sorry guys but it's so funny

lance: HEY GUYS CHECK THIS OUT *plays the john cena song terribly on a recorder with his nose like in that one vine

keith: stop 

lance: why :(

keith: because *takes out a kazoo* i want in on this so we have to restart 

lance: *tears up* this is why i’m in love with you


Warning: Creepy/”Dark”/”Gory”/Flashing Images ahead! 
If you have a hard time looking at such images you should better not look at the fifth gif!
Beeing honest, actually I wanted to post some animated Halloween Strips Himaruya made last year but I wasn’t able to finish them until Halloween// shot. So I had to think about something else which doesn’t take me a few months and tadaa here it is~ (it took me long enough though.. .) I’m pretty sure you will hate me even more now //shot. This is extremly inspired by the Hetalia 23.5 Creepypasta (but I can’t really say it “is” an animation of Hetalia 23.5 because of two big mistakes you probably already noticed: 1. the style is wrong because I can’t draw in the old style //sorry 2. the clothes are wrong because the style is wrong //shot) But maybe you can forgive me that I’m not used to draw in the old Hetalia Style and believe it or not this was actually requested.

Jaemin Does Your Vlog’s Voiceover

Title: Jaemin’s My Boyfriend Does My Voiceover Challenge

Author: Admin Kay

Genre: Fluff

Artist: Jaemin (NCT)


A/N: I’m so sorry this is short! It’s just that Jaeminnie is so sweet I couldn’t make it outrageously funny..

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  • Your fans begged
  • begged
  • for Jaemin to do this
  • They love Jaemin so much
  • He was more than happy to tho
  • ok now the video   
  • “hi guys its Jaemin”
  • “ohmygosh she’s so cute how did i land her”
  • “okokokok she’s starting”
  • “shes spreading something on her face”
  • “the bottle says primer??”
  • “ok now that that’s all rubbed in, it’s time for bb cream?”
  • “we use the same kind”
  • “its so nice and thin”
  • “Ok she’s taking a big brush and spreading it all over her face”
  • “Ok now shes taking bronzer and putting it on her bones”
  • “So pretty”
  • “Some glow”
  • “So she’s taking two eyeshadows”
  • “the darker one looks like shes stabbing her eyeball”
  • “Baby did you STAB YOUR EYEBALL”
  • “im gonna tell Jeno how metal my girlfriend is later”
  • “sometimes i ask for y/n to put eyeliner on my so i too can have angel wings”
  • “shut up you do it for ‘couple selcas’ Jaemin”
  • “Ok youre right”
  • “oh my god eyeliner is art”
  • “my gf is an artist”
  • “But she’s also art?”
  • “lipgloss!!”
  • “she looks so kissable in lipgloss”
  • “baby come and give me a lil kiss”
  • “jaEMIN”
  • “pleaseee”
  • “…”
  • “fine”
  • “yaY”
  • “ohmygod look at her”
  • “her eyesmile is better than jeno’s”
  • he texted jeno later to tell him that he’s sorry
  • “Hey look it’s mee”
  • “We’re cute”
  • “Ok guys that’s all! Subscribe to y/n’s channel and if this video gets to 10,000 likes I’ll do her makeup and do ‘shy shy shy’”
  • “Jaemin did you plan this so you can be in more videos”
  • “…maybe”

A/N: I posted this on my personal on accident omg im screaming!!


Sorry guys I’m not a Shawol nor a fan of Do Jihan (the actor of Banryu) BUT I’M SO GONE FOR THESE TWO OMG I think i’m a sucker for rivalry and that these two are so competitive whenever they see each other for no apparent reason UGH (they have qualities of a good ship is what I’m sayin~) 

HERE ARE SOME GIFS, COME SHIP THEM WITH ME (special thanks to people who make these gifs ily <3)

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BAAHAHAHA hands down my favourite moment for this ship XD simplifies their overall relationship~~ 

the best thing in this ship is that both Banryu and Suho are equally masculine so that there wouldn’t be much stereotypical seme/uke gender roles placed on them, but then that’s just my preference in a ship 😌I just hope that people are writing this ship… MAYBE I SHOULD WRITE THIS SHIP OMG SHOULD I???

But it’s kinda sad that the official canon made Banryu crush on Suho’s sister… :( but hey come on this girl CUTE AS FUCK I’D LIKE HER TOO (and OMG DID SHE MAKE A SNEAKY HEART WITH HER HANDS OMG)

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in short I’m IN LOVE with hwarang and CAN’T WAIT for more episodes!!! hehehe

Hey guys !! I’m alive and well, sorry I’ve been so absent u A u;;
I’ve been recovering from surgery but I’m finally back and doin art stuff!
I’m comin back with lotsa art plans and projects in the works!!
so you can expect more activity outta me ahaha <3

Here’s GB-23 bein his cute non-binary self
(its funny cause he’s a robot….binary code…lmao)
(He switches between feelin like a boy and non gendered, so he/him and they/them are chill!!)

