsate.
“One is already big again. You’ll never get enough, "she said, but did not let him go.
I could not resist and rubbed slightly her clit. It was all still wet. Or again? I could not tell. I took my thing and went with it through her pussy.
"I do not think so. The guy wants to come back. Let’s go. Push him in, "my mother asked me.
Quickly I did her the favor and began to fuck her from behind.
Immediately she worked again and pressed her butt, at every blow. She wanted to determine the rhythm.
Again only our panting and moaning was heard.
This woman was like a hot race car. From 0 to 100 in … sec. The absolute hammer.
I fucked her wild and hard. No foreplay, no warm-up. Just fucking unrestrained. I noticed that she wanted to have it the same way.
Thank God, I was quite stiff by our game last night and was able to go through it for a long time. She was getting more and more horny and her pronunciation began to be a little more powerful.
"Aahh, jaa, oohhh. Fuck me mercilessly through. Do not do anything else. Fuck me just in my pussy. Give me your cock. Spit my pussy on. ”
As a follower son, I liked her the fallen. ;-)
I rammed them like a rabbit. That was just unrestrained sex. Nothing romantic anymore. The search for satisfaction was at the forefront.
We were both close to our peak. So we wanted it too. It was only the question of who was the first to capitulate on this hard ride.
Then it seemed to be so with my mother. Her face was distorted,
Her moan grew louder and she began to eject ordinary words again: “Aahh, fuck me. My pussy wants to be fucked. ”
If she went so far, I would end up winning the race even though I would have given her the precedence.
But I had to realize that I did not know enough about birds. I still have a lot to learn when I want to know exactly when it is time.
She came with a primordial scream and bobbed upright on my cock.
Her face reflected all the pleasure she felt. That was the signal for me. With all the power I began to unload in her cunt.
When, after the orgasm had faded away, she withdrew from her pussy, my whole juice swelled out.
Prince I was completely accomplished and my mother seemed to be doing the same.
She looked at me smiling and said, “Yes, yes. A quicki in the morning removes all worries. ”
I had to laugh and asked,“ Why were you so worried so early in the morning? ”
“ Not directly, "she said, cuddling in my arm.
"But when I was awake, I was already thinking about how to get on with us. After all, it is not quite the norm, what we are doing here. After all, we are mother and son. Even if we’ve forgotten it for a few hours. ”
“ We can, if you want, just keep going . Nobody knows, "I said quickly, with the great hope that they would agree and it would not end abruptly.
"That sounds simple. I like the idea of ​​having you as a young lover. Especially after you showed me how great, sensitive and loving you can be. I have never spent such a nice night and I could get used to this kind of cures. But can we really hide it from everyone? For example, you are still writing in the face. What if you meet a young girl, what you love. Am I then depreciated? Maybe I’m too old to look for something else. Just think about it, "she told me about her concerns and worries.
"I think I can take care of you.”
“First, I love you about everything and as I’ve known since last night, as a woman. I thought I love you,
Because you are my mother, but last night I realized that it was sometime transformed and I really love you as a woman. ” “ As a second, I’ve always been looking for some more mature women. I have never been able to do anything with the inexperienced and superficial chickens. That’s why my relationships did not last long. ”
“ Thirdly, if we take care, no one will ever notice it. We do not have to do it in public, "I tried to dispel their worries and hoped I could.
"If you see it this way, we can try it together. But if you want to cross another path, I want to know it first. I hate infidelity, and it is even worse to be betrayed. I agree, If you promise me to always be absolutely honest and never lie to me. That would be the worst thing you could do to me, "my mother said, setting her conditions at the same time.
"This is quite self-evident. I would hate to be deceived. But you do not need to be afraid. I have found my dream woman and will never give her away, "I said, kissing her with great happiness.
"There is another thing,” she said, after I had released her again. “We’re leaving mother and son now. That sounds a little funny to me. From today only
Karin and Peter. And the next thing you write behind your ears: I have the trousers in this house, even if I wear coat or nothing.
Is that clear? ” “ Of course. Though I could imagine well, if you wear a skirt, then you omit the pants down there when we’re on the road. Then at least I sometimes feel like I have the pants, "I said, laughing.
"Where is this to lead you, if you only have one thought. I do not know if I can handle the old woman, "Karin laughed as well and began to tickle me.
We raced through the beds and gave birth to us like little children. When it started again to go in the direction of sex, Karin interrupted us and said, "I think we should stop here and save ourselves for something later. I need a coffee now. And breakfast I could use.
” She pulled me up and dragged me by the hand pulling out of the bedroom. As naked as we were, we went into the kitchen.
Completely naked ?? - Not really. Karin still had her exciting stockings and looked like a sex bomb.
We talked at breakfast. Then body care was ordered.
We squeezed two in the much too small shower and landed without us again in the bed and fucked again, as if it were the last time.
We really did not get out of bed that Sunday. It was a single cycle: eating, showering, birding, sleeping, eating. Then Sunday was over and we both had to go back to work on Monday. We ran both like counterfeit money at work, so broken as we were.
After this stormy weekend, it began to normalize slowly. We still fucked as often as we could and let us always come up with new styles of love. But we could both lie naked and cuddled in the bed and just stroked us lightly, until we fell asleep.
After two months I had finished my apprenticeship and passed my exam. Unfortunately, my boss could not take over me if he wanted to, and gave me work for a month, so I could look for something new.
Karin and I celebrated the test in a restaurant, with a good meal with a sip of wine. Then we celebrated in bed.
Once again it was a hot night.
2 weeks later Karin got the offer in another city to build a new branch. We thought about it and looked at the new city. We liked it there and we moved quite quickly. The company had us a very nice spacious apartment worried and took over all costs.
I also found very fast work thanks to my good testimonies.
The best thing about the whole thing was that nobody knew us. The neighbors thought we were all married because we never said anything to mother and son. They whispered something about the age difference, but they always talked to us …. and woman…. at.
Of course, we all believed in him. Now we did not need to hide.
We live now, years later, Still in the same flat as husband and wife.
We both still love each other and still do as much as they did at the beginning.
We keep our sex life young and fresh because we talk about everything and everyone expresses his thoughts. We try a lot and enrich our sex, or reject it again because it is nothing. In any case, we are open to everything and thus receive our love.

shufuta  asked:

lemme fill your inbox with Asahi request again; Asahi's s/o is an idol/model/anything that is really popular in the school. Normally, she's really sweet and kind to everyone, but one day she snapped and got mad when she overheard a rumor of Asahi threatening her to date him (probably from one of her fanboys who is jealous or something) and then Asahi watched it all in an awe. (Bonus of later after, she went straight away to cuddle Asahi and saying that he's the best she could have)

one of these days, i won’t get carried away when it comes to an asahi request. today is not that day.

i just have a lot of feelings about him and i may have angsted a little and by a little i mean i spent like 3 nights on this and it’s just shy of 4k words like @ me wtf

Asahi still thinks a lot about the first time you spoke to him in his second year of high school. You had just transferred to Karasuno a week before that exchange, assigned to sit in the empty desk next to his in class.

