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Dark Times

Hiiii! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while, summer’s been busy! I hope you guys like this piece!! Depending on the feedback, I might make a multi-part fic out of it!! xx


Below his office, the party was in full swing, both regular and new clients filing in through the wide double doors. Harry watched the crowd move like cresting ocean waves, his eyes blank. New Year’s Eve was to start off with a bang, regardless of the obviously failing Prohibition the country was under, which meant that Harry’s clubs were packed, and his bank account was swelling with money from the alcohol Niall was slyly smuggling in from Ireland. Any night he wanted, Harry could have a bird on each arm, eager to get a taste of the Harry Styles, and the mere whisper of his name sent people scattering out of his way, making his life unbelievably easy. Harry smirked around the butt of the cigarette. This was it; this was why he came to America. The women, the power, and most of all, the money. Money, money, money was all Harry had seen over the last year. Prohibition was the best thing to ever happen to him.

The clock struck eleven fifty, and with a smug grin, Harry lit up another cigarette and grabbed his glass of Irish whiskey from his desk, striding to the office door. Throwing it open, Harry emerged into the small balcony overlooking the bar and dance floor, blood thrumming as cheers went up at the sight of him.
“To Mr. Styles!” One of the performers on stage hollered out, and crystal glasses glittered in the lighting as they raised into the air.
“Mr. Styles!” It was a jumbled roar of his name, and Harry smiled wickedly as he tipped his head and brought up his own glass. He glanced at his pocket watch again. Five minutes till midnight. His eyes went to the door again as it swung open, two young girls stepping into the room. From afar, he could tell they were both gorgeous, but the one on the right….she was a sight.

Hair curled to perfection, eyes sparkling with excitement as she clutched her comrade’s arm, her ruby painted lips splitting into a dazzling smile. A golden fringed dress clung to her body, stopping halfway down her soft-looking thighs, and the small inched heels were the last thing Harry saw before the girls stepped from the stairs, disappearing into the swirling party. The whiskey burnt his throat as he threw back the rest of the glass, turning to retreat back into his office. The New Year was of no importance to him; as long as no laws changed, Harry worried about nothing. He didn’t worry about how the raucous crowd took him back to the trenches, didn’t worry about how his hands shook as he poured another glass of whiskey. The chair creaked as he sat down again, breathing in the smoke of his cigarette and letting his head drop back. Harry’s eyes slipped closed and he sighed, mind going back to the golden-dressed beauty that had just slipped into his speakeasy. She wouldn’t be too hard to find, or too hard to seduce into his bed for the night. Harry had an aching hunger in the pit of his stomach to know how she would moan beneath him.

Two minutes till, Harry stood once again and descended the stairs to the main room, feigning a smile as he pushed his way through the drunken partygoers. Hands grabbed at him as he passed, but he paid no mind as the shimmering of a golden dress swirling across the room caught his eye. Then her friend came into sight, and Harry altered his course to get to her. She was even more beautiful as he neared, her face pretty, but not flawless. A little soft-looking, doughy maybe, around some areas, but a curl of desire yawned deep in his belly; he was tired of the perfect pin-up girls he normally took home. He wanted flawed, perfectly flawed, and this woman was it. She was gorgeous. Harry watched her friend’s eyes lock in on him, an eyebrow raising as she leaned into the girl’s ear, whispering.

Your head twisted around, following your best friend’s gaze to a stunningly beautiful man that the whole crowd seemed to part for. Forest green eyes roamed your body leisurely, his candy pink lips tugging into a smirk when he realized your eyes were on him. The man was dressed in a sharp black suit, a gleaming watch strung across his buttons and disappearing into his waist coat pocket. Broad shoulders, ring decorated large hands, and legs that went on for ages. His curly brown hair was pushed back off of his forehead, the sides a little longer than military style, and the set of his jaw made you think maybe he was indeed coming to flirt with you. The alcohol you’d downed in the half an hour at the club up the road was already fizzling through your blood and making you much more brave than normal, and you sent the man a sultry smile as your eyes met. Nothing but dark, hot promises swirled in his gaze, stoking the crackling fire that blazed in your belly. Tonight, you’d let yourself have fun just once. Every other night of the year you were the good girl you were supposed to be, but tonight…tonight you’d let loose.

“He’s got his eye on you,” your friend whispered, a jealous gleam in her eyes. “You’ll be the only one of us to get a fuck in tonight.” You laughed at her brashness, breaking your stare with the stranger to spin around with the music. He was close now, almost within an arm’s reach. Your dress flared out around you, but you were stopped mid-turn by long fingers wrapping around your arm and tugging you into a solid chest. Warm breath puffed on your neck, lips just centimeters from your skin.
“Yeh dancin’ fo’ me, love?” He wasn’t polite about his desire, his voice low and husky in your ear. His hands moved to your waist, his hips pressing into your back. You could feel him against you, half hard through his trousers. Wetness pooled in your panties.Your best friend had melted into the crowd, leaving you putty in the stranger’s warm, wandering hands. The hem of your dress slid up a little, his touch following shortly after.
“I am now,” you breathed, and you can feel the smile on his lips against the skin behind your ear. His tongue darted out to lick over the shell of your ear. His fingers trailed higher, and you couldn’t bring yourself to care how scandalous it was, having a man slide his hand up your dress in public.
“Do yeh wan’ m’ to fuck yeh?” Your breathing hitched as his thumb brushed the line of your underwear. A low chuckle vibrated against your back. “I’ll take that as a yes. Go straight back, staircase on the right. I’ll be there in a mo’.” Then he was pushing you away, straightening his overcoat as he cordially greeted some senator who definitely was not supposed to be in a speakeasy.

Harry watched you stumble towards his office, his jaw working as his eyes followed the way your dress fell over the swell of your ass. He cleared his throat. “Excuse me, gentlemen, but I’ve got some business I need to take care of.” Harry shook the senator’s hand, turning around and shoving his way across the floor. He took the stairs slowly, mind racing as he neared the door. He couldn’t wait to see how quickly you’d fall apart for him. You were admiring the photographs on his desk when he entered, your eyes snapping up to his.
“Your family?” Harry nodded, clicking the lock into place before shrugging off his overcoat. You watched him swagger over to you, his eyes dark.
“Didn’t invite yeh up here t’ talk about m’family, pet. How d’yeh wan’ it?” He wasn’t a complete beast; Harry loved seeing the way women fell apart because of him. There was something awfully aphrodisiacal about knowing that he was the reason a woman was shaking, moaning, falling over the edge. You blinked at him, stunned for only a moment before composing your unbothered expression.

