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I really like the image of Vader rolling Luke’s name around in his head, saying it out loud to himself, testing it, hearing it. 

Luke. Luke Skywalker. My son’s name is Luke. 

Practicing different ways to say it. Maybe he tries it out in all of his different, typical Vader tones. You know, in the way he addresses Imperial Officers or Rebel Prisoners or even the Emporer. None of them probably sound right. 

Saying it quietly, in a gentle voice. It’s unfamiliar and maybe uncomfortable because he hasn’t been gentle in years but it’d sound right and good. 

I like the idea that there’s a build-up for Vader to that first moment. That the moment when he is looking at his son and calls him by his name for the first time, that it would be this important moment for him. One that he has thought a lot about and prepared for. 

And that every time he says it is precious. That he just keeps trying to get it right because this is his son and his name is Luke. 

steve & his gf’s wisdom teeth removal - headcanons

this dope ass idea was requested by @greasers-with-glitter - thank u & i hope u like them!! anything for ma boy steve.

  • for the first 5 minutes after surgery, you’re so quiet, like you’re not even talking 
    • “IS SHE OK”
    • “WHA T  HAPPEN D
  • and then u fucking lose it ???
    • “steve, she’s on laughing gas. it might last for a while.”
    • and then u can see the tension leave his face while a lil mischevious smirk sets in and he’s just like
    • “oh.”
    • ;)
  • he totally just wants to mess around w u now
    • “WHAT. IS. MY. NAME.”
    • “stheebe”
    • and he’s being an ASS SO HE CAN HEAR U FUCK HIS NAME UP AGAIN
    • but after a while it gets annoying lmao
    • like in the car on the ride back home, he’ll be driving and you’ll be like
    • & you’ll have him glance ur way while he drIVES & stick the middle finger all up in his face
  • u stick ur head out the window while he’s driving and he is conceRned
    • u open ur mouth while ur out the window (??) and one of the gauze things flY OUT
    • “IT FELL OUT”
  • but when u get ur head back inside, u yawn cause now you’re tired for some reason ???
    • “AH”
  • you’re sporadically falling asleep
    • like even in the middle of you talking
    • aaaand ur sleeping
  • steve brings u to the Curtis house bc he cant do this by himself
    • ^^ *voice crack*
  • except the gang really isnt of much help cause they all wanna do is mess with u
    • “Y/N THE FUZZ IS CHASING aFTER U” (dally)
    • “dallY NO” (steve)
    • “i swEAR IM INNOCENT” (u)
    • “BUT THE BLOOD” (dally)
    • cue the waterworks!!
  • soda & two are trying way too hard not to laugh
    • but two is deadass walking off into the kitchen cackling LIKE A FUCKING WITCH
  • johnny, pony and steve are the only ones concerned for u, like they’re trying to help u stop crying
    • johnny and pony got u tissues and steve got u ice cream but u start crying more
    • “why cant you eat the ice cream????” (my man is stressed rn)
  • steve is so spent lmfao he needs a nap

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whats your favorite lapidot moment?

…Aw man, just one?!

Ok, I actually do know what my number 1 is, but there are some “honourary mentions” as well that it seems wrong not to mention.  So, I’m gonna cheat slightly and do a top 5 ;p  (I mean, I could even have done a top 10 with how much material there is to choose from lol)


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The arm grab in Back To The Moon.

Protective Peridot is just so precious.  I love the fact that she was so defensive/protective of Lapis in this scene - putting Lapis’ comfort above all else.


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Peridot’s outrageous flirting and gift-giving in Barn Mates.

She wasn’t even subtle, was she?!

Seeing her very clear attraction to Lapis here let me dare to believe that my beloved OTP just might make it in canon…


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The entire first half of Beta.

Just seeing them getting along so perfectly with one another, and being so domestic and happy and supportive and cute…  I spent the first half of this episode basically hugging myself with joy lol


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The dinner table scene in Gem Harvest.

Everything about this was just beautiful.   The little looks that they gave one another, the fact that the table was blatantly split down the middle (clearly showing the original Crystal Gems as a separate “family” unit to Lapis, Peridot and Pumpkin), the high five that Peridot didn’t even need to look at Lapis to know that she’d get, the shared sense of humour, the mirroring of their facial expressions…

Utter perfection.

And finally, my #1 Lapidot moment…

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That scene in Barn Mates.

After months and months of having Lapidot as my OTP based solely on a very strong gut instinct of it one day becoming canon, here it was: actual, 100% solid-gold confirmation of the ship, on-screen.

I may or may not have actually cried at this point, as well as rewatching the scene several times whilst flailing at the screen and proclaiming “see?!  I freaking KNEW it!!” ;p

It’s an incredible scene… the look Peridot gives Lapis is so typical of someone looking at their crush, the sun comes out as Peridot’s giving Lapis the biggest smile that she’s ever given to anyone – and then Lapis deeply blushes and has to look away.

If that’s not setting up a potential romance, then I don’t know what is.

Good times~

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I don't know who Sebastian Stan is. *winces*

Ahh! Well, that’s okay dearie. If you don’t mind, let me enlighten you. Sebastian Stan is a Romanian born American who came to fame by playing the role of James Buchanan Barnes/The Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but he is a talented actor who has been acting for years. You may have seen him in: 

The Covenant 

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Gossip Girl

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Once Upon a Time

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Political Animals

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Captain America: The First Avenger

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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Captain America: Civil War

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The Bronze

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The Martian

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Now I may or may not have gotten carried away with this, but yes, my love, this is Sebastian Stan. The man who has my heart. While many find him to be this handsome specimen of a man, and they’re not wrong:

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Personally, IMO, I love him best when he is being a great big dork. 

