sorry had to re upload


MAKEUP VIDEO IS FINALLY UP sorry for the re-upload but the first version had a few mistakes in it which is why i took it down after a few minutes BUT WHATEVER THE FINAL VERSION IS UP NOW, HOPE YOU LIKE IT


SHIMAYU YOKAI AU (re-upload)

I’m sorry if i had to repost the same thing three times today but i was trying to fix the background (even though it’s still not perfect).

Anyway let me give you another explaination XD:

I thought about this while i was listening to some j-pop songs but traditional at the same time, plus i had mixed feelings for Otome Yokai Zakuro (watch it XD)

So i was thinking about Mayura being a yokai princess (white tiger) more naughty and kinda ooc, and a Shimon in the clothes of a Genaral during the westernization of Japan happened around 1800-1900….i think.

I’ve been working two long weeks on these 3 pages, so i really hope the fandom will like it ^^