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Hello! So after seeing badwolfrun​‘s weekly love for her favorite episodes through Midnight Monday and  Satan Pit Saturday and ofstormsandwolves‘s celebration of Turn Left Thursday I thought I’d join the party and have a day dedicated to discussing my favorite episode which, some of you may know, is Doomsday. So…welcome to Doomsday Tuesday!

Here’s the rundown:

  • Why Doomsday? (and why Tuesday?)

Well the main reason in answer to “Why Doomsday” is because it’s my favorite episode but really, there’s so much to talk about. There’s details upon details in this exquisitely crafted and exquisitely heartbreaking season finale. There are canon events to discuss and disect and cry over and then there’s all the “what ifs” and “could have beens.” Basically, there’s an unlimited amount of content related to this wonderful episode.  (Don’t remember the episode? Give yourself a bit of a refresherhere and  here!)

And why Tuesday, you ask? Because there’s not a day of the week that starts with D in English and Doomsday Tuesday just sounds cool.

  • Is it just Doomsday or is Army of Ghosts also included?

Both episodes! I just generally refer to the two-parter as Doomsday since it’s easier.

  • Okay, so what can I do to participate?

There are plenty of ways you can participate! You can create fanworks and post them in the edit tags, be it a fan fic, fanart, graphic, gifset, picspam, etc. Use the tag #doomsday tuesday within the first five tags (along with all the other edit or fic tags) so everyone can see it! Alternatively, you can generate discussion, ask questions, or just gush over this episode in general! (My inbox is certainly always open for Doomsday flailings) I personally am likely to set up a doomsday-themed queue to post during the day and reblog all the fanworks I see in the tags for Doomsday on Tuesdays. :)

  • What if I don’t have time/missed this Tuesday?

That’s perfectly fine! I try to make this a weekly celebration so if you miss this Tuesday, you can always participate in the next week!

So go forth, spread the word, rewatch the episode, do whatever you want! I’ve made my choice and it’s to spend Tuesdays wallowing in my love for Doomsday.

Also, for those of you who may be interested, chocolatequeennk (and me, kinda) is running a Doomsday Month in July, so keep an eye out for that as well!

Just read a Green Lantern comic book.

And might I say…ehem…IT WAS AMAZING. WTH. Why have I never read them before?! I was drawn in by the cover but as soon as I started reading it I was so interested and sucked into the world of the Corps. The one I read was introducing the origin of Hal and everyone else. It was, there are just no words for it. I am def. buying more of these. I wanna read it from the beginning though, from, I actually don’t remember the year when the first one came out but I want to read it from the VERY beginning and make my way down. I love their mantra, “no fear”. Now I’m really keen on watching the movie that came out a few months ago. Has anyone seen it? Is it any good? I guess I’ll find out for myself. :)

colonelsassacre said:

unfortunately not, but he turns up in all sorts of weird places and you do eventually get to fight alongside him at one point

that seems like kind of a theme for all of these people though, like “hey guy you hanging out in a grotto full of skeletons and exploding screaming heads? that’s cool”

it is kind of cool though how everyone is dead or insane except for a few survivors who are waiting to either die or turn in these ruins and infested castles there’s something really interesting about that I can’t articulate

sorato-fan replied to your post:okay. this is a totally biased rant about…

Yamato might have graduated in Engineering. It’s one of the paths to become an astronaut.

that is true…but I’m not sure that he did. Or rather, it’s unlikely

I could be mistaken of course. but Japan has a Space exploration agency in which they recruit and specially trained explorers and other kinds of astronauts for space. 

most of the time, the people that travel into space aren’t engineers, but scientists (lol i know it sounds like the same thing but they are different).  Engineers in space programs are the one that build and create the shuttles and satellites, not the ones that go on the missions. They usually stay grounded cause they are the ones who plan.

Because of that I think that Yamato studying astrophysics in university is more likely than him studying engineering. 

One of the characters I would have really like to see become an engineer is Koushiro. Engineering is not only the pursuit of knowledge, but the application. I think he would have taken his research and actually utilized it to progress technology. 


