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Hi! I was just wondering if you had any radfem/feminist theory/etc. books that you would recommend reading? I'm a baby radfem and I really want to educate myself and get beyond the cesspool that is Tumblr and really have some facts to back up what I'm arguing for! Thank you for your time, I hope you have a nice day! :)

hi anon!! for some reason my asks haven’t been showing up so I’m sorry if you thought I was ignoring you. here are some books I would recommend to get your thoughts flowing. remember: these aren’t bibles but starting points for you to draw your own conclusions from. this is also not a definitive list as each author has a large catalogue to draw from, so if their writing resonates with you, definitely pick up some more of their books. has more resources for free you can read. if anyone would like to add to this list, please feel free to do so as I am sleepy and probably will miss a few. I think you’ll find them interesting. happy reading dear anon <3

Sheila Jeffreys - Gender Hurts, The industrial vagina: the political economy of the global sex trade,  Beauty and misogyny: harmful cultural practices in the West & Unpacking queer politics: a lesbian feminist perspective
Anne Koedt -  The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm
Kate Millet - Sexual Politics
Gail Dines -  Pornland: how porn has hijacked our sexuality &  Pornography: the production and consumption of inequality
Germaine Greer - The Female Eunuch & The Whole Woman
Andrea Dworkin - Right-Wing Women, Intercourse & Woman Hating
Catharine MacKinnon - Women’s Lives, Men’s Laws & Only Words
Julie Bindel -  Straight Expectations
Janice Raymond - The Transsexual EmpireThe sexual liberals and the attack on feminism Women as wombs: reproductive technologies and the battle over women’s freedom


Based off @goldentruth813‘s post, have a bit of drarry love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Mercer’s Magnificent Mane™ appreciation post

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Since their performance @ the mamas I really want to get into monsta x~What are their personalities like? I've seen some shows but do you have any fav interviews? Blogs to rec? Sorry if this is kinda long!!

It’s not a problem at all! I’m happy to answer anything you have to ask about them, and I’m really glad more people are starting to get into them ^^ Hope this helps you somewhat~

The members (in order of oldest > youngest):

Shownu (Full name: Son Hyunwoo) - Leader of the group, the best dancer (you can check out some of his performances on Hit The Stage here, here, and here); also a great vocalist (his solo performance from No Mercy). The members call him the “dad” of the group, and he has a very relaxed demeanor most of the time. Laid back and doesn’t get scared easily (he once jumped off a 63-floor high tower because he wanted to). He’s also kind of awkward and shy sometimes, but very sweet once you get to know him. Very reliable as a leader, and cares for his members a lot ;u; Actually really really cute. Nicknamed ‘robot’; often compared to a teddy bear. Also, his eye smile is super adorable :’3

Wonho (Full name: Shin Hoseok) - Vocalist, charismatic stage persona; has a ‘sexy’ image as an idol, but in reality, is the fluffiest sweetest person ever ;-; Is extremely caring and sensitive; expresses his love for his members, fans, and family a lot (he personally helped his mom open a cafe after debuting ;;). Always makes sure to thank every single person, including every staff member ;; Very hardworking (also produces his own songs). The ultimate cheesiest dork (once took a cookie monster doll on a date). His one true love is ramen. His smile could make flowers grow :’)

Minhyuk (Full name: Lee Minhyuk) - Vocalist, bright and cheerful personality, a literal sunshine angel, the group’s “moodmaker”. Likes skinship with others and is very affectionate :’) Often compared to a puppy (nicknamed ‘Minmungie’). Loves Monbebes so much ;; (spent days perfecting calligraphy to show to fans to accompany a solo stage, worked on an entire exhibit for fans with Kihyun); admitted to often searching up things about Monsta X on SNS :’) Very caring and supportive of the other members; so full of love for everyone <3 “Jack of all trades”; once scored 3 consecutive tens in archery at ISAC (wow).

Kihyun (Full name: Yoo Kihyun) - Main vocalist, “hamster”, honestly has one of the nicest voices (OTL), named one of Starship’s top vocalists by many of his company seniors. Small and savage (remember when he threw confetti at Yoongi?), but also really caring at heart ;-; Often very cheesy when it comes to Monbebes (X,X,X). Sometimes tries to act cute (he’s naturally cute okay ;u;) or romantic, but gets super embarrassed afterwards. Also often called the “king of bluffing”. Loves kids, Gudetama, and fried chicken :3 Is called the ‘mom’ of the group because he cooks/cleans and wakes everyone up in the morning (nags at the members, especially Hyungwon, lmao). He sang for a few drama OSTs (X,X). Some performances you should check out: Hyeya (iconic performance from No Mercy T_T), Moon of Seoul (sings this song every chance he gets haha) on Masked Singer, Runaway Baby, etc.

Hyungwon (Full name - Chae Hyungwon) - Vocalist, talented dancer (choreographed this and danced it w/ Wonho and Shownu), model, “poet”, good at acting (he has a role in an upcoming webdrama!). The members once said that he looks like he walked out of a manga. Is known for being very handsome, but is also the biggest meme (a Brazilian political party even once used a vine of him as a meme). Might seem cool and laid back at first, but he’s actually extremely dorky <3 Known for his praying mantis dance and sleeping a lot. The other member of MX’s sass duo (along with Kihyun). The actual sweetest towards fans ;;;

Jooheon (Full name: Lee Jooheon) - Rapper, extremely talented (was the highest ranking for the majority of No Mercy, collaborated with professionals even before debut), charismatic stage persona - but also known for his cuteness ^-^ Seriously, he is the king of aegyo and all things cute ;u; Famous for his “kkukkukkakka” aegyo. The most easily scared member. Also a very talented composer; very passionate about music and the things he writes about in his lyrics (this song he wrote for his grandmother speaks out beyond the scope of words;;). Some other performances: Yessir (solo from No Mercy), duet with #Gun, SMTM (X,X), Get Low w/ MadClown, etc.

