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Cute Dates? (Tom Holland x Reader)

Fluffy stuff in honor of the one and only Tom Holland’s 21st birthday.

Word count: 784

Author: @chrixa

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“Today’s gonna be a long day,” you heard Tom’s voice from behind you as turn around to see him walking towards you. 

“I know. 8 hours of sitting through countless humorless interviews with the infamous Tom Holland. Can’t wait,” you smirked at him and let out a chuckle.

“Ha ha, so funny,” he bit back sarcastically. “C'mon, babe, interviews with me are the most fun and exciting.” 

“I’m only gonna say yes because you owe me an ice cream later. So, yes, interviews with you are the ones I look forward to doing,” you smile at him as you wrap your hand around his waist and he returned the gesture. The two of you began walking towards the room to begin the interviews for your newest romantic comedy movie, which is going to be the third time you worked together. 

The first time you were actually an innocent and overly excited intern who was about to graduate with a movie role in hand. It wasn’t that big of a role but hey, you had the opportunity to land a supporting role before graduating, so that was pretty cool. That supporting role was actually where you officially met Tom, because you had a short scene with him in the film. And this time, you were lucky enough (and worked hard enough) to land the main female lead of the film.

“I don’t actually like it when I have to buy you ice creams, you always pick the ones I want and then I can’t buy the ones I want because we have this ‘sharing’ rule and then I have to buy a different flavor from yours because what’s the point in buying the same flavors if you’re gonna share them, right?” 

“Stop rambling and hey, that so called ‘sharing’ rule comes from my family, alright?” You poked his side lightly and he squirmed closer to you. 

“I know, babe, I was just teasing you,” he smiled at you and kissed the side of your head.

You chuckled and let out a “dork” under your breath, which you made sure he heard it because he poked your side a second later. 

“Since you guys are officially dating,” the interviewer started as both Tom and you nodded and smiled, “do you guys go on cute dates like what you did in the movie?” 

“Oh God, no, our dates are horrible and so far from cute,” you rolled your eyes for emphasis.

“Yeah, totally. I mean I’m the only one who’s actually cute in this relationship so,” Tom shrugged and glanced at you with his famous smirk. 

“We wouldn’t hold hands, we stay as far away as possible from each other, you know.” 

“This interview is in fact, pure torture for me because I just can’t stand her,” he couldn’t hold his laughter anymore and just started laughing so hard that you couldn’t help but join him. 

You actually had to wait for your laughter to die down before you start talking again. “No, actually we’re the cutest couple on set, among our friends and in the whole wide world,” you smiled and placed your head on Tom’s shoulder and held his right hand. 

“You guys are the cutest,” the interviewer said with adoration in her eyes. 

“I know right,” Tom said smugly which you responded with a poke to his side. “I’m sorry, I mean to say thank you but I didn’t know what’s gotten into me.” 

“Alright, guys, I guess that last question wraps up our interview today. Thank you so much for your time,” she stood up and shook both of your hands and you thanked her as well. 

“Well, I guess our long day is finally over,” your boyfriend of 8 months said and stood up to stretch. 

“Yes, I can finally have my ice cream. I’m gonna have cookies and cream and mocha,” you pointed to him and smiled when his face fell.

“Damn it, Y/N, I wanted cookies and cream.”

“Ha! I said it first. Cookies and cream is mine!” 

“Yeah, whatever, as long as my girl’s happy,” he took your hand and led you out of the room to get some ice cream. 

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2013 : The year that saw FC Bayern München conquer it all and beyond.

Spring Cleaning (Bucky x Reader)

I’m  currently failing at running a blog. I’m sorry guys! >.<

This was a request for a lazy Bucky and a strong Reader (like eons ago)! Enjoy!


“Bucky get up!” You stood beside the couch where the super soldier was lazily occupying the entire thing. He had a bowl of cheesy puffs sitting on the coffee table in front of him and was slowly tossing them into his mouth. 

He chewed a few more times, swallowed, batted his baby blues up at you, and then opened his stupid mouth. “No.”

You squinted your eyes at his simple reply and had to stop yourself from physically strangling the man in front of you.

“James Buchanan Barnes you promised!” Your tone was a mix between a whine and a threat. You were in no mood for this right now. You had managed to rid the tower of the rest of your teammates, sending them off on missions and vacations and on errands. All you had needed was a few days by yourself in the Tower.

But for some reason your boyfriend had refused to leave. 

And that would have been fine and dandy had he stuck to the agreement you two shook on at the beginning of the week. But here he was lazing around the dirty living room and refusing to leave so you could continue with your spring cleaning.

“(Y/N) there are plenty of other rooms in the Tower to clean! Go finished everything else and then I’ll move! Promise!” You stared into Bucky’s blue eys looking for a hint of a lie, but finally just heaved a sigh, grabbed your cleaning supplies and walked out of the living room with a dramatic groan. 


“I swear to Asgard Bucky! Get your lazy ass out of the living room!” You were once again towering over the super soldier as he layed across the couch, this time with a beer in his hand. 

“No.” He didn’t even bother to look up at you as he kept his eyes fixed on the TV which was set on the shopping channel as two ladies tried selling frying pans. 

“You. Promised.” You moved so you were blocking his view of the TV, trying to get him to look at you.

“Go clean another room! I’m watching TV!” Bucky dismissed you as he tried peeking around you to see the number flashing on the screen to call and buy the product. 

“I’ve already cleaned every other room! I’ve cleaned the kitchen, the bathrooms, the labs, the bedrooms, hell I even cleaned the gym! Now get out so I can finish!” You were shouting at this point and ready to keep going. Bucky was officially getting on your last nerve and if he didn’t move soon drastic measures would have to be taken. 

Bucky finally looked up into your eyes. There was a moment where your (E/C) eyes stared into his blue ones and as the corners of his lips tugged up to form a minuscule smile that stopped your heart, if only for a second, you thought he was about to fulfill his promise. But-


“THAT DOES IT!” You drop your bucket of cleaning supplies and bend over the now startled man. In one quick, fluid motion you have James Buchanan Barnes, feared Winter Soldier and mighty Avenger, slung over your shoulder as you carry him out of the living room.

“What the hell (Y/N)!” Bucky yells, squirming ni your grasp as you tighten your grip and keep carring him far away from the place you had finally managed to empty. “Put me down!”

“No.” The smirk on your face only grew as you got to throw Bucky’s words back in his face.

“Ha ha I get it. Now put me down!”

“No. You had the chance to move so now I’m moving you!” You opened the door to outside and Bucky’s heart stopped at what he imagined you were up to.


“Yeah Buck?”

“Don’t put me down…” His hands griped your shirt tightly as he felt your feet stop.

“What was that? Did you say put you down?”

“NO!” Bucky squirmed harder as he felt your grip on him shift. You were beginning to think the simple word had become Bucky’s catchphrase.

“Okay Buck. Whatever you want,” and with that Bucky was thrown into the massive pool, which you had spent all of the previous day cleaning.

You didn’t watch as Bucky sank quickly to the bottom. Rather you sprinted back into the safety of the Tower, telling FRIDAY to keep Bucky locked out until he had completely dried.

You heard the “click” of the lock just in time as your boyfriend came barreling up to the glass door trying with all his strength to get it opened.

“(Y/N) let me in!” He was trying to give you a sad puppy dog face but the mixture of mirth and anger dancing in his eyes made it less convincing. 


“I’m starting to hate that word,” Bucky sighed as he pressed his forehead against the glass. “I promise, for real this time, I’ll stay out of the living room.”

“It’s too late Barnes. You’re stuck out there until you dry off. Now sit and think about what you’ve done while I FINALLY go clean the living room!”


“Wow (Y/N) this place looks amazing!” Tony complimented as he, Steve, and Sam walked into the living where you had just dusted the last shelf. 

“Thank you!” You beamed at the three men who looked around in awe. Honestly the whole place looked new it had’t been cleaned in so long. 

“Where’s Bucky?” Steve asked as he returned his attention to you.

“I am right here,” your blood froze at the voice that was suddently right behind you. Before you had time to run or even yell Bucky had picked you up and tossed you over his shoulder just as you had done to him earlier. “Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a little swimming to do.”

“BUCKY STOP! HELP!” But the other men just stared at you and Bucky in amusement shaking their heads. 

“Is this how you used to flirt back in your day?” Tony asked Steve who simply scoffed in reply.

“Keep your clothes on!” Sam yelled after you two with quick noises of agreement from Tony and Steve.

