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Our Little Secret (Part Eight)

Part One Part Seven

When you arrived at the mall you had no idea what to expect. Was he going to make you dress like the sorority girls that went to most of the parties, not that there was anything wrong with how they dressed it was just you weren’t quite confident enough to try and pull of those looks. Honestly your mind was swirling with different styles that he could try and force you into, but as you were trying to figure out everything in your head, you hadn’t realized that he had stopped right outside of Forever 21. Well this was unexpected. You were about to ask him what was going on, but before you could he turned to you, and began to talk.

“Okay so here’s the deal, I’m not into the whole shopping thing to be honest, but I do know what I like and what I don’t like on a girl. You have forty five minutes to pull as many outfits, as you can and get them ready in the fitting room, and then I will come in and judge and pick the things I like the best. Understand?” his voice sharp, and statement blunt.

“And if I refuse to this ridiculous task, then what?” you shot back. You were not about to take orders from him, because honestly you didn’t want to be here as much as he didn’t. But of course here the two of you were standing in the mall. To be honest you weren’t even sure why Luke was carrying on with this charade to begin with, not like he couldn’t have made up some lie that he had a girlfriend from a different school or something.

“Princess,” he sighed out, “How many times do I have to tell you we are playing by my rules which means, you do as I say or there will be consequences.” he fired back, with a slight crooked smile that you were beginning to think was just natural to him.

“Oh and what consequences could there possibly be for me, I’m not the one who’s trying to hide a secret from my frat brothers now am I?” seriously though what could he possibly do you were a nobody compared to him, you had never done anything before in your life.

“Baby girl do you forget that I can make anyone believe anything I tell them?” he raised his eyebrow before taking my chin in his hand. Seriously he is like a walking cliche of a typical frat boy you see in the movies you thought. “Now go get shopping we have a lot of work to do on you today before this party tonight.” he said calmly this time, while letting go of my chin and shoving me lightly into the store.

As I stood in the entranceway completely overwhelmed by the amount of clothes surrounding you and all the different styles as well. As you began to browse through you pulled some skirts, and dresses, some jeans, and tops you thought were cute. As you continued to shop one of the sales associates offered to start you up a room, and as you began to make your way over you felt a hand slide across the bottom of your back you were about to turn and slap the creep who was touching you when of course you heard the all too familiar voice of Luke.

“You ready to give me a fashion show baby girl?” he cooed before walking with you to the change room.

You were never one to be very self conscious about yourself while shopping, you knew what you liked and what you didn’t. You knew what looked good on you and what didn’t but all of the sudden there was a sense of dread creeping into your mind. You had never had to show off outfits to a guy who could easily tear you to shreds because he didn’t approve. As you put the first dress on you honestly didn’t know what you thought of it. It fit nice but you weren’t wowed by it. As you walked out you could feel Luke staring at you, checking over every inch of your look.

“You don’t look comfortable at all,” he stated, since when did he care if I was comfortable or not. I swear he was so back and forth with how he acted you were starting to get whiplash.

“To be honest I’m not really used to having to dress for a guy, and having him approve of my outfit choice or not.” you said firmly, but a little timidly.

“Okay, fair, how about you put on something you would wear to a party and I’ll say yes or no that way it’s still your style, but just approved by me instead of you trying to dress for me?” he smiled kindly as he leaned against the wall near the entrance of your change room. This was getting weird you thought. First he was bossing you around like an army sergeant, and now he was being chill. What the heck was going on? As you got back into the change room you began to look at the choices you had in front of you, dresses, skirts, tops, and pants all staring back at you, but then it clicked, the clothes were just one part of the outfit you could still add shoes, and jewelry and soon enough the perfect outfit came to mind. You put on a pair of black jeans rolled them to ankle length, put on a oversized olive green tee-shirt, and that was it you had the other pieces at home. As you walked out you stopped Luke before he could make a comment.

“Before you say a word about how simple and boring this outfit looks, imagine it with a pair of black boots, leather jacket, and some gold accessories.” you said it all so fast it took him a minute to process what you said. He straightened himself from the wall and slowly walked around you.

“I like it,” he said simply.

“Really?” you didn’t think that it would be this easy.

“Yes really,” he said back with a little bit of sass.

