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Inked - Part 1

Peter Parker x Reader

soulmate au: you and your soulmate have tattoos that represent the others interests that tingle when you two are close to one another

word count: 2,273

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A/N this is honestly written for @parkerbpete, since she inspires me to write so much, like i love her work and ugh, she is my writing senpai. i love her and yea, hope you all like


Ink stained across your arm forming an intricate sleeve, a tattoo filled with things your soulmate was interested in, that would fluctuate from time to time. You remember that before it was filled with electron diagrams, pi and other math symbols, chemical structural formulas, and things you couldn’t recognize, all coming together to form a science themed tattoo sleeve, but now all that changed. Some tattoos fading to make space for your soulmate’s newest interests, which mainly consisted of the newest superhero to join the scene, Spiderman. Spidey’s logo was now on your bicep, a small avenger’s logo on the base of your wrist, a crest that matched the iron man suit, and spider webs lacing the new tattoos with the old. But the one thing that never changed was the writing that surrounded your wrist that was written in their writing, “always be yourself”

You had the vague idea that your soulmate attended Middletown with you, since the only time the writing on your wrist seemed to tingle, was walking down the corridors of school. But you always thought against finding them, having the idea that they were better off without you. Plus after spending hours staring at your tattoos, you felt that you two would have nothing in common. You may have been smart enough to attend Middletown; however your interests were more inclined to herbs and plants, not science.

So you made the decision to not look for your soulmate, because if they didn’t bother looking for you, then it only proves they didn’t need you in their life. So you would just continue walking down the halls, knowing that someone at school could also feel the tingling sensation on their arm.

You were gathering your supplies to tend your rooftop garden before you headed to sleep, however the last thing that you expected was to see Spiderman on your rooftop. The red and blue hero was resting against the brink ledge, as he clutched his arm, seeing a few gashes on the suit.  

“Spiderman are you ok?” setting down your supplies.

A groan escaped his lips, his body trying to become alert, but couldn’t with how tired he felt. He shook his head, “no, but I’ll be fine in a bit” trying to sound heroic but failing in the process.

You quickly went over to the small first aid kit, knowing that although it wasn’t built for serious injuries, there were still supplies for simple cuts and injuries from when you would nick yourself while tending your garden, “I seriously doubt that.”

As you approached Spiderman, small tingles ran up your arm, as the writing on your wrist started to feel warmer with each passing step. Your heart sped up knowing the reason why your arm was tingling, but right now his injuries mattered more than asking him if he was your soulmate. You gently set your supplies down, being mindful of where he was hurting and ignoring his intense gaze. Your hands were slightly trembling, anxious of being so close to him that you started to question if you could do this. You weren’t sure if you were nervous because you were near Spiderman or near your soulmate. Your licked your lips and emptying your thoughts, reaching out for his right arm, and the moment you touched it, you felt the warm spark run across your arm, confirming the small doubts in your mind, this really was your soulmate.

You didn’t do anything to call attention to it, and focused on the gashes on his suit, seeing the scarlet liquid staining not only the suit but the pale skin underneath. You reached for gauze and peroxide, “this may sting a bit,” the bottle still trembling in your hand, reminding yourself to keep calm.

You looked up at Spidey, wanting some sort of confirmation that he was ok with this. He nodded, and you started to pour the liquid over his wound. A hiss escaped his lips, as the water met the raw skin. You gently started to pat the area dry, making sure that the wound was clean before you moved on to the next. Your whole right arm never stopped sending the small sparks, that you wondered how he could keep his composure, when you were almost a nervous wreck. You looked up at him, meeting the visors that covered his eyes, but it didn’t lessen the speed of your heart or the warmth that was spreading across your face.

“That’s a nice sleeve,” his voice finally filling the silence that surrounded both of you.

“Thanks…it’s based on my soulmate,” your voice coming out as a whisper.

His gloved hand traced over the writing, before he started to travel up the rest of the sleeve, making your heart go into overdrive and your skin so sensitive to his touch, making you bite down on your lower lip, but you didn’t dare ask him to stop. “I know,” his voice no longer sounding hurt, “my arm is filled with flowers,” his hand now tracing over one spider webs.

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Spur of the Moment (Cisco x Reader) Imagines - Anonymous Request

Cisco starts to distance himself from you and you have no idea why… 


“Hey, Cisco?”


“Is something on your mind?” You asked.

Walking up to your boyfriend, you leaned against the rooftop railings and stared at him as he gazed out at Central City. And while it was an admittedly beautiful scene, you could tell it was the last thing on his mind.

For a moment, Cisco looked as if he was about to respond; but, for some reason, couldn’t. Shaking his head, he averted his gaze and focused back on the view. “I don’t know…”

I don’t know…? That wasn’t a very Cisco-ish answer.

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anonymous asked:

"Why are you in my bed?" Barry/Len

Barry doesn’t slip into consciousness so much as consciousness hits him like a semi truck. His first inhale is a gasp and his fist exhale a pained, strangled groan.

“You’re alive,” drawls a voice to Barry’s left. “Mick owes me money.”

Barry’s vision is blurred, but there’s no mistaking the figure in bed beside him as anyone other than Leonard Snart. Barry watches with a deep furrow in his brow as Snart grabs a small piece of cord from the nightstand nearby and wedges it between the pages of his thick, well-worn paperback to mark his place.

“Snart, why are you in my bed?” Barry asks. He means for it to come out harsher, more like a threat, but his voice is too hoarse to have the desired effect. Barry’s whole throat feels like it’s on fire, and he swallows thickly in an attempt to extinguish it.

“Actually, Barry, you’re in mine,” Snart replies. He reaches up and removes his reading glasses, round, clear frames that Barry does not – does not – find adorable on the older man.

Snart sets his glasses and his forgotten book on the nightstand and grabs a glass of water instead, passing it over to Barry as Barry slides into a sitting position. Tentatively, Barry takes the offered glass. The water is room temperature and soothes the ache without any of the sharp sting cold water would cause.

“That’s not any less concerning,” Barry says once he’s greedily sucked down half the glass. His voice sounds more even for his trouble.

Snart chuckles. The curve of his lips, one pulled higher the other in more of a smirk than a smile, sets a kaleidoscope of butterflies loose in Barry’s chest. “If you wanted to get into my bed so badly, Barry,” Snart drawls. “All you had to do was ask. That whole passing out thing you did was a lot less fun.”

A flush spreads across Barry’s cheeks and up into his hairline. He remembers now, going up against the Rogues after three days with no sleep, the world turning dark around the edges, his breath shallow and laboured, as his body gave up its fight to keep him awake.

Barry flicks his gaze to Snart from the corners of his eyes, opens his mouth to get defensive and make excuses, but stops short when he notices the way Snart’s brow pinches ever so slightly against the canvas of his otherwise impassive face.

“Were you worried about me?” Barry asks before he can think better of it.

Snart tenses, draws his shoulders back and sits up higher, straighter. “I’m not racing to catch heat for killing The Flash, if that’s what you’re asking,” he says.

Glancing over his shoulder, Barry notices a matching nightstand on his end of the bed and twists around to set down his glass. He turns to face Snart again and offers him a sheepish smile.

“I was just tired,” Barry explains. As if on cue, a yawn forces his mouth open wide. He covers it with his hand, but it leaves him off balance, leaning into Snart’s space.

“Sorry,” Barry murmurs once the yawn’s passed, but he doesn’t draw back. Snart watches him with careful, scrutinizing eyes, and Barry lets him, a thrill of something running up his spine.

After what feels like an eternity, Snart finally moves. He raises one of his hands until it hovers just over Barry’s face, then, with his thumb, Snart traces the puffy bags under Barry’s right eye.

“You should take better care of yourself, Scarlet,” Snart whispers, his fingers still brushing Barry’s skin, and the sound feels so much louder than it actually is. “Can’t have my nemesis collapsing on me when I can beat him fair and square.”

Barry laughs, bright and bemused, and tilts his face into Snart’s hand. “I didn’t think the word fair was in your vocabulary.”

Snart shrugs. “It usually isn’t.”

Barry chuckles again, then pulls away from Snart’s fingers in favor of laying down beside him. He burrows into the cocoon of pillows and blankets and oversized sweats that surround him as Snart watches with sharp, guarded eyes.

Barry tugs pointedly at the sleeves of the sweater he’s wearing as he glances up at Snart, his eyelids already heavy with sleep. “Pretty sure I was wearing a supersuit when I passed out,” he mumbles.

“Which was no doubt embedded with a tracker,” Snart replies, no remorse in his tone. “It’s in a warehouse on the other side of town, relatively unharmed. Assuming Mick didn’t get trigger happy with his Heat Gun.”

Barry winces at the mental image of his suit up in flames. Cisco would throw a fit.

“Don’t worry,” Snart adds, catching the wrinkle in Barry’s nose. “I was the perfect gentleman. Plus, briefs under the tripolymer? Looks like Lisa owes me money, too.”

“It’s comfy,” Barry says. Whether he’s talking about not going commando in the suit or the layer of fleece lining the inside of Snart’s sweater, he isn’t sure. Snart doesn’t seem sure either, if the uncertain gaze he sends Barry’s way is any indication.

Barry’s brain is already half asleep, which is probably why he shuffles forward and press his face against Snart’s side, an arm looping around his waist for good measure, like it’s a good idea. Snart stiffens, but Barry doesn’t let up.

“What are you doing?” Snart asks.

Barry shrugs. “You’re the one who doesn’t wanna catch heat for killing the Flash,” he says.

Snart relaxes, if only a little. “And you’ll die if Captain Cold doesn’t cuddle you?” he quips.

Barry yawns again, pressing his face more firmly into the soft cushion of Snart’s stomach. “You said it, not me.”

The last thing Barry registers before dropping off again is the way Snart’s arm curls around his shoulders, and the gentle feeling of fingers running through his hair.

The Joker x Reader -“Obsession”

The Joker has an obsession: you. He doesn’t really need another one added to the pile but…anyway, here it is. Brace yourself  you lucky girl - you’re in for a treat. 

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– He keeps on dropping things on purpose so you can pick them up, this way he can stare at your butt.

You know, for being the Joker, your boyfriend is pretty clumsy: he keeps on dropping stuff all the time. Like, right now, he just dropped his pen and you are fast to bend over and get it for him.

Intense purring immediately follows.

– J took you shopping and you were so excited when you smelled “Gucci Guilty” for men. You thought it’s a divine scent and he got 10 bottles without you knowing, replacing his current cologne with the Gucci one. He has those stashed all over the place while he still keeps in sight his usual fragrance: Clive Christian - “No.1” .

You have a feeling he smells like “Gucci Guilty”.

“Are you wearing Gucci Guilty?” you sniff the air around him with a huge smile on your face.

“Nope,” The Joker keeps on piling up money in boxes, trying to ignore you.

“Are you sure?” the insistent question pops up because you got a vibe you’re onto something here.

“I think I know since I’m the one that put it on, hm? Stop pestering me!!!” he barks your way and you just turn around, biting on your lip, stricken with fascination: your boyfriend does smell like GG, no point in denying it. Where is the damn bottle? (Well… bottles, but you have no clue there are 10 of them).

