sorry guys im having feelings

I haven’t animated in so long??

i jus wnna say rlly quick tht kim taehyung’s natural skin is v beautiful

im feeling so romantically frustrated aaa

Can we all just come to an executive agreement that molotov cocktail Gansey facing down Kavinsky at an illegal drag race is the hottest Gansey? Like cozy scholar glasses Gansey and suffering noble once and future King Gansey are no walk through the park of my heart but damn Maggie. That scene at the drag race was absolutely uncalled for. 

ooc //rant, please ignore if you dont care about admin's personal life issues//

okay so basically im just gonna come out and say that my posts will be off, likely slow, and the project im working on will be delayed.

so if you dont care about my personal life and why this is happening, i’d suggest that you stop reading here. also im sorry for not having a read more button, im on mobile.


i ran out of stuff this morning without realizing so ive gotta catch up with that and queue a bunch of shit

but im not gonna have time to do it.

im gonna be hanging around my mom because my grandfather was diagnosed with stomach cancer and dementia. they say the cancer is slow and that he probably wont die from it, but my mom is pretty upset about the dementia.

normally when she gets bad news, she cries, but this time she didnt, and i know its eating at her and she’ll probably get depressed, which isnt good because she’s currently off her bipolar meds because we cant afford them… (wow i just realized how everything is piling up…)

so im gonna be spending time with her to try and make her happy

which also means that my planned thing wont be done until later… also im actually having some problems with that. ive literally had like five drafts for it and probably three hours down the drain and im kinda sad tbh.

ill try and do it before 200. and if not, then ill do it for the 200 landmark. hopefully.

but yeah

im super sorry ; - ;

and before anyone asks, ill be okay.

thanks for reading and giving a shit lmAO

it means a lot to me

⚠️ Requests Are Closed ⚠️

Hello my fellow followers! I normally don’t make public announcements unless it is something important to me. I would like to point out that requests are closed. It has been stated in the description of my blog, but many haven’t seen it. I completely understand, descriptions can be bother to read sometimes. However, I have been recently overwhelmed with some requests I have to make. I only have 4 more left, but here are reasons why they are taking me longer than usual

  1. The requests include DR characters that do not have many transparents, therefore I have to make them myself, which takes time.
  2. While working on the request, I will occasionally receive some requests that are quite easy to make.
  3. However, even they take just as much time. With all of these short yet tedious requests I can never quite seem to get the a main request done.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore the fact that you guys want me to make wallpapers and edits for you! All I ask is that for the time being, until I get my other requests done that were requested weeks ago, to have nothing requested until I get those wallpapers done. It is only four more, so I hope the wait isn’t too bad. Any questions can still be asked in the ask box, just no requests of any kind please! Thank you for reading this! 


handwriting tag

i was tagged by @kihyunhatesheteros, thank u signe!

sorry for the quality being low and bad lighting! i will write this all out under here if you can’t really read it

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did i!! actually!! manage!! to keep myself!! from casually crushing!! on guys?!?!??!

screw you hansun you broke my record why did you ask for my # and not text back WHY

[151129 HYYH PT. 2 ON STAGE] Jimin was panting so hard so he reached out his hand and requested to their leader, “Water please.” But Namjoon didn’t seem to notice so he ignored him. Suddenly, there was a hand from behind Jimin who was giving his bottle instead and it was J-Hope.

cr.  你是我心里的一只鸡腿


seokjin giving you love (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Im going to bed now cause i still have school tom obviously so goodnight to me then- TvT

hi hi hi ! it’s em but hm i’ve never done one of these before haha so imma give it a shot. but i’m here to do a follow forever ! 

wowow i’ve only had my blog since november 2015 and i already have almost 300 followers hehe thank you ! when i first joined tumblr,,, i had an emo blog and i was a sad smol but it had turned into full kpop by december and now i’m a very happy carat lol. hm its been a fun year for me on tumblr, i’ve made so many new friendos and its just been a good time hehe. everyone is so nice it just makes me so happy :’)) anyways, , , here’s my follow forever….

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Imagine Soonyoung inwardly blushing while he teaches the sensual parts of the choreography to his members because they do not know the moves were created due to the very fact that the two of you haven’t done it in a long time and he was sexually frustrated.