“Any way you’d give it, honestly.” Harry’s eyebrow quirked. A smug smile pulled at his lips as he walked to you, his fingers dancing up your arms. You swallowed at his sudden closeness. He smelled wonderful, like citrus and cotton sheets and man. Your mouth had practically been watering since the moment you saw him. His hand pushed a piece of hair out of your eyes.
“An’ if I said righ’ here, ov’ m’desk?” You squirmed, mind filling with visions of him fucking you on the dark cherry wood. Before you knew what you were doing, you were perched on said desk, legs crossed and head tilted slightly as you looked at him from under your lashes.
“Don’t make promises you don’t intend to keep, Mr. Styles.” Harry’s pants tightened further at your words, a growl coming from his throat as he stalked to you. His lips met yours, hands cupping your cheeks as you gasped in surprise. He took the opportunity to slip his tongue past the seam of your lips, licking into your mouth eagerly. Your hands fumbled with his belt as he shallowly thrusted his hips, the hard outline of his cock brushing your thigh.

He was quick to shove down his trousers and underwear, his length tapping gently on his stomach. Your mouth watered at the sight of him, flushed, hard, and leaking. Harry smirked at the look on your face, one large hand wrapping around himself and tugging forward once, twice.
“None o’ tha’, angel, no’ tonight. ‘M gonna fuck yeh, yeah? Bend yeh ov’ m’desk and spread tha’ cunt real nice. C’mon, up yeh come.” Your blood sizzled at his words, lust raging through your system. Your panties had no hope; they’d been ruined the minute his suit jacket had come off. Harry helped you up, spinning you so your back was to his chest. Warm lips began to sponge up the side of your neck, greedy hands hiking your dress up slowly but surely. Then he was roughly bending you over, flipping the edge of your dress up over your back enough so he could see your backside. A low growl went through him.
“S’pretty, love, gorgeous. Can’t wait t’ be inside o’ yeh.” Your panties were slid to the side and a long finger ran up your slit, your body jerking at the pleasure. “Bloody soaked. Wan’ me t’ help yeh, pet?” Your cheek was pressed into the cool wood but you nodded, hips pushing back against his finger as he swirled it around your clit.
“Please.” It was a broken whimper that sent Harry’s dick throbbing, his eyes gleaming in the dark of the office.

“Shhh, sweetheart, ‘M gonna take care o’ yeh.” Harry wasted no more time before he was sliding inside of you, a delicious burning stretch following. The moan that came from him was almost enough to send you over, low and gravely and pure pleasure. Then Harry was moving, his cock thick and pulsing as it dragged along your walls. You cried out at the feeling, palms slapping to the desk as Harry ran his hands along the curve of your spine, grunting with each thrust. The party downstairs was all but drowned out as the sound of skin against skin filled the room, heavy breathing bouncing off the walls when his hips picked up speed. Your eyes screwed shut as pleasure coursed through you, walls clenching around Harry’s cock.
“Fuck, bloody–” He cut off with a deep moan, fingers dumpling the skin of your ass. Harry’s green eyes lowered to watch himself disappear into your cunt, a pleased smirk tugging at his lips as you writhed beneath him. His hands were everywhere, stroking the soft skin of your thighs, gripping your ass, wrapped in your hair…too much, it was all too much for you to take.

“Gonna cum!” You gasped against the desk, hips pushing back against his as he fucked into you. He was so thick inside of you, pulsing and warm as his tip brushed a spot that had you seeing white. “Harry!” Low moans came from him, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he felt heat coil tighter in his belly.
“C’mon, pet, cum fo’ me. Need yeh t’ cum,” he panted, reveling in the way your walls squeezed his cock. He’d never felt a cunt so tight and warm and wet. He was in pure bliss. Harry brought a hand to your heat, fingers circling your clit quickly as you called out his name again. Pleasure shot through you, your orgasm speeding towards you, and with a final thrust, Harry pushed you over the edge. He watched your face crumple in satisfaction as you came, cunt tightening wonderfully around his length. It wasn’t long before he followed after you, thick ropes of cum coating your walls. Your thighs shook as you came down, breathing harsh as Harry pulled out of you. It was silent while you both fought to regain your breathing, adjusting clothing and smoothing down hair. Harry’s face was even more beautiful post-orgasm, and he tasted as good as he looked when he pulled you in for a sloppy kiss. His head bobbed to the couch in the corner.
“You can sit there for a mo’ while you calm down. Be sure to shut the door on yeh way out.” Then he was gone, the office empty and cold without his dominating presence. You fell onto the couch with a sigh, a pleasant ache already forming between your thighs. It wasn’t too long before your head was on the arm of the sofa, your eyes drifting shut as you nodded off.

Sister Vs. Spider

Request: I absolutely adore your writing! Could you do an imagine where the brothers 15 year old sister has severe arachnophobia and they help her when there’s a spider in the bunker? (Double heart emoji that my computer is being mean about!)

A/N: I was laughing while writing this one, so thank you for making me smile! I’m sorry if this isn’t exactly what you wanted, and I am totally willing to rewrite it if you would like, because I may have overexaggerated a little but, nevertheless I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! ALSO, I AM SO SORRY ABOUT NOT POSTING THURSDAY! Some drama and not good things came in but it’s all good now! ALSO THANK YOU GUYS FOR OVER 300! I AM SO SO SO HAPPY AND OMGSH THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU ALL WITH ALL MY HEART!

Before I hit you with this angst masterpiece I’ve been working on, enjoy this little piece of silliness!

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You sighed into your hot cup of, well, whatever Sam had picked up from the store earlier that morning. Being mid-October, you were chilled. Your sweater was soft, and made the little couch in one of the spare bedrooms seem just a bit cozier than before. Your brothers were out, hunting the demons they had tracked for a week. You were taking the night off as they wanted to handle it alone, something about Crowley’s minions, and not wanting you to get hurt. Basically, their code for overprotective.

You didn’t mind though, and you were craving some time to binge watch some TV and rest your muscles. You smiled into the cup of liquid again, and giggled at the lines written for your favorite characters. You were sincerely enjoying your off time as you pushed your blanket over to let your socks hit the floor. You were determined to make it to the kitchen and back before the next episode began. Netflix only gave you fifteen seconds, but you were up for the challenge.

You began to skid down the bunker halls, sliding down the step into the kitchen. You poured the rest of the liquid into the mug and smiled as you tried not to spill as you quickly paced back to the doorway of the kitchen.