– You love knives; they are your favorite weapons. Mister J believes it’s classy as hell: in a world of guns, his girl is sooo stylish using sharp blades. You don’t know yet, but he ordered 50 personalized gold plated knives with your initials on them. He plans to give them to you for your 2 year anniversary.

* J totally loves it when you use him as target practice: such a turn on when the blades shriek by him, he gets very impatient.

“Don’t move, baby, I wouldn’t wanna cut something you might need to use later, hm?” you always wink at him, teasing even more just because you can.

Your boyfriend loves guns. So you will surprise him for you 2 year anniversary with a special gift: you will order 20 personalized guns for him from the place that all Gotham’s underworld knows about. Upfront they sell jewelry but the basement it’s a different story.

“I want to order 20 customized guns: half green, half purple background, gold plated,” you start your order.

“Sure, may I ask who they’re for? We can personalize even more,” the guy offers, pointing towards the multitude of catalogues lying around.

“Daddy,” you reply, absent minded since some fancy grenades caught your eye.

“How old?”

“Ummm…Probably… around 39,” you debate, deep in thought.

“Oohhh, OK,” the seller finally understands.”Got’cha!”

You smack your lips and it clicks for the person.

“Hold on, is the order for Mister J ?”

“Of course it’s for him, who else?!” you frown, irritated by the question.

“Oh my God, so sorry, I didn’t recognized you with this purple hair!”

“Whatever!” you grumble, grouchy he needed so many hints to figure it out.

“Would you also like to add his logo on all the guns?”

You roll your eyes, exasperated:

“Well, duh, HE IS The Joker, isn’t he???!!!!”

“Such a Goddam temper,” he thinks, aiming not to annoy you since you are famous for your short fuse.

* You totally love it when J uses you as target practice: such a torn on when the bullets shriek by your ears, you get very impatient.

“Don’t move, Pumpkin, I wouldn’t want to shoot something you might need later, yes?” and he always takes his shirt off, teasing even more just because he can.

– He likes to watch you sleep. Sometimes The Joker spends hours just staring at you. One night he cut off a small strand of your hair and hid it in the nob of his favorite cane since it’s hollow, this way he always has a piece of you with him. He detests being so infatuated but he can’t help it.

You like to watch your boyfriend sleep; you spend hours just staring at him. One night you cut off a strand of his hair and hid it in the pendant he gave you last year and never part with, this way you always have a piece of him with you. You hate it that you are so infatuated but can’t help it.

And you love his hands. When he’s asleep, you just like to look at his fingers, pressing your palm against his, caressing the soft skin. Sometimes he wakes up.

“What are you doing, Princess?” he opens just one eye, not knowing what’s going on.

“Nothing,” you are fast to reply, kissing his knuckles and keeping one of his hands prisoner for the rest of the night.

– Once every 3 months or so, your boyfriend is in a good mood so you try to take advantage of the rare occurrence. This time, for example, you convinced J to let you put makeup on him because you want to have an idea on how he looked like before the “Ace Chemicals” incident. A little bit of foundation to cover the scars and tattoos, bringing the skin and lips to a natural tone plus a dark blonde wig with a similar haircut to cover the toxic green locks.

“Wow, you were so gorgeous before too!” you gasp, admiring your work and how flawless The Joker seems. In your opinion, of course; Batsy wouldn’t share the same belief.“So this is how you looked like before?!”

“More or less,” he smirks, loving to see you so worked up about the whole thing. “Can’t argue with that statement though, I am a very good looking guy.”

You take a picture of him like that and set it up as your new screensaver, gulping when he gets up all shirtless, taking the wig off, being done with the experiment. A miracle doesn’t last for long - just like his patience.

“I’m gonna go and wash this stuff off,” he stretches and heads towards the bathroom when you block his way.

“Noooot so fast, handsome. I was kind of thinking to have a one night stand with this stranger I’ve just met,” you lock your arms around his neck, determined to have fun with him like that.

“Well, this stranger’s services are very expensive. I come with a high price. Still interested?” The Joker grumbles in your ear because he doesn’t want to say no to some crazy stuff for sure.

You just snicker and push him on the couch, starting to undress.

* Later you both go to one of your clubs to enjoy a night out. While you change your dress in the VIP room upstairs, one of the waitresses brings J his drink, thinking she can finally get you in trouble with your man. She despises you but you wouldn’t know since you never pay attention to those girls.

“E-hem, Mister J?…” she clears her throat, getting ready to talk crap.

“What?” he snarls, watching over the club from behind the smoky windows.

“Sir, I’m sorry to bring the bad news, but I think your girlfriend is cheating on you,” she blurs out and he lifts his chin up to finally look at her.

“Is she?”

“Yes, Mister J, I saw it with my own eyes. Y/N keeps on glaring at the screen saver she has on her phone; definitely not your picture sir. I caught her kissing the image and she turned off the cell right away, pretending nothing happened.”

He sighs, tapping his cane on the floor.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, sir, I swear!” a smile appears on her face, happy you are probably a goner now.

“That woman! How dares she?!” J huffs and pushes her away, then strolls upstairs while she silently follows.

He barges in the VIP room, slamming the silver door behind him.

“Almost done, baby,” you cheerfully announce, putting on another coat of mascara.

“Who is that asshole on your phone?” he raises his voice and the waitress bites on her nails, enticed at your misfortune.

“Umm…My boyfriend?” you giggle and turn to face him, wondering if you’re playing roles again.

“Boyfriend?! How dare you sleeping with somebody else behind my back, huh?” and he tosses the cane to the floor with all his strength, making the woman jump on the other side of the door.

Oh, she’s gonna get it ! she victoriously chuckles to herself, silently clapping.

You are going to get it, but not in the way she thinks.

“I couldn’t help it,” you play along, not having a clue about what’s going on but if he wants to go this way, heeeeyy, works for you.

“You are so paying for this, nobody cheats on me!!!!” J yells, starting to rip your dress off while you do the same with his shirt.

She’s going to pay for it ! I hope he kills her, the woman gets all excited, waiting for the bad turn she is responsible for.

You are going to pay for it, but not in the way she thinks.

She hears a loud thud, your scream and The Joker grunting, then …moans?!

What the hell is going on?!  she wonders, baffled, still listening at the door for a few more moments before leaving.

Needless to say nobody saw her again after that night. Who knows what happened? People disappear all the time, right?

– You can fix things and J goes insane for it. He breaks shit on purpose.
“Doll, we have a water leak under the kitchen sink !” he shouts and places his elbows on the table, waiting for you.

“Again?!” you reply from the balcony, but go and get the tool box so you can take a look. You get under the sink and begin to work on the problem.

Intense purring immediately follows.

You don’t know how, but something always breaks around the penthouse. It’s a mystery since everything is the best quality money can buy. Like, why do you have another water leak under the sink?! You just had one two days ago. And The Joker is purring so loud. Why is he all excited about?!  

– You love huskies so J got you a puppy. Best present ever! Since you love Japanese names, you named the fur ball Yuki. The first trick you taught your doggie makes you melt when you watch it in action:

“Yuki, go bite Daddy!” The puppy jumps from your lap and charges at your boyfriend, grabbs his shoelace and pulls on it while growling up a storm:

“Grrrrrrr!!! Grrrrr!!! Grrrrrr!!!!”

J would love to break its neck, but how can you kill something that kind of growls like you?!

“Cut it out, mutt !” he threatens but bends over to pet the puppy. He hears you whistling with admiration.

“Wow, nice ass baby!”

* The puppy likes to sleep on your tummy. You are watching a movie with J and it’s boring so you need something more interesting to see.

“Yuki, go bite Daddy!”  The doggie’s ears go straight up and he rushes to get the enemy, pulling on the t-shirt he didn’t take off yet.

“Grrrrrr!!!! Grrrrr!!!! Grrrrrr!!!!!!!!!”

“So annoying!” The Joker complains, but caresses the fluffy pest and as a response he gets licked all over his face. And barked at too, in between.

You are absolutely and utterly thrilled.

“Now I have two sets of blue eyes I adore,” you grin with admiration, and your boyfriend doesn’t like that.

“I’m the only one you adore. Period,” and he starts growling.

Yuki’s tail wiggles with eagerness while jumping up and down by The Joker.

“Grrrr!!! Grrrrrr!!! Grrrrr!!”

J growls some more; Yuki is stunned and continues to growl also.

“Are you two having a contest?” you start laughing, reaching over to separate the two feisty males. The puppy cuddles in your arms, barking at his other owner.

When The Joker’s arm reaches towards you, Yuki hops on it, keeping it in place, not having any of it.

“Stop it, mutt ! I need my girl!”

His fingers are softly getting chewed on and more growling follows.

“Seriously?! I want to have sex with my woman, get lost!” and Yuki gets lift up and locked outside the master bedroom, but not before it gets more petting and squeezing. His intention was to break the puppy’s neck, but how can you kill something that kind of growls like you?!

– J hopes you are not going to notice how much he’s obsessed with you. It will get to your head and he already spoils you too much.

You hope that your boyfriend won’t notice how obsessed you are with him. It will get to his head and you already indulge his every whim. Even if he is soooo clumsy. Like, right now, J just dropped his gun and you are quick to bend over and get it for him.

Intense purring immediately follows.


Derek Hale Imagine- Love You Forever


Authors note- So it’s a bit different to my usual imagines, but I hope you enjoy it. You can find the song that inspired me here.

“Turn me” you said, coming face to face with your boyfriend. “No Y/n. I’ve told you before, you don’t want this” he exclaimed. “But I do” you remarked, folding your arms over your chest. “Somethings wrong” he said raising his eyebrows at you. “No” you said laconically, knowing he would hear your heart beat rise. “There is, isn’t there?” he sighed. You nod your head gently and bit your lip to stop it from quivering. He lifted you up and placed you on the kitchen counter top, the place you usually sat when you two were having trouble. “Recently, I’ve been starting to get sick again and my mom got worried and took me to the hospital-” you began. Derek’s heart sank. It brought him back to a similar time a few months back, the Darach had held you in an abandoned building for weeks to try and get to Derek. Unfortunately for you, the building had a high asbestos level and you ended up fighting for your life with asbestos poising. “Well I’ve now been diagnosed with Asbestosis and its why I’ve been so tired lately and why my chest is always in pain" you said, your voice cracked because you were on the brink of tears, you had your whole life ahead of you and it all seemed to come crumbling down. ”So what does that mean? Another operation? Antibiotics? Physio?” he began asking, in a sort of panic. “There’s no cure” you said, as tears began to stain your cheeks. You saw his face deflate, the sadness that clouded his eyes as he walked over and pulled you into a tight embrace. “We’ll get through this” he reassured. “I don’t want to go through this again” you sobbed into his chest. “Babe, I’m here and ill be with you every step of the way. But you’ve got to keep strong” he said, tangling his fingers in your hair. “What if I cant? What am I going to tell the pack? I don’t want them to feel sorry for me, but they’ll know somethings up” you rambled. “Y/n, look at me. Look at me!” he said gently. “We are going to get through this together, without the use of the supernatural. I’m going to be here every step of the way” he continued after you met his eyes. “Promise?” you asked with an involuntarily pout, you held your pinky finger out. “I promise babygirl” he said without hesitation, joining to pinky promise you. It was childish, but it was yours. You loved him and he adored you, you were just glad you had a boyfriend like him to support you through something like this.

