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- “I will always come find you.”
- “You are the one who I always come back to.”


“I understand. I suppose you have no choice but to revolutionize the world.

The way before you has been prepared.”    


“it’s your fault I was always second place…”

My (slightly belated) valentine to @kanekikenwreckme ! I hope you like it, friend! 

part 1 of an oc (Theo) fic with a little bit of fluff, a little bit of torture, a little bit of me not knowing wtf I’m doing.

EDIT: oops, I should probably also mention that my ocs have abilities & you can read about them here. c:


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The train of thoughts

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Kiseok held onto her as tightly as he could without disrupting her comfort in his arms. He looked at her, with the slight gap in between her lips and that piece of strand falling at the side of her face, loose from the bun you had tied your hair onto later this evening. He couldn’t help but smile at seeing you, completely at ease except for of course that permanent scowl on your eyebrows. He always teased you on how you always have the burden of a prime minister on your shoulder with how narrowed your eyebrows are everytime you slept and you always scowled at the joke.

It made him fell even harder for you.

He noticed the few people staring at you and him. He didn’t mind. It didn’t matter if they thought he was showing off his affection in public. He honestly didn’t. He was in love with the girl in his arm and wants to show it. He wants people to see how in love he is with you because despite your constant whines and complaints you were still there in his arms, because despite your constant threat to leave him to handle himself everytime he messed up, you were still there the next morning taking care of him- because despite how angry you get everytime he gets drunk, you’re still there with food the next day for lunch.

Yes he was in love.

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“The future of all humanity—all eight billion people—rests on their Decision.”


18 June 2014 - Now
1 Year Anniversary


10x16 “Paint It Black”

“Obscuri Funesti Dies” - The Picture of Isabella from Tivoli:
A Deeper Look into Her and the Winchesters’ Story

[[I am going to pre-face this by saying that I haven’t read any longer meta on the episode yet, so if some aspects or maybe all of the things I need to write a litle bit more about have already been talked about in one way or another I am really sorry for being late with it, but it took me an attempted re-watch to realize just how many more layers there are to this episode than I had caught on first run through. So without further ado: Buckle up, this might turn out becoming a long and crazy ride. I promise I’ll try to make it as short as possible and as structured and easy to follow as well.]]

This latest SPN episode has been filled with such a huge amount of intertexts and referenes as little other SPN episode before - and SPN is using a lot on a daily basis - so I think 10x16 in my opinion has been exceptionally heavy in that regard. It might have looked like a fairly standard story on the surface, but if you peel back layer after layer you’ll see it’s anything but - or at least I hope I am not the only feeling this way. :)

I’d like to start into this anaysis/examination of the episode by taking a look at the title of this post, because it is a good summary for what served as the spark for all the thoughts and ideas that came after.

“Obscuri funesti dies” is what Sister Matthias reads out loud before she starts reading further in Isabella’s journal. If my latin doesn’t fail me completely it should loosely translate as “The darkest day / The day of grieving” and it serves as a perfect connection to the episode title “Paint It Black”, which is a song by “The Rolling Stones”, which has been understood in music scholars as a song about a man, who has lost all his hope and faith as well as a song about a funeral. Both readings share a similar end notion: the protagonist of the song wants to paint everything black and by that projects his inner darkness and fragmentation brought on by grief, despair and depression onto the outside world.

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Gyahahaha uhyahhaha ahahaha!! My stomach hurts–
Oh my god, someone take a picture, a picture…”
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Setsubun of Noah 

on bag: “Millenium Earl’s beans”
※February 3rd is 節分 (Setsubun). Tyki and Wisely are dressed up as demons, which the
head of the house drives away by throwing roasted soybeans in and around the house.
To understand the get-up and significance of soybeans read about Setsubun on the wiki page.

Sometimes the thing you´re looking for, comes when you´re not looking at all.