“No.” Was once again Bucky’s simple, making your cheeks heat up as you hung your head. All you had wanted to do was clean the damn living room!


So sorry for not only it being super late but also not that good! I know I have no excuses but school is hard and I gave blood today and it made me super sick:/ 

Anyways I hope you guys like it nonetheless! Requests for one shots and preferences are open (with no promises on how long it will take). 

Getting Into An Argument w/ Mark
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  • yall r probably super tired of me already lmao
  • i have one more requested that i would like to do for today
  • well
  • maybe three idk leave me alone
  • i just have no chill lmao
  • shoutout to the anon who requested this <3 btw
  • and let’s start this
  • let’s go ~~
  • so, u and mark have been in a relationship for like three months or something
  • you were still knowing each other but so far it was perfection
  • what more do you expect from this angel i mean
  • he’s just such a soft and sweet creature i’m-
  • so arguments never happend, never ever
  • and if the do it were only stupid jokes between you 
  • never an actual argument, not even once
  • so, yeah, going to the story
  • i don’t feel like mark is a jealous person at all
  • he’s just to nice, we seriously doesn’t deserve him he’s too perfect
  • he really really trust you but well
  • i feel like, if there is a random guy who keeps hugging his girlfriend and looking at her in ways only he’s alowed to he’s going to get angry
  • and he said once that when he’s angry the first thing he do is calming down, right?
  • so while you and this uknown person who was being too nice to you keep hugging and talking he was internally trying to calm himself
  • he was like
  • “mark, relax, that idiot-i mean that guy doesn’t know you are his boyfriend”
  • “it’s normal, you haven’t been dating for that long”
  • “she just forgot to tell him, they have been talking for.. ten minutes, and sh-she forgot to tell him that y-you’re her boyfriend”
  • “even though you’re right by her side”
  • he was going crazy believe me
  • and once you ended your conversation and gave your attention to mark again he was SO serious
  • “sorry, baby, he’s just an-”
  • “let’s go to the dorms y/n, right now”
  • damn, he looked angry as fuck and it was SO weird
  • but you kept silent and followed him to the 127 dorms
  • you saw all the memebrs reactionand all of them were just as surprised as you
  • even donghyuck loked scared of him
  • and when yall started “talking” damn he was like other person
  • he was really jealous and he wasn’t even trying to hide it
  • and he wasn’t screaming at you or something, but his voice was higher than it usually is
  • and same thing with yours
  • “mark, can you listen to yourself and realize for once that everthing that you’re saying is bullshit? do you think i’m cheating on you?”
  • “do you think i’m stupid? because, no i’m not, you didn’t even told him i was your boyfriend!”
  • “i was going to introduce him to you but he kept talking and-”
  • “yes, you said that already and i don’t care, listen to me”
  • shhhhhhhhhhhit whhattt jfhsh
  • oh boy, you were angry now
  • “you’re so childish, mark! go ask donghyuck for cuddles now, oh no, better don’t i don’t want to get jealous over your friendship”
  • and you were already walking to the door to get the fuck out of there u know but nope
  • “i’m not fucking done y/n”
  • and he grabs your wrist and turns you around
  • at everything passed really fast
  • your first reaction to his action was to cover your face with your arm to protect you
  • and that shocked him, leaving him in blank
  • “d-did you actually though t-that i was going t-to hurt you?”
  • “n-no y/n.. i-i would never..”
  • he never experienced something like this and he wasn’t sure how he should response to it
  • he lets go of your wrist and when he looks at the mark left by his hand he falls on his knees
  • “i-i’m sorry y/n, i-i’m so sorry”
  • you sat on the floor by his side and let him place his head in your lap while you rub his back to comfort him
  • this is so angsty i’m
  • “i’m sorry, mark. i don’t know why did i act like this i-i am really sorry”
  • he sits by your side and take the tears out your face with his thumb
  • “i promise you i’ll never would do something like that to you, baby, never, i’m so sorry”
  • you hugged him
  • “i know, and i trust you and i love you, i really do, please believe me”
  • you broke the hug and kiss him sweetly, still apologizing
  • “i love you too, y/n”
  • i wish this was an scenario it would be so dramatic
  • btw, i made a scenario ver of this too
  • you can read it here
  • and tbh i like that one a lot more lmao

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POTENTIALLY ODD QUESTION INCOMING: but uh what songs remind you of chanbaek the most?

Alright now when I list these off, you have to know I think of Chanbaek in different situations when listening to these songs because we DON’T actually know what their relationship IS (apart from good friends of course) so I don’t just listen to happy love songs and go “OH THAT’S SO THEM uwu” I actually have different situations in mind as to what might be there.

1. Emoticons - The Wombats

I’m going to be honest, I really wanted to make a Chanbaek video with this song. However, The Wombats use a lot of odd wording and metaphors so not everyone would understand why the hell I made a Chanbaek video with this song. Anyway, the song is about two people. These two people are in a relationship that is purely friends with sexual acts (so friends with benefits basically) but they feel there’s more between them except they both refuse to acknowledge it and instead just stick to sex. Person A (singer) cares very much for person B and wants to do nothing but be with them and spoil them rotten. However, person A knows that’ll never happen, yet they still stick with being friends with benefits with person B because it’s better than nothing and they just want person B in their life. For me, I imagined what if Chanbaek did have a relationship like this and Chanyeol was person A (since he spoils Baekhyun all the time) and Baekhyun was person B. Now, if you listen to the song, you might not have any idea where tf I’m getting any of this from and just be confused. So yeah I don’t think I could really make a Chanbaek vid with this asdfgh.

2. Lies -  Jane XØ

Basically again, a friends with benefits kinda deal. Person A (singer) and person B argue all the time but still have a strong attraction to each other. However, for person B it is purely sexual while person A is in love with person B but refuses to admit it. Yet person A still calls person B theirs even though they have no romantic relationship. For this I imagined Baekhyun as person A and Chanyeol as person B just because I can see Baekhyun trying suppress those feelings but still see Chanyeol as ‘his’. One line that’s especially powerful for me is “If I think I’m in love I’m the only one who’ll ever know.”

3.  In Your Arms (Nebbra Remix) - Crystal Fighters

This song doesn’t need to be explained it’s just a sweet song that could apply to the perspective of either Chanyeol or Baekhyun, but I like to think Baekhyun because Chanyeol has big arms eheheheh. It’s just a sweet song and the remix makes it super upbeat and sweet so I love it.

4. YDU (Pluto Remix) - Opia

Basically for this, person A (singer) and person B have a fucked up relationship (not abusive I just mean the emotions and the way they show their love to each other can at times seem like they hate each other so hate love). However, person A is just extremely captivated by person B and person B doesn’t quite seem to understand that. For this I see person A as Chanyeol and person B as Baekhyun. One line in particular that made me think “This is definitely Chanyeol” is “Come back, don’t you realise I’ll go wherever you go” because Chanyeol just follows Baekhyun everywhere and there are a few moments where Chanyeol just looks whipped by Baekhyun.

5.  Wrong (Party Pupils Remix featuring Taylor Bennett) - MAX

The song is self explanatory. They fukin, they know they shouldn’t be fukin, but they are anyway cause they’re too obsessed with each other and they don’t give a shit. You can imagine either Chanyeol or Baekhyun’s perspectives for this one.

6. Powerful - Major Lazer

This song is also self explanatory but it’s just THEM you know?? They both have so much power over each other and are each other’s strength and I like this song a lot just because it sings from two of the same perspectives of two people who are just everything to each other.

7. Unfair - EXO

Look just look up the English lyrics for this there is such a massive Chanbaek vibe it makes me wanna punch Chanyeol in the god damn face because it especially makes me think from Chanyeol’s perspective since Chanyeol just sometimes stares at that boy with the most adoring eyes and gOd dAMMIT

8. Her - Eery

This song doesn’t really have any lyrics, I don’t know how to explain it but it just gives me really soft Chanbaek feels. Like it just gives me that whole vibe of Chanyeol and Baekhyun just thinking of each other and being happy mushy messes asdfgh look I don’t know but this song is so sweet to me.

9. Creep - Radiohead

This song is an absolute classic. I see this more from Baekhyun’s perspective because I feel like Baekhyun really looks up to Chanyeol a lot for being so self confident and talented and basically have properties he just really admires and loves, but Baekhyun just sees himself as someone not suited to be with Chanyeol yet he still wants Chanyeol to just notice him and be around him. This song is really gorgeous to me and honestly if you haven’t heard it HOW HAVEN’T YOU HEARD IT it is really so heart wrenching.