You approached your desk, and him by proximity. You were tall, probably only a few centimeters shorter than him, and easy on the eyes of course. He’d never describe you as intimidatingly beautiful, but he never hesitated to describe himself as someone intimidated by beauty—in a good way—but still. He couldn’t bring himself to say anything to you and instead offered a curt nod and a faint smile. You stared at him curiously but nodded too before taking your seat.

In that week, neither of you ever had a chance to say anything to each other. Nearly every opportunity there would be to make even small talk ended up filled by your other classmates. If they weren’t enthusiastically asking you questions about whether or not you really were a model (“Yup! But only for some catalogs and lesser known magazines at the moment), they were determined to integrate you into their social circles before anyone else could. Meaning, there were times when the bell would chime and only a moment later, someone would already be chatting you up or whisking you off elsewhere.

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obeymyshinyrod  asked:

"Hey, snake-god-guy? So I heard you're having trouble with this whole BDSM thing." He held up a stack of randomly-selected doujinshis from his collection from varying canons. "I've come bearing reading material! But only if you promise not to eat my face."

… Of course. Once you touched one Ishtar they multiplaied, invading every crevice of your life. Godling hiss lowly at the approaching man, all bouncy and golden in his well-meaning charm.

“You are bringing me bookss about how to effectively torture your loved oness? Ishtar. I would have thought that wass sssomething you were againsst.”

themarchinghare  asked:

Why out of all the villains to reform would Joker ever do it? The Gotham citizens would never see him just reform, the rogues would see this as his next plan. Maybe it'll actually be great, but the idea just seems, why? We have three Joker's, the War with jokes and riddles do we really NEED another Joker thing? I'm just bored with him. It just blows my mind the art is stunning and hopefully the story will be good, but I'm not getting my hopes up. Sorry just wanted to rant have a frabjous day!

I’m not all that opposed to it, rather than reforming tho I liked the idea that he just forgot about it. About being the joker. But for some reason there is always this necessity of twisting it.

Let it be known that not every artist is a good writer and vice-versa. And I think this might be a prime example. But we can hope for the worst or the best.

Anyway, Hroo hraa frabjous day indeed!

courtoftearsandfeels  asked:

You are the only person on Tumblr I have notifications on for. Which is a blessing and a curse. Blessing obviously because I get to know anytime you grace us with literally anything. But a curse because I see the asks.. Which means I saw the hype from the son before I read it. Sad panda. Still perfect though! Perfectly heartbreaking, but perfect nonetheless. SAD OATS is beautiful and so are you! Thanks for the thing that makes my day every time! You're truly amazing Moe. :)

Aw thanks so much friend!!!! Sorry for constantly blowing up your notifications though 😭 but seriously, thank you for the kind words 💕

dada-mato  asked:

can i request what father!bambam would be like? xx


sorry I just died because fatHER!BAMBAM FUCK

-Is really nervous in the room with you

-makes sure you have everything you need it gets annoying

-”Your pillows fluffed right? Is this blanket too much? not enough? Need some ice? goOD GOD SOMEONE GET HER ICE”


-holds your hand the whole time and tells you to scream as loud as you need to (even though you’re practically digging your nails into his skin and making indents)

-Is so in love with his baby as soon as it’s out

-gets really emotional, probably cries

-”we made them, and now they’re here and we’re going to take good care of him.”

-has conversations with the baby and takes every single small noise/gesture as an answer

-”Do you want to watch this show?”

-*Baby blows lips together*


-Lowkey makes the baby do small things with their arms

-”Bambam do not abuse your power of father to make our child dab” 

-L I T E R A L L Y is holding that child whenever he can

-takes his baby everywhere he can (As long as it’s safe)

-instagram posts of his baby all.the.time. seriously. that boy will not shut up about his baby

-takes really good care of his baby

-Will get up when it cries so you can have your beauty sleep because you carried his precious child for nine months and squeezed it out of you 

-will let the other members hold the baby but not for too long because

-so many boys he’s afraid his baby may forget who his father is


-is literally such a good father and is always making sure his baby is happy and smiling and giggling

-will probably be sad if its first word isn’t daddy 

xoxo Sara

Forgive Me

Request – “Can i ask for when tae is very stressed so he blows up at you so you literaly walk out and he goes out searching for you and then a cute make up???”

Word Count: 849

It’s been a few days since you’ve seen or heard from Taehyung. It’s not like you guys were fighting or anything like that. It’s just that he was normally like this when work got hard. Which is what brought you to the boys’ dorm with quite a bit of food in hand. You were hoping you could cheer them up a bit.

Jungkook tiredly opens the door and smiles at you, “Oh, hey Y/N!”

You smile, “Hey Jungkook, you look tired, I guess the new choreo must be really tough.”

He nods, “Extremely. It seems like this time around Taehyung hyung is having a really hard time with it.”

You nod, “I had a funny feeling this was bugging him, which is why I brought you all food to help cheer you guys up.”

You raise the bags you’ve been carrying to show him and he smiles and calls out the rest of the boys as you walk into the living room.

“Hey Y/N.”

“Hey guys!”

Everyone but Taehyung comes out to greet you, which means there’s something else bothering him. You frown, “Is there anything else bothering Taehyung?”

Jungkook shrugs and Jimin mentions something about their vocal coach before eating a spoonful of rice.

“Thank you for the food Y/N!”

You shake your head and smile, “Eat well, I’m going to go talk to Tae.”

The boys nod and continue to dig in.

You stop in front of Taehyungs room and knock hesitantly, “Babe?”

“What is it?” Taehyung’s voice muffled.

You slowly creep in, “I, umm, brought you and the guys some food.”

