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fics where derek is obsessed with stiles' scent? sorry this is such a vague request, i just read wanna wanna wolf by bleep0bleep and it was so cute i wanted more sterek scenting type fics ❤️

Perfume by pleasebekidding

Stiles smells ridiculously good. Fuck Derek Hale’s entire fucking life.

“I was gonna make a crack about not letting a guy lick his way up my snail trail until he’s at least bought me dinner but I guess you took care of that, huh?”

Creeper Wolf by FearThisQueer

So Derek may have a bit of a problem.

But it’s not really his fault, he can’t help that Stiles smells so good. And if Derek watches him at lacrosse practice a couple times a week and then rushes home to jerk off, well… that’s nobody’s business but his own. It’s not like he’s actually doing anything, right?

Nicotine by honorarystar

Stiles wants to take a nap at Derek’s place. Derek thinks he smells too amazing for his own good. Or Derek’s for that matter.

The Smell of Happiness by Chef_Geekier

Derek likes it when Stiles smells like him. He goes to increasingly bizarre lengths to to make this happen. Stiles doesn’t get it - until he does.

What do you mean scent marking? by mistress_of_mythology

Stiles doesn’t notice it at first.

Why would he, when he was busy trying to take down a psychotic geriatric with a God complex?

When he finally does notice it, it’s not even him who figures it out, and Derek was no where to be found.

Five times someone points out that Stiles smells heavily of Derek and Stiles can’t figure out why the alpha is scent marking him and the one time he got a clue and got the guy.

Go The Fuck To Sleep- Farrah/Aja- Ortega

A/N: I feel like I’m emerging from a coffin for how long it’s been since I wrote/submitted anything. Hey everyone! It’s good to be back. In case any of you were wondering about Just the Game We’re In (and God bless you if you are because it’s literally been 7 months I’m SO SORRY) I’ve now got a little bit more free time which I’m using to write chapter 4, which should be here soon! For now though, this is a horribly cheesy, horribly unoriginal High School AU Farrah/Aja. It’s just horrible. Yeah I’m really good at selling my fics. I really hope you guys enjoy it!!

Aja just wants to get a little sleep. Farrah just wants to talk. They’re both worried for the future.

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Who Am I Without You?

gaaah, I love this idea so much, I can already see this being sad and fluffy as heckie. Thanks anon!! :)

Summary: Dan and Phil have been best friends since they met on the internet. They do pretty much everything together, including their career endeavors, and eventually getting a flat together. When speculation rises that the two lads could be dating, Dan and Phil agree that Phil should go get his own place, but is that really what they both want?

Genres: Slight Fluff! Friend to Lovers! Angst! In Real Time Phan Au! Oneshot!

Pairing: Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil

Word Count: 2,628

Warning: slight cursing! It’s also cheesy af I’m sorry ._.

A/N: Yes, I know I have an addiction to writing ftl fics, it’s an obsession!! It’s just so easy to write a bit of angst with it :) This is purely fiction, so don’t attack me if you don’t ship phan, but I’ve written plenty of ftl oneshots and it’s all been good feedback so I’m not totally worried :) enjoy guys!! And I hope I did this justice for you anon!