First drabble of the one sentence prompt thing.
I actually got a lot of them and I already wrote down a few, which is probably good since this is going to be a busy week. :)

Prompt: Sometimes the things you´re looking for, comes when you´re not looking at all.

by @iwantthedean 

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: kinda AU-ish, fluff

Length: 963 Words

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You were happy to be single.
Ever since you broke up with your boyfriend, you felt like you were free.
There was no one to hold you back, no one who might be jealous if you danced with a random stranger in a club, who expected you to call him twice a day, or with whom you had to share your lovely bed.
Life was great.
And you were so not looking for a relationship that it was almost ridiculous.
But all of that changed when you bumped into a stranger in front of the cafe you were working in.
The impact with his muscular chest sent you flying to the floor.
“Ouch”, you made when you landed on your butt.
The huge figure bent down to you: “Oh shit, I´m so sorry I just…”, he stopped and you knew what he meant: “Yeah, I know I´m pretty short thank you very much.”
That was when you first looked up, into the most amazing green eyes of all times.
And that was it for you. You were already too far gone to back out again, so you smiled like an idiot while he stretched out his hand and chuckled: “Yeah, you´re really are, but I like it, it´s cute.”
Had he really just said that? Trying to hide a blush, you took his hand and he pulled you up with a strong movement.
When you stood on your feet again, you tried to get the dirt off of your coat but failed and he grimaced:
“I´m really sorry about that. Again.”
You laughed: “No problem, I´ll just wash it later, there´s nothing that can be fixed.”
He smiled: “I like that attitude. It´s Dean by the way.”
Once again you took his hand, this time to shake it: “(Y/N).”
For a second there was silence and you were afraid it was going to get uncomfortable, so you shrugged: “Okay then, I´ll have to got to work. Was nice to see you, Dean.”
He smiled: “Was nice not seeing you.”
You laughed and waved at him, something you often did even if people were standing right in front of you, and then turned around to enter the cafe.
“Wait, you work here?”, he asked and you looked at him once again: “Yeah, why?”
He shrugged: “Just being curious.”
You smiled at him once again, then entered the shop.

The next two days, you couldn´t stop thinking about the encounter.
And more times than not you asked yourself if you should have gone for his number or something, but maybe it was for the best.

You knew nothing about this guy, for all you knew he could be married with kids or be a bank robber. Whatever was more likely.
So by the end of the week, you finally started to stop thinking about him all day.
You were just packing up your stuff in the cafe, ready to lock up and leave for the weekend, debating if you should go out or stay in with a good movie and pizza, when the door opened and the bell rang.
You were just kneeling behind the counter, stuffing your personal items into your purse, so you couldn´t see who had entered and said: “Sorry, but we´re closed.”
Then you got up and faced him, Dean, the guy that had been hunting you all week.
“Oh, it´s you, hi”, you said and he grinned: “Doesn´t sound like you are thrilled to see me.”
You blushed again: “No, no it´s not like that. I´m just… surprised.”
He shrugged: “If it makes you feel better, I´m surprised too.”
Whatever that was supposed to mean, it made you feel good and a small smile spread over your face: “So, to what do I owe the pleasure?”
His eyes sparkled when he said: “I thought about finally making it up to you. You know, not seeing you and pushing you on the sidewalk.”
You laughed: “Sounds appropriate. What do you have in mind?”
“Hm, what about a drink, or maybe dinner?”

Two years later, you were sitting on a bench in a local park, watching the geese that were swimming on the lake.
Dean squeezed your hand, and you leaned into him, burying your face in his shoulder.
Tomorrow was the day of your wedding, and after all the stress of the last few weeks, you had both decided to make a relaxing trip to the lake.
You lifted your head up again: “I can´t believe we´re doing this.”
He looked at you, his eyes sparkling: “Really? Because better tell me now if you´re going to chicken out, because I might not survive if you leave me at the altar tomorrow.”
You grinned: “Do you really believe I would do that?”
“Hey, for all I know you could probably decided that you´re not done having fun and that you want to be single again.”
For a moment there was silence, then you remembered something and laughed.
Dean frowned: “What is it?”
You shrugged: “It´s nothing. It´s just that I remembered that before I met you that day you bumped into me, I really, really wanted to be single. I wasn´t looking for a relationship in the slightest.”
He stroked over your back: “Well, you know what they say, sometimes the thing you´re looking for, comes when you´re not looking at all.”
A smile appeared on your face: “Yeah, I guess you´re right.”
He leaned down and kissed you in the same gentle and caring way he always did. When you lifted his lips again, he rested his forehead on yours: “I love you (Y/N).”
Not able to believe that this was really the man you were going to marry, you felt tears burning behind your eyes: “I love you too Dean.”

enecoxstrify  asked:

I just reread TG re and in Ch 8 I thought it may be possible, that Mutsuki rememberd what Sasaki said there: "You Ghoul Investigators have to run! Even if your limbs are torn off!". What do you think?