Taehyung was laying under his covers. You sigh, “Babe, you need to eat.”


“If you don’t want to eat, eat it later?”

More silence. This time it was much longer.

“Can I at least get a hello? I missed you.”

He pulls down the covers and sits up, “Can you leave?”

You quickly stand up, surprised, “Oh, um, sure. But are-“

“I’m already annoyed as it is and yet you’re still here talking to me, seriously get out. I don’t want to see you right now.”

You didn’t need this, you were worried about him and he was telling you to leave.

“Screw you, Taehyung.”

You storm out of the dorm and slam the door behind you.

Jimin runs into the room as soon as you left, “Dude, what happened?”

“I told them to leave.”


“I don’t want Y/N to see me like this.”

“Why not?”

“They’ll probably realize how pathetic I really am.”

“Well mission accomplished.”


“Y/N is fully aware of how hard it is right now for us all, especially for you. The only thing Y/N wanted to do was to help in the slightest way possible and you told them to leave?”

Taehyung quickly shoots up and grabs his jacket.

“Where are you going?”

“To apologize, I fucked up.”

“You did. Good luck.”

Turns out luck was on his side, since you hadn’t gotten very far.


You stop dead in your tracks after hearing Taehyungs voice. Slowly and cautiously, you turn to see it really was him. Anger practically flowing in your veins, you turn your back and continue walking.

“Babe! Please, wait.”

Opposite to what he says, your pace quickens.

“I’m sorry!”

You stop and he catches up to you.

“I’m really sorry, I totally messed up.”

You look to the ground and shake your head, “I thought you didn’t want to see me?”

“I always want to see you, what I meant was I didn’t want you to see me.”

You turn to look at him, while crossing your arms, “And why is that?”

“I didn’t want you to think I was pathetic. I can’t do anything right lately and no matter how much effort I put into it, it’s still is lacking.”

You see the boy pout and can’t help but soften a little, “You aren’t pathetic, and I would never think that.”

“It was stupid of me to think so, I’m really sorry for acting the way I did. All you wanted to do was help and I just told you to leave instead of thank you.”

You sigh, “Well, I suppose you can thank me now.”

His eyes met yours, with a glimpse of hope within them. You smile, “I missed you, give me a hug.”

His arms quickly wrap around you, you smile in his warm embrace, “I understand all the stress you’re going through, please don’t ever think you’re alone and don’t push me away it ends up hurts us both more.”

He grip tightens a little, “I’m really sorry.”

You pull back and grin, “It’s alright, just please don’t do it again?”

He nods, “I missed you.”

“And you’ll eventually get things done but don’t push yourself too hard, okay?”

“I love you.”

Your face heats up at the sudden confession, causing you to bury your face into his neck. You mumble back,

“I love you too.”

Soon snow starts to fall and you both walk back to the dorm, enjoying the beauty of the graceful flakes, hand in hand.

I generally don’t do angsty stuff so if you want more angst I’m sorry I don’t really feel comfortable doing so, this is as angsty as it gets here. Also if anyone every blows up at you because they’re stressed out, and it’s something that is reoccurring, do not take it, get out of there, no one should ever be in that kind of situation.

{I’m also sorry that I’ve uploaded this a little late. Right after exams, I got sick, and after that family stuff came up. Anyways, I hope you liked it, thank you for taking interest and requesting.}

“Do my thighs look too big?”

Request by same anon: 1. Can you do an imagine where Sammy accidentally makes fun of your weight and you guys stop talking to each other because your insecure😚? Sorry if you already did this one 😣 

2. Ok sorry for another sad request 😭 but they just help me sometimes when I’m going through these things. So I was wondering you you can do an imagine where he finds out you don’t eat, but he never thinks anything, until one day? Like maybe you start getting smaller and smaller? 😚

Hope you don’t mind me combining the two! 


“Damn babe, relax. Your food ain’t going no where!” Sam laughs as my spoon was midair to my mouth. I slowly drop my spoon and turn red. “No, don’t stop eating. Eat. I love a girl with an appetite. I love it. Just eat slower okay? Don’t need you to choke or anything..” He smirks at me and takes a bite from his food. “She should just stop eating. Her belly is kind of sticking out of that crop top.” I heard whispers on the side of me. 2 girls watching Sammy and I have dinner. I look at them and they looked away. I looked at Sammy and he gave me an awkward smile. I guess he heard them too. 

7 months dating Sammy. I’ve learned to become comfortable with him, talking about anything. Anything but the way I look. I’m a little thick. He says that’s what he loves about me but it’s what I hate about myself. There is meat and muscle around my bones. A lot. It is something I’ve never learned to be comfortable with. The way I look. People say that I fill in my clothes very well. That every girl craves my body. Not skinny but not big. Just. Right. Whatever that means. 

When we get to my apartment I stayed quiet while we watched tv. I stood up to go to my room but stopped at the body mirror. I turned side to side, looking at my body, “What are you looking at?” Sammy stopped on his way to the kitchen, looking at me. 

“Be honest, do my thighs look too big?” I self consciously asked him. He said in the most serious voice, “I mean kind of. You could lose a couple pounds if you want to make them smaller.” My heart and face drop, looking at him. “What….” His eyes went soft after seeing my face of sadness, “Huh? No babe, I’m kidding! Of course no-” “GET. OUT.” I interrupted him. “Babe, I was just-” “I SAID GET OUT SAMUEL.” I pointed at the front door. “Oh my god you are overreacting, I was just-” “No you weren’t. So stop.” I slammed the door on his face. My back against the door, I slid down, tears running down my face. I hear a knock, “Y/N, open up please? I’m sorry.” I hear him say thru the door. “GO AWAY!” “Please let me in baby. I know you are needing a hug right now. Please stop crying…” “I said go away! Or I will have someone remove you!” “Fine. I love you. I’ll see you tomorrow..” I hear footsteps fade away. I open the door and peak out my head to make sure he wasn’t there anymore. 

He was right, I did need a hug right now. And I do want to hug him but I got the next best thing. My best friend. I grab my keys and close my door, walking across the hall to my best friend’s apartment. I walk inside crying, wiping my tears. “I HEARD THE SLAMMING AND YELLING! WHAT HAPPENED?” I hear Cameron yell from the living room. I walk a little close to the couch and stop. “What happened now?” His eyes on the video game. I started crying again, and he heard me as he paused the game. “NAAAAAAASH!” he yells at the top of his lungs, calling my other best friend. “Hey, what’s wrong?” He quickly runs to me and hugs me, rubbing my back. “Hey, sh, sh, hey. Stop crying now. You know there’s a no crying zone here at this apartment. Now, tell me what’s wrong?” “What’s up? Y/N? CRYING?” Nash quickly runs down the stairs, joining our hug. “What he do?” 

