sorry hj

Listen, the way she says this:

And how he reacts so happy and excited, and how she says “yeah”. Her eyes, her damn smirk, the way she moves her eyebrows. She knows her game.

These kids had been going at it with that uniform since forever.

But LISTEN– Hyde has seen her a million times with that thing on, ever since before she started to hang out in the basement. He has maybe nailed half the cheerleader squad too, he probably has been fantasizing with her in that uniform since that kiss on her car.

It’s not just the way she looks, it’s also the way she moves, how flexible she is, how acrobatic she can get. It’s damn hot.

Worst part (no, best part in fact) is she knows the kind of effect the damn uniform has on him, and she knows how to use it. But it’s never like a power game or something, she loves when she can please him like that.

Mostly because if he likes how she looks, it means she looks even better than usual. So it’s a win-win, she gets her ego to the clounds (and is just always happy to make him happy but shhhhh) and he gets– well. You know what.

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161220 Korean Military Event At Wonju: Moments to remember~

They are looking SO CUTE together ><

– Hyukjae pointed out “beautiful fans” at the top and telling them they have to enlist too. Hahaha Hyukjae saw us screaming at the back and he was like “You guys have to enlist too” and the army soldiers were screaming HAHAHAHAHA

– Hyukjae asked what song they should do and everyone shouted Sorry sorry!! HJ: you don’t know anything but this song do you? 

– One of the soldiers shouted “U” and Sungmin was like “you must be old” lmfao 

– Hyukjae asked what song they should do and everyone shouted Sorry sorry!! HJ: you don’t know anything but this song do you? 

– Shindong said he only has a few days left till discharge & “indeed, will next year come?” teasing Hyukjae and hj dropped down like this  

Hyukjae: I have about 7 months left! Anyone here that has longer than me left?? 

Soldiers: Me!! 

Hyukjae: everyone… merry Christmas! 

Hyuk: “ Next, we will perform our melodious ballad, Sorry Sorry"  

 Uptown Funk - Hyukjae version :)  ~

– Hyuk said that he was currently corporal & would discharge next July. But then Shindong came & said he will discharge in 3 days. LOL

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Seu primeiro contato com o campus não foi uma das experiências que se possa dizer… divertida. Andou por todos os cantinhos próximos ao caminho da Zeta para o dormitório, mas não conseguiu apreciar o bastante o que tinha de belo em HeoJung. Mas se lembrava e que também estava espalhado por todos os cantos, que tinha muita natureza no campus. Aquilo era bom. A fazia se lembrar de casa, de certa forma. Lembrava a Irlanda, que também era cheia da mãe natureza. No quintal de casa se lembrava das plantinhas que a mãe cuidava. Mesmo quando a mesma estava um pouco doente, as regava todo dia sem falta. Ailee adquiriu esse gosto da mãe e tem orgulho de dizer que, se dependesse dela, teria um jardim imenso em casa.

Olhou ao redor, procurando onde poderia ser a piscina. Estava próxima da área verde e mesmo com o pequeno mapa nas mãos, não conseguia se localizar. Senso de direção não era uma de suas qualidades. Seguindo em direção a uma pessoa que estava mais próxima, sorriu e fez um reverência rápida. < Desculpe incomodar, mas é que estou um pouco… quero dizer… muito perdida. Sabe me dizer aonde fica o ginásio? Tentei ler esse mapa, mas parece que estou me perdendo mais ainda > Falar com estranhos não era tão difícil como antes. Mas de vez em quando fazia pausas para tentar falar sem gaguejar.

jacquipoirier  asked:

was there any indication that hyde still loved jackie in season 8? i only was able to watch like 4 episodes and they werent in order. I think i just saw the first two, the valentines day ep and the finale.

I saw the first episode, the one where Jackie falls and gets super dirty and Hyde is like 3% nice to her, and the finale, so I’m not sure I can answer this as good as one can do. Except that I know for spoilers and conversations with my friends a few things.

Okay, let’s put on the heart eyes to talk about this shit. Here comes the long ass meta after the cut, pals!

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jacquipoirier  asked:

any idea why Jackie said she didnt feel anything in Jackie Bags Hyde when she kissed Steven? She was chasing him for a while and then once she kissed him she was like "oh i felt nothing"

The real answer is that the writers thought ending that story line like that wasn’t going to left as many questions as it did. Who knows why they decided to break it that way. One of the many things went wrong.

The in universe answer may be something I think most of us agree, that she just couldn’t identify was what she was feeling in that moment, because it was too diferent from what she once felt while with Kelso.

It’s not familiar and we tend to get scared at unfamiliar stuff, especially when is too intense. My headcanon is that she felt numb after the explosion inside her belly, because honestly this kiss looks like the bomb:

The other option is that she just decided to lie because of the intensity of it. Again, she has been hurt many times before and she knows Hyde’s story with girls. He doesn’t date, he has a record of having the same girl for the long of a week. What tells her it could work out?

He rejected her a million times, and would had he said the truth? We know that there’s a big chance that he would, but she doesn’t. She needed the Kelso experience all over again to finally understand that she doesn’t need that shit, and that she needs to start trusting him and her instincts.

clydeandjanie  asked:

If Hyde had been in character since the begining of the show, his season 2-3 self would had a crush on Donna and treat Jackie that bad?

Yes and yes, lol. Now, let me explain:

- The Crush:

I hate it a lot, but I know it would happen anyway. The difference is that he won’t act like such a creep over her. He would back off the second she said no and would not act over it again after seeing Eric and Donna are going for each other, and only each other.

So inted of forcing her into a kiss and stalking her, being agressive towards her and imposing his feelings, he would just, maybe, pine after her at the distance, maybe banter about it with Fez some time, and that’s it.

He would get over it, especially after seeing Donna so happy with Eric. He would probably had the chance to talk it out with her, because of course Donna would care about his feelings, she just doesn’t feel the same way. And she doesn’t want to lose her friend, alright.

After The Talk™, things will eventually get normal again.

- Being an ass to Jackie:

What made Hyde stop being an idiot to Jackie was realizing she is a human being, like him and his friends, who has her own problems and feelings, and who had been hurt by the guy he was so jealous for because she took all his attention away.

Yeah, I said that.

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