Weeks had gone by and things only seemed to get better. The pack didn’t suspect anything, due to Derek teaching you how to hide your chemo signals and the pain was almost non existent especially with Derek removing it any chance he got. The only thing that seemed to be an annoyance was all the check-ups at the doctors and the constant coughs you caught. Derek had stuck to his word, he hadn’t left your side once. For a time you felt like a normal teenager; you moaned about homework, left important essays to the last minute, made plans with Stiles to prevent you all from getting killed, snuck out in the middle of the night to meet your boyfriend and worried about pointless things like your favourite show ending (Because Same). You were even invited to one of the biggest parties of the year, including the rest of the pack. Maybe things were starting to look up for you after all.

“Allison, Scott, Y/n!, come on we’re leaving!” Stiles shouted from downstairs. The two of you were trying to help him after he accidently split his jeans (long story). “One second” Scott shouted, followed by a wince after Allison accidently pricked his skin. “My arm is getting tired, hurry up” you whined, you had to hold him up while Allison sewed his jeans. “Guys come on, we’ll be late if there’s traffic!” Stiles shouted up again, obviously getting restless. “Go and start the engine then” Allison shouted in frustration, finding the task more difficult than it should have been. “What’s taking so long?” Lydia asked as she swung open Scott’s bedroom door. “Forget I asked” she added, slowly backing out of the room. “I’m just sewing his jeans and Y/n is holding him up” Allison let out a giggle after realising how weird it must have looked. “You do know you could of taken the jeans off and then sewed them?” Lydia shook her head. The three of you sighed at the same time and you and Allison stood back up. “That would of been a lot easier” you confirmed with a head nod. Lydia shook her head again and laughed, before gesturing for you all to hurry up. When you all got into the jeep, Stiles was staring at you all in hopes of some sort of apology for keeping him waiting. You all simply ignored it, you ruffled his hair and Scott punched him playfully in the arm. “I’m glad you came Y/n” Stiles smiled at you through the wing mirror. “I always come to parties?” you smiled but with a questioning look. “You never come to parties without Derek” Scott agreed. “Well, sometimes you just got to live it up- any day could be your last” you mumbled the last part. Allison shot a quizzical look from next to you, but brushed it off after you began singing happily to the radio a few seconds later.

You hadn’t been at the party for more than an hour when you started getting chest pain, you tried to convince yourself it was just heartburn from the vodka shots, but you knew different. You stumbled into the bathroom and began doing the breathing exercises your doctor taught you, but they didn’t seem to be working. You reached in your pocket to call Derek but the numbers in your phone became blurred. You felt light headed until you finally passed out and hit your head on the tiled floor. It was no longer than five minutes before Lydia found you and called the others for help. Scott and Stiles carried you into the kitchen as Allison swiped everything off the counter top. They placed you down and began to panic, after all they had no idea what you were actually dealing with. “Call an ambulance and you, call Derek” Allison began to order, as her Argent medical training kicked in. “What should I do?” Lydia asked, desperate to help. “Get a wet cloth and hold it on her head where she’s bleeding” she said quickly. She checked your pulse and her eyes widened. “Scott, Scott she’s not breathing” Allison panicked. “Please hurry she isn’t breathing” Scott repeated as he ended the 911 call. “Y/n wake up” “Y/n hold on, an ambulance will be here soon” “Does anyone no CPR?” “Come on Y/n, wake up!”.

“Hey, hey” the figure spoke softly as you sat up. “Am I at the hospital?” you asked, as your eyes began to adjust to the harsh light. “Yeah, you stopped breathing” he said, not wanting to confuse you by giving you every detail. “Do they know?” you asked. “Scott overheard the doctors debriefing one another, I had to tell them. They had a feeling something was up anyway” he explained, not sure how you would react. “Oh” you simply said. “They’re speaking to Mellissa at the reception, do you want me to bring them in?” he asked, understanding that you needed your friends. “I’m going to die, aren’t I?” you sighed. “No and don’t think like that” he linked his hand with yours to soothe you. You took a deep breath, feeling a tight pain in your chest. You then saw the veins in Derek’s hand turn black as he took your pain away. “I’m scared” you admitted. “I wont let anything happen to you, none of us will. If it came to it we’d do something” he reassured. “I love you” you cupped his cheek with your hand. “I love you too” he reached over and kissed you sweetly on your forehead. It was warming to know that you were the only one to make broody Derek smile and ne the sweet person he really is. “I’m scared that you’ll get tired of having to deal with my medical issue all the time, what if you find someone that’s fit and healthy, that keeps you far away from hospitals all the time? The same ones that I drag you in to every other week” you rambled. “I’m never leaving you, don’t stress baby” he smiled gently. “I hope that’s true” you smiled weakly but genuinely in return.

A While Later

Your health only seemed to be getting better, until it wasn’t. A few weeks after your birthday you got sick again and things took a turn for the worst. You almost died, you would have died. But here you are, alive and well, happily strolling around Beacon Hills at 10am (a habit you gained recently). You heard a twig snap from behind you. You turned around, your eyes glowing gold and a smile tugging at the corners of your mouth. You ran and jumped, and they caught you. “I see someone’s wolf instincts have kicked in” he laughed. You let out a small growl, followed by your familiar laugh. You then pressed your lips to Derek’s and ruffled his hair, before you quickly pinned him to the ground. “Rule number one, never get distracted” you teased, mocking the werewolf training he had been giving you. “Rule number 2, look for their weak spot” he said, kicking you in the back of the leg, causing you to fall on top of him. “Cheat, you knew about that” you said, noticing his smug smirk. You picked yourself up and offered your hand out and Derek took it, bring himself to also stand up. You pulled him down so you could whisper in his ear, “You forgot rule number three, never trust your opponent”  and with that you pulled him back onto the floor. “Looks like you’re going to be good at this” he groaned from the floor. “I know right” you joked, causing him to trip you up so you fell beside him. “Fancy getting something to eat?” he asked, as you also groaned. “Pizza” you smiled. “Pizza it is” he replied. You gave him a quick kiss, before you both rolled over and stood up. He brushed the leaves off your bum as you linked your arm with his. Your life was finally coming back together and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Or with anyone else.

I think I’m a fan of these optimistic endings, it appears. Requests are closed Unfortunately. Until the next time, see you later loves x

Is This The End? [Part 3]

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2,547

Warnings: Guys, this is really bad.  Swearing. Very painful injury. Heights. Kidnapping. A bit of torture. Just… Pain, lots of pain. (That is a reference. If you get, high five!)

Summary: After getting kidnapped, you wake up and find yourself on top of a tall building in excruciating pain. You try your best to stall what you feel is your final day while going through a series of unfortunate events [hehe].

A/N: It’s finally fucking here! God, I am so sorry for the damn wait, I’ve been really busy lately and haven’t really had the time to just sit down and write. I hope you enjoy this part. there might be another part to this, I’m not sure though. Thank you @ilovetardisblue for helping me with this chapter!!!

[Part 1] [Part 2]

The the last thing you remember before passing out is his hand covering your mouth with a cloth.

When you groggily come to, the first thing that grabs your attention, is the excruciating pain in your shoulder that you’re laying on. You try to get up, crying out as you do so because the top of it feels like it’s being dipped in lava. You squeeze your eyes in pain as you slowly sit up.

After taking a minute to catch your breath, you open your eyes, tears blurring your vision, as you try to look at what’s wrong with your shoulder. You blink rapidly, eyes clearing of tears as you look at it. Your eyes widen at the sight of your extremely bruised and swollen shoulder surrounding an odd bump on the top of it.

Goddamn. What the hell happened?

You look up to take a look at your surroundings, but get distracted by the fact that you’re only a couple feet from the ledge of the building you’re on. With a quick glance around you, you realize it’s a very tall building.

“Oh FUCK!” You screech, awkwardly scrambling away from the ledge as much as you can, squeezing your eyes shut while trying to catch your breath. Your shoulder flaring up in pain from moving as you focus on staying calm, taking deep breaths as you go through everything you can remember.

You remember answering the door to an old man standing in front of you, and him knocking you out, but you have no idea what happened after. That must’ve been one hell of a drug, goddamn.

You sigh, looking around at your surroundings, searching for anything that could help you. Your heart drops when you realize there’s nothing there. You’re on some hellish building that doesn’t have the usual barrier around the perimeter of the building. It just drops down straight into the underworld. It takes you a minute to take in the fact that something with wings is walking towards you. You flinch, reprimanding yourself for moving as your shoulder protests. It’s not until the thing is only a couple feet away from you that you recognize its face and realize it’s the old man that kidnapped you.

You scowl up at him, not wanting to look even more vulnerable then you already are. You lean away as he glances at you before looking back at the phone- your phone- in his hands. “What do you want with me? I’m literally no use to you.” You ask, surprised that your voice doesn’t falter.

“Oh, you’ll see. You’re Spider-Man’s friend; you’re all the use in the world.” Giving you a condescending smile, he adds, “Now, why don’t you give your little friend, Spider-Man, a call so we can talk business.”

You let out a bark of laughter, “And how would I do that? I don’t even know the guy, let alone have his number.” The adrenaline pumping through your veins giving you the courage to be brave and lie to keep Peter safe, because you know the guy does not just want to have a little chat.

“Okay, then you’re going to give your little friend, Peter, a call for me.” He orders, the breath whooshing out of you in shock. He knows Peter. How does he know Peter?

Your eyes widen slightly as you realize that based off of the fact that this guy is wearing a costume and has kidnapped you, that this asshole must know that Peter is Spider-Man. Shit.


He leans down and growls out, “Unless you want to know what it’s like to know what it’s like to watch a loved one…your mother perhaps…die in front of you while you do nothing, I suggest you help me out and call your precious Spider-Man.” Your heart stops at the thought your mom getting hurt, and you start to feel nauseous. You take a deep breath and glare at the guy, rage clouding your vision as you growl out, “Don’t you dare lay a fucking finger on my mom.”

He chuckles and says, “Then do what I asked, and we’ll get along famously.”

“How do you even know about Peter?” you bite out, trying to stall as much as possible, hoping that someone will help you.

“Well, Y/N, seeing that I’ve been keeping tabs on the amazing Spider-Man ever since he screwed up one of my deals, and kept ruining my week, I’m gonna notice when he suddenly takes his mask off for someone.” He says with a pointed glance. “And after hearing you blubbering his name for the world to hear, I did some digging on you, saw you had a friend named Peter that was very close in resemblance to the Spider-Man that was on your fire escape and realized I could use you to get to him.”

Your heart stops. He knows where I live. He’s looked me up. Looked Peter up. He wants him dead. You close your eyes as tears threaten to fall.

Face white as a sheet, from both blood loss and fear, you shakily get to your feet, wincing at the pain, and stare down the man before you.

“What do you want with him?” You ask quietly, glaring at the man in disgust.

