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Why I love Book 4 Korra’s development

So a few days ago, I made a half-joking post about how Korra’s character understandably changed by the end of Book 4. After months of thought, I’m finally making a post on why, as a woman of color, I am totally here for the change.

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oh my god I just had to call a target across the state from me where my mom lives so she can get the limited editions for me and I was asking the dude if they had louis and harry and he was like ‘okay I know which one harry is can you describe the other one’ and i was like um I think he’s wearing a sweatshirt and his hair is like… swooshy?? and the dude was like ‘is his hair like short on the sides and long on the top or long all over?’ and I was like probably the one that’s long all over and he goes ‘yeah we have him! damn i didn’t know he was so good looking.. sorry yes I can put this on hold for you’  I think I just made the target guy a louie lmao


Guess who hit level 60 WHM a while ago. 

This is a guide as to why I fucking hate your class. And my class. Also why they’re pretty great. Can’t be negative all the time, yo. 


Bad; The next time I’m in a raid, and I’ve already cast Stoneskin II, and you cast it again, I’ll personally bash your head in. Also, we both always run out of fucking mana. 

Good: So many heals. A+ 


Bad: Look. I’m really sorry if I can’t remember the fucking ‘esuna’ move you guys have. Your class hasn’t been out that long, and all I did was unlock it. EXCUSE ME FOR NOT KNOWING IT’S ‘EXALTED DETRIMENT” OR WHATEVER. When I say you need to help me esuna, you better damn well know what I mean. 

Good: Your buffs completely pass my healer expectations. Like. Holy shit. Y’all got aesthetic, great moves, damn good heals. Keep it up. 


Bad: You guys eat your fairies??? Problematic favs. 

Good: Your shields make me happy. So pretty. 



Good: Pop those cooldowns. I love you. 


Bad: I haven’t even unlocked this class. My only ish is that when you guys fuck up, there’s no way I can help you. I know 0 of your moves. Apologies.

Good: Your Ravana EX sword drop? Pretty as fuck. Super jealous. Also, you guys got great aesthetic too, keep it up.


Bad: You guys have such fucking annoying macros. I KNOW YOU WANT ESUNA. KNOCK IT OFF. 

Good: Y’ALL ARE FUCKING HEALTH JESUS. I feel blessed when I get a warrior with tank accessories on. God, I love high HP. 


Bad: Y’all wanna pull aggro? Die. I understand the jump animation is awful and it kills you a lot but YOU CAN DODGE ANY OTHER TIME. 

Good: If the tank dies, you’re my backup tank. 


Bad: Stop fucking ripping aggro.

Good: I like it when you guys draw chalk lines (Ley lines?) but then an aoe falls right on you so you have to run away. It’s not really a positive thing but it makes me laugh and I’m sorry. 


Bad: I’ve not played with a single decent ninja since I got White Mage to 60. IDK what Heavensward did to you all to make you so angry, but I’m sorry. 

Good: Your level 50 AF gear gives booty shorts and I think that’s cool. 


Bad: You guys think you’re DPS Jesus, but I’ve seen a lot of other Black Mages who actually ARE DPS Jesus. I’m sorry. 

Good: The fact that you guys can handle and understand what the fuck the stacking system is blows my mind. More power to you guys. (Literally, I might add.) 


Bad: Fuck you guys and your PVP shit. 

Good: No really, fuck you guys. (Your outfits are great, and you get Akh Morn and I love it. I just love it when it’s not being USED ON ME.) 


Bad: I heard at the beginning a lot of people kicked you guys out of raids and stuff. I’m sorry. I don’t think you’re awful. But if you use that fucking knockback move, you’re not getting healed. 

Good: You guys are sometimes more likely to give me mana than the bard is. Thank you. Bless. 


Bad: You guys never fucking listen when I say I’m out of mana, and then wonder why everyone is FUCKING DEAD. 

Good: The new bard AF gear gives really nice butt. Not to mention some of you guys make macros and shit for your songs and I really love it. Inspiring motherfuckers. 


GAAAAAAAH FINALLY!!! HNG I F***** FINISHED IT GAH *gross sobbing* sorry for the long wait but damn, finally *sob*

So, I tried so hard to make him recognizable and stuffs. When I started to draw him I couldn’t stop.. *snort*

I hope you guys like it, I made these pics for those who wanted to learn to draw this nerd turtle. You can use my pics, copy or redraw them etc, everything ….just dont upload the original one and pretend it’s yours.

originally each one of these pics are big, but I don’t know how big they are in your dashboard, I put HERE a link for the bigger versions.

