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dude. i put in way too much work (4 days worth) for a test in my new class, took detailed notes, made TONS of flashcards, studied hard, and honestly i could have just read the chapter and taken it no problem yikers what a waste of brain space (it was the first one tho so better safe than sorry i guess 🌼) -spoonie anon

aah I’m sorry you dedicated so much energy to something that could have been way simpler. I know that can be really frustrating, especially if it interferes with other things. but I’m glad the test hopefully went okay, and yes, it’s better to be safe than sorry !! I hope you’re well and am sending you spoons <3

Just, you know… a heads up to all my rp partners–

Sorry for the absence. I’ve been neglecting my threads over here, I know I have… my only real excuse is that I just owe so many threads on this blog that it gets overwhelming to come on here and find them all waiting for me. So… I’ve kinda just been avoiding Connie entirely rather than facing that ^^;

Not a good plan, I know; and I’m really sorry to everyone who is waiting on me for a thread / threads. I’ll try and get back here, to do the things I owe soon–

Though for the time being, all my tumblr attention is being consumed by my new Webby blog (and accompanying DuckT.ales kick), so I can’t make promises as to when I’ll actually get to them ^^; Still, just know that I haven’t forgotten any of our threads, and I do aim to respond to all of them eventually.

Again, I’m so sorry for the delay; and thanks, everyone, for your patience with me. Really appreciate each of you ^^