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Why I love Book 4 Korra’s development

So a few days ago, I made a half-joking post about how Korra’s character understandably changed by the end of Book 4. After months of thought, I’m finally making a post on why, as a woman of color, I am totally here for the change.

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Cute Dates? (Tom Holland x Reader)

Fluffy stuff in honor of the one and only Tom Holland’s 21st birthday.

Word count: 784

Author: @chrixa

Gif is not mine.

Originally posted by adori-ngholland

“Today’s gonna be a long day,” you heard Tom’s voice from behind you as turn around to see him walking towards you. 

“I know. 8 hours of sitting through countless humorless interviews with the infamous Tom Holland. Can’t wait,” you smirked at him and let out a chuckle.

“Ha ha, so funny,” he bit back sarcastically. “C'mon, babe, interviews with me are the most fun and exciting.” 

“I’m only gonna say yes because you owe me an ice cream later. So, yes, interviews with you are the ones I look forward to doing,” you smile at him as you wrap your hand around his waist and he returned the gesture. The two of you began walking towards the room to begin the interviews for your newest romantic comedy movie, which is going to be the third time you worked together. 

The first time you were actually an innocent and overly excited intern who was about to graduate with a movie role in hand. It wasn’t that big of a role but hey, you had the opportunity to land a supporting role before graduating, so that was pretty cool. That supporting role was actually where you officially met Tom, because you had a short scene with him in the film. And this time, you were lucky enough (and worked hard enough) to land the main female lead of the film.

“I don’t actually like it when I have to buy you ice creams, you always pick the ones I want and then I can’t buy the ones I want because we have this ‘sharing’ rule and then I have to buy a different flavor from yours because what’s the point in buying the same flavors if you’re gonna share them, right?” 

“Stop rambling and hey, that so called ‘sharing’ rule comes from my family, alright?” You poked his side lightly and he squirmed closer to you. 

“I know, babe, I was just teasing you,” he smiled at you and kissed the side of your head.

You chuckled and let out a “dork” under your breath, which you made sure he heard it because he poked your side a second later. 

“Since you guys are officially dating,” the interviewer started as both Tom and you nodded and smiled, “do you guys go on cute dates like what you did in the movie?” 

“Oh God, no, our dates are horrible and so far from cute,” you rolled your eyes for emphasis.

“Yeah, totally. I mean I’m the only one who’s actually cute in this relationship so,” Tom shrugged and glanced at you with his famous smirk. 

“We wouldn’t hold hands, we stay as far away as possible from each other, you know.” 

“This interview is in fact, pure torture for me because I just can’t stand her,” he couldn’t hold his laughter anymore and just started laughing so hard that you couldn’t help but join him. 

You actually had to wait for your laughter to die down before you start talking again. “No, actually we’re the cutest couple on set, among our friends and in the whole wide world,” you smiled and placed your head on Tom’s shoulder and held his right hand. 

“You guys are the cutest,” the interviewer said with adoration in her eyes. 

“I know right,” Tom said smugly which you responded with a poke to his side. “I’m sorry, I mean to say thank you but I didn’t know what’s gotten into me.” 

“Alright, guys, I guess that last question wraps up our interview today. Thank you so much for your time,” she stood up and shook both of your hands and you thanked her as well. 

“Well, I guess our long day is finally over,” your boyfriend of 8 months said and stood up to stretch. 

“Yes, I can finally have my ice cream. I’m gonna have cookies and cream and mocha,” you pointed to him and smiled when his face fell.

“Damn it, Y/N, I wanted cookies and cream.”

“Ha! I said it first. Cookies and cream is mine!” 

“Yeah, whatever, as long as my girl’s happy,” he took your hand and led you out of the room to get some ice cream. 

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2013 : The year that saw FC Bayern München conquer it all and beyond.

So I just watched Delirious' playthrough of Until Dawn..

And can we talk about how precious this man is? Maybe this has been mentioned before but my god, the way he pronounces words is so endearing. How he says “hooman” (human), “koot” (cute), “cofoos” (confuse). He made this game 5x more hilarious and bearable for me to watch.

That aside, I’m so happy that he ended up making a lot of the right choices in the game and saving a lot more people. He only ended up killing 1 person, and was one of the few youtubers I watched who managed to save Chris, and one of the fastest to figure out the true intentions of the flamethrower guy. Because tbh, I was kinda hesitant to watch at first since he can be unpredictable at times. He may be one of the people in the crew who gets teased a lot, but as shown in this game, he can be pretty damn intuitive. And I’m so happy I ended up being pleasantly surprised by Delirious’ playthrough :)

(Sorry this got so long lmao, I just had a lot of feelings about this)

Spring Cleaning (Bucky x Reader)

I’m  currently failing at running a blog. I’m sorry guys! >.<

This was a request for a lazy Bucky and a strong Reader (like eons ago)! Enjoy!


“Bucky get up!” You stood beside the couch where the super soldier was lazily occupying the entire thing. He had a bowl of cheesy puffs sitting on the coffee table in front of him and was slowly tossing them into his mouth. 

He chewed a few more times, swallowed, batted his baby blues up at you, and then opened his stupid mouth. “No.”

You squinted your eyes at his simple reply and had to stop yourself from physically strangling the man in front of you.

“James Buchanan Barnes you promised!” Your tone was a mix between a whine and a threat. You were in no mood for this right now. You had managed to rid the tower of the rest of your teammates, sending them off on missions and vacations and on errands. All you had needed was a few days by yourself in the Tower.

But for some reason your boyfriend had refused to leave. 

And that would have been fine and dandy had he stuck to the agreement you two shook on at the beginning of the week. But here he was lazing around the dirty living room and refusing to leave so you could continue with your spring cleaning.

“(Y/N) there are plenty of other rooms in the Tower to clean! Go finished everything else and then I’ll move! Promise!” You stared into Bucky’s blue eys looking for a hint of a lie, but finally just heaved a sigh, grabbed your cleaning supplies and walked out of the living room with a dramatic groan. 


“I swear to Asgard Bucky! Get your lazy ass out of the living room!” You were once again towering over the super soldier as he layed across the couch, this time with a beer in his hand. 

“No.” He didn’t even bother to look up at you as he kept his eyes fixed on the TV which was set on the shopping channel as two ladies tried selling frying pans. 

“You. Promised.” You moved so you were blocking his view of the TV, trying to get him to look at you.

“Go clean another room! I’m watching TV!” Bucky dismissed you as he tried peeking around you to see the number flashing on the screen to call and buy the product. 

“I’ve already cleaned every other room! I’ve cleaned the kitchen, the bathrooms, the labs, the bedrooms, hell I even cleaned the gym! Now get out so I can finish!” You were shouting at this point and ready to keep going. Bucky was officially getting on your last nerve and if he didn’t move soon drastic measures would have to be taken. 

Bucky finally looked up into your eyes. There was a moment where your (E/C) eyes stared into his blue ones and as the corners of his lips tugged up to form a minuscule smile that stopped your heart, if only for a second, you thought he was about to fulfill his promise. But-


“THAT DOES IT!” You drop your bucket of cleaning supplies and bend over the now startled man. In one quick, fluid motion you have James Buchanan Barnes, feared Winter Soldier and mighty Avenger, slung over your shoulder as you carry him out of the living room.

“What the hell (Y/N)!” Bucky yells, squirming ni your grasp as you tighten your grip and keep carring him far away from the place you had finally managed to empty. “Put me down!”

“No.” The smirk on your face only grew as you got to throw Bucky’s words back in his face.

“Ha ha I get it. Now put me down!”

“No. You had the chance to move so now I’m moving you!” You opened the door to outside and Bucky’s heart stopped at what he imagined you were up to.


“Yeah Buck?”

“Don’t put me down…” His hands griped your shirt tightly as he felt your feet stop.

“What was that? Did you say put you down?”

“NO!” Bucky squirmed harder as he felt your grip on him shift. You were beginning to think the simple word had become Bucky’s catchphrase.

“Okay Buck. Whatever you want,” and with that Bucky was thrown into the massive pool, which you had spent all of the previous day cleaning.

You didn’t watch as Bucky sank quickly to the bottom. Rather you sprinted back into the safety of the Tower, telling FRIDAY to keep Bucky locked out until he had completely dried.

You heard the “click” of the lock just in time as your boyfriend came barreling up to the glass door trying with all his strength to get it opened.

“(Y/N) let me in!” He was trying to give you a sad puppy dog face but the mixture of mirth and anger dancing in his eyes made it less convincing. 


“I’m starting to hate that word,” Bucky sighed as he pressed his forehead against the glass. “I promise, for real this time, I’ll stay out of the living room.”

“It’s too late Barnes. You’re stuck out there until you dry off. Now sit and think about what you’ve done while I FINALLY go clean the living room!”


“Wow (Y/N) this place looks amazing!” Tony complimented as he, Steve, and Sam walked into the living where you had just dusted the last shelf. 

“Thank you!” You beamed at the three men who looked around in awe. Honestly the whole place looked new it had’t been cleaned in so long. 

“Where’s Bucky?” Steve asked as he returned his attention to you.

“I am right here,” your blood froze at the voice that was suddently right behind you. Before you had time to run or even yell Bucky had picked you up and tossed you over his shoulder just as you had done to him earlier. “Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a little swimming to do.”

“BUCKY STOP! HELP!” But the other men just stared at you and Bucky in amusement shaking their heads. 

“Is this how you used to flirt back in your day?” Tony asked Steve who simply scoffed in reply.

“Keep your clothes on!” Sam yelled after you two with quick noises of agreement from Tony and Steve.

“No.” Was once again Bucky’s simple, making your cheeks heat up as you hung your head. All you had wanted to do was clean the damn living room!


So sorry for not only it being super late but also not that good! I know I have no excuses but school is hard and I gave blood today and it made me super sick:/ 

Anyways I hope you guys like it nonetheless! Requests for one shots and preferences are open (with no promises on how long it will take). 

The Hounds: Round 1

Finally, its here. My first ever fic for The Hounds of Justice, The Shield. 

So V, is being stalked and decides to contact someone from her past who enlists Roman, Seth and Dean to help protect her. Hehe lets see what happens..

A/N: It wasn’t supposed to be so damn long but I got carried away. I’m sorry in advance guys.

Warnings: Flirting and mentions of being tied up.. I wonder who is into that ;) This story is NSFW and 18+. You’ve been warned.

Please let me know of any spelling or punctuation errors you find. Feel free to like, comment and re-blog with with your friends and followers.


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Sitting inside the offices of Blackout Security felt unreal. I didn’t know why I even called him. I told myself that I didn’t need him to fix this problem because id fix it. But as soon as he got bolder then I got really scared and with shaky fingers called Jamie.

Jamie Suarez. My first love and boyfriend/fiance of 7 complete years. From the age of 17 to my 24th birthday I had been with him. When we broke up it was mutual and filled with laughs. We realized that we did love each other, we just weren’t in love with each other. That day he had packed up his things to move to Florida, to start his security firm. He made me promise that if I ever needed him that i’d call him without hesitation. I swore I would and kissed him one last time. That was 2 years ago. That had been the last time I saw him. But today I’d be seeing him again after 2 years.