Amused, you let your socks glide onto the hard floor, and watched the liquid. The second you looked up, you dropped the mug and screamed a sound of pure terror. You flung yourself onto the kitchen’s island and gripped the side of it. You kept your eyes glued to the place just above the doorway as you ripped your phone out of the elastic waistband of your leggings and dialed the number you had memorized.

You placed it to your ear, awaiting the rings to allow a voice through. You felt shivers roll down your spine as tears threatened to break out of the corners of your eyes. The leap you had made from the doorway to the island had taken all your breath control, and fear threatened your sanity.


“Y/N?” Sam answered on the fifth ring.

“SAMMY!” you screamed.

“What is it Y/N? What’s wrong?” Sam sounded just as panicked as you. The sound of your distress made him extremely nervous.

“Sammy, there’s a huge, a huge, and it’s, it’s so viciously starring!” you rambled.

Dean’s voice cut in, “What is viciously starring, damn it Y/N, what’s going on?” Dean yelled through the phone.  

“S-s-s,” you stuttered out, not being able to form the word.

“Shapeshifter, space monkey, what is it?!” Dean demanded through the phone.

“SPIDER!” you screamed as the spider fell down into the doorway from its previous position.

Sam exhaled, and Dean grunted, “Are you freaking kidding me!? You hunt monsters for a living and you’re freaking out about some little spider!?”.

“Dean!” Sam scolded.

“I have a fear of spiders you moron, and it JUST JUMPED AGAIN!” you screeched, causing both your brothers to let out a noise of discomfort on the other end.

“Can you guys come back and help me before it-!” you screamed again as it continued moving to make its web.

“I don’t know, you called me a moron, so,” Dean sarcastically answered but your screams made his answer change almost immediately, “We’ll be there as soon as we can”.


He hung up and you were gripping the kitchen island with all your might. The spider had no idea you were in the room, let alone praying for it to drop dead. You picked up a plastic cup that had been left out on the island you were currently positioned on. You threw the cup at the spider but missed by a long shot. The spider didn’t even flinch.

You then decided to throw more objects, really anything you could get into your sweaty hands. You also opened the fridge with your foot, throwing ice cubes at the web, but always missing. The spider had now made himself a comfortable little strand of silk that he was resting on while you balanced to get more objects to use as bombs against your enemy.

If something did come close to hitting the little pest it would simply move over. Now it seemed to be taunting you, and mocking your every miss.


Your brothers made an appearance just outside the kitchen door.

“Y/N?” Sam asked, as you paused, mid throw of an orange.

“SAMMY!” you smiled and yelled, but fear stilled laced your yelp.

Dean chuckled, “This little guy?” he pointed to the spider that was creeping up its line of web. He quickly smooshed it between his thumb and middle finger.

You sighed in relief, letting out the breath you had been holding since the start of your battle with the spider. Dean took down the strand of web as Sam made his way past the mess of food and objects on the floor. He shook his head at you as he helped you down from the island.

“You know you’re going to have to clean all this up, right?” he asked.

You shrugged, “It was worth it,” you smiled. He put an arm around you.

Dean moved towards the two of you, “I don’t know, he’s kinda cute,” he laughed.

“Don’t compliment the enemy of mass destruction,” you warned.

“Why? Scared?” he laughed as he pushed the mess into your eyesight.

You squealed and jumped onto Sam, gripping his side with your legs.

“DEAN!” Sam chided.


You cleaned the mess up after an intense persuasion to let go of Sam. You then made yourself a new cup of hot liquid, and moved towards the doorway to the TV room. That’s when you dropped the cup and screamed, once again.

“SAM! DEAN! IT’S BACK! IT’S COME BACK TO GET ME FROM THE DEAD!” you screamed as you rushed down thee bunker halls to find the spider killers, or as they were also referred to as, your big brothers.

Who Said Fate Was Always Right?

Saw a gif ((which I will tag later, I am currently on mobile)) and this is what happened….

CANT YOU SEE IT ! like steve keeps trying to play flirt with tony and he shuts it down or gives negative feedback every time


Steve: Looking good today Tony ;) Tony: I guess so Steve: So Tony, are we ever going to stop beating around the bush and go on a date? Tony: Maybe if you got a job that supplies an actual paycheck i would consider it..

Like actual fuck boy Steve and Tony honestly doesn’t have time for this bullshit


Steve: You never hang out with me anymore. Tony: Yeah i know. Steve: Well why not? Tony: Cause your not on my list of priorities

Tony texts Steve about an Avengers meeting and later they start bickering and Steve’s all ‘well you obviously missed me since you messaged me…’ Tony just looks at him like he’s stupid and then deletes his number so when Steve texts him later he texts back “who’s this?” Steve: “hahah Tony, it’s me.” Tony: still don’t know who 'me’ is… Steve is all “your not that funny.” and Tony sends him a screen shot with “Sorry i don’t memorize every random number that texts my phone.” “ITS STEVE , why dont you have my number saved!?” Tony: oh i was deleting unimportant numbers the other day ..


Tony and Steve are soulmates and neither new until after Steve fucked up too many times and so Tony’s like fuck this guy im not staying with him if he only likes me because of some fate bullshit and Steve is all trying to convince Tony that they are MADE for each other and Tony is like “huh , there must of been a defect or something.”


Steve causally puts his hand on Tony’s shoulder and Tony looks down at it like “why are you touching me?” Steve awkwardly laughs, “Come on Tony, were soulmates.” “……i dont see how thats related to this situation.” He moves away, “Don’t touch me.” “Why do you keep acting like this Tony!” “Cause i Dont like you Rogers. Case and Point.” “What’s it going to take for you to stop this childishness!?” “If i bother you so much, why do you keep coming back?” “BECAUSE WE’RE SOULMATES!” “You’re starting to sound like a broken record.”

Sam and Bucky are talking with Steve and Steve mentions the whole Tony situation. Steve: It’s fine, he’ll come around… Tony enters the room and snorts when he heard their conversation, “Actually, he or should i say that i have a date tonight.”

Steve: where are we going? Tony: im not sure where you are going but im going out with a new outfit on to impress my hot date. Sam: what are you talking about? Tony: well today i ran into an old college classmate and he asked me to dinner, im single so i figured 'why the hell not?’ Steve: like hell your going out with someone who isnt me! Tony: im sorry father did i not ask for your permission, was this before or after you neglected to tell me your old war body murdered you… oh thats right , silly me , you aren’t my dad your just the guy that fate thought would be a good idea to pair me up with …. guess they should have double checked theyre list twice like santa clause caused they missed Bucky Barnes by a few hundred thousand souls…..