“Just want to have a little talk with him. Get him to understand where I’m coming from. And if he disagrees with me…” His lips curving into a malicious smile, he adds, “Well, that’s when the real fun will begin.” With that, he reaches out to grip your injured shoulder painfully. The action makes you let out a piercing scream, tears streaming down your face.

“STOP! LET GO!!” You sob, weakly pushing at his arm, black spots in your vision.

“Call your precious boyfriend or I push you off the building and you die.” He threatens, letting go and shoving the phone into your hand.

You slowly sink to the ground, whimpering at the pain that’s lighting your nerves on fire. With shaky fingers, you unlock your phone one handed and dial Peter’s number. It only takes a couple of rings before he answers.

“Y/N? You’re calling me? I thought-“

“Peter…” You breathe, too delirious to get much out before Winged Asshole snatches the phone out of your hand. You give him a death glare as he brings the phone to his ear.

Peter sits up with a frown, an uneasy feeling washing over him, your weak voice freaking him out. “Y/N, is everything okay? What’s wrong?”

Pedro!” A man’s voice suddenly answers, making Peter yank the phone away from his ear, that uneasy feeling intensifying. That voice sounds familiar.

“Who is this? Where is Y/N?” Peter demands. Starting to pace on top of the building he was on, he starts to think of why that voice sounds familiar.

“Oh come on, Peter, you don’t recognize my voice?” The man asks, making Peter furrow his eyebrows. Who are you? It takes him a minute before he realizes why it’s familiar. He stops pacing and his face grows deathly pale.

“Where are you, you asshole? What did you do to her?!” Peters roars, rage and panic battling for attention as he grips his hair, mask forgotten on the ground.

“Listen, I didn’t wanna have to do this, but you’ve given me no choice. If you want to see your beloved little friend again, and breathing; I suggest you get up to the top of 432 Park Avenue within five minutes so we can talk like gentlemen or I push Y/N off of the building.”

Peter sucks in a breath of air, the thought of not being there to protect you tearing him apart.

“I’ll be there. Don’t hurt her!”

All Peter hears in response is an ominous laugh before the villain hangs up. Peter shoves his phone in his pocket and shoots a web, flinging himself towards Manhattan trying to get there as fast as possible, millions of different scenarios racing through his mind.

This is why Spider-Man and Peter have to be separate. Now the love of my life is in danger because of me. Thoughts like this plague Peter’s mind as he flew towards your location.

After racing to get there before those five minutes where up, Peter makes it to Park Avenue. Launching himself as high as he can, he starts to climb up the side of the building, going as fast as he can. He gets to the top in record time, only slightly winded, and looks up, afraid he’s too late. His eyes widen, the sight before him making him freeze.

You are on the other side, dangerously close to the edge, laying down, with tears flowing into your hair. He barely even registers that the Vulture is over by the door leading into the building as he shouts, “Y/N!!”

He watches you flinch, the sudden noise startling you.

Sprinting over to you, he quickly makes it across the roof, sliding on his knees when he gets a few feet away from you. Tears spring to his eyes as he takes in the sight of you crying and in pain. He stares at your swollen and bruised shoulder in anger. I wasn’t there to protect you. I failed.

“Y/N, oh my God… I am so sorry. I am so sorry I wasn’t there to protect you.” He says with tears running down his face.

You look up at him, fear in your eyes.

“Peter, no! What are you doing? He’s going to kill you! You have to get out of here!” you yell, panic and anxiety coursing through your veins. You try sitting up to show him how serious you are, but he pushes you down the second you wince.

“No, Y/N. I don’t care if I get hurt; I had to come save you. I couldn’t live with myself if you died and I didn’t try to save you. Not after Uncle Ben.”

Fresh tears make their way down your cheeks, this idiot is gonna die because of me. You don’t have time to say anything before the man suddenly appears behind Peter only giving you time for you to widen your eyes in warning before the man abruptly reaches out and grabs onto him, dragging him away from you, making Peter grunt in surprise.

“Peter! Nice of you to join us!”

Peter quickly gets out of Vulture’s grasp getting into a protective stance in front of you.

“Yeah, I’m here. What do you want?” Peter asks, eyes narrowing as he looks for a way to take him down so he can get you to a hospital; that shoulder worrying him.

“To talk. You see, for the past week, you haven’t seemed to have gotten with the program. You leave me to my business, and I don’t kill you. But since you haven’t understood that little deal, I decided to take matters into my own hands and use the glorious opportunity you gave me last night when you decided to take your mask off for your friend.  It gave me the opportunity to start making you pay.”

As he talked, Peter slowly started walking around him, while trying to take him further across the roof and away from you.

“Well, I don’t know what you expected. You’re a criminal, a villain. I’m not just going to turn away from what you’re doing like everything is good.”

You’re in the middle of trying to get to the door as quick as possible, hoping that can block you from most of the fight when you hear the man say, “Well, that’s too bad. I was hoping we could work something out.”

Knowing nothing good will come out of that, you hurry it up, biting your lip to contain groans of pain. You’re so focused on getting to the door, you don’t notice the man flying towards you until you hear Peter’s panicked voice yelling, “Y/N! Look out!”

You look up, startled, and realize he’s too close for you to do anything. So you stand there, accepting fate, when he jerks back, Peter’s web attached to his back. The wings flap forward, the force of the wind making you stumble back closer to the ledge. You hear the man growl in frustration as he spins around cutting the webbing with his wings and going after Peter instead, and you watch as they fight around the roof, getting more and more violent as the fight goes on.

You watch in horror as Winged Asshole goes to grab Peter by the chest to beat him into the ground. I’ve got to do something.

“HEY, ASSHOLE!” You scream, making him pause as he looks at you, Peter hanging in his grip like a ragdoll. You march over to them, adrenaline racing through your body as you stare the man down.

“Put him down, right now! If you’re gonna fucking kill someone, go for me. I’m not important.” You say, ignoring Peter’s protesting as you continue to stare Captain Asshole down. It’s hard to get a read on him with his creepy mask on but after what feels like a couple minutes of silence he throws Peter to the ground with a little more power than needed and drops to the floor, stalking towards you.

With your heart beating in your throat, you stand your ground. You quickly hold your hand up when he gets close, “I have one request before you take your ridiculous anger out on me.” You wait for his nod, “Take your mask off, I want to look you in the face as you kill me.” You hold back a smirk as he fulfills your request, seeing Peter get up, you pray he can do something to save you, because after what you were about to do, Captain Asshole is definitely going to want to murder you.

The second you see that his mask is out of the way, you ball your right hand into a fist, pull back, and punch him in the nose as hard you can.  You smile victoriously as he shouts in surprise, stumbling back as he covers his nose with his hand. You see Peter’s eyes widen as he sneaks up behind the asshole.

You’re prepared to step out of the way to let Peter do his thing, but get distracted by Captain Dick snarling a very creative insult, “You fucker!” while rushing towards you. Startled, you take a couple steps back. You have just enough awareness to see Peter start to fight him again before your heel slips off the edge of the building.

With the feeling of time slowing down, as you try to gain your balance, your breath catching as fear overwhelms you. Which causes you to lose your balance even more, your head becoming dizzy with lack of oxygen, you try your hardest to catch your balance, but your fear of heights makes everything in you freeze up.

Fear crushing you, you slip even more, now falling backwards off the roof and to a painful death. Your stomach jumps to your throat, heart racing bloodcurdling screams tearing their way out of you as you plummet to your death.  Tears blur your vision as you try to grab on to anything to stop your fall. The last thing you see before your heart stops is the red and blue blur of Peter flying towards you.

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The Reid Effect

Requested by @21lanes: Reid and the Reader have been best friends for years, and she harbors a secret crush on him. When he starts seeing someone else, she’s jealous, but when he asks for her help in surprising his new girlfriend, all hell breaks loose.

It’s not fair, the effect Spencer Reid as on her. Her heart rate speeds up, her palms sweat, the air feels too warm, and she immediately forgets whatever else she was supposed to be thinking about the moment he walks into view. Similar symptoms occur at the sound of his voice, or when she receives a text from him, and of course when he appears unbidden in her mind. No, it’s not fair. And yet, she can never bring herself to mind much when he makes her feel so good.

They met at a criminology conference in DC. As a mystery writer, she wanted to do some in-depth research, and while she left with new material for her book, she also left with a new friend. Spencer sparked her interest almost immediately, and they became fast friends. Even from the start, he had a way of making her feel comfortable and putting her at ease. For three years he was her best friend – and still is – but last year something shifted, and one day she looked at him and realized what she felt for him went so much deeper than friendship. That’s when it began, that nervous fluttering and anxious happiness. It took weeks for her to realize what she felt for him was love, and she’s never been able to admit it out loud.

What if he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings? What if it ruins their friendship? She can’t imagine not having him in her life, even if it means never acting on her feelings. And yet, when he smiles at her, the rest of the world slips away. Does he even realize it, the effect he has on her?

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anonymous asked:

Do you know any fics where clarke overhears bellamy talking about his feelings for her or maybe you can write one if you don't know any ??

It’s not right to overdrop.

I’m pretty sure this is not what you had in mind anon, but I think they idea is pretty cool :) S/o to @asavelveteen for beta’ing this one!

Also, I want to dedicate this fic to my lovely friend Jess (@keller007​) and wish her again Happy fucking birthday! Love you girl <3

She feels herself coming back, but it’s harder than she thought it would be. Her whole body is in pain and it’s far too heavy for her to be able to move. And the only thing that feels heavier than her own body are her eyelids, which she can’t seem to open. So, she stays in darkness and just breaths.

How is she?”

Someone is close to her. Someone is asking about her.

She’s getting better with every passing moment. You stopped the bleeding before it was too late. Now, we just have to wait for her to wake up on her own.”

So, that’s what happened. She had been bleeding out and someone saved her life. But she doesn’t remember that at all. At least that explains why she’s so tired.

Hey. She’s going to be alright.”

Yes- I- I know- I just… I can’t lose her, Abby.”

Abby. Her mother’s there. That means she must be in medical with her and someone else, whose voice she still can’t recognize, but whose voice is hoarse with fear of losing her. Why everything is a blur in her head, she can’t really understand. She really hopes it’s because of the blood loss and not anything serious, anything permanent. There are a few moments in silence and then…

The blood- god, there was so much blood and it wouldn’t stop coming and I was so scared- I thought- she was still and I- fuck. This is all my fault. If I was-”

You saved her life, Bellamy.”

So the voice she couldn’t recognize was Bellamy’s and now it’s crystal clear because she’s heard the ‘this is my fault’ line one too many times from him. And every other time, she was there to take that thought and guilt away from him, to make him realize he can’t save everyone. Every time except now.

Now, she’s stuck in this situation, half-conscious, and all she can do is listen.

If I had saved her, she wouldn’t still be lying on that bed. It’s been a week now.”

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[Why I Love] - Chpt. 12

  Blueberry Pies & Jealous Eyes 

Negan x Addison 

A/N:  :D I haven’t updated the Masterlist yet, so I’ll keep linking the previous chapters until I do. xoxoxoxo 

Chapter 11 || Masterlist

(gif by @jeffrey-daddy-morgan) 

Things seemed to have calm down at the sanctuary. Although, I could see that the saviors still felt like they were walking on thin ice. Eyes would fall to the ground, whenever Negan entered a room. The silence that followed brought a satisfied smile across his face, as he relished in his authoritative power. 

