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Russian Roulette

Literally taken from Rihanna’s Russian Roulette’s lyrics. Literally.

I was listening to it at 1 a.m and this happened.

Genre : Angst. Drabble. 

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“ Take a breath, take it deep ” Jungkook pushed the gun across the table. “ Calm yourself ” He added unnervingly.

Your palms were sweating, matching the glistering beads on your forehead, while you moved slowly. A failed attempt to drag it out a little more. No time to think, it was your turn to play. Your turn to go.

You laced quivering fingers around the hilt and took the gun in your hand. It was heavy but felt even heavier. You drew in a shaky breath and pointed the gun to your head. The opening was cold, freezing, but you knew it was not going to remain that way forever.

“ Breathe ” He repeated again. His whisper was not wavering and you wondered how it was even possible. Then you got a scary thought that he’s here means he’s still haven’t lost. You felt guilty for it. Your heart started beating hard, you were sure he could see it through your chest.

Jungkook tilted his head. He was trying to read your expression, trying to rush you. It was terrifying but you couldn’t back down now. It was his life for yours and you knew which was more important.

You said a prayer, a silent plea, to yourself and counted to three

“ Just pull the trigger ” He ordered and you did. You abruptly pulled it, closing your eyes.


You threw the gun to the table breathing out. You passed the turn.

Jungkook was faster than you, his actions devoid of any hesitation. He was quick to take his turn, to play his bet. Quick to pull the trigger. Slow to give it back to you once nothing happened again. If he couldn’t see your heart then, he would now.

There were two shots left in there. One full and the other empty. A 50-50 chance. Your eyes traveled the dark room then settling on the blurred glass. Where the people watching were waiting for the show. You wondered if you’ll ever see the outside again. If you’ll even see another sunrise. If you’ll ever see him again.

However, it was not time for you to be thinking of the value of your life when you could see his heart beating. You could see it through his chest. That, in fact, terrified but he was not leaving. He knew you must pass this test.

“ Just pull the trigger ” He repeated again and you did.

As your life flashed before your eyes, you clicked the gun.


A tear, hot and painful, rolled down your cheeks. You refused to give back the gun.

“ Y/N”

“ No!” You cried “ Jungkook-ah, no ” earnestly shaking your head, you hugged the gun to your chest.

Jungkook pushed his chair back and leaned over the table. He brushed your hair back putting his lips to your forehead and letting them linger there. His free hand pulled the gun away from you.

“ Close your eyes, sometimes it helps ” He whispered in your ear before sitting back down.

You were frozen in your place. Tears clouding your vision.

“ Just pull the trigger, right ?” He was happy. You passed the test. The idiot was smiling.

“ Please ” You pleaded to the glass. To anyone, to everyone.

“ I love you ” Jungkook spoke, taking the chance while you were looking away, putting the gun to his head.

“ No! Jungko-”  

I’m sorry for this


I’m super insecure about pooosting thiiiis cause I promised myself I wooouldn’t

I’m super self-conscious about my art cause I really love to draw, but I get a lot of negative feedback from a lot of people online/irl ;-; (she says, though she has a deviantART). I really am self-conscious about my art though. So much so that I’ve veered away from my dA cause I can’t bear the sight of my old art. it’s wonderful

But I really wanna know what you guys think…?

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This is just some of the amazing people I follow, I tried to get a rather thorough list. Granted, I know I’ve missed some (if I missed you, let me know and I’ll tack you on! :DD)

But thank you guys so much! I love seeing your posts on my dash and ya’ll make me so happy! You’re all very beautiful people and I love you to death!

I…don’t see Hiccup as a guy who is massively striving to get good grades in school. He’s smart, yes. He’s intelligent, no denying that. But a hard school worker? Personally I don’t see it. He likes seeking knowledge and, yeah, he’s curious. He chases after the unknown and dives into it with a passion. Just look at how he observes and interacts with Toothless in the first film. He loves learning new things.

But school can kind of only do so much. It’s stuffy, it’s confining, it’s filled with (seemingly) irritating people, it hammers in the same old thing day after day hoping you’ll get it if they hit you hard enough with it. These are basically all things Hiccup has been shown to either dislike or ignore. He’s not great at listening to authority and he’s not a fan of limiting self-expression.

Would he do badly in school? I think it would be mixed. He’d look at a certain subject and go, “I’ve got better things to do with my time” but if it one he was especially interested in it would be, “I’m going to develop this skill in my own way”. Hiccup’s got a unique and different perspective when it comes to taking on challenges, and teachers would probably admire him for that. When he’s passionate, he doesn’t give up. But he isn’t going to put the work in just because someone tells him to.

If we’re going Hogwarts AU, it kind of depends on the upbringing. If muggle born, I can see him being incredibly interested in magic as a whole. It’s something different, something he didn’t know would even exist. It’s a whole world he’s yet to explore It’s not bloody Chemistry so… If pure blood or half blood I can imagine him being bored out of his mind. Mostly he would just find it a shame that he would have to do all the subjects in a dusty old castle.

He’s smart, he’s insightful. Not so much a hard worker when it comes to being confined in a stingy building with stingy people though.