10. Mistakes - Prelow

Fuck do I really love this song at the moment like REALLY!! This gives me a really really big Chanbaek vibe and I really want to make a video with this and let me explain WHY! BASICALLY person A (singer) has a kind of influence over person B and person B’s whole being just gets asdfgh when person A is around so they hold it in around person A. However, at first person A doesn’t want to see anything sexual or romantic with person B because they’re just friends but even though person A is constantly thinking about person B they WON’T ADMIT IT!! Person A is Chanyeol and person B is Baekhyun. NOW PLEASE LET ME EXPLAIN SOME OF THE LYRICS SO YOU ALL GET WHAT I SEE IN THIS SONG!

“I’m not confused, it’s just you’re making me think of all our conversations missing their link” - This is Chanyeol (look I am just saying Chanyeol not person A at this point) thinking about all the conversations they’ve had that seem to end on really open suggestions or can be taken as something MORE than friends LOOK IT’S HARD TO EXPLAIN but it’s just a strong line to me!

“And my dick takes over, and I’m thinkin’ bout your lips” - Listen I’m only putting this in here because you guys would just chuck a giggle at the dick part BUT the reason it says that is because IT IS CHANYEOL NOT THINKING REASONABLY and he just suddenly starts thinking about Baekhyun and how gorgeous he is and he can’t control his thoughts. THE LINE IS NOT MEANT TO BE LAUGHED AT I ACTUALLY LIKE THIS LINE.

“It seems the key was not to peek through the locks” - Chanyeol knows Baekhyun likes him and it’s because he looked too into things and found things out and he wish he didn’t because now he’s thinking and feeling these things that he shouldn’t be thinking and feeling and it’s made their relationship awkward and fuckign I really love this song.

“But all your makeup’s running and I’m walking you home” + “But all those pretty people are still going home” - THIS IS LIKE okay I love this because it’s basically saying Chanyeol can just get boned by anyone like he can just go out and have a good fuck by some gorgeous person (hence the ‘all those pretty people’ line) but he DOESN’T he stays with BAEKHYUN who may just be crying over something and Chanyeol doesn’t have to deal with that but he still DOES and even if Baekhyun isn’t acting badly drunk he will STILL bring Baekhyun back home with him and let him stay the night (but not for sexual things literally just to sleep because THAT’S THE POINT!!)

“But we’re too damn sober for mistakes like this” - Okay THIS line is THE WHOLE POINT OF THE SONG because what it’s saying is we could get drunk and we could just fuck and both have a good time BUT they know that’s WRONG and Chanyeol ESPECIALLY knows that’s a mistake because Baekhyun loves him. SO the song line is we both know what’s going on here to not just let go and indulge in each other AND IF THAT ISN’T THE MOST ASDGH

Look I don’t know if you guys can see Chanbaek in this but I REALLY love this god damn song and I’ve listened to it so much help  m e.

Okay well that’s all I got for that sorry this was so long but yes my music taste is a bit everywhere but still ENJOY THOSE SONGS!!

(also if you don’t like chanbaek I’m sorry this was probably really cringey for you and I just wanna point out I don’t believe that they are or aren’t real I am very on the fence about a lot of idol relationships simply because we just really can’t know)


UPDATE: Please download the original meshes so the Basic shirt, Cropped Top dress, and Ugg Boots recolors will show up fine. Otherwise, they will show invisible in CAS. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hello guys! I just want to express my gratitude to my followers in some way; whether you followed me for my CCs, my stories, or simply because this is a simblr, thank you! ♥

So I prepared a set of recolors–sadly, that’s all I can do for now. Damn me for not knowing how to mesh ;n;


  • All of them are non-default
  • First set are print recolors of Rusty Nail’s Basic Shirt (some are references of The 1975, twenty one pilots, Lorde, Marina and the Diamonds, and Fall Out Boy)
  • Second is long sleeved printed shirts for the guys (twenty one pilots, Fall Out Boy, and The 1975, again)
  • Third is a set of pastel & print recolors of sim4ny’s Cropped Top dress
  • Fourth is set of pastel recolors of pauleanr’s Ugg Boots
  • And lastly, fifth is a set of Ombre open shirts

Can you recognize my sims? lol

Sooo yeah, I hope you like them. Thank you so much again, and happy simming! ♥

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Please do not reupload and/or claim as your own.

Hit me a message if anything goes wrong!

[ D O W N L O A D]

A's notebook

Today in class A was clearly not paying attention and she was writing in her notebook and I had to do something so I told her that if she wasn’t going to listen she had to leave or give me her notebook, she apologized but didn’t wanted to do either. In the end she gave me her notebook, of course she wasn’t taking notes she was just doodling and she wrote:
“Mientras siga viendo tu cara en la cara de la luna
Mientras siga escuchando tu voz entre las olas y entre la espuma
Mientras tenga que cambiar la radio de estación porque cada canción me hable de ti, de ti, de ti"
It is a song that I have heard before, it roughly translates to:
“As long as I see your face in the face of the moon
As long as I hear your voice between the waves and the foam
As long as I have to change the radio station because every song talks about you, about you, about you"
Sorry if that translation sucks.
I kept it until the break and when we were eating I gave it back to her, she apologized again and told me it wouldn’t happen again so I told her that I know she can be in love or really like “this guy" but that she can’t let that affect her education and she laughed so damn hard in my face. She laughed non stop for like a minute, she was almost crying from laughter.
She told me that she didn’t like this guy, she was just being nice and trying to make friends. I told her that I thought they were dating because I saw them that day and she laughed more and told me “you are good to jump into conclusions right?“ and I laughed but I haven’t felt this happy in weeks.
Then I asked to who is she writing love songs and she just blushed, she said it is not for anyone she just likes to write them but she started to get really nervous so I told her it was ok that she didn’t owed me explanations and she told me that she is not hiding anything from me that is just hard to explain.
D came up to ask what is A laughing about and A told her that I thought she and this guy were dating and D laughed too. A said “he is a nice guy just too much of a fuckboy” and D said “come on admit he is too young for your taste" and A got so damn angry, she just looked at D with the coldest look I have ever seen. D laughed and told A not to take it too seriously and left.
A was clearly upset so I started talking about other things until the break was over.

When we were leaving A asked if I was going to take the bus because I didn’t take my car and I said I would probably walk, she offered me a ride and since my school has no problem with it I said yes.
She was using her mother’s car and played some music, we talked a lot and when we were getting close to my house she asked if she could use my bathroom. Of course I said there was no problem.
It was a bit weird but I guess I couldn’t say no, we went to my apartment and my roomate was in his room I told her where the bathroom is and she went in. I was uncomfortably standing in my living room waiting for her. She got out in so little time that I don’t think she needed to use my bathroom.
She started to look around in my place and my bedroom door was open, she didn’t got in but she looked from outside. Then she apologized for being so invasive and looked ashamed, I told her it was ok and she asked me if she could take us a picture I was hesitant but she said she just wanted memories and that she wouldn’t post it anywhere. I said yes and she got out of her backpack an old camera that works with a roll and I laughed, she took two pictures of us and then she said she was sorry and that she should leave. I said it was okay and then she left.
It feels nice to have growing hope.

Molly tries casual dating during season four
  • *end of a rather nice dinner date*
  • Guy: I'd like to do this again some time.
  • Molly: *smiling* Yeah, me, too.
  • Guy: How about a film this weekend?
  • Molly: Oh no, sorry, I have Rosie this weekend.
  • Guy: You have a child?!!
  • Molly: Goddaughter.
  • Guy: Oh that's nice. Are you very close?
  • Molly: Yes... erm, I'm helping her father out a bit... you know... his wife... my friend, she died... recently.
  • Guy: Oh God, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to upset you... Cancer?
  • Molly: Err yeah no, she was actually... shot.
  • *guy stares open mouthed*
  • Molly: That's kind of a ... long story. what if I tell you on our next date? *hopeful*
  • Guy: O-Ok.
  • *awkward pause*
  • Guy: Ok good. What about next Thursday?
  • Molly: Yes! Wait, no. Damn, I have Sherlock duty next Thursday.
  • Guy: Sherlock duty?
  • Molly: I'm helping... a friend.
  • *doesn't mention that she incidentally still loves said friend*
  • Molly: He had a bit of an... addiction problem. It's actually not that different from the babysitting. I just watch him so he can't take anything or cook up anything weird in his lab, you know?
  • *guy stares even more open mouthed*
  • Molly: Ok, you know what? Jonathan, it was nice to meet you. I hope you have a good life.
Uncle Sam

Word Count: 1,284

Pairing: Past!Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader (friend, brother)

Warnings: Slight angst? When this thought came to me I started crying just thinking about it. 

