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First day of our Hyogo performances 🎉

Thank you so much!!!!!

I borrowed Takato’s jacket but since it suits him, I returned it.

I’ll do my best tomorrow as well!!!!


  • Making Fred laugh, like him genuinely not being able to stop giggling and looking at you
  • George being fond of walks and sitting down behind you in the sun, your head resting onto his chest while he talks to you
  • Fred regularly asking you out for dinner
  • George comforting you aka him being very protective and trying his best to cheer you up while simultaneously giving you the distance you might need
  • Spring/summer nights with Fred, discussing and joking when later looking into the sky
  • Alternatively: warm, relaxing afternoons with you drinking coffee and Fred by your side
CS ff: “In the Form of a Question” (ficlet)

Rating: J for Jeopardy. You’ve all been warned.

About: In which a 300 year-old fairy tale character pirate knows all the answers.

A/N: Just a snippet because I made a joke and Carley encouraged me to write the thing, and it ended up in a very fluffy place I wasn’t expecting. What can I say, I have a lot of feelings after this weekend and needed to get them out so I can return to the fic I’m currently writing. I’m tired and I did this pretty fast so there’s a good chance there are errors. I apologize for those, if they are there.

The first time he does it, she thinks it’s luck. After all, it’s a question about Peter Pan and if anyone, Captain Hook (despite all the inconsistencies in the stories) should be able to get a question about that right.

“When in the Darlings’ nursery, Peter Pan attempts to use this to re-attach his shadow,” Alex Trebek says on the television.

“Soap,” Hook responds immediately. Emma raises an eyebrow at him, even as she hears the echoed answer in the form of a question on the television behind her.

They’re scrubbing dishes after dinner while David and Mary Margaret occupy themselves with Neal and Henry.

“You have to answer in the form of a question,” Emma replies with a smirk.

“Well, that’s bloody stupid,” is his only response. They finish washing the dishes as the episode draws to a close and she forgets about it for a while.

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