“Well thanks I guess, I’ll go get changed and meet you outside.” You made your way into the change room again, getting back into your normal clothes, grabbing the clothes you didn’t want and leaving them with the girl at the fitting room, before making your way to the till.

“What do you think you’re doing Luke?” Luke came up beside you.

“Uhm, paying for the clothes you wanted me to buy,” you said a little confused.

“Well I realize that smartass, but I thought I told you I was paying for them,” was he serious right now, and sure enough he grabbed the pieces from your hand, and stood in line with you. As you stared at him trying to figure out what the heck was really going on with this whole situation, he turned to you. “If you’re going to stare at me like that you might as well take a picture.” a cocky smile painted his face again and there was the cocky asshole you had met last night.

“Clever, find that in your book wit there Hemmings?” you retorted.

“Honey, no need to get feisty right now, we still have all day together,” he wrapped his arm around you pulling you to his side, smiling and staring straight ahead, until you two were called to the register.

Seriously you thought, you weren’t around the school you didn’t have to pretend to be boyfriend, and girlfriend, at the moment, but here he was treating you as exactly that. There had to be more to this arrangement then he was letting on, but what could it be. Finally, after paying, you both made your way out of the store, and into the mall Luke’s hand still wrapped around your waist.

“Okay Hemmings what the heck is going on?” you finally said as you were walking through the mall towards the parking lot.

“What do you mean?” he said only half paying attention.

“You keep treating me like your girlfriend, even though we haven’t seen one person from your frat or the frats on campus, you are back in forth in how you act, one minute you’re acting sweet and the next you’re a cocky asshole, and I really don’t know which one is going to come up next.” You rambled on. Finally he stopped walking, and stood in front of you.

“Lets just say that there might not be any one from the fraternities watching us here, but there are a lot of things you don’t know about me baby girl.” his words continued to run through your brain, as you two made your way to the car.

What could he possibly mean by that you thought, and all of the sudden you felt that your little secret with him was going to be anything but little by the time your arrangement was done.


Part 9?

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Can you do one where it's late and raining and you're locked out so Luke lets your crash at his place

so basically you were on your way home from college, as you were late in the morning you didn’t have the chance to check the weather forecast and it was now biting you in the ass, literally. your mom had taken your car to get the air conditioning repaired so you were stuck with walking to college and then again walking home. sometimes your friends would pick you up and give you a ride home, but of course today none of them had classes with you. a loud crash of thunder sounded from above you, making you jump in fright and place a hand over your heart. “jesus christ, someone is angry up there.” you mumbled to yourself, but once again jump out of your skin when there’s a lightning and another crash of thunder. a relieved sigh left your lips as you finally made it home about 8 minutes later. but the relieved feeling went as soon as it came. you were digging through your bag but couldn’t find the freaking keys. oh no, mondays seriously are the worst days. you decided to just sit on the porch and call someone to change the lock and stuff. realizing that your phone was at 3% you decided to make it quick and googled for a number but someone yelling “hey, you!” all of the sudden made you drop your phone which, of course, fell right into a puddle. “fucking awesome, this was the last thing I needed today.” you muttered, bending down to retrieve your phone from the dirty water and trying to dry it with your already soaked shirt. when this didn’t work you finally looked up, being met buy the guy who lives across the street from you. luke hemmings, none other than the jock from your colleges’ basketball team. you weren’t really friends with him but you guys didn’t hate each other either. let’s just say you were civil with each other, acquaintances. though you wouldn’t mind getting to know him better, he’s not exactly bad looking. “you want to come in or do you wanna stay out there and catch your own death?” he shouted, your feet reacting before you could and seconds later you found yourself in luke’s house.
he ended up offering you a hot shower and some fresh clothes, which you gladly accepted and let’s say that luke was more than pleased to see you wearing his clothes. a black and red plaid shirt that was basically swallowing you with some black boxers, it wasn’t extraordinary but it smelled like heaven ((so yeah, like him)) and was warm and comfy.
at the end of the night you eventually found yourself cuddled up against his chest, heat radiating off his body as the storm was still going at it outside. who would’ve thought that getting locked out could have such a great outcome?

jock!5sos and college!5sos blurb night with peaceof5sos!!

Just read a Green Lantern comic book.

