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To the Four of Us (EPILOGUE)

Words: 2,569

Author’s note: It took me weeks (months?) to get this right. I got so attached to my TTFOU characters that I had to make sure they had the right sendoff. I ended up loving this story. I loved writing it, I loved reading your comments (don’t think for a second that I didn’t read EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. I did. And they ALL made me smile), and I love that you guys loved it so much. Seriously I can’t thank you all enough for letting me share this with you and for supporting me. I don’t wanna get long and sappy so I’ll leave it here. Also, I’m sorry for the wait, but I really hope you enjoy it now that it’s here!

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Now, without further adieu, the TTFOU epilogue!!

There’s comfort in familiarity. That was why when they turned onto the familiar street with the familiar lampposts and the familiar trees John literally squealed with delight despite the snow which fell softly onto the windshield.

Alexander raised an eyebrow at his husband. Normally in the presence of snow, John would be at least a little grumpy.

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Breaking... Ch.9

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

A/N: I AM SO DAMN EXCITED FOR THIS YOU HAVE NO IDEA! I’ve been anticipating this chapter ever since I started writing this and I’m excited for you all to read it! I hope you enjoy!

Wordcount: 4000 (mmm I love that solid number!)

Warnings: Cursing, sob, fluff, info drops, slavery is horrible but it is brought up here sorry 

Tags!!: @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @renae-writes @literally-melonkitty @deltablue202 @meunicorn @favouritefighting-frenchman @demi-godamit @gum-and-chips @sweaterkitty-fluff @pinkyiger7

Breaking Stereotypes

Dear possible journal,

             November is far too quickly coming to an end. Rachel told me after we heard the news that we would be staying here at the estate to keep everything in order. I can tell you with full confidence that all the kids have been complaining about it to Alex and Eliza. I told them that they would be fine, they were fine before I showed up after all but they just get annoyed every time I point that out. Philly by far has been the worst perpetrator in that sense. “But who’s going to make tea for us?” They have maids at the Schuyler estate too Philip, stop making excuses! I do have to admit, it’s going to be odd not waking up at the crack of dawn to get everyone dressed and fed. Or to help the kids with their work and reading them stories when they can’t sleep. It’s just strange how used to life here I’ve become. I will admit, I’m not excited for their departure, Rachel is wonderful but I don’t think I can last being by myself for that long with nothing to do. Rachel has actually been acting rather strange recently, she seems distracted. She’s been like this for a month now I think, I asked he what was wrong but she just responded with “Simply worried about the trip.” I don’t believe her. She gave me my own head cloth to keep my hair out of my face while I’m working. Honestly she probably only gave it to me as a bribe to stop asking questions. I know your tricks Rachel; you can’t fool me! Actually, I’m pretty sure I left it in her room when I checked up on her yesterday. She said she was having trouble writing so I suggested she take a break. You usually find the right words when you least expect it. Anyways, I should probably go get that cloth, I think it looks surprisingly good on me for something that actually has a functional purpose. Until next time, random sheet of paper that I stole from Alex.

P.S. I swear every time I get done writing my hand starts to cramp, does this happen to everyone?

             You set your writing materials off to the side and jumped out of your seat. Perks to living next door to your coworker/friend! You went over and knocked on Rachel’s door. She’s usually taking her break right about now. No response, you called out.

“Rachel? You in there?” You turned the knob to peek inside, making sure she wasn’t just not paying attention. No one was inside but you could tell she was just there not too long ago. Eh, I can just grab my head band thing and go, no big deal. I left it on the window sill I think?  You stepped inside, walked over to the window and grabbed your cloth, you had to lean over the desk to get it but you got it nonetheless. Something on the desk caught your eye. A ring? It was a simple band, made of some kind of silvery metal, you couldn’t tell what. It was thin and clean, pretty in an understated kind of way. You picked it up and held it in the palm of your hand. There was paper and ink still laid out on the desk, she must’ve been writing recently. You couldn’t help yourself when your eyes caught the few words etched into the paper.

My love, though distance separates us, my mind finds you easily.

My love? Who is she writing to? You heard a sound behind you.

“Y/N! What are you doing in my room? You cannot go into someone’s chamber without permission!” Fuck. You quickly turned to find an obviously enraged Rachel standing in the doorway.

“I, um, nothing?” Seriously! That’s my best answer! Rachel was clearly not buying your charade. She walked over to the desk and took a seat, not even looking at you she figured out what you were holding.

“Put it down.” You complied and dropped it down onto the flat top of the desk. It hit the surface with a small ding and rolled on its side, making a ringing noise.

“It’s very pretty, where did you get it?” You asked as she picked up her quill, dipped it into a small ink jar and began to scratch letters into the page.

“Inheritance.” She said absentmindedly. Inheritance?

“Wait, inheritance? What do you mean?” She lifted her head up in realization.

“Oh, I’ve never told you before have I?” No! You certainly have not!

“Told me what exactly?” You sat down on her bed.

“The only people who know about this are Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton, but you’re my friend and I trust you…” She took a deep breath. “My full name is Rachel Marie Sky, I’m sure you can tell from the name but I’m a bastard.” A bastard? “My mother, she was a prostitute and she met my wealthy father, fell in love with him but he was already married. I was born out of wedlock and my mother died while giving birth to me. When my father found out about her death and my existence he took me in but since I’m not a product of his marriage I became part of the staff as soon as I could walk. When he died, all I was given was this ring. I’m honestly lucky to have gotten anything, his wife certainly did not know I received this. It was supposed to be a gift to my mother but it was bestowed to me instead. That’s actually how I ended up with the Hamilton’s as well. The families knew each other and once they heard my story they allowed me to stay.” Her expression changed, the whole time she was talking she was practically straight faced but once she brought up Alex and Eliza she seemed troubled.

“What’s wrong? You don’t seem too happy…”

“It’s not that I am not happy, I’m just…conflicted.” She looked down at her page.

“Who’s that for by the way? Sorry, but I read the first line…” Her eyes practically popped out of her head.

“You read it? Y/N Taylor! Ladies do not read others documents without asking!” Ugh! I know Rachel! I am not good at this lady business!

“I’m sorry! I legitimately didn’t do it on purpose! I promise! Who is this person you’re writing to?” I need all of the information! She looked downcast.

“His name is Cato… We met several years ago and we’ve written to each other ever since.” Aww! That’s so cute! I ship it! “But…it’s complicated! It wouldn’t work out…”

“What? Why? You obviously care about him! I mean you called him your love for Pete’s sake!” You argued, she held her head in her hands.

“I do love him! I’ve loved him for years! But… he’s a slave.” Oh…oh no…

“Oh Rachel… I’m so sorry, I didn’t know…” She picked her head up and shook it furiously.

“No, no, no, no! You misunderstand! He is only considered a slave by law, although that isn’t great, he is not treated as one! His ‘master’ considers him a friend, in fact the only reason he is considered a slave is for protection. The man is very kind but he’s smart, he understands that slavery will not be abolished for quite some time. So he ‘bought’ Cato, that way no one else would be able to mistreat him. They are very close, so close that the idea of being slave and master don’t register. I’m happy that he is as close to freedom as he can be…” I suppose that’s honorable in a way. It’s horrible that slavery exists in this world but the fact that someone was willing to let someone be free when that decision can’t be properly given to them is incredible. That shit can’t be said about Jefferson! Still… this has got to be difficult for both of them to figure out.

“But wait, why is this effecting you so suddenly?” If she’s loved him for years, why now of all times? You heard a voice echo from down the hall.

“TT! Rachel! Come on! We have a surprise!” Angie? Rachel put down her quill, stood up and brushed off her skirt. You followed her out the door. The two of you walked down the halls, you heard people talking in the main room. You turned the corner and saw Alex and all of the children. The younger ones were jumping excitedly and Angie was running up to a woman talking to Eliza. She had a bright smile, dark skin, her long curls were pulled back into a neat ponytail and her dress was as big as Eliza’s except it was pink. Angie hugged the woman tightly. “I knew it! I knew Mama would invite you Aunt Angelica!” Aunt Angelica? Wait! ANGELICA SCHUYLER CHURCH!

“Hello Darling! It’s wonderful to see you again!” She patted Angie on the head and looked over at Alex. “It’s nice to see you too Alexander.” She said dryly. Ooooh, I can feel the sting from over here… Alex looked away, obviously a bit hurt by the comment but no one else seemed to notice. The other children were bouncing excitedly while Philip shook his heads in distain.

“Do not misunderstand me when I say this Auntie but I can only handle one of you at a time. Angie, I love you. But one Angelica at a time is ideal!” Philip joked, Angie crossed her arms.

“Hmph, your loss then Philly because me and Auntie are going to be together all winter! You will just have to learn to deal with it!” She shot back. Rachel finally made your presences known.

“Hello Lady Angelica, it is wonderful to see you again. Shall I take in your things?”

“Oh yes, thank you very much Rachel.” Angelica replied. Rachel went out the front door to grab the luggage in the carriage sitting outside. Eliza jumped up slightly.

“William! It’s time for his feeding, I shall be back soon. Children, I know you are very excited to see your Aunt but please do make sure not to bother her.” She made her way up the stairs, presumably to the nursery. The fact that she can just gauge that stuff is scary yet also awesome! Philip smiled at you and gestured for you to join the group, you were certainly not opposed to this and were swiftly standing in front of Angelica.

“Hello, Mrs. Church! My name is Y/N Taylor; it is a pleasure to meet you!” This is by far the coolest! She smiled back at you.

“Ah, so this is the girl my sister has been telling me about.” Why did she look at Philip when she said that? Angie grabbed Philip and AJ’s arms and began to pull them towards the stairs.

“Alright boys! I have a lot of packing to do and all of you are going to help me! That means you too James and John!”

“But I do not wish to help you pack!” Philip groaned. Angie looked over at you.

“TT, should Philip and the boys help me pack?” She asked.

“Philip, AJ, Jamie, Johnny, go help your sister finish packing. Or at least get most of it done!” All of them collectively sighed as response to your demand.