Lullaby - Daddy!Luke AU (non-sexual)

A/N: okay guys, here’s a surprise AU imagine that I secretly worked on after this ask 

that had couple of likes which I counted as agreement (? maybe… or not?) - so I might turn this into a series - depending on your guy’s reaction (cause we all know I’m damn insecure about my writing)

Warnings: none but it’s very fluffy and DAMN LONG LIKE JEEZ - AS LONG AS LUKE’S LEGS

Word Count: 1,968 (so sorry)

Storyline: Luke comes back to you and your son after tour

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Hey guys! So I hit 2k followers and I made a follow forever and a q&a video! The urls that are bolded are people I talk about specifically in the video. I know the video is long as shit (like 25 minutes) and if you really don’t want to watch the whole thing (i mean it’d be cool if you did but live your life your way baes) watch from 22:20 to the end because that is probably the most important part of the video! I love you all so much I hope you have the most amazing day <3

note: narutos-ass has moved to uzumakages!! (i didn’t know until after i made the video ^^’)


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Master’s Order (Pt. 2)

You guys have requested this so god damn much it has literally flooded my inbox, I don’t know how I’ll do as the original was written by Emma, but I hope do it justice.  We literally have gotten so many requests for this I am so overwhelmed that you guys liked this so much.  So on behalf of Emma, I’d like to say thank you, I know she’d be happy about how much attention this has gotten. I am kinda ashamed at how long this is, because I went so overboard, I’m so sorry.  But, I hope I did okay. Also, I’m really sorry that this took a long time to post, I wanted to get it out to you guys, I really did, but so much happened that I didn’t have time.  I lost Emma as a co-owner, gained Emily, but lost her too, and now I am the sole owner of this account. I’ll be doing a form if any of you want to sign up to become a co-owner of this account.  That’ll be linked in a separate post with all the rules and requirements.  Anyways, I’m gonna shut up now so you guys can read.  xo -Ally

Want to read part one? Click here.  Have a request? Click here.  Masterlist

I watched as he stood, joining Michael as they both towered over me.

“I hope you’re ready, (Y/N). We’ve got a lot planned for you tonight.”

That was what they had said to me, and that was how I had ended up being dominated by the two men in front of me.  I sat there for a while, watching as the two of them raced around my small apartment, looking for god knows what.  When they eventually found everything, Michael was pulling me up from my seat and Luke was walking behind me to make sure I wouldn’t break away, like I actually had the will power to do so. I was complete and utter putty at the feet of these men; what I had just done proved that.  

Both Luke and Michael’s hair was still disheveled and Luke especially had a light pink tinge to his cheeks.  I noticed that they were extremely quiet as they led me to what looked like my room.  I bit down on my bottom lip, chewing on some of the skin, anxiousness taking over my brain function.  They hadn’t spoken a word since I had finished Michael off.  My thighs were rubbing together, withdrawal from Luke’s fingers taking over my lady parts.  I bit my lip harder, this time tasting blood.  

Luke pushed my back, making me realized I had come to a dead stop in the middle of the hallway due to my problem.  I groaned, beginning to shuffle my feet forward once again, following behind the guitarist in front of me.  My breathing was now coming out shallow, chest rising and falling rather erratically and my heart felt like it would jump out of it’s cage at any moment.  Luke chuckled behind me, being able to see and observe my body shamelessly react to their dominance.  I inwardly cursed myself, trudging forward before Michael came to a stop, me having to press my hands against his back to avoid collision.  

He turned his body towards me, back leaning against the doorway behind him, left hand raised as if he was going to cup my cheek.  I locked gazes with him, eyes wide like a doe as he met my captivating stare.  Luke’s arms snaked around my waist, pulling my behind to his hips.  Me, not expecting it, squealed only slightly as I steadied myself.  

Michael grinned, hand now travelling downwards to grip onto my much smaller one.  His free hand gripped the doorknob behind him and twisted.  As the door opened, my jaw hit the floor.  They had converted my room into their own personal red room, no, not like the room from Fifty Shades of Grey, this was softer, with less things that would give me bruises.  They simple accumulated things I had lying around the house, and some that they had brought, I assumed.  

The contents of the room ranged from crops, rope, vibrators, dildos, blindfolds, and then there was something in a wooden box with a keyhole.  I could only assume it was locked and that one of my masters’ held the key.  My mouth dried as I took in my surroundings, feeling my inner thighs start to tingle.  My eyes grew wider than they were before if it was even possible, whipping my head to glance from Michael to Luke, then back again.  As I completed this action, both of their mouths turned up into equally sinister grins, making my bones rattle.  

“Tonight’s all about you, baby, just say the word,” Luke mumbled as my eyes met his again.  I remembered what they had said earlier before I blatantly disobeyed them.  Except this time, my mouth seemed almost sewn shut.  I couldn’t find the will to move it.  My brain lost the function to speak at that moment, my body reacting so quickly to their touch that I was left unable to perform basic human tasks.  My head tipped down, chin touching my neck and then bobbed back up.  Nodding was the only thing I seemed to know how to do.  “That’s a good girl…” Luke cooed, his fingers spreading out over my abdomen as my breathing grew heavier.  

At this point, Michael was tugging on my hand, edging me forward into the new version of my bedroom.  Luke released my waist so I could walk forward but remained close behind me, so close that I could feel his breath hit my shoulder when he exhaled.  My hands had became increasing clammy as I was led into my ultimate demise.  Quickly I swiped the palm of my left hand across the denim fabric of my jeans, ridding myself of the dewy texture that it had accumulated.

The door shut with a bang behind me, signalling that Luke was now encased in the room with us.  I was standing in between these two men, vulnerability spreading all throughout my body.  I was completely at their will, and I liked it.  Submissiveness was always one of my favourite aspects of sex.  I tended to rely on the softer side though, being more of a light sub than anything else.  What had just happened downstairs was something that I had not even expected, much less had I know Michael and Luke liked the kinky aspects of sex; calling them ‘Master’ was a surprise.

