sorry getting emotional here ; ;

read all avaiable chapters of watercast by fishwrites yesterday, ugly sobbed in the office bATHROOM, came home and immediately got to my tablet and this is only a crop of the full drawing bc i’ve decided TO KILL MYSELF and put EVERYTHING into this piece holy shit

but honestly, thank you @fishwrites for this fic. i’ve been struggling with horrible HORRIBLE artblock for the past few months, feeling sooo miserable everytime i forced myself to draw and this was the first time in MONTHS i had fun sketching and planing out a drawing and AGH i’m just so happy i came across this fic!!! THANK YOU!

YNWA: Yes or No? Well, Always; ❤️

(^ the question before this answer is: “do i love you?”)

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Justlex With Bi!Alex and Overprotective Justin

Request: could you do a lil headcanon where justin gets all protective of alex when someone (idk bryce maybe?? or just a random person??) starts being rude to alex (idk how,, maybe because he’s bi??) and justin is ready to gO idk i just really like this idea♥️♥️

A/N: Okay so Justin isn’t 100% ready to go in this but I wanted to get some emotion in here. Sorry if it isn’t what you were after, feel free to request again. Also there’s two parts, the original and six months later.

Warnings: Homophobia, Swearing

Justlex With Bi!Alex and Overprotective Justin…

  • It was just another Thursday lunch when Alex shook hands in greeting with Zach while he sat down with the rest of the jocks at their table in the sun
  • They’d all been friends for a while, since Alex somehow made friends with Zach. He got along with all the boys pretty well considering they were both into totally different things- music and sport
  • The whole school had recently found out he was bi, and he was so happy that none of his friends seemed to mind. None of them had said anything yet and he was super grateful

  • That was until the one and only Bryce Walker sat down with them. He wasn’t exactly homophobic, but… well yeah, he was. He was one of those guys who just felt the need to bring up his sexuality all the time, and implied that he must’ve been in love with all his male friends
  • “I bet you’ve got your sights set on someone- it’s me, isn’t it?”
  • “You? Please” Alex scoffed playfully
  • Bryce wasted no time in continuing to run his mouth, getting ruder as he went, as usual. Alex just cast his eyes down, a slight smile on his face as though he was actually okay with playing along with Bryce’s jokes. It was easier to go with it than fight against it

  • Justin Foley clearly hadn’t got that memo though, because he snapped and told Bryce to shut up. Alex and the group were all shocked as they looked to Justin, who had begun to bicker back and forth with Bryce
  • “Seriously Bryce, if you don’t shut the fuck up I will come over there and shut you up”
  • Alex certainly hadn’t expected any of the boys to stand up for him, especially Justin. He couldn’t believe how worked up Justin seemed to be as he and Bryce basically yelled at each other. Alex sat across from him, and Justin sent him a smile once the situation calmed down
  • “Look, Alex, buddy, you know I didn’t mean anything”. Bryce apologised.

  • “Sure” Alex brushed off, not in the mood to argue otherwise

Half a year later:

  • Alex and Justin were sat on the couch in Bryce’s pool house, the blondes legs over Justin’s lap as the brunette combed through Alex’s hair and talked
  • Justin smiled at him affectionately while they spoke
  • They weren’t exactly together, but they weren’t open to seeing other people either. They were just testing where this could possibly go

  • “God, Standall. Who’d have thought you had it in you,” Bryce spoke from the other side of the table, “You got Justin fucking Foley to turn”
  • “Bryce leave it the fuck alone” Justin growled his hand instantly dropping from Alex’s hair,
  • “Nah, man I’m just sayin’. We all knew something like that was gonna happen with Bi Alex around, but I didn’t expect for it to be you”
  • “No, Bryce seriously, shut the fuck up” Justin growled

  • “Woah,” Bryce raised his hands, “no harm done man”
  • “All harm done, fuck off”
  • Alex looked away nervously as Bryce stared at them, stunned. Eventually though he just turned around and walked away, and Alex couldn’t be more thankful
  • Justin’s hand didn’t return to his hair, but the other one hadn’t moved from his thigh either. Alex looked at him curiously, and didn’t look away until Justin’s eyes met his. He wondered why it was that Justin always seemed to jump in full ready to throw fists whenever someone mentioned his sexuality