A/N: So this was supposed to be a blurb. Yeah… that didn’t happen. I was doing my dishes a few weeks ago and humming to myself when the idea came to me. My first Sam x Reader of ANY sort and I’m sure it sucks. lol my trusty friend @dustycelt was awesome enough to read over it for me because I was too excited to wait for my friend to edit it. I hope it’s not crap, I hope you enjoy! Feedback is always welcome :) 

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Oblivious |Michael Clifford|

Originally posted by pikamikey

Summary:  this is basically Michael being completely oblivious to his feelings for y/n, so she steps up and makes a move herself

Warnings: a little language

Word Count: 700+

A/n: heeey guys I came up with a little something for mikey bc I don’t really have a lot for him and I rlly love him. I’ll also work on a little bit of an ashton imagine too.

“So, you’re a guy, right?” you begin, pulling up a chair at the library table Michael was sitting at. There was something on your mind and you had to get the truth out of him.

“I would hope so,” he chuckles. “Something on your mind?” He closes his textbook and gives his full attention to you.

“Ok, so there’s this guy that I like,” Michael frowns for two seconds then recovers, replacing it with a tight smile. You hide your smile and look towards the ground, knowing that your plan is going smoothly. “He’s great too; nice smile, same interests, beautiful eyes, and the most amazing personality of a person that I have ever came across. And I know that he likes me, but he’s such a pussy to admit that he likes me back, and is that cliché, oblivious guy who has no I idea that I like him back.”

“And you need my help because??” he questions, stuffing his book into his backpack.

“I need your help because I want to ask him out myself and I don’t exactly know how to do that…so I came to you. The expert guide of relationships,” you giggle, reaching across the table to ruffle his hair.

He laughs quietly to himself before replying. It hurt him so much to know that he wasn’t the guy that was on your mind all the time. Therefore, it was hard for him to even give you advice on how to get a guy that wasn’t him. On the inside, he was breaking. You had noticed his reaction to your question and took it as a signal.

He couldn’t fool you because you’ve known him all your life, he was the one who was on your mind every day and night, he was the one to drop everything he was doing to make sure you were ok, he was always going to be a part of your life now and later, he was it for you. You wanted to be the one he could kiss every night and morning, you wanted to be the first one he saw every night before he fell asleep and the first one he would see when he awoke in the morning.

You would be his, and he would be yours.

“I think-I think any way you could ask him and he would still say yes,” he finally replies.

“Thanks Mikey, that was the only answer I needed to hear,” you grin. “I should go ask him now, so I’ll catch you later?”

“No worries Y/n, I’ll always be here for you,” he sighs softly before taking out his trig textbook, “Tell me how it goes.” At that point, he knew you were out of his reach, for good.

You walk out of the library in victory, scoring all the information you ever needed. You stop at the beginning of the library stairs, rehearsing what to say, then walk back into the library, straight to Michael’s table.

“Michael Gordon Clifford, I hope you know that since you’re such a chicken for not admitting your feelings, I’ll do it.” he looks up at you, his cheeks on fire.

“Michael you’ve always been the one I saw as the perfect guy for me. I love you because you’re not afraid to be yourself, and you’ve always been there for me whenever I was feeling sad, even when my goldfish died. Do you remember that? We were only ten at the time and you begged your parents to not go to school because Mr. Twiddles died?”

“Michael, you were so fucking oblivious to my attempts and it made it worse because I also knew you liked me back and you never did anything, so I tested and looked for your reactions on things I did. Remember that ‘date’ I told you I had with this guy Asher? That was actually Ashton and we spied on you that day,” you silently giggle at the end as Michael face palms.

“Anyways back to the reason I’m here: Michael I love you so damn much and just wanted you to know that, so I wanted to make the first move. Mikey, do you want to go out sometime?”

Michael immediately stands up and closes the gap between the two of you, “Yes Y/n and I’m sorry I’ve been so afraid to admit my real feelings for you. As long as you have me home by 12pm.”

At that point, you crash your lips into his and smile, “Of course princess.”

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The Meeting.

a/n: So I wrote this last night but had to sleep and ended up not posting it. This was fun to write though. 2 smuts in a row ;) Please do let me know if you enjoyed this and if you’d like to you can request anything :)))

Carl’s PoV: My dad calls our group to our house for a ‘meeting’. He likes to keep us all informed on his plans so no one falls behind. While we wait for everone to arrive me and (Y/n) stay in my room. Her head laid on my chest as I read my comic. I thought she had fell asleep. That was until I felt her hand creep from my stomach to my clothed crotch. She palms me through my trousers and my breathing laboured. I could tell she was smirking as I grew harder and harder by her touch. She had me under her thumb and she knew it.
“Guy’s everyones here now.” My dad calls up to us making (Y/n) stop her movements. I whimper a little as she stands.
“Maybe if your good…” Is all the only part I hear her say when as she leaves the room. I hear her walk down the stairs and I take a seconds to straighten myself out. More importantly to make sure my hard on isn’t visable. I walk down the stairs and sit next to (Y/n) on the sofa and my dad stands in front of us all. He starts to talk about who is doing what shift and who could possibly be going on a run. From the corner of my eye I see (Y/n) scan the room. I furrow my brows but then raise them when (Y/n) places her hand on my thigh, too close to where I need her most. My cheeks flush but she just takes her hand away. I decide that I can’t take the erection straining against my boxer anymore and stand. All eyes focus on me as I clear my throat.
“I need to talk to (Y/n) .” I quickly scramble to grab (Y/n)’s hand to lead her upstairs and into the bathroom.
“Carl what the hell wa-” She starts to utter loud enough for me to hear it but I quickly cut her off by kissing her, my tongue entering her mouth as she kisses back.
“(Y/n) please do something, I’m gonna start howling if you don’t.” I say rapidly against her lips. She furrowed her brows, bewildered, before looking down at my prominent hard on which was now visable through my jeans. She steps foward, plants a kiss on my cheek and then drops to her knees. She undoes my belt and tugs on my jeans, sliding them down my legs along with my boxers. She grabs a hold of my length and pumps it a few times before wrapping her plums lips around me. I hiss at the contact and buck my hips up, causing her to gag slightly. She bob’s her head up an down before deep throating me and I moan loudly so she stops. I look down at her breathing heavily.
“Shhh, they probably all know what’s going on up here now.” She smirks up at me and puts my length in her mouth again. No matter how many times she does this, it continues to amaze me. She continues to deep throat and bob her head up and down while I continue to moan.
“Don’t stop, I’m g-gonna cum.” I whisper to her and she sucks faster and moans around me. I feel it. It tips me over the edge and I cum in her mouth. She quickly swallows the salty substance as she continues to suck, ever so gently, and then pulls away. She stands and wipes her mouth.
“Satisfied?” She questions while I buckle myself back up. I lean foward and plant a kiss on her lips.
“Yes, but in all fairness that was your fault.” I defend myself and she furrows her brows. “You shouldn’t have touched me earlier before the meeting.” I smirk and we both leave the bathroom. We walk downstairs to find everyone still sat where they were when we left. My dad starts to talk.
“We were going to carry on with the meeting but felt that you two should be included. We didn’t know how long you guys were going to be or what you were even talking about. That was until someone,” My dad looks straight at me, “Made a strange noise and then we realised what was going on. Too bad we didn’t have any earplugs.” He finishes and everyone laughs. Including (Y/n). I flush a crimson colour.
“I’m sorry for touching you before the meeting.” She puts on a fake pouty face and flutters her eyelashes at me. We sit back down and she cuddles closer to me than she did earlier on. It was her fault I was so damn turned on. I wasn’t going to let her get away with it. It was my turn to place my hand on her thigh. It was going to be a long night.

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Would you be able to do MadaSaku with the prompt?: You are absolutely gorgeous. No, no, sorry ignore me keep putting the money in the bag you’re doing great.

Sakura knew working part time this late at night was a bad idea, but hey, you do crazy things when you have student loans screaming to be paid.

And crazy things can sometimes lead to near life or death situations apparently.

Watching the familiar blue skinned man hold a knife to her coworkers throat, Sakura had to fight back a sigh, silently wondering just how she’d deal with this later on.

it wasn’t too often you knew one of the people robbing you after all-and she’d know that man anywhere, he was one of her friends after all. Two years friendship and she could spot the shark obsessed man in her sleep- just who was he trying to fool here?