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The Scenic Route

Hwiyoung scenario | Fluff | 1641 words

Requested by @witches-of-supernatural-end

   'Im late!’ You thought to yourself as you ran out the school gates, avoiding pedestrians as you zoomed by. It was a normal, boring day, as was everyday. You went to school, paid as much attention as your patience let you, met with your friends and decided to call it a day. If only your classmate hadn’t held you back for that long after class, since you had somewhere to be.
    You turned and ran towards the bus stop, coming to a halt before you clashed into the handfull of people waiting. There were never many people in this stop, even though there are two schools to either side. Taking this bus was a waste of time, the bus on the other side of your school had an at least 30 minutes faster route towards your home and most residential areas. But after one day you missed your normal bus, you decided not to wait for it and walk to this one, you embraced the thought of the change of route, sort of like an adventure. Only when you were sitting there waiting for the bus, you found a reason to permanently change buses.
    You were still catchig your breath. The bus was still 10 minutes from arriving so the people of the stop eyed you strangely since you had sprinted as if you were going to miss it. You ignored their stares, fixing your hair calmly and looking around on-the-sly. Your heart seemed to stop as you found your “target”, still gently walking towards the bus stop from the opposite side that you came from. He was immersed in his mobile phone, headphones on. He pushed a strand of bleached-blonde hair away from his eyes. Its been three weeks since you’ve been seeing him, and he still took your breath away as if it was the first time.
    ‘His friend didnt come with him this time.’ You thought, since he always went home with his friend, they must be neighbors or something. He laid his head back on the wall, looking up at the sky mouthing something you couldn’t understand. He was deeply invested in the song, and you couldn’t help but smile at the thought that he looks like he’s modeling for a magazine, which you wouldn’t doubt for one second. His bright yellow uniform was clean and pristine, fitting him perfectly; you blushed realizing how awkward it was for you to think of that.
    The bus made its way to the stop, its doors creaking open. You all piled your way into an almost full bus, finding a seat near the back. You took the window seat. You put your bag at your feet, bending over to look inside it for your headphones, noticing in the corner of your eye as two long legs slid onto your row and sat next to you. You looked up out of curiosity, and were greeted by no other than blondie himself. He smile awkwardly, probably surprised about your reaction, which you hadn’t noticed had been a little too surprised.
    “There were no other seats…” he said shyly. You nodded without saying anything and decided to give up on your search for your headphones. The bus started moving, slowly boucing with each bump on the road.
    “You’re from (your school)?” His voice broke the silence. You looked a at him, his headphones were no longer in his ears and you seemed to have his full attention.  You tried not to blush and nodded gently.  "Is this the only way to your home? Doesn’t the other bus go directly to the residential areas?“
You smiled at his attempt at smalltalk “I like this route more.” You said getly, only afterwards noticing that that sounded a bit suspicious.
    He tilted his head in confusion and laughed gently “Why’s that?”
    ‘You.’ The thought popped in your mind but you shook it off. “Better scenery.” Well, you didnt lie, but you knew you werent the type to like looking out the windows.
    “Ah so you prefer the city, too?” He laughed again, you were beginning to find comfort in it. “I’m Hwiyoung, by the way. I go to (his school). ”
    You introduced yourself, hapiness emerging from you since now you didn’t have to refer to him as “the blonde from the bus stop.”
    “You usually sit with someone here though, is he sick?” You blurted out, only then realizing it might be a little rude of you to ask about somebody else.
    “Oh,” He looked at his hands sitting on his lap, smiling a little awkwardly. “That’s Chani, he’s my roommate. He had, um, some business to attend to. Sorry, I hadn’t notice you had seen us before.” He laughed again.
    You felt your cheeks grow hot, but played it off “How can you not notice two tall guys in bright yellow clothing?” His head flung back as he laughed.
    “Yeah I guess it’s kinda hard to miss. Chani said you had most likely seen us but I thought he was just joking around.”
    His words seemed to linger for a second until the flutter in your stomach pushed you to ask. “You’ve seen me before?”
    He turned to you, flustered with sudden realization of what he just said. “Ah, that was a bit creepy, sorry…” Hwiyoung covered his mouth with his hand. He suddenly seemed nervous, his foot tapped on the floor as if he was ready to run away.
    A moment passed by and the only thing you could hear was the low roar of the bus engine and a few passengers chatting quietly. The awkward air made you nervous as well, and you feared that your first conversation with the Blondie from the bus would be the last.
    “I don’t have to take this bus.” Hwiyoung broke the silence. He was looking down at his hands shyly. “We have a driver that can pick us up, but Chani is making me go on the bus to force me to talk to you. We had to use the bus once, and I noticed you sitting in the back. Chani won’t let it go, he forced me to come back the day after to see if you’d be on it again. He’s pretty persistent, so he said if I didn’t talk to you today when he wasn’t here then he would force it tomorrow. I didn’t want to embarrass you… ”
    His words swam through your head as your cheeks turned bright red. The blonde boy on the bus, the reason you were always late to get home, the reason you decided to spend an extra 30 minutes on an uncomfortable, hot bus… Turns out he was doing the same to see you?
    “I was late for my bus. ” you blurted out. “So I decided to walk to this bus for once. I noticed you in the bus stop, and next thing I new I was back the next day, and it’s been that way since then…”
    He turned to you as you spoke, as shocked as you were with his sudden confession. Hwiyoung looked down, scratching the back of his head and laughing shyly. “If both of us hadn’t been on that bus we wouldn’t be on it right now.” You giggled, thinking of how silly all this was.
    The bus stopped, and with a look out the window you realized this was the end of your conversation with Hwiyoung. “This is your stop.” you said and he seemed to jump back into reality, grabbing his bag and standing up, letting people behind him pass first.
    “It was nice talking to you.” he said, a slight sad tone to his words. Seems he didn’t want the conversation to end either. He waved and began to walk towards the bus doors. Hwiyoung stopped in his tracks, turning around to face you. “Y/N,” he called out.
    It was the first time he had said your name, somehow you thought it sounded so much better coming from his lips.
    He looked at you straight on, cheeks slightly flushed.  "Can I sit with you again tomorrow?“
    You couldn’t help but smile. "I’ll be waiting.” you said in response.
    His face lit up and he said goodbye again, then walked out the bus. You looked out the window in curiosity. He seemed to jump off the last step, grabbed his head with both hands and shook it slightly, face pure of excitement. You laughed, but found yourself doing the same on the rest of the ride home.

