sorry he is not my favorite dog

“Wade and the Pom” - Digital Oil Painting

“Oh, sorry, there was only one shirt, I assumed it was for him… You don’t mind, do you?”

Obviously, this is Wade before the procedure that turned him into his final form. He named the dog ‘Crotchbiter,’ or Bitey for short.

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More Anders headcanon shit because he’s my favorite mage boyfriend. Sorry, Dorian. Not really sorry, Solas.

He’s tall. Ridiculously tall. Like, he looks like an adult sitting on children’s furniture at Varric’s table. But, he doesn’t complain about it because he doesn’t want to seem ungrateful. Anders doesn’t hate dogs, he just likes cats more. His mother (a Ferelden) tried to get him a dog as a boy; she insisted every boy needed a dog. His father (an Ander) didn’t get the Ferelden obsession. ‘There are plenty of cats in the barn. He can have one of those’. Speaking of his father, he’d slip into Ander when excited or angry or just when he couldn’t find the right words in the King’s Tongue. Anders speaks some Ander because of it. Mainly arguing and swearing. He even slips into it sometimes when arguing. He favors his Ander heritage in appearance. Anders goes to the Blooming Rose frequently, but never to “shop”. He routinely clears up any unsavory illnesses they catch from clients, delivers their babies, or heals injuries they received with a particularly aggressive client. He likes to draw and sing. He isn’t particularly skilled at either, but he still tries. Anders is also terrible at bluffing when playing cards; he’s far too expressive. His hands are always cold. Anders has occasional insomnia. Either from debilitating dreams of Darkspawn, being terrified to sleep because Justice takes over in his dreams, or just laying awake at night worrying (or thinking of Hawke if you’re into that). He’s constantly worried about something. He overanalyzes things in his head all the time. He has anxiety. He’s bipolar. Anders can eat you out of house and home if you let him. He usually tries to remain polite if he’s someone’s dinner guest. But, will ask ‘are you going to finish that’ or 'does anyone want the last of this, because I will eat it if no one else wants it’ no less than five times during a meal. He’s a surprisingly adequate cook. If romanced, Anders is always up before Hawke. Sometimes he’ll lay there with Hawke in his arms, stroking their hair. Anders is often gone before they wake and doesn’t get home until after they go to sleep. He’ll leave little love notes in their journal when he knows it will be one of those days. Nothing spectacular. Just a little 'have a nice day I love you’ in the margins. He dotes on Hawke to anyone who will listen. Like Varric, he’ll occasionally over exaggerate stories of their exploits, usually about how beautiful or handsome they were.

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Why I like them: he’s gay, he’s Extra af, he’s cute and adorable at times, he’s romantic, he’s my EVERYTHING???
Why I don’t: he didn’t fuq yuuri at the banquet
Favorite episode (scene if movie) episode 7 sorry hoes
Favorite season/movie: season 65 (2087)
Favorite line: “This was the only thing I could think of to surprise you more than you surprised me”
Favorite outfit: the brown coat ass outfit
OTP: uhm,,, victuri??
Brotp: chris and victor lmao
Head Canon: he owns 7 different special edition yuuri catsup body pillows
Unpopular opinion: the dog he owns,, it will one day DIE,,, m sorry
A wish: marriage pls lmao
An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: victor actually does fucking makkachoke
5 words to best describe them: extra, adorable, im confused, gay, yuuri is amazing, wow
My nickname for them: C O M M U N I S T

give me a character and i will answer questions abt them

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My dog has cancer and we basically have him on hospice care rn. I love him a lot and I'm really sad about it. Do you have any FUBAR headcanons you wanna share? Bucky and foobs cheer me up

Aww I’m sorry ; ;

FACT: When FUBAR wants his ears scratched he plops his entire huge head in Buck’s lap and sighs a huge sigh

FACT: One of FUBAR’s favorite snacks is cabbage and the sound of him munching is actually very soothing for Bucky!

FACT: Bucky and FUBAR like to do yoga together!!!! It helps Bucky with his anxiety and musculature problems, and Foobs just likes to copy his human! They do sun salutations almost every morning! :3

BTS Reaction To Seeing Their Girlfriend In a Towel And Shampoo Still in Her Hair Trying To Get The Dog Out Of The House

I wasn’t sure where exactly they see her, so I assume it’s at the front door of the house getting the dog out
I’m sorry if I got it wrong!



