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Some things I drew for friends I met at RTX! The grimmons one is  for @telekinetic-pony :)

(hint: They’re transparent)


The cast of OUAT playing “60 Seconds With…”

04:13 - If you had any other set job, what would it be? Director, producer, grip..

Colin: I’d direct it.

Lana: You’d direct me making lasagna?

Colin: I’d direct you making anything.

Lana: Wow! I’m honored.

04:23 - If you could only have one food item at crafty, what would it be?

Colin: Crips… Chips

Lana: “Crips”

04:40 - If you can play any other character from your show who would be?


Gabrielle: I’d be you (Regina)

Colin: The Evil Queen, I guess!?

Lana: I think you’d look pretty sexy.

Colin: I have the cleavage for it.

-Lana’s big smile-

05:21 - Favorite genre? Comedy, drama or reality?

Lana: I’m gonna go with Drama.

Dania, Gabrielle and Andrew: Drama.

Colin: Comedy.

Lana: You just had to be different!?

Colin: Yes, I did.

06:02 - How many TV’s are in your home?

Colin: I got one

-Lana’s reaction-

06:21 - Describe your character in 3 words:

Lana: Awesome, complex and ah… New. She is a new character!

Colin: Yeah, you said three words, now your expanding.

Lana: Ok. Sorry

-C&L laughing-

(sorry if i wrote something wrong, english is not my first language)

OK, so

In the pumpkin carving video dapper Jack is carving a pumpkin. Everything is fine and there are no signs of Anti in the video. Until dapper Jack nicks his finger, the glitches start and things go downhill… only for a split second though. The video snaps back to normal, and is quickly ended. OH NO! THE NEWEST EGO, TAKEN OVER (kinda)!

Well dapper Jack is widely accepted to be Anti in disguise, and I agree with this completely. So when he accidentally cut his finger, Anti lost his cool a little, and the video glitched, there was hidden(kinda) messages in between the glitches. But some of them made me think, mainly “still here” and “run” some of the messages aren’t in zalgo, and the run IS upside down, so that might have a bigger meaning. But Anyway the thought that came to my mind was a theory I saw one time that when the video glitched, Jack was trying to break through, that Jack could be stuck in the place that Anti was before he took over. And I loved that theory because that explained the “sos” in Morse code, and the post with a picture of Jack edited on it. Which said “don’t believe his lies.” (from a movie. I forgot the title tho,sorry) that theory was around the time when Jack was playing detention. But it could still be relevant.

Let’s take another look at the hidden messages, “still here” although it could very well be Anti saying that he is still here after all this time, And that Jack’s dead. It could also be Jack, saying “ I’m still here! You still have a chance!” And now, to “run”. Run would be a weird thing for Anti to say, since he does feed off of attention. “Run away from me, I’m not good, don’t pay attention.” … Probably not Anti, either. Also the “never forget” hidden in the thumbnail. “Don’t forget me!”

This could also explain why the video ended so quickly after that. Anti glitched, and now people know his disguise. He just stops the video there, to prevent the risk of it happening again, to prevent Jack from interfering again. Mabey?

I really hope that this made sense, ‘cause I really only had memory to back me up on this one. Also sorry if it sucks, but ಥبಥ eh.

Edit: so I’ve seen some other theories and it seems all too possible that it wasn’t just/ wasn’t Jack at all in the hidden (kinda) messages. It could in fact be anti, and Shneep. Credit to whoever came up with that! (Sorry I don’t remember who ;-;)

anonymous asked:

any toumaki fics you can recommend? thanks

Hello anon, here are the ones I really liked and would recommend:

Galaxy - beautiful writing, please read this

Admitting Defeat (nsfw) - this one’s in my top five, please read this

Typo (nsfw) -   toumaki sexting   :.^).

Mornings - morning fluff

Espresso in Person - coffee shop AU; from the series 30 TouMaki Cheesy Tropes

Valentine drabble - this one’s untitled; just a short valentine drabble but still enjoyed it (can you tell that i really like these two just spending time with each other and having a good time)

Your Most Devoted Admirer - short but really sweet

Like a Winner - takes place after their Last Climb

Without Words

All Uphill From Here

P.S. I Miss You

Le Tour de la Confusion - multichaptered; toumaki with Sohoku x Hakogaku; EXCITED HAKOGAKU

Quick Kisses (nsfw)

Garters (nsfw) - wow

Who’s On First, What’s On Second, I Don’t Know on Third (nsfw) - a collection of toumaki fics; really cute and funny and these two are idiots please read this; there’s also makitou, yes, in that order

The Ties That Bind

Oblivious to the Obvious - the first part of this series is nsfw

Lost in Translation - multichaptered; AU where Toudou works at Marukawa Publishing; characters from SekaKoi and JR also make their appearance here; really looking forward to the update

How Do You Like It (nsfw) - makitou

Important - really funny (their reactions are gold) and WARNING FOR TERRIBLE PICK-UP LINES (bless you op)

Don’t Make Me Wait (nsfw)

How You Really Feel

Kids Come With the Package - kindergarten AU with Makishima-sensei; not toumaki-centric but still a good read; LITTLE TOUDOU IS SO CUTE and so is everyone

Hello, Sir, My Name Is - Medical Students AU

and that one fic about Makichan getting sick and noisy noisy Toudou paying him a visit (I can’t find that post anymore, it was already buried in my Likes)


Last time cosplaying for a while but I never got any good pictures of my Audrey. Sorry they’re all goofy poorly edited bathroom shots ;;

Ok so this is my first edit thingy and I hope you like it!  I know it’s actually shite sorry  I had fun making it :) I drew all the hair thingys so if it’s not that accurate, sorry! 