“Sorry for the trouble miss, we just want the money. No one needs to get hurt here.”

And then there was Itachi.

For gods sake, did they think she was an idiot or something? He used to babysit her, Naruto and Sasuke on a regular basis- hell, he’d helped her with her project not a week ago.

And here he was with Kisame and some other people she couldn’t quite place, holding up her coworker, apparently not having noticed her standing in the doorway to the staff room behind them.

“Is there anyone else here tonight?” A new, older voice asked. Her coworker shakily sobbed, not paying attention to him as the man continued to empty the register. “I won’t ask again.”

Sakura sighed once more before coughing loudly, all heads present whipping around to face her in an instant.

“Dude. So not cool. Do I go and shake down your place of work? NO.”

All heads whipped around then, but Sakura’s eyes were glued to the older man at the register, her cheeks flushing slightly as she caught sight of his rather…handsome face.

And looks in general.

God damn it why were all the guys she knew hot? It’s wasn’t fair.

“Oh wow, you’re gorgeous…”

“Pardon me?”

“Huh? OH- oh, no, no, don’t mind me at all. Sorry, ignore me keep putting the money in the bag you’re doing great.”


“SAKURA! Long time no see, I didn’t know you worked here! What a coincidence…” Oh Kisame, you strangely wonderful man you. Only you could try and make a robbery seem like a get together.

“Kisame, you know this girl?”

“Yeah, yeah Itachi does too. She’s one of Sasuke’s friends- the one Mikoto always tries to get stay over. Ours too, she’s the one who I got to help re-wire the getaway van last month.”

“…” Getaway van?

“Ah I see, nice to meet you Miss Sakura, I’m Sasuke’s uncle. I hope you don’t mind the intrusion, we’ll be on our way shortly.”

Why did this always happen to her?

“I don’t suppose young Sasuke has asked you to join us for dinner next week has he? If not, please feel free to drop by, I know Mikoto would love to see you again.”

Yep, looks like she’d have to quit this job as well. First Naruto ruins her job at the cafe, then Sasuke gets her fired from the library- now this.

“I’m going home.

Goodbye, Smaller Hamilton.

Phillip x Reader
Word Count: 4,049
A/N: This is so long I’m sorry; also, this is the most basic imagine ever (Hamilton and Jefferson together, secretly) but I love reading them, and I hope you do, too. Hope you like it, guys!

“I’m sure he’ll be fine with it,” you said skeptically, already knowing damn well that he would certainly NOT be fine with it.

Phillip looked at you like you had just told the worst joke in history; “Y/N,” he said, grabbing both of your hands and just holding them in a way that really just solidified the fate of this conversation; he wasn’t holding you closely, or trying to make you smitten, or trying to kiss you… He wasn’t doing any of the normal things that he does.

Suddenly annoyed, you retracted your hands roughly; Phillip sighed and reached for them again, only for you to move them, stubbornly.

“Hey,” he said, exasperated, holding your waist instead of your hands, “Stop that,” he mumbled, pulling you against him, softly.

You let him, but crossed your arms over your chest, as a kind of barrier. “Stop what,” you asked, petulantly.

Phillip sighed; “Stop being grumpy,” he said through his teeth, “If we tell your father, he’ll kill me. He hates me, Y/N!” He exclaimed, before remembering we had to be discreet and quieting his voice once again, “I’m not even being hyperbolic.”

“Well, I mean, I think you’re being a little bit hyperbolic,” you commented, refusing to look your courter in the eye.

Phillip sighed; “I love you,” he stated, trying to catch your eye-line. Feeling nice, you let him. “But you know what’ll happen if we tell him,” he continued.

You shook your head gently, “No,” you rebutted, “We don’t know that; you’ve barely even met him before, Phillip, he might be fine with it!”

“Yeah, but what if he’s not, Y/N,” he asked roughly, “It’s not a risk I wanna take, sweetheart,” he said, trying to sweeten the statement with cute names; it was a feeble attempt. “You know he hates me.”

“That’s just because he doesn’t like your father,” you mumbled, “If he met you, I’m sure he would be okay with it,” you explained, looking up at your courter hopefully.

Phillip looked down at you before sighing, “Angel,” he said, “I think we should wait.”

You rolled your eyes, “You said that a month ago, Phillip,” you groaned, “Just how long do you want to wait? I hate lying to him, and I’ve been having to do it more and more, recently,” you sighed, “You’re not even giving him a chance!”

“Because I know he won’t give me one, Y/N,” Phillip exclaimed, “I’m just trying to do what’s best for us, can’t you see that?” He asked, letting his arms fall from around your waist.

“Telling lies to my father for three months isn’t what’s best for me, Phillip,” you muttered bitterly.

He looked at you for a moment before replying, “Fine,” Phillip mumbled under his breath, “Go tell him, see what happens,” he spoke through his teeth, shaking his head as he left, leaving you alone. You sighed before making your way to your house.


“And where have you been,” you father asked as soon as you walked through the door, looking at you with his eyebrows raised.

You smiled at him, despite feeling like complete crap on the inside; “I was in the town with Y/F/N; we were doing some window shopping,” you lied straight through your teeth. After three months, they flowed pretty smoothly.

“You’re spending a lot of time with her recently,” your father commented, turning back to head into his office; you followed him. “Maybe you should start thinking about getting yourself a courter,” he added, almost shyly.

“Dad,” you sighed, but before you could continue, he did.

“I’m just saying,” he said defensively, “I know a lot of young men more than willing to court you,” he said, shrugging his shoulders.

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes; ever since your mother passed away your father took on both of the parental rolls. Sure, typically feminine subjects were always talked about awkwardly and with much hesitation, but he was doing his best. You and he really grew close; you talked about everything, he always did his best to take care of you, and you him. However, this didn’t mean conversations about courting and love weren’t done without awkwardness.

You sighed, standing beside his desk while he sat and began rummaging through his papers and documents. “I just want the best for you,” your father continued, his voice quieter than before.

You nodded your head in understanding, and before you could think out your words critically and clearly, you blurted out, “What do you think of Phillip?” You asked, furrowing your brows, trying your best to sound as casual as you could.

Your father looked up at you; “Phillip…?” He asked, wanting you to confirm what he already knew.

You looked down to your hands and began to fiddle with your fingers; “Phillip Hamilton?” You asked, and your father immediately laughed.

“Hamilton?” He asked rhetorically, “You can’t allow a Hamilton to court you,” he stated, suddenly becoming very serious. “I won’t allow a Hamilton to court you.”

You nodded your head, hoping the hurt and borderline embarrassment that you were feeling wasn’t evident on your face. “Alright,” you said, digging your teeth into your lip, “Who were you thinking, dad?”


“My dad’s at the cabinet meeting,” Phillip said hurriedly, “You can stay for a while longer,” he smiled, taking your hands in his. You were at his house now, something you did infrequently, out of the fear of being caught. But when you did, it was nice.

You nodded your head, “I know, Phillip,” you said, “My dad is at the same meeting.”

Phillip smiled, bashfully, “I know,” he grinned, “I just… I want you to stay. Will you?” He asked, pulling your forward before wrapping his arms around your waist.

You went onto your tippy toes so you could give him a kiss; nodding your head, you grinned, “Fine. But only for a little while, Phillip.”

“That’s enough for me,” he smiled, leading you over to his bed. You crawled in, Phillip followed you quickly, immediately pulling you on top of him, so your head was resting on his chest. “You looked beautiful today,” he mumbled, his voice muffled by your hair.

“Thank you,” you replied, grinning. “You did, too.”

Phillip chuckled and you felt him press a kiss to the top of your head. “I love you,” he said through his small laughs, making you grin.

You turned so you could look up at him, and he moved so he was hovering over you. “I love you, too,” you smiled, lifting up, just enough to kiss him again.

Phillip grinned contently, looking down at you for a moment before continuing. “Y/N,” he sighed, “What are we going to do?”

What cut off the latter end of his sentence was his bedroom door swinging open, revealing a confused and bewildered Eliza Hamilton.

“Phillip?” She asked, aghast.

Eyes wide, Phillip covered you entirely, obstruction this mothers view of you. You, however, quickly realized what the situation looked like to her, and pushed him off of you. Standing from the bed, you brushed yourself off; “We weren’t doing anything inappropriate,” you stated worriedly.

“Y/N,” Phillip sighed, hiding his face in his hands, “Mom, I… Please just…” He began, struggling to find the words to construct his thoughts, “It’s not what it looks like, really,” he said finally, his face covered in a blush.