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  • omg third post of the day
  • look at me go
  • yall r probably super tired of me already lmao
  • i have one more requested that i would like to do for today
  • well
  • maybe three idk leave me alone
  • i just have no chill lmao
  • shoutout to the anon who requested this <3 btw
  • and let’s start this
  • let’s go ~~
  • so, u and mark have been in a relationship for like three months or something
  • you were still knowing each other but so far it was perfection
  • what more do you expect from this angel i mean
  • he’s just such a soft and sweet creature i’m-
  • so arguments never happend, never ever
  • and if the do it were only stupid jokes between you 
  • never an actual argument, not even once
  • so, yeah, going to the story
  • i don’t feel like mark is a jealous person at all
  • he’s just to nice, we seriously doesn’t deserve him he’s too perfect
  • he really really trust you but well
  • i feel like, if there is a random guy who keeps hugging his girlfriend and looking at her in ways only he’s alowed to he’s going to get angry
  • and he said once that when he’s angry the first thing he do is calming down, right?
  • so while you and this uknown person who was being too nice to you keep hugging and talking he was internally trying to calm himself
  • he was like
  • “mark, relax, that idiot-i mean that guy doesn’t know you are his boyfriend”
  • “it’s normal, you haven’t been dating for that long”
  • “she just forgot to tell him, they have been talking for.. ten minutes, and sh-she forgot to tell him that y-you’re her boyfriend”
  • “even though you’re right by her side”
  • he was going crazy believe me
  • and once you ended your conversation and gave your attention to mark again he was SO serious
  • “sorry, baby, he’s just an-”
  • “let’s go to the dorms y/n, right now”
  • damn, he looked angry as fuck and it was SO weird
  • but you kept silent and followed him to the 127 dorms
  • you saw all the memebrs reactionand all of them were just as surprised as you
  • even donghyuck loked scared of him
  • and when yall started “talking” damn he was like other person
  • he was really jealous and he wasn’t even trying to hide it
  • and he wasn’t screaming at you or something, but his voice was higher than it usually is
  • and same thing with yours
  • “mark, can you listen to yourself and realize for once that everthing that you’re saying is bullshit? do you think i’m cheating on you?”
  • “do you think i’m stupid? because, no i’m not, you didn’t even told him i was your boyfriend!”
  • “i was going to introduce him to you but he kept talking and-”
  • “yes, you said that already and i don’t care, listen to me”
  • shhhhhhhhhhhit whhattt jfhsh
  • oh boy, you were angry now
  • “you’re so childish, mark! go ask donghyuck for cuddles now, oh no, better don’t i don’t want to get jealous over your friendship”
  • and you were already walking to the door to get the fuck out of there u know but nope
  • “i’m not fucking done y/n”
  • and he grabs your wrist and turns you around
  • at everything passed really fast
  • your first reaction to his action was to cover your face with your arm to protect you
  • and that shocked him, leaving him in blank
  • “d-did you actually though t-that i was going t-to hurt you?”
  • “n-no y/n.. i-i would never..”
  • he never experienced something like this and he wasn’t sure how he should response to it
  • he lets go of your wrist and when he looks at the mark left by his hand he falls on his knees
  • “i-i’m sorry y/n, i-i’m so sorry”
  • you sat on the floor by his side and let him place his head in your lap while you rub his back to comfort him
  • this is so angsty i’m
  • “i’m sorry, mark. i don’t know why did i act like this i-i am really sorry”
  • he sits by your side and take the tears out your face with his thumb
  • “i promise you i’ll never would do something like that to you, baby, never, i’m so sorry”
  • you hugged him
  • “i know, and i trust you and i love you, i really do, please believe me”
  • you broke the hug and kiss him sweetly, still apologizing
  • “i love you too, y/n”
  • i wish this was an scenario it would be so dramatic
  • btw, i made a scenario ver of this too
  • you can read it here
  • and tbh i like that one a lot more lmao
Sami Zayn - We might not be the greatest love but we're pretty good.

Prompt: Could you please do an imagine where you help sami in a match against mike & maria bc they’ve been taunting him about love, so when he wins you kiss him in the ring and he does that smushy giggle. Sorry it’s so long and i know it kinda hasn’t happened but we can dream😂. Thankyouu❤
Requested: by anon
Warnings: None
Words: 1000+

“Y/n. Sami is at the door” Nattie said coming to the locker room. You grinned getting off the ground with only one wing of eyeliner done and headed to the door.

“Why hello Samantha” you grinned at him

“That’s not my name and you know it” Sami rolled his eyes before kissing your head. He looked at you with a straight face “your make up looks horrible”

“So does your face” you shrugged

“You guys are the god damn weirdest couple” Kevin, who was walking past said, shaking his head. You stared Sami down for a moment before bursting into a fit of giggles. Sami signature smile spread across his face.

“I win” he said and kissed your lips. You wrapped your arms around his neck. It had been about a week and a half since you had seen your fiancé, just because of media, different house show schedules and travelling with friends rather than each other. “Match tonight?”

“Sadly no. Just a backstage segment” you shrugged “you?”

“Yeah against Mike again. I already know how it’s gonna go. Just as I’m about to win Maria will get involved” Sami sighed

“Well there is an easy fix to that” you said gesturing to yourself

“Nope. You are not getting involved, you could get hurt”

“You realise that I am a professional wrestler right?” You asked

“You realise the WWE universe don’t know we’re in a relationship, let alone engaged” Sam said

“Maybe it’s time to tell the world” you shrugged Although you and Sami have been together for quite some time, it’s not public knowledge. You were both private people and decided at the start of the relationship to keep it private. 99% of relationships don’t work out and you really didn’t want people getting invested in the relationship if it didn’t work out. 

“Up to you gorgeous” Sami shrugged “You’re still not getting involved, Mike and Maria are unpredictable. Plus it’s my fight, not yours”

“What’s mine is yours”

“Not yet. Still a couple more months” Sami smiled taking your hand and playing with the engagement ring

“And yet when the welcoming committee was attacking me you wanted to get involved” you raised your eyebrows at him.

“Yeah yeah” Sami waved you off “I should go get ready, and you need to finish your make up” you rolled your eyes as he changed the subject before going on your toes to kiss him. As you turned to walk back inside the locker room, Sami slapped your butt. “I’ll pick you up here after the show so we can go home” he smiled.

Sami’s music hit and your eyes lit up, it didn’t last long though before Mike and Maria came out holding hands and a microphone. “Sami Sami Sami” Maria said “you are just upset that you will never have a love as great as ours”

“Don’t get me wrong, I love having Maria back but god damn I hate this true love, first lady of WWE crap” Nattie rolled her eyes. 

“My husband and I are the greatest love story to ever come out of wwe” Maria smiled looking into Mike’s eyes.

“Nah I think that’s more Stephanie and Hunter” Charlotte pointed out 

“Me and Sami might not be the greatest but we’re pretty good” you huffed crossing your arms. Maria was making you really defensive of your relationship, you’d never been like this before. You and Sami have always had a laid back, chilled out, good vibes type of relationship. You hardly fought and if you did it wouldn’t last long before one of you caved in and compromised. 

“Mike is the greatest husband in the world and the greatest lover” Maria smirked 

“I don’t know Sami’s beard is pretty great” you smirked suggestively raising your eyebrows, all the girls burst into a fit of giggles.

The match began and Sami and Mike went at it. You couldn’t deny that Mike was a good wrestler but of course, Sami was better. You may be a bit bias. Sami set up for the Helluva Kick but Maria got in the ring, distracting Sami because of course, he would never intentionally hit a woman, so Mike got the upper hand. Sami got his momentum back and went for another Helluva kick and Maria grabbed his foot under the bottom rope. 

“I am so over this” you huffed getting up and heading to gorilla position. Thankfully, Sami hadn’t lost his momentum and was still kicking Mike’s butt. Maria was pretty mad walking around the ring. You watched from gorilla and could tell that Sami wanted to go for another Helluva kick. He moved around the ring trying to keep an eye on Maria as well as Mike. Sami whipped Mike into a corner of the ring, that’s when Maria decided to jump on the apron and began screaming at Sami. 

You decided it was now or never. You ran down the ramp at warp speed, running around the ring to Maria. You grabbed her foot and pulled it out from under her, making her slam her face into the apron. You smirked before looking up at Sami. 

“Sami watch out!” You yelled as Mike charged at Sami. Sami ducked a clothes line before whipping him into a corner of the ring and going straight for the Helluva kick and picking up the victory. You cheered loudly as the ref held his arm in the air. Mike rolled out of the ring as you rolled in. 

“I guess we’re public now?” You grinned wrapping your arms around his torso and scrunched your face. “I forgot how sweating you are” Sami just laughed and kissed your head. 

“I thought I told you not to get involved. You could have gotten hurt” Sami said with a very disapproving look on his face. 

“But I wasn’t. Besides I was just levelling out the playing field” you shrugged Sam leant down planting a very passionate and long kiss on your lips. The crowd went nuts, clearly not expecting this. 

“Definitely public now” Sami grinned as Mike and Maria retreated up the ramp. You held up your hand showing off your ring before kissing Maria a little wave. Boy did she look pissed.

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All A Blur

Word count: 9494
Genre: Smut
Warnings: Rough sex, domination/submission, spanking, orgasm denial, bondage, toy(s).
Summary: That was one hell of a one night stand, you just needed to remember who it was.

~“OH Fuck!” You moaned aloud as he thrusted into you, the man grabbing your love handles, leaving hickeys on your neck as he pounded you into oblivion.

“God you feel so amazing” he groaned, thrusting into your mercilessly as he worked you to both of your peaks. You walls clenched around his as his thumb rubbed you clit as he thrusted into you. You screamed in pleasure, your head tilting backwards and your back arching off the bed as he hit your g-spot over and over and over…

“Fuck please don’t stop!” you screamed, your eyes clamped shut, the mans face a blur as you curled you toes in pleasure, letting your orgasm finally wash through you, tingling through your body sending shivers through all your limbs. His thumb rounded at you clit and he thrusted into you relentlessly as you held out your high. Your fingernails ran down the mans back, drawing blood as you scraped down from his shoulder blades to his hips, trying to send relief through your body by doing so. He hissed at the feeling but it amplified his pleasure as he grabbed tightly onto your hips, surely bruising you from his grip, but you rather enjoyed it. Your back laid down onto the bed, falling from your high as he finally reached his, pounding into you so fast and hard as he shot his seed into you, the warm feeling of him around your walls making you moan. His muscled tensed and he groaned and cursed your name over and over and you watched as sweat glistened on his forehead, his face still just a blur, but his dark hair a sexy mess from your hands tugging at it all night long…

His thrusts started to become sloppy and his muscles started to relax as he collapsed on top of you, the smell of alcohol in your breaths as you both tried to calm down your breathing, your chest rising up and down as the men fell on top of you, his head cradling into your neck as he left a few last kisses, relaxing himself before rolling to the side, allowing your tired drunken self to fall asleep straight away, not noticing as he slipped slowly out of your apartment, leaving you in the night. ~

You woke up in the morning, stretching your arms and legs, groaning mid-yawn from your morning grogginess, shaking your head as you tried to remove the images from your head of the night before. The flashbacks   flooding back into your mind and you couldn’t tell if it was a dream or not, that was at least until you rubbed your eyes open and saw the state of your room. You clothes of the previous night were thrown all over your floor, a shoe here, dress over there, undies somewhere else in the room, and the empty slot beside you in the bed crumpled from the man previously occupying it. The man you couldn’t remember no matter how many times you tried to re-image his face as he fucked you, but it was all just a blur and you couldn’t bring yourself to remember his name or his face. You shook away the images and lifted yourself out of the bed, instantly cradling your head from the hangover you felt immediately, fuck you drank a lot last night…

Your legs shake as you go to walk, that man fucked you hard and you could definitely feel it whenever you took a step with your shaky legs. You mumbled and cursed to yourself as you tried to make your room look somewhat decent, picking up the messy clothes all over the floor, grabbing the five empty beer bottles you shared with him when you got back to your apartment last night. You managed to live through pre-club drinks, club drinks and post-club drinks. When you entered the bathroom you stared at your naked body, you had hickeys and bruises everywhere, your hips were red and bruised from how hard he gripped you, you still felt like you can feel his hands gripping your hips. You ran your hands over the bruises, wincing as some were still sensitive. How the fuck were you supposed to hide all these at work for the next few days??? You work top showed your skin to just below you collarbone, and you had hickeys there too, this was going to be a difficult few days of makeup coverage.

“Shit!” you gasp as you stare at the time on your watch, you had a just under half hour before you needed to leave for work, you didn’t have time to shower or eat. You frantically chucked on as much makeup up as you could, trying to hide the hickeys as best as you were able to, you could still see them a little bit, but barely anymore. You put on your uniform as fast as possible and rushed to work at the coffee shop you currently had a part time job at while you studied in school. You didn’t mind the job, you worked there with your best friend and you enjoyed making coffee, not so much serving but whatever.

You ran into the cafe, only 2 minutes late, you signed in and put on your apron, making your way out of the staff area to start your long shift. You walked around serving people non-nonchalantly, not paying much attention to anyone as you counted down the clock to your first break in your 9 hour shift. When it finally came around you practically made a run for the break room, greeting your friend who was currently doing the same shift as you.

“Y/n you look like shit” she laughed at you. You rubbed your eyes, pretending to be insulted by the remark but you knew it was true.

“Thanks so much Betty, its great to see you too!”

“How much did you drink last night?”