I.M (Full name: Lim Changkyun) - Maknae (that “doesn’t seem like the maknae”), rapper, known for his distinctive deep voice (and his iconic line “I am what I am”). Seems serious and quiet at first, but in actuality is the biggest dork. Multilingual. A total meme, but also super adorable and puppy-like (nicknamed “Kkukkungie”). Very very sweet and thoughtful ;; Had to deal with a lot of difficulties to get where he is now, but he persevered and worked so hard to overcome those  ;~;

In summary, they’re all such kind and hardworking people, who love their fans so much (to go so far as to dress up as doctors at fanmeetings and listen to fans’ problems), who never tire of expressing their love for their supporters, are always respectful and humble, and continue to work to do their best at everything, despite whatever obstacles they encounter ;~;

**As for shows (idk what you’ve already seen), these are the essentials:

  • Right Now (aka one of the greatest things ever bestowed upon the fandom)
  • No Mercy (their predebut survival show - I’d recommend watching something light and funny after this ;~;)

Other Shows/Interviews:

V App/Official Channel Videos:

Some of my favorite performances:

Some other things you should check out:

Please stan these lovely dorks ♡ You won’t regret it :’)

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I miss your kaylor drawings 😔 (but just wanted to say that they are amazing and that you are insanely talented! Hope you're having a good day 😙)

I’m hella lazy and tired so I’m sorry if this drawing looks like kid’s art lol. 😂 (and thank youuuuu. 💕)

Guess what Karlie drew, dear anon. ;)

Want You (Lafayette x Reader)

Word Count: 3,815

Warnings: Swears? (IDK) SMUT LOTS OF SMUTTY THINGS. (im going to hell come join me)

Author’s Note: Sorry for the wait! My classes have been kicking my butt recently but I’m glad to be back! PLEASE SEND ME FEEDBACK ON WHAT YOU THOUGHT OR WHATEVER YOU WANT! I LOVE TALKING TO YOU GUYS! I HOPE YOU ENJOY! I LIVE TO PLEASE YALL SO SEND ME FEEDBACK!

Modern Laf x reader at a high school or college house party with the squad and laf and reader were just really good friends but the gang tries to get them together because they’re like perfect for each other

-Same anon from the modern house party laf x reader here again! btw I will be very okay if it’s a little smut ;)))

Could you do a Lafayette x reader where the reader always flirts with him but he just thinks they’re being friendly so it gets increasingly risqué and finally the reader just gets fed up and is all “do I literally need to be on your dick for you to get that I like you?!” Not those words exactly of course lol (I did use these word exactly and I’m not sorry. It was too great not to use)


You sat at the desk trying your best not to close your eyes. You leaned on Lafayette’s shoulder and let out a sigh. “Are you tired mon ami?” he questioned still looking up at the professor. You nodded, and Lafayette’s big hand went to caress your cheek. You let out a sigh and sat up once more rubbing at your eyes. You knew it was a bad idea to stay up all night but you had procrastinated on your homework, and instead thought about Lafayette. Your eyes started to droop down when you got elbowed on the side by Alex. You glared over at him only to see him wiggling his eyebrows motioning at you and Lafayette. He knew that you had feelings for Laf, and he was relentless with trying to set you two up. You elbowed him back and turned your head to Lafayette. He was gorgeous, how could you not have feelings for him? You had been flirting with him for the past month but alas, you had gotten nowhere. Either he didn’t like you back, or he was utterly clueless. You were caught staring when Lafayette turned so he was looking at you, he chuckled. “What are you looking at?” he said. “Oh, nothing. Just enjoying the view.” you said winking at him. He laughed it off and returned back to his notes, leaving you defeated once again. You sighed before you turned to your empty notebook and began doodling. You heard Alex stifling his laughter at your rejection but you continued to scribble in your notebook.

The time came when your class was dismissed and you finally felt like you could breathe. You quickly gathered your things and tried to rush out of the class to your apartment when Alex stopped you, Lafayette trailing behind him. “Hey, Y/N. There’s gonna be a party at mine later tonight. You and Laf should come.” he smirked. You internally screamed at his effort, and before you could decline Lafayette replied for you. “That’s fantastic! We’ll be there.” he said moving so he was next to you, intertwining his fingers with yours. You felt electricity jolt up your arm at his contact. Alex practically ran out of the room to his next class, leaving you and Lafayette just standing there holding hands. You were the one to tear your hand away. You used it to tuck a hair behind your ear before turning to Lafayette. “So, I guess we have to go to a party?” you laughed. “Come on Y/N. It’ll be fun! Maybe you’ll meet somebody special there…” he replied, raising an eyebrow. “I already have somebody in mind.” You said raising your eyebrow hoping that he would catch on. “It’ll still be fun.” it flew right over his head. You sighed in defeat turning to walk away. “I’ll see you there!” Lafayette said, giving you a half smile. You turned around and felt your heart melt. You gave him a slight wave and walked away with your heart pumping.