Eliza sighed and entered the room, closing the door behind her. You had seen her at balls, out in the streets, all over the place; and she had seen you, too… Always with your father. “Then what is it, Phillip?” She asked, knowingly.

Phillip bit his lip, looking between you and his mother, choosing his words carefully. “Are you going to tell dad?” He asked, his voice dripping with worry.

Eliza furrowed her brows, “That depends on what this is, Phillip,” she said sternly. “What’s going on?”

Your courter looked at you again before answering, “I’ve been courting Y/N for three months, now,” he said solemnly, as if it pained him to say so. You had asked him so many times to tell your families that you had been courting him, and when he finally does he sounds pained? You quirked an eyebrow at him, and he just kept looking at his mother, gauging her reaction.

“Y/N,” she said softly, looking to you, “Thomas Jefferson’s daughter?” She asked.

You nodded your head, “Yes,” you said, “I’m sorry that we had to meet this way, Mrs. Hamilton,” you then directed your attention to Phillip, “I really didn’t want it to happen like this.”

Phillip looked down at his feet and Eliza continued; “I understand the hesitation,” she said sweetly, “But Miss Jefferson, I think it’s time that you go back home,” she said, “Mr. Hamilton will be returning soon, and I imagine you two don’t want him to find out.”

You nodded your head and Phillip sighed with relief; he had always made a point of saying that he couldn’t meet your father, but recently it’s been seeming like he really didn’t want YOU to meet HIS father. You looked at Phillip, then to Eliza, then to Phillip and furrowed your brows. “You really don’t want me to meet him,” you stated, although the way you said it made it sound like a question.

Phillip immediately sighed, while Eliza looked between the two of you, confused. “We talked about this,” he said, shaking his head gently.

“No,” you said assertively, “We’ve talked about YOU not being able to meet MY father, because you think that he hates you; we’ve never talked about me not being able to meet your father, because you think he hates me.”

Phillip sighed once again, “Y/N,” he said softly, but didn’t have anything else to say.

“You really don’t think that I can do it, can you?” You asked, bitterly, “You were never doing what was best for me, Phillip, you’re always doing what’s best for you; you asked me to lie to my own father for MONTHS, just so you could protect your precious reputation with your dad. You always made it seem like you had my best interest in mind, but you never did. You know how much my father means to me, Phillip, you seen how upset and anxious I was always lying to him! But you still asked me to do it, just so you could continue pleasing your father? You really didn’t have ANY faith in me? I kept on reassuring you that my father would love you, he’ll find a way to be okay with it, and you never even cared about that! You were just worried about what your father would say and what everybody else would say, weren’t you?”

Phillip approached you, but you backed away; “It’s not like that, Y/N, you know it’s not,” he argued, grabbing your hand.

You pulled it away immediately; “You’re father will be home soon,” you said, your voice trembling, only the smallest bit, “I’d hate for him to see me here.”


Once you got home, you were throughly embarrassed, for a multitude of reasons. One, you had just gone off on Phillip; two, his mother was in the same room as the two of you and seen you get angry; and finally, how could you be so blind, this whole time?

To get your mind off of it all, you began to cook dinner for you and your father to share. He would be home soon, and although it would be an earlier dinner, you didn’t mind too terribly, as long as it kept your mind preoccupied. It worked for a little while. Your mind kept drifting back to Phillip, and before you knew it, you were crying; while you were mixing the macaroni noddles, you were crying, softly.

Once your father returned home, you wiped your eyes quickly and turned your back to him.

“Darling,” he asked, skeptically, “Why are you making macaroni at 4:00 in the afternoon? Are you crying?”

You shook your head, sniffling, “No,” you said pathetically, “This just happens sometimes,” you explained weakly. “I’m okay.”

“No you’re not,” your father said empathetically, walking over to you, enveloping you in a giant hug, “What’s wrong?”

You shook your head, “Nothing,” you sniffled, “It’s nothing, dad.”

“That’s a lie,” he said, softly, running his hand on your back, comfortingly.

You let your shoulders slump and bit your lip gently before nodding your head.

“You gonna tell me what happened?” He asked, dubiously.

You shook your head before changing your mind and quickly nodding it; Mrs. Hamilton already knew, and quite frankly you were tired of lying to your father, who has always been there for you.

“But you can’t get mad okay?” You asked, wiping the stray tears away from your cheeks. When your father nodded his head, you continued; “And you can’t say ‘I told you so,’ either, alright?”

Your father chuckled a little bit before replying; “But that’s my favourite thing to say,” he grinned, making you roll your eyes.

“Dad,” you groaned, “Just agree!”

“Fine,” he sighed, “Don’t be angry and don’t say I told you so, I got it,” he said softly, running his hand over your shoulder, comfortingly.

You nodded your head, refusing to look your father in the eye; “It’s Phillip,” you said quietly, so quietly you had to question whether or not he had heard you. But when you felt him immediately tense up, you knew that he had.

“Who?” He asked, his voice hard now, not like it was only a few seconds ago.

You slumped against him, not wanting to know his reaction, not wanting to see if he was angry, disappointed or annoyed, just wanting him to hug you.

He didn’t; he pulled away so he could look at you clearly, but you just looked at the ground. “Y/N,” he sighed, “I told you not to see him; I specifically said do NOT see that boy!” He exclaimed.

You nodded your head, still refusing to look at him, “I know,” said weakly, “But technically, I was already seeing him before you said not to,” you continued, your voice much quieter that usual.

You dad narrowed his eyes, looking down at you, expectantly; “How long, Y/N?” He asked, clearly annoyed with you.

You sighed, “Three months,” you answered, looking up at him, wiping your cheeks with your sleeve.

He sighed and shook his head softly; pulling you back in so he could hug you, he rubbed your back. “What did he do?” He asked, his rough voice juxtaposing his gentle hug, greatly.

You leaned against his shoulder; “We just had an argument,” you explained, sniffling softly.

Your father nodded his head in understanding; “The first one?” He asked; his voice made him sound annoyed and angry, but he wasn’t behaving like he was, so you were thoroughly confused. You weren’t complaining, though; you knew he’d find a way to get over this.

You nodded your head.

He sighed in response; “I always knew he was bad news,” he muttered bitterly, “His father’s bad news, his son is bad news; right when I met that damned Hamilton, I thought to myself, ‘This asshole’s son is going to be bad news.’”

You rolled your eyes and pushed away your father gently, “Dad,” you groaned, “I love him…” You said, sniffling.

Immediately, your father gave a grunt of disapproval, “I don’t like him,” he stated, “I don’t approve,” he mumbled, shaking his head in objection.

You sighed and looked up at him, incredulity. “Really?” You asked, cocking your head; you knew he didn’t get along with the Hamilton’s, everybody knew that. But you were sure he would be able to look past that for you. Who knew, it might have been too late for his approval, anyway.

Your father nodded his head assertively, “I disapprove of anybody who makes you cry like this, and make macaroni in the late afternoon; they don’t deserve you,” he mumbled, hugging your tightly. He pulled away from you and wiped the last of your tears off of your cheeks, “How about you go lay on the couch for a while, take a nap. I’ll make you your favourite dinner, alright? Does that sound good?”

You nodded your head and grinned, “Yeah,” you answered, “Thanks, dad.”

He just nodded his head and ushered you into the living room, “You go take a nap,” he said, grinning, “I’ll wake you when it’s ready.”


“No; one, she doesn’t want to see you; two, you don’t deserve to see her; three, even if the first two were illegitimate, she’s incapable of seeing you, because she’s asleep,” you fathers ‘cabinet meeting’ voice said assertively, waking you from your nap.

You sat up and rubbed your eyes and seen him standing at the front door; the door was barely open, it was just wide enough so that your father could fit. “Dad?” You asked, cocking your head and standing from the couch.

He swung his head back to look at you, opening the door only a small bit in the process; just enough for you to see the familiar head of curly hair. “It’s alright, sweetie,” he said hurriedly, “You can go back to sleep.”

You furrowed your brow and approached the two men at the door; “Phillip?” You asked, as he began to tippy toe so he could see you clearly over your fathers shoulder.

Phillip sighed once he really seen you, “Angel,” he began, “Can we-“

“No,” your father intervened quickly, “Goodbye, smaller Hamilton,” he said before beginning to close the door.

“Dad!” You exclaimed, causing him to roll his eyes; he looked back at Phillip, “We’ll be right back with you.” He stated before shutting the door in his face. He turned to look at you, “I don’t think you should take him back.”