  • Justin gave him heart eyes, and eventually his hand was on his cheek again “you know I didn’t think I had a chance with you… you were so different and I totally thought you’d hate me for being a jock”
  • Agonisingly slowly, Justin leant in and finally, finally kissed Alex. They’d only been almost boyfriends for like a month. If Alex knew all it would take was a rude comment from Bryce he would’ve agreed to games night weeks ago. He kissed Justin back and pulled away to grin at him, snuggling tighter into him

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A 10 min ode to how much Nanase Haruka treasures Matsuoka Rin: the Drama

That might as well be its title, seriously.

please forgive me guys it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to ramble about these two idiots and the drama cd nearly killed me so

Everything about that track spells just how much Haru enjoys Rin’s presence and how special their bond is to him. He literally treasures every little thing Rin does or says. This guy soaks up every little detail about Rin as if he were a sponge (even ridiculous things like his hand writing for crying out loud).

Everything, from the most meaningful stuff (Haru outright forgetting to take a bath, his smile as he watches Rin sleep, his wariness when asking if he would be leaving early in the morning and then saying he will join him, etc) to the more circumstantial details (letting Rin borrow any shirt - including one that’s obviously special to him-, saying he can borrow the book - a book Haru obviously didn’t even want anyone touching -  if he really wants to, so on so forth) does nothing but highlight it. 

Rin complains, teases him, flusters him and Haru meets Rin halfway every time. He teases back and initiates the teasing himself at times (that teasing tone he has when he asks Rin if he can sleep without his pillow will be the death of me I swear). Rin doesn’t listen and Haru lets him get away with it and plays along. And through it all: Haru is happy.

SO happy. 

I love how we can hear it in the way he addresses Rin, but even more than that in - you guessed it - the little smile he gives as he sits on his bed and watches Rin sleep. What has most likely been a hectic day has come to an end, and Haru is left with a small moment of quiet. And what he does rather than trying to rest or even sigh tiredly is watch Rin, who is soundly asleep, and smile. Because it’s rewarding.

It’s rewarding to have Rin there. It’s rewarding to spend time with him. Their little arguments, eating together, everything was rewarding to Haru.

It’s no wonder Haru wants to lengthen their time together by joining him in his morning run I mean jesus

Not again

Request:  Could you write a fan-fic where T'Challa and Clint find the reader crying after she read a book, Clint being the reader’s big brother and T'Challa being her lover? Please!!


The rain had been hammering against the windows since the morning and in the distance you could hear the faint sound of thunder coming closer. It was stormy and cloudy, the sky dark only occasionally illuminated by lightning. Most people didn’t like that kind of weather but you loved it. The perfect excuse to stay in bed all day and read books. The sound of falling raindrops had something calming. It was a sound that soothed the mind and made you relax.

You got out the book you were currently reading and curled up under your blanket, probably not going to come out of your room for the rest of the day. Who needs food anyway? You – and you most likely would eat everything you could find sometime around midnight when you’d finally manage to get out of bed.

Your head jerked up when your door suddenly burst open and your brother Clint and boyfriend T'challa stormed in.

“Sis what’s wrong?”

“Who do I have to kill love? Who hurt you?”

“Wha…-? What are you two talking about?” You ask them confused. You didn’t understand why they looked so worried. Nothing happened and you had been alone the whole time so nobody did hurt you in any way besides….oh of course, you suddenly thought.

“Why were you crying then?”

“I read a sad book.”

Clint sighs and shakes his head, “Not again I should have known.” He pets your head and walks to the door, “All right later then. Oh and leave something for me in the fridge.”


T'challa sits down next to you on the bed. He takes the book, reading the description at the back of it. You let yourself fall back on the bed as well and pull your blanket over your feet again.

“Is it good?”

“Well it made me cry, so yes.”

“You scared me, it was sounding like someone had died in here.”

“Sorry I get a bit emotional about these things sometimes…all the time actually.”

He lies down beside you, hugging you close while he gives you a kiss on the cheek. You smile and wrap you arms around him as well.

“I think I should cheer you up a bit.”

“Do you have something special in mind?”

“Quite a few things but for now how about I get us some of these chocolate things?”

“Okay.” You say, laughing a little, “How about some chips too, and something to drink, and maybe fruits or…-”

“Did you eat at all today?”


He shakes his head and jumps off the bed, “Get dressed we’re going out.”

VixxReaction- When you tell them your pregnant


N: you’re what huh? what happened?