“God, who fuckin knows, I sure as hell don’t, just know it was a lot”

“Well it seems like you had fun, because judging by cakey make up all over your neck, i’m assuming you have a few things to hide”

“You’re right. they’re everywhere, its ridiculous” you removed the top from your shoulder, showing her more hickeys you didn’t bother hiding and she was continuously laughing at you as you showed her every place you had them, chest, stomach, shoulders, everywhere.

“Damn girl, the guy must be kinky as fuck. You gonna see him again?”

“Thats the thing, Betty I fucked up”


“I was so drunk…I can’t remember his name or even what he looked like and he left before the morning, I literally remember nothing but I’m trying too, I keep reliving the night, imagining it, it’s kind of coming back in pieces but his face is just a blur in the memories, but god damn, it was amazing” You closed your eyes reminiscing and your friend slapped your shoulder, laughing at you as she brought you back into reality.

“So you fucked a guy and you have absolutely no clue who it was? Wow, that’s pretty amazing”

“I want to know who it was though, did you see him before I left with him last night?”

“Sorry y/n, all I saw of him was his dark hair, never saw his face, I do remember he had nice long legs though, I saw you dancing with him for a while and then you two left”

“Fuuuuck, i’m never going to find out who it was”

“You never know! You might be in luck sometime soon, no time now though, we have to go back”

You groaned as you friend dragged you up and back out to work. As you walked back out your eyes locked on a man who had just collected the drink he had ordered. He started right back at you and you were confused when he had a look of surprise written in his features, but then you were the one to show a surprised look when he made a full blown smirk at you, winking before he walked out of the cafe. You watched him as his legs strode out onto the street, admiring him from afar. Why did he give you such a look?

You thought about him for the rest of your shift, even thought about him when you went to sleep later that night. His charms were unbelievable, he was absolutely gorgeous, and those lips… so perfectly plump. You hoped you would see him again, but it was a long shot.

~“Oh god..Don’t stop”  Your voice was shaky, breathless as your hands gripped the bed sheets, your knuckles white. Your bruised body on show for him as his tongue roamed your folds, his mouth sucking on you and he stared up at you. He watched as your head raced from side to side. You breasts perked as your chest moved up and down. You hand moving to his hair, gripping tightly as you tugged roughly, feeling the vibrations of his moan on your clit and your hips arched in response, your body writhed and his arm came full force to keep you under control, slamming your hips back down onto the bed sheets. His hands moved to grip at your thighs, fingers digging deep as he separated your legs, licking deeper within you.

“Good girl” he said to you as you moaned uncontrollably. Your eyes clamped shut, which didn’t matter because you couldn’t see anyway. Your vision was dark and you couldn’t see what was happening down where he was, which is why all your feelings were amplified. Each bite on your thighs, each tug at your hips, each lick sent shivers through your body.~

“Fuck Ba—”~

“Y/N! HELLO!!!” your friend shook you out of your daze and you were dazzled, lost in your memory.

“I– what?”

“Your breaks over, you have to go back”

“Oh, right”

“What were you thinking about?”

“The other night…Which by the way, DAMN you Betty!” you slapped her across the arm and she put on an over dramatic performance to pretend it hurt.

“What did I do!?!?”

“I swear I was about to remember his name!”

“Well remember it another time you have coffee to serve”

“I remember something else too”

“Whats that?”

“I’m pretty sure I was blindfolded for a lot of it”

“Ooooooooh, kinky! No wonder you barely got to see his face”

“True, but damn it was amazing”

She laughed at you, shooing you away and you groaned as you made your way out of the staff room, wrapping your apron back around you, grabbing your coffee pot, ready to serve anyone their refills.

For the rest of your shift you pretended to smile at people, pretended to be interested in whatever they were saying, and pretended to listen to your boss whenever he told you to stop daydreaming, but all you had on your mind was him, you didn’t know why it was bothering you so much, he was something different, not like some usual one night stand. You needed to know who it was and it was going to kill you if you didn’t find out.
When your shift was finally over, you and Betty restlessly walked back to your cars, awaiting a good nights sleep.

“This guy really fucked you good didn’t he”

“Ugh Betty! It’s not just that. There was something different and I’m pissed off because I can barely remember anything!”

“Why don’t you just let it go?”

“I can’t, I need to know who it was”

“It’s all you’ve been seeming to think about lately, you’ve been very distracted at work the past couple of days”

“I’ve had some improvement though! I know what his name starts with, a B”

“A B huh? Maybe it was me!” She laughed, proud of her stupid joke and you slapped her again.

“Shut up. Ill see you tomorrow” You rolled your eyes at her and waved as you got into your car, watching as she rubbed her arm with a pout, getting into her own car which was parked right next to yours. You waved as you drove off, finally arriving home, getting ready for bed and falling asleep immediately. Ready to welcome another night of memories, maybe you might get somewhere…

~You bounced up and down on the bed as he fucked you from behind, his hand impacting with your ass to leave big red hand prints, spanking you repeatedly and you jumped from the force each time.

“Keep counting them” he says to you as he spanks you again, and you whisper the number under your breath.

“Out loud” he says, repeating the action and you jumped from the sensitivity on your cheeks.

“9” you say, you breath shaky and your legs wobbling.

“Good girl, one more”  you lean back up on your hands, readying yourself for the last slap and yelping when it finally came, but relief sent through your body when he soothed the skin, rubbing your cheeks gently.

He continued to thrust into you, sending waves of pleasure through your body, his hand coming underneath you to your breasts, messaging them roughly. You scream as he hits your g-spot, hitting it over and over again, your voice lost and your head rolling as you stomach started to tighten again, ready to welcome yet another orgasm, you’re not sure how many you’ve had at this point.

“OH FUCK!” ~

Your eyes shoot open as your phone alarm blares through your room, giving you a shitty greeting as you fumble to turn it off, turning over on your bed.

“Ow!” you shout, falling on the floor with your phone, but finally getting the stupid alarm off. You rubbed your eyes yawning, looking at the time on your phone, it was 8 o'clock and you started work at 9, giving you just the right amount of time to chuck on some makeup and put on your uniform, leaving the house with a warm hot chocolate in hand, taking sips as you drove to work. With 5 minutes to spare you signed on, ready to go.

The first few hours of you shift went quiet, and you were happy because you’ve had only lovely people today and even got some generous tippers, but as you walked to serve someone their refill you almost dropped the glass pot when you saw the guy from the other day walk into the cafe. You tried not to stare so much as you refilled the customers cup but watched the mysterious man as he ordered and then took a seat, you couldn’t help but look every time you got a chance, and you know he noticed when he kept smirking at you, the egotistical smile driving you crazy but it was so… fucking arousing.

“Bambam!” you hear the barista shout from the counter, just finishing an order, the name rang a bell in your head but you couldn’t quite figure it out. You noticed straight away that it was the mysterious brown-locked man who got up to grab the drink. He sat back down at his table, you watched as subtly as you could as he poured an extra sugar into his coffee.

When a short while passed of him scrolling on his phone sipping his coffee, both of you exchanging looks every now and then, he had finally finished his coffee and you took the chance to immediately go and clean his table, apparently getting closer to him was going to achieve something. You wiped his table clean and as he left a tip for you he leaned in way too close as he whispered to you.

Good girl…” he winked at you again before making his way to the exit. You watched him start to leave as you put two and two together… The faces he has been giving you, his gorgeous legs and hair, his name, and most importantly, what he had just so seductively whispered to you.
You gasped, dropping whatever was in your hand as you ran out the door after him.

“Hey!” you shouted, making him stop in his tracks, he turned around, an immediate shit eating grin on his face that made you stop in your tracks just as fast.

“It was you!!” you questioned.

“I’m glad you remembered” he said to you. You were shocked, you finally found him and now you’re seeing his face and god he was beautiful, you didn’t know what to say as you stood there dumbfounded, taking in his godly looks, not saying anything and he laughed at you. He took a couple strides towards you and you wanted to take a step back but your feet were locked onto the one spot on the ground. He stared down at you, right into your eyes and you shuddered when he took the initiative to reach deep into your front pocket. He grabbed your phone, texting his own number to save it in both of your phones. He leaned down to your ear, softly biting down onto it as he whispered.

“Ill see you soon…y/n” he remembered your name and you loved the way it rolled off his tongue as he slipped away from you, leaving you on the sidewalk completely dazed. It took you a second to regain yourself and you jumped back into reality when you heard your supervisor shout your name from the cafe door. You ran back and tried to get through the rest of your shift as best you could, but you couldn’t concentrate, you just wanted to go on your phone, look for new texts from him or even text him yourself. You laughed at the thought, you would never have that much courage. So instead, you rushed on home at the end of your shift, you finished early thankfully, so you were home by 6, but you didn’t spend your home time calm and collected. Instead you wandered around your house, checking your phone every few minutes hoping for a text from him…Bambam, the name slipped from your tongue. How could you forget it so easily when it was so peculiar and unique? His face was fair enough, you remembered being blindfolded, but his name…why would you forget that?

“Fucking hell Y/N stop” you scolded yourself, walking away from your phone but stopping immediately when you heard the familiar ding of a new text message, looking back at your phone as it lit up. You plopped down onto the couch as you picked it up and you gasped, it was from him.

I want to have some fun tonight, meet me here … x

You read the text, reading the address he left at the bottom, you studied the text, what he insinuating what you thought he was? You immediately called Betty, wanting her advice if you should actually go.

“Hey y/n, whats up?”

“I have a question”

“Do go on”

“If an almost complete stranger that you had a one night stand with whom you forgot and finally remembered and got his number, asks you to meet him somewhere with a fairly suggestive text, would you go?”

“Whooaaaa, slow down girl”

“Ok, I found out who the guy was, It was that really hot guy that came in the other day. We exchanged numbers and he is asking me to meet him at his place I think, should I go??”

“Um, HELL yeah! You haven’t stopped thinking about him since that other night and now you finally know who he is! GO!!!”

“I think he wants to… you know…”

“Fuck you again? Whats to complain about! He is fucking hot as hell, go for it”

“Your advice is always the best Betty” you say sarcastically as you both laugh.

“What else are best friends for?”

“Don’t know what I’d do without you! Well….I guess I’m gonna leave soon! Call you tomorrow!”

“Have funnnnn” she says tauntingly over the phone before you both hang up.

You walk up the stairs of the house, nervous…and you think about walking back into your car, but you push yourself forward and in the next second you were knocking on the door, breathing out deeply to calm your heart beat. You try to relax your nerves when the door starts to open.

“Hi there honey…” The pet name gave you goosebumps and you remembered him calling you it the other night. You smiled at him as you walked inside, taking in the surroundings, the lights in his house were set very dim, the house mostly dark, creating a mood that made your heart beat.

“I uh–” You were about to speak when you were interrupted, turned around and pushed roughly against the wall, the sudden impact making you gasp.

“I’ve been thinking about you, and I know you’ve been thinking about me too, am I right?” you were intimidated trapped inside his arms, but you were getting so turned on and you felt it when you shut your legs together tight, your arousal already showing. You nodded at him, not daring to turn away from his eyes, his intense gaze that was making you melt, your hand trapped at your side as you leaned against the wall, his hips leaning right into yours.

“I can hear your heartbeat… are you nervous?” he asked you, a smirk plastered across his gorgeous features.

“No…” you whispered softly as his lips lingered over your ear, your body tingling as he nibbled on your ear, his lips coming down to kiss the end of your jaw and you shut your eyes from the soft touches.

“Good, I hope you’re ready for me tonight honey… because this time I’m making sure you remember all of it” You didn’t get to say a word when his lips crashed on yours, his tongue immediately pushing its way into your mouth, you were taken aback but you found your rhythm in the kiss, kissing him back in the chaste kiss. The kiss was rough and rushed and you were loving every second of his mouth on yours, the taste of his plump red lips as you teeth tugged on them. His hands dug at your hips, pushing you right back into the wall and digging his hips into your own as his tongue roamed your mouth, relishing in your lips.

His teeth gripped at your lower lip, and you moaned when he pulled away, your bottom lip bouncing back and he reconnected his lips on yours. Your hands clasped at his hair, holding tightly as his hands made his way underneath your tight shirt, pushing the velvet material upwards and you felt the cold air on your torso. His hands roamed around your skin, his mouth pulling away from yours to latch onto your neck, biting down roughly and sucking harshly as you clutched tighter onto his hair, hissing from the many bruises he was leaving on your neck, on top of the ones he had left just a few days earlier, you hissed from the still sensitive skin as he bit and nibbled, leaving you already a moaning mess in front of him as his hands continued to roam around your back, gripping your love handles and pulling you forward into him, his hands ran down your body, placing themselves on you ass as he squeezed your cheeks tightly causing you to release a deep moan. As you tugged harder in his hair his hands came around, grabbing you own and pinning them above you as he separated his lips from your skin, his hands gripping your wrists tight.