“Thank you TT!” Angie said before dragging the boys upstairs. Angelica cleared her throat and looked over at Alex.

“Alexander, I would like to speak with you for a moment if you don’t mind.” Alex seemed surprised by the request but quickly brushed it off.

“Of course, please allow me to show you to my study.” And so the two left you in the main room as they disappeared down the hall. Wonder what that was about… The door opened and Rachel came rushing through, carrying two bags with her and closing the door with her heel.

“It’s getting quite chilly! We’ll have a lot of snow these coming months I can assure you that!” Oh no, curse you New York weather!

“Do you need some help with the bags?” You asked.

“No but if you could ask Mr. Hamilton if I need to prepare any more room I would greatly appreciate it.” She made her way to the steps, carrying the luggage with ease.

“Okay, I’ll be back in a second!” You turned around and started down the hallway, taking your head cloth, laying it on top of your head and tying the ends underneath your hair as you walked. You approached the study door and just as you were about the knock you heard a voice.

“You have invented a new kind of stupid, a damage you may never undo kind of stupid, an open all the cages in the zoo kind of stupid. Truly, you didn’t think this through kind of stupid!” It was Angelica. “Let’s review. You took a rumor, a few, maybe two people knew and refuted it by sharing an affair of which no one has accused you! I begged you to take a break, you refused to! So scared of what your enemies will do to you, you’re the only enemy you ever seem to lose to! You know why Jefferson can do what he wants? He doesn’t dignify schoolyard taunts with a response! So yes, congratulations!” She sounds pissed!

“Angelica wai-“

“You’ve redefined your legacy, congratulations!”

“It was an act of political sacrifice!” Alex exclaimed.

“Sacrifice? I languished in a loveless marriage in London, I lived only to read your letters. I look at you and think ‘God, what have we done with our lives and what did it get us?’ That doesn’t wipe the tears of the years away. But I’m back in the city and I’m here to stay and you know what I’m here to do?”


“I’m not here for you!”

“I didn’t expect for you to be… You know your sister like you know your own mind. I will never find anyone as trusting or as kind.” Alex…

“A million years ago she said to me ‘This one’s mine’ So I stood by, do you know why? I love my sister more than anything in this life! I will choose her happiness over mine every time!”

“Eliza… Is the best thing in my life.”

“So never lose sight of the fact that you have been blessed with the best wife!”

“For the rest of my life, every sacrifice I make is for your sister. I’ll give the best life, no exaggerations.” Alex finished.

“Good, I’m glad we settled this matter.” You heard footsteps coming towards you, or more specifically towards the door. Shit! I better knock now! You hurried tapped your fist against the door.

“Mr. Hamilton! Rachel sent me to ask you a question.” You opened the door and tried to pretend to be surprised that Angelica was about to walk out. “Oh forgive me, was I interrupting something?”

“Oh no dear, I was just leaving.” You side stepped so she would walk past you and once she was far enough down the hall you entered, closing the door behind you.

“You okay Alex?” You asked worriedly.

“I’m fine Titania, nothing for you to worry about. Did you have something to ask of me?”

“Yeah, Rachel wants to know if she needs to prepare any more rooms. So basically are you planning for more people to show up?” He smiled at your question.

“Actually yes! A good friend of mine shall be accompanying us!” He sounds so excited!

“Alright, I’ll let her know we need another room!” Before you could turn to open the door Alex called out to you.

“Wait Titania, I actually have a question for you as well.” He stood up from his desk, walked around it and leaned up against the edge of the front.

“Um, okay. What is it?” You stepped into the center of the room, Alex put on his ‘serious dad’ face.

“You have seemed troubled these last couple months. Is everything alright?” Oh no, I’ve been avoiding this question. You tried to put on your most convincing smile.

“I’m fine Alex, really I am!” His eyes slanted. He’s not buying this is he?

“Titania, I thought we were past hiding such things from each other. We’re family in this house and I consider you my closest friend. You cannot lie to me about these things. Now, what exactly has you so blue?” Nothing gets past Alex I guess… You sighed.

“I just really want to ask you something but I don’t want to ruin how happy everyone has been lately and I feel like such a pessimist for being concerned with something so trivial but it’s honestly really bothering me and I keep going back and forth on whether I shoul-“

“Whoa! Slow down there Titania. It’s very alright to ask me anything if it troubles you so.” He stepped forward, stood in front of you and patted your shoulder reassuringly.

“It’s just… Why? Why write the pamphlet? Why name it after me? I really don’t understand it!” You huffed in exasperation. Literally I’m pretty sure the only people who believed the rumors was Thomass Jeffershit and Sunshine boy!  Alex looked at you for a second before responding.

“Y/N when you appeared at my side, told me your story and proceeded to breakdown the structure of Shakespeare, I knew that you and I were destined to have a friendship. However, that puts you in a very sensitive position; a position of power that one may want to exploit. I knew of this possibility but I risked that in order to understand you, that was selfish of me. This rumor, that article was not only about me but about you as well. I have committed many errors in my life but I shall not allow the name of an innocent person be slandered. One of my errors was not protecting a dear friend of mine when I had the chance. I will never throw away my shot on a friend ever again because of that. I deserved the shame I was given but once I saw your reaction to Philip I knew I could not sit by and allow for such talk to spread.”

“But Alex, you know I don’t care about my name, my name doesn’t matter!”

“That is where you are wrong. Titania, I shall tell you the same thing I tell all of my other children. Always care about your legacy, because what you will leave behind shall be great, greater than what anyone can imagine. You are family and one of the great things I hope for you to do with your own name is stay apart of this family.” He smiled down at you, you couldn’t stop yourself from giving him a small hug.

“Thank you…Alex…” You pulled away and quickly went over to the door, before leaving you turned back to Alex. “Or should I say, thank you Alexander Hamildad?” You ran out of the room, trying to hold in your laughter. That was so good! High five me! You ran down the hall and into the main room. You immediately noticed all the children running down the stairs. “Whoa, slow down guys! Where’s the fire?” Honestly with AJ’s track record, that was a literally possibility. Angie, AJ, Jamie and Johnny all jumped off the last step but Jamie was the only one to stop and answer your question.

“He’s here! He’s here!” He said excitedly before running into the center of the room. Who’s here? Suddenly you heard the sound of a carriage stopping outside, Angie stopped you from going over to the door to greet the guest.

“Not a wise decision.” What’s going on? It wasn’t any more than a few seconds before you heard booming footsteps from outside the door. Is our visitor a tree?! The next thing you know the door is flung open and you see an extremely tall man jumping through the doorway. His skin was very dark, his clothes an equally dark color however in a shade of blue. He was quite broad and you couldn’t see his hair because he was wearing a beanie.

“HERCULES MULLIGAN!” The man shouted as he landed. The children all shouted and ran towards the man.

“Uncle Herc! Uncle Herc!” They all shouted. Wait… Hercules… Mulligan… A TAILOR SPYING ON THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT?! Mulligan picked Angie up by her sides and spun her around in a circle.

“How is my angel fairing? Those boys better not be bothering you or else they’ll have to hear from me!” He shouted. Angie giggled and shook her head.

“Boys are gross Uncle Herc!” She responded, Mulligan had the widest smile on his face from her response.

“That is exactly what I was hoping to hear! Never trust us men!” He joked. Philip came trotting down the stairs and spoke up as he approached Mulligan.

“Ah, Uncle Hercules! I have not seen you in ages!” He walked toward Mulligan and gave him only what you could describe as a bro hug. Was that a thing back in 1797? Well they just did it so I guess it was! Philip then looked over at you. “And this is Y/N Taylor, she is-“ AJ cut him off.

“She’s our maid, she’s really nice!” AJ chuckled. Mulligan approached you and held out his hand, sensing the que you gave him yours. He gave your hand a quick peck before straightening his posture and smiling down at you.

“A pleasure to meet you Y/N!” He exclaimed before staring at you silently, almost like he was examining your face. What? What’s he doing.

“Uh, h-hello, nice to meet you?” He nodded his head, like he had just made a decision.

“That’s it. I’m taking her.” He stated simply. Excuse me?! AJ, Jamie and Johnny all came running up behind him.

“No! You can’t take her! She’s our maid!” AJ laughed. I’m so confused! Mulligan shook his head.

“Nope, you can’t change my mind. She’s mine now!” Without any warning Mulligan picked up by the waist and threw you over his shoulder. What the hell is going on?!  Mulligan then proceeded to run around the room with long strides as the children giggled and chased after him. This caused you to bounce up and down on his shoulder, you couldn’t help but laugh at the scenario.

“What in the world are you all doing?” You asked through your giggle fit.

“I see that Titania is getting acquainted with Mulligan!” You caught a glimpse of Alex standing the archway between the hall and the main room. Mulligan quickly halted, lifted you off his shoulder and set you down gracefully. Your hair however was a total disaster; it took you a second to smooth everything back down to normal. Alex and Mulligan walked towards each other with shit eating grins and also engaging in the bro hug. Wow, that’s really popular isn’t it?

“Great to see you again Hamilton!” Hercules exclaimed.

“Like wise Mulligan!” You heard footsteps coming through the still opened door. You turned your gaze towards it and caught site of another man carrying a couple of bags. He was still tall but significantly shorter than Mulligan. His skin was closer to a mocha color, his hair was wavy and cut very short. His clothes perplexed you for a second, they weren’t shabby but seemed oddly casual for the time period. Mulligan turned to him.

“Oh sorry my boy! Didn’t mean to leave you out there, I was just excited to see everyone! Let me get that!” Mulligan jogged over to the man and grabbed two of three bags he was holding.

“It’s not a problem Hercules, I do not mind helping.” He responded, Alex smiled and waved at the man.

“How are you fairing Cato?” He asked.

“Very good, Mr. Hamilton.” He answered.


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“ Pls i need crying calvin. Like not a seriously sad fic, just like sobbing sad calvin that gets comforted? Pls ily “

THIS WAS THE CUTEST THING TO WRITE. I hope you enjoy it! Sorry for it being so short??  

