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Heartbroken | Peter Parker (2)

Anonymous said: “Hello! Can u make one where the reader fell in love with Peter but he doesn’t feel the same way because he’s in love with Liz then he said something that break the reader’s heart so she avoided him and go on a date with someone else. But then peter realized something that he loves her and how much it hurts to see her with someone else, then you can take it from there! Thank you!”

Thank you for the request! This was probably meant for a different fic but it fit perfectly with the plot of Heartbroken so I decided to use it for this chapter. I hope it’s still okay with you. :)

Summary: As much as you were guilty for saying this, you hated it. You hated how your best friend was slowly falling for the beautiful dark haired girl. You were nothing to him. Nothing but a close friend and a bystander. You were just a girl who had lost her chance with her one true love. You were just a girl that was heartbroken. (I suck at summaries okay?)

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 1,706

Warnings: Major angst and that is all there is please dont get mad at me

A/N: This was requested by so many people! So here ya go :) Some of the parts are in Peter’s point of view.

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How Code Names really went down in P5

Akira: From now on, we will be using code names. You can address me as Eagle One. Ann, code name – Been There, Done That. Futaba is – Currently Doing That. Makoto is – It Happened Once in a Dream; Ryuuji, code name – If I Had To Pick a Dude. Akechii is…Eagle Two.

Akechi: Oh thank God.
i'm just a sucker for a cold-hearted lover (you make me suffer) - grammarkid - Power Rangers (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
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The Israeli School for Young Witches and Wizards is located in Jerusalem in an undisclosed location, although many speculate it lies underground, and is accessible through the Western Wall tunnels. Legend says the school was carved out by golems, who turned back to stone and are now memorialised by the hulking columns peppered along the wide underground halls. For centuries, the school remained undisturbed without a hint of spell protecting its presence. In recent years, however, a thin magical blockade had to be cast around campus to weaken the subtle magic drifting from the prayers folded into the Western Wall. Although the school is split by gender, both the female and male sectors are housed on the same campus within walking distance of each other. Unlike other wizarding schools, the Israeli School for Young Witches and Wizards does not host classes on Fridays and Saturdays to accommodate for Shabbat, and other religious holidays are integrated into the calendar as well as the school hosts students from a variety of backgrounds from Israel and its neighbouring countries. A regular school day is split between normal classes and studying holy texts. Aside from commonplace wizarding classes, the school also offers extensive studies in astronomical divination, which is open to all students, and practical Kabbalah studies, which is offered to upper-year students. Over time, more and more muggle topics and secular subjects have been added to the curriculum to provide a wider education. Many students often willingly and happily take more than the required course load as education is highly valued amongst society.

daily angst

All Yoosung ever wanted was a wife he could love and a kid he could spoil. When MC married him, and later gave birth to their son, he was overjoyed. On his kid’s fifth birthday, MC and their son died in a car accident on the way to the party.

Yoosung was the one driving. 

I’m having a lot of catmom feelings, and no, this is not because I have a cat (well I have a cat, but thats not the point here)

I’m just imagining Selina being a mom to all bat kids, and specially, being a better mom to Damian than Talia ever was. Don’t worry, my fellow followers, I will make a very cute fanart about that later.

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Russian Roulette

Literally taken from Rihanna’s Russian Roulette’s lyrics. Literally.

I was listening to it at 1 a.m and this happened.

Genre : Angst. Drabble. 

Originally posted by jengkook

“ Take a breath, take it deep ” Jungkook pushed the gun across the table. “ Calm yourself ” He added unnervingly.

Your palms were sweating, matching the glistering beads on your forehead, while you moved slowly. A failed attempt to drag it out a little more. No time to think, it was your turn to play. Your turn to go.

You laced quivering fingers around the hilt and took the gun in your hand. It was heavy but felt even heavier. You drew in a shaky breath and pointed the gun to your head. The opening was cold, freezing, but you knew it was not going to remain that way forever.

“ Breathe ” He repeated again. His whisper was not wavering and you wondered how it was even possible. Then you got a scary thought that he’s here means he’s still haven’t lost. You felt guilty for it. Your heart started beating hard, you were sure he could see it through your chest.

Jungkook tilted his head. He was trying to read your expression, trying to rush you. It was terrifying but you couldn’t back down now. It was his life for yours and you knew which was more important.

You said a prayer, a silent plea, to yourself and counted to three

“ Just pull the trigger ” He ordered and you did. You abruptly pulled it, closing your eyes.


You threw the gun to the table breathing out. You passed the turn.

Jungkook was faster than you, his actions devoid of any hesitation. He was quick to take his turn, to play his bet. Quick to pull the trigger. Slow to give it back to you once nothing happened again. If he couldn’t see your heart then, he would now.

There were two shots left in there. One full and the other empty. A 50-50 chance. Your eyes traveled the dark room then settling on the blurred glass. Where the people watching were waiting for the show. You wondered if you’ll ever see the outside again. If you’ll even see another sunrise. If you’ll ever see him again.

However, it was not time for you to be thinking of the value of your life when you could see his heart beating. You could see it through his chest. That, in fact, terrified but he was not leaving. He knew you must pass this test.

“ Just pull the trigger ” He repeated again and you did.

As your life flashed before your eyes, you clicked the gun.


A tear, hot and painful, rolled down your cheeks. You refused to give back the gun.

“ Y/N”

“ No!” You cried “ Jungkook-ah, no ” earnestly shaking your head, you hugged the gun to your chest.

Jungkook pushed his chair back and leaned over the table. He brushed your hair back putting his lips to your forehead and letting them linger there. His free hand pulled the gun away from you.

“ Close your eyes, sometimes it helps ” He whispered in your ear before sitting back down.

You were frozen in your place. Tears clouding your vision.

“ Just pull the trigger, right ?” He was happy. You passed the test. The idiot was smiling.

“ Please ” You pleaded to the glass. To anyone, to everyone.

“ I love you ” Jungkook spoke, taking the chance while you were looking away, putting the gun to his head.

“ No! Jungko-”  

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7 Days of Da Vinci

Day 4: What’s your favorite relationship?

 Leonardo and Riario

Although I admire, on different levels, a lot of relationships in this shows (Leonardo and Nico and Zo, Leonardo and Lorenzo etc etc) as a fan of ‘two sides of the same coin’ kind of thing I had to go with Leonardo and Girolamo. They started as more or less enemies, with Riario using his favourite methods (threats and tortures and things like that) to gain Leonardo’s attention and cooperation, which didn’t work well for them. Later, rather against their will, they became allies, tied together by the obsession and need to find the Book of Leaves, but ultimately they were rather successful as a team. I could probably write two pages about how much I love the way they are both witty and sassy and fiercely intelligent and so alike, while remaining so different, but I will just get to the point - they made great allies and I’m pretty sure if they were given an opportunity, they would find the Book of Leaves in next two months (but then we wouldn’t get a show). I really hope they will have opportunity to fight side by side rather than fighting each other because that’s when they are most productive. And wonderful.