    You stood at the bus stop. People were chatting quietly. The weather was perfect. But you looked around and noticed that the Blondie from the bus was nowhere to be seen. You were starting to believe that he wouldn’t show. The bus roared to a stop in front of you, and you lost all hope of seeing him. You weren’t mad, you just hoped that nothing bad had happened to him. Everybody started piling up to enter the bus and the doors.
    “Y/N!” You heard the fast stomping of feet and turned to see Hwiyoung running up to you, just like you had the day before. He stopped next to you, taking a moment to catch his breath. “Sorry, I’m late.” he puffed, slightly embarrassed.
    “That’s okay, I was thinking about waiting for the next bus. ” you laughed as he suddenly became flustered.
    Everybody had entered the bus. You noticed that he wasn’t using his school uniform. Does that mean he hadn’t gone to school? Had he run all the way here just to get on the bus with you?
    Hwiyoung shyly put his hand on your back to guide you onto the steps. “Let’s go. ” he smiled down at you, pushing you gently. You were so glad you had missed the bus that day.

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(when you find a gif that fits your scenario perfectly)

Sorry I took such a long hiatus guys!! I had a horrible case of writers block (and a newfound obsession with GOT7 and BTS) But just like SF9 Im back with a boom!! C: make sure to check out my masterlist, link in my bio! 

I still don’t have a computer so its a  bit hard to write scenarios but I’m gonna do my best!!


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i'm going to see versailles in like two months but idk how to feel about it??? i started listening them last year but i don't know if it's okay if i go the concert because i feel like i've been a fan for a short time and maybe i should wait? on the other hand, this might be my only chance to see them live...


I’m sorry, that was a bit agressive. Okay, sit down, story time.
I first met Versailles on august 2011. I found a picture of Kamijo in his Ascendead Master outfit and I was like oh shit that guy looks like a vampire.
Love at first fucking sight.
That same night (while binge listening to all their music) I found out that they had come to my country the year before. I was heartbroken.
And just like any 14 y/o with a new obsession it was all I talked about. My family was so sick. It was worse than twilight. Yes, I liked twilight, but back to the story.
Fast forward to september 21st (my 15 bday) my Dad gets home with a little box full of rose petals (I’d take picks of the box with all the dry petals which of course I kept but I’m on mobile) and inside the box was a ticket to see them live on november 2011. (Because the universe does not hate me that much and they came to my country two years in a row)
It was my first concert. I had only met them for like 3 months and there was no way in every layer of every Hell ever conceived by humanity I wasn’t going to that concert.
What I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter if you met them the fucking day before the live, go anyways. All that matters is that you like them and you want to go to see them. New fans=Old fans because in the end, we’re all the same screaming nerds that like the same 40+ y/o weirdos dressed up as vampires and the lovely music they make


So I am constantly in awe of the creativity of the rwby fandom, and I’ve become a bit obsessed with OC teams. So this is just a little MV I made to give back I guess? I’m a huge nerd and I make nerdy things sometimes.