Balancing my laptop on my thighs, I groan, stretching my right arm out to reach for the bag of chips on the floor beside my bed. I grab the bag between the tips of my fingers, pulling it up to me. I place the bag next to my laptop, pressing play on the anime I was currently watching. The screen goes black before the theme song plays. My mind wanders off to thoughts of Calvin, he was currently in his room making a facecam, well, trying to, and by the sounds of it, it doesn’t sound like it’s going very well.

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Clones x Jedi!reader headcanons

Clones x jedi!reader head canon.
Ok, last one for the night! Requested by anon.
TW: mention of sex (under Wolffe)

+Him being Anakin’s captain, there wasn’t much to worry about. You knew about him and Padmè, so it was useless to be scared. Besides he was totally supportive of Rex.
- Rex tried being secretive, but he was so infatuated with you it was hard to hid it.
*You were just so elegant!! and fierce!! and cool!! wow!!
-It didn’t take a force sensitive person to see he was smitten.
+Y’all did hide it around other Jedi and superiors.
-You’d never forgive yourself if he was courtmartialed.
-Rex couldn’t handle it if you were kicked out of the order because of him.
*He really doesn’t think he’s worth the risk; it takes a lot of convincing to make him see how much he loves you.
+Sometimes he gets distracted around you because he’s watching you.
-Thank the force for his bucket, or he would have gotten caught a long time ago.
-He fights better with you than he does Anakin, Skyguy’s kind of jealous.
-Padme loves you two, loves giving you advice.

+He’s a lot better at hiding it than Rex.
-For one thing, unless he changes it, his permeant face is a scowl.
-It’s hard to read love out of that.
+Don’t confuse that with him not loving you.
-When y’all are behind closed doors, he practically oozes love and affection.
*He oozes some other stuff too. ;)
+He likes to meditate with you, it makes the two of you feel actually connected.
-You can feel him from across the galaxy.
-When you can spare the energy, you try to project yourself to him.
-Dream Walking is a common thing between you too.
-one time Ahsoka walked into one of your joint dreams/
+He gives you his dog tags to wear.
+You made you’re padawan braid beads into a bracelet for him.
+You might be a Jedi, but that doesn’t mean he won’t try to protect you.
-Have you ever seen that one picture of the two people repeatedly bending over each other to protect the other? That’s y’all. (if someone has it please reblog it under this)

+He is the (Y/N) fan club president.
-He’s such a dork.
+On the battlefield, he get’s distracted watching you.
-”Fives, a little less fan trooper and a little more Arc Trooper.” - Rex.
+Kick his ass, he’ll thank you.
+If you’d let him, he’d shout his love for you to the sky.
-you tell him, when the war’s over, you’ll leave the order.
+You were the one to remove his chip.
+You ran away with him after that.

This is bad. I’m sorry, I’m just not good at writing jedi. Regardless, I hope you somewhat enjoyed it.

Headphones || Harrison Wells x Reader

Request: Can we get a E2 Wellsxreader where when they’re trying to catch Zoom using the radio waves thing ( lol I forgot what it was called) and the reader sacrifices her headphones for Jesse, thus causing her to pass out. And when she wakes up, Jesse and Harrry are by her side?? Super dramatic then fluffy? You’re the best!!! ps you don’t have to write this if you don’t want to…. I know it’s kind of specific long… - anon

 Word Count: 1,145

 A/N: woop my first Harry imagine. I actually quite like this one tbh considering I started writing it at quarter to five in the morning. It’s currently five past six in the morning, I can’t sleep at all because I’m in so much pain (woohoo) but on the bright side, I was inspired to chip into my requests. I really enjoyed this request so thank you to the anon who requested it, I hope this lives up to your hopes and that you all enjoy my five am fan fiction thoughts 😂also this was written on my phone so sorry if there’s any typos, there shouldn’t be but just incase x Anywho, I hope you’re doing well. Remember to stay hydrated and eat well x Enjoy. Also, damn I just bloody love Wells. Also 2.0, sorry for the naff title, I had absolutely no idea what to call it.

“Okay can someone explain this to me in English please? Not all of us here are scientific geniuses.” You say with an arched brow, trying to comprehend what Cisco and Harrison were going on about with the machine they had created. 

 A soft laugh left Harrison’s lips at your statement “Basically, people from different Earths vibrate at different frequencies and if you play certain frequencies, it can cause pain or more severe effects to whoever hears it. This machine will let out a frequency that only affects people from Earth 2, meaning yourself, Jesse and I along with Zoom.” He explained a bit more simply this time.  

“Which is why I created these headphones.” Cisco began, holding up three pairs of said headphones as he spoke “To block out the sound so you won’t be affected.” You nodded sharply in response, smiling as Cisco handed you a pair of the headphones before passing a pair along to Jesse and Harry too. The familiar gust of wind from Barry blew your (H/C) hair into your face with a cool chill, leaving you to waft it out of your face in annoyance. Barry was a wonderful guy, but was not always appreciated when you had spent forty five minutes that morning attempting to style your hair remotely nicely. Not that you were trying to impress anyone in particular, that’d be crazy. 

 “Alright, let’s do this.” Harry said, placing his headphones over his ears, Jesse and yourself following suit. You couldn’t help but notice the look of worry on the young girl’s face, so you quickly grabbed her hand comfortingly, giving her a warm smile.

 “Here.We.Go.” Your heart began to beat at a much faster rate as the computer screen lit up, indicating the startup of the machine. It wasn’t as if you had anything to worry about though, the headphones would protect you. It seemed quite odd to be completely stripped of your hearing,especially when you were aware you should have been hearing a very loud noise. The increasingly tight grip of Jesse’s hand in your own broke you from your trace, quickly turning to face her only to see a look of horror on her face as she held her head in her hands. ‘It hurts, it hurts’ You could just about make out her speech by reading her lips. It didn’t take a scientific genius to realise that Jesse’s headphones weren’t working. Like an instant reflex, without a second thought, you pulled Jesse’s headphones from her head, yanking your own off before thrusting them upon Jesse’s head ; a loud shriek of pain left your lips as the noise began to infiltrate your head, feeling as if your brain was on fire. “No,no.” She shrieked with teary eyes, everyone’s attention being brought to the situation by this point. “It’s okay, it’s okay,” You reassured her, a flickering smile on your face. 

“(Y/N) no!” Harrison’s familiar voice called out.

The pain in your head began to dull as you suddenly felt an overwhelming state of drowsiness flood over your body. Finding it increasingly difficult to keep your eyes open, your body began swaying before your legs just gave way. You had completely passed out before even hitting the ground, but Harrison rushed to your aid to make sure that didn’t happen. The scenario that had seemed to play out in complete slow motion instantly sped right up as Joe rushed to turn the machine off, everyone instantly crowding around your fallen form.

 "(Y/N)!“ Jesse shrieked, tearfully.

 “It’s okay, it’s gonna be okay.” Henry attempted to calm Jesse down as Caitlin rushed over to check your heart beat.

 “She’s still breathing, we need to get her to the medical wing now.” 

 "Dad, is (Y/N) gonna be okay?” 

“Of course, she’s a fighter.”

 “You promise?” “I promise.”

 "Cisco, I swear to God if you play even a second of Poker Face, I will throw you off the top of this building.” 

 “God help me (Y/N) please wake up, you can’t leave me alone with these lunatics for any longer.” You could make out the familiar voices of Jesse and Harry and a rather aggravated sounding Caitlin, but their voices sounded as if they were underwater and it was like you had been bound down to the bed, unable to move a muscle no matter how much you wanted to or how hard you tried. If you could just open your ey- 

“(Y/N)!” You grimaced slightly, the rather loud & excited proclamation from Jesse stinging like needles to your still rather sore head. 

 “That’s my name, don’t wear it out.” You replied with a soft laugh in a rather croaky voice, a mischievous grin on your face.

 “Always the smart ass.” Harry chuckled, shaking his head. 

 “How long have I been out?” You asked, trying to push yourself up into a more comfortable seated position.

“About thirteen hours.” Wow. Surprisingly though, not your record time for sleeping.

“Thank you (Y/N), I really can’t thank you enough.” Jesse said softly, hugging your frail feeling body tightly.

“I’ll always be there for you Jesse Quick.” You smiled back warmly “It’s late, you should go get some sleep, I’ll be fine.” After one last warm hug, Jesse obliged to your request.

“You should have let me do that, you could have gotten seriously hurt.” Harry said dismally, his brows furrowing as he spoke. 

“And you could have too.” You shot back. 

“Well just promise me next time you won’t to anything crazy like that, I don’t want you to get seriously hurt. Or worse.” 

“Am I hearing this right? Does the great Harrison Wells worry about me?.” You replied, faking immense shock, causing Harrison to chuckle softly at your antics. 

“Who else would make my coffee?” He smirked in response. 

“Wow. Okay, I am deeply offended by that.” You laughed, shaking your head as you sat up properly on the edge of the hospital like bed. “I do make great coffee though.”

“Thank you though, for doing that for Jesse.” Harry said, his tone a lot softer than usual. 

 “Anything for lil Wells.” You replied with a smile, a soft pink haze spreading across the tops of your cheeks. Time seemed to slow down as you stared up into Harrison’s bright blue eyes, your gaze flickering up and down between them and his lips, his own gaze seeming to do the exact same. It was as if a magnetic force was pulling the two of you together and before you could even think about it, your lips were pressed together, moulding together perfectly as your hands rested on Harry’s shoulders, his own lying on your hips. 

 “Hey (Y/N) how are you fee- oh, I’ll come back later.” You couldn’t help but smile into the kiss as Caitlin quickly entered and exited the room even quicker when she saw what you were doing.