Side note: I do NOT hate Steve, like at all. But sometimes when I think about CACW I feel like I wanna be petty.

Hey Guys, 

I made a mistake on the credit page of our Hidoku Shinaide Chapter and I want to correct it now. As you may or may not have noticed, we have a new credit page. I found smol naked Nemu on the cover of the 5th Hidoku Volume and I haaaad to use him ^^ But in the editing process somehow (still don’t know wtf happened), one name in the credits disappeared. The cleaner for the chapter was Yoru from Sentimiento Yaoi. But our own cleaner kaNd cleaned the colored doublepage.

I should mention, that the pages of the Be x Boy Magazines are super thin. You can see what’s on the next page. Crap, sorry. English -.- I don’t know how to explain it better. They’re like transparent…

It’s super super hard to clean those pages. Yoru did an amazing job,
and so did kaNd.

She worked on that double page for days, I’m still amazed about  how it turned out. 

It’s driving me nuts that I didn’t credit her, even if it happened by accident. 

That’s why I wanted to make this post. 

Some cleaners are artists and I literally fangirl over their work. 

I’m sorry kaNd! I love you and your work and I feel so blessed that you’re part of my team. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do!
That goes for my whole team. Love you guys so much! 

And thank you to every cleaner out there, you guys rock!!!

Thank you for reading!



I HAVE RETURNED WITH PICTURES. If you guys want me to do a rant about it. I honestly would have videoed or taken pictures during the show, but I was right in front of the tech people who specifically stated that one would be thrown out of the theater if caught videoing. I know it’s been a busy week and I haven’t been around so much and I’m sorry. So to make it up to you all, today will be a double (that’s right, 2 fics in 1 day) post! One is requested and the other is the start to a series I thought of. Hope you all enjoy and see you in a bit! Love you all!

7 Years - Final - BadBoy! Jeon Jungkook X Reader - Part 20

Oh my gosh. My heart was kind of aching when I was finishing this part and I’ve just realised it still is.

It’s finished.

I wanted to make it as special as possible so I made it double the length it normally is. I hope you can forgive me for taking so long to post it.

And to @tokki-mon  I am so sorry it took ages but I decided to save your suggestion until the very last part. I thought it would fit in so well. I hope you don’t think I forgot and I hope this makes you happy too.

I sincerely hope you guys enjoyed reading this story because I know I enjoyed writing it. Thank you for staying with me throughout the process and I hope you continue to stay with me for my future fics.

I love you all so much, have a great day!

Don’t be shy to drop a message or comment about anything whether it be about the ending of 7 years or just life in general because I’m always here to listen.

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“This is it. I can’t believe it’s finally the end.” This was probably the third time Areum had brought up the fact that you were now at the end of your school life. You would have thought she would be too preoccupied with her sandwich to even speak but then again, she was temporarily moving away in a matter of a month. You had already promised yourself you would try your best to make her last weeks memorable though you weren’t completely sure how.

Ji Hee piped up from beside you for the first time since the three of you had sat down.  "I’m upset we didn’t get to meet sooner Areum but I’m glad that we even had the chance to meet.“ Areum smiled  sadly and nodded her head in agreement before tucking into her lunch, Ji Hee doing the same.

You glanced around the lunch hall in search of the boy you called your boyfriend though you already knew what the outcome would be. You hadn’t seen Jungkook since your first lesson which wasn’t unusual but you half expected him to at least stay for the whole day. Apparently you were expecting too much.

Both Areum and Ji Hee had finished eating by the time you switched your attention back to them and Ji Hee suddenly stood from her seat, apologising for leaving so soon. She explained that she had forgotten that Jae Hyun had wanted to meet her during lunch to which you quickly ushered her away, a smile on your face.

"Hey, let’s get some fresh air. This is the last time we’ll have a lunch break in school.” Areum hopped off her seat and brushed away stray crumbs from her thighs before heading towards the exit with you in tow. You had ended up walking towards the back of the school building only to find a group of boys spray painting on the wall.

“What are you idiots doing now?” You stood directly behind them, arms crossed and Areum beside you, curiously peeking over their heads. The first to turn around was Taehyung, who immediately grinned at you and bounded towards you, encasing you in a warm hug. You had to stifle your laughter at the way Hoseok jumped out of his skin at the sound of your voice.

“Hey! What are you, a ninja? Why’re you sneaking up like that, I almost peed myself.” Yoongi stopped spraying the wall to pull down his face mask and give Hoseok a dirty look. “That’s disgusting…”

Either Hoseok didn’t hear Yoongi or he chose to ignore him. Taehyung shook you from side to side excitedly and began to push you towards the wall. “Look at this! We’re leaving our mark here! Come closer Areum!” At his command, Areum drew closer and stood beside you once again, taking in the words spray painted onto the schools wall.

“‘BTS are coming?’ What’s BTS?” Namjoon took a couple of steps back to appreciate their work before he glanced at you. “Bangtan Sonyeondan. It’s what we’re calling ourselves.” Taehyung nodded energetically, still clinging onto you.

“That’s kind of cool.” Seokjin stood from his position and began to rub his hands on his trousers whilst making his way towards you. “Kind of? Hey! 'That’s very cool and handsome.’ That’s what you should have said. Or at least 'Seokjin is very cool and Handsome.’” Rolling your eyes at his ego, a giggle escaped you and you ducked out of Taehyungs arms.

“That’s what I meant to say. Anyway, lunch is almost over so I’ll see you guys later.” They each said goodbye and you headed back towards the main school building with Areum. “I’m going to miss catching them breaking rules.”

You hummed in agreement with Areum as you both silently reminisced over the past year. The time had certainly flown by and with it so had your old attitude towards the people around you. If anyone were to ask you what you had thought of Jungkook and the boys at the beginning of the school year, you would have simply laughed in their faces and replied that you didn’t think about them. It was amazing how now they were some of the most important people to you whom you thought of on a day to day basis.

The bell to signal the end of lunch dragged you out of your thoughts and you turned to Areum who joyfully hugged you. “I’ll see you after school. We’re still going to the café so don’t think of cancelling. It’s our last after school trip there.” A pang of sadness settled in you before you pushed it to the side, grinning at Areum.

“Never would have thought of cancelling.” You waved her off before heading to your own classroom, dreading the end of the day and your very last hours of school.

Hours later, you found yourself sitting in the café that had been your hangout for the past two years, dwelling on all the good times you shared with Areum. “I’m glad we’re having an official leaving party in three weeks. It’s kind of postponed the feeling of actually leaving for good.”