My contenstant for simsandgiggles‘ BC: Benji Heaney.

Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself, Benji?

“About me? Uh, I don’t really know what to say.”

Like… what are your hobbies?

“I spend most of my time in my conservatory, with my plants. I love plants. Ferns I my favourite, I have 36 different varieties in total, now. Hart’s-tongue and Marsh Buckler and Spleenwort…”

Alright, I think that’s quite enough of that.

“Sorry, I get a little carried away sometimes. I’m a friendly guy, though I’m a bit shy, I like people who do most of the talking for the two of us.”

You’ll have to take some more initiative in the BC though, remember?

“I know that! When I saw Emilia in that BC announcement I fell in love instantly, so I’m willing to try to overcome my shyness for her. I guess I’m just a hopeless romantic at heart, even though I don’t have much experience in that field. She’s so beautiful and funny and…”

A bit of a wild card, too, or so I’ve heard.

“Well… yes. I do hope I’m not too boring for her. She must have all kinds of crazy, fascinating hobbies - and I’m just here, moisturising my ferns with a spraycan. I can’t wait to meet her though! I’m going to try my best to make a good impression, even though some of the other contestants might have more to offer than I do.”

CC: hair | skin | eyes (or use your own defaults) | nose (I think)

Download: Private until Emilia finds her soulmate :)

pokethedinosaur asked:

Hi boys, huge fan :) Can I get a hug? I was just wondering if you had any form of restraint when it comes to feeding? Like do you feed on mainly adults and children and babies are off the menu or is it fair go with everyone? Thanks!

“Good question,” David was sincere as he said this, but he didn’t step in or make a move to hug her. It wasn’t his style, but he knew Paul would be quick to oblige. 

The younger vampire was at her side in a flash. At first he put an arm around her shoulders, eyeing her all the way down from the side with a teasing smile and then he snickered. “C’mere girl, give ME a hug.” He literally picked her up off the ground for it and then sat her back down.

The other boys watched, while Dwayne snuck in behind her and gave her his personal bear hug.

“So you want to know about restraint?” David asked, casually making his way around the fountain to take a seat in his throne, the old wheelchair.

Paul and Dwayne remained by her side, as if they were her ushers about to take her on a tour of the old hotel, or what was left of it.

“Course we got it,” Marko said, grinning like a mad man.

“We have to,” Dwayne said right after. He had his hand on her shoulder, trying to refrain from sniffing her blood, but it was in the air and he was hungry. “Just like right now.”

David didn’t bother reprimanding the second eldest. He knew Dwayne had enough self control for almost all three of them. “We all have our favorites, and I don’t tell them what they can and can’t eat, but as a general consensus, you could say we like to stay away from kids.”

“Yep,” Paul agreed and then he added, “Not a fan of the older folk either. They all get stuck in your teeth. And I try to stay away from the pregnant ladies, but their blood is so damn rich, it makes your mouth water just thinking about it.”

“I’ve dined on a sixteen your old. That’s about as low as I go,” Marko said, glancing at Dwayne. He knew he didn’t always approve of Marko’s obnoxious behavior when it came to feeding on the weaker. 

“What’s your favorite?” David asked, catching the girls attention to put a little twist on things. He was stone cold serious and waited for her to answer.

doyoubelieveinnargles replied to your post “.”

I’m still here! just trying to distance myself from all the shit that’s happening tbh

awh yay

I get that though tbh. I’ve been skipping every other post on my dash for weeks and each time it’s immediately followed by that “you can’t ignore this!!!” guilt trip ughhh
At this point I find a lot of things here more exhausting than fun tbh?

fasttwiin from here 

69. “Hurt you? No, I wouldn’t hurt you! Your brother, on the other hand…”

Wanda snarled as the man approached
Pietro with the open wires once more. 
Sparks of electricity shot out from the split
pieces, dancing across the floor in jubilation. 
“Don’t you touch him,” she yelled. 