Bookstore Shenanigans (Kyungsoo x Reader)

Ehehehe I had just finished reading a book when I thought about this idea. For some strange reason I was also thinking of 50 Shades of Grey (no bondage in this one-shot sorry lol) as well, probably because I was listening to the surprisingly good soundtrack. That and basically Kyungsoo voice porn lol Well, I mean every time Kyungsoo sings it’s like pure sex to my ears. Like holy shite the feels. Kyungsoo bothers me so bad; bothers me in THAT way if ya know what I mean. Anyway, hope you enjoy this one!

P.S. I’m probably just horny af for Kyungsoo and that’s why I wrote this lol 

You tucked a stray piece of hair behind your ear with frozen fingers who’s nails were painted a chipped mint color from weeks ago, shifting your brown leather sling purse to the side of your hip as you felt your phone vibrate softly. You continued along the busy city sidewalk, practiced enough to walk and read the text message you had received. You acquitted this skill to the fact that you’d been walking with a book in your nose at the same time since you could read. Your petal pink lips parted with intrigue as you read the message:

From: Kyungsoo
I just arrived at Fernsby & Dankworth’s. I’ll meet you in the Young Adult Literature section.

You couldn’t help but smile, chuckling at the words, knowing that Kyungsoo had a pretty massive distaste for that genre. He was so quiet and mysterious, yet at the same time you knew all these things about him because he seemed to be open only with you.The two of you, ever since bumping into each other at the massive bookstore, had become inseparable. You didn’t talk constantly like normal people; really, now that you thought about it, you didn’t talk to him hardly at all. Instead, the two of you were content to just be in each other’s presence. It wasn’t a conventional friendship or relationship, but it was perfect and it satisfied you.
As you pushed through the massive oak doors of the giant bookstore’s entrance, holding down your skirt from the sudden gust of wind, you thought about Kyungsoo for a moment. You thought about your first encounter with him, when he had silently handed you a book he had just finished reading with a quiet smile on his heart shaped lips. You’d been very shocked at first, since no one hardly ever approached you, a perfect example of a wallflower. You also remember blushing substantially due to the fact that he was such a handsome boy; hands slipping into his pockets as he casually walked away, only to glance back over his shoulder to say that when you finished it to give it back the next time you saw him.
You scowled to yourself as you felt your heartbeat quicken from the memory. You and Kyungsoo were strictly friends and you doubted he would ever look at a girl like you.
Shaking yourself mentally, you began to ascend the steps to the second floor of the blissfully dusty bookstore, inhaling the musty smell of old and new books. Fernsby and Dankworth’s bookstore had been your most frequent haunt for years, becoming part of your routine to stop by numerous times a week, whether it was to read or just take some time to sip tea with yourself, as well as spend time with Kyungsoo as of recent. You entered the extensive Young Adult Literature section, only to find that he wasn’t there.
Frowning to yourself with a shrug, you walked off to another genre, knowing you’d find him somewhere in the store eventually. Padding in your worn brown leather combat boots, you went over to a corner of the store you hadn’t actually been in yet. Strangely, the rows of bookshelves weren’t marked with their genre. Curiosity got the better of you and you walked down the shelves reading the titles with growing revulsion. They were all smut and erotica novels, no wonder the section wasn’t labeled. Glancing up and down the row to check if you were completely alone, you pulled one book from the row, gingerly opening it’s cover. Reading a few pages led to the next chapter, and the next. You were completely engrossed in the strangely appealing sexual literature, that you failed to notice the other person in the row, until a faint chuckle came to your ears.
Your head snapped up like a whip, squeaking in shock, “K-kyungsoo!”
He smirked over to you, raising a dark eyebrow, “Didn’t know you were into those kind of books too, ____.”
You quickly replaced the erotic novel back in its place, pulling your over sized maroon sweater down, stuttering embarrassingly, “I’m not! It’s just…,” you failed to explain yourself much to your chagrin.
He pulled one off the shelf for himself, one hand perfectly balancing the book, the other shoved in his pocket, “It looked to me like you were enjoying it quite a bit.”
You bit your lip nervously, far past the point of embarrassment, cringing at his every word. He walked slowly towards you, not looking up from his reading, “I think you liked it a lot by the way you were practically trembling.”
As his soft voice murmured, you couldn’t help but watch the way his mouth moved over each word. He suddenly spoke again, reading from his book, still approaching you lazily, “Her body shook deliciously as his hands slipped up her thigh, his mouth grazing over her collarbone until his fingers found her aching clothed heat.”
You gulped as he seemed to taste the words on his lips, glancing up at you with a smile as he continued, “She moaned wantonly as he slipped two fingers knuckle deep into her soaking core, pumping in and out painfully slow, allowing her to feel the beautiful sliding motion at its maximum.”
You felt your own panties begin to get damp as Kyungsoo finally reached where you were standing, caging you against the shelf with his body. His head tilted down as his dark eyes looked at you amused, “Are you getting off at this _____?,” he smirked at you, letting a hand fall to your cheek, “Because, it’s okay if you are. I’m enjoying this little show of yours quite a bit.”
His warm palm cupped your cheek as he leaned in close, the pad of his thumb drawing patterns across your lips, and he placed the sensual novel on a shelf by your head. You sucked in a breathe as his beautiful lips moved a hairs breathe from your own, “Her heart began to beat furiously as he leaned in, his warm breathe fanning across her face,” his other hand caught your hip roughly, his voice going an octave lower. “Suddenly it was all tongue and teeth as he tugged at her lower lip, begging she would allow him to ravage and please her completely.”
At your breaking point, you gripped the collar of his jacket and brought him to your lips, attacking his plump lips furiously with your own. You felt his chest rumble with laughter, ignoring it completely as you bit his bottom lip angrily, mumbling between kisses, “Dammit Do Kyungsoo, I hate you.”
As you assaulted his neck, he threaded his fingers languidly through your hair, tugging as he spoke, “Really? Because I actually think you love me.”
You heard him gasp lightly when you sucked at the hollow of his throat, causing a small bruise to grow there. You looked up at him, smirking when you saw his open mouthed and closed eyes expression, daring to unbutton a few of the buttons on his shirt to press wet kisses to his pale chest. You were suddenly pushed back and you looked up to find an annoyed Kyungsoo, his expression also slightly dazed. Looking at his bruised lips and neck made you feel satisfied, that is until he pressed his knee between you legs.
You gasped in shock, looking up to find his dark eyes staring so deeply at your own. His hands managed to nimbly slip underneath your sweater, massaging your sides and drawing circles on your hips, causing you to moan his name softly. He leaned down to your ear, biting at it before speaking lowly, “Tell me what you want right now, ____. Do you want what’s in those books?”
You could hardly speak, your face heating up at his words. You refused to answer and instead decided to see what he would do to you next, a morbid curiosity aroused you.
His eyebrows furrowed, annoyed at you again, “You’re so stubborn, you know that?”
You were about to snap back at him when you felt the knee against you soaked heat replaced by fingers. You groaned as he stroked at your folds through your panties, teasing your clit occasionally. He licked his lips, his dark eyes intense, his fingers slowing their work, “What was that ____? I don’t think I heard you right.”
You glared silently up at him, grabbing his hand yourself and forcing him to pleasure you better. He smirked at this, pressing open mouth kisses to you neck, “You know, this would be easier of you just told me what you wanted.”
You were just getting wetter and wetter, wanting him to properly touch you with his rough hands. It was frustrating for you to see him taking this so easily, even though his arousal was poking at your belly. It annoyed you how smooth and indifferent he was acting. You wanted to see an animal, a beast, emerge from that cool facade.
You pushed his hand away, slipping off your panties and shorts and bringing your own fingers to your core. You moaned as you inserted two fingers into yourself, making sure to look up at him to see if he was watching properly. You decided to see what would happen if you pushed his buttons. You rubbed at your slick clit with a loud gasp, “Oh yes! Kyungsoo, if only you could touch me like this.”
You heard him growl angrily, ripping your hand away from pleasuring yourself and pinning your arms above your head. He crushed his lips into yours roughly, shoving his tongue into your mouth and ravaging you completely. You moaned your appreciation as he pulled his mouth from yours. He stepped back, shifting his jacket off and unbuttoning his shirt slowly. You bit your lip as he gazed at you with an intense expression, slipping the shirt from his flawless torso and letting it fall in a pile to the floor along with his other clothes. He obviously meant business by the way he basically ripped your sweater and bra off, making your breath pick up in anticipation.
He was breathing heavily as well, his chest rising and falling as he stared at your nakedness. Unable to contain himself, he easily hoisted you up and pressed you against the bookcase, attacking your exposed breasts with his mouth. You knotted your hands in his dark hair as he sucked onto one of your hardened nipples, his free hand groping at your ass. As he pleasured your chest, you made sure for him to hear you moaning his name and telling him how badly you wanted it. How much you wanted him inside you. Stroking his ego obviously turned Kyungsoo on, because he abandoned your breasts and guided his member to your entrance, teasing your aching folds as he groaned out, “I’m going to fuck you so hard ____ that you’re not going to be able to walk out of here,” he gripped at your waist as he pushed in the tip slightly, “You’re going to be feeling it for weeks after I’m done with you.”
You nodded frantically and he finally succumbed to need and slowly pushed into you. You gasped out his name when he finally reached the end of his member, fully sheathed within your gripping core. He moaned as well, beginning to shift in and out as your walls sucked him back in each time. His thrusts were powerful and controlled, knowing from reactions just where you wanted him to hit you. The bookcase shook slightly with each thrust as his hips flicked up into you, the feeling of his dick inside of you overwhelming your senses.
You groaned out as he mumbled hotly into your neck, “You like that? I’m giving you something better than anyone in those books could ever do to you.”
His own moans were beautiful, slightly musical and deep in his throat. Every time you would snap your hips to meet his, his moans would sound like he was singing. It was probably the hottest thing you’d ever heard and it went straight to your slick heat that he was currently punishing with pleasure.
You both groaned as your ends approached, your bodies slick with sweat and dotted with bites and bruises. You grasped his hair desperately as you gasped his name over and over and clung to his shoulders like a lifeline. His thrusts became dangerously frantic as you finally found your release. You yelled out his name as your orgasm swept through you, causing you to clench around his member tightly. He groaned your own name loudly as your tightened walls milked the release from him, his hot seed shooting into you in thick, powerful spurts.
As you both finished riding out your releases, Kyungsoo pressed his sweat slicked forehead to your own, breathing heavily as he mumbled, “Huh. I guess it’d be cliche to tell you I love you right now, but I do.”
You laughed and kissed his gorgeous plump lips, “Cliche’s okay if you backed it up with a performance like that. Also, I think you could be an erotic novel writer yourself with the way you spoke to me earlier.”
He grinned at you, the quiet boy gone and replaced with a charming smile and laughing eyes, “Then maybe we should meet in this section of the bookstore more often and you can help inspire my writing.”