“Do you remember what to call me honey?” You looked at him breathless, confusion sprawled across your face, your features a mess, your lips red and puffy, bruises spread all over your neck, glistening with saliva from his intense kisses. He looked at the confused expression on your face, laughing lightly.

“Sir…only sir, otherwise there’s going to have to be consequences” you nodded at him shakily and then it donned on you, that’s why you couldn’t remember his name, you remembered it started with B because you think you it may have slipped past your lips once, and he punished it for you.

“Good girl” he said, the familiar quote sending shivers down your spine.

“Come with me” he leaned his body off of yours, and you missed the feeling as soon as he did so, but he grabbed your hand in his, leading you upstairs into his master bedroom. You walked into the door, Bambam leading you inside by the small of your back and you stood there waiting for his next move. You felt his presence behind you as his hands traced up your arms, his fingers feathering up lightly as he grabbed the front of your jacket, sliding it off your arms and onto the floor, you stood still not daring to move, turning your head a little to the side when his hands made their way to the hem of your top, bunching the material in your hands to pull it above your head, your stomach bare and showing the dark purple lace bra you chose for the evening, but he left it for now. His fingers traced down the sides of you hips, tickling you as he grabbed the hem of your jeans, his hands coming around to pull down the zipper, he kissed down your body, the middle of you back to your hips as he pushed the material down your legs and you stepped out of them, kicking off your shoes at the same time.

“I see you dressed for the occasion” he smirked at you, eyeing you as his fingered tangled with the hem of your matching purple lace panties. He grabbed the thin material, dropping then down your legs before tracing his hand back up, undoing your bra, the straps falling down your arms, the feeling making you tingle as they fell to the floor.

“Lie on the bed for me honey, on your back”

“Yes…sir” He watched you closely as you walked to the bed before exiting the room. You laid down on the bed, on your back as you were told to, not knowing what to really do with your hands as you laid them onto your stomach, you were nervous, there was no alcohol to fake confidence this time, your heart pounded in your chest and when he walked back into the room you were immediately met with things you recognised, a blindfold and felt ropes, he walked on one side of the bed, leaning over to grab your left hand.

“Relax baby” he said, noticing your tense muscles. You tried to as best you could because you were aroused by everything he was doing, you could feel your arousal pooling at your legs, especially when he started to tie your hand to the bed post. He walked around to the other side of the bed and you followed him around as he grabbed your other arm, tying you to the post. You checked out the give in the ropes, not too much but fairly comfortable before you laid your eyes back onto him. He was spinning around the blindfold in his hands and your eyes followed it round and round, waiting for him to place it on you.

“I’m going to use this later…” he says, placing it onto the bedside table, before climbing onto the bed, spreading your legs, the cold air hitting your core making you shiver, he positioned himself between your legs.

“Fuck you look so sexy with my bruises all over you, they’ve faded though, I’m going to have to fix that”.

He leaned over your body and you stared down at him, his eyes gazing at you before starting to kiss down you body, starting at your collarbone, making his way down to your perked breasts as he started leaving hickeys on the sensitive skin, and you started to moan, your hands grabbing at the ropes when he bit down on your flesh, sucking harshly, he traced over you previous bruises from him and you could feel them reforming on your skin as you winced at the feeling, but fuck you were enjoying it and you just wanted to have your hands all over your skin, barely noticing as you hands tugged harshly on the ropes. His hands grabbed and messaged your breast while his lips enticed the other, sucking and nibbling on the perked nipple causing your breast to arch up into his lips in pleasure and you could fell his smirk against your skin as you moaned.

“FUCK SIR!” you moaned in pleasure as his teeth tugged on your nipple, pulling before letting go, your breast bounce back down onto your chest. You wanted to bad to grip at his hair and his shoulders as he sucked onto your breasts, but the restraints held you back, leaving you a frustrated panting mess underneath him, his hand messaged your other breast, squeezing roughly, pinching your nipple in his fingers, tugging on it, and curse words fell from your lips. He swapped breasts, sharing the treatment and you arched into him while you cursing in your mind at the fucking ropes. Having your sense of touch taken away amplified all of your feelings, and you moaned over and over. He removed his lips from your breast, messaging them both with his hands as his mouth moved down your torso, leaving a trail of wet kisses as he made his way down to your core, his hot breath lingering over where you needed him most and you were getting impatient, your arousal practically dripping at your heat and you needed some relief.

“Please sir…” you begged him, his hands coming down to grip your hips as you arched them up to him, holding you back down. He looked up at you, his eyes full of dangerous lust, a shit eating grin plastered across your face as he read the desperateness in your features.

“Impatient little girl” he chuckled at you. He breathed over your core, blowing lightly, the feeling tingling you and his teasing frustrating you even more. He spread your thighs, kissing them lightly, his hair scraping over where you wanted him most making you moan. You sighed as he kisses further up your thigh, before finally connecting his lips to your core, licking a clean strip upwards and you screamed out in pleasure, your hips bucking.

“You’re so wet already” he says to you, his mouth connecting with your clit and you cry out as he starts sucking harshly on the sensitive nub, you pull on the ropes hard as you arch upwards, his hands coming down onto your hips, forcing you still one the bed. All you wanted to do was dig your hands in his brunette locks, pushing his head deeper into you, but you couldn’t and instead you writhed underneath him, breathing heavily from the pleasure as his tongue devoured your clit, licking rough circles up and down your folds, nibbling on your sensitive nub and driving you insane.

“Oh god!” you moan, muffling your face into the pillow, biting down into it, trying to find relief from his expert tongue as he circled it over your entrance, poking his tongue in and out of you, your walls clenching to nothing as he did so. His tongue lapped at your clit, giving you kitten licks before making its way back down to your entrance, poking inside of you and licking you inner walls as his nose rubbed your nub. His tongue roamed inside you licking in circles as far as he could reach, his nose rubbing your folds for added pleasure and you were screaming in ecstasy. His tongue started to thrust in and out of you slowly, driving you crazy and your walls continued to clench. He brought his tongue back to your clit, sucking on it, pulling it away with him as you cried out in pleasure, he nibbled softly, his wet muscle lapping up and down your folds, sucking harshly and you started to feel a knot in your stomach, your orgasm quickly approaching.

“Fuck Sir! im so close” you let out breathy moans, your chest pacing and your heart beat rapid as sweat beaded down your forehead, his tongue working its magic and as you were about to come he stopped, leaving you frustrated and uncomfortable as the feeling washed away, leaving you sensitive and unfinished.

“What the fuck!” you swore at him but he placed his finger over your mouth.

“Shh, its okay honey, just have some patience…” He got off of the bed, leaving you a panting mess as he walked around to the bedside table, grabbing the blindfold.

“Time for some real fun” he smirks as you, his pupils dilated to the max. You watched as the room started to darken, the blindfold finally over your eyes, your head being lifted up tie it around the back, two important senses now taken away from you and your body shuddered in arousal, awaiting his next move. You can hear Bambam leave the room, coming back a few moments later and placing some objects on a table, leaving you with the feeling of anticipation, your heart beat rose from not knowing what he was planning, but from what you can remember from the other night, you knew you were going to enjoy it. You felt the weight drop as he came back onto the bed, your hands held the rope as you felt his presence on top of you, his hot breath lingering over your torso.

You gasped suddenly as you felt a cold object pressed onto your torso, ice cold as he used his lips to scrape it down your torso to your core, you hips bucked immediately when the coldness pressed onto your sensitive nub, what you believed to be a block of ice was melting onto you, creating a beautiful contrast between his hot lips and the cold ice block. Goosebumps spread across your body as he brought the cube down to your folds, licking the rest of the melted water over your entrance.

“oh! god-” you voice was shaky as he added a new cube straight onto your core, moving it up and down with is fingers. He moved it slowly over you clit, rounding it in circles before moving it down tauntingly, very slowly poking it inside your entrance, your voice lost and your mouth gaping from the feeling of the coldness inside you, but it felt amazing. As the ice cube melted you were left with cold water dripping down your body, down the sides of you torso and down your folds, but he placed one more…two…three more on you at once, evenly placed down your stomach making you breathe heavily. His lips pressed against each cube as they melted on your body, leaving the one below you belly button for last, holding it against his mouth as he licked around the sides of it and you could feel his tongue gliding in circles across your belly before dragging the ice cube down, once again against your clit. He kept the ice cube in place on your clit as he licked around in circles, his tongue against you and the cube, making it melt more quickly onto your nub, you hips arched from the feeling, ropes tight against your wrists as you grabbed onto them. Soon the last cube melted, leaving just his tongue back on your clit, licking you once again. He flat tongued you over and over again, and your voice shouting aloud in pleasure, as his tongue kitten licked at your clit you felt his hands glide up your legs.

A loud groan left your lips, along with numerous curse words as he inserted two fingers into you, setting a slow place, but going knuckle deep inside of you and you could feel the coarseness of his rings as they went in and out, your walls clenched around his fingers as they were deep inside you. He removed his tongue, concentrating on fingering. He watched as your chest rose and fell fast and your eyebrows furrowed, and he watched as you bit your lip tight, almost drawing blood, he smirked to himself knowing he was the cause of the mess you had become. Your head lolled back as he curled his fingers inside of you, your body jumping in reflex.

“Fuck!” you shout as he repeats the action before adding another finger inside of you, thrusting in and out of you faster, setting a merciless pace as he got impatient teasing you. His fingers came in and out of you like lightning, rocking your body and making you scream, your voice echoing in the black room. The sound of him fingering you masked your moans, and the cruse sounds of your juices as his fingers lapped at your clit filled the room. His fingers pounded you relentlessly, curling inside you every few thrusts before he finally slowed down, and for a few moments you felt some relief as he just felt around inside you, moving his fingers in circles around your walls, applying pressure against them and your mouth opened in shock of the new feeling, when he saw your reaction he repeated it, applying hard pressure to your sides, scraping along your walls before he fastened up his pace again, thrusting his fingers in and out of you, your wetness covering his hands, sweat glistened down your forehead, loose hairs stuck on your face as your eyes clenched shut beneath the blindfold, the long lost feeling in your stomach starting to return and you hoped he wouldn’t take it away again. Your breath hitched in your throat and you tried to speak, indicating to Bambam that you were close.

Bambam took the hint, thrusting his fingers in and out of you even faster, bringing his other hand up to your clit, his thumb running in circles to bring you faster to your high and you groaned in euphoria as his thumb lapped at your clit, the added sensation bringing your closer to the brink as you finally let go, coming onto his hands, your juices spilling out of you. You tried to scream out in pleasure as your orgasm washed over your body, your gripped harshly onto the ropes, your hands sore from doing it so much. You toes curled in pleasure and your back arched off the bed as you saw stars, your eyes shut so tightly, watering from the intensity of your orgasm, his fingers still pounding you as you rode out the pleasure, when your muscles started to relax he removed his hands from your core, your juices staining the mattress, his fingers rubbed your folds, spreading your wetness onto yourself and you winced at the sensitivity. His fingers ran up your body, your mouth open wide as he placed his fingers into your mouth, making your lick his fingers clean and you tasted yourself all over him as you sucked on his fingers, before he removed them from your mouth with a popping sound.

“Did you like that baby girl?” he asked you, his finger trailing down you leg.

“Yes…” you say to him, a gulp in your voice.

“Yes what?”


“Good girl, if you enjoyed that, I think you’re really going to enjoy this…”

You could hear him walk around the bed, grabbing the object he had earlier placed onto the bed side table, it sounded hard, but you couldn’t tell what it was. He trailed the object up your leg, the cold object sending goosebumps through you.

“Do you know what this is?” You shook your head at him, the only thing you could tell was that it was metal.