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Ok, after revising this, I think I did get carried away. LOL. I’m sorry but hopefully I answered your question. Yes? Did I? Hehehe

Me: “I want to make a high fantasy story! With adventure and magic and elves and dwarves and stuff!“

Also me: “But first let me just figure out their genetics really quick…”

(I swear I’ll get back to stuff I’m supposed to be working on soon…)

A really quick evolutionary tree of the five main races in this one fantasy setting of mine. (For more stuff check my tag #I STILL don’t have proper tag for this setting) Represented here by the main cast of the story, given how they’re very conveniently each representing each of the races.

Dwarves diverged first from the rest of the races by getting stuck on an island. They are adapted to their home island environment of ginormous dense forests and cavey rock base, so they are actually about as well adapted to climbing trees as they are dwelling in caves (hence long arms and dense muscles similar to great apes, though the muscle density also means they can’t float which isolated them from the rest of the world for such a long ass time). By a fluke they’re technically able to reproduce with humans, but the chances of that happening are very low, and the resulting offspring isn’t healthy even if it manages to survive long enough to be born. 

Humans and the elvish races were separated in different continents, and somewhere in the early development of the pointy eared kind they had a mutation that changed the number of chromosomes they had, before splitting on to orcs and elves. The pointy-ears can breed with humans, but this results in sterile offspring. (Dwarves can’t reproduce with the pointy-ear people at all.)

The elvish peoples have divided themselves pretty arbitrarily. Orcs and elves were originally separated first by a desert and/or mountain range, the orcs being more ambush predators while the elves being more of a pursuit hunters, both of them being slightly more on the carnivorous side of omnivores than humans and dwarves. The final and most recent split happening when the elves split in two groups, the other moving up north and becoming smaller and lighter in coloration, around which time the taller elves and orcs were reunited and started to mingle culturally, mostly in a friendly way. Culturally speaking the two races consider each other sisters, while othering the northern elves completely. You call a high orc an elf only to insult them.

The “high orc” is an elf term, since the “high” ones themselves don’t see the highness. They themselves consider orcs to be divided in two, to fire and earth, and that those elf people are just being arrogant by saying that since the fire orcs look more elvish they are by default of “higher” quality. The orc folks generally don’t really like elves all that much.

(Also worth noting that none of them are immortal or live to be thousands of years old. You won’t get extra free lifetime coupons in my worlds.)

vianna-orchidia asked: how about sensei!dazai and student!chuuya? or the opposite xD

i can see dazai as the eccentric but really good kind of teacher and chuuya as a sort of quiet foreign student still trying to adjust

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Bakushima! :D

  • who proposed: Bakugou. Kirishima never considered proposing, because he didn’t think Bakugou cared for marriages and he was happy enough with things as they were. Then Bakugou did propose and Kirishima found out he could, indeed, be happier.
  • how they proposed: they are both pro heros and they basically live together, since both have copies of one another’s apartment keys. Bakugou secretly always wanted a nice marriage, like his parents’, and, when becomes clear that Kirishima won’t propose, he takes the matter in his hands. He gets surprisingly nervous about it (it’s not like he doesn’t know Kirishima is oging to say yes, but… Fuck, this is hard.) and he stresses over it for weeks before blurting a “Why don’t you marry me already?” when they’re cuddling in bed and almost gives poor Kirishima a heartattack. 
  • who stressed more over wedding planning: Kaminari, lmao. Bakugou didn’t care as long as he got officially married and Kirishima didn’t care as long as all of their friends and family were there. That’s how Kaminari ended up taking care of it.
  • who had the wildest bachelor(ette) party: Kiri just goes out with Tetsutetsu and a couple of friends, but Bakugou? Oh boy. Bakugou is kidnapped by Uraraka and Kaminari and they take him clubing and things get… out of hand. Like Hangover out of hand. Sero loses a tooth. Midoriya drunk marries Todoroki (how did Todoroki and Midoriya ended up with them, anyway? They weren’t invited!!) and Bakugou is pretty sure Uraraka fought a tiger at some point of the night. 
  • who freaked out before the wedding: Kirishima. He got nervous, because this is it, this is happening, Bakugou and I are going to be officially together forever. And he doesn’t doubt he wants to be with Bakugou forever, he doesn’t even know what he’s nervous about. He only calms down when his friends drag him out of the room so he can take a peek at Bakugou and see that he’s also tense, but wearing his determined expression. Seeing Bakugou grounds him. Kirishima feels finally ready.
  • best man/maid of honor: Uraraka, Kaminari, Tetsutetsu and Ashido. All four of them.
  • where they got married: idk ask Kaminari
  • if/what they wrote in their vows: They write them and they make sure to make the vows as not-sappy as they can. Something like “I promise to love you and stay with you, even if you explode the TV when they cancel your favorite TV show.” “I promise to stay married to you even if your hair is so fucking pointy it almost stabbed me in the eye once.”
  • who cried at the wedding: Kaminari, again. Kirishima cries, too, but just a lil. Bakugou is more of an angry crier, so he doesn’t, but he’s so disgusting happy you can feel it even if he keeps his face stern. 
  • which song they had their first dance to: uhhhh this one?? you made me associate Dark Horse with KiriBaku!! And I love this mashup so much–
  • where they went on their honeymoon: the freaks go to the mountains. Now ask me what they do there. Ask me.
  • what they did on their honeymoon: They go fucking hiking, because they are freaks. They might or might not make out in the woods and spend the nights in a cabin super far from civilization. Bakugou is super excited about it and Kirishima loves every second. 