“Sit,” Luke commanded from behind me as I finally slowed my heart rate down to a steady ‘lub dub’.  I nodded, not wanting to say anything in case I said something wrong and got myself more punishment.  I shuffled my feet once more, guiding my body towards my bed, which was the only thing in the room that they hadn’t touched.  I perched myself atop it, crossing my legs at the ankles as Luke moved to join Michael at my bedside.

Luke had a length of rope in his hands, probably having grabbed it while I wasn’t paying attention and Michael was about a foot away from my wanting integument.  Astonishing myself, I reached out and gripped the collar of Michael’s t-shirt, pulling his torso towards me, forcing him to close the gap.

Lips touched and I was already on cloud 9.  My hands threaded into his short hair, fingers combing through the coarse locks as his own locked around my waist.  Calloused finger tips dipped under the tank top I was wearing, running up my back and finding the clasp to my bra.  Skillfully, Michael got it unclasped and the straps fell loose around my shoulders, my breasts slipping out of the cups only slightly.  Meaty hands traveled around my torso, stopping at the hem to my tank and carefully pulling it up and over my head, my limp bra now being exposed to the cold air of the room.  

Michael’s lips migrated towards my jawline, pressing opened mouth kisses there, making my head roll back in appreciation.  His long fingers hooked under the straps that were clinging loosely to my arms, guiding them down the rest of my extremities until he was able to toss it on the floor.  His large hand came down on my chest, putting slight pressure over my sternum so that he could push my upper half towards the duvet.  I rocked onto my elbows, letting his motions guide me to a supine position.  With my back now flush to the bed, I heard Luke come forward from his position.  

“Hi baby girl,” he cooed, hands resting parallel to the sides of my face.  Blue eyes watched me as I unconsciously bit down on my lower lip.  Luke’s large hand trailed down my exposed abdomen, fingers grasping onto the top of my jeans.  Swiftly, Luke yanked them down my legs, pulling them off my ankles and tossing them into the growing pile on the floor.  “You seem tense, baby, let me help you,” he said, hand traveling back up my legs, stopping at my inner thighs, tracing patterns there, making me shudder.  

Luke smirked, eyes locking with mine as his hand traveled further up, resting just above my wanting sex.  My teeth were digging harshly into my lip at this point and I couldn’t help the whine that slipped out.  The blonde’s thumb pressed against my clit, making me jump and moan.  He rubbed me slowly through the fabric of my panties, baby blues capturing my eyes as he watched my face contort in pleasure.  Hands slipped underneath the only piece of clothing separating us, and his fingers pressed harshly against my clit once again.  My head pressed against the mattress, fingers curling into the sheets, gripping onto them as his middle finger pressed into me.  

“Luke, fuck,” I moaned out, writhing beneath him in pleasure.  His other hand came to push my hips down when they started to buck upwards, keeping them confined to the mattress.  His finger was moving in and out of me at a fast pace, making me see stars.  All too soon, my stomach  started to contort into a ball, my orgasm approaching rapidly.  Luke looked up at me, pressing his index finger inside me now, twice the pleasure.  A loud moan left my parted lips, my chest shakily rising and falling.  The knot in my stomach grew tighter, at any point I felt like it would burst.  “Baby, please,” I begged the blonde above me, nails pressing into my own hands, desperate for any sort of release.

It was as if waves were toppling over me, but, Luke was quicker, he withdrew his fingers, stopping all his motions completely.  A sound of protest left my mouth, angry that he had hindered my orgasm.

“Patience is virtue, baby,” he said, leaning up and giving me one last kiss on my lips before he was gone.  I whimpered, my eyes rolling forward as I brought myself up on my elbows, staring at the men in front of me.  Luke gave Michael a look, Michael nodding before he was walking over to me, lips finding my jugular, wasting no time as he brought my body back up to par where Luke had left me.

His head dipped beneath my waist, fingers hooking into the waistband of my panties, roughly pulling them down my legs.  The cool draft of air hit my skin, raising goosebumps.  Michael winked before his mouth was in between my thighs.  His tantalizing tongue pressed against my clit, sucking it between his lips.  A squeal left my lips, fingers weaving their way into his hair.  My body was already overly pent up with frustration.  Michael’s quick tongue darted inside me, making me moan out, tugging at his hair as he relentlessly teased me.

The green eyed guitarist held my legs apart as they shook with pleasure, mouth claiming my clit as he pressed me further towards my orgasm.  Michael brought me on edge, and I felt a familiar knot clench in my stomach again.  My back arched up off the bed, a low whimper falling from my mouth.  Fingers pressed into me, tongue still lapping at my clit.  I screamed, shutting my eyes as bursts of colour shot beneath my lids.  My whole body shook as I came, writhing beneath Michael as he held my legs open, keeping up his work all throughout my orgasm.  

My hands slammed into the mattress, gripping onto the sheets as I cried out in pleasure.  

“M-Michael, stop,” I cried, desperately trying to move my hips from his grasp, my body too sensitive for any sort of intimate touch.  Michael grinned, taking one last good swipe of my clit with his tongue, making my hips cower away from him.

“Such a good girl for her masters, eh?” he said, wiping the corner of his mouth with his thumb.  I groaned, watching as my chest rose and fell with each breath I took.  “Luke, why don’t you take your good ole’ time with her.”