Nodding in silent agreement, your phone buzzing snatched your attention and you took a long sip from your frappé.

A message from none other than your boyfriend, Jeon Jungkook.

'Are you and Areum free today, two weeks from now?’

Once you had finished reading the message, you returned your attention back towards your bestfriend who was looking down at her own phone.

“Hey Areum, Kook wants to know if we’re free two weeks from now.” She blinked at you a couple of times before pretending to think about her answer.

“Well, I’m not really doing anything besides packing so yeah, I guess… why?”  You shrugged your shoulders and asked Jungkook what he had in mind. All you received back was the side eyeing smirking emoji.

“He’s being secretive, so lord knows. He could be taking us to our death.” She choked on her drink and immediately began patting her back, attempting to help her recover.

“Sorry…” Areum chuckled before coughing again whilst shaking her head. “I’m sure that’s the last thing he would do. He loves you too much.” Although you knew what Areum was saying was true, you could only scoff.

“I’m being serious, he puts you above mostly everything else.”

You let a crack of a smile grave your lips. “Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?”

“Wow, Seokjins ego is really rubbing off on you, you know that right? And don’t pretend you don’t do the same.” You couldn’t argue with her there. You knew you had your moments when you spoiled Jungkook just like how he spoiled you. In your defense, he was someone that you believed needed to be protected at all costs like Jimin and Taehyung or even Yoon-

Scratch that. Yoongi is more than capable of protecting himself.

“Yeah, I guess I’ve been hanging out with him too much.” Areum smirked at your obvious avoidance to her last comment and you continued sipping your drink, trying to not make eye contact with her though it didn’t really matter if you did or didn’t.

She knew you were aware of that fact.


Two weeks came and went faster than you would have liked. What Jungkook had planned for both you and Areum still remained a slight mystery despite the fact he had unintentionally dropped a few hints. When the day had arrived, you found yourself being woken up at seven in the morning by the blaring sound of your ringtone. You blindly clawed at your desk, attempting to answer your phone as soon as possible. When you finally did manage to answer the call, your face immediately scrunched up in annoyance at the sound of Jungkook’s smooth voice at the other end of the line.

“What do you want?”

“Well that’s one way to greet your boyfriend in the morning…” Growing increasingly annoyed, you began rubbing your temple with one hand, the other clenching your phone tighter.

“Jungkook…” The warning tone you spoke his name with alerted him that he didn’t have time to joke around and so he jumped straight to his point.  

“We’re all waiting outside. Get ready.” Before you had a chance of questioning him, he hung up the phone and you forced yourself to leave the warm covers that lay on top of you. You took your time in getting ready and making yourself presentable which ended up taking about half an hour. You were sure that by now they were all getting restless which made you feel slightly bad.

Heading downstairs, you grabbed a piece of toast that your mother had left for you before turning to slip on your shoes. “Have fun with Jungkook and everyone.”

“Thanks, I wil- wait… how did you kn-” The honking of a car interrupted you and you dashed out of your front door after bidding your family goodbye.

Outside were two cars, one of which you recognised as Namjoon’s from your trip to the beach. The other was a pristine looking black Cadillac pickup truck. Another honk made you jump and you scowled at the driver of white convertible BMW, who turned out to be Jungkook.

“Hurry up Princess, what were you doing in there? Having a coronation party?” You flushed at his nickname for you and practically stomped towards the car. “I told you not to call me that.”

He smirked at you and motioned for you to get in with his head. You climbed into the back seat beside Yoongi who gave you a small smile and a quick 'Good morning’ which you returned.

“We’re going to pick up Areum now.” Making eye contact with Jungkook in the rear view mirror, you nodded your head before turning to greet Hoseok who was sat in the passenger seat beside him.

“Good morning! Wow, we’re so lucky it’s not raining today otherwise there would be no point in going to th-” All of a sudden, his seat jerked forward and it took you a couple of moments to register the fact that Yoongi had kicked the back of his seat with such force that he snapped back into place seconds after.

“Hey! Are you trying to kill me!? What if I didn’t have a seatbelt on!?” The pure fear that was laced in his voice had you stifling your laughter and Yoongi making a sound of annoyance.

“Tch, stop exaggerating Hoseok. I wouldn’t have killed you.”

“When I woke you up the other day, the first thing you asked me is if I wanted to die…”

All was silent until you burst into a fit of laughter.

“What’s so funny about Yoongi wanting to kill me!? I thought I was your favourite!” Your laughter grew louder until Jungkook decided to intervene.

“What makes you think you’d be her favourite over her own boyfriend? Does that make any sense to you?” Hoseok shot Jungkook an annoyed look which he chose to ignore.

“Maybe because I make her laugh more. Did that ever cross your mind?” Jungkook pulled up towards the front of Areums house before turning in his seat to face Hoseok.

“I make her laugh too, it’s just when we’re alone.” Both you and Yoongi watched as they threw several points at each other for the next five minutes. Deciding now was the time to alert Areum that you were waiting for her, you whipped out your phone and messaged her.

“Why don’t you just ask her you idiots.” All eyes were on you and you slowly raised your head to meet the steady gazes of Hoseok and Jungkook.


“Well, who do you prefer? Me or Hoseok?” Yoongi scoffed at Jungkooks question but watched you from the corner of his eye, slightly curious of your answer.

It was fairly obviouswhat your answer would be, wasn’t it?


Hoseok choked on air and Jungkook pulled back, making an offended face. To your complete and utter shock, Yoongi chuckle, seemingly satisfied with your reply. You gaped at him for a few seconds, admiring his handsome smile before your eyes snapped back to Jungkook, who had recovered by then.

“Jimin!? Why!?” Hoseok’s exclamation startled you and Yoongi kicked the back of his seat once again, causing him to yelp in surprise.

“Because he’s so cute and small. Anything he does is done in a cute way.” Jimin was someone who you could never imagine purposely causing trouble. However, you had no doubt in your mind that when it came down to it, he was capable of causing a dangerous amount of damage. You had seen him mildly annoyed and you hoped you would never see it again. It almost seemed like he was a completely different person what with the sudden change in character.

What were you talking about again?

“Everything Jimin does is cute? Sure, maybe when pigs fly.” Before you could retort, the car door beside you opened and Areum climbed into the seat next to you.

“Good morning everyone.” There was a chorus of greetings from the rest of you and Jungkook asked if you had all settled in to which he received a nod of confirmation from each of you.

“So I’m assuming that the rest of the guys are in the other car? Whose car was that anyway?”