Yeah that’s my favorite gif of Hobi


“AAH! You’ll get sick!”
*Leads you back inside like a sweetheart and asks you if he can help you wash your hair*


“Here we can see a very rare Towel Monster in its natural habitat”
Y/N: “Seokjin? What are you doing if I may ask?”
“A documentary on my relationship with you”


“Don’t walk around like this, our neighbours might see you”
*He smiles though… Because you’re naked… And he’s still an immature kid*

Rap Monster

“What did I miss? Why is our dog lead outside? Why are you in nothing but a towel? Am I still not too late to join you in the shower?”


“I… Prefer not to question that”


“How lewd!”
*Takes his coat off in a second and throws it at you
Probably takes a Bible out of a pocket and sticks it to the bathroom door waiting until you’re all nice and clothed*

Hope you liked it~

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Name: lia

Nicknames: well… lia lol. A friend calls me leigh-anne

Star Sign: leo

Height: sometimes I’m 5'2, sometimes I’m 5'3

Sexual Orientation: bi

Hogwarts House: ravenclaw

Favorite Color: it is always changing, most of the time is either a shade of blue or a yellowish orange

Favorite Animal: cat and wolf

Time Right Now: 9:53 pm

Cat or Dog Person: cat person all the way

Favorite Fictional Character: sherlock is my baby. john is also my baby. maybe jack sparrow because he always makes me laugh. And perry, because i can and i want to. (i have more, they’re all my babies, i can’t pick one, sue me)

Favorite Singer/Band: 1d consumed my whole soul

Dream Job: photographer and travel journalist

When Was This Blog Created: june 2014

Current Number of Followers: 566. it’s a baby blog

What Made You Decide to Make a Tumblr: a friend of mine told me about it and asked me to create an account because I would like it and it would be fun. tbh if she hadn’t insist i wouldn’t be this deep into the rabbit hole that are 1d and larry, but also my life would be very boring and I would be very ignorant so thank you, friend

Why Did You Pick Your URL: my two loves ❤❤

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Name: Karla Ximena

Nicknames: Karlita (I HATE this nickname), Narla, Xime.

Star Sign: Virgo

Height: 160 cm

Sexual Orientation: straight, for now

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

Favorite Color: Gray, like me

Favorite Animal: I hate all animals, but I love all plants c:

Time Right Now: 9:40 a. m.

Cat or Dog Person: plant

Favorite Fictional Character: Gohan, but when he was 11 years-old.

Favorite Singer/Band: Panda, Caramelos de Cianuro, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Queen, Led Zeppelin, Green Day, Rammstein, Bullet For My Valentine, Within Temptation, CrashDiet, ACDC, Avenged Sevenfold, Die Orsons, Cro, Calle 13, Porta, Passenger, Olivia Ong (I love “Killing Me Softly With His Song”). I listen to many different rhythms._.

Dream Trip: There are many places to go so I hope to travel all over LatinAmerica, soon.

Dream Job: Philosopher, I dream to live in a small town where I can help to everyone and I can back to my quiet home to write and think about everything and die, because that’s life, a long wait for death

When Was This Blog Created: I made this blog a long time ago, I think it was in 2013

Current Number of Followers: 147 so i don’t have any to say

What Made You Decide to Make a Tumblr: when i studied, a classmate said me to make a tumblr because I would like it… and she had reason

Why Did You Pick Your URL: is a incomplete sentence in spanish. “Oezil es…” because Mesut Özil is many things.

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Grey 💖

Sorry for the delayed response, I got distracted by writing ^^;

Grey-2 facts about my favorite things: These facts are actually more secrets or little tidbits: 1, I love Red vs Blue and I find Joel Heyman’s (Caboose) and Burnie Burns’ (Church) voice really soothing; 2, so obviously I adore my dog and he’s a tiny dog with a big bark and absolutely no bite

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Relationship status: Single, not interested in dating (?)
(Sportacus has really made me think about reconsidering lol)

Favorite color: BLUE. Light blue, dark blue, sky blue, cobalt, baby blue, powder blue… I love any and all shades of blue my dude

Pets: One dog. My mom’s dog technically, but his name is Barkley, and he’s a long-haired chihuahua 

Wake up: Between 11am and 2pm, depending on how late I stayed up.

Cats or dogs: Cats! Love me some kitties! <3

Coke or Pepsi: If I had to choose, I’d probably go with Pepsi, but I’ve switched over to light soda and water for the past… year now? Maybe year and a half.