“I guess you’re going to find out then honey…”
You sighed in content as the metal object came closer to your core, gasping as he rubbed it between your folds which were still fairly sensitive. A lewd cry came from your lips as he turned the object on, your hips bucking and you immediately realised what it was when he pushed the vibrator against your clit. He held it against your clit, not moving it an inch and it was driving you crazy as your hips repeatedly bucked for some relief but you couldn’t find any.  He rubbed the vibrator up and down your folds, pressing hard against your nub each time he came back up. As he brought the vibrator down, he poked it inside you, making you jump in surprise at the sensation it sent, your legs starting to quiver from the feelings. When he brought it back up to your clit he held it there with his thumb, using his other fingers to tease around your entrance before inserting them back into you.

“Oh fuck, fucK!” you scream as he lightly starts pumping his fingers out of you, the sensation of the vibrator and his expert fingers sending you into a frenzy as your body shook. You cried out as he turned up the intensity of the vibrator, your eyes clenched shut as the buzzing took you away. His fingers slowly pumped inside you, pressing against your walls as the vibrator tormented you clit. For what seems like forever he keeps it there, your hips trying to find some escape from it, the feeling making you fall into euphoria as his long coarse fingers continued to work their magic in rhythm of the vibrator, slowly increasing the speed of his fingers, pumping in and out of you faster, curling inside you and making you scream as the ropes dug into your wrists from grabbing them so hard. Bambam finding pleasure in your wrecked state as your head turned from side to side, you teeth biting down onto the pillow, and your feet digging into the mattress. He removed his fingers from inside you, and turned the vibrator off, you sighed in what you thought was relief and the feeling of missing it, but for only a few moments you relaxed as he leaned over you, his arms on either side of you as his lips lingered over yours.

“Good girl…you’re handling this very well so far” He left a light kiss on your lips as he rubbed the vibrator down your folds, rounding it around your entrance and turning it back on, the intensity higher then it was previously and your chest immediately bucked into his own, your muscles tensing as the vibrations sent waves of pleasure through your body. You could hear yourself losing your voice as you screamed over and over. He poked the vibrator inside you, the vibrations feeling like heaven against your walls, he then inserted it all the way in, your mouth agape in shock, no voice coming out as you tried to scream in pleasure, the vibrator now set on full intensity as he twisted it around and around inside you, thrusting it slowly in and out of you.

“Lets see how long you can last honey..” you didn’t know exactly what he meant by this or what he was planning to do, until you felt him push the vibrator inside you and remove his hands, you felt his weight leave the bed, leaving you on the bed as he watched you go crazy from the side, finding pleasure in your messy state. Moans and broken screams left your mouth as the vibrator was left inside you, buzzing against your walls as your body shook from the pleasure, your hands grabbed at the restraints as tight as possible and your legs tightening against each other, squeezing shut as the vibrator sent you to another world. You could feel your second orgasm approaching as the knot in your stomach started to tighten. The intensity of the vibrator not coming to an end as you were helpless on the bed, letting it devour your body. You heartbeat rapid and your breathing extremely fast as your chest paced up and down, hair stuck all over your forehead from your sweat and you screamed as your orgasm came full speed. Your whole body arched off the bed as the vibrator continued to go inside you, your orgasm fulfilling your body as you rode it out as long as possible, your whole body tense from the amazing feeling, your teeth biting your bottom lip so hard it was near to drawing blood, your body shook as it came down from the orgasm, the vibrator still going inside you, the over stimulation making you wince and you wanted it off now.

“Fuck Sir.. please!” you hissed, your hips bucking and Bambam’s weight came back onto the bed, you felt his fingers insert inside of you as he pulled out the vibrator, turning it off, the room silent apart from your crazy breathing and you tried to start relaxing, your heartbeat slowly turning back to normal.

“Very impressive” you hear him speak, the sound of his voice coming from beside you as you felt his hands come to the sides of your face, reaching up for the blindfold as he pulled it off, you eyes shut tight to get used to not being in the complete dark anymore. You couldn’t see what you looked like, but he could as he gazed intensely at you, mascara all around your eyes, your lips red and puffy and your hair a shocking mess of sex.

“Fuck you’re so sexy honey” he said to you as you opened your eyes to look at him, finally getting to see his beautiful face again. He sat up, reaching towards your arms to untie the rope, your hand dropping onto the pillow as he did the same with the other. You rubbed your wrists, which were red from tugging so hard. Bambam grabbed your hands, placing gentle kisses on them as he lowered them back down onto your lap.

“I hope you’re ready for just one more round baby…because I’m not finished yet” you looked up at him as you sat up, smirking at him as best you could even in your worn out state.

“You bet I am” you say to him and he chuckles, giving you his signature smile as he lifted himself off the bed. You watched him closely as he undressed yourself, giving you a chance to rest as you admired him. He unbuttoned his shirt, the material dropping to the floor exposing his toned torso and arms, you watched as his arms flexed lightly when he started to unzip his jeans, pushing them to the floor and stepping out, his gorgeous long legs on view. Last but not least he pulled down his boxers, revealing his already hard dick and you licked your lips in hunger, awaiting the beautiful eye candy that was currently on display. He chuckled at you as you eyed him with lust.

“Eager?” he asked, walking back towards the bed. You nodded at him.

“Yes..please just fuck me sir” He stood at the edge of the bed, towering over you as he laid one hand over your chest, pushing you gently back down onto the mattress. He got onto the bed, leaning over you, arms by your sides as he encased you body. He positioned himself between your legs, pumping his dick a few times, teasing you as he rubbed his length up and down on your folds, covering it in your wetness and you moaned, finally not having restraints as you gripped his biceps, silently begging for him to hurry up. You closed your eyes, a gasp leaving your mouth as he pushed his length slowly inside of you, stretching your walls inch by inch, your groaned in satisfaction, your mouth agape, your nails digging into his biceps when he filled you to the brim.

“God you feel so good honey” a deep groan left his mouth as he slowly pulled out of you, the beautiful sound of his moans like music to your ears and you realise how much you’ve missed the sound since the other night. He pulled out all the way, sliding back into you antagonisingly slow. He kept the slow pace, torturing you as he pulled all the way out then filled you all the way up repeatedly at a deliberately slow speed, knowing damn well that it was driving you crazy underneath him. You felt every inch of him go in and out of you, your walls stretching beautifully as you moaned, your hand around his neck, running through his brunette locks. He lowered his face next to your neck as he pulled out of you, kissing along your jawline as you pushed back in, soft whimpers leaving your mouth and he started to pull out of you again.

“Oh- FUCK!” You shout as he slammed hard back into you, your head lolling back as he repeated the action, stirring you up by pulling out slow and thrusting back in hard and as deep as he could go. Your fingers tugged as his hair each time he slammed back into you, a low groan leaving his throat as you gripped as hits roots. He kissed your neck lightly, making his way down to your collarbone before coming back down to your lips, devouring a kiss with you, you tried best to kiss him back but couldn’t concentrate as he slowly fucked you, the slow pace started to become frustrating.

“Sir.. faster please” you begged him, gasping for air when his lips separated from yours. Finally he started to move faster inside of you, waves of pleasure sending through your body with every quickened thrust. He slowly continued to pick up his speed and you gripped onto his shoulders, your fingernails digging into his back and he winced as your nails scratched him, but it only urged him to go even faster, until he was finally going full speed, drilling inside of you as your back slid up and down on the bed, your body arching up into Bambam’s as he mercilessly thrusted into you. He grabbed your thigh, bringing it up over his shoulder allowing him to hit deeper inside you and you screamed in pleasure at the new angle as he pounded into you relentlessly, you head rolling from side to side, trying to find relief as you tugged on you bottom left. With one hand tugging onto the bed sheets, the other gripping Bambam’s shoulder, your nails scraping all the way down his back and he hissed at the feeling of you renewing your scratches from only a few days earlier, red marks now adorning his back as he kissed your neck, biting down harshly, the sensitive skin on your neck making you whimper as he did so. He grabbed your hands, holding your wrists in his hand as he brought your arms over your head, holding them in place as his lips crashed on yours, his tongue forcing its way into your mouth as he dominated the kiss. His hands gripped yours tight and you could feel the intensity of his grip on your wrists as he thrusted into you. His free hand grabbed your other thigh, lifting it over your shoulder and he delved deeper inside you, you screamed in pleasure, your head lolling back as he hit your g-spot.

“FUCK BAMBAM” you screamed, immediately biting your words as his name slipped past your lips, his length repeatedly hitting your g-spot as his gaze turned to your eyes, fixated on you.

“What did you say?” he asked you, his voice breathless, a panting mess as he continued to pound into you. You could barely make out any words as he continued to hit you right where you wanted it, you voice breaking as you tried to reply in between his fast thrusts.

“Fuck—Im sorry, I didn’t mean to–Sir! UGH!” He grabbed your love handles, pausing his thrusts for a moment as he flipped you over onto your stomach. His hand dug into your hips as he forced you ass into the air, making you lean on your hands. You groaned as he re-entered you, taking no time at all to start pounding into you again, finding your g-spot almost immediately and you almost fall when he thrusts non stop into your g-spot, your arms shaky, barely holding you up. You gasped, your body thrusting forward as your ass was impacted with a hard smack.

“One…” you impulsively whispered under your breath.

“Good girl, you remembered that, keep counting…” Another loud smack on your ass made you jolt forward, wincing at the pleasurable pain.

“Two…” You could barely concentrate on your words as one…two…three…more smacks came down to your right ass cheek, the feeling of his hand impacting your ass, along with his dick fucking you into another world becoming all to much for your to handle, sweat was falling from your forehead as your body was thrusted up and down onto the bed, your legs shaking from all his thrusts, your body weak as he continued to hit the perfect spot inside of you.

Your ass thrust back into him as his hand came down to slap your now left ass cheek, giving it the same treatment as the other. Your breath was shaky as you continued to count the number of spanks as he gave you more.

“One more baby…” he says to you and your muscles tense, bracing for the last slap.

“FUCK….ten!” you say as his hand comes in contact with you one  last time.

Good girl” He says, his hand soothing over your ass, the feeling tingling you. His hands came around your body as he continued to thrust into you. You gasped for air as his thumb came in contact with your clit, rubbing rough circles and your voice was lost as you tried to scream in pleasure, his other hand gripping your hair, pulling you by your strands as your back came in contact with his chest and he thrust up into you, his lips came back to devouring your neck and you could feel another orgasm approaching, your third for the night and the feeling was pure bliss as you were almost ready to let it take over you once more. His hands tugged on his hair as your hands moved behind you to grab his own, your eyes shut and moans non-stop leaving your lips as he pounded you, his thumb rubbing your clit and hard and fast circles as you welcomed your orgasm, your scream echoing in the room as it washed over you, your hand digging into his brown roots for support as your walls clenched around his length, squeezing around him tight and curse words fell from his lips as you repeated the action.

“Fuck y/n! Keep doing that honey!” his voice was deep as he groaned, his thumb still ringing circles around your clit as your muscles were tensed, riding out your high for as long as possible.

“Oh–god..” moans fell past your lips as euphoria took through you. Your body finally started to relax, and he took his thumb away from your clit when you winced from the sensitivity, you clit swollen from all the stimulation this night. Bambam continued to thrust into you, releasing his grip on your hair as you fell back onto your hands, gripping the bed sheets as you clenched around him repeatedly, encouraging him to his own high. His hands roamed up your back, making their way around to your chest, squeezing your breasts, soft whimpers leaving your lips.

“Fuck! Oh- god y/n” he shouted as he came inside you, you could feel his warm seed inside you as his orgasm took over his body, his hand came back to grip your hips, his fingers digging into your skin as curse words fell from his plump lips repeatedly, thrusting into you as he held out his orgasm, his body in ecstasy as all his muscles tenses, his eyes shut, eyebrows furrowed and teeth digging into his lips as his thrusts soon started to become sloppy. Slowing down his speed until finally coming to a stop, taking the time to catch his breath before pulling out of you, and you dropped onto the bed, your limbs holding you up no longer. You used all your strength to turn around onto you stomach as Bambam collapsed next to you, resting for a few moments as you both relaxed your heartbeats.

He reached out to grab the box of tissues on his bed side table, wiping away his and your own juices from your legs, and then using more tissues to wipe the sweat from both your foreheads, throwing the tissues onto the bin. You both got comfy onto the bed, both of you worn out to the max and your eyes started to involuntarily close.

“Not gonna disappear on me again are you?” you say to him as a joke, chuckling lightly.

“Don’t take that personally, I just had somewhere to be” You look up at him, to find him staring down at you with reassuring eyes.

