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Rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your mp3 player, itunes, spotify etc. on shuffle, list the first 10 songs and tag people. 

I was tagged by @dr-jill-holtzmann, thanks bby sorry it took me so long!! 

  1. If Momma Was Married - Gypsy 
  2. My Shot - Hamilton
  3. Lovesick - Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown 
  4. I Like Musicals - Laura Benanti 
  5. Helpless - Hamilton 
  6. I’m So Humble - Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping 
  7. Moments in the Woods - Into the Woods
  8. Doin’ it Right - Daft Punk 
  9. Settle For Me -Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
  10. They Just Keep Moving the Line - Smash

So now that we’ve established I*m a huge musical theatre nerd, I’ll tag: 
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20 ?uestions

the very sweet @aireclaire tagged me so thank you so much!

I hope I do not end up rambling but that’s just me sometimes! And I use gifs …

1. What is your favorite color? A : GREEN

2. What is your top 5 favorite songs? A: Whoa that is a tough one. But here are some not in any particularly order :

  1. SHINee : Love Like Oxygen
  2. Michael Jackson : Off the Wall
  3. OutKast : Prototype
  4. Chatmonchy : Love Letter
  5. AALIYAH’S CHOOSEY LOVER!!!    (one of my faves of all time)

3. What is your real name? A: Savannah

4. Do you own any albums and if so what ones? A: Like kpop? I have :

  • SHINee -  Sherlock
  • BTS- Young Forever
  • GOT7- Fly
  • Monsta X - Lost

5. A  band you recently discovered that you like ?

A: I get into a lot of bands (new groups everyday lol) but I finally got into :

  • 24K
  • i.o.i
  • oh and DUH : INX

6. Since it is Olympic season what is your favorite Olympic sport?

A : Swimming, Diving, and Gymnastics!

7. What was the last thing you posted?

A: tbh ……I kinda made a post saying I do not like Kim Youjin (KNK) being white washed.

8. Have you ever cried because of a song or music video was good?

A: Of course XD all the time. I cry a lot in romantic, angst and Disney movies. Oh and anime a whole lot of anime.

9. If you could hang out with any band for a day which one?

A: YES! Okay I wanna hang out with MBLAQ (ot5 please for at least a day). These guys are literal dorks and will have you laughing so hard. Plus they all are sweethearts.

Originally posted by toksuri

10. What is your favorite music video?

A : So hard oh my …. kpop wise? Well its a K BALLAD!

Zia - For A Year (i cry like full blown tears EVERY SINGLE TIME i watch it)

Siwan (ZE:A), Yongguk (B.A.P) and Baro (B1A4) are int + Zia is so beautiful and her voice is amazing.

12. What is your favorite book?

A : I used to read a lot so I have alot and some I end up forgetting but I really did love the Hush Hush Series by Becca Fitzpatrick

13. Do you have friend that is into kpop? A: Irl? Nope. Just me :/

14. What band would you recommend to a non kpop fan? A : ROYAL PIRATES!

15. Do you have a secret talent? A : No lol and if I did I wish it show up now

16. What is ur otp? A: I didnt really ship a lot just in anime but in kpop :

  • NamJin (BTS)
  • SeungJi (KNK)
  • 2Jae (GOT7)
  • Crush and Zion.T

and i actually find these all to be bromances

17. What song would you listen too and not get sick of?


Originally posted by ver-tus

and ANYTHING Zion. T and Crush

Originally posted by soo-hyuks

18. What video or vine of a group makes you laugh every time you see it?

A : Oh…my ..GOSH when YUGYEOM got pranked XD in Real GOT7,  Lord I am sorry but that was hilarious. And I cried cause I was laughing too hard. And then he cried for real and I was like poor guy … he had no idea.