It took a long time to make this but it was a lot of fun, and I’d love to make another one someday with even more OCs, if there’s any interest. Anyway, I hope you guys like this, I’m so sorry about the shitty quality but my computer physically could not handle rendering it any better, haha…

(So apparently when I watch it on mobile it looks a little off time and it’s REALLY ANNOYING and then when I watch it on my laptop it’s fine? I have no idea what tumblr is doing just take my trash, followers.Cries.)

THANK YOU SO MUCH to these amazing people:

@teambgfi-saga, @team-snst, @team-cacd, @ghost-church, @team-navy,  @team-pace, @teamdlia, @team-kaze-hunters, @huntsmen-team-sabl, @teamnova, @teamvcta, @teamdgtl, @team-cist, @team-star-huntresses, @huntersofhaven, @r3ally-bad-artblog, @team-umbr

I don’t know why I thought of this, but I thought that it was cute:

Ballet AU

Hiro taking ballet classes because he went onto whatever the fuck is the youtube of that universe and binge watched a bunch of really graceful and beautiful ballet shorts that just really inspired him and make him jealous.

And so he uses part of the money he earns in bot fighting and a majority of his allowance to pay for the classes (the only boy in the class).

And though he’s really bad at first, he becomes really dedicated to the art, stretching when no ones watching (or sometimes absentmindedly), practicing for hours on end (sometimes ending up spending the entire day in the studio), and just being really excited about it in general.

And thing is… no one knows.

Not Aunt Cass, not the guys at SFIT, not even Tadashi. ESPECIALLY not Tadashi.

Que Tadashi getting a bit obsessive over why Hiro’s being so secretive.

H: What did you say?
T: Nothing.
H: pftttt

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Hey admiiiiin! What shall we call you? I'm OBSESSED with your writings and really appreciate the time you take to right for us (I'm sure we all are😆)Anyways, you're probably tired of writings these but could I please request a Donghyuk smut and a bit of smut? Maybe some dry humping here and there😏☺️ Thank you very muchos!

a/n: I never get tired of writing for you guys!! You can call me Admin Zee or just Zee, basically my nick name is Zee and that’s what you can call me. I hope you like this and I’m sorry if there are any mistakes. 

You sat on your boyfriends lap, wearing nothing but his oversized t-shirt and your underwear. You wore nothing else, not even a bra. Your laptop was in front of you since you were trying to do some school work. “Jagiya, this is boring!” Your boyfriend groaned as he lazily laid his chin on your shoulder.

“I’m sorry Donghyuk but I have to do this homework,” you apologized.

“You could do that or you could take a break…” His words trailed off and it was then that you could feel his erection under you.

“Donghyuk,” you turned your neck to look at him. “If you distract me from doing this work I will never forgive you.”

“Alright,” he said, even though he knew you didn’t really mean what you said. “What’s the homework, maybe I can help.”

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Shut Up & Kiss Me [Eggsy Unwin One Shot].

A/N: Another one shot… I’m just a little bit obsessed right now, okay? Don’t judge me. :3

Anywaaaaaay, this has been checked over and what not, but if there are any mistakes, I’m sorry! Also, enjoy and thanks for all the support! You guys are the best! 

Originally posted by ablankkk

Alice and Eggsy had been placed on a mission for the day; it was a fairly simple one, in comparison to the one they had just completed. The last one had involved tracking down a new terrorist organisation, gathering as much information as possible, all while pretending to join their organisation. The two finished the job, destroying the organisation, after studying them and finding out what their weaknesses were.

Of course, they had help from other agents; it would be too much of a big job for two spies. Instead, once Alice and Eggsy had found cracks within the terrorists system, they contacted Merlin, who then sent out more agents and contacted the military. With the help of soldiers and agents, the organisation found themselves buried in the dust, now facing trail and prison for the rest of their lives.

“You know you’re supposed to act like you’re couple,” Merlin said into their ear pieces, “standing there looking like you hate each other isn’t going to send the right message.”

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Braided Mane

Fandom: Hamilton
Pairing: Lafayette x reader
Genre: fluff. Like. Wow.
AU: present au
TW: none really. Kinda short tho??