“I, asked, him, do, my, thighs, look, too, big, and, he, said, kind, of, you, could, lose, a, couple, pounds, if, you, want, to, make, them, smaller,” I said in between sobs. “What? I’m sure he didn’t mean it.” Nash said. “You NEVER just joke like that unless you know FORSURE we are both joking around. NOT a ONE sided joke! And he knew I was serious by the look in my eyes!” “Ok ok ok.. Come here.” Nash hugs me tight. I hear Cam go into the hall way, “Hey, yeah, she’s in here. Crying. She’ll be fine. Yeah. Ok. Wait, did you mean it? I had to ask. Ok. Later.” He comes back to Nash and I. “Sam says,” “I don’t care.” I say, burying my face on Nash’s neck as he rubs my back. “He just says he loves you.” “MmmmMmmMmmmMM.” I muffled into Nash’s neck. “Don’t know what you said, but i’m just going to tell him you love him back.” Cam runs away, on his phone. 

Next day, I woke up on Cam’s bed. I guess I fell asleep crying here, and got carried up here. I lied there for a while, until I heard the door slam downstairs and yelling. I walk down the hall a little and peep over the railing. I see Nash and Cam facing Samuel. His body was facing away from my angle, so I saw the back and top of his head and saw their faces. “She doesn’t want to see you Sam.” “Just let me see her guys. Please.” “She stayed up crying last night and fell asleep crying. She’ll probably wake up crying.” Cam said. “How could you even say that even if you were kidding?” Nash put his hands on his hips. “I know I’m stupid. In my mind, I thought I was able to say anything even as a joke and she would take it. But I realized last night, she never talks about her weight. She never. I-I messed up, I know. Just let me talk it out with her,” 

“She doesn’t want to talk to you Sam, trust me. If you go up there, there will be tears and hands will be thrown.” Nash tries to convince him. “I’ll take it like a man! Please,” “Sam I can’t let you. She will kill us if we let you.” Nash and Cam’s eyes wonder up and spot me. Sam turns around and looks up at me spotting me before I can hide. I run to Cam’s room, and I hear footsteps coming up the stairs. “Y/N? BABY? PLEASE!” Sam yells, reaching Cam’s room, knocking. “Please, open up. Baby, let me talk to you please.” “NO!” “Please, let me hold you. I missed you last night…” “NO!” “Baby,” “NO! CAMMM! NAAAASH!” I whined loud enough. “Come on Sam, time for you to leave.” I hear them try to pry him off the door. “I love you Y/N, I love you..” 

Two weeks of dodging Sam’s texts, calls, appearance at my or Cam and Nash’s apartment. Never have I felt so insecure for the last 2 weeks. Never. Every time I put on an outfit, I looked in the mirror and got nervous because of the way I’m filling in my clothes. “Too much stomach fat. Too much thigh fat. Too much arm fat. Too much fat!” I kept thinking to myself. Finally I got tired of feeling fat and just started to slowly stop eating. I would stop eating meat. Then carbs. Then vegetables. Then fruit. Now nothing. Water was the only thing on my diet. Dangerous, I know, but it was making me feel better. Feel less, fat. 

After 3 weeks of not talking to him, I finally lightened up. At the same time for the past 3 weeks, he would come to my door, knock, yell for me, then talk through the door like I was responding to him, for 3 hours. Then come back the next day. He was never late. He never left early. I sighed as I looked at my watch, -knock knock knock- “Y/N?” Right on time. 

I get up and look through the peep hole, he’s looking different every day. Dark circles under his eyes just keep getting darker, posture starting to get loose, face red from probably rubbing his face too hard and too much, hair a mess, like 90 mph wind was blowing at it. Voice sounding sadder and sadder each day. “How are you?” I open the door, “I’m fine.” His face lightens up and he crushes me in a hug. “I’m so sorry. I am so sorry. You are beautiful just the way you are. You don’t need to be losing weight. Your thighs are my favorite thing about you. I am so sorry baby.” I finally hug him back and bury my face in his neck. 

“It’s okay my love.” We let go of each other and I let him inside. “Do you want to go eat? I’ll take you to your favorite restaurant!” “I, uh, I already ate, thanks.” I say awkwardly. “Ok. We can go tomorrow then. Do you, want to talk about,” “No, I don’t. It’s okay.” I weakly smile at him, only because of the lack of energy I have. “Ok, come here.” He pulls me into his arms again, “I missed you.” “Can we go take a nap?” I looked at him weakly. “Yeah, yes, of course. Come on.” We cuddle against each other for the first time in 3 weeks. He squishes my stomach, as I feel like i need to barf. I hold it in, trying not to create a fuss. 

Day after day, he doesn’t even notice I don’t eat. I refuse to eat out and when we eat at home, I slickly hide the food under the couch or behind the frames, and throw it away later, or quietly, when he isn’t looking, pretend like I eat but put it back into the pan and say, “I’m full already.” 

Days after days go by, I get weaker, but I get smaller, making me somewhat happier. Sam notices too, “Are you working out more? You look… Thinner…” He stares at me with a funny look. “Yeah, dieting just a little bit. But i’m fine.” “If you are doing this because of what I said, stop. Ok? Keep eating what you were eating. Work out less. Your body was perfect.” He kisses my lips and walks into the bathroom. “Yeah, perfect..” 

One day, we were having dinner across the hall. It was harder to not really eat when there was 3 of them. I was get up to pretend to get more water or get more napkins. And put the food back in the pan. I was about to put the last of it back in the pot, “What are you doing?” Cam comes in. “I-I was full. Couldn’t finish it. Didn’t want to waste. Whoop.” I spoon it back into the pot. “Y/N, you’re not starving yourself are you? Because the way your face looks right now, and the fact that you’re getting smaller seems like it.” “No, I’m not. I’m working out more and just dieting.” My voice peaks. He just stares at me. “You’re lying. SAM! GET IN HERE!” Cam yells, “Please no please don’t,” “Hey what’s up?” Sam walks in with Nash. 