I’ve come to terms with accepting his behavior, it’s just who he is. But none of that seems to be enough to deter my feelings about him. Usually, I would turn to Michonne, Maggie, or even Daryl when something’s on my mind. But since they’re not here, I looked to my newest confidant for advice. 

I talked Naomi’s ear off, giving her a detailed explanation of my encounters with Negan. She finally faced me, grinning from ear to ear. “Maybe it’s just a physical thing” She devilishly grazed her tongue over her teeth. 

“After everything he did to me, to my people…how could I still tolerate the thought of wanting him?” 

Naomi arched one of her perfect brows, “It’s because you’re human, Addison. Just because you’re attracted to him doesn’t make you a bad person” 

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Make You Mine: Chapter 1

Chapter one of a story I’m beginning. Gwenvid-angst currently for this first chapter.

Gwen and David have both parted from the camp. Against David’s wishes they have gone separate ways and have not spoken for two years. David has found a partner and is engaged to be married, he invites Gwen to the wedding to be their maid of honor. He had almost forgotten how nice it was to see her smile after half a glass of wine.

Chapters will be found under the tag: makeuminegwenvid

Around 2k.

A stiffening numbness surged through her blood stream as her fingertips enclosed around the tips of the parchment. She had not heard from her ex coworker in a few months, keeping only in touch through a distant series of likes. Eventually she had to come to the understanding whatever was between them was inevitably doomed but she didn’t think today would be the day.

Her dirty nail scratched the golden embroidery around the card’s edge.

“You’re formally invited to the holy matrimony of David and Amber”

The need to empty her stomach tickled in the back of her throat and Gwen swallowed back bile. In a futile attempt to remain sane she continued reading finding David’s chicken scratch hand writing directed at her underneath the initial invitation.

“Gwen, I know we haven’t been able to talk much lately! I miss you dearly, and I just wanted to personally invite you to my wedding. Sorry to spring this on you so last minute, I am sure you’re busy with grad school, I just wanted to ask you to be the maid of honor for the ceremony. No matter what you have been one of my closet friends for a very long time and Amber is extremely happy to have you joining us. Give me a call if you accept and I will give you details.

Campe Diem


She was more than aware that she should decline. Gracefully back out of his life as she had done a year ago but the dark screwed up part of her heart that pumped out selfish greed roared to life. Setting the card on the table, Gwen sat on her counter and sighed. He didn’t belong to her, and he never would. David deserved someone who was happy and didn’t take a pill every morning to keep themselves from jumping off a cliff. Someone who baked pies on Sunday and took care of their skin and could hold a conversation without constantly worrying about how they were being perceived.

Yet the lust to drain the happiness from him to feel whole again burned her every nerve.

To see him smile and feel less empty and watch how his innocent eyes soaked in every piece of her like she was important. Ultimately though she would have destroyed him, if she had stayed he would have fallen apart. It was a sacrifice she made so why couldn’t he let her suffer in peace.

There was a reason she stopped answering his calls, stopped reading his messages, pretended they had never interacted in real life. Of course it had hurt him, it had hurt her. There was no other way.

Her eyes glanced back on the gold leafed parchment a moment longer, she stared until her eyes focused and unfocused again.

Gwen. One of my closet friends.

His voice reverberated in her skull, the happy honey drawl and scolding undertone. David sounded like authority, but not punish based authority more rewarding. Someone who could lead you into battle safely and give his life for yours.

Her fingers were moving without thought of repercussion as she typed out a message to David. The bubble that was his profile picture blurred in her vision but she typed perfectly fine. Something in between pounding anxiety and humane calm settled in her stomach as she pressed send.

It was the warm pleasurable sting that flooded her body as she had just been shot in the gut and kissed back to health.


His reply was instantaneous.

Gwen had multiple opportunities to do the right thing, to turn around and leave his life forever. She could have stopped herself from writing her vacation days in, paused as she was packing her clothes, turned on her heel at the airport doors. Yet here she was.

Allowing her luggage to disappear into the unknown and shuffling across too small aisles to plop down in an economy seat.

She was returning to the wooded reality of yesterday, ears plugged with headphones and spine aching. David had helped her book the ticket, talked to her silent end of the phone like nothing had changed. Promised he-no-they were going to pick her up from the airport.

It was early, too early to be flying away from home to only watch a ceremony she would leave with a bitter taste in her mouth. Maybe she would find some average man there at the ceremony, someone to fill the hole in between her legs and the hollow in her heart. He would be married, he would be supportive, he would smile and tell her he was so happy she found someone too.

The thought stung but brought familiar comfort like she was in control. Gwen’s body slunk into the cushions and the music pounded against her ear drums until her mind was on autopilot and wandered.

Soft greenery and mossy forest air lingered in her nostrils, the smell of a hidden cigarette behind the bathroom, a shared glance that lasted just a moment too long. A desire that thrummed not only in her chest but in the very atmosphere around them, a persistent vibration.

Floating in and out of consciousness in the seat her mind returned to the memories of her and David at the camp.

More importantly their parting from the camp.

“Did you get everything-”

Gwen had called to him a few yards away one of her bags slung over her shoulder. David was standing over near a cliff which looked over most of their terrain for the past decade. Both his hands remained on his hips and she watched his whole body shudder as he seemed to inhale the very moment he existed in.

It must be nice, to be able to absorb something to its full potential like that, he must experience life differently to appreciate this place.

This was the last time they would ever council children in this desolate camp, Campbell had been arrested. The tiny budget they did have could not cover the costs of his absence, the parents couldn’t even supply anything more. They had tried, David had tried to pour his life savings into the idea but it wasn’t feasible. She tried not to remember the devastation on his face when the bank rejected his offer. The summer haze was over a dream that had ended with tears and mosquito bites.

Gwen admitted she had come to care for this place, care for all those damned kids, cared about David.

“No. Not yet.”

David had turned around with those large introspective eyes of his and bore straight to her core. Gwen continued walking to his side unable to keep from shivering at the underlying tension between them. When she reached his side she could see the sad smile stretched across his pale cheeks and the tears that threatened to fall from his eyes.

“I just need to get one more look, one last image. For the road.”

She could hear the stripped quality from his voice, the dip in excitement that clouded her with the exhaustion in his words. He was forcing each of them out and she turned away out of respect.

Standing shoulder to shoulder they took in their last moments in camp Campbell in sobered silence. Her hand came to rest on the middle of his bony back, the swish of her palm on the cotton shirt filling the void of sound.

“I will miss this place.”

It was a whisper from his lips and she frowned deeply.

He moved until he faced her and his long arms intertwined around her shoulders. David knew Gwen was never big on physical affection but by the way she shifted to fit her chin in the crook of his neck he felt she must not have minded. The hug was messy and warm, they both reeked of sweat and grass, the way their limbs collided was awkward. Yet she didn’t want to let go.

The hug lasted for a long time, until he swayed them back and forth with a familiarity only old friends could.

It felt so good to be wrapped up in his arms, chest to chest, her cheek brushing his ear. Her emotions fluttered as they always had, the crush she had on him still simmered and she allowed herself to indulge. The bond they had formed with one another and those children was too personal to be shared. The pair shared the unspoken knowledge this would most likely be the last time they saw each other, maybe forever.

When Gwen finally pulled back she nodded in agreement, looking up to the beanpole of a man before her. David’s expression was blank as he stared back at her, a tint of red edging on his ears.


He swallowed and she watched his adam apple bob, his hands shaking came to her shoulders and then her cheeks. Gwen stood frozen in confusion, unsure of why he was doing this. Almost as she was observing someone else’s perfect life she witnessed David pressing his lips down to meet hers.

It was a chaste kiss, a brush of lips that carried years of trust.

“I’m sorry, Gwen. I don’t know what came over me-I didn’t mean to spring that on you. I should have asked-”

All she could do was stare back at him before her own fingers came to touch her now buzzing lips.

That had been the last time she had seen him.

A sudden jostle of the plane beginning take off yanked her back to the present. Her thoughts flooded with the after math of one of the most fulfilling kisses in her entire life. They had-no she-had left him behind.

Both of them loaded their camp worn memories and belongings into their trunks and said goodbye. She could feel his eyes remaining on her form the entire time she packed up. Gwen left behind stars and a chance of undeserved happiness.

During the ten hour drive home she realized just who she was, a fuck up. An absolute waste of space and David was something more than that. An idiot, maybe. But definitely not someone who should have to deal with her the rest of their lives. For the exit 4B and the roadway stretching across the vast hills she allowed herself to dream, to revel in the kiss.

Yet the sweetest fantasy came to an end when she pulled into the driveway.

David called, texted, wrote.

No reply.

In the beginning it was hard to ignore tempting messages, he was like a siren except he would have been the one drowned if she accepted him. Eventually David stopped. Gwen couldn’t tell which one hurt her more, the silence or the pain of having to distance herself.

He would have wanted love and life and she couldn’t supply him with that.

Sighing as she remembered how she ghosted the nicest man on the planet, Gwen shifted to get more comfortable in the seat. The woman next to her already asleep despite the face they just took off.

“What the hell am I doing.”  

flowers in your hair, fireworks in your eyes // k.j.w (pt. 2)

→ in which a boy and a girl figure out their feelings at their town’s local cultural festival.


WORD COUNT: 11 403

Jiwon is stuck holding your hand.

Not that Jiwon minds (in fact, he’s ecstatic) but he’s just hoping that you don’t feel the sticky sweatiness of his palm. He holds your hand often but never for this long, and the feeling of your tiny hand enveloped in his larger one makes his heart beat faster.

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Crowded Clubs

Considering how much Jack hated crowds, he seemed to end up in them a lot. Especially in dark clubs, where flashing lights and loud music distorted the world around him.

Maybe going to clubs so often wasn’t smart for someone with claustrophobia, but he was usually able to keep the fear and panic low enough to enjoy himself. It helped that he usually went with someone he was comfortable and safe around, someone who knew he could get overwhelmed, and would help to distract him when needed.

That person tended to be Conor, until Joe came along, and was able to fill the roll that only Jack’s older brother used to hold. And when Joe and Jack shifted from friends to more, dating secretly, Jack found it easier to go out to the clubs with the boys, as long as Joe was there, always within an arms reach.

Now, months later, the boys still had no idea that two of their mates were dating, nor did they know about Jack’s claustrophobia, another secret he continued to keep.

The small group were out for another night on the town, having started at dinner and quickly finding their way to the ever familiar club they tended to end up at.

The only difference tonight, Jack noticed, was that the crowd seemed to have doubled in size. Apparently there was some special or event happening which was drawing more and more people in.

“You gonna be okay?” Joe had asked once they entered the club, his blue eyes shining with concern, searching for any panic that may be hiding in Jack’s own blue eyes.

“I’ll be fine,” The younger man grinned, “Let’s go have fun!”

And for a while, he was able to convince himself that that was the truth. That he would be fine. That he could handle the ever-growing crowd.