“Ow! Y/N, s'il tu plaît! If you continue like this, I will end up without any hair!” Your boyfriend says as you pull the strands of his hair tight.
“Sorry babe! Its gonna get better soon, i just need this part tight against your head!” you said as you continued to weave parts of his dark coils around each other.
He gave a sigh and a chuckle, “Remind me again why I let you do this to me?”
“Because I wanted to try it and you love and trust me?” you say with a giggle.
He gave a sigh, “That I do, mon amour, that I do.”
You smile and planted a small kiss on Lafayette’s cheek, earning an affectionate grunt from the Frenchman, “I love you too.” you said before continuing to braid, “Now, hold still or I’ll have to start over!”
You tie up the last braid sighing as your hands had began to cramp up, “alright, i think I’m-” you turn his body upper body to face you and his dark eyes meet yours. God, you constantly forget how beautiful he is, “Finished.”
He tilted his head a bit, looking at you with confusion, “Mon papillon? Are you alright?”
You snap out of it, smiling, “Yeah, I’m sorry. I just,” you stop to chuckle, “You’re really gorgeous!” you say with a sigh.
“Oh?” he said with a smirk, eyebrow raised, “Well,” he grabbed you by your waist, suddenly pulling you onto his lap, “I think you are even more gorgeous.”
You giggle, smiling as you look up at Lafayette, a blush dusting your cheeks, “Oh, I highly doubt that.”
“Ma chére,” he said, kissing your forehead, “you are more beautiful than you know.”

(hello you guys!! Ive been obsessed with lafayette recently, so here’s another. Have fun with it! Remember– i do requests! Stay classy, guys!)

5SOS Preference: You Have OCD (Muke)

Let me know if you want Cashton too!


You had just arrived at Luke’s where your two were supposed to spend the day. The weather called for a pretty high percentage of rain so Luke decided to rent a bunch of movies and just stay in doors to cuddle with you. You knocked on the door but he didn’t answer so after waiting a few minutes you entered anyways, knowing he wouldn’t care. You closed the door and began making your way throughout the house while calling his name. Once you got to his room you heard the shower going and realized that he couldn’t hear you. You sat down on his bed to wait for him to finish his shower. You started to pull out your phone until your eyes landed on his messy desk. You tried so hard to just ignore it but it was just to discomforting. You walked over and quickly started arranging everything into neat little stacks or lines. You finished just in time to hear the shower cut off. You rushed back and took your previous seat on the bed. Luke soon stepped out of the bathroom in his boxers, using a towel to dry his hair. He smiled and walked over leaning down to plant a kiss on your lips, “Hey babe, I didn’t even know you were here.” He mumbled before walking over to his dresser. You talked to him for a bit while he slipped on a pair of sweatpants and a plain white t-shirt, but as soon as he went to turn back to you his eyes fell on his desk. His eyebrows creased and a small smile slid onto his face. “Uh, babe?” He asked curiously. You looked down at your lap and began picking at your thumb nail nervously. “I’m sorry, it’s just that it was really messy and out of order and I just felt-” Before you knew it, he had walked over and lifted your chin up to hush you with a kiss. His forehead rested against yours and he only smiled at you. “You’re so cute.” He whispered, making your lips twitch up to mirror his smile.


You were sat in a small chair as you patiently waited for the receptionist to tell you when the tattoo artist was ready for you. Your boyfriend toyed with your ring finger as he sat next to you, twisting the engagement ring and placing kisses on your hand every now and then. “ I think this new tattoo is going to be my favorite. It’s gonna look really cute with the ring.” He mumbled while his fingers laced with yours. You were getting a small heart tattooed on your ring finger just below the middle joint. When you were finally called back you told the artist what you wanted done and he quickly got to work on it. He had just finished outlining the heart when you got on itch on your left arm. It wasn’t a problem for you to lift your right hand and scratch the bend of your arm, but of course that meant you had to scratch your right arm exactly like you did the other. “Stop! Stop please!” You almost yelled, just as the guy was about to start filling in the tattoo. He and Michael both looked at you with wide eyes as you yanked your hand back. Michael’s face quickly changed when he realized what was happening. As you finished scratching your arm you could feel Michael’s hand rub your knee in a comforting manner. You timidly placed your hand back down in front of the man while he looked at you oddly. “Sorry about that..” You mumbled, feeling a bit embarrassed. Michael’s lips were felt on your temple before he began whispering about how your obsessive-compulsive disorder was a part of you and that he loved every part of you, no matter what.