19. Who is your favorite girl group? A: I have a lot but a few :

  • miss A
  • f(x)
  • 2NE1
  • Girls Day
  • HelloVenus

20. What is your favorite underrated group?

A : I have a lot but i guess a few :

  • Royal Pirates
  • Boys Republic
  • UNIQ
  • ZE: A (i will rant about this)
  • UKISS ( i will  mad rant about this)

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do not have to do this

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What do u think it would be like to date Michael realistically

i think there would be lots, i mean LOTS, of non-serious fights about stupid little things. of course, there are also a few big serious fights too because every relationship has those. the major ones would be about distance, accidentally saying something stupid when stressed, or different living habits. i think half the time, you’d forget you were even dating because the so-called dates are just doing really casual things together or staying in. it’s lowkey in public. but michael seems touchy-feely and i think his love language is physical touch. so in private he’d remind you he loves you by never keeping his hands off you. also, i think his other love language is quality time together. he’s usually busy working but if he really wants the relationship to work out, he’d make time for it. AND i think it would mean being very close to his parents as well and being with them when he’s away. lastly, LOTS of gentle nagging and making sure he’s taken care of

i could say more but i better stop lol

come talk to me abt michael

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm about to enter High School I'm kinda nervous and I'm planning on getting honors classes any tips? (ps I might have to change my schedule should I go in the morning to the counselors or? )

so I was totally about to be like “pshhh I don’t know anything about high school” but then I remembered that as of Tuesday I’ll be a junior yiKES


I know that if your school is like mine, the weighted grade sounds really tempting - it’s like ‘wow I’ll ace this class and have higher than a 4.0!! nice!!’ and I know that this sounds stupidly obvious but I’m going to say it anyway because it somehow did not cross lil old freshman me’s mind: honor’s classes are a lot more difficult than regular classes. All through my life I had been a straight A student but I took ¾ offered weighted classes my freshman year and I struggled to keep a C in all of them. Last year, I dropped them all, and I was back to a 4.0. Like I’m not trying to discourage you from taking them bc if you can then more power to you, but I’m just saying that you definitely have to be prepared for the amount of work that you have to put into those classes bc I definitely was not. 

2. It definitely sounds a lot scarier than it is. Like I know I had a full blown anxiety attack the night before I started high school just bc I was afraid of the bus ride, not to mention any of the classes. But honestly, it’s not that bad at all. People tend to stick to their little cliques, and if you don’t give them a reason to notice you, they won’t. Of course, this is good news for some people and bad news for other, but for me, it’s great - I’m extremely introverted irl and don’t like to talk to anyone so I was really worried that I’d be exiled like ‘oh there’s that weird ass girl Morgan again’ but no one gives a shit. Everyone is too caught up in their own drama to notice you, yknow? So as long as you’re not like running down the halls screaming at the top of your lungs, no one’s going to be hating on you or anything. 

3. ok honestly…. if upperclassmen say they’re romantically interested in you…………. don’t believe them……………………………. even if the junior in your guitar class seems really cool and regularly calls you cute, he’ll go back to his girlfriend after a week of leading you on and then after you attempt to cut him out of your life he’ll continue to message you on facebook and shit saying stuff like “i wish I had someone to cuddle” until you finally have to block his ass bc no one has time for Peyton’s shit NOT THAT I SPEAK WITH EXPERIENCE OR ANYTHING

4. be nice to your teachers/try to get along with them!! Last year I absolutely despised all but literally 2 people in my history class and I thought that it would be hell for me, but that teacher was my favorite and I was hers too ehehehe and whenever she saw I was getting irritated with everyone she highkey understood my pain and would make jokes with me and basically I love her and she made that class so much better than it would’ve been

5. honestly don’t be afraid of being yourself??  that is the most generic, feel-good teen movie thing that I could ever say, but honestly it’s true. When I first got into kpop at the end of freshman year I guarded that shit like it was the world’s biggest secret like ‘OH GOD THIS IS SO WEIRD NO ONE CAN KNOW THE TRUTH’ but once I opened up about it I made so many new friends and talked to a lot more people?? Like there were a few times I got complimented on my Jin jacket and then let’s seeeeeeee friends I’ve made through kpop

- AUDRIANNA she overheard me and my other friend talking about S. Coups at lunch once and now she’s one of my best friends?? literally we flew halfway across the country to go to kcon together and if that ain’t love

- ALYSSA we don’t really talk much now but we were partners in German class once and after we were done she goes “So…………………..I saw your Got7 shirt yesterday” and we would scream about comebacks and whatnot together and it was great