Imagine going to the karaoke with Woozi and singing to your heart’s content until you guys start losing your voice.

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Hello Guys, Just passing by to thank you for bringing us this amazing and funny series, it brings me joy every month and I've been a fan ever since the anime first aired in crunchyroll, heres hopping for a season 2 soon. cheers from Panama

No worries, thanks a lot for reading! I also became a fan thanks to the anime, so I’d love a season 2 too :’D

So I was in the middle of writing Bunnies when Nick Spencer did his Dick Spencering and tbh literally all I could think was

“SHEILD in the streets, HYDRA in the sheets”

and I’m pretty sure it’s the best joke I’ve ever made


I have an idea - please hear me out

Hi, my name’s Jamie and I’m a sophomore college student.

I’m poor as fuck. My bank account has been in the negative for the past year.

I really need to earn some money, but I don’t want to just ask y’all to ‘gofundme’ or whatever with nothing in return.

So I used my terrible skills in digital art to make this design, We Got Work To Do.

I’m considering opening up an etsy shop to sell mugs (~$10), totes (~$14), and phone cases (~$17), and maybe shirts in the future, but there’s no point in me investing my money in the production if there isn’t any interest.

Please message me if you’d consider buying one of these products!

I hate asking for money, but this could be a fun way for both of us to get something out of it.

Let me know if you’re interested!

(if not we’ll forget this ever happened)

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Ok, so this isn't a question that's typical for this blog, but I have a crush on this guy in my Geology class. He's so cute and its so distracting! I've never spoken to him other than the "sorrys" we've exchanged when one of us was in the way of the other (mostly him). How do I get to talk and know him more?

Ok, now that we’ve gotten that out of our system…. Just strike up a conversation!

Sit next to him in class and ask what his major is or something like that. Even if you don’t hit it off romantically, you might end up making a great friend.Keep it simple, start with the basics. If the initial conversation ends up being a total dud, it’s no big deal. Just shake it off. If things go well, you might be able to casually have lunch together (if y’all have similar class schedules).

Flirting isn’t as complicated as people make it out to be. It comes really naturally when you’ve found a good potential match. Body language, eye contact, directness, and overall confidence are helpful though.

Here’s a good read: Flirting 101: UW class teaches students to ‘be brave’

Also, we actually have written a few blogs about dating/relationships:

The posts in the killing stalking fandom are so amusing. I’m just sitting here laughing my ass off. Yeah I definitely become an abusive psychopath because I read a manwha with a topic like that. I mean I became one as I watched Hannibal too. And the whole bad representation of gay people, seriously lol. Sure thing all gay people are good and balls of sunshine. Gay relationships are always healthy. Abuse is a foreign word, it never happens in lgbtq realtionships. Haha, sorry guys what did you think a horror manwha was all about?! Did you really expect sunshine and picnics with cuddles? Sorry haters. Sorry to disappoint, this is not what the genre is about.

Exo Discusses Their Next Comeback Concept
  • Suho: So what concept should we do for our next comeback?
  • Chanyeol: Me
  • D.O.: That's not a concept
  • Baekhyun: I think it's a great concept
  • Suho: ...
  • Kai: What about food? We could just like eat... & stuff
  • Xiumin: Whatever we do, I'm not dressing like a fucking child
  • Chen: But that's your appeal. The sexy man-baby.
  • D.O.: What about me? They always dress me like a child too...
  • Chanyeol: That's because you're scary as fuck.
  • Baekhyun: Yeah, they're trying to make you seem approachable.
  • D.O.: I'm approachable...
  • Chen: Whatever you say.
  • Suho: Can we get back to the concept, please?
  • Xiumin: We could actually do something with our superpowers.
  • Kai: F-food?
  • Chanyeol: I still say me.
  • D.O.: That is not a fucking concept.
  • Baekhyun: I still think it's a great concept
  • Chen: That's because you agree with everything he says.
  • Baekhyun: I do not.
  • Chanyeol: You kind of do.
  • Baekhyun: You're right.
  • Chen: Are you two gonna make out now, or?
  • Sehun: Don't encourage them
  • Suho: Guys. Please.
  • Kai: We could just sit on stage & eat. It'll be great.
  • Kai: I'm hungry.
  • Lay: What if we go simple, just not do anything but sing really meaningful songs to the fans because we love them & then we could go around giving all of them hugs because love
  • Sehun: that's boring as fuck wow good job
  • Suho: Leave Yixing alone.
  • Kai: So hungry...
  • Xiumin: I want to be shirtless for the next comeback.
  • Luhan: I think that's a great idea.
  • Chen: Where the fuck did you come from?
  • Luhan: ...
  • Luhan: China