You arrived at your apartment to see your roommate sitting at the table. “Hey Y/N” she chirped. You had no idea how she was so happy all the time. “Hey Eliza.” you said heading for the couch for a nap. You face planted into the soft cushion and relaxed against the plush furniture. “You’re going to the party right?” Eliza asked stirring her tea. “Mmhhmm” you muffled, your head still in the cushion. She laughed slightly before walking over to you. “Laf is still not picking up?” She questioned rubbing your back. You moved your head so you weren’t suffocated. Your pout answered her question. “Well, I guess we’ve just gotta show him what he’s missing.” she said. Eliza was the first person to know about your feelings for Laf. She accidentally told Alex, and Alex told everyone, and everybody knew within a few weeks. Everybody but Lafayette. It was frustrating to see him flirt with other girls, other girls flirt with him, and him giving attention to girls. Girls that weren’t you. Your usually flirty nature did not break you out of the friendzone and you had virtually tried everything. Physical contact? Nope. Pickup lines? Nope. Flirty conversation? Nope. Suggestive comments? Nope. Eliza pulled you off the couch and into her room. You groaned, being dragged across the apartment. “Please Eliza. I’ve tried everything. There’s no reason for me to look nice. I just wanna sleep.” you rolled your eyes, before trying to rub the exhaustion out of them. “Nope.” she smiled, popping the P. She dug in her closet before pulling out a black silky fabric. Your eyes widened and she just smirked at you, handing you the dress. Both of you knew what that dress was. It was your “desperate dress”. You guys had bought it as a joke after seeing it on a mannequin but it had come in handy. It brought boys over at the bar like nobody’s business. You and Eliza had promised to use it only in emergency situations. She had worn it once at a party after Alex had cheated on Maria. He came crawling back like a lost puppy after seeing her. You held the dress in your hands, your mouth open. “I don’t know if I wanna go anymore.” you began. “No. no backing out now. We got the dress out.” Eliza replied sharply. “Well… go put it on!” she clapped, pushing you into the bathroom. You resisted slightly before finally being shoved in the bathroom. You slipped out of your sweats and t shirt, leaving you in your underwear. You pulled the dress over your head and it hit mid thigh. It was essentially a lingerie slip, but it was marketed as a dress making it “socially appropriate” to wear out. You looked in the mirror and let out a frustrated groan when your bra straps were clearly visible against the thin string straps of the dress. You shrugged before you unclasped the bra and tore it off. It wasn’t like Laf was even going to notice. You walked out of the bathroom to see Eliza there, eagerly holding a pair of mary jane pumps in one hand and a deep red lipstick in the other. You laughed at her efforts and took the heels and sat on the edge of the bed to strap your feet into them. “There’s no way he’s not going to want you now.” she cheered. You giggled with her. “I hope so.” you said crossing your fingers. She sat you on the floor and pulled out her curling iron. You two sat there while she curled your hair, you didn’t know what you would do without her. “So if he wants to tap that, would you let him?” she asked wiggling her eyebrows. She was so crazy when she was inside. “I dunno…” you mumbled, a blush rising to your cheeks. Eliza looked at you through the mirror before her eyes widened. “You totally would!” laughed. Your face turned red and you slapped her arm. “Shut uppppp” you said hiding your face in your hands. “Don’t worry girl… Just use protection.” she just couldn’t help herself. You groaned into your hands and just shook your head. After sitting on the floor for 30 minutes she helped you up, and before you could adjust, she dragged you into the bathroom once more. She spent a good chunk of time trying to teach you about makeup while you just stood there clueless. In the end she handed you the tube of deep red lipstick and nodded for you to apply it. You pulled the tube and leaned in to the mirror to apply a precise, bold lip. You leaned out again to be surprised at what you saw. “I…” Eliza looked at you with unsure eyes. “I… I look so hot.” you finished. A look of relief flooded over her face and she nodded in agreement. “Get ready for him to be begging for you.” She smirked and you smirked back in response feeling confident.

You two arrived at the party, and the minute you stepped into Alex’s apartment all the eyes followed you to the dining room where Alex was talking to John, Herc, and Lafayette. “Hey babe.” Alex said, snaking an arm around Eliza’s waist. John and Herc were looking at Eliza and Alex, but Lafayette’s eyes were roaming all over your body the minute you walked over to him. You looked over at Lafayette, feeling his eyes, but when you looked he was looking into his drink. You frowned and moved closer to Eliza. You slowly integrated yourself within the conversation and John and Herc finally looked over at you, only for them to drop like flies. “Holy shit Y/N.” John said, practically drooling. You giggled flirtatiously, slapping his chest. “Oh shut up John. It’s not like you notice me anywhere else.” you said rolling your eyes. “I didn’t know you were so hot.” Herc blurted. You laughed and just shook your head. You looked to where Lafayette was standing, but he was off with a leggy blonde flirting with her. You frowned and turned back to the group slightly disappointed. Alex and Eliza both followed your eyes to Lafayette and were also frowning when you turned your back to him. You slightly sighed before leaning against Eliza, completely hopeless. “Go talk to him” She whispered. You looked at her. “Do I have to?” you questioned like a little kid. She pushed you in his direction and you cursed under your breath before walking over to him, fixing your dress.

“Hey Laf.” you interrupted his conversation with the blonde. She looked at you, unamused but Lafayette turned his attention to you. “Oh hey Y/N. I’ll talk to you later Kelly.” he said to the blonde who walked away giving you the stink eye. “You look hot.” you said adjusting his collar for him. He didn’t even flinch. He just took it like every other girl did this for him. “Thanks Y/N.” he said casually. You let your hand linger on his built chest for a little while longer while looking at him, batting your eyelashes. “I’m hungry. Wanna go see what they have in the kitchen?” He asked killing your vibe. You dropped your hand and followed him into the kitchen utterly defeated. He began to dig in the fridge and you leaned against the counters frustrated. “Laf..” you began. “Hmm?” he questioned, head still in the fridge. “I need to ask you a question.” you said. You were stumped beyond belief and you just needed answers from him. He turned around so he was facing you, his eyes searching your for some kind of sign as to what you were going to say. “do I literally need to be on your dick for you to get that I like you?!” you blurted before you could stop yourself. You shot a hand to your mouth and he looked at you wide eyed before a dark look fell over him. “I dunno mon ami, that would be nice.” he smirked. Your hand fell to your side and you looked at him, shock all over your face. You opened your mouth to say something but no words came out. “Why so quiet Y/N?” he taunted moving closer to you. “Cat’s got your tongue?” he backed you up so your hip was pressed against the counter. “I- “ you tried again but nothing else came out. His mouth was so close to yours and his hands were on both sides of you on the counter. He was the one to initiate as he fiercely pushed his lips onto yours. You immediately kissed back, adrenaline pumping through your veins. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in closer. Your bliss was cut short when Alex walked into the kitchen. “Hey guy-” he stopped mid sentence when he realized what he had just walked in on. “Oh um sorry. Continue” he said before dashing out. Laf pulled away and looked at you, and you just looked at the floor blushing. “I- I gotta go.” you said before ducking out of Lafayette’s arms and out into the busy crowd that was in the living room. You left Lafayette in the kitchen confused and hurt. You didn’t know why you ran away. Maybe it was because you had only thought of what it would be like to be with him not what the reality would be like. Did you like the thought of him or the real him? You found your way to the small bathroom and locked the door behind you. Your head was spinning and you looked in the mirror. You ran a hand through your hair and counted to 10 breathing in and out to get your heart rate somewhat normal. An abrupt knock on the door pulled you out of your thoughts. “Sorry! I’m coming out.” you said pulling the door open and walking out only for you to run straight into a body. You stumbled before a pair of strong arms helped you steady. “Are you alright Y/N.” It was Lafayette. You looked up at him and nodded slightly. “Listen, I’m sorry I was so aggressive. I just. That dress just. I-” he tried, you had never seen him at a loss of words. You smirked before you pulled him into an empty bedroom. It was in that moment you knew. You wanted Lafayette, whether he was just as good in real life as you had imagined in your day dreams you’d have to find out for yourself. But you were willing to take a chance on him.