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is having a ginormous fat peen a deal breaker for you? yano cuz u short

Anonymous looked up at the sky, not trusting the colour smeared upon the horizon. Horizons could be misleading, they knew. Horizons could convince you it was still daylight, even when the whole of the sky arced above you in a sprawl of midnight. Looking forward was not always enough. Sometimes, you had to look up. 

Directly above Anonymous, the moon cut its teeth into the clouds, drawing blood and bruising the darkness with its waxen light, waning at the edges. It was time. 

They did not have long. The witch had told them, as she reluctantly handed them the bag of herbs, that the spell would only be useful for the minute or so that the moon was at its highest. The minute was upon them. 

Fifty five seconds left. 

Cursing themself for having lost track of time, Anonymous reached into their trouser pocket and pulled out the little drawstring bag. With hands shaking in anticipation, they emptied the contents into the small well they’d dug into the earth all those hours ago, and covered it back over with dirt. Fingers crossed behind their back, they stepped away and waited.

It did not happen immediately. Magic takes time, the witch had said. Magic does not come to you when you ask for it; it comes to you when it’s good and ready. You can cast all the spells you like, scatter all the herbs and make all the offerings, but magic cannot be summoned - only tempted. 

The seconds ticked by, and Anonymous waited.

This had been a long time coming, they reflected. They had waited too long for the taste of power on their lips. They had been too long distant from how it felt to be in control. They had learnt too early their place in the world, and they had too soon come to rue it. The chasm between want and have had grown inexorably bigger since the day they were born, and now they were here. 

The mound of earth did not move. Anonymous thought about the time they had first felt insignificant - the first time they had realised that they stood small in the face of all things - and counted the seconds. 

With ten seconds left before the spell died, the magic came. 

Magic has no face, has no body. It takes no form and it holds no weight. The witch had told Anonymous this herself. Magic simply is; it is because no other word will do, but it is not. It cannot be, and has never been, and yet it is. 

When Anonymous thought about it, it was all rather complicated.

Best, then, not to think at all. Best to give voice to thought and make it speech. 

Anonymous cleared their throat and began. 

“I suppose you’re wondering why I summoned you here - ” 

I was not summoned. 

They flushed, the soundless sound surprising them even though they had been expecting it. Do not fear the voiceless voice, the witch had warned. It speaks, and is silent. The words are only half your own. 

Breathing slowly, they tried again. 

“No, of course not. Sorry. I’m not - I haven’t used magic before.” 

And you still have not. I am not here to be used. Say what you would have, and I will do the same. This is not a service. This is a trade.

“Right. Yes. Sorry.” They inhaled, exhaled. This was the only chance they would have to resolve the conflict that had been the shape of all their life. This was the resolution of aporia; of feeling as though they deserved everything, yet having nothing. Of knowing that they should be free, but being everywhere in chains. Of wanting, and of not having. “I want to feel powerful.” 

In what sense? Power is not all-encompassing. The queen ant is powerful to the workers, but weak to the heel of the boot. What power would you hold? Do you seek to command nations, or to master the arts, or to take another as your own? 

Anonymous considered how best to formulate their response before replying. Precision was key here. The witch had made it clear that magic would grant you what you asked, whether or not it was exactly what you wanted. 

“I’m tired of being silent,” they said eventually. “I’m tired of being unable to say whatever I want. I’m sick to the teeth of thinking all these thoughts - great thoughts, too; thoughts that could topple cities and part seas - and being forced to keep them to myself, all because other people think that their own feelings are more important. Well, what of my feelings? What of feeling inadequate? What of the weight of being told to keep silent? Do they know what that does to a person?”

As they spoke, they could feel their heartbeat rise, pumping and roaring in their ears, in their veins. “Sorry,” they added. “I’m getting carried away. But to answer your question - I want to have the power to speak my mind.”

In all things?

They contemplated it. “Yes. In all things.”

The silence was real for a few moments before it became illusion.

I can help you.

“And will you?” 

Yes. It will require exchange, however.

At these words, Anonymous could hardly contain their excitement. “Anything. I’ll give you anything.” They took their purse out from their other pocket, and held it out towards the mound. “I have money. I have a house, too, but that’s back in town. You mightn’t like it there. My neighbours - ”

I would have your face.

Anonymous faltered. “My what?”

Your face. That is my offer. I will give you unlimited and unprecedented power to speak your mind. All thoughts you have will be given voice, and you will never again be forced to turn away from speaking aloud what you have always been taught to keep silent. In return for this extraordinary power, I would take from you your face, and in so doing I would give myself form and body. You would never again be silent; I would never again be invisible. 

“But wouldn’t I suffer without a face? How would anyone know that it was me who was speaking?” Anonymous asked, wringing their hands around their purse. 

I have named my payment. Now I would name my price. The price of this power is thus: the knowledge that all thoughts you give voice to will be dampened by your lack of face. That everything you ever say to another will be tempered by your lack of identity. That no-one will again know whose thoughts you speak; only that you do speak, and in all things. 

There was nothing for it. They would have to decline. They could not accept these terms. What power came at such a price, after all? What king had ever ruled his country with no name or face? What lover had ever made another theirs with no identity? 

All the times they had been asked to hold their tongue; all the times they had been scolded for speaking their mind; all the times they had uttered the wrong words at the wrong time and had suffered for it: all this had been for nothing. 

