sorry guy's i don't have a whole lot of money

hey guys!! soo i’m hosting my first giveaway, in celebration of finally getting my first hundred followers yay!

one lucky winner will get:

  • one tee shirt from topataco or what pumpkin (it doesn't necessarily need to be a tee shirt, it could be anything worth twenty-five dollars or less (don’t worry shipping’s on me)) 
  • one custom made god tier hood of any aspect and class! (except bard i literally am incapable of doing that pointy thing)

rules and information:

  • yeah reblog as much as ya want but try not to spam your own followers dashes 
  • likes count too 
  • you don’t need to follow me but if you do you’ll get some other rad super secret stuff (also double or possibly even triple your spending budget) 
  • you have to be comfortable with giving me your address so i can send that neat stuff to you 
  • you’ll also have to give me the measurements i’ll ask of you and what not 
  • uh yeah so i’m only shipping in the u.s. this time so i apologize deeply for that 
  • if you don’t respond within the next two days i message you that you won i’m going on to another potential winner 
  • the giveaway starts june 15th through july 15th so yall have one month for this 
  • if you have any questions feel free to message me!