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that fourth panel, Houtarou is weighing the pros and cons of his next move. and while he’s not really a man of action, i can see him leaning towards his desire to stay warm (and ignoring the part of him that just likes having Eru close).

one day… one day i’ll make comics that didn’t happen accidentally as doodles in a lecture class.


Round 1 complete! Round 2 should be done either next week or the following one :) 

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#17- Masquerade (aka the time Roy wore a mask that Riza actually liked)

#10-Fantasy Tolkien AU (Me? First Age trash? Naahh)

#11-Disney Couple (101 Shibas,anyone?)

#12-Broadway Couple (Von Trapp Family..Alchemists?)

#5- Prom/Formal  (I never went to prom but I’m sure if they did they would totally win)



I’m so sorry about the word play. 

The first thing he registered was wet. His face was wet. Was it rain? Yes, but something else too. Rain wasn’t warm. He opened his eyes and sat up from where he had been lying on the cold concrete. A street lamp shone softly down on him as blood trickled down his face, mixing with the rain. Something was wrong, everything was incredibly blurry for one. For another the young man couldn’t remember how he’d ended up on the ground or where he’d been prior to ending up on the ground. Work maybe?

He blinked. Where did he work? Did he work? He looked down at his clothes. He couldn’t see them very clearly but they felt nice. So he probably wasn’t homeless. Who the hell was he, and the more troubling question, why couldn’t he remember? Perhaps he had a friend who could enlighten him. Maybe he was one of those people who could only remember a day at a time. Had he gotten out and his cycle reset? 

Did he have any friends? Could he remember any? Yes, one, sort of. He was momentarily relieved to be remembering anything but it was somewhat short-lived. His relationship with this man seemed to be very… complicated. But it was the only thing he had. So he stumbled along the dark road, heading for Moran’s flat. The third time he tripped he wondered vaguely if he was supposed to be wearing glasses.

By some miracle he managed to walk the six blocks without getting jumped. He squinted at the number plate on the door and, praying he was at the right flat and this ‘Seb Moran’ wasn’t some figment of his imagination, he knocked.

“So… that’s your Destiel exploration?” Sam tilted his head at the stage, standing next to Marie. “Are you sure it isn’t pronounced Deestiel? Dean’s name is pronounced that way and it’s a combination-”

“I’m sure. Ask anyone in the fandom.” Marie interrupted, sounding frustrated at his questions.

“Oh.” Sam shuffled his feet, working up to his next question. After the conversation with Dean, he was curious. “So… what about Sastiel? Is that a thing? Or Samstiel?” He cleared his throat. “Or… whatever?”

Marie’s face lost the frown and her eyes lit up.

“It’s Sastiel… and you have just named my OTP.”


“One True Pairing, of course. I mean, I would have loved to have it in the play… but with Chivonne and Kristen being together… it was just easier to do Destiel.” Marie shrugged with a smile.

“So… it’s a thing?” Sam straightened, his shoulders no longer hunched. “And it’s your…. OTP… so you must know a lot about it.”

“Yeah, I have a whole tumblr blog dedicated to it.”

“Okay, then can you tell me why? I mean… I get why Sam would like Castiel. That’s obvious. Aside from him being an angel… he’s so kind. He wants to save everyone. He wants to help everyone. He’s not afraid to say what he thinks, even if it’s awkward. It’s adorably awkward… endearing. And he’s just so….” Sam’s face flushed when he realized he was rambling. It was hard not to get lost when listing off Castiel’s qualities. “Sorry. So yeah… I get why Sam would like Cas. But why would Castiel like someone like Sam? I mean… Cas is an angel and Sam is… Sam is…. an abomination. He’s got demon blood in him… hell he used to drink it. There’s nothing in it for Castiel except… pain.”

As he spoke, his shoulder started to sag downward again. It was as if a weight was added with each word he spoke. His brow wrinkled with pain as he spoke of Sam’s darkness. And when he looked up, Marie was giving him something Dean would call a ‘poop face’.

“What?” He asked, self consciously, taking a small step back.

“Were you even reading the same books as me?”

Sam blinked. He wasn’t sure how to answer that. But, he didn’t have to because she kept going.

“Obviously, you weren’t. Or you wouldn’t have to wonder. Sam Winchester is the most caring, most self sacrificing, most loving… Okay he genuinely cares about people and their situations. He’s able to empathize with anyone he talks to. And he believed in angels before there was any proof of them. He was awestruck when he first met Castiel… and yeah, he had demon blood in him. So what? That wasn’t his fault. If anything, it was Mary’s… she’s the one who made the deal with Yellow Eyes. And Sam tried to use what he had… his curse… and he tried to use it to make the world better. And then… God, Agent Smith, he willingly went to Hell with Lucifer. For his brother.” Marie’s speech was passionate, that was for sure. Her voice had raised and everyone in the auditorium was staring at them. 

