sorry guys it's a dave day


Daveed Diggs x Reader
Words: 544
Request: hey hi! could i have platonic! daveed (or jefferson, if you don’t do cast members!) just chatting w the reader? maybe somehow he catches a few bruises, and a little smudge that doesn’t look like its /just/ an under eye circle, he kinda ends up like making her take off the makeup and then it’s a black eye??? confessions about a shitty father and ensue and sorry it’s been a bad day for me lmao 
Triggers: Mention of abuse, bruises

Hi guys. this one was kind of hard for me to write because i’ve dealt with this kinda of thing a lot lately and in the past, but i didn’t want to decline the person who requested it and so here it is.

if any of you are in this situation, please talk to someone. let them know what’s going on, don’t go through it alone. that was my biggest mistake when i was younger, and it’s still a mistake i’m making now. i still just let it happen. i don’t have a voice when my father is around. i don’t know what else to say honestly. i’m crying? is that a relevant thing?

anyway, thankyou everyone. i know no one probably read this, but please be safe and don’t stay silent.

if you ever feel down and wanna talk, send me a message. as long as i’m not asleep, i’ll most likely reply straight away and we can talk and honestly i just wanna take care of you all i don’t want anyone to be sad.

take care of yourselves bbys xxx


“I don’t think forgetting a line is that bad. The show continued on without it!” Daveed relaxed into the couch, crossing his arms.

“No, but you don’t get it. I haven’t messed up once until now. It’s just kinda nerve wracking, you know?” He said, rubbing his forehead in frustration. You grabbed his hands. “As your friend, I know that you did well, even if you did forget a line.”

“I guess you’re right,” Daveed replied. You smiled, ruffling his hair. “Of course I am, I’m always right.” You yawned, rubbing your eyes and the bags underneath them. “I’m also tired.”

“Wait, move your hands,” Daveed said, sitting up slowly. His once smiling eyes had turned down, being replaced by wide eyes. He seemed concerned, to say the least.

That was when the realisation hit you.

“I, um, I’m just gonna go to bed actually. I should be sleeping, I have school tomorrow and-“

“(Y/N), move you goddamn hands!” Daveed exclaimed. You dropped your hands in shock, revealing the faint mark of a bruise under your left eye. A frown covered Daveed’s face. He grabbed your hands, pulling you towards the bathroom and grabbing the makeup wipes from your drawer.

“Daveed, please. I didn’t want you to know-“

“(Y/N), please. We’re best friends. Whatever this is, I don’t want you to hide it,” he interrupted, his voice cracking slightly. He took the makeup wipe, gently removing the makeup from your face. You sniffled quietly, trying to stop the tears spilling from your eyes.

“(Y/N), I had no idea…” Daveed whispered, touching the bruises that covered your eye gently. “Who did this?”

“W-when I went home last week, h-he was mad. He was d-drunk, and he had no sense of reality. It was my fault,” she whispered. Daveed pulled you into a tight hug as soon as the words left your mouth.

“None of this was your fault. None. You need to stop telling yourself that. I… I can’t have you going back there. It’s not safe. You need time to heal, mentally and physically,” Daveed whispered, holding you tightly.

“I’m not broken. It’s a black eye, nothing more,” You whispered, slowly removing yourself from Daveed’s hug and sitting down on the floor. You stared at the ground. “It’s nothing I haven’t experienced before.”

Daveed took a seat next to you, wrapping an arm around you. “Was this the first time?” He asked. You shook your head slowly, continuing to stare at the ground. Daveed frowned, pulling you into his lap.

“We need to tell someone. I’m sure if we tell someone, he can be taken away. You can get a restraining order, and…”

“Daveed!” You exclaimed, moving your gaze from the floor to him. He jumped slightly, looking a bit shocked. “There’s nothing I can do. This isn’t some comedic sitcom where all our problems are solved in half an hour, it’s real life. This has been happening for a long time, and I know there’s nothing I can do. I’m helpless.”

Daveed frowned. “I’m going to do everything it takes to keep you safe,” he whispered.

You wiped your eyes slightly, biting your lip. “Do you promise?” You asked quietly, holding out your pinky. He wrapped his pinky around yours, nodding. “I promise.”