- STANLEY this bitch,,,, actually I saw him wearing a BTS hoodie so I reached out to him lmao (find the [slightly abbreviated] story of Stanley here x x ,,,,,,,) and then the first time we met he commented that he had seen a picture of GD on my facebook timeline (it’s a long story ok a running joke with my sisters) and yeah,,,, we’re complicated but it’s whatever I still like him a lot anyway,,,

so anyway yeah I mean don’t go out of your way to make it known necessarily like again don’t be running down the hall scream singing Sorry Sorry or smth but don’t try to hide it like does that make any sense??? idk 

that’s all the general stuff I can think of for now but if you have any specific thing that you want some advice on feel free to ask me and I’ll give it a shot!!

and as for the changing schedule thing, just go whenever it’s convenient for you~ obviously if you want it to be different on day 1 then either go in before school starts or go in early on the first day, but it’s different for every school y’know so just go whenever you think is best~

ok true story so as I was writing this my sister and I are watching the old BTOB MTV diary videos and there was a swimming scene on so obviously they were all shirtless right and yknow I’m good at typing so I was able to look up at the TV while I was still writing but when Sungjae and Minhyuk got close to the camera I just kind of,,,, stopped,,,, and my sister was harassing me so I was like IM JUST TRYING TO GIVE SOMEONE HIGH SCHOOL ADVICE KELSEY and she looked me dead in the eye and said ‘burn the place to the ground’ and there you have it advice from my sister

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Get this.....Tarzan!Skye and jane!jemma

So I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this idea recently and many conversations with @ohdangitsang made it easy to decide and try my hand at a Tarzan AU! Also I’ve pretty much been listening to the song from The Legend of Tarzan movie nonstop while working on this, which is perfect because it’s by Hozier and you all know how I feel about Hozier and Skimmons.

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Closed RP w/ [hcrleyquxnn]

The air in the club was scented with smoke and expensive booze, mixed with wisps of perfume and more than a hint of malevolence.  The music was loud, but not deafeningly so.

As he walked in, Jason was still trying to figure out what had possessed him to enter in the first place.  He’d heard the rumors and stories about the shady deals that went on in back rooms, of men walking in and being carried out minutes later, and that one man, a pale, ruby-lipped vision of insanity known as the Joker, held court within its walls, all while accompanied by a bombshell of a woman known as Harley Quinn.

“Hey!” A deep, gruff voice growled from his left.  He felt a sudden grasp and sharp pull towards the burly man.

“What’s with the backpack, schoolboy?”  The hulking goon snarled, inciting laughter from the others at the bar.

Jason swung his right arm around quickly, his index and middle finger firmly pointed.  They jabbed at the goon’s neck, and the man was no longer laughing.  His eyes widened with horror and his arms twitched helplessly.

“Let…go…of the backpack.”

The others near the bar were about to close in on Jason and he said, “Just…don’t.  You guys may get me in a rush, but he’s going down with me.”

The burly goon groaned a warning to his friends to back down, and they reluctantly complied.

“I’m going to have myself a drink and enjoy the club.  I don’t expect any trouble.  Would I be safe in assuming I won’t get any from you or your men?”

The goon’s face was reddening quickly.

“You’re about to pass out from a lack of blood flow to the brain.  Answer me before you drop.”


“Awesome!” Jason said as he pulled his fingers away and the goon slipped to the floor, barely conscious.  “Bartender!  Jack & Coke!” he called to the man tending the bar.

Jason maintained an air of calm, but internally, he was shaking.  He had not expected that kind of confrontation this soon, and he’d acted on an almost primal self-preservation instinct, using what he’d learned from online studies about pressure-point fighting.  When he got his drink, he smacked some cash down and drank nearly half the glass immediately to calm his nerves.  The music changed, and he noticed that a crowd had converged in the center of the club.

Men and women alike were watching Harley Quinn as she danced for them.  Her body was seduction in motion, and her eyes, big and bright, could stare through every single one of them.  She was aggressive in her sensuality, and that piqued Jason’s interest.  He couldn’t pull his eyes from her.