Breaking... Ch.8

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

A/N: This chapter ended up being super heavy so I’m sorry if it ends on a weird note ;-; I’m hitting the stage in the story were side characters become more important and that’s going to take some adjustment so I’m sorry about that in advance. Still, I hope you all enjoy this chapter!

Wordcount: 3382

Warnings: Blood, guns, cursing, anger, feelings in general, pyromania

Tags!!: @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @renae-writes @literally-melonkitty @deltablue202 @meunicorn @favouritefighting-frenchman @demi-godamit @gum-and-chips If anyone else would like to be tagged please feel free to send me an ask! :3

Breaking Hearts

The charge against me is a connection with one James Reynolds, for purposes of improper speculation. My real crime is an amorous connection with his wife, for a considerable time with his knowing consent. All my crimes are with her, yet some have looked into my own house. Titania had no part in this, in fact I’ve considered myself as her father. The baseless accusations are nothing more than that, baseless accusations. Reynold’s however cornered me and so he extorted me for a sorted fee. I paid him quarterly, I may have ruined my prospects but as shown in Mr. Callander’s article my papers are orderly. Yes, I have reason for shame but I have not committed treason and sullied my good name. The shame I experience is great and I have no one to blame but myself. My sins are not gone without punishment; I do not believe that punishment is undeserved…

Alex, what have you done?! You were supposed to write the Reynold’s Pamphlet not this! The more you read the more terrified you became. You tried to check off everything that was different between this pamphlet and the old one from memory, this proved to be rather difficult. The letters are mentioned but they weren’t published, Eliza is mentioned very few times, the whole thing is just vaguer than it should be! You suddenly remember the words you said to Alex.

“Do not, under any circumstances, give them anymore access to those letters, it will not end well.”

“What?” Angie questioned but you didn’t listen. Eliza…Eliza!

“Has your mother seen this yet?” You asked frantically, Angie’s eyes grew and before you could react the papers were pulled out of your hands and Angie was running out of the room. God damn it Angelica! You got up and tried to chase after her but you felt heavy, your head shooting with pain. You stumbled through the halls, unable to catch up. Fuck! Your shoulder hit the wall, the hallways were twisting, you tried to blink the illusion away but to no avail. You ran into something or more accurately someone. You looked up to see Philip, his eyes filled with worry.

“Star? Y/N! Are you alright?”

“I need to-“ His appearance changed, his beautiful eyes blinked away to fear-filled ones. Tears running down his face, there was small droplets of blood trying to blend in with his freckles. You looked down and saw blood all over his shirt, all over his arms, his hand holding a pistol. A scream escaped your lips, you couldn’t even try to hold it in. You turned, not wanting to see what was in front of you, you looked back at the study, planning to run back to it. The door was closed but blood and smoke were rolling out from under it. Looking back at Philip you saw ashes flying past him, they were coming from Eliza’s room.

“I held my head up high…” Philip said through stiff lips. You heard Alex’s voice behind you but he was nowhere to be found.

“I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory.” Then it was Eliza’s voice.

“I hope that you burn!” You couldn’t tell where it was coming from but you heard Angie scream.

“Let go of me! I’m Angelica Hamilton, you can’t so this! Where’s my brother? Philip! Philly, come back! Please!” Their voices stared to mix together.

“I’m sorry for forgetting what you taught me…”

“Is this where it gets me?”  

“I’m watching it burn!”

“Don’t tell me to calm down!”

“Shut up! Shut up damn it! Get out of my head! I did this! Please stop!” You screamed at the voices, you felt something wet on the side your face. You were frantic, your mind running a mile a minute. What do I do?! Make it stop! You clutched your head, the pain unbelievable. You shut your eyes as tight as possible, you were too worked up to notice the sound fading away. You felt something shaking your shoulders, you opened your eyes, everything was fuzzy. Looking up, your eyes adjusting, you saw Philip in front of you. You could see his mouth moving but couldn’t hear him. It took a moment for his voice to wash over you.

“-ar! My star! Wake up! Please! Are you hurt? What’s wrong?” You were hyperventilating and shaking like it was the end of the world.

“I…Phil…ip… S-sorry…” You tried to pull yourself together but your body was shaking uncontrollably. Philip wrapped his arms around you his grip around you gave you the impression that he was scared.

“Thank the Heavens! You’re back! Please don’t do that again! Or at least tell me what to do in case it happens again, ok? You didn’t look like you were here for a second, you just started screaming and crying and I wanted to help but I didn’t know what to do! I’m so sorry!” He rambled. You shook your head into his chest.

“N-no, d-don’t be sorry… Just let me stay like this for a moment…” You focused on Philip’s heartbeat, you already felt more relaxed.

“Of course, whatever you need…” He rested one hand on the back of your head and smoothed down your hair, you wanted to cry. You wanted to tell him what you saw, what you were scared of, why you felt so weak. I’m not weak… I can handle this. I can handle whatever THAT was. I can handle it… You took a deep breath and pulled away slightly, you looked up at Philip brought both of his hands your face. His palms felt warm against your cheeks, his thumbs rubbed the tears off your skin. Was I crying?

“What happened?” He asked simply. What do I say? Think Y/N think!

“The pamphlet…have you seen it?” You questioned, Philip nodded.

“I was the one who brought it in. I was in town and came back as soon as I read it. Angie took it from me and ran away.” She’s got a habit of doing that doesn’t she?

“Alexander!” You heard a voice yell, both you and Philip turned to where the sound came from. You saw Eliza, still in her nightgown and robe, stomping out of her room with Angie trailing close behind. She’s fuming! Eliza pushed past the both of you and busted into the study, you ran in behind her. She was already at Alexander’s desk, rifling through the drawers and grabbing stacks of paper. What is she doing? She looked up to see you and Philip staring at her confused expressions.

“Angelica, Philip, go get Rachel this instant!” I’ve never heard her yell at her kids before… They looked at each other and left the room hurriedly.

“Eliza, what’s going on?” You heard Alexander stir in his sleep.

“Grab a stack and pull that chair!” You had no time to think, you did what she said, picking up one stack and using your free hand to pull the chair by the door behind you. Eliza came rushing out of the room, her arms filled with paper. She shoved the stacks into your arms, took the chair from you, slammed the door shut and propped the chair under the doorknob.

“Eliza! What are you doing?” You asked frantically. Did she just lock Alex inside his study?! Rachel came running toward the both of you, completely out of breath. I’ve never someone run so fast in my entire life…

“Lady Eliza! What’s wrong! Has something happened?”

“Yes, something awful has happened. Gather as much firewood as you can carry and bring it to the front yard.” Firewood?! Rachel looked puzzled but she nodded and left nonetheless. “Follow me Y/N.” Eliza grabbed her stacks from you and walked away. Sorry Alex… You followed Eliza into the main room and out the front door. Rachel appeared from the side of the house as you both descended the stairs. Rachel dropped her armful of logs onto the dirt path. “Rachel, please use the wood to start a fire. Where you have them right now is alright.” Rachel ran back into the house.

“Eliza, what are we doing?” You asked once more.

“The world has no right to my heart and certainly not a place in my bed. They do not deserve to know what I said! I’ll burn it all! I’ll burn what pulled him away from me! These pages, these writings, if I do not deserve his time then he does not deserve what he worked for!” Eliza was in tears but they were filled with anger instead of sadness. Rachel ran out of the house and swiftly began to prepare the fire, it wasn’t long before flames began to rise. Eliza quickly started throwing papers into the fire, making it grow as it ate the fuel. “The memories, the letters, anything that might redeem you! I’m burning it all!” You set your stacks on the ground and backed away. It had to be done…

“Mama! What are you doing? Are you crazy?” Philip was rushing down the stairs but Rachel stepped in front of him before he could get to Eliza.

“Please Philip, I must ask you to not try and prevent your mother from doing this.” Philip looked over at you, his eyes felt heavy.

“Star, please, you can’t let her do this!” Alex worked his whole life into these pages but it has to happen. I wish I could tell him that I know it will help and give some reassurance. You looked away.

“Philly… I can’t do that…”

“Why not?” He made turned and walked towards you.

“Look, I know this seems bad bu-“

“Looks bad? It is bad!” He stood in front of you.

“I know, I know. Just trust me on this ok? I think this will go along a lot better than you think.”

“What makes you so sure?” He asked.

“Call it… intuition. I have a pretty good sense for these things.” I mean, I’m not really lying when I say that! He sighed, shaking his head. A look of realization swept over him.

“Where’s father?” Shit.

“Um, uh, in the study?” This isn’t going to be good… Philip turned on his heel and ran back inside, Eliza picked up the pace with throwing the writings into the growing pyre. It wasn’t long before you saw Alex running out the door towards the fire and Philip trailing close behind. When Alex saw what Eliza was holding in her hands he became stiff. A mixture of perplexity and shock in his eyes.

“Betsy…what are you doing?” His voice was soft. Eliza threw the last stack into fire and stomped toward Alex.

“I’m watching it burn! The thing that you chose over my love and your family! That harlot’s letters? Gone! Your work? Gone! I am sick and tired of being your last concern! These ashes are your legacy now!” Alex looked like he was about to say something but Eliza cut him off before he could. “I hope that you burn!” She ran away into the house, Rachel following close behind her. Alex fell to his knees, his stare blank.