“Trust me, when you wake up in the morning its going to be to the smell of a nice warm breakfast”

“Sounds good to me Bam…”

“Maybe ill serve you coffee for a change” you laughed at what he said and he smiled down at you, kissing your forehead.

Good boy…” you say to him, hearing him chuckle before you both drift off to sleep.


Other BamBam: Famine (Smut)


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I had a really hard 3rd year of study when doing my BA in animation i had to deffer due to illness on my dissertation and work throughout the summer, i felt like shit. I was so sure i was gonna fail… but i finally got my final grade back today and i can’t believe it I passed with First Class Honours im just so god damn happy right now it was months and months of stress and overworking and… i don’t know im just so extremely happy and i also want to thank you guys for sticking with my little doodles i post here especially since it’s been more and more infrequent as I studied at university. <3

Dear Little Sister

Relationship: Winchesters X Sister

Words: 1,479

Warnings: mention of character death, lots of angsty angst

No summary because the title kinda speaks for itself

A/N: I’ve been writing this for over a year, and I finally finished it today, so eo enjoy! Beta’d by the awesome @straightasdeanwinchester, thank you love!!

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It’s always been you | Marco Ilsø x OC

Originally posted by so-pale-girl

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A/N: new fandom! Sorta. Hello! (Can you smell my fear? Haha) I’ve had this stuck stuck in my head all day and I had to write it.

Pairing: Marco Ilsø x OC

Warnings: kinda sad I guess?

Word-count: 1440

Going out on a date with him again felt weird. It brought back a sort of homesickness that Anna had hoped she would overcome with time. She had fooled herself into thinking that that uncomfortable feeling wasn’t there, that it was just an illusion, but now that he was back… Gosh, now that he was back she couldn’t ignore it anymore.

She kept quiet next to him, both of them walking to the diner they had used to hang out at before… well, before choices were made and decisions were taken. The back of their hands slightly touched sometimes and Anna found herself shivering at that contact.

He was still the boy – now young man – she had fallen in love with ages ago. Or, at least, he looked like he was – and she hoped it was still him. Her heart had yet to fully recover from the last time someone had stepped onto it.

Anna hoped he deserved that second chance.

The diner was almost completely empty and their usual table was now occupied by another couple. He was most likely talking nonsense into her ear and she was giggling, their fingers intertwined on the table.

Anna and Marco stood still for a couple of seconds, staring at them, before silently agreeing on taking another table. They sat right next to the glass wall that gave on the street.

A woman with her dog walked by and Anna lost herself in thought for a moment. Was she committing a mistake by following her heart again? She found herself hoping that nothing had changed, or that she could go back in time and change the things herself. She’d forbid herself to accept his proposal to go to the school ball together, or to allow him to follow her to the Christmas markets. She’d change seat in class so that he couldn’t be behind her anymore and a billion other things that she couldn’t even think about.

“You’re silent tonight,” he noticed and waited for the waitress to leave after handing him the menu. As if he didn’t already know what to order.

Anna simply hummed in response and when her gaze left the view outside the window, Marco noticed she couldn’t look at him.

He sighed and stood up. “Milk and raisins as always?” She nodded and he left to reach the counter and place the order. Somehow he didn’t want the old waitress – the same one that knew them better than she knew herself – to linger too much around them.

When he got back to the table, Anna was still looking at her hands, at her nails, freshly painted in a light shade of pink. “She has the tastes of a lady,” his mom had said one day, during one of the first weeks of his son dating that girl. Marco had always thought she’d be his lady one day, but things had gone differently and now he feared he had no chances of getting her back.

“How have you been doing?” he questioned, his fingers stopping centimeters from hers. He had been dying to touch her ever since she had disappeared from his life and now that she was right in front of him, he couldn’t take that one step forward.

“Good,” she nodded and sighed, playing a little with the sugar bottle.


He, too, nodded, more to himself than to her, and remained quiet. He had been imagining that day for years now and all the things he had wanted to ask suddenly… disappeared. There wasn’t a single question he was able to think about that wasn’t about the weather or how she had been doing without him.

Because he hadn’t been doing very well, if he had to be honest. She had always been his first and last thought, and when she had left him, things hadn’t changed and he had remained with the memory of the stupid bullshit he had done. But it hadn’t meant nothing and he had hoped that, with time, she would forget about it or that she could find it in herself to forgive him.

The waitress brought their milks and raisins and left with a smile and the hope they’d enjoy the meal.

None of them answered to the greeting.

“I saw you’re on Vikings now,” she spoke after a while and when he rose his stare from his cup, he found her whirling the spoon around in hers.

“You watch the show?” He had hoped she would, but had been afraid of asking her, and his surprise rang clearly in his voice.

Anna shrugged and picked up a raisin or two, putting them in her mouth before answering. “Sometimes. I like how they’re portraying Ivar,” she admitted.

“Oh.” It had left his lips before he could stop himself. He had been a fool, thinking she’d say something about him or his character. For all he knew, after all, she could despise him with all her might. And maybe that was the reason behind her inability at keeping eye contact with him.

They ate in silence: him, staring at her, and her, avoiding his gaze.

And then, suddenly, when their cups were both empty and the raisins had disappeared, she rose her eyes and stared at him. He hadn’t realised how much he had missed them before he saw them again, so grey and so sad and so clouded with the heavy clouds of the past.

“Why are we here, Marco?” she asked. Her hands were once again playing with each other and, if she hadn’t changed too much, she was nervous. And he could understand her, being a nervous wreck himself.

But he hadn’t expected that question and so he stuttered.

Maybe she was seeing someone else.

Maybe she had someone somewhere waiting for her to tell them about that ass of an ex boyfriend she had and how he had taken her out for a childish date.

And maybe she had finally managed to forget about him and she had gone on with her life.

“I don’t know,” he admitted.

‘I wanted to see you.’

No. ‘I needed to see you.’

Whether it was for the last time or the first in a long series. He had to see her again. Just once, just to print her picture in his head so that he couldn’t forget her.

“I tried to hate you. I really did, with all my might.”

“I deserve it.”

“No one deserves to be hated, Marco, not even you.”

“Why did you come?”

“I wanted to see you,” she confessed. “Wanted to hear what you had to say. But what else could you say that’s not ‘I’m sorry’?”

Marco sighed and lowered his head. He knew she was trying to tell him that a simple ‘sorry’ was okay, that everybody deserved a chance at apologizing – Anna had always been like that, ever since their kindergarten days, and he doubted she had changed. “I can’t stop thinking about it, you know?” he started, his fingers crawling like worms to reach her.

The couple at the back of the room burst out laughing and for a moment he hated them.

“About your eyes,” he continued. “They haunt me at night and I know I don’t have a right to demand a second chance. I just wanted to see you again, even one last time is enough.”

His fingers touched her cold ones, but she didn’t retract.

“What is this… this date supposed to mean?” she asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Tell me something you know, then.” Her voice was soft, almost as though she was talking to a kid.

“Do you remember the school ball?” he asked and she nodded. “I told you I wanted to spend all my life with you. I knew it then and I know it now, and it doesn’t matter that you’re not…” he swallowed hard and her fingers tightened around his. “That you are yours. It doesn’t matter that there are other fish in the sea and that maybe you’d rather be in hell than here with me, now, but…” he sighed, unable to raise his look to stare at her. “I knew it then and I still know it and if there’s one thing I have no doubts about, that’s it.”

Anna sighed too and the sound forced him to raise his head. “I’ve been waiting for so long, you know? I hoped you’d come back before it was too late, but you’ve never been a quick one around these matters.”

“Too late for what?”

“For me to still care.”

“And do you still care?”

I might write more of this, depending on the requests I already have (I’m so sorry, but I’m also so damn slow…), university, the inspiration I have and whether you like it or not.


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Movie Affair

Chapter VIII

Current obsession; Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Summary: Life as a young actress was hard, but when you get a part in a promising movie and reunite with the man you’ve fantasized about since you were 15 things get harder. At first it’s like every dream you ever had is coming true. But reality pulls you down from cloud nine as you start to fall for the one guy you weren’t supposed to.

WARNINGS: Language, spoilers of the movie Anna Karenina,

A/N: I’m taking WAY too long between chapters and I’m sorry. I’VE HAD IDEAS BUT WHEN I TRY TO WRITE THEM THEY JUST GO POFF. But I won’t abandon it so no worries, I know this is shit but I was desperate to post something for the readers.


I groan as soon as I’m awake, cursing the damn headache that had started to take over. With a sigh I bury my face on the soft pillow, taking my time to take in the events of the previous night. A smile making it’s way to my lips when I think of Aaron. I couldn’t believe I’d finally gotten what I wanted.

In fact I got even more than what I wanted. Shower sex,wich was a-mazing, plus, I got another round.

With a smirk on my face I roll to the other side of bed, Aaron’s body coming to view. He was sleeping on his stomach, his face turned the other way. All I could see was his messy curls and the part of his back that wasn’t covered by the sheets. And let me say, back muscles were HOT. They tensed and relaxed according to his breathing, the kind of thing one would like to see every damn morning.

Still smiling I sit up and kick my feet off the bed. Thinking how sexy it would be if I put on his shirt… But immediately throwing that thought away when I remembered it laid somewhere in the bathroom completely soaked.

I get off the bed and walk to my suitcase. Grabbing something to put on and then head to the bathroom quietly. Expecting to find that my face was a disaster, since I hadn’t removed my makeup from last night.

But huh, it’s been worst. Most of it was gone after yesterday’s shower, it was the eye makeup that was all smudged. So I washed my face -removing it- and brushed my teeth, putting my hair up in messy bun after.

That’s when, a train of thoughts hit me. Throwing my mood up from a 90 down to crap.

What if Aaron regretted last night? What if it wasn’t as great for him as it was for me? Would this totally ruin our friendship? What about his girlfriend? ….

I took a step back, taking a hand to my forehead. Oh my God his girlfriend! He had a fucking girlfriend! “I wanna throw up” I say to myself and cover my eyes. “I’m so gonna burn in hell…” I whisper taking a deep breath.

Looking over at the bed I think “He wouldn’t have slept with me if he still had a girl right? I mean… C'mon would he? Little cinnamon roll that he was? Cheating? Nah, I didn’t think so”.

With that thought in mind I calmed down a little, but still… I was most definitely going to ask him later.

I walk out of the bathroom in a pair of pijama shorts and a tank top, climbing back in the bed. I tried to simply lay there on my phone, but I ended up sitting up and looking at Aaron’s sleepy figure.

First I ran my hand through his curls, and then I tentatively trailed it down to his back. Tracing his muscles with my fingers softly. I felt his breathing quicken a bit and he shrugged, making me pull my hand away. Shit, he was awake now. Fuck.

He slowly lifted his head, taking in the suite. His eyes caught the bra on the floor and he kicked an eyebrow up. A small smirk on the edge of his lips. He then turned his head to me and I smiled sweetly. “Morning” I said, chuckling when he dropped his head on the pillow again, closing his eyes and mouthing the words “Morning” back.

“Keep doing that” he asked sleepily. I chuckled again, taking my hand to his back and continuing to trace his muscles with my fingers. A smile taking over his lips as I did so. “Feels nice”

In my head, I was trying to decide wether to say something or not. And also, what to say if I were to say something. I didn’t want to sound like one of those girls that after a one night stand pretended to start a relationship. But I didn’t want to seem too indifferent either. So I just opened my mouth and expected the worst.

“Are you due on set today?” I ask and he seems to think for a second. I didn’t do that bad…

“I have no fucking clue” he laughs and I snort. I lean down to press a kiss on his cheek.

“Well I am, but at night anyway, so I could really go for breakfast right about now” I say carefully and watch his reaction. He sighs and opens one eye to look up at me.

“Or, we could get room service…” he proposes and lifts himself with his arms. “Put up a movie…” he turns to me, resting his weight on one arm.

“Watch it..” he smirks and shruggs “Or not…” I chuckle and with that he moves closer to me and hugs my waist, laying down again. He rests his head on my thigh and snuggles agaisnt me.

“We could do that too” I agree moving my hand to his hair and massaging his head. Aaron groans in pleasure and holds me tighter, burying his nose on my stomach rolls. Earning a giggle from me as it tickled.


“I don’t understand!” I yell in frustration “I don’t know why I let you choose this movie” I angrily point at the tv while Aaron laughs at my reaction. “THIS SUCKS!” My eyes go wide and I throw a fry at his face.

“Hey! it’s still my movie ok? don’t insult it.” he complains eating the fry.