My eyes went wide, seeing Luke stand up from his position, only in boxers.  I whimpered, crawling backwards away from him.  Luke was quicker, grabbing my ankles with his hands, dragging me back to my position as well as flipping me over onto my stomach.  Baby blues now dark navy, Luke reached across me and grabbed one of the lengths of rope.  His hands held my wrists behind my back, rope sliding over them as he drew my wrists together at the small of my back.  I winced as the rope rubbed against my skin.

Luke pushed my chest to the mattress, positioning my body so my ass was perched in the air for him.  I swallowed a lump in my throat, feeling his hand run down my back, feather light touch.  I heard the rustle of fabric and I craned my neck around to see Luke now fully naked.  My mouth watered at the sight of him.

“Ah, ah, don’t look at me like that,” he commanded, and I snapped my gaze forward again.  Luke’s large hand rested against my hip, caressing it as he brought his own forward.  With a quick snap, he was inside me.  A sound of appreciation left my mouth, pressing my face in the sheets to muffle my sounds.  His hand pulled my arms so my chest rose against his. Luke’s large hand snaked around my neck, holding me to him as his hips snapped upwards.  I moaned loudly, spreading my hands apart to press against his chest so I had some leverage.  

Luke’s hand held my neck, putting pressure on either side, choking me.  I swallowed, feeling the snap of his hips again, this time harder, I jerked forward, but he held me close, preventing my body from escaping him.  His other hand trailed down my abdomen, calloused fingers pressing against my clit, rubbing me as his hips continuously snapped upwards.  My head fell back against his shoulder, breathy moans leaving my parted lips.  His hips relentlessly snapped towards by own, each thrust harder than the last.  I thought my insides would tear apart, his hands were keeping me from moving, and my insides felt raw.  

“Luke, ah” I whined, feeling his hands wrap around my throat again, squeezing only the sides.  I squeezed my eyes shut feeling my forthcoming orgasm rip through my body like a lightning strike.  I jerked in Luke’s arms, but he was stronger, locking me in with his own so I couldn’t jerk too much.  Moan after moan graced the air around us, Luke’s own echoing mine.  Once my body stopped convulsing I relaxed, but when I opened my eyes, Luke was already up and off the bed, Michael’s pale figure gracing my line of vision.  I gulped, eyes trailing up his body, locking onto his green eyes.  The look in his eyes told me that the night wasn’t over just yet..

“Baby girl, you’re not done yet,” he told me.

Like i know that everyone is happy about YoI episode 7 cause Viktuuri just became true but...

Can we talk about how hot Viktor trully is?

Like i mean… with short hair

Or even with long hair




Ok I’m sorry if i said something so obvious but i had to make a post about this!!

Viktor is so handsome and i’m so happy about that kiss!! ^w^

Here…Have Viktor’s gorgeous ass…xD

Something Beautiful Pt. 1 - Jungkook Scenario

Anon: Jungkook x Idol y/n. Y/n is a MC of Inkigayo and is interviewing Bts and jungkook is completely entranced by her and he starts having a major crush on her until one day they again meet but this time on weekly idol (can we make her the 5th member of black pink?🙄😅) Black pink x Bts on weekly idol and Jungkook describes her as his ideal type and after the show something happens🌚🌚🌚 Sorry i know it’s very specific and I’m sorryyyyyyyyyy about that! Thank you💟💟💟

Ok so since I don’t have alot of time on my hand to continue writting this and I don’t want you guys to wait too long for this scenario; I will just part it into two parts, hope you’ll like it!

Title: Something Beautiful Pt. 1

Genre: Fluff (?)

Warnings: none

“Damn it.” you cursed as you stumbled with your own feets and almost crashed face first down on the ground. The day couldn’t become worse you thought when you threw a friendly smile towards one of the staff worker, trying to hide your annoyence, because of todays’ unlucks you have gathered so far. First thing that had happened to you in the morning was that your alarm cock didn’t ring and you woke up 20 minutes too late. After that you didn’t have time to shower since you also had to dress up. With only a coffee for breakfast you got frustrated when you couldn’t find your car keys and nearly slipped when you ran down the stairs of your room. 

Trying to hide your paniciness, you made your way with quick steps to the entery where you’d be interviewing your guests today. Even though you weren’t a real interviewer, but a member of a girl group, your manager still made you interview some stars, mostly very known idols, so your own group would get some recognition and with that some money for your manager. You scoffed at that thought and kept walking.

When you finally arrived in the studio, you sat down on your regular chair and looked at the cards with the questions that were given to you. Just when you were halfway through reading them, you heard some greetings behind you and some laughers.

You turned around and saw seven boys dressed up really well in contrast to you may I add, making their way towards the chairs that were set up infront of you for their interview. You quickly sat up and bowed while greeting them.


They bowed back and greeted you too before they sat down on their already planned seats before a staff member came and told you that you guys would be starting in less than a minute. Everybody made theirselves ready, the boys getting some make up fixes and all before some worker started to count down from five to zero.

The boys made their usual greetings with their names and all before you started with you questions. Everything was going smoothly, you asking them stuff, them answering them, JHope dancing widly to some random songs from female groups, Taehyung trying to speak a Little bit english, Jimin doing some aegyo since some fans requested him to, Suga talking about his new mixtape, Najoon thanking everyone for their supports, Jin singing some parts of his own solo song and so on.