“Well, I wouldn’t actually be taking him back,” you said, shrugging your shoulders, “Because we were never actually apart, we were only arguing.”

“Yes, but arguing leads to separation- I never argued with your mother!” He exclaimed, his eyes wide.

You stared up at him, unamused, “You did, too!” You argued; “You don’t even know what our fight was about, dad!”

“I don’t need to know,” he claimed, looking like someone who thought using his work-voice was the only sure way to win an argument, “He made you cry, and I’m not allowing that.”

“I’m sure you made mother cry sometimes,” you said raising your eyebrows.

Your father shook his head, stubbornly, “Nope, never,” he pronounced, “Not once.”

“That’s a lie,” you rolled your eyes, “Dad,” you sighed, “He doesn’t want me to meet his father, because he’s worried his dad will think less of him for courting me, a Jefferson.”

Your father looked down at you with narrowed eyes, though it was clear to see his annoyance wasn’t with you, but with the boy on the other side of the door. “He said that to you?” He asked, his voice dripping with anger.

You shrugged your shoulders, “He was always telling me that he was worried about meeting you, and I kept telling him over and over that you’d be fine, or at least kind of fine, with our relationship, but he always disagreed! And I was right! Then, his mother saw us at his house, and I realized, he really didn’t care whether or not you were alright with it, he was mostly worried about his own father…"

Your dad nodded his head, understandingly, “I don’t like him,” he said, “I don’t think you should forgive him.”

Suddenly, a soft knock came from the door, “You guys know I’m still out here, right?” Phillip asked.

You and your father shared a look, but it was your dad who replied, “Yes, just a moment.”

You resumed your conversation, “Do you think Mr. Hamilton would dislike me?” You asked, hoping and praying that your father would give you a straight answer.

He sighed, “If he doesn’t like me enough to not accept you, he’s more of an idiot than I had originally anticipated, sweetie. And his son definitely doesn’t deserve you.”

You nodded your head in agreement; “So,” you sighed, “Can I talk to Phillip?”

Your dad nodded his head, but sighed heavily, “But listen; if he tries charming you, or lying to you, or anything, you just call me, I’ll deal with him, alright? And don’t settle, for anything. And I mean that; if I notice you settling, I will have no trouble telling you, got it?”

You nodded your head, “Got it, dad,” you replied, trying to emotionally prepare yourself for speaking with Phillip.

“Okay,” he said, sighing, “I’ll be in the kitchen; dinner’s almost ready. He has to be gone in ten minutes.”

You nodded your head as he went back into the kitchen, and you opened the door, hesitantly.
There, Phillip stood with a half-ass bouquet of flowers, that your father would probably accuse you of settling with, have you accept it. He had clearly just picked them on his way here; you appreciated them, though.

“Hi,” he said, dubiously, extending his arm to give you the bouquet.

You took it, smiling down at them; they were your favourite colours, you would give him that. “Hi,” you replied, looking down at the flowers, to avoid having to look at Phillip.

“Can I come in?” He asked, hopefully. You nodded your head.

Closing the door after he entered, you began shifting your weight from your heels to your toes, nervously.

“Y/N,” Phillip began, “I didn’t mean to make you upset, today; I was just flustered and surprised, and I don’t think what you think I think,” he said hurriedly, like he had too many sentences and not enough time to say any of them. You cocked you head, but didn’t interrupt him; if you knew him at all you knew that he had thought out his speech on his way over here, and who were you to interrupt his train of thought?

“Of course I want to meet your father, and of course I want you to meet mine; but we both know how they feel about each other… And it really scared me, because-well, you know that I love you…” He said, looking at you to make sure he wasn’t pushing his boundaries; you nodded to encourage him to continue. “And I know how much you love and respect your father, and I was terrified that if he voiced his disapproval that you’d act on it. And that really got me thinking; you know how much I love and respect my own father. And I also know how stubborn, hard-headed, and obstinate he is… And I was afraid that if he made any offhanded, rude, or uncalled for comments about you and your father, that you’d take them to heart and grow a grudge against him, and… And, well me.”

“Well why didn’t you just say that, Phillip,” you groaned in exasperation.

He shrugged his shoulders, not quite expecting your little outburst; “I was afraid!” He exclaimed, defending himself, “And it’s not just that; what if he doesn’t approve, doesn’t allow it, what if he scares you away? I don’t want that!”

“Well, you couldn’t have just told me all of that at the beginning of the day? At the beginning of the relationship?” You inquired, crossing your arms over your chest, stubbornly.

Phillip sighed, “I wanted to make sure you were in love with me before risking our fathers breaking us apart,” he blurted out, “If I had told you that three months ago, you might’ve left without hesitation; but now you won’t! Will you?” He asked, hopefully.

You rolled your eyes, “No,” you muttered bitterly.

Phillip sighed with relief; “Good,” he sighed, “I was kind of worried for a second… What did your father say, anyway?”

“Oh,” you smiled, “He said he disapproves; not because you’re a Hamilton, though. Because you made me cry.”

Phillip nodded his head, understandingly; “Will he forgive me?” He asked, cocking his head to the side, “Will you?”

You sighed, “It’s hard to say no to flowers this beautiful.”

anonymous asked:

I'm the anon who asked for prompts 15 and 16 and honestly if you want to do sfw or nsfw I wouldn't mind either way haha

Gah, I’m so sorry that this took so long, anon! I just really want to do these requests as best as I can (like I don’t wanna give you smut if you don’t ask for it). Anyway, this is smutty guys so it’s under the cut

Oikawa doesn’t know why that kid bothered him as much as he did. He knows he is smarter. He knows he is more handsome. He knows he is better. So why did this inferior brat bother him so damn much? It probably has to do with you and the way you smile at that kid. “Oh, I’m just his teaching aide for Calculus, Tooru. You shouldn’t feel so threatened. Oikawa definitely doesn’t feel threatened (the thought was laughable), and he isn’t one to lose confidence in himself so easily. But that brat is an intrusion, sticking himself where he doesn’t belong, taking things that don’t belong to him. Like your smile. Those are Oikawa’s and his alone.

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anonymous asked:

Civil War!AU where Bucky's been around for a bit longer & the Accords cause a schism between the team with he & Steve on one side & Tony on the other- breaking up the Triad they've been in for a while now. Fighting still goes down but Team Cap notices that Team Iron Man starts to fight extra hard to cover Tony. Turns out Tony's pregnant & though they couldn't stop him from fighting, they damn sure were gonna do their best to protect him- esp. from the fathers of his unborn child(ren). Fix it plz

I know you said fix it. But I didn’t. I would say I’m sorry, but I am not. I still love you guys though. And I am a little sorry.

(BTW, we’re really sorry for the long break! But I am on summer break right now, so everything will be alright now)

-Written by CJ, beta’d by RMX


Bucky noticed it the instant they saw the other team (and doesn’t that hurt; just a month ago there wasn’t even another team. It was just them).

Usually at the beginning of a confrontation Tony stood at front, trying to talk with them, those beautiful eyes begging them to just listen, but still hardened with the resolve that they wouldn’t. It broke Bucky’s heart every time and he cursed the Accord’s, cursed his past, cursed the UN and cursed… Steve. Steve, who believed he was right with his whole being. Bucky didn’t mean to choose sides between his two lovers (was Tony still his lover? He hadn’t touched him with the caress of a lover in a month.), but he was so used to protecting the punk against himself and everybody else. When he noticed what he’d done it was already too late.

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Ethan Dolan - My type

Request: Do you make Dolan twin images? If so, can you make one where Ethan and y/n meet at a tour and he ask for her number and they go out ☺️ Btw I love your images


I wasn’t expecting anything big for my birthday since I already got a vacation to Paris in the summer and my parents told me it was a birthday gift, but I just had the best parents ever and they surprised me with another amazing gift. When they handed me an envelope I didn’t really understand what could be in it. But then I opened it taking out… two tickets to a meet&greet with none other than Aaron Carpenter, Cameron Dallas and the Dolan twins.

“Mom, Dad?! What is this?” I asked with wide eyes not even taking my eyes off the tickets.

“We thought you would like to see those boys you like that much,” my mom said smiling at me.

“But these tickets must have cost a fortune and we agreed that I won’t get anything else than the trip to Paris.”

“Yes, but my boss got them somehow, so they weren’t that expensive,” dad waved in dismiss.

I couldn’t thank them enough for those tickets, I had been dreaming about meeting them since I knew what Vine was. And of course, I was secretly wishing that Ethan would notice me.