Even as the bodies pushed closer together, filling any available gap that existed in the club, Jack convinced himself he was fine, because Joe was right there, always in constant contact with him.

Until things shifted.


The crowd suddenly got excited, a new bass pounding song coming through the speakers, and the bodies shifted. First one way, and then the other. The faces blurred together, the lights casting dark and menacing shadows across them, the music was deafening to Jack’s ears, and he realized he couldn’t see Joe.

He couldn’t see anyone he recognized.

He was alone. And the bodies were still pressing in even closer.

The panic he had kept at bay began to crawl up his chest and into his throat, cutting off any oxygen that was trying to make its way into his lungs. His hands shook, the feeling creeping up and along his skin, a cold sweat breaking out along the way. No one around him found it abnormal that the young man was shaking, or that his eyes were darting through the crowd, a wild look in them, because they were in a club. Why would anyone question someone like that?

To the strangers around him, Jack was simply reacting badly to a drink or drug.

To him, he was losing any and all control he had. And he was utterly and completely alone.

“Jack!” A warm and familiar hand slipped into his before he felt himself being pulled in a direction, one that wasn’t familiar. All he could feel was the bodies pressing closer, suffocating him slowly.

The coolness of the night air hit his skin sharply, and he sucked it in rapidly, the chill hurting his oxygen deprived lungs, but at that moment he didn’t care. He just wanted to be able to breathe.

“Hey, hey,” A soothing voice cut through his foggy mind, and his eyes locked on to a pair of oh so familiar ones, shining with worry. “Slow. Slow and steady.”

The hand slipped from his, and joined another on his cheeks, thumbs brushing away the tears Jack now realized were falling down his cheeks.

“You’re okay, love. I’m right here.”


“Yeah,” Joe smiled softly at Jack, “It’s me. I’m right here.”

“I…I lost you.”

“I know, love, I’m so sorry.”

“Th-there was s-so—“

“Shhh,” The older man leaned in, kissing Jack softly, just once, “Focus on breathing. We can talk after.”

Nodding, Jack kept his eyes focused on those of his boyfriends, breathing in time with Joe, his body leaning heavily against the wall behind him as the panic began to subside.

“How do you feel now?” Joe asked quietly a couple minutes later, his body leaning into Jack’s, the younger man’s arms wrapped loosely around his waist.


“Good,” Joe smiled, his hands falling to rest against Jack’s chest, and he leaned in to kiss him once more, “I think next time, we stay in.”

“Or you could explain what’s happening.”

The couple jumped apart, their heads snapping over to where their friends stood, questioning looks on their face.

“You alright?” Conor frowned over at his brother, his face showing more worry than surprise.

“I am now,” Jack nodded, his hand reaching for Joe’s, their fingers tangling together. There was no point in hiding it anymore.

“So you two…” Josh trailed off, his eyes darting down to the joined hands.

“Uhm, yeah,” Joe blushed, scratching the back of his neck with his free hand, glancing over at Jack, still concerned for the younger man.

“How long?” Caspar blurted out, a smile growing on his lips.

“A few months,” Jack shrugged, offering Joe a reassuring smile as he tugged him closer, speaking softly into his ear: “I’m fine, really.”

“You sure?” Joe turned to face Jack, “That was a bad one…”

“Yes. I’m fine. You got there before it could get any worse.”

“It should have never happened in the first place,” Joe sighed, “We shouldn’t have come tonight.”

“Hold up!” Mikey waved his hands in front of him, stepping towards the couple, who looked back over at their mates, having momentarily forgotten they were there. “I get that you two are together…well, I don’t yet, but I’ll get there. What I don’t understand is what the hell happened.”

“Oh,” It was Jack’s turn to blush as he looked down at the ground. He never liked admitting his little issue out loud.

“Jack has claustrophobia.” Conor answered for his brother, “And he can get pretty bad panic attacks unless he’s with someone he feels comfortable with.” The older Maynard studied Joe for a moment, “I was wondering why he stopped hanging around me so much in clubs…”

“Sorry?” Joe offered.

“No,” Conor quickly shook his head, “I’m glad Jack found someone else. I can’t always be there.”

“That,” Oli laughed, “Or he was just trying to replace you.”

“Probably,” Josh snorted, “Who wouldn’t want to replace Conor.”


“Anyways,” The ginger continued, “Who’s hungry? I’m done with this club anyways.”

And just like that, the group turned and began to make their way down the sidewalk, the discussion shifting to where they were going for food, having already accepted the new found discoveries for the night.

Jack and Joe trailed behind them, talking softly with each other, their hands still joined between them.

What happens now?

Request: Y/N and Justin are best friends, one night they end up doing “it”. The next morning Justin completely leaves her, they both haven’t spoken to eachother for weeks. Y/N begins to experience some symptoms and later finds out she is pregnant. As she attempts to tell Justin, she finds out that he has moved on…..


It was around 3 in the morning, and everyone has just left from the party you threw at your house. The last person was of course your best friend Justin. A few minutes later after your guests have left you decided to get some fresh air. You quickly walk towards the balcony without Justin noticing.


“What’s wrong?” Justin asks worried as he stands beside you.
“Nothing….” you mumble trying your best to sound okay. Justin chuckles in reply. You look at him confused.

“Come on Y/N… it might be late but I’m not stupid.” He says unconvinced before crossing his arms.
You look at him hesitant before turning away again to look at the view below. “Its embarrassing” you reply, as you continue to watch the people on the streets, clearly avoiding eye contact from him.

“I don’t fucking care, tell me what’s wrong.” He says as he grabs your arm gently causing you to face him.
You still felt hesitant whether to tell him or not, but you knew he would not let it go. Ever since you guys met Justin was able to read you like a book, and that’s one of a million reasons why you liked him so much. Of course, Justin has no idea about your silly crush and you decided keep it that way for the sake of your friendship.

You take a deep breath before looking at him. “Have you noticed that all our friends are in a relationship?” You say, slowly leading him in. Justin nods indicating for you to continue. “Well I’m tired of waiting for mr. Right.” You blurt out, causing Justin to burst of laughter. You felt your cheeks heat up, and you knew you were turning red from embarrassment. “Shut up! It’s not funny!” You yell defensively, before crossing your arms as you roll your eyes.

Justin chuckles as he tries to make a serious face but fails. “I’m not laughing…” he says but you could tell he was going to laugh any moment.

You turn towards the balcony, rolling your eyes for the second time. “You’re such a jerk you know that?”
Justin grabs your arm gently, turning you around to face him. “I’m sorry, go on. I’ll stop laughing…I swear” he says with a serious expression.

You stare at him for a few seconds before replying.
“Justin I want that…I feel like I’m at the point where I’m ready to be in a relationship. I just want to feel that feeling…you know? Being able to depend on someone other than your friends or yourself.” You say, you knew you sounded ridiculous but you didn’t know how to express what you were feeling. As you spoke you tried your best not to drop hints that you had a crush on him, but it was difficult.
Justin remains silent, not saying a thing causing you to feel insecure.
“Never mind this is so dumb, I don’t even know why I’m saying this.” You quickly say, shaking your head.

Before you could walk away, Justin grabs your waist and pulls you in for a kiss. After a few seconds you both pull away.

You looked at him shocked as you tried to find words to say. “Justin wh-”

“Just kiss me.” He says interrupting you. At this point you didn’t know what to do nor could you comprehend what was happening. You had so many questions to ask him but one thing you knew for sure was that you wanted him. You wanted him now.

You hungrily place your lips onto his, as Justin picks you up, holding your legs for support as he leads you into your bedroom.

The rest of the night was a blur.

The next morning…

You wake up to the bright light shinning upon your face. You groan before rolling over. You were just about to snuggle next to Justin as you remember last night, but as you reached for his chest….the side was empty.

You quickly sit up, covering yourself with the blanket as you frantically search around the room.
“Justin?” You call, but no answer. You yell his name a few times and still no answer nor sight of him.

You quickly get out of bed before grabbing you clothes off the floor. As you were getting dressed, you hear something in the drive away. You looked out the window to see Justin’s car leaving.

You felt your heart break. You didn’t expect this from him, a one night stand? You simply shake your head before letting out a frustrated sigh.
“What an asshole!” You yell before plopping yourself onto your bed.

A few weeks later…

During these past weeks, Justin hasn’t been answering your texts nor your calls. You showed up at his house a couple times but the guards always said he wasn’t home. You suddenly gave up of chasing him, you loved him but what he did hurt you.

You tried to forget him until you started having morning sickness. You began having deep cravings, you couldn’t comprehend what was going on until you started to connect the dots.

“Oh my gosh…” you say shocked as you looked at the pregnancy test in your hands.


“what’s wrong?” Kylie asks worried.

“I’m pregnant….” you say slowly, as you show Kylie the pregnancy test.

“What?! Oh my gosh! Congrats b!” Kylie shrieks before pulling you in for a hug.
You were too scared to hug back, it’s not that you weren’t ready to be a mother but it was the fact that you weren’t even married, and the father of this baby wanted nothing to do with you. “Kylie how the hell am I going to tell Justin?” You say nervously, biting your lip to prevent you from having a breakdown.

“Oh shit. Forgot about that part.” She says, as she crosses her arms.

“I’m screwed.” You say before placing the test on the counter. You run your fingers through your hair before letting out a sigh. You look at Kylie who was smiling wide. “Why are you smiling?” You ask confused.

“I’m going to be an aunt!” She shrieks once again and you couldn’t help but smile. Her love and support was what you needed right now.

“I’m going to be a mother…” you say smiling, as you place your hand gently over your stomach. You couldnt help but be happy, this was your baby.

Another few weeks have passed, and it was impossible to notice that you were even pregnant. You still haven’t told Justin he was the father, you just didn’t know how. You were at the supermarket to buy a few groceries and just as you were about to head to the cashier you spot someone you least wanted to see.

“Justin?” You say shocked. Justin turns around, and looks at you startled.
“Y/N?” Justin says, shocked aswell.
“Uh” you say, as no words came out. You didn’t know what to say. “uhm hey” you say as you try to lesson the tension that was building up.

Justin clears his throats before slightly smiling. “How are you? It’s been a while…” he says, the sound of his voice broke your heart. It’s been a month yet what he did still deeply hurt you. Yet he was acting as if nothing happened. I mean- two can play at that game you thought to yourself.

“It has? Didn’t even realize.” You say, and you swore you saw his face fall.
“I’ve actually been doing great, how have you been?” You say trying your best to sound happy.
Justin nods slightly smiling before responding.“I’ve been doing great aswell…”

You knew at this moment you had to tell Justin you’re pregnant. You couldn’t hide it from him no matter how scared and angry you were. He had the right. He’s the father, as you mentally repeat the phrase in your head. You take a deep breath. “Justin, I actually have to tell you something…”

Before you had the chance to explain, a girl appears. “Jay!!” She yells, you look at him confused. “who’s this?” She says looking at you confused aswell.

You watch as Justin wraps his arm around her waist. You felt your heart racing, this can’t be happening. “Oh Y/N uhm id like you to meet my girlfriend…” he says nervously.

Girlfriend? Already?