“Pops? Pops! Can you hear me?” Philip called out and dropped down at his side.

“Philip, go to your mother. She needs her son’s support right now. I can handle Alex.” I don’t like sounding this bossy but there isn’t really another option right now!


“I’ve got this Philly, please just go and check on Eliza.” He heaved a frustrated sigh and darted back inside. You pulled Alex up and away from the fire and sat him down on the steps.

“First it was my mother…my cousin…then it was my best friend… now my life’s work and my one true love…gone.” He was practically speechless. He’s never lost for words…

“I know. I know Alex. But… I’m going to help you.” He looked at you, completely dumbfounded.

“No, I deserve this… Besides, there isn’t anything that you can do.” Bet! He does not know who he’s talking to!

“Watch me.” You grabbed him by the arm and pulled him inside, the fire beginning to die down. I’ll put it out once I deal with this. You led him down the hall to Eliza’s room, the door was wide open, Angie, Philip and Rachel were all crowded around her on the bed. “Alright everyone, get out. I have something to say to these two.” Everyone looked at each other in confusion. Rachel was the first one to speak up.

“Very well. Philip, Angelica, you will help me prepare the morning tea.” Angie and Philip didn’t say a word, they just followed her out of the room. The know better than to question Rachel I guess. You pushed Alex into the room and shut the door behind him, leaving you out in the hallway. Two can play this game Eliza! You grabbed the chair that sat across from the door. Why do we even have this here? You propped it under the doorknob so that the door could only be opened by yourself. The knob jiggled furiously and some loud knocks reverberated against the door.

“Y/N Taylor you open this door this instant young lady!” Alex called from inside.

“Not until you both sit down and speak to each other like adults! No more ignoring, no more drinking, no more arson! This is not healthy for you guys!” You shot back.

“And locking us in a room together is?” Eliza questioned.

“No! But I know it’s the only way you’ll be able to look at each other for more than ten seconds! The sooner you start talking, the sooner I open the door!”

“This is very improper for a lady Y/N!” exclaimed Eliza.

“Yeah well since when have I ever cared about that?” You sat down across from the door, on the floor where the chair used to be. Leaning your head against the wall you shut your eyes. Finally, a little bit of quiet time. This has been an oddly eventful morning… Not even bringing up this whole Eliza and Alex situation it was still pretty crazy. Did I really fuck with history so much that I changed the pamphlet that Alex is most known for? Titania’s Pamphlet, I mean shit, it’s about me of all people. The whole thing was centered around the rumor Magenta Fucker started. He talked about Maria yeah, but it was different. Honestly Eliza in my timeline was a lot more dangerous than this one’s. She was so pissed that she burnt them inside her house, she didn’t think about safety. This version changed course a bit, that’s why I’m hoping they can talk this out. It took them years to recover in the original timeline but maybe with a little shove it can happen a bit faster? And what was up with that weird vision? The only time I get anything similar to that is when I’m asleep and I’ve never actually seen anything from them before. Why was this time different? I mean for fuck’s sake, is an explanation really too much to ask for universe?! I keep putting that off when I know I shouldn’t, but what else can I do? The closest thing I have to scientist around here is an eleven-year-old dare devil! I just hope everything works out… You heard small footsteps coming towards you, cracking an eye open you recognized the small boy with a neck cloth over his mouth. “Hi there Johnny, is everything okay?” He shook his head.

“Are Mama and Papa…going to be alright?” He asked shyly as he took a seat on your lap and rested his head against your shoulder. You gave his back a soft pat.

“Yeah, they’ll be fine. You don’t need to worry about that, okay sweetie?” He nodded and a few moments of comforting silence befell you. That didn’t last long though.

“Don’t get mad but… Alexander and James… are playing with fire outside.” WHAT?! You jumped up, holding Johnny in your arms. DO THEY HAVE A DEATH WISH OR SOMETHING?! You ran outside while carrying the small boy, AJ was poking the fire with a stick while Jamie stood a few feet behind him with his arms crossed.

“Come on Alexander! Seriously, we’re going to get in trouble!” Jamie said nervously.

“Oh trust me, you guys are definitely in trouble! Alexander Jr, put that stick down right now!”

“But do you not ever wonder what amount of heat it takes for things to burn? Like this paper!” He groaned.

“Four hundred and fifty-one degrees Fahrenheit, now put that stick down and get me a bucket filled with water to put out this bonfire!” You put Johnny back down on the ground, a safe distance away from the still burning wood. “Stay here, alright? I don’t want you to get burned.” He blinked at you, his way of silently agreeing. AJ ran past you and into the house. What am I going to do with that adorable little pyromaniac? Jamie skipped next to you.

“Am I in trouble too?” He asked.

“Yes, you are. I’m proud of you for trying to tell him to stop but you should’ve gotten me in the first place. You will only not get dessert tonight; AJ is now up to a month of no sweets…” I don’t want to break his spirits when it comes to his experiments, I just don’t want him to get third-degree burns! AJ soon came, stumbling a bit on the steps, he handed you a bucket filled with water. You went over to the fire and slowly poured it over top, thoroughly dousing it. “Alright boys, get back inside and study. AJ, no more experiments for the rest of the day. You can start fresh tomorrow.”

“Yes, ma’am.” AJ sighed, all three of them going back inside and up the stairs to their room. I guess I should check back in on Alex and Eliza… As you made your way back down the halls you caught sight of Philip pressing his ear against the door. You taped him on the shoulder and whispered.

“Are they talking?”

“Yes, I cannot tell what they are saying but at least they aren’t screaming at each other.” He whispered back. You grabbed the chair and quietly moved it away from the door. “What are you doing?”

“Just an idea I had. Come on, let me try that tea you and Angie made.” Honestly I could really use something to calm me down.

             A few hours later all of you were sitting in the dining room, eating lunch. They’re been talking for a while, should I tell them they can leave now?

“What are you thinking about over there?” Philip was sitting by your side.

“Just how terrible that tea was, you really need to work on your brewing skills Sunshine.” You teased.

“I cannot believe you would say that to me! I am hurt, truly am. How will I ever forgive you?” He shot back with fake hurt.

“It was but a jest. Looks like the sun’s got some clouds in its way today!” You heard the door to the dining room open and focused your gaze on it. Eliza and Alex came through, they looked calmer than before, everyone wat the table was silent.

“Good day everyone, your mother and I have an announcement.” What now?! “Since this time has been rather stressful on all of us, we have decided that a trip is in order.”

“A trip?” Jamie asked. Eliza nodded, a faint smile on her face.

“Yes, a winter get away. We still have several months until then but we plan to go upstate to help relax. Perhaps we could also convince a few close compatriots to come along.” I’m glad she seems happy.

“When will we be leaving?” Angie asked.

“End of November and we plan to stay until the end of February.” Alex explained. Wow, long vacation.

“We must start preparing soon!” AJ exclaimed. You and Philip both seemed uneasy with the situation. You were both glad that things were looking up but now everything was new territory. You looked over at Rachel and she understood what you were trying to ask.

What does this mean for us?

jealous over nothing [jimin&you]

Summary: Jimin thinks you’re dating Taehyung because you’ve been hanging out with the younger boy a lot. 

semi sequel from congratulations lol

a/n: sorry anonnie if this was short. i’m feeling quite drowsy from some meds i took, but i still tried to update since i’m not working today. hope you enjoyed it still! ^_^

Originally posted by aegyojimin

You’re out shopping for some groceries with the help of Taehyung, and he notices you looking at the bag of chips that Jimin favors. You sigh at the thought of it, thinking if you should grab the junk food or not.

“Hmm, how weird is it that only Jimin likes this brand of chips but you’re looking at it?” Taehyung speaks up jokingly, and you laugh at him.

“You’re such a teasing jerk. I’m grabbing it for him anyway,” you say as you place a bag into the shopping cart.

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loveorangejuicetoomuch  asked:

Heard you're taking request now, is turning cold, humidity dropping and everything. can we have an annoyed hux putting lip balm on his boyfriend who would walk around with chipped lips without a care if hux wasn't there. ((hux secretly likes taking care of kylo (((and kylo actually enjoys it ((but they both pretend to hate it. Yes. give me all the soft kylux plz.

hahahaha, I hope you like it! 


sorry about my poor english*sigh*

707-is-my-senpai  asked:

Hello! I just got a new job, so could you do one where 707 has a crush on a waitress mc??? Pretty please???

Congratulations on the job!!!! Hope you enjoy!!


    Seven hardly went out to eat, mostly because he preferred not to leave the comfort of his own home. Nor did he believe he need any other subsistence besides Honey Buddah chips and PHD Pepper.

    But when Yoosung offered to meet him at a cute little diner that had just been built, he couldn’t really turn his friend down.

Yoosung: Sorry Seven! But something came up and I can’t meet you anymore! >.<

   Seven allowed his phone to clatter to the table as he sighed in disbelief. Couldn’t Yoosung have told him a bit earlier, you know maybe before he left the house, or before he got to the cafe, or before he ordered something and had to stay.

   “Rough day?” Possibly the sweetest voice Seven had heard in his life spoke up from beside him, he lifted his amber eyes to meet those of his waitress as she set his drink before him.

   “N-not really, friend just canceled his plans to meet me here, that’s all.” He managed a proper-ish reply and you frowned in consideration.

   “That’s lonely, I’m sorry to hear that… but you know. I go on lunch break in about five minutes, I’ll keep you company.” His eyes widened and he swallowed hard, but he was quick to see that his response was necessary and he nodded.

   “Sure, I’d like that.”

   “Great, I’ll be right back with our food then.” You smiled sweetly and turned to finish some things before your break hit. Seven watched you go for a long moment then picked up his discarded phone, opening the messenger once more.

707: Yoosung, you’re an amazing friend.

                                  -707 Has Left the Chat Room-

Yoosung: I said I was sorry!

Yoosung: Seven?

