sorry his dash is so dead so made this

メディア: ig update #1

kangjun’s personal instagram, where he literally only posts pictures of him and tom, his cat back in busan. (which is why it’s usually dead until he goes back to visit his grandparents…. and then BOOM ten new pictures appear in the span of one day.)

  • he only made it after charm’s debut when charm got a public instagram account of their own and kangjun was like OOOOOOOOOOOH SO THAT’S HOW IT WORKS
  • originally he forgot to private his instagram so tons of people followed him and he got yelled at by bc because he’s technically not allowed to make any posts without supervision yet so he deleted the original account and made a new one.
  • thinks that no one recognizes his account but most fans know about it (he’s a noob so he doesn’t understand why he has thousands of follow requests)
  • uses really ugly instagram filters tbh…. and cringey ass hashtags (likes to hashtag in english cause he thinks it makes him sound cool??? but he gets all the spelling and grammar wrong….. as you can see from the post above lol.)
  • like who even still takes these four picture selcas…… in black and white……… i hate him
  • only lets people really close to him follow!!! which is why he only has 24 followers (most, if not all idols since he doesn’t really have any non-celebrity friends…. sad)
  • is this is an instagram or a cat fanaccount

well-that-was-dramatic  asked:

ohmyGOD ROBERT SINGER ISN'T AN EXECUTIVE PRODUCER ANYMORE ARE YOU KIDDING ME I mean he's still around but it can only be good for the show right??? Carver and Robbie getting more freedom?? Oh man I don't want to keep my hopes up for Destiel but STILL IT'S HUGE We can still hope for a better representation, at least less sexism?? Of course it depends on how many other dinosaurs still have influence but just knowing HE's losing influence MAKES ME SO FREAKING HAPPY RIGHT NOW

I KNOW RIGHT, I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF because my entire dash was celebrating yesterday when this was confirmed. Everyone was so happy, and that made ME happy. :p

I mean, I have no hopes that this means anything for Destiel, but let’s all keep in mind that this is also the douchebag who wants the creepy brodependency to never end, who wanted Charlie dead, and who insisted that Cas didn’t have a home with the boys and belonged nowhere. So with him out of the picture, (and Phil Scriggia replacing his sorry ass, by the way, yay for that) I’d like to think that there’s a real possibility for improvement now.

I’ve always said; this show can’t grow and evolve as long as grandpa Singer is around. With him taking a step back, better times could be ahead.