The meet&greet was a few days later, my dad drove me there and told me he would pick me up. I stood in the line and got to know some awesome girls while we were waiting to get to the guys. We talked about how excited it was to finally see them in live and the funny thing was that we all loved different people more, so we just agreed on who would take who home.

Then we were close enough to see them as they were doing photos with other girls that were literally screaming while talking to them. I never knew how they could stay that cool and awesome when girls were screaming into their face and I promised to myself that I wouldn’t do anything like this. I wanted to stay calm and show my best side to them.

We were getting closer and closer, until I was the next one in the line. The bodyguard nodded to me signaling that I can go closer. Aaron was the first one I reached.

“Hey beautiful,” he smiled at me. For a short moment I thought I will just faint, but I knew I had to keep my shit together.

“Hey,” I greeted him and he gave me a warm hug.

“How are you?” he asked as we pulled away.

“I’m good, thank you, just a bit tired of the waiting,” I said with a light chuckle.

“Did you drink enough? You want some water?” he asked already stepping to the table where they had a bunch of bottled water and offered one for me. I wasn’t that thirsty, but when Aaron Carpenter gives you a bottle of water one does not refuse it.

“Thanks,” I smiled at him taking the bottle. We posed for a photo and then I turned to the next person, who happened to be Cameron.

He was really cool, he even told me a joke to lighten me up a bit. This worked, because I loosened up and I could finally get through the fact that I was meeting my idols and just enjoy the moment. We also took some photos and then I stepped to the next person, Grayson.

“Hey,” he greeted with a wide smile and hugged me.

“Hi, it’s so nice to meet you,” I said letting out a little bit awkward laugh.

“It’s good to meet you too. What’s your name?” he asked and he glanced over to where Ethan was standing quite often, I didn’t know why he was doing that, and I also wanted to see Ethan, but I didn’t want to be disrespectful.

“I’m Y/N.”

“What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Are you enjoying the meet&greet so far?” he asked leaning against the table casually. He looked so damn good, I wish I could take a photo s him in that pose.

“Yes, it’s awesome to see all of you,” I nodded smiling.

“How long did you wait?”

“Um, about two hours.”

“Gosh, that’s too much. We have to figure something out for you guys. I’m sorry Y/N, that you had to wait that much,” he said with an apologetic look.

“It’s okay,” I shrugged.

“But thank you for coming. Let’s do some photos.” We posed for the camera and then it was time for me to move on to the next and last person, Ethan.

When I turned towards him he was already looking at me. I took a deep breath and walked over to him.

“Hey Y/N,” he said and I was totally shocked as he said my name.

“Wait, how do you know my name?”

“Twin telepathy,” he smirked confusing me even more. “I was just kidding, I heard when you told it to Grayson,” he laughed and I suddenly felt dumb. How did I not think of that? But I laughed with him. “So do you live in LA?” he asked running his fingers through his hair.

“Yeah, I live nearby, actually.”

“Really? That’s awesome. How old are you?” he asked with a soft smile.

“I turned fifteen a few days ago,” I admitted tugging my hair behind my ears.

“You had your birthday a few days ago? Happy birthday! That worth another hug,” he said spreading his arms and I willingly hugged him again.

“Thank you.”

“I hope you had an amazing birthday.”

“I did, I got the tickets as a gift,” I replied laughing. He gave me a wide smile and then we posed for some photos.

I knew it was time for me to leave, I wished this meeting lasted longer, but then before I could head towards the exit Ethan grabbed my hand gently and pulled back.

“Hey, um, I was wondering if I could… I don’t know, have you number?”

I almost gasped in my shock and happiness. I immediately nodded and as he handed me a piece of paper and a pen I wrote down my number checking five times if it was correct before handing it back to him.

“Thanks, I’ll call you later.” He winked at me and I turned around once more to leave, but then I had one more question for him.

“Hey, why was Grayson eyeing you while we were talking?” I asked suspecting the reason. Ethan grinned at me before answering.

“Because he immediately knew that you are my type and made sure that I wouldn’t miss a chance with getting your number.”

Can't Deny My Love (Sonny Carisi)


Hurray for collaboration fics! If you like this one, please head over to @lordhyorke and give her some love! Half the credit goes to her, (probably more than half, really, ‘cause this all stemmed from this post.) You can also read this on her Ao3 account here

NSFW and enjoy!

Word Count: 3,345 (it’s a long one, my friends)

Warnings: D/s relationship, the word ‘slut,’ spankings, rough-ish sex?

Originally posted by rahfaelbarba

‘Hey babe, I’m about 5 minutes away. See you soon!’

You shot that text off to Sonny as you got out of the subway. You two were finally going to go out with some friends tonight. Sonny had to cancel the last few times, and though you completely understood why, you had to admit it hurt a little every time he did. Still, you wouldn’t love him as much as you did if he wasn’t as dedicated to his job. It meant keeping people safe, and he wouldn’t be your Sonny if he wasn’t doing that.

“Hey! What’re you doing here?” Detective Rollins came over and gave you a hug.

“Hey Amanda! I’m just waiting for Sonny. Do you know where he is?” She frowned.

“Yeah, he’s in an interrogation. Should finish up soon, though.”

“Oh. Okay. I’ll wait right here for him, then.” You took a seat at his desk, hoping he could leave soon. Sonny was only running a few minutes behind so far, and that wasn’t bad. Your friends weren’t the most punctual people themselves, so there was no reason to worry. You pulled out your compact and touched up your makeup. You were putting away your lipstick when Sonny was walking towards you. You caught a whiff of him —the unmistakable scent of bergamot and cedar wood that reminded you of home.

You stood up, smoothing down your skirt and smiled, despite having a feeling about what news was coming your way. Sonny leaned in and kissed you gently. The look on his face spoke volumes.

“You look gorgeous, Doll…”

Your smile weakened. “…but?” Sonny slumped his shoulders and sighed. You knew he hated disappointing you, but it’s not as if you enjoyed being disappointed yourself.

“But, I have to stick around here for a while.”

“Do you really have to? Tonight?” You couldn’t help the note of hurt in your voice. Even though you quickly regained your composure, it was just long enough for Sonny to catch it. Hazards of dating a detective, you supposed.

“I know, we had plans, but this damn guy keeps changin’ his story.” He pulled you into a hug. “I’m so sorry. You know I’d rather be with you. I really thought I’d be done by now.”

You nodded, not moving away from his chest, you wanted to be as close to him as you could, especially since he wasn’t coming with you tonight.

He kissed the top of your head, “But don’t let me stop you from goin’ out. Go and have fun with your friends, okay?”

“Maybe I’ll find someone who doesn’t cancel on me so much,” You smirked at the look of panic on his face. “But I don’t think I’ll find anyone half as good as you.” You winked and kissed his cheek. “It’s honestly okay. I understand. You go and lock up the bad guy, I’ll see you at home.”

Sonny bent down and kissed you. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you.” You smacked his arm lightly.

“Just go and do your job before you’re stuck here all night!”

“Copy that, beautiful.” He kissed you one more time before heading back to the interrogation room.

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;w; KH FAN? YEEEES LOVE U!! LOL. BUT MY GOD WHY THEY GOTTA MAKE US WAIT THIS LONG FOR KH3 OR MAKE SHIT MORE COMPLIMENT LOL ((sorry I'm screaming I'm just so excited to see another fan and love this series lol am sorry))

Don’t apologize for screaming, because LORD KNOWS I DO A LOT OF THAT SHIT, TOO!


And they like to torture us with anticipation. Obviously. Because they know we will throw our money at them regardless. *heavy sigh*

Sorry I’ve been gone so long guys, I have been going through a serious emotional constipation. I feel like the way I portray myself online isn’t real and I struggle with that. I am nice but I am also fucking salty and a damn depressed anxious mess. I don’t want to be fake you know? Anyways, I miss talking about astrology. I hope anyone who sees this(probably like one person) is doing well.


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So no, you're not disappointing me. And I'm sure you're not disappointing anyone else. You couldn't disappoint us even if you tried because we love and care for you, and that won't ever change. I promise.

I’m actually tearing up- cRA P

I’m sorry for being dramatic to you guys, but all of this support and love is probably the best thing that’s happened to me for a long while, and I’m so damn grateful for everything you guys do for me. I’ll have to repay you all for this, I don’t know how yet- but I definitely will, somehow~!

Once again, thank you so freaking much. My attitude has definitely lifted from reading these kind messages, and I want to thank you for taking the time just to make me feel better. Thank you, so very much~! \(^ 3 ^)/