(Looking at the follow-up is making me nostalgic because that’s such a Haise thing to say and believe in… //deep sigh.
I knew Kaneki had a positive mindset in him, somewhere deep in his subconscious. He was already there since the beginning.)

But, back to your ask: I always took this scene at face value, and tbh this hasn’t really changed. But I can see that looking back at that quote right now, it really looks like Ishida was winking at us :)

While it’s certainly possible that Mutsuki remembered Sasaki’s advice, I think it’s also reasonable to believe that even if he hadn’t, Mutsuki would have probably still tried to run for his life if he had a chance of doing so. It’s survival instinct after all. And we know that every minute spent with Torso has been excruciating for him. 

But, as much as I want to believe that Mutsuki really did run off (it’s the hypothesis that involves slightly less pain than the others), I’m starting to doubt that’s what’s happening right now. Yes, it makes sense if you think of the parallel with Kaneki and how he had to defeat Yamori and eat him (thus accepting his ghoul side) to escape, but there are a few hints here and there that make me think otherwise. 

I don’t want to speak too soon and jinx it, but I think that this is all a trap and Mutsuki is still as much of a prisoner as he was before this chapter, and here’s why: 

1. Last time we saw him, Mutsuki was still in a passive mindset, and there’s no hint at the fact that he underwent a change of heart like Kaneki did back then. I think it’s a bit of a stretch that something so important for his development - like chosing to become violent instead of staying a victim who only endures violence - would happen off-screen, without some sort of introspection/hallucination on Mutsuki’s part. Showing a dead Saeki this abruptly seems to me only shock-value worthy. I think Ishida at this point could either go with a parallel to Kaneki and let Mutsuki walk his path too, or using Urie’s presence as a fuel for more positive character development (as a reverse parallel to how Mucchan reached out to Urie after he went nuts against Big Madame. I’ll go back to this one).

2. I’m willing to bet Torso’s nose (or sight) is just as sharp as a Quinx’s. Remember how he spotted Mutsuki standing on a boat who knows how many miles away from Rue’s shore?

Plus, Torso is really possessive with his “lovers”. I think that if he caught whiff of the Quinx approaching, he would’ve set up a trap not to let them “rob” him of his prey. Call it a predator’s instinct, idk.

3. And for this horrible realization I have to thank @madame-pongo-de-pompadour‘s post here. I think there’s an high possibility of that body being neither Torso’s nor Mutsuki’s, but Shirazu’s
I know it sounds like madness, but if you think of it, it’s at least possible. For one, Urie noticed a difference in the smell he had been following up until that moment.

(Like the body was of someone who’d been long dead at that point, and had started to rot.)

Secondly, and that’s what really sold me on this hypothesis, is this:

“I can’t help but feel uneasy” and  “I don’t want to imagine”

It’s as though he already knows who that person is, but just doesn’t want to believe it because it would be a nightmare. Hence he feels so scared and he’s internally panicking.

But notice how he’s worried about Saiko in particular even before he reaches the cave where the body is kept. As though he knows that finding that body will have a huge impact on Saiko alone. If it were Saeki’s he wouldn’t have told the Quinx not to enter the cave: 

So there’s a high chance that the body is from someone both Urie and Saiko knew personally, hence the shock, the fear, the wariness. This definition applies both to Mutsuki and to Shirazu, but for Urie of all people to lose his cool like that, I’m willing to bet it must be Shirazu. Someone whose thought Urie had pushed to the back of his mind until he forgot was even in Aogiri’s hands, since he was so focused on the imperative of Saving Mutsuki from a really similar fate. Someone whose smell he definitely knew, someone whose smell would definitely be stronger than that of a bleeding and bruised Mutsuki, someone who he after all knew was in Aogiri’s hands, someone neither he nor Saiko ever properly mourned.