“What-? Y/N?” he questioned when you locked the door behind you. “I’m going to take you up on that offer” you said walking over to Lafayette who was sitting on the edge of the bed. He didn’t know what you were talking about until you sat on him, facing him. Your legs straddling him.  You began to slightly grind on him. His hands immediately went to your hips, gripping them tightly helping you move on him. You used your hands to push him back onto the bed so he was lying down. He looked up at you in awe and you began to undo the buttons of his shirt at a rapid pace. You wanted him here, and you wanted him now. “Eager are we.” Lafayette smirked. “Awe babe, you’re gonna regret that.” you shot back now fumbling with his belt. You stripped Lafayette of his pants and underwear leaving him in the nude. You climbed on top of him and began to kiss his neck. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this.” he moaned out while you sucked on the skin of his collarbone. “Then why’d you never say anything.” you said in between sloppy kisses down his abs. “I never thought I could get you.” he shuddered when you got to the base of his length. “Ahh, so you want me?” you teased, your thumb swiped at the tip of his member before you wrapped your hand around it beginning to pump up and down slowly. Lafayette’s eyes closed and he let out a deep groan from his throat. You stopped moving and he shot his eyes open at the lack of pleasure. “So you want me?” you asked you hand stilled around his length. “Oui, I want you.” He said making eye contact with you. You slowly began to move your hand again. “Who?” you taunted again moving a bit faster. “Y-you.” he moaned out. You gradually picked up speed. “Who?” you asked again. “Y/N. You. Y/N” he breathed out, his eyes shut and his head thrown back onto the mattress. You loved the way he said your name, the way it rolled off of his tongue. “That’s right.” you said before you bent down so that your mouth was around his member. You began to suck at the tip lightly before taking all of his length at once causing his leg to jerk in pleasure. “Ooo-ooh Y/N” he moaned at the new sensation. And there it was again, the way he said your name made you more turned on if it was even possible. You continued to suck on his length, making sure his length grazed the rough top of your mouth just to hear him moan your name. You stopped instantly when you felt him twitch inside of your mouth. You gave him one last suck before moving back up so you were face to face with him. “Y/N…” he whined. You took his hand and put it between your legs at the dripping wet fabric. “That’s what you do to me.” you said and he instantly stopped whining, his eyes wide. His hand tore from your heat to the black slip dress you had work to the party. “This dress…” he began. “As much as I love it, I think it’s best it comes off.” he said lifting it above your head. That left you hovering over Lafayette braless, your boobs inches from his face. You could’ve sworn his eyes popped out of his skull. You left him staring at you as you rolled off of the bed making your way to your purse. You made sure to sway your hips a bit more than usual. You pulled out a condom and made your way back over to him, his eyes never left your body. You slipped out of your thong and crawled back onto the bed. He instantly tried to lay you down onto the mattress but you pushed his chest so he was against the silky bedspread. “Not today.” you rasped, leaving Lafayette to look up at you with nothing but love and lust. You tore the condom out of its wrapper carefully before you used your hands to roll it down onto his hard member. You teased him by moving back and forth so that the tip of his dick moved between your folds. Lafayette let out a frustrated groan, involuntarily bucking his hips up at the contact. You lifted your heat from his length. “Y/N Please.” Lafayette moaned. You slightly lowered yourself so that his dick was making contact with your entrance. “What was that?” you were going to drag this out as much as you could. “Y/N. Please. I want you.” He was begging at this point. “Huh?” you questioned before you eased down so that just his tip was inside of you and you pulsed around him. “I want you. I need you. Y/N please.” he practically shouting, the frustration evident in his voice. You slid down his length fully, throwing your head back in pleasure. You stayed for a second getting used to his size before moving. Your knees were pressed to his sides and you began to bounce up and down. You started by moving up just half of his length before going back down, but eventually you pulled away fully before slamming back onto him. “Ohh my god Lafayette.” you moaned, your hands pressed against his chest. His hands made their way to your hips and helped you set a steady fast rhythm. “Ah-haa. Y/N” Lafayette shuddered as you slammed back onto him. “Lafayette. I’m- m so so close.” managed to moan out, your legs beginning to shake. At that Lafayette began to thrust upward to meet you. His hands gripped tightly at your hips as he slammed up into you. “I’m gonna… oh my god… please.” now it was your turn to beg to him. “Come on baby. You’re doing so well.” he purred, still slamming into you at a fast speed. He felt you tighten around him and he slammed into you harder, “OH My-” pleasure washed all over you as you began to see white. Lafayette continued to fuck you through your orgasm following not long after. “Y/N, Ahh-hhahhh” he took a shuddering breath before he released into the condom.

You got off of Lafayette allowing him to dispose of the condom before making his way back to the bed only to see that you weren’t there. You stood in the corner getting dressed unsure if you had messed up a perfectly fine friendship because you were sexually frustrated. You stood staring at the corner as you pulled the dress over your shoulders when a pair of strong arms wrapped around your waist. You turned around to see Lafayette with a sheepish grin on his face. “Listen I get if you don’t want to be friends anymore. I pushed you into this because I couldn’t contain my sexual desires, and I’m sorry.” you said trying to hide your embarrassment. “Well of course I don’t want to be friends after this.” he said. Your heart fell to the floor and you looked at your bare feet. He used his hands to cup your face so that you would look at him. “I want to be more than friends. And not that friends with benefits bullshit. I want more. I want you Y/N. I wasn’t lying when I told you that.” he said, you blushed remembering what you had made him do and say just minutes ago. “Really? I don’t want you to be with be just because we had sex…” you began. “Non. Never. I want to be with you because you’re a beautiful person Y/N, inside and out.” he said with a crooked smile. “Okay.” you said returning his smile. You both got fixed up and left the party hand in hand. Eliza raised an eyebrow at you when you were leaning into Lafayette’s chest when he was explaining to Alex that he and you had to leave. You just blushed and shook your head. “Ok, you guys can leave. I’m only letting you leave because you guys are together though. This has been months in the making.” Alex sighed patting Lafayette on the back a smirk plastered on his face. He was clearly satisfied to see you two together.

