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Shut Up & Kiss Me [Eggsy Unwin One Shot].

A/N: Another one shot… I’m just a little bit obsessed right now, okay? Don’t judge me. :3

Anywaaaaaay, this has been checked over and what not, but if there are any mistakes, I’m sorry! Also, enjoy and thanks for all the support! You guys are the best! 

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Alice and Eggsy had been placed on a mission for the day; it was a fairly simple one, in comparison to the one they had just completed. The last one had involved tracking down a new terrorist organisation, gathering as much information as possible, all while pretending to join their organisation. The two finished the job, destroying the organisation, after studying them and finding out what their weaknesses were.

Of course, they had help from other agents; it would be too much of a big job for two spies. Instead, once Alice and Eggsy had found cracks within the terrorists system, they contacted Merlin, who then sent out more agents and contacted the military. With the help of soldiers and agents, the organisation found themselves buried in the dust, now facing trail and prison for the rest of their lives.

“You know you’re supposed to act like you’re couple,” Merlin said into their ear pieces, “standing there looking like you hate each other isn’t going to send the right message.”

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#jelly bean boys <- my god that is a beautiful tag. Thank you for being so nice and supportive ^^ And I'm sorry if I've been a bit spammy with tagging you in my edits, I'm just happy that anyone likes them. That and I'm obsessing over the twins au now. >U<

it was literally the first thing that came to my mind when i saw them. i thought it was cute 💖 and of course! i love all things twin au related, so never feel like you’re being a bother. tag me anytime! i absolutely love seeing all the stuff you guys make! 

tbh your twin edits are lowkey inspiring me as well ! 

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Hey admiiiiin! What shall we call you? I'm OBSESSED with your writings and really appreciate the time you take to right for us (I'm sure we all are😆)Anyways, you're probably tired of writings these but could I please request a Donghyuk smut and a bit of smut? Maybe some dry humping here and there😏☺️ Thank you very muchos!

a/n: I never get tired of writing for you guys!! You can call me Admin Zee or just Zee, basically my nick name is Zee and that’s what you can call me. I hope you like this and I’m sorry if there are any mistakes. 

You sat on your boyfriends lap, wearing nothing but his oversized t-shirt and your underwear. You wore nothing else, not even a bra. Your laptop was in front of you since you were trying to do some school work. “Jagiya, this is boring!” Your boyfriend groaned as he lazily laid his chin on your shoulder.

“I’m sorry Donghyuk but I have to do this homework,” you apologized.

“You could do that or you could take a break…” His words trailed off and it was then that you could feel his erection under you.

“Donghyuk,” you turned your neck to look at him. “If you distract me from doing this work I will never forgive you.”

“Alright,” he said, even though he knew you didn’t really mean what you said. “What’s the homework, maybe I can help.”

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Chocolate Cake: Chapter 2

[Finally finished chapter 2! This chapter was quite fun to write and I really enjoyed all of the sweet messages and comments from you guys! Thank you! I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I do! :3]

Description: Adrien offers to help Marinette while she’s taking care of the bakery on her own.

Word Count: 2782

Rating: K

~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~        ~

Marinette stared up at Adrien with her mouth wide open and her face still red from crying. She had just told Adrien, to his face, that she was obsessed with him. Marinette wouldn’t have been surprised if she exploded just then.

Adrien looked a bit taken aback, and possibly flattered at the offhand remark, but he made no attempt to leave. Marinette had absolutely no idea what to do.

“O-oh I’m so s-sorry Adrien I thought you were Alya. I-i didn’t know. A-a-and when I said obsessed I meant over y-your work and the designs you w-wear cause I really like fashion and your super good at b-being fashion… I jUST REALLY LIKE YOUR CLOTHEs.”

Adrien blinked a few times then smiled at Marinette after a quiet chuckle escaped his lips. Luckily, Marinette was looking at the ground, so she couldn’t see the enormous blush pass over the model’s face.

“Umm, thank you. I guess? But umm, I came out here to see if you were doing alright, so are you? Uhh doing alright I mean.”

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Dude at rtx it seemed like the booth was a bit too much for the guys. Like i saw a few videos of this one girl who kept talking to James over and over again and they said he even told them to go away (its not cute to annoy them btw, they are people too). The guys were basically trapped and everyone knew where they were at all times. In some posts (like what natnay said) people said Jordan seemed really tired and over whelmed. So for future reference don’t be so obsessive over them. there is other things at that convention to see not just the guys, give them a break, don’t go through the line at the booth 10 times an hour because its annoying and they probably want to meet everyone not just the same 20 people over and over and over again

So my mum text me this while I was at school and I thought okay that’s odd but I probs just left the tab open or something from ln (cause I had to borrow her laptop as mine is broken, sad times) and she’s just watched a bit of it. That’s what I thought.
But no. I come home and she’s obsessed, she wants to play the sims, she’s talking about how ‘this summer girl keeps turning up and the guys are like freaking out’.. 'but then they don’t know if they should invite Erica cause they got in a fight’ … 'They thought that they would dance into the pond! It was hilarious’ … ’ I couldn’t stop laughing at how the sims dance *starts mimicking the dance*’ And I’m sat there all confused when all of a sudden she starts quizzing me on Dan and Phil, she wants to watch their videos, when do they upload? Is it often? Why don’t they upload every week? Why don’t you know?
She’s wanting to know about their relationship, they look like really good friends did they grow up together? What train station? Are they gay? How old are they? Is this their only job? What do you mean phandom?
I told her about danandphil crafts, pinof, cat whiskers, tatinof, the fringes..
And I can honestly say I have never had a better conversation about Dan and Phil, not with people in the phandom, not with friends who I’m trying to convince to watch them.. She was so excited and she just kept saying she loved their humour, the 'underlying humour’ is what she called it I think. And despite all of that.. I’m dreading the fact that I may have to come to terms with my mum joining the Phandom.