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Prompt: The Lacrosse player comes back. Oliver, Diggle, and Roy get protective.

“Has anyone seen Felicity?” Oliver asked as he shrugged off his jacket. Diggle looked up from his desk, where he was cleaning his gun, and shook his head. Roy, who sat across from him, also shook his head. “She’s usually here before us, and this is the fourth time this week she’s late.”

“Maybe she’s just having a bad week,” Diggle commented without looking up from his piece.

“Yeah. Don’t tell me you’ve never had one of those,” Roy added.

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My best friend very awkwardly came out to me as Bi today and I'm just a bit confused I guess. Like, idk how to feel. We've always obsessed over guys together and we're both girls and now I guess I'm scared that she might have a crush on me. Or I'm scared of like changing clothes in front of her now. Cause it's be like changing In front of a guy friend. even if she doesn't like me I'll be weird, since even if a guy doesn't like you,you wouldn't casually change in front of him either. I'm sorry!

dude fuck heteronormativity like she has the same parts
u do she’s ur best friends literally nothing changed as
she ce
out S
bi all that’s teally
different is that u know she’s
bi that’s it ur
still her
friend and that’s all but like if ur so afraid of smth like that just talk to her about it

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i was watching teh and i just. i love the fact that sherlock doesn't care if someone is weird and different. remember the train guy they went to? the guy says "i like trains" and it's obvious he has an obsession and sherlock just doesn't treat him differently because he understands. it makes me feel like sherlock wouldn't treat me differently too if he was real. sometimes i wish he was real. sorry for the emotions i'm feeling a bit. lonely i guess. i wanted to talk to someone that understands

Hi Nonny!

I agree with you so much; I too am very awkward and have a hard time around people, but I have my odd quirks and obsessions too.

Sherlock is actually the most gentle soul in the world. I think in the train guy, he can see himself (hence the visual parallel of him putting on the hat); the man is passionate about what he loves to do, just like Sherlock. His time away has taught him that he really is just human, despite his prior proclamations to the contrary. Thing is, even before S3, we see that Sherlock is only truly angry and cold with people who deserve it; he genuinely is bothered when people die, he hurts when John hurts, and detests the guilty and believes they do not deserve his respect (the Janus Cars woman and Berwick in TGG).

In S1 and 2, Sherlock’s social awkwardness, poor self-esteem, possible ingrained misogyny, and insistence on being alone makes him a very prickly-seeming person, but as we quickly learn, if he’s with people who he trusts, treat him with respect and offers him companionship (ie. John) then he will allow himself to open up a little and drop the façade. Plus, he is SO SOFT AND HAPPY when he gets to tell people good things; a man who didn’t crave acceptance would not have gone into crime-fighting.

Sherlock has learned that being different and being himself is okay. At this point he doesn’t realize it yet, but John loves him just the way he is.

And before people argue the points: 

  • Sally and Anderson, who are his coworkers, are initially mean to Sherlock, so he lashes out with his words. There’s a history there we don’t know about. I love Sally and can understand her contempt for Sherlock showing up to her crime scenes like he’s better than her; she worked HARD to get where she is, and then someone flaunts in and takes over the job she is supposed to be doing. Anderson was jealous, but apologized to Sherlock. So what happened? Now he respects Anderson (I think in a way he always has [TRF] but until Anderson stopped being cruel with Sherlock, Sherlock returned in kind). Possibly there’s also a bit of guilt there too; he didn’t want to hurt people with his ‘suicide’ but he knows that he has affected people far more than he thought he could.
  • With Lestrade, I feel like Sherlock looks up to him as a father figure and respects him because Lestrade offers him a distraction. He’s someone who allows Sherlock to be himself. He’s more tolerable of Sherlock’s eccentricities than most people are.
  • And with Molly, it may be his internalized misogyny that causes him to underestimate how useful she actually is. Perhaps he also finds her little crush on him bothersome, but he’s not above using that to his advantage. It’s not until Christmas in ASiB that Sherlock realized that Molly REALLY DID love him, that it was possible that attentions directed at him could be actual love.

I apologize, Nonny, that I took this opportunity to talk about my interpretation of Sherlock’s character once again. I truly do hope you are alright. It is hard to be seemingly odd in a world that occasionally frowns upon quirkiness. But never change to appease the masses. You are okay just the way you are.