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hinckman for the send a ship thing? :) im sorry im always thinking abt hinckman lmao. you can do hinckber instead if you'd prefer that! also i'm sorry you're sick :( i hope you feel better soon! sending you good vibes! <3

casey…. you and me both, my dude. you and me both. i’m gonna do hinckber here, but only bc i got another ask with hinckman in it so!! and thank you,,, my pal, ily <3
send me a ship!

who hogs the duvet
huber usually, ian when she really doesn’t want to get up.

who texts/rings to check how their day is going
huber. ian pretends it annoys her but she loves being reminded that huber cares about her. huber knows she thrives off the attention, so he does it even more.

who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts
ian’s like, really good at gifts bc she always buys things like movies or comics that huber’s never heard of but that she knows he would like. huber’s are a bit more wacky, but still stuff he thinks ian will enjoy.

who gets up first in the morning
ian, usually. huber takes a long time to come around, and he likes to hide his face in the pillows until he stops feeling groggy.

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nowhere else to run.

( @beautysurvives. ) | STRANGER. // STARTER.

                               ( these changes ain’t changing me,
                                  the gold-hearted boy i used to be. )

    Ripples, like resting water disturbed, a thrown stone leading rings to spread until the water laps at shore. It is not a feeling he is unfamiliar with, but it gives him pause nonetheless, halting his movements; the feeling is a familiar one, but it should not be here. This planetoid, never placed upon any modern map, small and nameless to anyone that yet lives, is uninhabited. Should be uninhabited. And yet —

    He is not alone. He feels it like the stirring of air against his skin, though his layers of clothing would protect him from any such disturbance in the atmosphere even should it exist – which it does not. The air here is thick, heavy, still. Stagnant, like the air of a tomb. This is not a place meant to support life, and for the most part, it is as it should be, sparse and barren, excepting the small weeds that have dug their roots into the dry earth, the scraggly, short trees that stretch their leafless limbs to the sky as if in prayer for water that will not come. And creatures, small, scurrying things that have never known a creature, predatory or otherwise, as large as himself, and thus have no fear of him. Nothing large enough to attract attention, truly, except —

    That. He feels it again, and his head turns. To him, its presence is like a flare, a desperate plea for help. This is not what he came here for. This has no bearing on his mission here. But whoever it is, their distress ripples through the Force, and he — he will not ignore it. There is an oppressive feeling in the opposite direction, the source of which he knows is his true destination, but it will wait for him. It has waited this long.

    Guiding himself with the Force is an inexact science. It is not a compass; more akin to a game of Hot and Cold than anything else, his path is one of trial and error – until he sees the smoke billowing up on the horizon. His direction, then, is clear, and he treks across the deserted landscape towards it with long strides, covering ground at a brisk pace; before the binary stars that light this world chase each other to their peak, he has arrived.

    The wreckage is approached with great caution; his thoughts are open, scanning the surrounding area for signs of life, one hand resting on the hilt of his lightsaber, ready to draw and ignite it in one smooth motion, if need be. There is the smell of singed clothing, hair, skin, but above there is the heaviness of hot metal, broken wires sparking, even still. There is no life inside the downed shuttle; he can feel that without inspecting it further. It might be worth coming back in order to hunt for salvage once the fires have gone out and the metal has cooled, but for now, it holds nothing of interest for him. No – there is a survivor here somewhere, and close.

    Kylo finds him not long after making his way around the junked shuttle, his head cocking when he sees the figure, holding something to the sky as if trying to get better signal. He pauses in his movements, contemplating on how to proceed. At length, he settles for clearing his throat in order to announce his presence.

    “Are you injured?

    His words come out strange through the mask, but he has long since become used to the distortion brought on by the installed vocoder. He opts for Galactic Basic, in terms of speech – it is the most likely to be a shared language with strangers, even this far into the Outer Reaches. He can hope, at any rate; somehow, he doubts his fluency in Huttese and Shyriiwook will do him any good here.

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With what ff game do I have to start go understand the whole story? Do I have to start from Final Fantasy 1? Can I skip to a newer game?

Oh my! heya nonny ;O

This is a little more complicated than that (because Final Fantasy likes complicated)

I’m putting it under the cut because I kinda showed of pictures of each game so you get to see the graphisms overall so you can decide by yourself!

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Anonymous submitted:

househusband!Steve: Sam getting home super late and a little beat up after a really prolonged, difficult mission. Just going right into Steve’s arms without a word and knowing that he’s home. Steve trying not to let on how he’s been sick with worry about Sam. Both of them having a big family breakfast the next morning with the kids and not taking a single second of it for granted.  OK now I’m starting to get carried away, sorry

Anon, that was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read thank you.