You sat before class leaning into Lafayette’s shoulder. “So what’s our next date going to be?” Lafayette asked. “Hmmm… What about-” you were cut off when a fuming Alex ran into the classroom making a beeline to you and Lafayette. “Hey Alex-” you said worried about his behavior. “Don’t hey Alex me. You two had sex on my bed at the party didn’t you.” He spat, his face red. You turned to Lafayette with wide eyes who looked at you with the same expression before bursting out laughing. “Oh my god that is disgusting.” He said. “On my bed?” “Hey it’s your fault.” Lafayette said wrapping an arm around you. “WHAT? How is this MY fault?” Alex asked. “You’re the one who’s been trying to set us up for months. And like in true Alexander Hamilton fashion you got what you wanted.” he said pressing a kiss on your forehead.

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Do you every brink about how we didn't appreciate ot5 back in the day, we were so complacent, thinking it was gonna last forever and now it's been almost 2 years since the last ot5 gig and I hate myself for not appreciating it when I had it

Hi you’re rude,

But ya know, you’re lucky you had OT5 days and pictures and videos and gifsets and so much to experience right in front of you…. I legit joined the 1D fandom through Liam and Ziam AFTER Zayn left. AFTER, I kid you not. And it’s been, something. I feel like, people either talk about OT4 to demean Zayn and say shit like, the boys are better off without him (ha! As if) and the ztans conversely say shit like, Zayn is better off without the boys (he’s a great soloist as all of them are, or will be, but Zayn to never have been in the band and stuff? Ha! As if). So that’s one school of thought. And then there are people who constantly cry about how OT5 is 1D and 1D is OT5 and they won’t have it any other way.

Here’s my two cents that no one asked for but I’ll throw them anyway: I love OT5, they are and will always be the reason 1D is so successful. The music, their personalities, their bond and love, and just them, the 5 of them are so integral to the band and its formation. Sure, the idea may have been pre-conceived of and implemented but the boys sure as fuck weren’t informed of it in advance, they aren’t that great as actors, esp not in the fetus days (Don’t come after me Harry). You can see how they have naturally yet gradually grown close and friendly, which is why I love the bond of all 5 but I also love how unique and equally interesting and lovely all the intra-band relationships are, whether they be the OT3s or in duals or any and every combination and permutation.

Having said that, OT4 in the absence of their brother, their boy Zayn have had a tough year, which is why OT4 also has a very special place in my heart. I don’t cherish OT4 any more or less than OT5, I just have a different kind of love for the 4 boys who’ve had to manage to survive and make it through without their lad. So, all my warmest love to all 4, and Zayn, as he was going through his share of criticism.

Now, OT5. We the fans definitely took the 5 of them for granted. Because, I don’t think we ever saw it coming, you know? Like, the ones who buy the narratives and believe those led their lives relatively easily while the ones who bought the narratives were keeping tabs on so many things and stunts or not, each year – since 2010 I’d say – was packed with so much drama for the boys and the fandom, I believe the fans sought solace and respite from the fact that no matter what, we at the very least had all 5 boys together and for each other, and for us. So, yeah, that was our emotional pillar in a way – OT5, I mean – our comforting blanket. And that’s exactly what we are bereft of, now.

I don’t think we’ll get a reunion of all 5 boys anytime soon, but I do think we’ll get it, sooner than we think. sdfknskjfnsf this confused me too so I am just going to leave you with some of my fave OT5 pics:

Lilo Romeo and Juliet style


Because I miss Paul also

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Here is what Zayn has to say:

This is you and I:

{Reaction} EXO when you say daddy and both him and your dad respond.

Note: This was a lot of fun to write hehe, I enjoyed this one~ I hope you enjoy it anon! Fighting~

Disclaimer: I don’t on the gifs/ images used.

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Park Chanyeol

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You walked into the living room where Chanyeol was talking to you Father happily. They were discussing music, you could tell my the passion that was shining in Chanyeol’s eyes.

{y/n}: “I’m sorry to interrupt, I was just wondering what time you wanted dinner, Daddy?”

Chanyeol: “Is six okay?”

{Your Dad}: “I think she was talking to me.”

Chanyeol: “Oh no, it’s just because she calls me Da-” *see’s your warning eyes and realises* “I mean, yeah, sorry. What were you asking your real Daddy, jagi?”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

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You still lived in your parents house, so when Kyungsoo comes over you have to be rather quiet if you want any privacy times, or wait until your parents go out. One night when Kyungsoo had come over, you were sure your parents had gone out already…

Kyungsoo: *mid- sexy time.* “Moan it, Jagi.”

{y/n}: “Daddy!”

{Your Dad}: *From downstairs* “Yeah?!”

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun was staying at your family home for a while. And even though you guys aren’t exactly staying very innocent in the dead of night, you’re obviously not being very quiet, either.

{Younger sibling}: “Daddy”

{Your Dad}: “Yeah?”

{Younger sibling}: “No not you, I was talking to {y/n}’s Daddy” *points at Baekhyun*

Baekhyun: *Smirks smugly to himself, rather proud he made you moan loud enough for the child to here.*

Oh Sehun

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Sehun pinned you up against the bedroom wall, his eyes shining with list as he held your hands over your head.

Sehun: “Better listen to me, Jagiya or Daddy will have to punish you.”

{Your Dad}: *walks in* “She only has one Father, she doesn’t need another one.” *Sassy af*

Sehun: “Please, you might be her real Dad, but we all know she begs for this Daddy.” *Sassyhun strikes back*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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Let’s be honest, Yixing is going to be Daddy af in the bedroom, and innocent outside of it. So when he responds to you calling you Daddy, he doesn’t seem to notice where he’s gone wrong.

{y/n}: “Daddy, can I have some help with this?”

Yixing: “Oh sure Jagi.”

{Your Dad}: “What did you just call him?”