Day or Night: Most definitely Night, although I like early mornings as well.

Text or call: Text. Talking to people makes me nervous, but I’m fine with computers and automated messages.

Chapstick or lipstick: Lipstick, even tho I don’t wear a lot of it… >>;

City or country: Oh man city for ease of convenience, but I do think a home in the country would be nice. I guess something right in-between the two would be perfect.

Last book I read: “Sweet the Sting” by Dianne Sylvan. It was in my Mammoth Book of Southern Gothic Romance, which I haven’t picked back up in almost a year (haven’t made time). It’s just a collection of short stories by various authors. The Mammoth series is pretty cool and I love reading them when I need new fic ideas.

Last song I listened to: Last song is also current song lol. I’m listening to Aurora (Original Mix) by Fred Falke :)

Five facts about me :)


1: The last cat I owned was an orange tabby named “Hoggle,” and yes, he was named after the same character from the Labyrinth. 

2: I only just started drinking coffee in the last two years. I’d never had it before then (I like it sweet).

3: I’m a side sleeper (preferably my right side), with a fan on high no matter the season, and at least one blanket doubled over to bulk it up, mostly for warmth (could also be a subconscious comfort thing? I only just learned about weighed blankets myself within the last year).

4: In my old neighborhood, it was safe enough to leave your doors open at night, and we did, a lot. I would sleep in the living room with the door open because it was cooler, especially during the summer. Well, one morning I woke up to head out with my mom, and as I’m getting up, I see a fuzzy black blur scurry away from where my shoulder had just been. 

Turns out a SPIDER (FUZZY BLACK ONE, MAYBE 2 INCHES IN LENGTH) had been sleeping next to me.

I was terrified of spiders.

After immediately bursting into tears (I think I was 14), my mom makes a comment about how he was probably just cuddling up to me for warmth.

Don’t know if it was true but that… actually kinda broke my fear of spiders.

A spider. cuddling me for warmth. helped cure my fear of them.

They still spook me now, but it’s no longer a near-blind terror. (I still don’t want to touch them tho lol ain’t happening)

5: I like fun and loud patterned socks. Toe-socks and knee-highs/over-the-knees are the best, and I have quite a collection growing. Striped ones are my favorite (I need Robbie’s socks. I saw them, the boy has blue(purple?) and red striped socks and I neeeeed them)

I scrambled for facts about myself, figuring most of them were too mundane, but then struck gold with my spider story. Haven’t told anybody on here about that one yet (at least I don’t think I have…)

(And I only remembered that you were the person with the Cephalothorax! SportaRobbie AU mid-way through that story and I am d y i n g cause that’s perfect and it worked out so well lol) 

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Name: Lena
Nicknames: Nena
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Height: 5.5
Orientation: I’m Asexual but I’m panromantic
Ethnicity: I’m white Caucasian from south Europe (trust me, It makes a difference)
Favorite fruit: Dayum that’s tough… I guess Peach.
Favorite season: Late summer/early fall
Favorite book series: This might sound really geeky but I have to say The Iliad by Homer. I’m sorry but I’m not sorry. That sh*t is brilliant.
Favorite flower: Camellias… White ones.
Favorite scent: Rose scent. Roses are actually second fav flowers.
Favorite color: Royal Blue and baby Pink
Favorite animal: Owls and Snakes
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Coffee but I’m trying my shot with tea.
Average sleep hours: Sadly around 7.
Cat or dog person? I’m a cat person in personality but I only have one dog and he’s like the love of my life. He’s like a bro to me.
Favorite fictional characters: Rin Tohsaka from Fate/stay night
Number of blankets you sleep with: 4
Dream trip: Brazil
Blog created: December 2016
Number of followers: 69 (hehe) I love them <3

 I tag everyone who wants to answer!

sparkseptic             Literally one of my favorite jokes is this really…                

   tell me it   


One day, a dog is taking a stroll through the city when he notices a sign in the window. ‘Secretary wanted’ it says. So the dog gets the door open and goes inside. The man hiring is very surprised to see a dog in his store, and is even more surprised when the dog looks at the sign and back at him.

“Well, I’m sorry, we can’t hire a dog! You need to be able to type!”

The dog goes to the computer, and flawlessly types up a letter. The man is flabbergasted, but continues to insist he cannot hire the dog.