“Ok the next question is for Jungkook from a fan.”, you said and saw him giving you a cute smile while waiting for your question, “Jungkook Oppa, you seem to listen to alot of girl group Songs, my question is which female groups you really like or are even a really fan of, you sincerly army; fighting!“ you ended with a cute voice and a fist up to imitade the fan.

“Uhm, I do listen to alot of female vocalists, mostly groups, we Bangtan really love their songs, but as in favorite girl groups I can only speak of myself, I really like Red Velvet and Blackpink.” he said with his bunny smile. When he mentioned your groups’ name he threw a look towards you while having a shy smile on his face.

You thought it was adorable so you awed and thanked him, telling him that Blackpink also really likes Bangtans’ music. 


After the interview ended each member said their goodbyes and bowed before the camera stopped filming. You were just getting ready to leave when sudddenly you felt a tap on your shoulder. Turning around you were met with big doe eyes. Jungkook.

“Ah, hey Y/N.” he said, rubbing his neck awkwardly while trying to keep eye contact. “I just wanted to thank you for interviewing us, really appreciate it.” he ended with a sly smile in the end.

“You don’t have to thank me, it was my managers’ plan, but I’m happy that I had the Chance to meet you all, you guys are pretty chill and fun.” You said while keeping a friendly smile on your face.

“Yeah, you too.” he said, but his eyes suddenly grew bigger when he realized what he just had said and he quickly tried to correct himself “Ah, I mean, I mean you, Blackpink must be fun and chill too, because you are funny and really cut-, I mean chill to  and you know, I, yeah.” he ended, getting more and more nervouse at the end. He tried to avoid more eye contact before everything got more awkward than it already was.

You let out a small giggle and Jungkook could swear that it was one of the most beautiful sounds he has ever heard in his entiry life.

“Yeah, thank you, Jungkook. I’ll see you guys soon hopefully.” you said before giving a small wave and leaving with a smile on your face, because of his nervosness.

“See you.” he breathless while waving to your turned back. “I really hope so.” he ended after he let out a small breath that he didn’t know he was Holding in until now.


A/N: thoughts?

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Guess Who’s Family Part 5: Liam Dunbar

So you guys really love this series so here’s part 5! Sorry if it’s not the best but I was really struggling with writing today, but I tried! Enjoy! Xxxx

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

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You know I never actually realised just how god damn hard it was to be a teenager. There were constant tests I had to study for, long periods of maths that just seemed to go on forever. And despite the fact I’ve been at high school for less than two weeks I’ve already made around five enemies.

And I haven’t spoken to any of the pack, avoiding them at all costs. Except Liam, I could never do that.

“Hey babe,” I cooed, sitting down next to Liam at the lunch table. He grins at me, snaking an arm around my waist. We talk a bit and begin going through our homework for history. Though we didn’t get much done because by two minute in I was already bored. I began poking Liam, dragging his book away from him, as he raised an eyebrow at me.

“What are you doing?” He smirks and I continue poking him in the ribs. “I’m bored!” I whine and he rolls his eyes. “You’re like a puppy!” He laughs and I pout.

“Well I’m your puppy, so pay attention to me!” I say, folding my arms and Liam laughs, yanking me closer to him. He kisses the top of my head and I smile.

“Hey Liam?” I heard from in front of us and both of us jumped. Damn, I never thought I’d see the day someone managed to creep up on a werewolf, never mind two!

“Hey Scott.” Liam stuttered slightly, finding my hand under the table and squeezing it soothingly. I kept my eyes on my history book, unable to look at the Alpha.

“Is everything still on for tonight?” Scott asked and I saw him shifting from foot to foot uneasily.

“Yeah.” Liam confirmed and Scott nodded, biting his lip before hurrying away.

“What was that about?” I asked, looking up at Liam. “Just lacrosse practise after school.” Liam shrugged.

I frowned, looking at him. His heartbeat jumped.

I couldn’t get it out my head. Throughout the whole day I kept replaying it in my head. What the hell was he doing after school? And why does Scott know?

I wanted to ask him. But I also didn’t want to be that girlfriend. The one who had to know exactly where Liam was at every possible second. But then again I was. He was my first boyfriend. Had I really managed to mess up our relationship within 2 weeks?

I wrestled with the thought as I walked to my motorbike, the sound of the final bell still ringing in the air. I sighed as I hitched my leg over my bike, shoving the key into the ignition.

I gunned the accelerator, wanting to get home as fast as possible. This time though I never got my usual thrill from being on my bike. The wind in my hair never made me smile and when I got off the bike I was almost glad.

I hurried through the front door, stopping when I heard Derek in the living room. He had one of our old punching bags out and was punching it angrily. I could tell he had been at it for a while, not only by the sweat lashing of him but by the blood and bruises on his knuckles.

“Derek?” I called and he paused, glancing at me before going back to punching, this time even harder.

“Derek stop.” I sighed exasperatedly, walking closer to him. He pauses again, glancing down at his hands in almost confusion.

“Go shower.” I tell him tiredly, walking towards the kitchen. I hear him climb the stairs as I bend down to reach into the freezer. I pull out a carton of ice cream and grab a spoon. This was a no bowl type of day.

I collapse on the couch, flicking through the TV channels. Just as Derek descends from the stairs there was a loud bang on the front door.