{y/n}: Happy… uh, yeah. I called him happy.” *thinks of the first words you can think of that sounds similar to Daddy.*

Yixing: “I’m pretty sure you just called me Da- ohhh yeah, sorry. Happy. That’s me, see?” *Grins before rushing out the room shyly.*

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Your father had heard you calling Jongdae Daddy and was not happy about it in the slightest. You were both sat on the sofa, watching as your Father paced angrily.

{Your Dad}: “So you like being her Daddy, huh? Then why are there so many damn dishes in the sink? Go on, real Dad’s work their asses off.”

Jongdae: “Yes, sir.” *Even after being told off he probably won’t let you stop calling him Daddy tbh*

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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You woke up that morning to find that Minseok wasn’t in the bed next to you, but you smiled, smelling the fresh scent of breakfast cooking and coffee brewing downstairs. You shuffled out of the bed, making your way downstairs and wrapping your arms around you boyfriend from behind him, muttering a tired ‘Morning Daddy’ with a small smirk on your face, it instantly dropped when you heard a presence behind you.

Your Dad: “Aren’t you going to look at me while you’re talking to me?”

Minseok: “Oh no, she was talking to me, sir.” *Turns back with a smug smirk.* “Coffee?”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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ou had been in the kitchen cooking with your Mother while Tao and your Father sat in the living room talking happily about China and how Tao is good at Martial Arts. So far, he had seemed to be making a good impression, but that was until you called out “Daddy…”

Tao and your Dad in unison: “Yeah?”


Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Your Father and Junmyeon had already gathered quite a good relationship already. It’s a good thing really, because when you called out “Daddy” and Junmyeon sassy comebacks came out to play, it was a good thing your Father was good at laughing things off.

{Your Dad}: “What is she calling you Daddy for? You’re like 10.”

Suho: “Ten inches, maybe.” *Sudaddy smirking at you. Three guesses what you’re getting later.*

Lu Han

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Luhan, being the confident man he is, doesn’t really care when your Father overhears you calling him Daddy. He smirks smugly, pulling at his collar in a sexy way as you blush furiously as your Father glares at you both.

{Your Dad}: “Let’s just pretend I didn’t hear that.”

Luhan: “Oh no, you remember it. I think you need to know where I stand with my princess.

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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You smiled, opening up your arms to give your father a hug as you greet him after a long time with “Hey Daddy.”

Kai: *standing next to your dad, extends his arms to hug you when he realises you’re not hugging him.* “Oh you call him Daddy too, oh okay, yup.” *awkward af*

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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Kris glared as he heard you say ‘Daddy’ numerous times over the dinner table. He kept rolling his eyes, lightly tapping you and telling you “this isn’t the time or place for it.” He was confused as to why you wouldn’t stop until you finally snapped.

{y/n}: “I’m talking to my Dad, Kris. You know, my real Dad.”

Kris: “But I’m_ ohhh… yeah.” *Looks up at your Father who is looking suspiciously at you both.* “Yeah she calls me Daddy too, sorry, my mistake I was getting confused.*

{Your Dad}: “Spits out his tea”

{y/n}: *Face-palms*

Love at First Sight - Draco x Reader

Hi guys! This took a long time and I’m sorry! This didn’t turn out like I wanted it to and if you want me to re-write it with more of a jealous Draco, please just let me know! I hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think!! :) 

Request - anon: can you make a jealous!draco imagine please?? just how he would be jealous & what causes him to be jealous? thank u in advance!!

Warnings - strayed from the request a little bit, cursing, jealous draco, Seamus and Dean make their first appearance yay! If there’s more, please let me know

Draco didn’t think he was the jealous type. In fact, he had everything he had ever wanted - or so he thought. Draco wasn’t aware of his jealous tendencies until Y/N came along. Y/N was beautiful with her H/C hair and E/C eyes. She had a good vibe about her and people genuinely enjoyed being around her.

The first time he spotted her, she was bent over a textbook in the library. Her hair hung in her face. Draco could only see her profile, but he could tell she was attractive. He made his way towards the girl, but stopped in his tracks as a boy from Gryffindor sat across from her. Draco watched as she paused her reading. He studied her face now that he had a better look. If he had believed in love at first sight, he was sure this was what it would feel like. He didn’t believe in that though. How could someone fall in love without even knowing anything about the other person?

Weeks passed and Draco made it his personal mission to get to know the girl better. He’d make sure to sit at a table across from her. He would purposely sit closer to her in classes. The boy was so fixed on getting to know her that Blaise had caught him staring at her one day at breakfast.

“If you like her so much, just talk to her, mate. It’s not hard. I know Y/N and I could possibly introduce you two if you’d like.” Blaise suggested. Draco shook his head.

“I’m not afraid to introduce myself to a girl, Blaise. I’m not incompetent. It’s just she’s always hanging around that Gryffindor rat. Is she dating anyone?” Draco asked casually.

“Not sure. Would you like me to find out?”


By breakfast the next morning, Blaise had an answer for Draco. She wasn’t dating anyone, but she did have an eye on a certain boy in their year. Blaise begged and pleaded with her to tell him, but she wouldn’t budge. Draco was disappointed to hear that Y/N had her eye on someone, knowing it couldn’t possibly be him. He decided to step up his game. He headed to the library that Saturday to find her.

Much to Draco’s pleasure, he found Y/N sitting in the library at the same table she always sat at. Much to Draco’s displeasure, he found two boys sitting across from her. He sucked in a breath and continued his journey towards the table. Two idiot Gryffindors weren’t going to stop the Slytherin prince from introducing himself to a girl. Besides, she was worthy of more than a Gryffindor. He pulled out a chair beside her and sat.

“Sorry, is this seat taken?” he asked.

“No, it’s not.” Pink rose to her cheeks and she scooted her books spread across the table back towards her.

“What are ya doin’ Malfoy? She doesn’t want to talk to ya.” Seamus Finnigan stood from his seat across Y/N. Dean Thomas, the other boy who had joined the two today, rose from his seat as well. Draco stayed seated, knowing very well that he was not going to leave until he at least introduced himself.

“I just wanted to introduce myself,” he said, turning towards the girl beside him. “I’m Malfoy. Draco Malfoy. There will be no need to introduce yourself. I know exactly who you are.”

He winked and turned his attention back to the two boys in front of them. Seamus and Dean were staring at Draco like he’d lost his mind. Seamus took his seat once again, followed by Dean. Draco frowned. They were supposed to leave, not sit back down.