“I’m Hailey, nice to meet you…” she says slightly smiling, as she sticks out her hand.

“Uhm nice to you too.” You say fake smiling before shaking her hand. You wanted to get out of there, you knew any moment you were going to burst into tears.

“Sorry you were going to tell me something?” Justin asks, you felt a lump in your throat and you didn’t know what to do. You watch as Hailey wrap her arms around his waist, as she watches you curiously.

“Never mind it can wait…” you say, before walking away. You suddenly felt tears hit your cheek.

It was the right thing to do, or that’s what you thought.

Part 2?
Requested by @sinistrasinistermacbeth

A kiss never forgotten

*Chap 1: A drunken night*

*Chap 2: A blurred night*

*Chap 3: The bath house*

*Chap 4: A Thousand pieces*

*Chap 5: Heart beat*

*Chap 6: Surprise*

*Chap 7: Sunsets, trees and you*

*Chap 8: What now?*

*Chap 9: Healing the unfixable*

*Chap 10: So, this is it?*

*Chap 11: What now?*

*Chap 12: Kids and kisses*

*Chap 13: Its time*

*Chap 14: Tears*

Chap 15: Somethings different?

Naruto looked at his face in the mirror, his face was drained of pigment, eyes strained and heavily blood shot. He hadn’t seen Hinata or his children in over a week, it was killing him to not go over there and literally bash the door down.

It was hurting Naruto, all of this felt like hell to him, not seeing his children, worrying constantly about what Hinata may have said.

Has she said something bad about Naruto? Or worse about Sasuke?

What if they hated him? What if they wanted nothing to do with him now? Did he ruin any chance of having a happy relationship with his children so he could chase his own happiness? How could he be so selfish?

“Naruto your up again? This is not helping, thinking the worst situations. Baby please just give it a week more before you go and talk to her?”

Naruto looked up at Sasuke with deeply heavy eyes, he wanted to hope that he was right that he was only over worrying about the whole situation but in reality, he was crumbling inside, his mind at that moment was his worse enemy.

“Sasuke it’s been a week, she hasn’t come to see me and what if she told the kids some horrible stuff about us?”

Sasuke adjusted his silk night gown whilst keeping constant eye contact with Naruto. He moved forwards slowly. The light bouncing off of Sasuke’s silk gown danced around smoothly creating a midnight sky colour.

Naruto was so mesmerized by his boyfriend, he could not mentally comprehend how he always looked like an angel that collapsed straight from the heavens at all occasions especially considering he just got out of bed.

Sasuke’s hair was loosely dangling in front of his eyes, his long fingers struggled to move some strands which had broken free and started to bother his vision.

Naruto tensed when Sasuke touched his shoulder to comfort him, he slowly came forward and pressed his warm lips on Naruto’s cheek, leaving a trail of butterflies which set Naruto’s skin on fire.

“Naruto, look at yourself.”

Naruto did exactly that, he saw a man drained of sleep. Purple skin deepening under his eyes, golden hair messily tangled in several knots. How has one week of worry turn him into this? How could Hinata do this to him again?

“Can you honestly tell me that worrying is helping? You are running yourself to the ground.”

Naruto was so sleep deprived and swamped with various emotions that the next thing he did he would regret so deeply.

“You would have no idea what I feel Sasuke, you barely see your daughter, I don’t know what kind of family you are trying to hold onto…”

“Fuck I’m sorry, I…”

Sasuke quickly removed his hand from Naruto’s shoulder. “Naruto, don’t treat me like I am your enemy. I am not Hinata, I am not the person who ran you down to the ground. You weren’t yourself for how many fucking years? Your family may have seemed normal from the outside but fuck sake you have been crumbling since the words, I do.”

Naruto was exhausted and mad, he was taking out his pain on Sasuke when all he did was give a shit about him, something he didn’t have with Hinata. How could he be treating Sasuke like this?

“I know I’m sorry Sasuke, I was out of line, forgive me?”


Sasuke potted whilst crossing his arms in frustration, but his breathing had seemed to simmer down to normal capacity.

“I just wish I could see my kids again Sasuke.”

“And you will, in time, if you really want you could go barging in right now, it’s your house after all. But wait one more week, I promise it will be okay.”

Naruto looked at crimson eyes which still seemed a tad pissed off and put his faith in them. If those eyes, warm lips and hands would lead him to salvation, he would follow them till the ends of the earth.

“Okay Sasuke.”


“Hm, yer okay.”

-1 week later-

“I’m nervous Sasuke.”

Sasuke placed a loving hand on Naruto’s shoulder, reassuring him that it will be okay.

“Huh…okay, let’s go.”

Naruto raised his hand, lingering for a few moments in anticipation before knocking three times on the door.

Silence, torturing silence. And then, noise. Food steps coming closer and closer, each creek of the wooden floor becoming louder, echoing in Naruto’s ears. Each creek striking more and more fear into his already flustered heart.

“Naruto, Sasuke… Thank you for coming, we have the house to ourselves so be comfortable.”

Naruto and Sasuke shared a small glance of suspension and fear, but nothing could have prepared them for what they would hear in the next hour. They followed Hinata into the house. They were hit by the scent of fresh baked cookies and rich coffee beans, a welcoming house full of life and colour.

Sasuke wasn’t moved by the homely feel of the place, his defences where still up and ready to jump at any time to protect Naruto from crumbling once again because of this woman.

“Hinata cut to the chase, why did you tell Naruto to come today and pre-warning I’m not afraid to fight a girl.”

Hinata looked up at Sasuke with wide eyes, but in 2 seconds she was laughing hysterically pushing tears aside.

“Sasuke trust me I don’t want to fight you, I actually called you over to apologize, have a seat and I can explain.”

Naruto and Sasuke were hesitant but ultimately complied with her. Once everyone was seated and served cookies and coffee Hinata let out a long sigh.

“So… I wanted to explain what happened to me that night and why I reacted so terribly.” Hinata tossed her dark hair away from her face, she sipped on the coffee slowly as if trying to manifest this conversion in her head, struggling to find a starting point to her plea.

“Look I have nothing against you two, but I was really drunk and I was really upset… after Naruto left, I was so lonely and I realized I had let go of someone really special… I was being selfish.”

Naruto was shocked he didn’t know what to think anymore, last week Hinata was being…well, a bitch.

“But Hinata you said all those things, about me and Sasuke…?”

Hinata stood up angrily.

“You don’t think what I said to you hasn’t haunted my mind this entire week? It took me so long to even get the courage to ask you over.” Tears filled Hinata eyes as she shacked furiously in place.

“Sasuke, I’m sorry, I truly am. I was jealous, I was selfish. Me and Naruto were miserable together, I know that better than anyone else, then why… why did I want him back again?”

Sasuke didn’t looked phased, he just calmly looked at her with a stone-cold expression plastered on his face, whilst Naruto on the other hand seemed like he was about to go into cardiac arrest.

“Hinata, you properly realized what I great human being Naruto is and started freaking out about what you were going to do without him in your life, let me recommend something for you.”

Naruto looked at him with pissed off eyes.

“Sasuke don’t, Hinata has been through a lot as well.”

“Why are you defending her…still? After the shit she pulled last week, after that disaster of a marriage?”

Sasuke stood up from his chair, scraping the wood in the process from sheer force.

Hinata put up her hand towards Naruto to shut him up.

“No, I can take it. What is it Sasuke?”

“Well Hinata you have been a mom for a long time and let’s not sugar coat it… you have been living off Naruto for many years, with him out of the picture you were stressed about who you would be… The wife of the Hokage is no more and let’s not forget if Naruto wasn’t nice enough to let you keep this house you would also be homeless. So, I guess this is why you are stressing out… my advice is to find something your good at and start working again, find a passion or something and stop living in Naruto’s dam shadow, be your own fucking person.”

Sasuke took in a deep breath and glanced over at Naruto who was absolutely shocked. His jaw hitting the floor and eyes widened in disbelief. Hinata was looking down towards her coffee, a face full of sadness and annoyance.

“It pisses me off to say this… but Sasuke is right.”

“Hinata no, don’t say that.”

“Sasuke is right Naruto, you can’t be defending me for the rest of my life, protecting me from every little thing. I guess I needed to hear that… thanks Sasuke.”

“Don’t worry, blatant truths are my specialty.”

Sasuke looked at Naruto and grimaced, Naruto still didn’t know what he was feeling. His face was as white as a ghost and his expression may as well looked like he saw one as well.

Naruto was used to being the one that had to bend, to accommodate. Did Sasuke just make Hinata change…? Did she really just say that… that she was wrong? Nothing was making sense to Naruto’s brain, he was not used to this at all.

“Naruto, we should go soon.”

Sasuke was walking over to Naruto, bringing his slender hands forward to reach for Naruto and pull him up before Hinata stopped Sasuke, laying one defiant hand on Sasuke’s shoulder.

“Please, let me fix this? I feel like Naruto hasn’t forgiven me yet.”

Sasuke’s eyebrow rose in annoyance, his shoulder tensing in frustration.

Naruto got up still in utter confusion.

“Um Hinata, thank you. I promise it will be okay in time okay, when…” Naruto stopped mid-sentence.

“When what Naruto? Tell me!” Hinata’s eyes turned desperate for restitution, for forgiveness. She needed it, she had to hear it if she was going to survive the guilt that was eating her from the inside out.

“When can I tell the kids about me and Sasuke?”


The room rang quiet, the floorboards making more noise than any living creature in the room.

“Oh, well… I guess whenever you’re ready, but…”

Sasuke and Naruto now both tensed with anticipation, what was Hinata going to say? Did they already know…

“Can I please be a part of it, I want to show to you guys I support you two, so can I help as well?”

Naruto looked at Sasuke with absolute shook, a wave of relief washing off his face. Sasuke also had a slight glint of relief in his eyes but he was much harder to read unlike Naruto who was practically crying from happiness.

Naruto moved towards Hinata, taking her into a tight embrace.

“Thank you Hinata.”


The two ex-lovers smiled and wiped away tears that escaped their eyes.

Sasuke was happy for Naruto, unbelievably happy for him. And in that moment, it hit him, he had never been so invested and joyous for someone else… he was falling for this man so quickly it was nearly terrifying how Naruto could evoke so much emotion in him, but he knew he would never replace this, never in a million years.


Naruto woke up different, much different. He felt as light as air, like he slept on a bed of clouds or something like candy floss. He tugged out of the blankets stretching each muscle whilst nearly melting off the bed and gently landing on the cold floor which was weirdly refreshing. He looked down towards Sasuke who was still peacefully sleeping, his hair falling on his lips, hands softly cupped near his white pillow which cradled like beautiful face, so at peace.

Naruto smiled and walked out, going straight for his daily shower.

The water was gloriously warm it slowly washed away everything that had happened, revealing a different Naruto. He walked out of that shower, changed, lighter and new.

His skin glowed, it radiated like golden sand on an isolated beach, his freckles danced softly across his masculine body, he was more painting than person at this point. The perfection that was the man who walked out the shower was no mere human but more a god finally at peace.

Naruto walked to the kitchen, surprised Sasuke hadn’t woken up yet, his curious mind had him double and triple checking the room to see if he had finally woken up.