Although, Anonymous admitted to themself, the thought did appeal on one front, and one front alone. It was undeniable that a certain freedom was gained by completely giving up one’s identity. After all, who could be held accountable for a deed when the deed was done by one with neither name nor face? Who would they scold when the words that were given were not the words that were wanted? Who would suffer when the things said were not things that people wanted to hear?

Only those who heard them, of course, and not the one who spoke them. 

And immediately, ashamedly, wonderfully, the decision was already made, had perhaps been made years ago. 

“It’s a deal.” 

You agree to the payment and price?

“I do. Take my face, and give me the power I seek.”

The deal is struck.

And then the moon, which had begun to falter at its peak, was suddenly once more at its highest. The minutes had been returned. 

Hand trembling, Anonymous reached up to touch their face, only to find that, of course, there was no face. Where their image had been - the folds of their mouth, the curve of their nose - was now smooth and featureless. There was nothing there at all.

“Are you happy?” came a voice from behind them. 

Anonymous whirled around, and came face to face with their own face, worn by another. “Who are you?” they asked, and a thrill chased up their spine at the realisation that there was no fear behind these words at all. Their voice did not falter. The question was biting, crystalline.

“I am Magic,” replied the impostor, “given form by our deal. Is it to your satisfaction?” It cocked its head inquisitively, Anonymous’ old eyes seeking validation in their new setting, and Anonymous felt powerful. They were looking at their old self - their weaker, voiceless self - and they were free.

Anonymous drew a deep breath in before responding. “is having a ginormous fat peen a deal breaker for you?” they asked.

Magic blinked. “I don’t understand.” 

“yano,” continued Anonymous, “cuz u short.”

“Why are you saying that?” asked Magic, eyes darting left to right in placid uncertainty. “I don’t understand. I gave you what you wanted. You could say anything you wanted, and no-one would ever hold you accountable. You could take a lover with intricately crafted sonnets, bend ears with your scintillating rhetoric, and yet you choose - ”

“is having a ginormous fat peen a deal breaker for you? yano cuz u short,” interjected Anonymous, feeling giddy and drunk with power.

Magic blinked again. “You have the choice of a thousand languages, billions of words - ”

“is having a ginormous fat peen - ”

“Sometimes,” Magic interrupted, “silence is the more powerful weapon after all. I could undo what I have done, but I think it best not to bother. Some people will never learn. I wish you luck with all things, and may you one day find your power useful, for it will not aid you in the pursuit you have chosen.”

With that, Magic was gone, and Anonymous’ face was lost to them forever. Now alone, Anonymous looked gleefully at the small mound of earth that had been their salvation. They thought of all the things they would say tomorrow, and they smiled.

At least, they would have smiled, had they been able.

Far away, Magic rolled its new eyes, and decided to write a sonnet. 

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ALEXANDER LIGHWOOD IS THE SWEETEST BADASS SHADOWHUNTER EVER. And a terrible liar. It's so obvious he missed on purpose, those little voices and the can't win them all... I bet he tought he was smooth xD And I'm unable to process how MAGNUS BANE THE GORGEOUS little shit played him. The way Magnus pouting after Alec's show off, then he casually playing like a pro, while being flirty and damn sexy. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. ps. Alec is sooo whipped, Magnus got him with that look. I CAN'T. I'M DEAD. SORRY

LISTEN. I can’t possibly say this any better, but yes he totally thought he was being a gentleman because he couldn’t stand to make Magnus sad. I. Love. Him. So. Much. He’s is the biggest softie and is the most caring, loving person ever. And as much as Alec is fucked because of how amazing Magnus is (and let’s face it that hustle shit was probably the single sexiest thing he’s ever done) Magnus is fucked as well. No one is going to love Magnus as surely, honestly or as completely as pure, straight-forward, all or nothing Alexander Lightwood. It’s going to take Magnus’s breath away. Just you wait. In time, Alec is going to walk through fire to keep that pout off of Magnus Bane’s face.

And as for them flirting… I just- they are both so equally matched in intellect and ambition. And their flirting is just on ANOTHER LEVEL. They are going to destroy each other. Their sexual tension cuts through that room like nothing else. Their love is going to change the world.

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I JUST SEEN UR JIKOOK ANALYSIS AND I SCREAMED BC I'VE NOT SEEN ANY. i have been literal jikook trash ever since that iconic backhug scene (u know which one) and there wasnt that many moments before that because y'know, shy jungkook and all, it was sad af and recently, within the last year, THERE HAS BEEN SO MANY. people say it's fan service but i know for a fact it's not. like actually look at them? i ship them so hard it hurts. for me, personally, i think they're the realist ship in bts.


I used to not ship jikook way back in the day? when jungkook was shyer? I thought that it was fan service then, and their dynamic of jimin flirting and jungkook running away at the time i dismissed as a casual fan service dynamic or maybe just as a running gag between both of them just as a casual dynamic? But as time went on I realized, that it wasn’t?

It’s just…so…obvious…that it isn’t just a gag.

Listen, as time went on it became really clear that Jeongguk really cared about Jimin that much was clear. But then as more time went on, it became a little too much? Not in the whole, over the top way, in the subtleties way. In the way Jeongguk always teases Jimin to get his attention, but when others tease Jimin he instantly defends him, in the little stares and the really long stares, in the way he speaks so softly and affectionately about Jimin. And then, in the way they touch each other, it’s so comfortable and soft. Jeongguk’s VERY VERY obvious jealous, which if you know anything at ALL about body language is literally like IMPOSSIBLE to miss. As every day goes by, Jeongguk’s affectionate nature for Jimin becomes more honest and easy and clear. And not in a fanservice way in that way that comes from spending close to 7 years with someone, someone you cherish and someone you’re comfortable with. 