“Tell him Y/N..” I just stood there looking at my shoes. “TELL. HIM!” I didn’t budge. “What’s going on?” “Y/N has been losing weight because she’s been starving herself..” Cam crosses his arms in disapproval and I slouch my head down more. “YOU’RE WHAT?! ARE YOU CRAZY? DO YOU KNOW HOW DANGEROUS THAT IS? YOU’RE LOSING NUTRIENTS AND VITAMINS AND ALL THAT SHIT! EAT! RIGHT NOW!” Sam grabs my plate and scoops food on it. “EAT. IT.” He puts it in front of me. I grab the plate, shaking and stuff rice in my mouth, chewing slowly. “Now swallow.” He commands me. I haven’t swallowed solids in a while so it hurt in the throat a little. 

Sammy’s POV

“Now swallow.” I force her. It looked like it was hurting her throat meaning she hasn’t eaten in awhile. “See? Not starving myself.” She smiles. “One bite doesn’t mean anything. Finish that plate.” Nash crosses his arms with me following. “Look,” she puts down the plate. She tries to take a step forward and drops. “Y/N!” I freak out. “Are you okay?” “Yeah, yeah, I just, I tripped.” Her hand was on her forehead. “You didn’t trip. You got dizzy.” “No, I-” “Don’t lie to me Y/N. Are you starving yourself? Is that why you are getting skinnier and skinnier each day?” She softly closes her eyes and slowly nods her head. 

“ARE YOU CRAZY? HOW LONG? HOW. LONG. HAVE. YOU. BEEN. STARVING. YOURSELF.” I angrily asked her. “alsjakds” She mumbled under her breath. “I’m sorry, what? We couldn’t hear you.” “2 weeks.” She said clearly. “2 WEEKS?! ARE YOU- WHAT IS - IS IT BECAUSE OF WHAT I SAID?! ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY?! THIS IS DANGEROUS! YOU NEED TO EAT SOMETHING!” I pull her up to her legs. “I’m fine. I just need some water.” She pushed me off of her. We followed her till she drank some water. “See? I’m fine.” She fake assured us and smiled. She was going to walk back into the kitchen, when, “Sam?” she said my name in front of my face. “Yeah?” “Catch me.” She fainted in front of me as I caught her. 

“Y/N? Y/N?! GO CALL HELP! CALL 9-1-1! DO SOMETHING!” I yell at the guys who were scared too. “Y/N, please wake up, Y/N???” “419! HE’S A DOCTOR! GO!” Cam yells as Nash dashes out the door. I carry her to the couch and we tried shaking her away. “Please wake up please!” “Dr. Twal please she’s our best friend! She fainted. She hasn’t eaten in weeks! Please!” Nash pulls him through the door. “Ok, let me take a look at her. Hmmm, she looks pale. Pupils are light. Pulse is weak. Her cheek bones are showing way too much.” He sighed, looking through his bag. “Nutrient pills. She will take these for a little. Make sure she takes it with EVERY MEAL for a couple days. She drinks LOADS of water.” “Is-is she going to be okay?” “She’s be fine. Looks like she’s coming back to us. Hello missy.” “Y/N!” the 3 of us yell.

“Wha-what happened?” “You fainted in my arms..” “You can’t be skipping meals missy. This is what happens. It could have been worse. The insides could have been eating you alive. You’re going to need to see a doctor first to check your health. Make sure you didn’t do anything bad. And take these.” He hands her the pills. You MUST eat it with every MEAL!” He looks at her with an eye. She just nods. “Now, eat your food. Drink your water. And you will be fine in a week or two. Just go see a doctor to make sure okay?” “Yes sir.” She said quietly. “Nice to meet you. I’ll see you soon Mr. Grier and Mr. Dallas.” “Thank you sir.” 

Y/N starts crying, “Sammy..” “Yeah baby?” I kneel down next to her. “Do my thighs look too big?” She said in a weak voice. “No, baby they don’t. No, babe. No, I’m so sorry baby. Please. I didn’t mean for you to do any of this. Please, you were perfect the way you are and I wouldn’t have you any other way. You need to take care of yourself okay? That means eating!” She nods, tears falling down the side of her face. 

“You gave us a scare, Y/N.” Cameron said. “Don’t do that again! You hear?” Nash said. She just laughs, “I’m hungry.. For.. Meat..” She said quietly again. “Come on. Can you stand up?” She gets up slowly and stands, wobbly a little but finds her balance. “We are going to go to your favorite restaurant to get your favorite burger. You’re too skinny for me..” I playfully said. She pushed me a little as we walked out the door. 

NTE: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU ARE PERFECT. YOU ARE NOT FAT. YOU ARE NOT TOO SKINNY. YOU ARE GORGEOUS. PLEASE LOVE YOURSELF. PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. I cannot stress this enough. Please. I know, peer pressure, society, social media will tell you things, BUT THEY ARE NOT THE ONES TO TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE ONLY BEAUTIFUL IF (blahblahblah) Do not listen to that bullshit. Don’t starve yourself. Don’t exercise too much. don’t overload on make up because magazines says it will make you look flawless. Don’t get waist trainers. Don’t do any of those things! Buy make up because you want to make yourself look EXTRA beautiful. Go on HEALTHY diets that hold protein and vitamins and all that kind of shit. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER STARVE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!! EXERCISE FOR A MAX TIME. Do NOT over exercise! Drink water. Drink little bits of soda. Drink milk. Drink juice. Please just don’t try to kill yourself over the expectation of “beauty.” Why reach that goal when you already did? YA BEAUTIFUL GIRL. BELIEVE ME. Gorgeous face, bangin’ body, AND a beautiful soul. 

anonymous asked:

Hi I was wondering if I could have a scenario on how tyl vongola (adult! reborn and 25y/o lambo) and tyl varia would makeup after a fight with there s/o please and thank you (your doing a marvelous job with this blog I love it!) •~•

Thank you hun! And sorry this one is going to be a little on the short side since you requested so many characters ><”

TYL! TSUNA: Tsuna would give you plenty of space and when he felt you had calmed down, would approach you with your favorite type of flower and an apology. “I’m really sorry _____, I didn’t mean to upset you so much…So will you forgive me?”