Derek looks at me expectantly and I blow a raspberry, pointing to the door. Rolling his eyes in true Derek fashion he walks to the door, pulling it open.

“Hey Derek.” Stiles’ loud voice filled the room and I sat bolt upright, looking at the door.

“What you guys doing here?” Derek asks. Always a man straight to the point.

“We came to see Y/N. And you.” Scott says. Derek glances back at me and I shrug.

He stands back a bit and everyone files in. Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Malia, Kira and Liam, who was clutching a black box.

I frown confusedly at him, but he just winks.

“Derek, I don’t know if you know this but a while ago Peter told us a story.” Scott starts and my heart plummets. Oh god, Peter knows almost all of Derek’s secrets. Probably lots more than me anyway.

Derek waves at him to continue and after a nervous glance at Liam, Scott continues.

“We know about Paige.” Scott says slowly and my hands fly to my hair, mouth open in shock.

“Stop! Stop!” I mouth, drawing a line across my throat with my hand frantically. I couldn’t see Derek’s face but I could see that his hands were shaking at his sides.

“We were going through Peter’s house a while ago and found this.” Liam said moving forwards and handing Derek the black box. Immediately I’m behind him, shooting Liam curious glances.

Fumbling slightly Derek opens the box and picks up a necklace. He runs the chain through his fingers before coming to a charm.

It was a love heart and Derek dug his thumb nail into the side and it popped open into two halves. One side was a picture of Derek with a cheeky smirk and the other side was Paige, winking right back at him.

Derek’s hands were still shaking but he grins, still staring down at the necklace.

“Thanks guys.” Derek says gruffly, taking a deep breath before turning round and beginning to walk up the stairs. As soon as he had reached the landing I throw my arms around Liam’s neck, hugging him tightly.

“Thank you!” I whisper in his ear and he smiles, hugging me back.

“It was there idea.” Liam said, nodding towards the rest of the pack. I smile at them all before wrapping my arms around Scott, motioning for the others to join in. Before I know it we were all having a massive group hug in the middle of the living room.

“Come on guys, we gotta go.” Scott says finally, glancing at his watch. Everyone lets go and heads for the door. Except Liam, who after a quick look up the stairs, pulls me in for a kiss.

I smile, kissing him back before breaking it apart. He gives me a gorgeous smile, one which I have no problem returning before he turns to the door. I kiss his cheek one last time before shutting the door, the same massive smile still on my face.

“Y/N.” Derek shouts from upstairs and I skip up the stairs, walking into Derek’s room.

“Here.” He says as soon as I’m standing in front of him. He hands me the necklace.

I blink in shock, looking up at him in disbelief. “I couldn’t.” I said, shaking my head, trying to hand him it back.

“Take it, please? Something for you to remember her by?” Derek says and my fingers close around the locket as another smile makes its way to my face, possibly even bigger than my last one.

I catch Derek into another hug, squeezing him tightly,

“Thanks Dad!”


IT’S FINALLY DONE! OMG THIS VIDEO GAVE ME SUCHHH HELL! I can’t even begin to explain the amount of shit I had to go through with this video. My Sony Vegas really, really doesn’t like it because it kept crashing on me, like, I don’t know, every 20 mins… It was so frustrating! And not only that but I had to render this 3 times and the last time I rendered it, it took 19 HOURS TO RENDER. Like, wtf? Damn you, Sony Vegas! *makes fist at the air* Hahaha but anyways, I don’t really like the final result. I’ve been working on this for so long now that it has become this massive blur whenever I watch it and I can’t tell if it’s good or bad. So I’ll have you guys decide! Also, I’m so sorry about the scene between Vader and Palpatine, when Palpatine says, “We have a new enemy” I don’t know why you can’t hear the word “enemy” because on SV you could hear it perfectly fine but on here you can’t. So I’m so sorry about that! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy it anyways! Let me know what you think! :D - xoxo Cailey

Make sure to read these first before watching the video! Also, this video is the sequel to my In The Air Tonight Star Wars AU video, so if you haven’t seen that video, you should probably watch it first:

Padme, in such despair, doesn’t leave her husband side while he lays there dying. But, just in time, Palpatine comes to Anakin’s rescue and brings him (and Padme) to a planet, where medical droids put Anakin together in his legendary suit. Padme, anxiously waits for her new and improved husband to rise. Darth Vader.