“It’s Seokjin’s but Namjoon is driving it. He said he doesn’t trust Seokjin to drive because he’ll be too focused on looking at himself in the rear view mirror.” You were sure Seokjin would prioritise the lives of his friends over his looks. Namjoon had to be overreacting. Or maybe Jungkook was the one over exaggerating the story.

“If you guys were that scared of being in a car alone with Seokjin you should have just left me in there. I could care less what he does as long as it doesn’t require staying awake and witnessing both you and Hoseok argue.” That was typical of Yoongi but you had to agree with him once again. You’d prefer not to be woken up this early in the morning on a non school day. “Honestly, same.” Your reply brought a smirk to Yoongi’s face and Hoseok huffed in annoyance. Areum blinked in slight confusion having come after the whole argument had taken place.

With that Jungkook pulled out of Areums driveway and set out to todays destination, wherever that may be.

Half an hour into your journey, Yoongi had succumbed to the drowsiness that seemed to always follow him and fell asleep on your shoulder. You didn’t dare wake him due to the many stories you had heard of his temper. Instead, you decided to take a picture of this moment because never would you ever have thought that the scariest person you knew could have the most adorable sleeping face.

“Hey, send that to me after. I can use that later on.” You pursed your lips at Hoseok whilst shaking your head. “And get killed by the Min Yoongi? No thanks, take your own picture.” He seemed to heed your advice since within the next moments he pulled his phone out, stretching his arm out towards Yoongi’s face. However, before he could take a picture, a hand shot up and grabbed his own hand, locking it in place. Your eyes trailed towards Yoongi’s closed ones before glancing back at Hoseok’s startled face.

“If you even think about pressing that fucking button, I’ll kill you right here, right now.” Hoseok slowly retracted his arm and turned to face the front, not making a sound. Yoongi, surprisingly, still hadn’t opened his eyes but he did move his head from your shoulder to the head rest.

A few minutes later the silence that had ensued died away and you all broke into conversation, picking up where you had left off. This made the last half hour whiz by and Jungkook was soon parking at what seemingly was an abandoned parking lot.

“Where are we exactly?” Jungkook unbuckled his seatbelt and craned his neck in your direction, flashing that same bunny like grin he always had.

“One of our special hangouts. We come to this one a lot and just chill out for the day.” He then stepped out of the car and everyone else followed suit. Just as he had locked the doors, Namjoon pulled up beside your small group and Taehyung bounced out of the car, jogging towards you.

“Good morning! You didn’t miss me too much did you?” He winked at you whilst pointing finger guns. “I missed you tons, I almost died without your presence.”

Taehyung’s boxy grin grew more and he hugged you tightly. “You’re the only one who understands me and my personality!”

“You said the same thing to me the other day!” Jungkook’s offended voice made Taehyung pull back from you. Before he could answer, Jimin made his presence known.

“And me! You’re playing all of us, aren’t you Tae?” Taehyung began to visibly sweat and within the next few seconds took off behind a small building.

“It’s my car, I should be able to drive it!”

“And kill us all? No.”

Seokjin and Namjoon joined the rest of your group and Hoseok clapped his hands together. “Let’s go!” He started in the direction Taehyung had disappeared in and you followed behind him.

You had all set up something close to a base at the side of the building, which you discovered to be an old bowling alley. After a few hours passed by of simply trading each of your own stories and eating the different foods Seokjin had prepared, a question popped into your head. “Are there still bowling balls and pins in there?”

Yoongi glanced back at the building for a moment before nodding his head at you. “There should still be some left from the last time we came here…”

“Let us bowl!” Seokjin jumped up from his seat and marched into the building and Taehyung all but skipped in after him. Jungkook made his way towards you, sticking his hand out and you grasped it, letting him pull you up. He didn’t let you go but spun you around, very loosely wrapping an arm around the front of your neck and shoulders.

“Okay, now that was smooth.” He nuzzled your cheek at your compliment before pecking it. “I know but that’s just the beginning.” From the corner of your eye you spotted his smirk but decided to ignore it.

You’ll let him stay cocky just this once.

When you eventually caught up with the group, you found Seokjin wiping down one of the alleys with a mop whilst Namjoon collected the stray pins from the ground.

“Let’s see who can get the cleanest strike first.” Taehyung’s proposal was one everyone seemed to be interested in and you all negotiated over the order you would play in.

“I’m just warning you, I beat the almighty golden maknae so you all better watch your backs.” Areum decided to wipe the smug grin off your face with her next words.

“Well he must have let you win because I know for a fact that you missed almost every shot the last time we went bowling.” Well, she wasn’t exactly lying about that.

“That was two years ago! I thought you were my friend!?” She giggled and gave you an apologetic hug which you couldn’t reject.

By the time you had released her, everyone was ready to start and you prepared yourself for what was probably going to be the most intense bowling game you would ever play.


Your first competition had resulted in Jungkook being the victor unsurprisingly but when you all decided to play a real game, you were shocked at the fact that Yoongi had single handedly beat you all by quite a bit. It didn’t help that you played two more games only for Yoongi to come out victorious both times.

“I’m ninety nine percent sure that Yoongi has rigged this game.” Your comment received a chuckle from said boy who then shook his head.

“Nope. I like to think I have been blessed with many skills and this just happens to be one of them.”

“Bowling isn’t a skill.” His smile dropped at Taehyung’s reply and he cast him a lazy stare.

“Do you want to die? Of course it is but I wouldn’t expect you of all people to understand.” They continued bickering and you glanced at the time displayed on your watch. Almost six in the evening.

Who knew that you could spend this long bowling? You did take hour long breaks in between so it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise.

A tap on your shoulder pulled you out of your thoughts and Jungkook placed a finger on his lips, grabbing your hand and guiding you out of the building.

“What’s up Kookie?” He pulled two spray cans, one white and one black, from his hoodie pocket and handed you the lighter of the two.

“Let’s leave our mark here.” You raised your eyebrow at his suggestion but couldn’t deny that his idea did sound very appealing.

“Isn’t that stereotypical? You know that whole 'leaving our names on a tree forever’ thing?” He shook the can and grinned at you, stepping towards the other side of the building.

“Who said we were leaving our mark on a tree?”

Upon following Jungkook, you found him spraying his name onto the back of the building, in big bold letters. Once he was done he spun around and nodded his head at the wall.

“Your turn.”

Staring at his name sprayed in black, you had a short mental debate with yourself which, honestly, was useless since there was almost nothing wrong with what you were doing. Stepping up to the wall, you spread your name in white beside his before adding a little heart in between both of your names.

“I thought you didn’t like clichés?”