I focus on Jeongguk because, tbh, Jeongguk is the most obvious one out of both of them in my opinion, which is REALLy funny to me because Anti-shippers of Jikook like to think that Jeongguk is the one that doesn’t like Jimin and like to say Jimin is just obsessed or Jeongugk never returns the affection. If they think that A.) they’re living in the past, or B.) they’re mindlessly hating or ya know, just blind.

Jeongguk is the most obvious man in the world, and i think it should be REALLY obvious to see how genuinely he cares about Jimin, how attached he is, and how deep their bond runs. And that’s just on the LOWEST level.

I’m not saying Jikook is the realest ship in Bangtan, but, I’m not NOT saying it either…


klaus mikaelson x reader 

prompt: seeing another woman all over your boyfriend has you fuming, klaus takes it upon himself to show you who he belongs to. 

warnings: swearing, smut + daddy kink. (loosely edited.)

the champagne glass in your hand felt heavy as you watched on. people around you bustled but you paid them no mind, instead your sight was fixated on the scene in front of you. another mikaelson ball was in attendance and you donned a beautiful gown, even surprising yourself with how well fitting it was - classy and just the right amount of trashy for you to feel like a goddess. 

Keep reading

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RFA + V + Saeran breakup with MC? Make it as angsty as possible, yes?

Name spoiler in 707′s


  • You noticed him becoming a bit more distant with you, but you never thought he’d actually dump you.
  • “MC… I just…… It’s not working out. I don’t feel the same way about you now that I did when we first met.”
  • “What…?”
  • He was quiet for a moment, but then he said those words that you were so scared to hear.
  • “We should break up.”
  • “A-Are you sure…?”
  • He brought his arms closer to the rest of his body, then nodded.
  • “Yes. This relationship isn’t working. I don’t love you like I used to and I think you deserve better than that. It’d be better for both of us if we stop seeing each other like this.”
  • When he saw the tears in your eyes, he added, “I hope we can still stay friends.”
  • You gasped. You love him. You love him so fucking much. You’d never want to loose your best friend, but he just broke your heart without any regret? And? He wanted to stay friends??
  • “Hyun….” You couldn’t think of what to say. You were too focused on not crying, but failed in the end. Once the tears started coming, they didn’t stop.
  • “B-But…..” For a little bit, you both sat there. “I love you….” You said quietly, knowing how pathetic you must sound to him.
  • “I know.. I ju-”
  • “You know!? Then how the hell are you so emotionless while saying this? If you want to ‘stay friends,’ how the hell can you break my heart and not care?!”
  • Zen only stared at you. You’d never yelled at him before, and he’s never seen you cry so hard. Sometime during your outburst, your hands ended up on top of the table. Zen’s fingers lightly brushed against yours after he saw that your hands were shaking, but you quickly jerked away from him.
  • “If you wanted to be my friend, you wouldn’t hurt me like this.”
  • When you got back to Rika’s apartment that night, you couldn’t stop crying. You never really liked staying there in the first place, but now that you were there because you couldn’t sleep in Zen’s bed, it felt even worse.
  • Jumin let him have it.


  • You weren’t about to let some sloppy kiss Yoosung shared with some random at a party destroy your relationship with him.
  • You knew he was a lightweight, so he got drunk pretty quickly. People do stupid shit when they’re drunk. You remember Zen telling you about one time you got really drunk and gave him a lap dance.
  • But one night as the two of you sat together to eat your takeout, you asked him about it.
  • “MC, you know I’d never try to hurt you, right?”
  • “Yoosung…. Of course, but-”
  • “Then you know that I didn’t kiss them to hurt you… and I’m not trying to hurt you with what I say next.”
  • “Wha-”
  • “MC, I want to break up.”
  • “O-oh.”
  • He refused to make eye contact with you for a bit, but when his hands balled into fists and he brought his face up to look at you, your face was blank. You were too shocked to react.
  • “MC…?”
  • “Why?”
  • “We’re different people than when we met. We don’t get along as well anymore and… I don’t know… I just don’t feel like we work out together. I’m not happy like this.”
  • Your thumb began to play with the ring on your left hand.
  • “You don’t love me anymore..?”
  • “No, MC. I just-”
  • “It’s fine.”
  • He wasn’t able to say what he wanted, because for some reason, his brain wouldn’t attach to his mouth. He just sat there stuttering as you cried.
  • “I’ll be back in a while I guess.”
  • “MC, I’m not kicking you out. You should s-”
  • “Trust me, you don’t want to be under the same roof as me for a while.”
  • You knew there was a limit to your calmness, and you preferred to not let him see you when that limit was reached.
  • You slowly unlocked the front door, but turned around to grab his hand before you walked out. You slipped the ring that you’d taken off of your finger into his hand, and closed his fingers around it.
  • You didn’t want to burden anyone, so you figured that going back to Rika’s apartment was your best bet.
  • You couldn’t stop wondering what you did wrong. What you could have done to make him so unhappy with your relationship.
  • When you looked down and saw the naked part where your ring was for so long, the tears started up again. You had a tan line where the ring sat; that’s how long you were engaged. How long would it take for it to go away?
  • When you woke up in the morning, you didn’t have the energy to do anything besides stare at the ceiling.
  • After a few hours of not moving, you finally reached for your phone.
  • Nobody was online, so you figured it’d be best to see what you missed now, rather than have to talk to people.
  • As soon as you logged on, Yoosung did the same
    • Yoosung ☆: “MC! I’m so glad you’re on!”
    • Yoosung ☆: “When are you coming back home?” 
    • MC: “No.” 
    • Yoosung ☆: “No?” 
    • MC: “No.” 
    • ~707 has entered chatroom~ 
    • 707: “…” 
    • 707: “Why are you at the apartment, MC?” 
    • Yoosung ☆: “MC, can you call me please?” 
    • MC: “No.” 
    • Yoosung ☆: “No?!” 
    • MC: “No.” 
    • 707: *??? emoji* 
    • 707: “Lover’s quarrel?” 
    • 707: “Is MC back on the market? lolol” 
    • MC: “Ya”
    • 707: *shocked emoji* 
    • MC: “I got dumped lolol” 
    • Yoosung ☆: “MC, it wasn’t like that!!” 
    • MC: “lol it doesn’t matter whether it was “like that” or not.” 
    • Yoosung ☆: “???” 
    • MC: “You shouldn’t have proposed to me if you ever had any doubts about it. If you were ever going to take it back,” 
    • MC: “You should have thought about it a little better.” 
    • Yoosung ☆: “MC…” 
    • Yoosung ☆: “I’m going to call you… Please answer” 
    • MC: “lol” 
    • MC: “No.”
    • MC: “If you weren’t ready to try to talk it out and fix it last night, I’m not sure that a couple hours is going to make a difference.”
    • Yoosung ☆: “MC, please.”
    • ~MC has left the chatroom~
    • Yoosung ☆: *angry emoji* 
    • Yoosung ☆: “Seven, I messed up.”