TYL! GOKUDERA: Gokudera would have to cool his head before confronting you and even then, you might not be ready to talk with him. But he wouldn’t leave you alone, following you and asking for your forgiveness until you finally gave in. “Please, ______, just listen. I’m sorry, really sorry. I know I screwed up, but can you find it somewhere in your heart to forgive me?”

TYL! YAMAMOTO: Yamamoto would try to talk to you immediately after you argued which could either go really well or really horribly. He would talk with you calmly and evenly so that you be able to see reason versus get even more upset and yell at him. “I’m sorry I said those things to you. I didn’t mean them at all, I let my feelings carry me away. I understand if you don’t want to forgive me now, and I’ll wait as long as you need me to.”

TYL! RYOHEI: Ryohei would give you a little time to yourself and by “a little time” I literally mean five minutes. After those five minutes are up he would follow you everywhere, trying to talk to you and apologize until you finally gave in. “Wait! _____! I didn’t mean what I said! I’m sorry for arguing with you! Please, listen to me…”

20YL! LAMBO: Lambo would sigh and reluctantly give you some time to yourself before approaching you. He would try to talk reasonably, but if you were stubborn, he would get exasperated very quickly and give up for a few more hours. Finally when both of your heads have cooled, he would apologize properly. “Eh, sorry for how I was acting earlier. I was being dumb. Forgive me?”

TYL! HIBARI: Hibari would immediately get up and leave the house when the two of you argued with each other. He would need a lot of space and time before reconciling with you, mainly because he was so stubborn. You would have to apologize first because Hibari would not take the initiative otherwise. “Oh, you’re sorry? Well, I forgive you, ______. I didn’t mean what I said either. So I’m sorry as well.”

TYL! MUKURO: Mukuro would definitely need space before coming to talk to you again. It actually takes quite a bit for him to get angry, so chances are when you get into fights, it gets bad. You would most likely have to approach him first as he can get very stubborn when it comes to apologizing. “Hm? You say you’re sorry? Well, if you say so…I guess I accept, my dear.”

TYL! CHROME: Chrome would start attacking herself for getting into an argument with you, thinking of worst case scenarios such as you leaving her. You would make up with her as soon as you had calmed down, taking her into you arms and apologizing to her while she forgave you and said she was sorry too. “I-I’m so so sorry, ________…I didn’t mean to get into a fight with you. I’m sorry…So sorry.”

ADULT! REBORN: Reborn would take deep breaths as the argument began to fizzle out. Right then and there, he would grab your wrist, preventing you from leaving the room and pull you towards him, wrapping his arms around your waist. He would whisper an apology in your ear, hating when the two of you get into fights. “Oi, I’m sorry for saying those things. I just got caught up in the heat of the moment. Forgive me?”

TYL! XANXUS: Xanxus would need a lot of time to blow off steam. This could include throwing plenty of liquor bottles across his bedroom, firing off his X-guns a couple of time, or yelling curses at every Varia member who tried to approach him. After he tires himself out from all of this, you would hesitantly approach him and he would reluctantly forgive you. “Yeah yeah, I forgive you, I guess. Just don’t start another argument with me.”

TYL! SQUALO: Squalo would immediately storm out of the room and throw himself into work, snapping at every member who made even the smallest mistakes or turned in reports late. After a few hours, you would slowly enter his office and mutter your apology. He would promptly close the door then stride towards you, pulling you in to a rough hug. “Dammit, _______. I hate when we fight and I hate that I yelled at you so I’m sorry, I guess…”

TYL! BELPHEGOR: Bel would begin to sulk after your fight, splaying himself out on the couch in the living room with a pout on his face. He would make a sport of chucking knives at anyone who passed by or irritated him. Soon he would get bored and search the mansion for you. Once he finds you, he would let out a large sigh before staring at you expectantly. “Aren’t you going to apologize to the prince? I’ve been waiting. Though I guess I’m a little bit sorry too. But only a little.”

TYL! LUSSURIA: Lussuria would get very emotional after a fight with you and need some time to alone to gather his thoughts. Once he’s calmed down, he’ll get up an extravagant candle lit dinner for the two of you and invite you downstairs where he would apologize profusely for his actions. “I am so so sorry, _____-chan. That fight got out of hand and I said some things I shouldn’t have. Will you please forgive me?”

TYL! LEVI: Levi would honestly be confused and angry after you two get into a fight. It would take him quite a while to understand what he’s done wrong, but once he figures it out he’d be rushing around to find you and apologize. Once he finds you, he’d have to catch his breath before bowing his head and giving you a sincere apology. “_____! I am very sorry for what I said to you. It was uncalled for. Please! Forgive me!”

FRAN: Fran wouldn’t actually be that phased after a fight. He would listlessly wander around the house until he is able to find you, he’d give you a half assed apology. It might start another fight, but after a while, you get used to his apologies and end up forgiving him. “I’m sorry for what I said though I don’t think I said anything that harsh. So yeah, sorry and stuff, now forgive me?”

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I'm SUPER shy and every other time I've publicly tried to make friends they kinda... Don't care? (that's why i'm gonna stay anon sorry!) But um, I loved them most recent thing on your ao3?? I teared up on multiple occasions, it was very nicely written???? And I totally understand that feeling of disliking your writing. I don't write fanfic but I'm tryin to be an author and doing that with anxiety fuckin blows 😂 still, I loved your writing, very very good, and ily just yknow in general 👌

ahhh yea i feel u .. im pretty notoriously bad at keeping up w/ answering messages anyways so like, yknow, Rip? but thank you !!!! im glad that you enjoyed it :’)) and good luck w/ your own writing stuff !! i do not know u but i Believe in u

gfhdkj god relatable to my Life i never used wattpad but i have stuff up on fuckin. miss literati?? from when i was like 12 oh my god im afraid to look back at it because im worried i might just genuinely die? 

but !! tysm this does mean a lot <33 i love u, mystery anon

professorxehanort  asked:

"A heart void of darkness is one of no use to me. An immunity to darkness only creates more questions. You are an interesting vessel, Riku. But like Sora, you'll only prove more useful as time progresses."

So now Riku had himself to worry about again along with Sora? And here he thought his only job was to protect now that the Heartless Ansem was no longer there to antagonize and taunt him every step of the way.

“Sorry. I’m done being a vessel–and Sora’s not up for the job, either.”
He felt Way to the Dawn materialize in his hand in case things came to a blow. Xehanort, especially his younger self, was a little unpredictable in manner and behavior.