You: pregnant Hakyeon, I'm pregnant

N: Ok…. ok I got now

Originally posted by hakyunie

Leo: I hope we have twins…… they’d be so cute….I would love that

Originally posted by excelsis-prince

Ken: I’m sorry I’m getting all emotional here. my own baby that i can call my own that will be my own. this is too much 

Leo: ……….the fuck?

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Ravi: oh my goodness _____ don't joke like that

You: *chuckles* I’m serious babe

Ravi: *fanboy mode* on my goodness I’m a father

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Hongbin:*the same day he’s asking the members to help pick a name*

Ken: if it’s a girl Minsoo, if it’s a boy…..Myunsoo

Originally posted by leehongbins

Hyuk:*gets all squishy squashy* hehehe really?

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this is so cute. i am also makinf a block-b version to this so wait on it 

here the Master List for more reactions 

and if you want to requset they will now be taking at This Blog

Bai For Now~~~


It’s New Year’s Eve, and Emma feels like celebrating with the rest of Storybrooke. Unfortunately, Killian would rather be anywhere but the party. It breaks Emma’s heart when she finds out why. 

(Starts sexy, gets angsty, ends fluffily.)


Her dress is a tiny lace thing, deep red and almost certainly slightly shorter than one would expect a mother of a thirteen-year-old boy to own. Emma bought it on a whim, its color catching her eye as she maneuvered around the crowed department store searching for some last-minute Christmas gifts. The dress, itself, had been priced a little out of her preferred range, but after the year she had just experienced, Emma reasoned she deserved to splurge on herself a bit. Besides, she had thought with a grin, she could easily spin it as some sort of gift for her pirate. He always compliments her when she wears red.

Judging by the way he is placing open-mouthed kisses up the column of her neck, his fingers playing with the hem of the aforementioned dress, her earlier musings were not misplaced.

“We could stay in tonight…” Killian murmurs against her skin, hand and hook nudging her backwards toward the bed, “…begin this new year in a rather pleasurable fashion.”

He cants his hips against hers for emphasis. Pirate.

“I’m sorry, but no.”

Had it been any other night, he might have held sway over her; however, tonight is not any such night, and his argument falls on deaf ears. Ignoring the wave of heat pooling low in her belly, Emma breaks their embrace, earning a strangled whine from Killian. She ducks out of his arms and makes her way to check on her makeup and hair in the mirror, hoping it isn’t too mussed from his ministrations.

“I already promised my parents that we’d make some sort of appearance at the party. They’re starting to complain that we’re spending too much time holed up in here, and not enough time, you know, interacting with the real world.”

As if what they are doing is so wrong. 

(It’s not.)

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Let's talk about Daehyun

He’s been so sweet and supportive to all the fans even when that’s what we are supposed to be doing for B.A.P at this time. Regularly posting pictures on Instagram of himself and other members, updating us on his festivals and telling everyone to stay happy and safe. He’s even doing a live talk show during his birthday.. I just can’t express it in words how grateful I am to even know about someone like Daehyun. He deserves all the happiness in the world just how everyone from B.A.P do 💗

The Submarine EP means so fucking much to me, it means the world tbh. i wouldn’t choose any other record over it. That EP literally changed my life.

Rebecca Levin: OBspec, ableism, and canon Orphan Black

I don’t know about you guys, but I really want to talk about Rebecca Levin from the latest obspec script. I’ve wanted to talk about her for some time now and with the release of the latest episode, there are a lot of things about Rebecca that are worth discussing. Today, I want to touch on how Rebecca’s inclusion ties obspec back to the original, canon source material and how her introduction enhances and expands those themes.

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The Lost Boys - Chapter 34

Summary: He’s the charming, out of control frontman of one of the most successful bands in the world. She’s a hard-working rising actress. Sometimes it’s hard to find out what’s real and what’s make-believe when fame’s in the game. Inspired by this photoset.

Rating: M

Word Count: 358,748


this is late but whatever, you love me anyways, right, yun? i mean, i got mikey to tweet you. just saying. happy belated birthday and ily and here, have a stellar guest that i’m sure you’ll be delighted to see. 

so, here it is. the final chapter. the end. it’s the end of an era! right?!

i’m sorry i’m getting quite emotional here. it’s been a little longer than a year since i posted the first chapter of this story and now it’s… done. it feels like letting go of a really cool group of friends at this point. 

(well, there’s still the epilogue to go, i guess, but that’ll be it)

Love always, nini.