“We were going to study. Would you want to study with us?” Y/N asked. Her eyes met blue ones and she quickly looked away. He was too attractive to even glance at. He smirked. Draco shrugged. He had other things he wanted to do besides study. It was a Saturday. Why stay inside when the weather was nice outside?

“I was actually thinking of enjoying the weather while it’s nice. Care to join me?” he asked. He pushed out his chair and held out a hand with a confident smirk. Y/N seemed hesitant. She wanted to stay and study, but she also wanted to get to know the famous Slytherin prince better. She shook her head.

“Unfortunately, I have to study for this exam coming up. Maybe some other time?” she offered. Draco’s smirk dropped. He gave a curt nod and roughly pushed his chair in. He was pissed. What did Seamus and his weird friend have over him? He was perfect. He had good grades. He didn’t get in much trouble. He was a Slytherin. What more could she want?

As Draco made his way outside, he grabbed his broom and headed to the Quidditch pitch to clear his head. He flew around the grounds for awhile. The warm air hit his face and worked it’s way through his hair. He didn’t mind because lucky for him he’d stopped using hair gel awhile ago. His hands became sore from gripping the broom so tightly. His thoughts were mixed up. It wasn’t that he was jealous of Seamus and Dean. He was a Slytherin and they were Gryffindors. There was no way he was jealous of them.

He shook his head to clear his thoughts. He descended from the air. Draco put his broom away and headed back towards the school. His hope was that he’d bump into Y/N while she was alone. As soon as he returned to the school, he saw her H/C hair and familiar frame. Unfortunately, she wasn’t alone. She was with Seamus and they were walking around the courtyard.

She threw her head back and laughed as Seamus said something funny. Draco felt the rage he’d felt earlier. He wanted to make her laugh. He wanted to walk that close to her. Draco couldn’t explain it. He didn’t even really know her, but he was obsessed from the moment he saw her. She was beautiful to him and it was a surprise when he learned that she was single. How could anyone pass up a smart and funny girl like her?

Seamus and Y/N took a seat on a bench. Draco stood behind a pillar. He felt like a stalker. He didn’t mean to seem like one, but if she’d just give him the time of day, he wouldn’t have to be following her around. The two sat close to each other, their knees touching. Draco decided to act on his feelings. He was confident enough in himself to walk over and stand in front of Y/N. She rose from her seat as he approached.

“Hi, Draco! You were right, it is nice outside. I’ve been looking for you.” she smiled and Draco felt his heart skip a beat.

“You- you were?” he asked. It felt like a dumb question, but he just wanted to confirm what she’d just said.

“Yes, I was looking for you. I asked around and no one’s seen you since lunch. I wanted to take you up on your offer, but you were nowhere to be found. Luckily, I ran into Seamus again and we’ve been hanging out. Would you care to join us?” She looked to Seamus and he rolled his eyes.

“I’ll see ya later, Y/N. Find me when you’re done with the snake.” Seamus said and kissed her cheek. He took off in the direction of the Great Hall. Draco stared after him. Y/N glanced at Seamus retreating and then back at Draco. She smiled and waved a hand in front of Draco’s face. He flinched and turned his gaze back to Y/N. His fists were in balls and his jaw was clenched.

“Are you alright?” she asked. Her hand came up to rest on his shoulder and he took a deep breath.

“I’m fine.” he mumbled. She didn’t believe him and she wasn’t one to let things go.

“Are you sure? You seem angry. I didn’t say anything to upset you, did I? If I did, I didn’t mean to.”

“I’m just… how well do you and Seamus know each other? Are you guys friends? Or are you dating? If you’re dating, I will totally back off. You just told Blaise that-“

He was interrupted by his lips on hers. His eyes closed automatically and he savored the moment. She smelled like vanilla and an expensive perfume. Her lips tasted like birthday cake lip gloss. His hands traveled to her waist. He pulled her closer to him.

Her hands tangled in his hair. She couldn’t believe that she was kissing a boy she’d had a crush on since second year. They were in their fifth year now and she was surprised she’d had enough nerve to even be this close to him. He smelled of mint and fresh laundry. His lips were a bit chapped, but it was okay with her. She didn’t mind one bit. She pulled away quickly.

“Sorry.” she blushed. She tried to step away, but Draco’s hands held her in place.

“It’s okay. Er-“ Draco was at a loss of words for once in his life. “Like I was saying, I just feel like you and Seamus are really close and that he has a thing for you.”

Y/N laughed.

“He does have a thing for me, Draco. But, unfortunately for him, I have a thing for someone else.” She intertwined her hands with his and smiled up at him.

“Who is this someone else? Do I know him?” he smirked.

Their noses were touching. Her lips met his once again and she swore it was better the second time. They pulled apart and he wrapped an arm around her as they walked around the courtyard. Draco had had no reason to be jealous. Maybe love at first sight was a thing he could believe in after all.

Too late

Name: Too late.

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Theme: This story based off on this request: The reader is Muggle and is in love with Percival and listens to him saying that he could never fall in love with a no-maj leaving you very sad, but he had lied. And when you are kidnapped by an evil wizard he confesses to you when you find tired and injured.

I changed it and sorry for that. But i love how it turned out, so i just hope you will love it too, my dear anon.


Tags: @seninjakitey @umbrellas-and-tallymarks @oswald-cobblepot-is-my-addiction @elvirateaqueen13 @queencobblefreezestuff @myregardstothereader  @rawrcoptergaming  @seaweedredandbrown @ofnifflersandkings @ohlookfanfiction @hirainhisrain @waywardtimemachinejellyfish @this-is-a-unique-username @socktrollqueen @eli-cya @casfaith777 @n-octicolor @fairylightsandfandoms @kazezakura @animeo2l @aeichajoanes @coffeeandmondays @misofine @sweetlittlequeer @officially-a-magizoologist @starkingdom @lilasiannerd @bitweird1 @timelessclassic86 @ithilnarmo @theslytherinblood @fandomsunitedtogetherforever @neganslittleprincess @bovaria @newtts-scamander


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Jason Todd x Reader - Sweet Child O’ Mine

Requested by: anon PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING (I had to change to prompt because I follow other blogs who got the same prompt and I didn’t want to write the same thing as them. Sorry anon, but I hope this still works. Instead of mugging, It’s robbery)

Songs: “Sweet Child O’ Mine” Guns N’ Roses   &   “Breathe me” Sia


It was the worst pain you had ever felt. You had never been shot before, but you now understood what people meant when they said, “The bullet burns in your wound,” because it most certainly did, and it hurt like hell. It was incredibly painful, and you expected that, but there also was a sense of numbness inside of you that you didn’t see coming; you couldn’t move.