The wary part of his mind wanted to know what exactly Xehanort had in store for him, but he had a feeling asking directly would only earn him some vague, mocking answer.

“I know you think your path is fixed, but it’s not too late to turn from the darkness.”

Request: Fever

Request: I’m sorry it’s not Wednesday yet, but I have a request : ) Basically I have a fatigue disease but I have been absent to much this school year already, I can’t stay home sick anymore. But now I got a bad case of the sniffles, I was already tired and now I just got my Frkn period ? Could you please please please please write an Imagine where the reader got a bad cold and the brothers (clumsily) take care of her ^_^’ It would be a great cheer me up, and I really love your writing ?

Word Count: 624

That really sucks, I’m sorry:( I hope this is okay and that you’re feeling better now! Thank you so much!<33

You blow your nose for what must be the twentieth time today, groaning. You’ve felt it coming on for a few days now, but it hit you like a freight train this morning.

You hate colds. You hate being miserable and stuffed up and coughing your guts up every five minutes and most of the time, ending up bedridden because when you get them, you get them bad.

The last thing you want is for the guys to think you’re weak and make you sit this one out, you decide as you take a sip of warm, sweet tea. You’ll get through easy enough. It shouldn’t be that bad, right?


You get halfway to the library before your head spins and stars fill your quickly darkening vision, and you collapse against the wall. Shaking legs unable to hold you up, you slide down, your head hitting your knees with a groan.

“Y/N?” Sam’s voice rings in your ears, “Y/N, what’s wrong?”

You try to assure him that you’re okay, but it’s entirely useless as your voice is stopped by the urge to vomit.

“Talk to me. Come on!” He’s panicking more then he needs to, his hand on your shoulder as if you’re dying in his arms.

“I’m-” You cough, closing your eyes tight, “I’m okay.”

“You’re obviously not. You’re burning up.” He lays a cool hand on your forehead, frowning, “Let’s get you lying down.”

“Bed?” You ask hopefully. He deliberates for a moment, before shaking his head.

“I want to keep an eye on you. Couch it is.” He slips a hand beneath your knees and another around your back, “Going up. Tell me if you need to vomit.”

“Mm.” You nod agreeably, letting your eyes close as Sam picks you up. He takes you so the sitting room and tucks you into the couch, wrapping a blanket around you.

“Thanks.” You mumble, and he smiles.

“No problem.” He smiles, passing a hand over your forehead, “I’m gonna go find a cool compress or something, try and get that fever broken. You stay right there, alright?”

You nod, tucking the blanket up around your neck and closing your eyes. You hear his footsteps fade off. The next thing you’re aware of is conversation right by your side.

You’re not doing that. It’ll hurt her.”

No, it’ll break the fever!” Dean insists.

We’re not, she’ll freak. The fever isn’t that bad, let it break itself!”

It’s only ice water.”

It’s only a possible heart attack! Let’s just go with the compress, yeah?”


“I’d rather not, if it’s all the same.” You slur tiredly, forcing your eyes open. Both guys look at you, and Dean raises an eyebrow.

“You’re burning up, Y/N. You gotta be at least… I d'know, forty degrees?”

“Thanks for your medical expertise, Dean. Much appreciated.” Sam rolls his eyes, “Y/N, how are you feeling? Talk to us?”

“Hot. Cold. Headache. Tired. Sick.” You summarise, “It’s not huge, just give me painkillers and let me nap.”

“But-” Sam protests, then stops himself, “Yeah, sleep is a good idea. Let me leave this on your forehead; take these pills; get some sleep.” He instructs. You nod obediently.

“Okay, doctor.”

Pills are distributed (not before an overly lengthy between the brothers debate over which one would be best) and you drink them down, before lying on your back as Dean presses a freezing cold flannel over your forehead.

“Sleep tight.” Sam offers, and Dean rolls his eyes.

“Get your ass better.” He amends, and you smile to yourself. They might be disagreeable morons sometimes, but they’re your boys.

Forgotten Birthdays (You x EXO Sehun)
Hello! Ah I hope my request makes it haha. I was wondering if I could get a scenario where Sehun forgets your birthday and your not really that upset but he still feels really bad and he does something to make up for it. (Like a surprise party or something haha) Thank you! >u<**************************************************

“Babe, are you sure there’s nothing I can do? You don’t want to go out to dinner or anything?”

“I told you already, Sehun-ah, I'm fine. You were busy. I understand.”



You laugh as your boyfriend Sehun gives you a dejected look, and give him a kiss on the cheek. He’d been begging all morning to do something for you, but you’d been turning him down. 

“Sehun, my birthday was last week.” You remind him. “I’m an adult. I don’t need a birthday party.”

“Are you sure?” Sehun whines. “I could get all the guys together and we could at least do something!”

You shake your head as Sehun persists. Your birthday had been four days ago, while Sehun had been away promoting a drama appearance last minute in Japan. He hadn’t even realized he missed it until some stray birthday cards from your friends had come in the mail this morning and he happened to spot them. He felt terrible now, but there was no changing your mind.

“I promised my mom I’d go over to her house and help her out today. She’s making some side dishes.” You get up from the kitchen table, sitting your cereal bowl in the sink. “I won’t be back until later tonight, okay?”

“Okay.” Sehun sighs. “I think I can keep myself entertained until then." 

You laugh. "I’ll see you later, okay?”


“So how did your birthday go, sweetheart? Did you do anything fun?”

You brush away a few drops of sweat as you sit on your mom’s kitchen floor, slicing potatoes into a big plastic bin. Could it be any hotter in here? “It was fine.” You shrug. “I didn’t really do anything special.” Your mom looks at you in surprise. “Nothing?” She tilts her head. “Didn’t Sehun take out to eat or something?”

“Actually, he kind of…forgot it was my birthday.” You cringe to even admit that out loud. It sounded way worse when you actually said it.

“Really?” Your mom stops cutting radishes and plants a hand on her hip. “He forgot?”

“He didn’t mean to!” You say quickly, coming to your boyfriend’s defense. “He had to go to Japan unexpectedly. I’m not mad at him or anything.”

With that answer, your mom goes back to her work, but you sit there, thinking. You didn’t blame Sehun for missing your birthday, but still, it was a little disappointing. All of your friends had been celebrating birthdays recently, and all of them had gotten to do something special. Some of them had gone to cafes, or out to fancy restaurants or amusement parks. One of your close friends had even gotten totally spoiled by her boyfriend, getting a brand new handbag and a trip abroad!