  • About a year after you started your business with Jaehee, your cafe stopped doing so great.
  • Every time you wanted to buy something that wasn’t food or some other 100% necessary thing, it was “not in budget.”
  • You understood Jaehee’s logic, but if it was going to create so much tension, maybe you guys should just cut your losses and close the cafe.
  • “Ugh, MC….” Jaehee sat with you at a table, surrounded by papers and a calculator. “I think we need to end this.”
  • You let out a soft sigh and began to get up from the table.
  • “You’re right. We can come back to this in the morning with fresh minds.”
  • “No, I mean permanently.”
  • You immediately put your butt back into the chair. “Oh.”
  • “And,” She sighed and pushed some hair out of her face. “Not, just, the business….”
  • “What…. What are you trying to say?”
  • “I think we need to cut our losses with this business and with this relationship.”
  • “Ah… I understand the cafe, but… I personally thought the relationship was going pretty well.”
  • “Well… MC, I’m sorry, but I don’t want to try to repair this relationship. I’ve lost interest in you. I hope you can find someone better suited to you.”
  • You let out a little laugh, trying to cover up your devastation.
  • “You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me! Jaehee, we’ve been through so much shit together and you’re dumping me? Like nothing? Regardless of what state our business is in, we started it together! Does all of that mean nothing to you now?”
  • “MC, I’m not undermining anything you’ve done for me or anything we’ve been through together. I’m just no longer interested! Please understand what I’m trying to say.”
  • “What you’re trying to say is that once things stop working out for you, you want to drop it all and run. I thought that I was important to you.”
  • “That’s not-” She brought her hands up to rub against her temples. “You’re taking this to an extreme that I never meant for it to come to. Perhaps we should just get some rest and come back to this when we’re not so tired and frustrated.”
  • “Do you think that you’ll feel differently about it when we do come back to this?”
  • “Uh,” She wanted to entertain the idea to avoid seeing you too hurt, but she didn’t want to lead you on and hurt you worse. “no, MC. This is something I’ve thought about. I wouldn’t say something like this without having given it a lot of thought. It’s not anything that we can repair. I’m simply not interested in being with you anymore.”
  • “Shit. Alright. Okay. That’s- That’s bullshit, but okay. We can figure out what to do with the cafe and everything else in the morning.” You leaned back in your seat, rubbing your eyes, trying to keep your tears in.
  • “MC-”
  • You quickly wiped a tear off your face. “I’m fine.” You sniffed a bit. “Go to bed. I’ll sleep out here.”
  • You made your bed on the couch, but you couldn’t stop the tears.
  • After about an hour, you got desperate. You opened up the alcohol cabinet, grabbed whatever had the highest alcohol percentage, and went to town.
  • At some point during the night, you got too hot and wanted to go outside for some fresh air, but ended up calling Seven in a drunken haze.
  • He listened to you cry for half an hour before you fell asleep on the floor outside.
  • Jaehee had to literally pick you up and drag you back inside after she realized that you weren’t sleeping on the couch.