You looked up at him with a delicate smile and scratched your cheek.

“I guess a little cliché isn’t that bad…” He returned your smile with one of his own and in that moment you were reminded that his soft smile was one of the many things you loved about him.

“So this is where you were hiding!” Jimin’s voice made you spin on your heel and you were greeted with the sight of the rest of the group, all standing with their own spray cans, even Areum.

“Thought you could leave us out?” Taehyung jumped forward and tutted at the both of you before admiring your 'work’.

“Ah, this is cute. But… it’s missing something.” He proceeded to spray his own name above yours and motioned for everyone else to come forward. Your smile widened as everyone began to leave their names around Jungkook’s and your own.

Minutes later, they one by one stepped back and Taehyung directed his next question at the both of you.

“What do you think?” On the once plain wall was an array of names each in their own unique colour and you felt a sense of pride in what you would describe as a masterpiece now.


“Don’t you think your name is too close to mine?” He began chuckling as did everyone else though Seokjin’s window wiper laugh was undoubtedly the one that stuck out the most.

By the time the sun had set and night had just barely arrived, you had all settled around a fire Yoongi had lit. You sat beside Jungkook watching the flames of the fire dance whilst distantly listening to the jokes being thrown about. That is until Jungkook drew your attention away.

“Those seven years really flew by back then. I wish I had known to enjoy them while I could.”  

Jungkook lowered his voice to avoid interrupting the conversation taking place in front of you.

“Honestly, there are better years to come. You just wait on it.”

You were sure that as long as you had these people beside you, there would only be better times.

There could only be better times.

Ikon reacts: Red waterfalls (!Done!)

I didn’t know how to name it I’m sorry

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You woke up to red stains in your panties and very bad cramps. You put in your 
pad/tampon/divacup and went back to your bed. 
*bzzt bzzt* 
Your phone was vibrating. You took a look at the messages. It was Hanbin. 
He asked what you were doing and how you’re feeling.
You basically told him that you’re on your period and are feeling really bad causing him to worry.
As he knows that you have very bad cramps every month he decided to come over.
                                       - time skip / 2h later-
You heard your doorbell ring so you got up and opened the door.
“Hey babe..” you said a little bit exhausted because of the pain.
“Hi jagi” he said while coming in. He took of his shoes and you noticed something in his hands.
“what’s that babe?” you ask curiously 
“Yunhyeong helped me to make a soup for you.. I thought you might feel a bit better after that” he said quietly. 
You smiled at him, feeling happy that he was so caring.
The both of you went into your kitchen and put the soup in two bowls. 
As you started eating you caught him staring at you.
“I’ll stay the night since it’s the first day okay?” He said a little bit worried.
“If you want to then feel free to stay” You said smiling and so he stayed the whole day.
Hanbin would be the type of guy who wouldn’t exactly know what to do but he’d try his best. He’d get you everything you crave, he’d look for painkillers and he’d cuddle with you while rubbing your belly.

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As you were laying in his bed Bobby’s noticed a red stain in your pants but instead of being disgusted he’d softly wake you up.
“Babe I think you need to wake up.. It’s that time of the month again.”
“Mh?” you looked at the sheets.
“I’m so sorry baby I forgot-”
“It’s alright I’ll change the sheets” he interrupted. You only nodded and got up. You covered your butt as you walked towards the bathroom since you didn’t want any of the other members noticing the stain.
You took a shower and threw on one of bobby’s shirts. Since you didn’t have any panties you started panicking. You grabbed a towel and ran back to bobby’s room as fast s you could since leaking would be really embarrassing in front of the others.
“Babe you are you okey?” Bobby asked worried.
“I have no panties babe I don’t know what to do” you started panicking. Bobby chuckled a bit before walking to his closet. He took out a pair of boxers and gave them to you.
“Now go put in your Tampon” He said laughing a bit.
You rushed back to the bathroom and covered bobby’s boxers with his long shirt.
“Thanks..” You said quietly as you saw him sitting at the bed which now was clean again. He only shook his head.
“Isn’t that what a good boyfriend is supposed to do?” he asked smiling.
Bobby would be the type of guy who knows exactly what to do when you had pain and how to deal with your mood swings so he’d be the perfect guy to take care of you. 

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The both of you were already laying in your shared bed as you started getting cramps.
“I think I’m getting my period.” you said touching your belly. 
“Does it hurt a lot?” Jinhwan would ask while sitting up. 
You nodded and bit your lip 
“I’ll look for pain killers, go to the bathroom and put in a pad so we don’t get stains on the sheets tonight.” he said as he got up. 
You got up, went to the bathroom and did what jinhwan wanted you to do, after you finished you walked back into your shared bedroom and crawled inside your bed.
”Here are some painkillers and I made you a tea” he said as he came towards you.
You took the painkillers and drank some of the tea while Jinhwan quietly watched you.
About fifteen minutes passed and the pain started to fade away.
“I think I’m ready to sleep again.” you said and laid back down. 
He nodded, got to his side and pulled you closer.
“sleep well babe” he said while caressing your back.
“You too ..” you said and closed your eyes.
Jinhwan would be very caring, he’d make sure that you got everything that you need since he wants you to feel as good as possible.

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“Babe can you get me some new pads?” you said during breakfast. 
He instantly sighed at your question.
“Of course.. I mean I have to, if you go out without a pad you’re screwed.” he said as he finished eating his eggs.
“I’ll just quickly take a shower and then I’ll go get them.” He said as he got up. 
You nodded and thanked him. As he went to the bathroom to get ready, you started cleaning the kitchen. After you were done, you grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge and headed back to the bedroom.
“I’m leaving y/n!” you heared your boyfriend shout.
“Babe I need the ones for the night! Dont forget that and be safe, see you in a bit” you answered as you pulled the blanket over your legs.
-Time skip/30 minutes later-
You were currently playing a game on your phone, suddenly you heared the front door open.
“I’m back!”
You heared footsteps coming closer to the room you were staying in.
“These are the right ones?” he asked with a confused expression and you simply nodded. He put the pads into the bathroom and came back.
“I bought you some pain killers, just in case you start feeling bad and some sweets in case you’re craving something again”.
His tone was pretty cold but even though he acted like he’s annoyed he still cared.
“Thanks babe.”
Junhoe would be the type of guy who is a bit confused, annoyed and could but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care. Even though he acts like that he still does a lot for you.