When Shirazu’s body was stolen by Aogiri, he lost his sleep training and wearing himself down in his obsession to find him and give him a proper funeral. So it could make sense that he reacts like he’s seen a ghost if - after all his efforts and during his mission to save Mutsuki from ending up as a name on another empty grave - he comes across the very source of his failure, cut up like meat, far from Urie’s idea of respectful rest:

Yep, it’s still a crack theory and you should take it at face value, but I think it could fit because it would build a cycle: Shirazu was the first one who made an impact on Urie and started his character development: Urie blames Shirazu’s death on his own personal weaknesses. He thinks it was his personal failure

So finding Shirazu’s body there, in his quest to save Mutsuki, could be the stepping stone to a more positive growth: it would imply that Mutsuki is actually still alive, and that he can still actively do something to help him. Like reaching out to him in a parallel to how Mutsuki reached out to Urie during his emotional breakdown here: 

That’s what I want to believe at least, because if that body really ends up being Torso’s it means that Mutsuki is taking the Kaneki Road, and that’s one for self-destruction, we all know that by now. It means that Mutsuki will end up believing that to contrast abuse you have to become an abuser and push back the gentleness inside of yourself because it makes you weak. It means walking the lonely path because the other ones only hurt your loved ones.
And Mutsuki did say it himself, didn’t he?

It’s painful, being alone… It’s agonizing.

Hey, I compiled this from a webpage, to help me explain things to people who do not understand


(Sorry, formatting messed up when I pasted so I had to quickly re do it)

Asperger syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
Asperger syndrome is one of the autism spectrum disorders (ASD). This means that people with Asperger syndrome can display a wide range of behaviours and social skills, and no two individuals will have the same set of characteristics. 
Some people will demonstrate skills that are mostly in line with their peers, while others may present with ‘odd’ behaviours. Other people will appear to be significantly different from their peers. 

Characteristics of Asperger syndrome:
People with Asperger syndrome may experience:Difficulty in forming friendships.

A preference for playing alone or with older children and adultsApparently good language skills, but difficulty with communication.

Language may be considered to be very advanced or ‘precocious’ when compared to their peers. The person may be able to talk extensively on a topic of interest, but have difficulty with more practical tasks such as recounting the day’s events, telling a story, or understanding jokes and sarcasm

A lack of appreciation that communication involves listening as well as talking. For instance, they may not allow their communication partner an opportunity to engage in the conversation

A very literal understanding of what has been said. For example, when asked to ‘get lost’ (go away) a person with Asperger syndrome will likely become confused and may literally try to ‘get lost’Inability to understand the rules of social behaviour, the feelings of others and difficulty ‘reading’ body language. For example, a person with Asperger syndrome may not understand that someone is showing that they are unhappy by frowning

Behaviour varies from mildly unusual, eccentric or ‘odd’, to quite aggressive and difficultHaving rules and rituals that they insist all family members follow

Anger and aggression when things do not happen as they wantSensitivity to criticism

A narrow field of interests. For example a person with Asperger syndrome may focus on learning all there is to know about cars, trains or computers.

People with Asperger syndrome can be very talented
Some people with Asperger syndrome are very talented in their chosen field of interest and may enjoy quite significant academic and vocational success.

While strengths and abilities differ from one to the next, a person with Asperger syndrome may have:Average or above-average intelligence

Extensive vocabulary – but many people have difficulty with the practical use of language

Expertise in their chosen topic of interest – although this can become difficult in social situations as they may only talk about one topicExcellent factual memory for their chosen topic of interest

Dedication and commitment to their job if they work in a supportive environment and their job is suited to their interests

The drive to perform well at school or work, if given a supportive and inclusive environment.
Asperger syndrome is not a disease
Asperger syndrome is not a disease or illness. A person does not catch it or recover from it. However, the effects often lessen as the person gets older and develops compensatory or coping skills.

Asperger syndrome is present from birth, but it can often go unnoticed (or undiagnosed) until the early school years. In some cases (particularly females with Asperger syndrome), a diagnosis may not be made until adolescence or even adulthood. 

Things to rememberAsperger syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).People with Asperger syndrome view the world differently and have difficulty with social, emotional and communication skills. They are often seen as eccentric.There is no cure, but support, understanding, routine and training can assist.

Thank you for this reference! I bet a lot of followers will find it super useful ♥