Now that Anakin is reborn as Darth Vader. Padme and Vader rule the galaxy together as husband and wife, causing war and destruction in their wake. But Padme starts to have dreams of the moment Anakin turned her to the dark side. Feeling her darkness starting to fade, she finds out the true reason, it’s because she is pregnant. She surprises Vader with the news but he isn’t thrilled. She worries what Darth Sidious will do once he finds out the news. When she asks Vader what they are going to do, she calls him by his true name; Anakin, which Vader doesn’t take too kindly on being called that. While Padme’s darkness fades, the stronger Vader’s becomes. It breaks Padme’s heart to hear her beloved husband refuse to be called the name of the man she fell in love with all those years ago.
Palpatine feels, through the force, that Padme’s darkness is fading, he takes action by summoning Vader and Padme to his presence. Palpatine can feel the darkness and hatred within Vader growing and he takes much pleasure in this. He then taunts Padme about how unbearable it would be if he ever lost her, which Padme feels is a warning that Palpatine might plan on killing her.
Palpatine feels, through the force, that Padme is pregnant. He worries that this might ruin everything he has planned, so he summons Vader and confronts him about a disturbance in the force, which Vader confesses he feels it too, Palpatine tells Vader the only way to destroy this new threat to the Empire is by killing Padme and their children. Vader agrees. Padme over hears this conversation and is completely devastated but doesn’t want to give up on her husband just yet because she feels she can still turn him to the good side.
Vader confronts Padme, ready to kill her. Padme pleads and begs Vader to not do this and to come away with her. He decides he can’t kill her but instead offers her a deal to give herself over to the dark side, once and for all. She denies.
Palpatine, after finding out that Vader cannot kill Padme, decides to kill her himself. Padme fights back but is too weak to fight Palpatine fully. Vader sees Padme dying on the ground and remembers all of their good memories, and the fact that he’s going to be a father. Vader finally realizes that the most important thing in the galaxy is not the Empire, it’s not the power, it’s not the dark side. It’s Padme. Her and her love is the most important thing to him, and he can’t just stand by and watch her die. He takes action and kills Palpatine, saving Padme and their children. Vader finally becomes who he is suppose to be, his true self, Anakin Skywalker. Thanks to the love and faith Padme has for him.
9 months later:
Anakin stands next to Padme while she gives birth to their twins. They name their children Luke and Leia Skywalker. And together, all four them, live happily ever after, as a family. :’)

First allow me to introduce you to the people who are of a consistence pain in the ass – bringing on the feels and God knows what else;

leon-s–kennedy - So this right here has been the leader of emotional distress, clearly on my own part. I adore this person IC and OOC, Ada may not have chose him for her heart, but all be damned if she’s going to live happily without knowing he cares. For the record? OOC? Leon-Mun is a damn sweetie. A wonderful writer and a character himself, I’m not sure this blog would even still be existence if it weren’t for this fellow here.

nomorextears - Helena. Oh lord, if you hate on Helena you are wrong on so many levels. This lovely lady pulls her off beautifully and frankly? I adore our interactions. This here is a lovely roleplayer, writer, and a card OOC. Shares my interest in beautifully tragic death scenes – what more could anyone ask for?

diaboluscarnifex - I still don’t know much about reboot – or devil may cry in general. Thing is? I adore this Dante, and the Mun is always around to bring a smile to my face, and be protective when I’m getting all sappy ‘n shit. A good friend, and an amazing writer. Also – kudos on 'dat Helena ass. Wink wonk.

zombiexpress - Leon, leon, leon, leon. I love you a lot okay? One of the best roleplayers to ever exist. Easily a person you could get along with, and should. Sweetie tbh, though gotta’ get passed snarky ass Leon. He acts all tough, but he’s really a big old dork. Ask Ada. She knows the truth.

domumxinveni - Still haven’t played TLOU, but goddamn this little girl has Ada’s heart. Mini Spy ain’t gonna’ die anytime soon, why? Because Ada’s kind of just accepted responsibility for Ellie, and do you assume that Ada will ever let anyone she gets close to die? Hell no. Mun. I love you, you aren’t the chattiest thing – but all the times you’ve made me laugh or gave me feels? Girl. I adore you, keep being awesome.

rebeckychambers - Alcohol brofisting. & awesome lesbians. I mean – nah. Rebecca-Mun is amazing and oh so precious. I love the way she writes and I sure as Hell love drunk bonding. But lord woman stop trying to get in Ada’s pants! Coughs. I love this roleplayer. Writing is flawless, portrayal is the most unique I’ve EVER seen. Much love. Much quality.

lavitaxnuova - Maxx is so damn fantastic. Three beautifully written OC’s and such an amazing person behind the screen. I know we don’t always get the chance to talk, but you’ve been here forever girl. I love you, love your muses.

gunpowdergallows - Jesus H. Christ if you are not following Deanna-butt you are on so many levels of wrong. We’ve been following each other for gosh like over a year at least, and I’ve loved your writing since the start. STILL ALWAYS GONNA’ BE YOUR PAPA GIRLY. Ahem. Truth is, this is Deanna Winchester to the core, the greatest genderbent RP blog I’ve ever seen and I love you.

crownofsmiles - Probably my longest lived friend via Roleplay. Shay? You and I go way back and I hope I’ll never lose you. Your OC has been around so long, and you’ve put so much work and development into Sora and just… I cannot wait til the day your game gets made, remember you owe me a free copy, mmkay? Your writing is perfect and I am so pleased with the fact that Ada and Sora are gonna’ have this AWKWARDLY forced mother daughter relationship. Aw yis.

furyofbahamut - Fangu-Butt. FANG. I love you, sunshine. I love you lots, and I swear one day I'mma just kidnap you and we’re gonna pop off to Hawaii and live off pineapples. You’ve been a loyal friend, and one I probably don’t even deserve. But Hell, you know I’ve got your back, darling.~ You know I love you.

carlaradames - Spoiler alert, this chick is one of the most amazing roleplayers to ever exist. It’s gonna be a damn shame to see your Carla go, because I can’t lie – you’ve given me more feels than any blog could probably hope to. Reminder that you are a damn quality writer and you’ll be missed, girl you’re a Hell of a writer. Don’t ever forget that.