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Your cramps were horrible again, you couldn’t move and even threw up because of the immense pain on your lower belly region. 
Donghyuk of course noticed it but didn’t know what to do. 
He’d caress your belly from time to time, sing sweet songs to you, make you food and all kinds of stuff but nothing really helped.
He decided to go to a pharmacy so he can get you some painkillers.
“I’ll be back soon” he said, you wanted to ask him where he’s going but you were too exhausted to do so.
-time skip/ 30 minutes later-
You still were in a lot of pain but you suddenly heard the sweet voice of your boyfriend .
“Jagiya I’m back” he whispered, smiling.
“I got you some pain killers” you looked at him and got up.
“Thanks babe” you whispered, taking the pills.
Donghyuk would be the type of guy who really takes care of you. He’d try everything to make you comfortable and he’d definitely try to fulfil all of your wishes.

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The two of you were currently in spain. 
You wanted to go to the beach but you suddenly felt something wet between your legs. 
“Yoyo I think I just got my period” you said looking up at him.
“Are you serious?” he asked sighing. You just nodded at his question and ran back to your shared hotel room.
“What should I do I don’t have anything with me. You started getting scared of what might happen.
“Don’t worry I got this.” your boyfriend said and quickly got out of the room.
You went to the bathroom to take a shower.
-Meanwhile at the lobby-
“Hola mi novia has her period. you know, blood. please help do you have like tampons or something.”
The man across from him looked really concerned at first but started laughing after he heard what Yunhyeong needed. He got one of the female workers who gave him a few tampons.
“Go down the street, there’s a supermarket, they sell everything a women needs” she said.
Yunhyeong nodded quickly. He went down the street, got inside the supermarket and grabbed everything you might need.
-Time skip/15 minutes later-
You were done showering, you put on your bra and t-shirt.
“Babe I’m back!” you heard. He knocked on the bathroom door, you looked down at his hand and smiled.
You grabbed the stuff, put it in and then went out.
“Thanks alot honey” You said sitting down next to him.
Yunhyeong would be the concerned type of guy who’d do almost everything for you since he doesn’t know what exactly to do

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You were at the dorm currently taking a shower, that’s when you noticed the water isn’t clear anymore. It’s red.
“Sh*t what do I do now…” you started panicking. You quickly got out of the shower and put on your panties, stuffing them with toilet paper of course.
You through on Chanwoo’s big T-shirt which you grabbed before you took the shower and quickly got out of the bathroom.
“Oppa! We need to talk” You called for him.
He instantly got up and went to his room, you closed the door, sighed and looked down.
“It’s time..”
“Time for what?” he asked confused 
“You know I’m a waterfall right now..”
“Are you hot like are you sweating?” he still didn’t get it
“Boy, I’m on my period.”
He instantly sighed.
“No more pleasure this week” he mumbled. 
“I don’t have any period supplies here..” you said embarrassed. “Could you..?
He just nodded “Sure otherwise I’ll have a problem with Yoyo since he does the laundry.” he said while getting his wallet.
“I’ll be back in 20″
-Time skip/25 minutes later-
You went to the bathroom multiple times, the other members already asked if everything is alright but you only lied to them saying you have cramps.
“I’m back” You heard Chanwoo say. He went to the Living Room first to give Chanwoo and Bobby some pringles he bought for them.
“What’s in that back?” Bobby asked. Chanwoo just chuckled and went away.
*Knock Knock* 
You opened the bathroom door. 
“Finally!” You shouted grabbing the bag. You closed the door, did your thing and got out feeling safe.
Chanwoo would be the boyfriend who is kind off confused and a bit embarrassed but he’d still help you with anything.

 Hey everyone it’s me, like I’ve mentioned in one of my posts I’ll be on vacation this week and there are many things I have to get done before I leave, so I’m really busy at the moment. I’m so sorry that I wasn’t able to update you guys as much as I wanted to, I haven’t even been able to finish this request right here. But I also don’t want to leave you guys without posting anything so I’ll just post this even though it’s not done. The other members will follow soon please be patient I’ll start to update regularly next week again! Thanks for reading I hope you liked it.. 😪 I’m also very thankful for all of the requests I get and I’ll definitely do all of them. I’ll try to get this request done by tonight but I might not be able to do so.. ! I also don’t know if I have any access to wifi when I leave the Country so I might not be able to answer your questions or login at all! Thank you so much for your support and love! -BP


I know I posted it before but I forgot to add the reference picture. Anyways, this is my digital drawing of Billy Hargrove. It was a long process especially his clothes 😩 and don’t even get me started on that mullet of his. Anyways once again, enjoy. Sorry for the repost.

EDIT: Hey guys check out my new post. I added the background imagery to my drawing. 💕

from all the posts about the preview of 13x05 I’ve seen on my dash I am so confused non of them is a “trying to distract a person from a missed loved one by hooking them up to someone else” theory, so I thought I’d mention it. It’s such a big deal especially with guys. “Lost your girlfriend? We’re gonna have a boys night out and hook ya up with a chick.” I’m sorry, but this whole Sam trying to get Dean over his grief is so double for me. It’s not that simple to get rid of Dean’s loss, and the show should definitely make that clear, but on the other hand this is another trope they’re using for destiel and it’s so obvious it makes me so confused? This song was the first thing I thought of. First verse should say enough.

I hate to call @lutiecrossing out like this, but I messaged them twice, along with other bloggers, and no response because they erased my captions on reblogs. and this was HOURS ago, and yet I see they’re active…

they are erasing captions and reblogging posts! 😒

I suggest you guys take a second and double check their page, cause they’ve been reblogging a lot of content without the rightful captions and that’s just plain rude, imo. again, hate to call them out but I was polite and privately messaged and I’m sorry, I won’t be ignored.

Third Wheeling

A/N: this came to me in history class and I couldn’t get the idea out of my head, so here it is! Oh, and Jordan’s text are in quotation marks. This is cheesy, don’t read this or do because I need constant reassurance and validation

Prompt: Jordan is always busy when you and your friends have group dates, which leaves you as the odd one out.

Pairing: Jordan x reader

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Masterlist | Request!

You were back in Virginia to visit your family for a week. When your two best friends heard you were back they immediately invited you to a girls’ day at the famous Virginian amusement park, Busch Gardens. You were super excited, you hadn’t had a girls’ day with them in far too long. When Anne and Christina pulled into your driveway to pick you up, you were surprised to see two men in the car.

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I’m so sorry for barely posting any art man I’m just so busy? I have two jobs now so that means double the work and once I get home I’m super tired to draw so I’m wondering if you guys are okay with not seeing my regular coloring of posts for a while as I transition into these two jobs? I’ll be able to draw more on my iPad than anything else that’s why ahhh Im a butt.