Yoosung: -crying emoji-

   You sat down carefully in the booth opposite of him after placing two plates of food on the table, smiling at him you took a quick sip of your drink.

   “So Mr. Lonely, what’s your name?”

   “My friends call me Seven.”

   “Same friends that ditched you in a dinner?” You asked with a teasing tone, he chuckled slightly and nodded.

   “Yeah, but he’s not all bad, and the others are pretty great too. Family even.” You nodded, feeling slightly better for him upon hearing that. You had been unsure about asking to join him, but you had no idea how anyone could turn down time with someone as handsome as he was. Sure he gave off a dorky nature, but it added to his charm. You were proud of yourself for stepping up.

   “So ___, why did you ask a stranger if you could sit with him?”
 You perked up.

   “How do you know my name?” It only took a split second of thought then you face-palmed. “Name tag.”

   “Ding, ding, ding.” He laughed again and you found yourself rather enticed by it. His voice was soft and warm, yet at the same time it seemed guarded, making you curious of him.

   “Ah when you sighed, you seemed down. I’m a hostess who goes the extra mile for my customers.” You finally answered his question, watching how he took it. Your lips pulled into a smile again, the look on this guys face, it seemed you weren’t the only one enticed here.

   “You have dedication, I’ll give you that.” He responded as he finally did something about the food in front of him. You hummed your response and followed suit, taking a few bites before deciding to pop another question.

   “You have a girlfriend?” He tensed slightly and nearly dropped his fork, you kept yourself from giggling at his expense.

   “I don’t” He mumbled.

   “Why not?” You shot right back.

   “I think it’s because I have yet to meet the right one, or maybe I just can’t find one that can handle me… or maybe it has something to do with my appearance, I mean I don’t normally look that good or anything…”

   “You know what I think?” His eyes shot to yours and he tilted his head slightly out of curiosity.

   “I think you should pick me up when my shift ends.” You could pinpoint the moment that his heart skipped a beat, laughing you stood from your spot.

   “Lunch is on me, I get off at five. See you then?”

   “Y-yeah! I’ll be here.” He called as you continued on, back to work.

Forgotten Movies (Tony x reader)

Request:  Hi!! Can you maybe write a oneshot about Y/N who’s just watching a movie with the avengers but than Tony starts to flirt with you and eventually everyone leaves except you two? I would really appreciate it <3 and I love your blog! X

First of all, I’m so excited and happy you sent in this request because I love Tony. Second of all, thank you for loving my blog :’) You guys are the best and I love you guys. I hope I did your request justice and I hope you enjoy!

P.S. Keep sending requests in, you guys

word count: 1239 (You should know by now)

“Alright, let’s get this party started,” you barged into the theater room, carrying a mountain high of snacks as you plopped down into the couch next to Tony. “What movie did you choose this time?” you asked as you ripped open a bag of chips loudly, munching on it quickly.

“The Ugly Truth,” Tony replied as he reached over to steal a couple of chips from you. “A classic if I say so myself. Sorry, Cap. Might have a bit of cursing in the film.”

Steve sighed as he bowed his head, hearing the joke for the millionth time. “Really? This joke hasn’t died yet?”

“Cheer up, Cap,” you tossed him a bag of Doritos as he caught it skillfully. “Just sit back and enjoy the film because a movie night for us has been long overdue.” You slouched deeper into the couch, taking up as much room as possible on the two seater.

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04:44PM // Fri Feb 26 // Hell week is over! Finally I turned in my problem set for 14.02 Macroeconomics (that I started last night lmao) and finished my first quiz of the semester for 6.004 Computation Structures. What better way to rewind from the week than flex my illustrator skills? Haha…

Here are some old staples and new additions on my desk.

Old staples:

  • study buddy! aka Marky Bunny, always sits on my desk to give me a boost with his cute af face when I’m feeling unmotivated or sleepy.
  • G2s give me life and they are the only pens I use. I’m also enjoying my bullet journal, which is a Moleskin with grids
  • plants! Cristiano Ronalgae and James Mossriguez are my marimos, which are a kind of Japanese algae. Can you guess which famous athletes they are named after? (sorry I’m not funny)

New additions:

  • candles! They are by Martha Stewart and smell like chocolate chip cookies. I love that they don’t smell too strong, but lighting them up always lifts my spirits a little
  • diy tea tray! Basically I took the lid off of a box of letters, and I use it to hold my mug and assorted tea packets. It makes it way easier for me to drink tea in bed because I know my mug won’t tip over :)

I’m really excited because this weekend I’m actually doing the study crawl!! I hope you all are enjoying the weekend, so try to slow down and relax :)


Summary: Jack is ignoring you


Note: sorry it’s so short

Me and Jack were watching a movie and trying to enjoy eachother.

Key word: trying.

Jack was on his phone and hasn’t looked at me or even the movie once.

“Who is that?” I ask him.

“Yeah cool” he says completely uninterested.

“Well whoever it is, I hope they’re enjoying you” I say rolling my eyes. I decide to go make me something to eat.

I jumped up on the counter and opened up a bag of chips. I began eating them while watching snapchat stories.

I was laughing at Johnsons story when my phone was pulled away from me.

“Babe, why aren’t you watching the movie? Do you not want to spend time with me?” Jack say going through my phone with an eyebrow raised.

“Oh so you can ignore me but the second I look at my phone I’m not spending time with you? You’re the one ignoring me Jack” I say as I hop off the counter and walk into the living room.

I sat on the couch with my arms crossed and a pout on my face.

“So y/ns angry because I was ignoring her and she’s whiny” I hear Jack say with a smirk.

“I FUCKING HATE YOU GILINSKY” I say slightly laughing at his childish behavior.

I heard the video being replayed and realized you could hear me telling Gilinsky I hate him. He giggled and walked into the living room with the camera pointed at me.

He ran and jumped on me while I screamed.

“JACK QUIT” I say annoyed but still happy.

“You know you love it when I ignore you” he says pinching my cheeks. I swat his hand away.

“Yeah. Really sweeps me off my feet, every girls dream” I say sarcastically while rolling my eyes.

“Oh shut up and come look at snapchats filters.”

We belong way down below

Could I get one where your best friends with Taylor momsen and you get drunk with her at her house and she confesses that she’s in love with you and then she gets all dom and rough smut? thanks! X

Toni’s writing! Sorry the ending is so rushed! I just didn’t know how to wrap it up but I hope you enjoy the hotness anyway! 

Oh and let’s just forget about updating twice a week. School is fucking killing me. 

Sorry for mistakes! 

“Gosh this movie is boring! This night is boring! Why aren’t we out partying like every normal youth?” Taylor, your best friend and your secret crush, groaned from her side of the couch. You shrugged and threw potato chips at the beautiful blond girl in boredom. You had decided to have a movie marathon this night but like always, the party girl Taylor got bored. 

“Can’t we go out now?” She asked and ate the food you had thrown at her. You sighed, not really feeling like partying at all. 

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Thank you all for the very kind words <3

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who liked, reblogged and commented such sweet things on my Samurai X-cosplay, you fellow ninjago-fans are the sweetest <3

and as a bonus I thought I might share some dertails I put into the cosplay, it might have been done in about a week but I still managed to get some fun stuff in there :p

First of - the sword and sword holster - I actually based these on the lego figure, haha! and the swords are made to scale!

The next are the armor itself, dumb as I am I sat down and did research on how actual samurai-armor holds all the pieces together, and tried to follow it as much as I could (while not going too far of from the design)

this took many MANY hours to do, just trust me on this. sorry for the bad photo, it’s hard to show it (and my english isn’t near good enough to explain it)

and now to the final part - my favourite!

You can’t even see this detail with the whole helmet on, so it’s pretty stupid, but oh well;

those parts are actual electronic chips! I thought this would be a fun detail as Nya is all about tech-stuff!

Hope some of you enjoy this, I had a lot of fun putting details into this cosplay while not straying too far away from the original design!

Lookie, lookie, lookie – I actually wrote something for this one! Yay! Inspired by wondering what they would look like with all that stuff off of them. Technically, this isn’t NSFW, I mean, he’s IS a turtle, so no junk to be seen. Sorry if it’s lame.

It wasn’t everyday Raphael had the lair to himself. Usually his day consisted of the following: Training or the hashi with Master Spinter, arguing with Leo over the same thing at least a dozen times a day, trying to stay out of Donnie’s way when he ran back and forth between his lab and the coffee pot, and hitting Mikey in the back of his head for – well, being Mikey. This was the rare time when it was just him and a nice quiet lair to do whatever he pleased.

True, while much had changed since April O’ Neil came in their lives, it was still nice to do things one became accustomed to during their whole lives. So, he trained long and hard, just enjoying the sound the bag made as he struck it with his fists or legs time and time again. A few hours had passed and Raph felt the endorphins release in his mind as he sat down on the bench on the training room – loving the high he felt as the workout completed. After wiping his brow with the towel nearby, he stood to his legs and walked over to the shower room Donnie reinstalled since the lair was demolished. He smirked as he began to take off his bandana, loincloth, belts, buckles, armor padding, and bandages for his hands and lay them on the bathroom floor. He walked back out of the bathroom a moment and clicked on the TV to the football game and turned up the volume before heading to the shower and not even bothering to close the door.

April O’ Neil smiled making her way toward the front entrance of the turtles lair. She had a couple bags of chips and snacks with her. She had got off of work earlier than anticipated and was looking forward to maybe catching the game with the boys. Being quiet and wanting to surprise them, she tiptoed past the hallway toward the living area. She smiled as she walked into the living area hearing the football game playing loudly but her smile fell when she noticed the living area was completely deserted. Her brows furrowed for a bit  as she took in the strange sight. Trying not to let it detour her, she gently placed the bags on a stand near the couch and began her search of the house.

Raphael let out a long content sigh as he stepped on the floor mat, the drips of water steadily dripping down the length of his massive body. He grabbed a towel from nearby and immediately began wiping the water off his face.