  • Jumin started reverting to the way he used to act when you first met him, but it felt like such a severe change because of how quickly it happened.
  • He just sort of dropped it after dinner one day.
  • “MC, I’m breaking up with you.” were his exact words.
  • “W-what?”
  • “Do I really have to repeat myself?”
  • “N-no. I just… Why?”
  • “I think we can both find better people. People who better suit our needs.”
  • “Are you saying that I don’t suit your needs?” He only shrugged. “Fuck, are you serious??”
  • “Of course I am. Why would I say something like this if I wasn’t serious?”
  • “What- Why are you being like this??”
  • “Being like what,MC?”
  • “Like… Like a cold, emotionless douche! Jumin, I know that you’re not a robot and I know that you’re not an asshole, so why are you acting like this?”
  • “MC, I’m still a bit lost.”
  • “Jumin, you know damn well that you’re breaking my heart.”
  • “That was not my intention-”
  • “Shut the fuck up. You knew what you were doing the moment you even thought about breaking up with me.”
  • He started to talk over you, probably just to try to get you to lower your voice. He only made you louder in the process.
  • “You know that you can’t force me to love you, MC?”
  • “Obviously. But would it kill you to show some emotion?! Or at the very least stop acting like you don’t understand what’s going on!”
  • “I’m being completely honest with you, MC. I don’t know why you’re making this such a big deal.”
  • “You don’t know wh…. Did you ever actually love me? I guess I’d understand if your feelings just faded, but is there not even a little sliver of emotion you still hold for me, Jumin?” He didn’t say anything.
  • “Oh my god.” You let out a laugh as tears began to stream down your face. When he saw you crying, his frown became a bit more genuine, but he did nothing to try to comfort you. “Oh my god.”
  • You grabbed your coat and started walking towards the door.
  • “Where the hell are you going?”
  • “Do you really care, Jumin??”
  • “Of course-”
  • The door slammed in his face.
  • You couldn’t help but sob as you passed the security guards and completely dismissed Driver Kim as he offered you a ride to wherever you were set on going.
  • You stopped by a gas station and grabbed a bottle of cheap Vodka, then went over to Rika’s apartment in hopes that you could crash there for a bit.
  • You already had a six missed calls from Jumin when you finally got around to checking your phone, and the chatroom notifications were going off like crazy.
  • You took a couple of drinks straight out of the bottle, immediately hating yourself for it.
  • After an hour, you lost a game of will and went into the chatroom that was currently going.
  • Zen and Jumin were fighting, presumably over the current situation involving you. 
    • ~MC has entered chatroom~ 
    • MC: “You two aee really goin at it huh?”
    • ZEN: “MC, you’re okay!” 
    • Jumin: “I presume you got to your destination safely?” 
    • MC: “Safely” 
    • MC: “Ya” 
    • MC: “Like u rly care tho lol” 
    • Jumin: *… emoji* 
    • ZEN: “So now that you’re both here and we know that MC is okay… An explanation please?” 
    • Jumin: “I already told you. MC took something I said too far. It’s just a case of her being overly dramatic.”
    • Jumin: “Everything will be okay again in the morning, I’m sure.” 
    • MC: “I got fuvkign dunped lolol” 
    • MC: “That’d what happpened” 
    • MC: “I’m not beinh overly dramatic,” 
    • MC: “Cold n douchey Jumin is bavk. Zen, u reserve the right ti complaain.” 
    • ZEN: “MC are you drunk?” 
    • MC: “lol ye” 
    • Jumin: MC, you are safe, right?” 
    • MC: “ye” 
    • ZEN: “Seriously MC, you’re safe?” 
    • MC: “I’m at hte apartnrnt.” 
    • MC: “RikAs” 
    • ZEN: “Good. Don’t leave. If you’re too drunk to type properly, I don’t want you around men like that.” 
    • Jumin: “MC, please don’t do anything stupid.” 
    • MC: “sh.” 
    • MC: “If u nevr cared abt me before, u don’t get to stary now” 
    • ZEN: “Dude” 
    • ZEN: “Did you seriously say that you don’t care about her?” 
    • ZEN: “Of course I didn’t.”
    • MC: “I asked n he didn’t answr” 
    • MC: “Silence = confirfmantion” 
    • MC: “Anyway” 
    • MC: “I’m feelinf a liiitle sleepy” 
    • MC: “See u later”
    • ~MC has left chatroom~
  • Chatrooms and RFA parties were definitely awkward after that because you two never actually made up.
  • The whole thing just hovers over everyone’s shoulders and they try their best to ignore it.


  • He started acting really weird out of nowhere.
  • Just, one day he wasn’t comfortable with you touching him and he stayed as far away from you as possible.
  • It scared the shit out of you because everyone remembers the last time he tried to push you away, 
  • One day, he told you that he thinks you should move back into Rika’s apartment, just for a little while. He said he wanted to “take a break.”
  • “For… how long?”
  • “I don’t know.”
  • “So… You’re just.. Kicking me out and you don’t know for how long?”
  • “MC, don’t make it like that.”
  • “I’m not making it like anything. I’m asking for clarification. Is this a permanent thing?”
  • “If it is?”
  • “Then I’d like to fucking know, dude!”
  • “God, okay. I was trying figure out if we should separate permanently. That’s why I wanted something temporary; so I could think! But with the thinking I’ve gotten done lately, a permanent breakup is what it’s looking like.”
  • “You…. You’re fucking kidding?”
  • He didn’t give much of a response. He only shrugged.
  • “Are you…. Is this not even difficult for you?! Why have you been so desperate to get away from me lately??”
  • You could tell that he was struggling with something and trying to keep his emotions under lock, but he wasn’t doing very well at it.
  • “Don’t you want to try to work this out instead of pushing me away?? What we have is too valuable to just throw away!”
  • “I agree with you, MC. That’s why I said I wanted time.”
  • “Saeyoung, we have to talk this out and work together. Pushing me away for the sake of ‘more time’ is not going to help…. But you should know that.”
  • “Why are you trying to fight me on this?”
  • “Why am I trying to…..? Saeyoung!? Because I love you! I don’t want you to push me away again!”
  • “I don- Too bad. Go home.”
  • “Home? This is home.”
  • “No it’s not.” His tone got firmer and he turned away from you. “Go. Home.”