You never considered yourself the kind of person who needed those kinds of things to be happy about your birthday. But now that it was over, you felt like you had missed out on something fun. Maybe you should have let Sehun plan something. However you had already given him a firm rejection of any plans, so you were just going to have to accept that.


It’s nearly dark when your mom finally slides the final plastic container into the refrigerator, giving you more than you can possibly to eat to take back to your apartment with you. Maybe Sehun is at home? He’d probably like some of this, since I can’t eat it all by myself, You contemplate hopping off the bus a little early, and find yourself getting off just a few minutes from Sehun’s place.

When you stop in front of Sehun’s apartment, your mouth drops open. Police cars and vans are crowded in the parking lot, and groups of people are standing around talking. What happened here?

Sehun’s floor is bustling, and you spot his neighbor, Kim Jongin, standing out in the hall in his slippers, talking to the police. 

“Hey, um, Jongin?” You shyly break into the conversation, and the police officer excuses himself. “Are you okay? What happened around here?”

“Oh, it’s not me.” He shakes his head. “It’s Sehun. His kitchen caught on fire.”

You drop your bags in shock. “He what?!”

“Yeah, that was the fire department I was talking to. The landlord already yelled at him about the damaged! They evacuated the whole building, but it seems like it wasn’t that bad, so-”

You don’t even let him finish. Sehun’s door is already propped open, and you push your way inside without hesitation. The air is cloudy with smoke, making your heart race. “Oh Sehun! Sehun, where are you?!” You call for him, but it doesn’t seem like he’s here. “Jagiya! Where are you?”

Sehun finally emerges from the bathroom, looking relieved and a little alarmed to see you. You slam into him, wrapping your arms around him. “What happened?!” You demand. “I was so worried! I saw the all the police cars and everything, and then Jongin said-”

“I’m fine.” Sehun sighs, breathing into your hair. “I just, um, had a little accident.”

You give him a dubious look. “The police are here and you’re calling it a little accident?”

“Well, okay, fine. A medium-sized accident.”

He shows you the kitchen, and you gasp. Much of the place is still smoking, and nearly everything is covered on what looks like a dusty white foam. Apparently Sehun had been trying to cook when he fell asleep on the couch waiting for the food to finish. The cake that he was making completely burned up in the oven, resulting in a small fire and a ton of smoke. Every alarm in the building had gone off, and considering it was late in the evening, his neighbors were none too pleased.

“I don’t understand, Sehun. What were you trying to do?” You shake your head. “You never cook anything. Is this what you call entertaining yourself?”

“It was nothing.” Sehun says flatly. “Look at that! It’s pathetic!”

You look at the charred hockey-puck of a cake sitting on the table. It was completely burnt and totally inedible. In fact, it kind of looked like a brick.

“Well, maybe you just need to stop looking at it!” You say brightly. Using a towel, you pick it up and head for the garbage, your heart sinking when you raise the lid. Sitting right on top were a package of candles and a little bag of cake decorations, with Happy Birthday written in chocolate and sprinkles. It finally dawns on you:

Oh Sehun had nearly burnt his apartment down trying to make you a birthday cake.

“Was this for me?” You ask quietly. “The cake?”

He nods. “I tried.”

“Sehun, I already told you that I didn’t want anything for my birthday. Why did you do this?”

He looks up with a hurt expression. “Because I didn’t want you to go without getting a single thing from me on your birthday. I’m sorry that it’s not good enough. I wanted it to be special. I didn’t know what else I could do.”

You sigh, tipping the cake in the bin and going over to hug him. “I didn’t say it wasn’t good enough.” You put him hand your palm, rubbing your thumbs over the band-aids. He had touched the hot pan in and attempt to rescue the cake. Sehun knew better than to make a cake, but he did it anyway, and and he had put in a lot of effort with little return. You had to make this better.

“Come on, let’s go out.” You say, pulling him towards the door. “We can clean all this up later.”

“But the smell-”

“Open the window.” You shrug. “Worry about it later.”

Sehun barely has time to slide open the window before you tug him out the door.


“Do we need air freshener? Place mats? They have strawberry-scented detergent, too!”

“We don’t really need any of those things, but put them in the basket anyway!”

Sehun tosses his finds into the hand basket, stepping around you to grab lemon-shaped sponges. While most people would have opted for a nice restaurant or a romantic walk in the park, you and Sehun were not those people. The two of you had spent the past hour in a 1000-won-or-less store, goofing around and buying things you definitely didn’t need. 

So far you’d collected a basket full of junk that you fully intended on purchasing. So what if you didn’t need slippers with panda bears on them? You were going to get them anyway! Pens with feathers on the end? You’d find someway to use them. Toilet paper that smelled like lavender? Well, okay, the lavender part was a little weird, but you totally needed toilet paper.

“Happy birthday!” Sehun grins as he places a plastic tiara on your head. “It’s a little late, but this thing was made for you.”

“I know.” You sniff, picking up the matching wand. You grab the front of his shirt. “Come along, Sehun. You’re my peasant.”

“Whatever you say, princess.” He grins.


Once you finally make it back to Sehun’s apartment, the two of you sit on the floor in the midst of all your goodies. While you rip open a pack of erasers shaped like frogs, Sehun makes a quick trip around the apartment, opening all the windows to air the place out.



“Can you grab those side dishes out of the fridge?” You call. “I’m hungry!”

“I’m coming!”

When he finally comes back out, you burst out laughing. Sehun had stuck a birthday candle right in the middle of your mom’s special-made kimchi, carefully protecting the flame with his hand and singing Happy Birthday. “You have to make a wish!” He says eagerly. “I don’t really know if wishing on kimchi instead of cake is the same thing, but you have to try!”

“Okay, okay!” You laugh, blowing out the candle. 

He smiles with satisfaction and plops beside you, eating with his fingers. “I’m sorry that I forgot your birthday, and that I burned up your birthday cake.” He says honestly. “I couldn’t even cook you a decent dinner! But if this is what we get to do every time I burn up the kitchen, I wish I would have done it sooner!”

You crack up. “I love it, Sehun-ah. It was perfect.”


Scenario done! Ack! *covers eyes with hands* How do you like it? I thought it was kind of cute^_^ I don’t know haha! ~Jjangpanda