April stood in stunned silence, her back pressed hard against he wall near the doorway. Her heart pounding against her sternum as she pressed her hand firmly against her face, keeping the gasp in. Her face was on fire. Her cheeks had to be stained red as she came to terms with what she just saw and would be seeing every time she blinked. She had been trying to skirt along Raphael trying to ignore the way her heart leap into her throat whenever she laid eyes on him. And now seeing him without nothing to hide behind was something she was bound to never forget. Being as quiet as possible, she sprinted back into the living room and sat on the couch. For what seemed like an eternity, she sat on the couch trying to act as normal as possible with her heart still pounding and palms sweating – her eyes taking in the game but not really seeing it she knew she was in deep. Seeing him bared like that just made her realize how bad she had it for him – even not knowing how he felt in the slightest about her.

Thoughts haulted when she heard heavy footsteps and a waif of the thick steam still lingering from that room had her heart pounding all over again.

“April” she heard Raphael ask in that deep raspy voice that made her spine tingle.

“Hey!” she said too loudly, spinning around and waving like some idiot. She bit her lip as she awaited his reaction, taking him in as well. He was wearing his loincloth and bandana and some of his padding, and the clean sheen on his skin was doing funny things to her body. As the quiet grew, April quickly spoke again, “Sorry I didn’t call first, I just got off work early and thought I’d stop by, watch the game, and – Oooh – I brought snacks!” she finished holding up the bags.

“ ’S cool.” he said softly, walking over to the couch and sitting next to her. He smiled disarmingly at her and April felt like such an idiot for acting so weird.

She let out a sigh, feeling her heartbeat return to somewhat normal before handing him one of the bags. She watched him open some chips and eat a couple before grabbing a few for herself. “So… can I stay?” she asked, her smile genuine this time as she took in his face.

“‘Course.” he said simply, smiling at her hoping to God she wouldn’t notice how his palms were sweating and heart was pounding in his chest at just the sight of her. So, just like that, they watched the game, staring glances at each other from time to time, enjoying the quiet, just the company of each other.

MMFD Fic - A Friend Who's Dressed in Leather 3/3

So, this is finished. This part is much shorter, and I suppose technically there could be more, but I feel like after this point Finn’s intentions and feelings become pretty clear and I think that would make the whole “inner monologue” thing boring. This was about trying to get in his head before we were able, and I hope I’ve done that satisfactorily. Sorry for it taking forever, shit went down. But I hope you enjoy it now. 

Special thanks to endemictoearth, who is my greatest cheerleader. This is for you my dear. 


This was perfect. Finn didn’t think he’d ever had a more perfect day. Minute. Moment.

The sun was hot, blazing down onto Rutland, interspersed with patches of cool shade from the trees or the old brick supports they were sat between. The grass was practically burning, dry and crisp, all wilted yellow with the scent of crumbling mud beneath. Everyone smelled like sweat and beer and Marlborough Reds, candy necklaces and vinegar from the chips they’d gotten for lunch.

He felt good. Really good, for the first time in days really. Sun shining, birds singing, mates laughing. Perfect.

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imagine this...

Sorry if this is the wrong spot! You, the character agree to go Neverland with Pan on one condition. You get one more night in your bed and get to make him and you choco chip pancakes in the morning!

(I hope this is what you were looking for. If not I’ll rewrite it for you! Enjoy)

You wake up to a loud tapping on your window. Slowly you rub your eyes until they adjust to the darkness and slowly you make your way to the window. You soon realize that it’s none other than Peter Pan gracing his presence in your bedroom.

“Oh, Peter!” you exclaim “I’m sorry I’m such a mess. I wasn’t expecting to see you here tonight!” you say hurriedly barely allowing spaces between words.

He puts a finger to your lips and whispers ‘shhh….“ and you oblige. 

"Peter, why are you here?” you ask suddenly curious.

He takes your hand and leads you to your bed where you both have a seat on the edge. With both of his hands cupped around yours he says “I’ve been thinking about it for quite some time and I want you to come to Neverland with me. To live there with me and the Lost Boys.”

At first you don’t know how to respond and the thought of living in a place as magical as Neverland with your favorite Lost Boy was tempting. Finally you say “But Peter what about my parents, my family, my–” but he cuts you off.

“We can be your family” he says a smile spreading across his face.

“I can’t just leave like this. It’s all so soon! I can’t just pick up and leave!” you say trying to reason with him. “And besides you’ve made it clear that "lost girls” don’t exist. They simply cannot exist in Neverland. It’s your rule!“

"Any rule can be broken” he says staring at you intently.

You’re trying your best to think of reasons to stay but that puppy dog look in his eyes makes you melt. He knew how to play you, and he did it well. After a few short moments of thought you made your decision.

'Alright I’ll go to Neverland with you" you say finally agreeing.

“So you agree?” he asks excitedly giving you an awkward sideways hug, but you don’t mind. You just nuzzle into his shoulder and whisper “yes.”

“Wait, but Peter” you start stumbling over your words, “if I’m going to go to Neverland with you I want one thing.”

“Anything” he says, “name it and it’s yours.” Man, he sure knew how to sweet talk.

“I want to spend one last night in my own bed” you say scared of his response, but instead he smiles and says “of course.”

“Now if you don’t mind I’d like to get some rest. You did wake me up after all” you say climbing under the covers and resting your head on your pillow. He lays down next to you plays with the tips of your hair until you fall asleep.

~the next morning~

You wake up earlier than usual a little dazed and confused from the night before. You could barely tell whether or not Peter coming to visit you that night was just a dream but after rolling onto your side and seeing him still fast asleep on your bed you realized it was real. Not wanting to wake him up you tip-toed downstairs to the kitchen and made one final breakfast for the two of you. All you had left was some pancake mix but it would have to do. While looking through your pantry you also found a fresh bag of chocolate chips and decided it would be good to add those to the batter.After you finished making the pancakes you stacked them on a plate and quietly walked back into your bedroom.

“No need to be so secretive. I’m awake now” he says with a tired smile.

You take a seat back on your bed across from him and offer a pancake. At first he looks confused but doesn’t deny the food offered.

“So are we really leaving” you ask after finishing your pancakes. He nods his head to signal he’s still chewing. “If you want to. Do you?” he asks.

“Yeah” you answer, “I really do.”

“i think the Lost Boys would really enjoy having a girl around. You don’t mind if i call you a Lost Girl do you?”

“Of course not” you say letting out a faint giggle.

“You ready?” he says making his way towards the window and offering you his hand.

You take one final look around your bedroom and after breathing the air in it one last time you take his hand and say “Yes, I’m ready.”

Send me requests for more imagines!

Fallen For You

Originally posted by coffeeandfandomaremyloves

Fallen For You

Pairing: Steve x Reader
Prompt: reader and Steve are a watching a movie and she asks him if he’s ever loved anyone after Peggy and he looks at the reader and says no. the readers all upset for a second then he laughs and pulls her close and says “I’ve fallen for you” … then you can take it from there
Warnings: No triggers :)

    It was midnight, and you and Steve were sitting next to each other on a couch in the common room with his arm around you. You decided to do a Disney Marathon movie night, since Steve have only watched and loved Snow White before he got frozen into the ice. When you told him that Disney produced many other movies, Steve was so excited that he wanted to watch them all in one night. So there you two were, lounging on the couch, currently watching Beauty and the Beast. Steve’s attention was fixated on the tv, laughing out loud at jokes and enjoying the songs. You watched along, already knowing what’s coming next. 

    “Steve, can I ask you something?” You asked. Steve turned his head.

    “Of course." 

    "Have you…ever…” You were hesitant to continue. You and Steve have always been friends, and you have always had feelings for him. But you were always afraid to ask him out since out since you thought Steve wasn’t over Peggy. Steve stared at you, waiting for you to finish. You decided to spit it out. “Have you ever fell for anyone after Peggy?” Steve was silent for a minute. Then, he let out a big sigh and turned his head back to the TV. 

    “No.” Steve said flatly. 

    “Oh..” You said disappointedly, turning back to the TV. You quietly slipped out of Steve’s arm, grabbing some popcorn from the coffee table in front of you and Steve. You and Steve didn’t say anything, and the both of you watched as Lumiere sang “Be Our Guest”. Suddenly, Steve surprised you by laughing out loud and pulling you close. You landed on his chest.

    “Y/N, I fell for you!” Steve said, laughing. He wrapped his arms around you. You blushed madly, glad that your face was buried in his chest. 

    “I fell for you too,” you mumbled. However, your voice was muffled in his chest. Steve laughed.

    “Did you say something, Y/N?” Steve asked. He squeezed you even tighter. 

    “I said I fell for you!” You said loudly. But your voice was still incoherent. Steve let you go. You gave him a deathly glare, with your hair messed up. Steve gave you a goofy smile, before you started to smile too. You fell back on him, giggling. You turned your head to the television. The laughter between you and Steve died down.

    “I fell for you too…” You said quietly. Steve wrapped his arm around you. 

    “Heard you this time sweetheart,” Steve said before kissing you on your lips. Suddenly, a pillow hit yours and Steve’s head. You and Steve spun around, only finding Tony.

    “Get a room!” Tony yelled, walking to the kitchen and opening the fridge.  

    “Shut up Stark,” you laughed, turning your body and facing the TV again. Once Tony left with a bunch of chips and bottles of sports drinks in his arms, you and Steve laid together and watched Disney movies for the rest of the night.

Author’s Note: Raise your hand if you’re Tony 😂 Sorry if it was short, but I hoped you enjoyed! Thank you to anon for requesting this :) Follow for more writings and one-shots like this, and feel free to request scenarios, I’ll be happy to do them <3

With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds

“While she loves Tucker more than anything (and anyone) in the world, it sucks that her most personal secret is on display whenever they’re in public. People don’t know what she needs him for, but they see his vest, the words ‘Service Dog, Please Do Not Pet’ printed across his chest, and they know she is a little bit broken.” Modern AU.

Title comes from the song by Explosions in the Sky.

(Trigger warnings: PTSD, self-harm, depression, panic attacks)

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