He toasted some bread and started to heat up some coffee. He took a bite of his toast and sipped on the steaming coffee, it all went down happily making his stomach dance in joy. Everything was different, for some reason the coffee tasted sweeter, the air sweeter, his body lighter.

Naruto finished his breakfast, leaving the plates in the sink for later. He walked over to the room, slowly looking in to see a sleeping Sasuke. He curiously looked at Sasuke, questioning the absolute impossible.

“Sasuke never sleeps in…”

Naruto started to walk forward ready to wake his boyfriend, but before his fingers could touch warm skin he retracted. He walked out and decided to let him keep sleeping, after all he felt strong enough to walk out that door, into the world alone.


Naruto walked out of his new house, a beautiful little brick house on the outer area of the village, near the forest a beautiful little house with many small animals crawling all over. He loved this new area, this new house, this new feeling.

This was one of the first times Naruto was going to work without Sasuke, it was widely strange but he felt strong enough to not need him. He felt for the first time in so long that he could stand on his own two feet and feel strong, secure and happy.

He had never felt so refreshed and alive. He practically skipped to work, smiling at each villager that passed by.

Naruto picked up some apples to nibble on at work, talking a little bit to the merchant, who was widely inquisitive about the new merchants coming in from other villagers.

Naruto reassured him that Konoha Merchants would not be affected by the changes to occur, that they would actually profit from this decision. The merchant sceptically looked at Naruto but took out his hand to shake Naruto’s and told him he believed in Naruto and his choice. The merchant even threw in some extra apples for free as a gift for Naruto.

Naruto happily accepted and was on his way to work.


Naruto walked into his room, the paper work seeming less intrusive in his room, the atmosphere clean and welcoming. The sunlight coming in from his window welcomed him in, pulling him forward to his seat.

“No Sasuke?”

“Oh Kakashi, nah I let him sleep in.”

“Tch, why not me too?”

Naruto smiled brightly, chuckling lightly at Kakashi’s comment.

“One-day Kakashi if you work harder then maybe, just maybe, I will give you half a day off.”

“So, either something really good happened or Sasuke is mystical in bed for you to be in such a good mood?”

“Yeah something amazing happened yesterday, but we have work to do Kakashi, don’t think changing the subject will let you off.”


-10.30 am

Sasuke ran into the room bashing down a pile of paper work Naruto had neatly stacked together.

“Your cleaning that up” Naruto said whilst lovingly smiling at Sasuke from his desk.

“I’m so sorry I’m so late, why didn’t you wake me up?”

“Yeah why didn’t you wake him up?” Kakashi said sarcastically from his corner.

“I wanted to let you sleep, plus you looked way too cute to wake up.”

“Pff, I would have woken him up with a brick.”

“Oh, hush sexually frustrated grandpa” Naruto mocked whilst standing up from his chair.

Naruto walked over to Sasuke and took him into a deep kiss, long enough for Kakashi to start making gaging noises in the background.

Sasuke was still a tad flustered from the sprint, but he was soon soothed into Naruto’s embrace. Something about his beating heart, his hugs and his scent just calms Sasuke in seconds. By the time Naruto let go of Sasuke he was fully composed and ready for some paper work.

“As I said Kakashi it was a good day yesterday.”

“Honestly what the fuck happened? Or do you have some magical sexual powers Sasuke?”

Naruto ignored Kakashi by taking Sasuke into another deep kiss.


7 pm

The day was drawing to an end, a perfect day for Naruto, work went so well, everything falling into place smoothly. Kakashi, Sasuke and himself had worked throughout the day without a break, but it hadn’t seemed draining to Naruto he was still wide awake filled to the brim with energy, he was so deliriously happy, he had never felt so alive.

Naruto stacked the last papers into their files whilst Sasuke and Kakashi teased each other on the opposite side of the room. Naruto looked at the last piece of paper that was in the room, he packed it away neatly in the file named ‘A’. He closed the cabinet and let out a deep breath and smiled.

He turned around to look at the room, it was empty, actually empty, everything was done. He couldn’t believe it after months of being under so much pressure he was done. Naruto could feel a small tear escapes his eye, which he quickly wiped away.

He let out a happy and accomplished sigh, walking slowly over to Kakashi and Sasuke.

“Hey guys let’s go out to celebrate, we finally after months have finished every paper in this room.”

Kakashi looked at him with questioning eyes.

“Fine…Ille pay.”


“You would think we was broke and homeless” Sasuke said whilst rolling his eyes.

“You would think you had your job because you were talented but in reality, you only got here by sucking dick” Kakashi proclaimed back in annoyance.

“Oh, burn Sasuke, even I can’t save you from that, that was good Kakashi.”

Naruto high fived Kakashi whilst walking out the door, whilst Sasuke stayed behind literally engulfed in flames, preparing to kick both of their asses.


Sasuke, Naruto and Kakashi walked out the room laughing and smiling. Joyous and proud energy literally seeped off their bodies like rays of sunshine. There boisterous energy followed them everywhere they went, infecting others as they went along. Soon enough they lead a group of friends to the bar to celebrate a night of drinks and laughs.

*Chap 16: Its time*

Pretending (AU)

Amy Santiago isn’t one for telling lies – especially when it comes to lying to her mother. But when the latter pays her a visit for the weekend and starts telling her about a guy she wants to set her up with less than five minutes after she’s arrived, and her roommate happens to appear in the room at the exact same time, she isn’t really thinking when she lets the words out.

“Mom, this is Jake… my boyfriend.”

College Roommates/Fake Dating AU.

A/N: This is my first attempt at writing some Peraltiago AU, and also one of my first attempts at writing for them at all, so… I just hope it won’t be too bad and you’ll like it :)

Plus that’s literally the longest thing I’ve ever written in English, whose not my mother tongue, in my whole life, so… even though I rewrote and re-read this I’m sure I left some mistakes unfixed. And maybe that’s not as “smooth” as it could be, but I’m still figuring out my writing style when it comes to do so in English so the longer it gets, the harder it becomes for me. That’s why, if someone would actually be interested in being my beta-reader for possible future works… I’d love to have one! And since I’m still quite new here that could be a good way to meet people also :3

Read it on (along with my first 2 attemps at writing for this fandom, even though I’m not really proud of them tbh haha) or under the cut!

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Hey hey :) I’m so happy to hear from you again <33 I hope you’ll like the little MiSawa I wrote for you!


#33 You weren’t supposed to know & #34 No, now you are listening to me! (MiSawa)

To say he is angry is an understatement. Sawamura is furious. He always knew that his boyfriend and catcher has some problems opening up, being honest, that he covers everything he says in laughter and sarcasm. But Sawamura hoped he would be an exception. Now he knows he isn’t. Miyuki just keeps him away like everyone else and the end result was the catcher collapsing after their victory against Yakushi.

Sawamura trembles as the images replay in his mind. He can’t shake them off. Just like his anger. The southpaw waits in front of Miyuki’s dorm room while the rest of the team is celebrating. Of course they are. They are going to koshien after all. But Sawamura doesn’t feel like celebrating. He feels like yelling at his stupid boyfriend for not telling him. He feels like crying because he is so afraid after seeing Miyuki so obviously in pain. He feels like pulling his hair out for not noticing while he was on the mound.

Approaching steps make Sawamura look up and he swallows dry as he spots Miyuki, accompanied by Kuramochi, slowly coming closer. The catcher looks exhausted to no surprise, leaning heavily on Kuramochi for support, but as soon as he recognizes Sawamura he straightens a little, showing a teethy grin.

Sawamura feels a pang in his chest that his boyfriend tries to mask his state, even though its so obvious.

„Miyuki Kazuya“, he breathes.

„Sawamura! Are you waiting for me?“ Miyuki singsongs in reply.

Kuramochi snorts. „Can I leave the two of you alone?“

„Sure, sure“, Miyuki assures snd Kuramochi lets go of him as they arrive at the door.

„Remember what the doctor said. Rest, dumbass“, Kuramochi says. „Sawamura, take care of our stupid captain, will ya?“

Sawamura nods sternly, his anger partially gone. „Yes, Kuramochi- senpai!“

„Hyaha! No need to yell like that“, Kuramochi replies, kicking Sawamura in the back of his legs. „I’ll come back later.“

As Kuramochi leaves Miyuki tries to open his door, but the key misses the key hole again and again. Sawamura sighs and takes the key from the other, opening the door without any problems.

„Thanks“. Miyuki says, slowly entering the room and moving towards his bed without bothering to remove his shoes. Sawamura notices him grimace slightly as he sits down on the bed.

„Why didn’t you tell me?“ Sawamura asks, closing the door behind them.

Miyuki sighs. „You weren’t supposed to know during the game. It was important that you could pitch with all you’ve got…“

„Seriously? I’m your boyfriend, Miyuki“, Sawamura shots back, hands balled into fists at his sides.

„Sawamura, listen…“, Miyuki starts again, but Sawamura interrupts him.

„No, now you are listening to me!“ he all but yells. „Do you have any idea how I felt as I saw you collapse? How I feel to see you in pain and still trying to hide it?“ Sawamura blinks against the tears that start to blur his vision. „Even now? Don’t you trust me? We’re more than a battery, Miyuki, aren’t we?“

Miyuki swallows against the lump building in his throat. „I thought it was best for the game“, he says calmly. „I didn’t mean…“

„What?“ Sawamura sniffles. „You didn’t mean to tell me? I get that. But I care for you, you know?“

„Sawamura…“, Miyuki mumbles. „I’m sorry. I… I didn’t mean to hurt you.“ He gets up from the bed, approaching Sawamura and pulling him into a hug. He doesn’t care right know that it hurts. The boy in front of him is far more important. „I’m sorry for scaring you. And for not telling you.“ Miyuki’s voice is soft as he speaks. He kisses Sawamura’s temple.

Sawamura leans into the touch, sobbing and grabbing Miyuki’s shirt, still mindful of the others state. „Don’t do that ever again…“

Miyuki chuckles. „I don’t plan to be bulldozed by a player anytime soon again.“

„You know what I mean“, Sawamura states. „And you should lay down now. You need to rest.“ He wipes his face with his sleeve, looking at Miyuki. „Okay?“

Miyuki shows a small smile and Sawamura feels his chest fill with warmth at that. It’s a genuine smile, a rare one with all walls down. And that makes it precious.

„Okay“, Miyuki says and lets himself be supported by Sawamura on the short way back to his bed. „Eijun?“

Sawamura’s cheeks heat up by the use of his first name and he smiles at Miyuki. „What is it, Kazuya?“

„I’m really sorry..“

Sawamura shakes his head as he helps Miyuki to lay down. „It’s okay. Just don’t do it again.“ He leans down and places a soft kiss on Miyuki’s lips. „Sleep a little. I will be here.“

Miyuki smiles, removing his glasses. „Eijun?“ he asks after a while.


„Can I have another kiss?“ Miyuki’s cheeks are blushed as he says that and that sight is so adorable, that Sawamura leans down for another kiss. And another. And one more.

They still need to talk about Miyuki hiding things from him, but for now Sawamura is just happy to be there for his boyfriend.