                                 – & @laczuli​.

     the barn is beguiled in such a way that is too much for pearl’s
      eyes, the symmetry causing her senses to become somewhat
      bothered ; though, it’s not lackluster, in a way. she didn’t exactly
     get a clear look at the barn since the homeworld rubies came, but
     her curiosity grew as to where that corrupted gem went to when
     peridot bubbled it. due to the hot mess of the barn, she worried for
    the dormant gem . . and by the looks of it, she wasn’t sure if it was safe

peridot, where is that corrupted gem – ? ‘ 

         her question comes to a stop as to seeing the blue gem sitting
        lonesome on an old bean bag chair, reading what looks to be a novel.
       she isn’t bothered by that, so she stops at the door of the barn, arms
                                 tightly knitted across her chest. 

lapis, do you know of the corrupted gem peridot bubbled? ‘
                             she spoke firmly looking around the room. 
 ‘ where is it? ‘

I was tagged by @queenoasismonkeys to do this
Thank you😘 I really appreciate
you always tagging me in things too ❤️☺️

Rules: using only song titles from one artist/band, cleverly answer these 9 questions and tag 10 people.

(Sorry if I tag you and I’ve tagged you in heaps of things and it’s annoying. I don’t know who else to tag 😂)

I’m gonna choose The Strokes because they are ……. Well it’s The Strokes ….. ❤️😆(btw I might use some b sides songs you can find on Spotify of YouTube) ALSO I’m sorry if I get carried away 😂

What’s your gender: Drag Queen, Between Love And Hate

Describe yourself: Two Kinds Of Happiness, Oblivious, Heart In A Cage

How do you feel: You Talk Way Too Much (but) You Only Live Once (so who cares. I’ll decide…) Someday.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Hawaii, Machu Picchu

Favourite mode of transportation: 80’s Comedown Machine (which I bought from the) Automatic Shop 😉

Your best friend: (We are…) Partners In Crime (and we are friends because we love…) Slow Animals

Favourite time of day: Last Night (when I saw the…) Evening Sun

If your life was a tv show, what would it be called: Ize Of The World (But I’m Australian so I would use ise)😜

Relationship status: Is This It (is it the last question…. Finally… Do I have to go into detail?…. It’s) Hard To Explain (I can say that I see them….) All The Time. (Let’s just) Call It Fate, Call It Karma. (Just don’t be …) Taken For A Fool.(it’s just…) The Way It Is.

I’m not to sure what I just wrote 😂

I tag @circababes @twinkling-vixen @black-infinity-parked-outside
@cornerstonedancer @catfishandthebananas @yournotvanmccann @aigooylgaifyllina @thecaptinposts @boulevardsaint-laurent & anyone else that reads this (I’m bad at tagging people)

Feel like I need to say sorry and an update on me.

I always seem to feel like I need to say sorry for how this blog gets out of hand a lot of the time. The past week has been really crazy, with the anon hate and the beginning of school. School is going eh, I don’t have any friends yet. So it’s been kinda hard waking up and going to school just to sit for 7 hours and want to be somewhere else. Then I went on a little vacation to see my cousins and my grandpas brother, and it was extremely painful but also amazing. I haven’t felt that much pain ever I could feel my heart breaking but I also haven’t been so happy in a long time, therefore my depression is acting up a little bit but I’ll be okay. Sometimes I feel like it’s all slipping away and I get carried away so sorry about all that. Xx

long-dead-worlds  asked:

I get carried away sometimes, I'm sorry. Please don't hate me. I just...I guess I saw you mention GTA and was like "ah cool, someone who likes games."

More like:

“ah cool, someone who likes art and characters yet played fun games as a kid.”

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"I'm too busy to reply to anons." Reblogs a million pictures...

Ouch 😧

I’m sorry! I know I can get a bit carried away with the reblogging…

I just wanted to mix the content up a bit… I have been answering to private inboxes I’ve gotten though :/ I promise I’ll be getting to it though. I’d also like to add that I was busy during that time and didn’t reblog anything while I was working.