“Your acting was good” I say staring at the credits “And Keira’s too, I mean..She’s great! But the plot and the way it all just… UGH" I grab my face chuckling with exasperation “It sucked alright? I need to know more, like, like… what happened with him? for example. They don’t explain that!” Aaron simply laughs at me and my face turns into a frown.

“Well, I can answer that. You do know its a book right?” he asks staring down at me with an amused smile. I groan.

“One I would never read that is” I lie and roll my eyes, making Aaron chuckle.

“Well, after she kills herself he is kinda lost y'know? So in the book he joins some military team and goes off to some place where he is most likely going to get himself killed. That’s why her husband kept their daughter.” he explains and twist my lips.

“So he dies too? Seriously? What is this, Romeo and Juliet? Ughh” Aaron chuckles more and I throw my back agaisnt the headboard.

“I don’t know if he dies, but I sure like how passionate this movie got you. You even cried!” I glare at him and start laughing, Aaron laughs too shorty after me.

“Of frustration!! That’s horriblee! I don’t even know why I’m laughing!” I say and sniff, putting the rest of the crackers on the floor.

“You liked it tho” Aaron says and I huff.

“It fucked me up but yeah, I guess I liked it… in a fucked up way” I chuckle and turn to see him, he smiles proudly and I roll my eyes “I thought it was totally cliché that she got pregnant tho, like, really”

“What did you expect? They didn’t have any contraception methods in their time” Aaron says and I shrugg.

“Then they should’ve kept it in their pants!” I joked and Aaron raised an eyebrow.

“Oh you think so?” He asks and I nod with a smile. He slides underneath the sheets and grabs my waist, pulling me to his side and towering over me. I chuckle as he leans down and seals our lips together. A shiver crossing my chest and climbing up my throat as I cupped his face in my hands.

Where was this going to leave us? I didn’t even want to care bout it. The kiss started to get intense as he got completely over me and slid his hands down my body. But before I could actually do something he was pulling away, a bewildered look on his face.

“Shit” was all he muttered and then his eyes found mine. “We didn’t use a condom yesterday” he said like he had just realized, I squint my eyes.

“Mm-hmm, and? please don’t tell me you have an STD” I comment with wide eyes please, please, please…

“No!” he says and backs away a little “But I’ve got sperm…” I snort, relaxing. “Hey it’s serious, I don’t want to be a parent just yet” he says and I smile.

“Dude I have a prescription for a very good ‘morning after pill’ ok?” I say and he frowns.

“Yeah and the morning just passed…” he says and I let out a laugh. He did not know how these things worked did he?

“Aaron it doesn’t mean to literally take it in the morning. I mean, the sooner the better, but with the one I take I have up to five days to take it, ok?” He nods slowly and I chuckle, he really did get scared there.

“But you’re gonna take it today right? Just to be sure” he asks and I laugh.

“Yes, I’ll take it today.” I say and sigh “I’m too young to have kids anyway so stop thinking about that” I say pulling him closer and tenderly kissing his lips again, he kisses me back immediately and takes a hand up to my cheek. Caressing his thumb across my lips when we pull away.

“I forgot how cute you look without makeup” he says and smiles, making me grin like an idiot.

“I bet you say that to all the girls” I joke, trying to play it cool and he chuckles.

“I don’t think you wanna talk about other girls right now” he said trailing his lips off to my neck. He places a tender kiss there and sucks in that same spot, making my eyes close and getting a slight gasp out of me.

His left hand finds my hip and keeps it on place as he starts to make his way down my chest with his lips. And he is just about to remove my tank top when my phone rings. I mutter a “damn you” as I look for it, wiggling from under Aaron’s body.

I find it under my pillow and frown at the unsaved number. Still, I answer it and take it to my ear.


“We need to talk.” I frown more when I hear Ross’s voice on the other end of the line. Standing up from the bed I walk away from the Aaron to get some privacy.

“No we don’t, and I’d be glad if we talked only when strictly necessary thank you.”

“No, listen. I’m not looking for a fight. I just wanted to apologize, about last night. I know I was a dick and crossed the line.”

“Oh! It’s a good thing you know Ross, because it was messed up.”

“I know Y/N, that’s why I’m calling. If it’s still possible I’d like to keep good terms with you. I’m usually not like that, I just had way too many colorful shots yesterday.” I roll my eyes, not wanting to keep this conversation any longer.

“Like I said, I’m fine with only talking to you on work related stuff. But I’m not going to be your friend Ross, and this doesn’t mean I forgive you. I’m just going to be civil towards you for our jobs sake.”

“And that’s fine with me for now. I understand if I gotta make it up to you, I won’t push you Y/N.”

“No I don’t wan…. what the fuck? ” I look at my lockscreen picture facing me back. He had hanged up and not even heard me. I roll my eyes and clench my jaw. This guy was going to get on my nerves so badly.

I spin around and walk to the bed, dropping my phone on it and sigh. “What was that about?” Aaron asked.

“Ross trying to apologize about last night, like it’s that easy” I roll my eyes again and see Aaron frown.

“What did he do that was so bad?” he carefully asks and I take a deep breath. Not sure if he actually wanted me to tell him.

“He crossed a line, thought he could get away with …” I awkwardly make a strange face and Aaron gives me a confused look “Touching me” I explain, grossed out and embarrassed. Aaron’s eyebrows shoot up, his mouth drops open.

“He what?”

Now I’m scared to repeat. He looked mad, I knew he’d be mad. Why had I even told him?! He would go kick Ross’s ass. And not because we had just slept together, but because he was a gentleman like that.

I mentally slap myself as I awkwardly look away from him. Maybe I low-key wanted that, for him to go kick Ross’s ass for me. But he would risk his job and his reputation if he did so, and I couldn’t allow that.

“Listen he was drun…” before I can carry on making up an excuse for Ross he shuts me up.

“Well if he couldn’t keep himself on check perhaps he shouldn’t drink!” Aaron’s breathing gets worked up as his anger grows. “I should teach him a lesson on how to respect women”

As cute as he sounded being so mad with his british accent and all that was one thing I wasn’t going to allow. So I climb on my knees to the bed and put my hands on his shoulders, gently pressing them down. “Listen, you don’t need to do anything, I’ll deal with Ross. Let me deal with him ok?”

Aaron’s eyes find mine and he sighs, looking like he’s debating wether to accept or not. He slightly rolls his eyes and relaxes under my hands. “Fine, but only because I know you can deal with him.” His eyes quickly find mine again and I smile, pecking his lips out of temptation. He chuckles and wraps his arms around me, devouring my lips and throwing me on my back to the bed. I give him a dirty giggle and lick and bite my lip. He keeps his eyes on it and with a finger releases my lip from my teeth. Only to trap it between his and make me chuckle agaisnt his lips.

“For the record…” I trail off when he pulls away. “I think you looked hot with blonde hair.”

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POTENTIALLY ODD QUESTION INCOMING: but uh what songs remind you of chanbaek the most?

Alright now when I list these off, you have to know I think of Chanbaek in different situations when listening to these songs because we DON’T actually know what their relationship IS (apart from good friends of course) so I don’t just listen to happy love songs and go “OH THAT’S SO THEM uwu” I actually have different situations in mind as to what might be there.

1. Emoticons - The Wombats

I’m going to be honest, I really wanted to make a Chanbaek video with this song. However, The Wombats use a lot of odd wording and metaphors so not everyone would understand why the hell I made a Chanbaek video with this song. Anyway, the song is about two people. These two people are in a relationship that is purely friends with sexual acts (so friends with benefits basically) but they feel there’s more between them except they both refuse to acknowledge it and instead just stick to sex. Person A (singer) cares very much for person B and wants to do nothing but be with them and spoil them rotten. However, person A knows that’ll never happen, yet they still stick with being friends with benefits with person B because it’s better than nothing and they just want person B in their life. For me, I imagined what if Chanbaek did have a relationship like this and Chanyeol was person A (since he spoils Baekhyun all the time) and Baekhyun was person B. Now, if you listen to the song, you might not have any idea where tf I’m getting any of this from and just be confused. So yeah I don’t think I could really make a Chanbaek vid with this asdfgh.

2. Lies -  Jane XØ

Basically again, a friends with benefits kinda deal. Person A (singer) and person B argue all the time but still have a strong attraction to each other. However, for person B it is purely sexual while person A is in love with person B but refuses to admit it. Yet person A still calls person B theirs even though they have no romantic relationship. For this I imagined Baekhyun as person A and Chanyeol as person B just because I can see Baekhyun trying suppress those feelings but still see Chanyeol as ‘his’. One line that’s especially powerful for me is “If I think I’m in love I’m the only one who’ll ever know.”

3.  In Your Arms (Nebbra Remix) - Crystal Fighters

This song doesn’t need to be explained it’s just a sweet song that could apply to the perspective of either Chanyeol or Baekhyun, but I like to think Baekhyun because Chanyeol has big arms eheheheh. It’s just a sweet song and the remix makes it super upbeat and sweet so I love it.

4. YDU (Pluto Remix) - Opia

Basically for this, person A (singer) and person B have a fucked up relationship (not abusive I just mean the emotions and the way they show their love to each other can at times seem like they hate each other so hate love). However, person A is just extremely captivated by person B and person B doesn’t quite seem to understand that. For this I see person A as Chanyeol and person B as Baekhyun. One line in particular that made me think “This is definitely Chanyeol” is “Come back, don’t you realise I’ll go wherever you go” because Chanyeol just follows Baekhyun everywhere and there are a few moments where Chanyeol just looks whipped by Baekhyun.

5.  Wrong (Party Pupils Remix featuring Taylor Bennett) - MAX

The song is self explanatory. They fukin, they know they shouldn’t be fukin, but they are anyway cause they’re too obsessed with each other and they don’t give a shit. You can imagine either Chanyeol or Baekhyun’s perspectives for this one.

6. Powerful - Major Lazer

This song is also self explanatory but it’s just THEM you know?? They both have so much power over each other and are each other’s strength and I like this song a lot just because it sings from two of the same perspectives of two people who are just everything to each other.

7. Unfair - EXO

Look just look up the English lyrics for this there is such a massive Chanbaek vibe it makes me wanna punch Chanyeol in the god damn face because it especially makes me think from Chanyeol’s perspective since Chanyeol just sometimes stares at that boy with the most adoring eyes and gOd dAMMIT

8. Her - Eery

This song doesn’t really have any lyrics, I don’t know how to explain it but it just gives me really soft Chanbaek feels. Like it just gives me that whole vibe of Chanyeol and Baekhyun just thinking of each other and being happy mushy messes asdfgh look I don’t know but this song is so sweet to me.

9. Creep - Radiohead

This song is an absolute classic. I see this more from Baekhyun’s perspective because I feel like Baekhyun really looks up to Chanyeol a lot for being so self confident and talented and basically have properties he just really admires and loves, but Baekhyun just sees himself as someone not suited to be with Chanyeol yet he still wants Chanyeol to just notice him and be around him. This song is really gorgeous to me and honestly if you haven’t heard it HOW HAVEN’T YOU HEARD IT it is really so heart wrenching.

10. Mistakes - Prelow

Fuck do I really love this song at the moment like REALLY!! This gives me a really really big Chanbaek vibe and I really want to make a video with this and let me explain WHY! BASICALLY person A (singer) has a kind of influence over person B and person B’s whole being just gets asdfgh when person A is around so they hold it in around person A. However, at first person A doesn’t want to see anything sexual or romantic with person B because they’re just friends but even though person A is constantly thinking about person B they WON’T ADMIT IT!! Person A is Chanyeol and person B is Baekhyun. NOW PLEASE LET ME EXPLAIN SOME OF THE LYRICS SO YOU ALL GET WHAT I SEE IN THIS SONG!

“I’m not confused, it’s just you’re making me think of all our conversations missing their link” - This is Chanyeol (look I am just saying Chanyeol not person A at this point) thinking about all the conversations they’ve had that seem to end on really open suggestions or can be taken as something MORE than friends LOOK IT’S HARD TO EXPLAIN but it’s just a strong line to me!

“And my dick takes over, and I’m thinkin’ bout your lips” - Listen I’m only putting this in here because you guys would just chuck a giggle at the dick part BUT the reason it says that is because IT IS CHANYEOL NOT THINKING REASONABLY and he just suddenly starts thinking about Baekhyun and how gorgeous he is and he can’t control his thoughts. THE LINE IS NOT MEANT TO BE LAUGHED AT I ACTUALLY LIKE THIS LINE.

