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Hoya the gagman in action feat. statue Dongwoo

160110 Infinite Effect in LA Fanaccount

i got to the venue around 4:30ish.. there were several ppl going around and giving out banners and i got like 3… there actually weren’t a lot of people there when i arrived yet, and i had to go pee so bad lmAo so my friends and i went i to starbucks to pee… then we were just waiting around and i met up w some friends, including angie @noohyun and tracey @gyuuri !! (( ive met angie a few times before so i knew what she was like but tracey on the other hand i met for the very first time LOL SHE HUGGED ME RIGHT WHEN SHE SAW ME AND THEN WE TALKED FOR A LITTLE? IT WASNT AWKWARD BUT IT WAS WEIRD IDK BUT SHES SO CUTE AND BUBBLY )) omg ppl had rly nice outfits;; i was especially envious of ppl who had the back jacket :(((

ok so at around 6 everyone started lining up and i was confused bc i thought there was no point bc it was assigned seating??? but turns out u have to get in line to go thru the metal detector and for them to check your bags lol… while i was in line there was a cameraman and anchor that came up to my area omg it was a news channel (ytn news) and they asked us to say “saranghaeyo infinite!” to the camera. i was in the shot but when they counted to 3, i couldnt say it and slowly backed away LOLOLOLOL IM SO SHY IDK;;; also ppl were randomly screaming while they were in line and at one point i thought infinite peeked out or smth but yea right like hell that would happen lmaoooo??????? at 7 the doors opened like they said it would and i went in!!! the seats i had weren’t good but they weren’t bad either, it was really far to the right but i had a decent view

in the venue they played ifnt mv’s and everybody screamed whenever a new mv came up lolol that was fun, and it was nice hearing ppl sing along!!!

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