“You need to be able to answer the phone and make calls!”

Just then, the phone rings. The dog trots over, answers it, and puts the customer on hold. The man has to pick his jaw up off of the floor, but continues.

“You need to be bilingual!”

The dog sits down, and looks the man square in the eye.


Seventeen Reacting to their Idol Girlfriend Giving them A Shoutout from an Inside Joke - Request

A/N: Hello there! I’m so sorry but I’m as slow as a turtle when it comes to uploading… Thank you so much for requesting, please request again! Thanks!

P.S. Once again, I’m so sorry for not uploading for the past couple of days, kind of been occupied with summer homework/trying to cram 2 chapters one day with chapter summaries while also remembering chords for my guitar since I’m having a zero period for guitar once I start school again.^^ 


He’d be all fanboying to death when he hears your little inside joke as he would be laughing hysterically at the TV by himself as the members oddly stare. 

“My favorite dog? Beagle dogs, I love h– them so much.” 


Staring at the TV casually watching your interview, he’d be laughing and smiling to himself seeing that you inserted a little inside joke about him.

“I really like angels, I never knew how cute they really were.”


Wide eyed at the screen, he’d be blushing by himself to see what you were telling the interviewer on TV. 

“I’ve always been lectured not to drink alcohol but water, it really helps.” 

when the secret has came out 


He’d be dying by himself when he hears your little inside joke that you sneaked in, the members probably capable of getting it too. 

“Mafia game is my favorite game, I usually love the conductor the most since the person is controlling the whole game itself.” 


Clapping and screaming by himself the members would try and shush him be he couldn’t hold it in, laughing by himself. 

“Something I love is an even time. Like… 10:10~!” 

“THAT’S ME– 10:10! I’M FRIGGIN 10:10 GUYS!” 


Casually and calmly watching you on TV, he’d soon begin to start laughing by himself while squirming as he couldn’t wait to text you about your little joke. 

“Currently, my favorite fictional character is a garden fairy. So adorable.” 


You told Woozi to watch this TV episode that you were just in as you started laughing to yourself. When he sees it, he’d be laughing and blushing. 

“I should have known my service (that is the meaning behind Woozi’s real name, Jihoon) before I ordered something.” 


Staring at you the whole time throughout the broadcast show you were welcomed into. He would be blushing when he knew you left a joke about him. 

“Something awkward that is bound to happen to me? Having the need to pee during a live broadcast.” 


Lying his whole body on the couch he would be watching you when he hears a little joke you made. He’d be laughing so much he’d fall off the couch. 

“Has anyone heard that three is better than two? Because there’s specifically someone that I’d like to leave anonymous telling me that everyday.” 


He’d be casually switching over to your show when he suddenly hears the inside joke you guys made, chuckling. 

“Ramen hair is definitely a faze I wouldn’t mind.” 

*cough* mansae *cough*


Flipping quickly over to your show, he’d be intently washing, only to laugh hysterically only to hear the members groaning from how loud he was. 

“The new song of booyon– beyonce is actually one of my favorites.” 


You told him that you were going live on the show so he watched you to give support. He’d roll his eyes but laugh when he finds out you put in an inside joke.

“Someone taught me that kidney function is not a right it’s a privilege.” 

predebut jokes be like


Actually, you’d be giving a shout out to him but attempted to make it sound like you weren’t entirely, but Dino got it so he was really happy.

“Dancers like seventeen’s Dino is actually one of my favorites, young but great~” 

took me so long for them puns bro 

Pokemonth Challenge!

9. Your favorite legendary pokémon

Well, although I’ve already done my favorite legendary (aka Lugia), I thought I’d do my second favorite: Suicune!! From those frilly ribbons to the purity of water/ice iuuminity to so many things, I’m a BIG fan. He was always my favorite of the legendary dogs and how could I resist drawing him without the amazing Water-bender Alfred! I miss this lovely long-haired cutie. You’ll probably see art of a few other benders too as I slowly run out of characters LOL @ask-waterbender-alfred @aluox

Lazy Dog Trainer Advice #002

Person: My dog keeps pulling socks and scarves out of the laundry basket and then sleeps on top of them. Doesn’t chew on them or anything… just pulls them all out and then sleeps on them. Why?

Me: Sounds like your dog is a dragon and likes to hoard soft and cuddly things. I wouldn’t be too concerned unless he starts setting fire to things.