If one of y'all are good at backgrounds or something feel free to steal the photo, add to it, and repost (but make sure to give creds <3) 

Tyler’s hair is iconic ok


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Foreign Love

atomicpeacekryptonite asked: Hey! Could you write a PietroxReader one shot imagine were the reader just join to the Avengers and it’s from another country (Brazil? Maybe?) and Pietro have feeling for her? ( You know accent, curly hair and this things?). Thank you.

A/N: Thank you @atomicpeacekryptonite for requesting this!!! I’m so SO sorry it’s late, I had loads of homework to do and no wifi, Apologies!!! I hope you like it!!!

Sorry I didn’t edit it, so I hope it’s ok!!


Originally posted by marvelprincesspants

   When a Russian red-head assassin and a blonde blue eyed Captain America turned up at your doorstep, you didn’t expect them to ask for your help.

  They came to your house in Brazil and wanted you to join the avengers initiative for your mutant powers, you couldn’t exactly say no to the most powerful people on the planet. You took your time to think about it, but you didn’t really have much to loose as all your family was dead and you didn’t really have any friends, so you joined within a few weeks.

   Today was the day you were going to meet the rest of the team, and you were a little nervous, well…. A LOT nervous. Steve told you that everyone was nice and there was nothing to worry about, but you couldn’t help but feel scared of moving into a massive tower with some of the Earth’s mightiest heroes. You turned up in New York for the first time with Steve and Nat on the quinjet, who had become good friends quickly, you had a lot in common with Nat as you could both speak Portuguese, (your home language) Which put you at ease from the anxiousness.

     “Você sabe que há um cara na equipe que eu acho que você pode gostarom. (You know there’s a guy on the team that I think you might like)” Nat said in your mother tongue and winked at you, looking a your nervous face, trying to take your mind off things. “Sim? (yeah?)” You shifted your eyes up from your fumbling hands and to Nat. “Você verá.(You’ll see)” She chuckled lowly. Maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all…

 After another 20 minutes of flying, Nat stood up and began to pick up some of your bags from the floor. “We’re here.” She turned to you, “You ready?” Steve began to lower the quinjet, you looked out the window to find a roof landing pad, with a spectacular view of the city. You stopped looking out the window and thought about what was about to happen. What if they didn’t like you? What if you did something stupid and they kicked you out? What if you weren’t as good as them? What if- “Y/N!” Don’t worry! You’ll be fine! Now are you ready?” Steve looked at you with concerned eyes.

   You shook out of your daydream and looked up at Steve who was standing in front of you. You took a deep breath and stood up with shaking knees, trying to stop your nerves. “I-I think so,” You stuttered with your natural Brazilian accent. “Let’s get this over with.”


  “Hey! Nice to meet you Y/N!” A man with dark hair and a small beard came up to you in one of the many tower corridors. “I’m Tony, the good looking one, oh, and Iron man. Welcome to the Avengers!” He cheerily shook your hand and smiled. You returned the smile and shook his hand. “Y/N. And it’s nice meet you too.” You said more confidently than you felt while standing beside Steve and Nat. He seemed nice enough, and you had a feeling that you would be good friends.

   The three of them guided you through the tower to where the rest of the team were: the lounge area. As you walked towards the door, you took a deep breath before following Nat inside the room, with Steve and Tony behind you. You took a moment to scan the room and all the faces in it, all while having a smile on your face to hide your nerves. The first one to greet you was a female with long dark hair walked up to you with a bubbly smile and dark red clothing. “Hello Y/N, I’m Wanda! It’s really nice to meet you! I hope you like it in New York and welcome to the avengers!” She spoke with an accent, it sounded Russian, but you weren’t too sure. She then enveloped you in a warm hug which you gladly returned and smiled, “Aww thank you! It’s nice to meet you too Wanda! I haven’t really seen all of the city but it seems amazing so far!”

   “Well maybe I could show you around sometime.” A husky voice said behind Wanda said in a similar accent to her own. Wanda rolled her eyes and stepped to the side, allowing you to see the man who spoke to you. “This is my brother Pietro.”

     You looked at the man before you with wide eyes. The first thing you noticed was the way his crystal blues lit up when they met yours and how his perfect platinum blonde hair messily fell across his head. His body was so muscular you thought that your eyes were  making up illusions in your head, not to mention his beautiful face.

  “Like what you see, hm?” The man asked smugly, smirking at your blushing face. You coughed awkwardly you looked back up to see his eyes again. “Well, yes, actually.” You gave back an equally devious smirk. It was weird how your personality changed so easily from shy to flirty within seconds, especially when a extremely attractive man was standing right in front of you. But you didn’t realise that he was actually doing the same thing. Pietro loved your enchanting accent and beautiful figure, and all the special little features you had. He definitely knew that you were going to be worth slowing down for…