They had been trying for days to activate the powers
that they had forced inside her body. At first, they 
tried to pull a protective reaction from her, beating her
bloody until they realized that it wasn’t doing any good. 
And then they started in on Pietro, using their fierce love
of one another to wrench out the powers instilled in them. 
They knew that she would react, they just didn’t know 
how intensely. 

As they approached her brother with the wires, it
became apparent that this was both the best way to
call out her magic and the best way to get them all killed.
Her bindings came undone by the enchantment of her
red magic. She stood from the cot they had strapped 
her to, sparks of red energy flowing freely from her body. 
“I said, don’t touch him.” The room lit up with brilliant
red lights as the doctors went flying into the wall. The burst
of energy passed, draining all strength from her body 
as she collapsed to the floor. They had gotten exactly 
what they wanted from her. 


         ╰❀ ╮Despite Rose’s persistent attempts to calm the Dragonite; fingertips
        gently caressing Guinevere’s neck did nothing to alleviate the dragon’s fidgeting 
                   or nervous glances across Geosenge Town.
                       She’s uncertain what the cause may be. 

               Perhaps something was simply off– the sky was clear..
                    but Pokemon could sense these things…
         a girl of science she may be, but meteorology not a bit her forte.
             the only thing she can think to do is put her antsy dragon back
                   in the safety of her Pokeball in a flash of light. 

            Perhaps it may be… her companion wasn’t comfortable with the intent?
          (Not that she knew much of worldly morals… but a thought.)
                       Too worrisome? Perhaps just tired?

                                   “E-excuse me!
             It’s rather rash of the blonde to grab for the first civilian
           shoulder she can spot at the entrance. She’s gentle
             but still ignoring the little voice in her head–
         that speaks in that nagging, pestering tone. Manners! Manners!
                   So her arms fall back down to her sides. 
                 “I’m– I could use a few pointers… um…

                             Miss, I’m here to pay my respects
                                        She means the pit.
           If this person’s a native she hopes she won’t have to elaborate.
           She keeps her tone dulcet, sweet as honey.Could you help me o-out?

So I have this passion beast inside me for this movie The Lost Boys and its characters, kind of like the Hulk. Sometimes he’s a good thing, other times he’s bad and I have a hard time controlling it. I’ve been doing a fairly decent job until recently. Apparently I’ve scared some roleplayers around here. I’m only aware of one, the others I’m not sure who they are. But I’m really sorry if I did offend you. I tend to get carried away and that’s not what I wanted to do here with this blog. I don’t want people to be afraid of me. I will try to control the monster.

caydeninwonderland asked:

I must say darling, your account is just stunning. I fancy you on many levels. I like your dorkiness. I think you are just a wonderful person and it would be nice to meet you one day. You truly are unique on some extent. I heard you weren't feeling alright. Is something the matter? Maybe you'd like some tea with the mad hatter. Or perhaps an adventure would cheer you up! Sorry I'm getting carried away.. Anyways dear have a beautiful day *bows and kisses your hand. Tips my hat to you. And walks.*

;; thank u
I don’t know what to say aaag

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I KNOW! Like his, Caroline’s, and Tyler’s goodbye was so shitty.

Don’t even get me started on Caroline’s goodbye. I’m so pissed. They were basically like ‘oh Caroline, you’ll be alive when Elena wakes up so no need for a goodbye.’ She shouldn’t have had to leave. This is what I hated about tvd season 1 because they always showcased Bonnie/Elena as best friends and Caroline was just there. That’s basically what they did again!

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No NO NO NO Damn it NO! I am SO pissed right now! All i wanted was for this wedding to go smooth ! For Alaric to FINALLY be happy with Jo and their two babies ! But NO you had to take that away from us as well ! Plus the promo doesn’t even show an hint of Jo’s condition ! 

Of course Elena is going to die. Ever since the announcement of Nina’s departure i thought they would make her leave, live her human life away from Mystic Falls. But the second Damon took his decision, Elena had to die. Because Damon won’t be human, that i am sure of, and the only way for him to stay a vampire is for Elena to die. 

Now i am left with a broken heart, and i am super mad. Sorry to get carried away but it’s just to much or my poor fan heart.