“It seems the key was not to peek through the locks” - Chanyeol knows Baekhyun likes him and it’s because he looked too into things and found things out and he wish he didn’t because now he’s thinking and feeling these things that he shouldn’t be thinking and feeling and it’s made their relationship awkward and fuckign I really love this song.

“But all your makeup’s running and I’m walking you home” + “But all those pretty people are still going home” - THIS IS LIKE okay I love this because it’s basically saying Chanyeol can just get boned by anyone like he can just go out and have a good fuck by some gorgeous person (hence the ‘all those pretty people’ line) but he DOESN’T he stays with BAEKHYUN who may just be crying over something and Chanyeol doesn’t have to deal with that but he still DOES and even if Baekhyun isn’t acting badly drunk he will STILL bring Baekhyun back home with him and let him stay the night (but not for sexual things literally just to sleep because THAT’S THE POINT!!)

“But we’re too damn sober for mistakes like this” - Okay THIS line is THE WHOLE POINT OF THE SONG because what it’s saying is we could get drunk and we could just fuck and both have a good time BUT they know that’s WRONG and Chanyeol ESPECIALLY knows that’s a mistake because Baekhyun loves him. SO the song line is we both know what’s going on here to not just let go and indulge in each other AND IF THAT ISN’T THE MOST ASDGH

Look I don’t know if you guys can see Chanbaek in this but I REALLY love this god damn song and I’ve listened to it so much help  m e.

Okay well that’s all I got for that sorry this was so long but yes my music taste is a bit everywhere but still ENJOY THOSE SONGS!!

(also if you don’t like chanbaek I’m sorry this was probably really cringey for you and I just wanna point out I don’t believe that they are or aren’t real I am very on the fence about a lot of idol relationships simply because we just really can’t know)

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Would you be able to do MadaSaku with the prompt?: You are absolutely gorgeous. No, no, sorry ignore me keep putting the money in the bag you’re doing great.

Sakura knew working part time this late at night was a bad idea, but hey, you do crazy things when you have student loans screaming to be paid.

And crazy things can sometimes lead to near life or death situations apparently.

Watching the familiar blue skinned man hold a knife to her coworkers throat, Sakura had to fight back a sigh, silently wondering just how she’d deal with this later on.

it wasn’t too often you knew one of the people robbing you after all-and she’d know that man anywhere, he was one of her friends after all. Two years friendship and she could spot the shark obsessed man in her sleep- just who was he trying to fool here?

“Sorry for the trouble miss, we just want the money. No one needs to get hurt here.”

And then there was Itachi.

For gods sake, did they think she was an idiot or something? He used to babysit her, Naruto and Sasuke on a regular basis- hell, he’d helped her with her project not a week ago.

And here he was with Kisame and some other people she couldn’t quite place, holding up her coworker, apparently not having noticed her standing in the doorway to the staff room behind them.

“Is there anyone else here tonight?” A new, older voice asked. Her coworker shakily sobbed, not paying attention to him as the man continued to empty the register. “I won’t ask again.”

Sakura sighed once more before coughing loudly, all heads present whipping around to face her in an instant.

“Dude. So not cool. Do I go and shake down your place of work? NO.”

All heads whipped around then, but Sakura’s eyes were glued to the older man at the register, her cheeks flushing slightly as she caught sight of his rather…handsome face.

And looks in general.

God damn it why were all the guys she knew hot? It’s wasn’t fair.

“Oh wow, you’re gorgeous…”

“Pardon me?”

“Huh? OH- oh, no, no, don’t mind me at all. Sorry, ignore me keep putting the money in the bag you’re doing great.”


“SAKURA! Long time no see, I didn’t know you worked here! What a coincidence…” Oh Kisame, you strangely wonderful man you. Only you could try and make a robbery seem like a get together.

“Kisame, you know this girl?”

“Yeah, yeah Itachi does too. She’s one of Sasuke’s friends- the one Mikoto always tries to get stay over. Ours too, she’s the one who I got to help re-wire the getaway van last month.”

“…” Getaway van?

“Ah I see, nice to meet you Miss Sakura, I’m Sasuke’s uncle. I hope you don’t mind the intrusion, we’ll be on our way shortly.”

Why did this always happen to her?

“I don’t suppose young Sasuke has asked you to join us for dinner next week has he? If not, please feel free to drop by, I know Mikoto would love to see you again.”

Yep, looks like she’d have to quit this job as well. First Naruto ruins her job at the cafe, then Sasuke gets her fired from the library- now this.

“I’m going home.

A's notebook

Today in class A was clearly not paying attention and she was writing in her notebook and I had to do something so I told her that if she wasn’t going to listen she had to leave or give me her notebook, she apologized but didn’t wanted to do either. In the end she gave me her notebook, of course she wasn’t taking notes she was just doodling and she wrote:
“Mientras siga viendo tu cara en la cara de la luna
Mientras siga escuchando tu voz entre las olas y entre la espuma
Mientras tenga que cambiar la radio de estación porque cada canción me hable de ti, de ti, de ti"
It is a song that I have heard before, it roughly translates to:
“As long as I see your face in the face of the moon
As long as I hear your voice between the waves and the foam
As long as I have to change the radio station because every song talks about you, about you, about you"
Sorry if that translation sucks.
I kept it until the break and when we were eating I gave it back to her, she apologized again and told me it wouldn’t happen again so I told her that I know she can be in love or really like “this guy" but that she can’t let that affect her education and she laughed so damn hard in my face. She laughed non stop for like a minute, she was almost crying from laughter.
She told me that she didn’t like this guy, she was just being nice and trying to make friends. I told her that I thought they were dating because I saw them that day and she laughed more and told me “you are good to jump into conclusions right?“ and I laughed but I haven’t felt this happy in weeks.
Then I asked to who is she writing love songs and she just blushed, she said it is not for anyone she just likes to write them but she started to get really nervous so I told her it was ok that she didn’t owed me explanations and she told me that she is not hiding anything from me that is just hard to explain.
D came up to ask what is A laughing about and A told her that I thought she and this guy were dating and D laughed too. A said “he is a nice guy just too much of a fuckboy” and D said “come on admit he is too young for your taste" and A got so damn angry, she just looked at D with the coldest look I have ever seen. D laughed and told A not to take it too seriously and left.
A was clearly upset so I started talking about other things until the break was over.

When we were leaving A asked if I was going to take the bus because I didn’t take my car and I said I would probably walk, she offered me a ride and since my school has no problem with it I said yes.
She was using her mother’s car and played some music, we talked a lot and when we were getting close to my house she asked if she could use my bathroom. Of course I said there was no problem.
It was a bit weird but I guess I couldn’t say no, we went to my apartment and my roomate was in his room I told her where the bathroom is and she went in. I was uncomfortably standing in my living room waiting for her. She got out in so little time that I don’t think she needed to use my bathroom.
She started to look around in my place and my bedroom door was open, she didn’t got in but she looked from outside. Then she apologized for being so invasive and looked ashamed, I told her it was ok and she asked me if she could take us a picture I was hesitant but she said she just wanted memories and that she wouldn’t post it anywhere. I said yes and she got out of her backpack an old camera that works with a roll and I laughed, she took two pictures of us and then she said she was sorry and that she should leave. I said it was okay and then she left.
It feels nice to have growing hope.

Molly tries casual dating during season four
  • *end of a rather nice dinner date*
  • Guy: I'd like to do this again some time.
  • Molly: *smiling* Yeah, me, too.
  • Guy: How about a film this weekend?
  • Molly: Oh no, sorry, I have Rosie this weekend.
  • Guy: You have a child?!!
  • Molly: Goddaughter.
  • Guy: Oh that's nice. Are you very close?
  • Molly: Yes... erm, I'm helping her father out a bit... you know... his wife... my friend, she died... recently.
  • Guy: Oh God, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to upset you... Cancer?
  • Molly: Err yeah no, she was actually... shot.
  • *guy stares open mouthed*
  • Molly: That's kind of a ... long story. what if I tell you on our next date? *hopeful*
  • Guy: O-Ok.
  • *awkward pause*
  • Guy: Ok good. What about next Thursday?
  • Molly: Yes! Wait, no. Damn, I have Sherlock duty next Thursday.
  • Guy: Sherlock duty?
  • Molly: I'm helping... a friend.
  • *doesn't mention that she incidentally still loves said friend*
  • Molly: He had a bit of an... addiction problem. It's actually not that different from the babysitting. I just watch him so he can't take anything or cook up anything weird in his lab, you know?
  • *guy stares even more open mouthed*
  • Molly: Ok, you know what? Jonathan, it was nice to meet you. I hope you have a good life.
The Meeting.

a/n: So I wrote this last night but had to sleep and ended up not posting it. This was fun to write though. 2 smuts in a row ;) Please do let me know if you enjoyed this and if you’d like to you can request anything :)))

Carl’s PoV: My dad calls our group to our house for a ‘meeting’. He likes to keep us all informed on his plans so no one falls behind. While we wait for everone to arrive me and (Y/n) stay in my room. Her head laid on my chest as I read my comic. I thought she had fell asleep. That was until I felt her hand creep from my stomach to my clothed crotch. She palms me through my trousers and my breathing laboured. I could tell she was smirking as I grew harder and harder by her touch. She had me under her thumb and she knew it.
“Guy’s everyones here now.” My dad calls up to us making (Y/n) stop her movements. I whimper a little as she stands.
“Maybe if your good…” Is all the only part I hear her say when as she leaves the room. I hear her walk down the stairs and I take a seconds to straighten myself out. More importantly to make sure my hard on isn’t visable. I walk down the stairs and sit next to (Y/n) on the sofa and my dad stands in front of us all. He starts to talk about who is doing what shift and who could possibly be going on a run. From the corner of my eye I see (Y/n) scan the room. I furrow my brows but then raise them when (Y/n) places her hand on my thigh, too close to where I need her most. My cheeks flush but she just takes her hand away. I decide that I can’t take the erection straining against my boxer anymore and stand. All eyes focus on me as I clear my throat.
“I need to talk to (Y/n) .” I quickly scramble to grab (Y/n)’s hand to lead her upstairs and into the bathroom.
“Carl what the hell wa-” She starts to utter loud enough for me to hear it but I quickly cut her off by kissing her, my tongue entering her mouth as she kisses back.
“(Y/n) please do something, I’m gonna start howling if you don’t.” I say rapidly against her lips. She furrowed her brows, bewildered, before looking down at my prominent hard on which was now visable through my jeans. She steps foward, plants a kiss on my cheek and then drops to her knees. She undoes my belt and tugs on my jeans, sliding them down my legs along with my boxers. She grabs a hold of my length and pumps it a few times before wrapping her plums lips around me. I hiss at the contact and buck my hips up, causing her to gag slightly. She bob’s her head up an down before deep throating me and I moan loudly so she stops. I look down at her breathing heavily.
“Shhh, they probably all know what’s going on up here now.” She smirks up at me and puts my length in her mouth again. No matter how many times she does this, it continues to amaze me. She continues to deep throat and bob her head up and down while I continue to moan.
“Don’t stop, I’m g-gonna cum.” I whisper to her and she sucks faster and moans around me. I feel it. It tips me over the edge and I cum in her mouth. She quickly swallows the salty substance as she continues to suck, ever so gently, and then pulls away. She stands and wipes her mouth.
“Satisfied?” She questions while I buckle myself back up. I lean foward and plant a kiss on her lips.
“Yes, but in all fairness that was your fault.” I defend myself and she furrows her brows. “You shouldn’t have touched me earlier before the meeting.” I smirk and we both leave the bathroom. We walk downstairs to find everyone still sat where they were when we left. My dad starts to talk.
“We were going to carry on with the meeting but felt that you two should be included. We didn’t know how long you guys were going to be or what you were even talking about. That was until someone,” My dad looks straight at me, “Made a strange noise and then we realised what was going on. Too bad we didn’t have any earplugs.” He finishes and everyone laughs. Including (Y/n). I flush a crimson colour.
“I’m sorry for touching you before the meeting.” She puts on a fake pouty face and flutters her eyelashes at me. We sit back down and she cuddles closer to me than she did earlier on. It was her fault I was so damn turned on. I wasn’t going to let her get away with it. It was my turn to place my hand on her thigh. It was going to be a long night.