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This is kinda silly but have you ever thought about drawing your Summoner with Hector (and Ike)? I dunno I was thinking about your post with Hector and Ike and like your Summoner walks in on them holding hands or smth and Hector's like "ITS NOT WHAT IT-" but pussyslayer's like "nah fam tbh I'd cheat on you with ike too"

Pu$$y$layer still loves the boys (and yes they’re still S supported lol)… to the point where he maxed out their SP/HM and… rarely uses… any other units…

So here was me thinking that finally meeting Taylor after all this time would make me like calm down or chill out or something, but I literally love her even more than I did before? How is that even possible? I felt the bond whilst being in her presence. It was real. The mutual love for us was real. I feel closer to her than ever, I have so many emotions.


Queen-Pt 2

a mature female cat kept especially for breeding

a woman eminent in rank, power, or attractions

a female monarch or chieftain: the wife or widow of a king or tribal chief

a goddess or a thing personified as female and having supremacy in a specified realm

an attractive girl or woman; especially :a beauty contest winner

I was about to sleep but… there was this lovely person who commented on my RnM graduation comic and it made me go to the reblog and comments section and.. I feel like crying because every single one of you are amazing.

Not to sound sappy or too humble but, why? It was a quick idea and I thought it wouldn’t make sense but all of you just keep saying “thank you”, “I’m crying”, “this is the best” and it’s just… I’m overwhelmed with emotions. I bet if it weren’t for my amazing fandom family.. I wouldn’t even even imagine it to have more than a hundred notes.. and I’m already content with my art having at least 1-5 notes but this.. this is just WOW.

Man I love you guys… to the point it’s making it more difficult for me to temporarily move to my other blog. I still want to hold a raffle for all you, I wanted to draw something for you guys in return for all your love and support. To all who’ve also defended me when some horrible anti’s came.

*ahem* god I sound so sappy, sooooorry. I’ll go to sleep now ( ; w ; )

The experiment has ended!

Wow, I really did not expect the direction this little experiment to actually go in.

Thank you to @oddwilde22, @master-lux, @wildtimesllc, @wnci779 and @crazydave123456 for trying to start a story! Kudos to you all! I really didn’t think that would happen.

I have to give the points to @thatweelassie who noticed what the first line was from.

Guys, it was the opening lyric to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!

‘Now this is a story all about how,

My life got flipped, turned upside down,

And I’d like to take a minute,

Just sit right there,

I’ll tell you I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air’

Thank you and maybe I will do a story experiment next time! But, for now, congratulations to @thatweelassie! Golden stars for you! 😄😄😄

It’s the moment you’ve all been (scared) waiting for!!

So, um, I just wanna say, before I actually give out my face, that I appreciate that you beautiful humans like my page and that you’ve actually read my work and thought it was good enough to like it, reblog it, or just follow me for it. The comments, reblogs, tags, messages, asks, they’re all so sweet and nice that I just want to say thank you.

I know I don’t deserve this much, but I know you guys deserve to have something to read and someone to request ships from, hence why I’m thanking you. I thank you guys for accepting my crappy writing and always being so excited for second parts, it really means a lot. 

Anyway, the last thing I wanna do is take up your time, so.. um…

Here’s my face.


I know you guys probably don’t want to see my face and think it was better off being hidden forever, but thank you for voting to see it even when you probably did it for pity.

Heyo! WKM basically made me forget Taking Back Control part 14, but I bet you are all the same haha

The plot has not changed, and while some of the ideas of the Alters Creation is a bit confusing or different with the idea of Will and Dark’s past, it doesn’t change much regarding character or plot,  they are all from different dimensions after all!

Dark and Wilford’s past was always vague in the story, so it’s all good! If anything WKM explains why they don’t talk about it, and gives Dark much more motive…

Just remember that Dark still isn’t your friend. It may put Amy in even more danger… Especially if she asks too many questions or says a wrong name… She doesn’t know his past.

SO! Chapter same as usual this weekend (hopefully)! The plot isn’t changing! Though some small references will be made in Dark and Will’s speech and powers, which is pretty much the same as usual (Dark already had his strange dimensional gifts after all!)

After this plotline is done, any one-shots or stories to come may touch on WKM more!

Prompt #152

“How do you ‘accidentally’ become the leader of a creepy ghost army?!”

“You know, it’s a really long story.”