Yo had recognized the boy that had shot you. He had been stealing bread and spare money from scattered houses and apartments around your town. You were expecting him to come eventually, and planned to give him food and money, but as you walked over to him, he clearly wasn't expecting you. He had come in through the window, and was frantically looking through the cabinets for food before he saw you. The poor boy who looked no older than 12 shot you in the thigh off instinct, and as he pulled the trigger you saw the regret and worry flash through his eyes, but it was too late.

He immediately ran over to you and shrugged off the thin sweatshirt he was wearing even though it was winter, wrapping up your wound and applying pressure, while constantly apologizing, and saying “I’m so sorry, I’m so dumb.” His face was pale as a ghost’s and full of worry. It hurt like hell to have pressure on your wound, but the kid knew what he was doing. Using the little strength you had, you withdrew your phone from your pocket, shoving it in his direction. He picked it up, and immediately started dialing 911, but you hoarsely said, “n-no,” and shook your head, pointing to Jason’s name in your contacts.

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Hang Out- Andre Burakovsky

Originally posted by bulletproofwhale

Hey guys! So this one ended kind of short, but I really like how it went so I didn’t want to force more! I hope you guys enjoy it!

Warning: None

Anon request: idk what the other friends w benefits request is but could you do one where youre friends w benefits w andre and one day he shows up unannounced while you were in your pjs with a face mask on and getting ready to watch your fav show or something so youre like uh… sorry not tonight but he doesnt actually want sex he was just feeling sad and didnt want to be alone or something and then its fluffy and cute?


              You were not expecting the knock on the door. So you were not expecting to need to be decent to open said door.

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Or Nah?: A Kol Mikaelson Imagine

Request from Anon: could you maybe try doing a smut based on somo - or nah? 💖💖❤️

So, I was a little reluctant about writing this because I’m not very good at smut, and there are certain words in this song that make me feel a little uneasy. But after some extreme editing, I kinda wrote it based off the song in my own interpretation. To whoever did request this, I hope you don’t mind, and I’m also really sorry that it took so long and that it might not be what you wanted. So this is pure smut, there is literally a very subtle storyline, and I may have edited the lyrics at little (you’ll notice it). Enjoy x

Do you like the way I flick my tongue, or nah?

Sex with Kol Mikaelson was not exactly a rare occurrence in your life. If anything, it had become a significant part of it. 

It wasn’t anything romantic. It was just convenient. 

At this exact moment in time, you were in his house. On the edge of his bed. With his head between your legs. 


His hands clamped down on your thighs, as you threw your head back. His tongue darted in and out of you, tasting every inch of you that he could. At your cry of pleasure, he quickened his pace, savouring every moment of it. 

You felt the knot begin to build in your stomach, and just as you were about to release, Kol withdrew his head.

Words were not exchanged as you glared at him, his eyes dancing with mischief. 

“Sorry, love,” he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. He often liked to tease you in this way. 

“You’re not sorry.”

“You’re right I’m not. But it’s just more fun this way.”

I’m not the type to call you back tomorrow

But the way you wrap around me is a problem

After a night of pure passion and lust, you left the Mikaelson mansion. Kol lay in his bed, the sheet covering just below the waist. 

His hands were behind his head, as he sighed in pleasure. 

He knew he wasn’t going to call tomorrow. So did you. But you still niggled away at him. 

Just the thought of you did things to him he couldn’t explain. In his millennia of existence, he had never met someone who could do the things you could do. 

When he first slept with you, he assumed it would be the same as all the other girls he’d been with. One night and then that’s it. The typical heartbreaker. 

He was just as surprised as you when it became an almost daily occurrence.

He needed you.

Took her to the kitchen, Fucked her right there on the table

Kol pounded into you as you gripped onto his shoulders, your legs wrapped around his waist. 

You had barely walked through the door when you were pushed against the wall, Kol’s lips attached to your neck, his hands under your skirt and his fingers making figure of eights on your clit. 

Your bare ass was planted on the kitchen counter, the marble adding to the already amazing sensations you were feeling. 

“Shit, shit, shit.”

It was only when you were with Kol that you realised how much you missed him. His touch. His tongue. His, well, you know. 

If his addiction was human blood then yours was his. 

You wanted to merge with him. Be his for eternity.

Would you die for a singer vampire or nah?
Would you lie to a singer vampire or nah, or nah?

Of course, you knew that things wouldn’t last. 

They’d probably end in your death. Well, that’s what you’d heard about the Mikaelsons.

Kol twisted your hair in one hand, while the other made its way down your bare stomach. 

“How much do you want this, Y/N?”

He had the ability to turn you into a writhing mess. You wiggled your hips in frustration, whining.

He smirked, his nose trailing up your neck. 

“I said, how much do you want this? How much do you want me?”

“So much,” you breathed. 

Kol’s hand moved lower, his fingers brushing your core. 

“Enough to die for it?”

You stopped. You’d never been asked something like that.

“What are you suggesting, Kol?”

“Would you want to be like me, Y/N? So we can do this”, he inserted one finger into you, “for eternity?”

You considered his offer while trying to ignore the pulsing in your core. The feel of his finger exploring you. 


With that, Kol inserted another fingers and you two were the only ones in the entire world.

For the lovely anon (and wife) who requested something a little while back. I hope this is something like what you had in mind. Sorry it took me a little bit to find the writing mojo.

(TW: miscarriage, fertility issues)

Cat threatens thirteen - no, fourteen - people with everything from being fired to actual bodily harm, but it only gets her home 30 minutes sooner than originally planned. When she’d heard Kara’s voicemail, Cat had wanted nothing more than her wife’s ability to fly. Instead she’s stuck crossing three states and an entire city at a frustratingly human pace.

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