  • The relationship the two of you established together was never the best.
  • He was too caring to tell you that he wasn’t satisfied with you, but you could always tell. 
  • During an argument one night, he let it slip that he could never love you as much as he loved Rika.
  • Your expression went blank and he was suddenly scurrying to fix his mistake, but you weren’t having it.
  • “I just can’t believe that you’re really that dissatisfied with me… If you could really never love me as much as I love you, why did you ever lead me to believe it?! Why didn’t you ever decide that maybe giving me this false hope was a bad idea??” You were on the verge of tears and you’d forgotten what you were arguing about before.
  • He kept trying to climb out of this hole that he’d dug himself into, but there was no way to fix this.
  • “You’re right…. You’re right and I’m so sorry.”
  • “You can’t apologize your way out of this one, V.”
  • “Then I won’t. MC, I’ve lead you on for too long already. I hope you understand that I never meant to do this maliciously; I really hoped that stronger feelings would develop. I’ll stop leading you on right now.”
  • “So, are you breaking up with me?” He nodded. “Thanks. It took long enough.”
  • You left his house before you started crying too hard, after he was done trying to convince you to not do anything regrettable, and thought of where to go. Your actual home was a good option, but there was so much to do in Rika’s apartment.
  • Once you got to the apartment, you entered the chatroom currently going with Seven, V, and Yoosung.
    • MC: “Seven, do me a favor?”
    • 707: “What can I do for you, MC?”
    • MC: “Turn off the special security system for me.”
    • V: “MC? Come back to my place. We can talk. I told you not to do anything you’d regret.”
    • MC: “I kept out of the shit in this apartment out of respect for you, Jihyun.”
    • MC: “I’m sick of the secrets and I’m sick of the lies.”
    • Yoosung ☆: “MC, you should stay out of Rika’s stuff. She had the security system put in place for a reason.”
    • 707: “Yeah. MC, I can’t turn off the special security system. You know that.”
    • MC:“Well I’m not gonna let that stop me.”
    • 707: “MC, you know what happens if you open the drawers.”
    • 707: *explosion photo*
    • MC: “Yes.”
    • MC: “Are you turning it off or not?”
    • 707: “MC, I can’t.”
    • MC: “Okay.”
    • V: “MC, just come back. I’m sorry. I’ll come pick you up.”
  • Seven immediately got an alert on his phone and computer, stating that the Special Security System had been activated.
  • A few seconds after that, he heard an explosion come from a few miles away, and then emergency vehicles after that.
    • 707: “I can’t believe she actually did it.”


  • “You’re boring. You can’t give me what I want. I don’t know why the Savior wanted you here. Why did I want you here?”
  • As he began to walk past you, tears began to well up in your eyes. You’d gotten used to the emotional abuse by now, but something about this was different.
  • “You used to be exciting, MC. You used to be obedient and beautiful, but now…. I have no use for you now, MC.”
  • “W-what? What is that supposed to mean?” Your hands were shaking.
  • “Ah, now that’s what I like to see. Too bad you waited this long….”
  • “Saeran, what are you talking about?”
  • “I’ve grown tired of you. But don’t look so sad. I’m sure The Savior will have some use for you. You may still prove to be a great asset to Mint Eye.”

Round 1 complete! Round 2 should be done either next week or the following one :) 

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#17- Masquerade (aka the time Roy wore a mask that Riza actually liked)

#10-Fantasy Tolkien AU (Me? First Age trash? Naahh)

#11-Disney Couple (101 Shibas,anyone?)

#12-Broadway Couple (Von Trapp Family..Alchemists?)

#5- Prom/Formal  (I never went to prom but I’m sure if they did they would totally win)

                      ( ~ ♫ Everything concealed under the cut~!  ♫ ~ )

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romantic kanadiamari headcanons

cracks knuckles lets get gay 

♥ Mari confesses first, proudly and without shame. Dia is taken a back by the suggestion that, yes, the three of them get together (it’s too good to be true), and Kanan laughs, saying that it would have eventually happened.

♥ Cuddling is a must in their relationship - watching movies, hanging out at the beach, and napping are all done piled on top of each other, basking in their  warmth and love. (Kanan likes brushing the other girls’ hair. Mari giggles softly and pecks small chaste kisses everywhere. Dia likes being little spoon)

♥ They do normal things together that aren’t necessarily dates - small moments alone on the roof top, walking along the beach, watching the sunset. They love doing nothing with each other.

♥ Mari SPOILS them to pieces - helicopter trips at dusk, cruises in her yacht, taking them out for nice dinners in the city, and throwing all kinds of gifts at them. The other two try to refuse but Mari gives them a devilish glare and they quiet down.

♥ Everything is natural and lovely. They outright love each other and it makes their relationship as effortless as breathing.

i hope you like them !! i love this ship, so it was a lot of fun thinking about them being lovey-dovey with each other (ノ^∇^) ⁺✧ mod Honoka

Bonus ! ♥ Sleepovers occur often. Mari is a sweet tooth and will bring too much candy. Dia usually hosts. Kanan helps cook meals for the three of them. Inevitably, pillow fights will start. Whoever is crowned winner gets to sleep in the middle of the three for the night. 


(Jughead x Reader)

Summary: The group has their suspicions about you and Jughead. Their theories are proven true when Archie and Veronica walk in on you two getting down to business. 

Word Count: 437 (sorry it’s so short, I wanted to stop it before getting carried away!)

Warnings: 1 swear word, kinda sexual content

A/N: So this is my first time ever posting my writing. Not gonna lie it’s a little nerve wracking lol. Please send feedback! I won’t get offended by constructive criticism. :)  

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