“Yeah, but he let Lucifer out in the first place. He broke the final seal. If he’d just listened to Dean-”

“If he’d listened to Dean, he still would have broken the seal. None of them knew that Lilith was the final seal. They all wanted her dead. It would have happened either way. And don’t forget, Dean broke the first one. Sam’s not to blame. Heaven and Hell… both manipulative sides were to blame. So yeah… there’s a lot there for someone to want. Sam always tries to do good. His motivation is always selfless.”

Sam was aware of all eyes and ears on him and Marie. He shuffled and coughed before leaning in close to whisper.

“So… you really think Cas would like Sam?”

So this gifset got me wondering where the gang got their Camelot clothes, or specifically, where Killian got his decidedly pirate-themed outfit

and now I have a headcanon that Regina had to magic it onto him and can you just imagine what an absolute nightmare it would be to dress Killian Jones to his exact specifications

“Bloody hell woman I said dashing, as in devilishly handsome, not as in making people want to run away… what do you call this? That’s a lady’s earring! I need a pirate one. One that matches this coat. And make the vest red, if you would. The shirt is fine… wait, no no, I need ALL the buttons. So it’s clear that I’m leaving them open on purpose, obviously. And – did you comb my hair? It needs to be attractively dishevelled! My aesthetic is devil-may-care, not goody-two-shoes, everyone knows that.”

“Damn it pirate how are you so fussy after centuries spent at sea?! Charming, I can’t work with him.”

“Just do your best, please Regina, if I have to listen to him rant about tunics for another minute I’m going to lose my mind.”

“THEY DON’T WORK WITH THE COAT DAVE, I told you! And they make it impossible to hook a thumb into one’s belt in the appropriately casual swaggering manner. No self-respecting pirate captain wears a tunic!”

InuKag Week: Day 1 “Growth/Green”

Inspired by Pierre Auguste Cot’s “Springtime”, deconstructed (meaning Im a messy painter).

InuKag Analysis. I wanted to point out the connection to nature both these individuals have separately, and as a couple. 

The name Inuyasha obviously showcases his dog demon heritage, but “Yasha” also means “friendly forest spirit”, and Kagome has had a strange bond with The Goshinboku (The Sacred Tree) all throughout her life ..and..well.. eventually leads her to the Edo Period to become a Miko (who works with herbs). 

They both meet in a forest at the beginning of the Japanese school year (April).  

Kagome, who is the reincarnation of the fallen Kikyo, lifts the curse from a pinned Inuyasha, essentially giving him a new chance of life. If we’re following the theme of “Springtime”, that would indicate that both characters have a sense of “rebirth”

A/N: Sorry this is so messy! I get carried away with the colors and Im afraid Im not any good at keeping a painting tidy. I hope you all like it! It def has a darker color scheme compared to the original painting but I didnt pay much mind. You eventually go a little crazy layers colors on top of each other. 

I love my OTP. I love their bond. I felt like the innocent vibe of the figures would help indicate my own personal outlook on their relationship and who they are as people. New lovers, drunk with the smell of spring, hidden away in some blotchy paint forest.


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I love how he wins because he counted on her assuming exactly what he wanted her to assume and that she wouldn’t think about what he actually said. And even though I should have known better, it worked on me too. I didn’t even think about the flower in her hair at all until he reached for it and then I was like “OH SNAP”.

He does this kind of thing all the time in DM too. Every time he goes to control an opponents monster he lets them assume that he’s going to pick their strongest one so they’ll waste time protecting it and leave the one he actually wants wide open. I know other duelists do it too, but I think it’s a tactic that Yami is fond of using the most.

Err, sorry about all the words. I get carried away with fangirling sometimes.


norman/norma + putting their faces close together

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Early setup at Red Rocket

I’ve always set up my main home at Sanctuary in previous playthroughs, so I decided to instead use Red Rocket as my main player home for my full survival playthrough. Canonically speaking, I imagine that Deborah would have had a hard time living at Sanctuary, and instead longed for some privacy.  She set up a makeshift bedroom in the back room of the station, and gathered posters and mementos to cover the wall with. Her few belongings were kept close to her bed. 

fwb; seokjin (4/7)

❝when you’re friends with benefits… and he falls in love
►1664 words; scenario; series (4/7), w: suggestive content

‘hey, you busy tonight?’

‘do i wear underwear or not’

‘-_-…can you not’

‘i’ll be over in fifteen xoxo’

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Kind of a continuation of this thing, where Spock and Kirk end up as kids for whatever reason and poor Bones has to keep up with his childish superior officers who are…actually children this time :P

In the end it’s just horribly self indulgent fluff to make myself feel better X’’D

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