marginalfighter - Ziggles, I am so happy to have you. You are one of those people who I know when I see you on the dash that I can always go to you and just. I don’t have to know your character that well to know that Ada and I both think you’re wonderful. We will always follow you, even if you can be the most awkward turtle ever.

infusedblues - Oh my darling, it hasn’t been that long since we met but I absolutely adore your company IC and OOC. You portray Zack in such a wonderful manner, and truly? It’s always a pleasure to chat. Keep being amazing, you precious thing.

tyranniical - Tracey. Darling, your Wesker is the most amazing thing to ever exist in the history of forever. I can’t even help but shower him in attention and Ada’s like – bitch I know I shouldn’t, but old habits die hard and HE’S SUPPOSED TO BE DEAD. Ugh. You are such a sweetie OOC I don’t even know how you pull off Wesker so well, but I love your muse. I love you. So good to see you back, even part-time. Ada will be sure to make your life Hell. I swear.

illusiveguns - Trish. We’re still the badassest of bitches ever. I don’t even care if that doesn’t make sense. I adore you, I adore your writing, I adore everything you do. You are so damn precious and I miss interacting with you, and just. I will never unfollow you. No matter what muse you traverse to, and no matter where I vanish. You. Are. Amazing.

brandedbyanangel - Oh hello there you. Deen-Butt. I tell you now, you are such a pain in the butt. WITH YOUR ’ U ’ IN SAVIOR. IT DON’T GO IN THERE GIRLY GET OUT. Wait. No. I adore you, you are such a perfect writer and you are such a wonderful Dean. I fucking love you. So y'know always gonna’ be your papa too. Always. Coughs. But the fact that you insist on rping themes that break my heart has to stop one day. We should do a happy thang, gotit.

apocalypticcowboy - & there’s a reason I saved you for last, you fucker. Ahem. Thank you for making me question my otp, but let me just – I love you. I have no idea how you pull Rick off so goddamn perfectly, but you do. Couldn’t ask for a more amazing shipping partner tbh. Not to mention someone willing to ax any fuckers that irritate me. Which are a lot – hurrhurr. You’re so damn amazing, I could go on for hours on how fucking awesome you are. But I’d probably just swear a lot and be like, bitches gettin’ married and fleein’ to Russia? Yeaaah. You’re amazing, keep murdering my feels k.

Now to get to the list of all these amazing people who maybe haven’t made an impression on the spy bitch yet, but oh I know you lovely folks aren’t going anywhere and I need you to know that you are loved;

curseofthecolossi , praeliia , groundedvalkyrie , alexander-kozachenko , maya-torres , assholeinahoodie , fourthsurvivor , deus-ex-zeus , bsaa-sniper , relinquox , hhhawke , coeurcourageuxx , ravagedgrace , tacticalxkiller , veneii , angelicpromise , apexpredateur , mustprattle , silverwolfzinoviev , bloodybluerose , blackmarketbaroness , sequencefinale , transientgunner , tritusaugeous , pickamuse , devilbrought , crimsonheartbreaker , reverse-gaia , chineseghostlygirl , hellfirexx , iaintnokid , cryokinesiis , foolreversed , engineofdestruction , moonwalkinandy , affinityforsecrets , pierssureshotnivans , roseuscrystallum , apricatex , leonsurvivorkennedy , rifiutare , immortalguardian , verbotii , notadeadgirl , theyoungsir , keptshort , andthisisgonnahurt , reachedout , didyoueverflashythingme , crimsonslayer , cynicismxatbest , fugitivi , tripledshot , thebirkinsaviour , lionharted , angelchildxdesire , pilota-zingaro , fightuntilbroken , sonata-blues , thegovernmentlapdog , ebonyredgrave , lastlivingpotter , yellowascot , stxrcrossd , athisbest , protoxhipster , doctorbirkin , militusx , aintnohomocidecop , perfectxheist , ancientlily , hopefulxgreene , justxdifferent , bnehlacc , cybersniper , leonskennedyask , imabetterfather , leeurbaneverett , fiestymudblood

Scent of Pleasure - Chapter Two

Beta: mignonberry (obvs, love you gurl <3)

Word count: 1025

Genre: romance, drama, funny, smut, whatever you want. Also AU.

Summary: After spending only one night together, without even knowing each other names, Dan and Phil go separate ways. Then, a few months later, Dan is in desperate need to find a place to live. He finds an advert in a newspaper and decides to check out the flat. Everything goes smoothly - until he finds out who the other tenant is.

A/N: Uhm hai. Sorry it took so long, but life happened. However it’s finally here! Yay!

[[[chapter one]]]

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1 & 18? :D

1. the meaning behind my url: 090998 is my birthday! 09/09/98 (september 9th!) honestly it was pretty unoriginal i know but i really wanted a url that had no words or letters in it… though mainly because i didn’t want to be easily recognizable and just having a number for a url would be the best way to do that, since it just looks like a bunch of numbers together!

18. phobia: damn u guys wanna know abt my phobias I’m so sorry i don’t have a very good answer…but honestly it depends on my mood like right now I’m like IM NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING I COULD KILL GOD! so its hard to reflect on my weaknesses lololol (but still I’m pretty sure trypo is one.. i also don’t like being left alone downtown at night, like in busy cities, but idk if that counts)

I WRITE SUCH LONG ANSWERS IM SO SORRY ANON ;;; (but thank u for the ask!)