And might I say…ehem…IT WAS AMAZING. WTH. Why have I never read them before?! I was drawn in by the cover but as soon as I started reading it I was so interested and sucked into the world of the Corps. The one I read was introducing the origin of Hal and everyone else. It was, there are just no words for it. I am def. buying more of these. I wanna read it from the beginning though, from, I actually don’t remember the year when the first one came out but I want to read it from the VERY beginning and make my way down. I love their mantra, “no fear”. Now I’m really keen on watching the movie that came out a few months ago. Has anyone seen it? Is it any good? I guess I’ll find out for myself. :)

colonelsassacre said:

unfortunately not, but he turns up in all sorts of weird places and you do eventually get to fight alongside him at one point

that seems like kind of a theme for all of these people though, like “hey guy you hanging out in a grotto full of skeletons and exploding screaming heads? that’s cool”

it is kind of cool though how everyone is dead or insane except for a few survivors who are waiting to either die or turn in these ruins and infested castles there’s something really interesting about that I can’t articulate

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Will you rec me some of your favorite movies and bands/artists please?☺️


stand by me (1986) dir. rob reiner
a streetcar named desire (1951) dir. elia kazan
the lost boys (1987) dir. joel schumacher
a little princess (1995) dir. alfonso cuarón
lost in translation (2003) dir. sofia coppola
life as a house (2001) dir. irwin winkler
boys don’t cry (1999) dir. kimberly peirce
wild strawberries (1957) dir. ingmar bergman
duck soup (1933) dir. leo mccarey
mulholland dr (2001) dir. david lynch
the hours (2002) dir. stephen daldry
ginger snaps (2000) dir. john fawcett
apocalypse now (1979) dir. francis ford coppola
my own private idaho (1991) dir. gus van sant
lost and delirious (2001) dir. léa pool
persona (1966) dir. ingmar bergman
j'ai tué ma mère (2009) dir. xavier dolan
before sunrise (1995) dir. richard linklater
oldboy (2003) dir. chan-wook park

artists and bands:

tom waits, elliott smith, lydia, joanna newsom, the smashing pumpkins, third eye blind, years & years, the young veins, keaton henson, the like, the weepies, bloc party, camera obscura, ludovico einaudi, nick cave & the bad seeds, jamiroquai, savage garden, hozier, this will destroy you, animal collective, this mortal coil, earth wind & fire, regina spektor, emilíana torrini, björk, baths, duke ellington, kate bush, little richard, my bloody valentine, elvis costello, belle and sebastian, john coltrane, the good life.

dankscully said: sjfskdjfakljdf YES also peggy has this whole thing planned after angie’s first performance (like a big bottle of schnapps) but she’s so tired that she starts falling asleep in the cab n peggy just picks her up n carries her the rest of the way

omg YES like the whole drool an everything and peggy’s just all *heart eyes* at lightly snoring angie in her arms and she’s like gazing lovingly to angie but she’s walking up the stairs and is so in love that she bangs angies head on the bannister and angies wakes up and is like ‘english what the FUCK’ but peggy explains like ‘omg omg I’m so sorry u were just so adorable’ and angies like ‘you know what i can’t even be mad just put me to bed pegs’ and they snuggle bonus points for JETPACK ANGIE

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fam your writing is bae and i live for fallen angel luke (like idk if you've ever read hush hush but like something along those lines i guess idek) if u could please write something i'd probably cry ngl ok thank u ily!!

thank you so much love!! unfortunately i’ve never read any fallen angel fics but i’ll still try my best 💖💖
• • • • • • • •
luke was struggling, he had been banned from heaven for “inappropriate” behavior and was now supposed to find his way through earth. up in heaven he was known for screwing around with the female angels, just like his friends ashton, calum and michael. “why the fuck did I get banned and they’re still up there enjoying their life?” luke grumbled to himself under his breath. his wings had disappeared as soon as his feet had touched the ground and he felt so light without them. a snort left his lips as he thought about the weird looks he would’ve had received walking around with large, white wings coming out of his back. well, his wings weren’t that white anymore after all, with every sin they’d become more and more grayish. his task was to find a human girl and fall in love, so that he could prove to the heavens that he can stay faithful. if he’d manage to do so for a year, they would let him back home and even take the girl with him, though she wouldn’t have to go through any pain for getting into heaven. she wouldn’t even need to die, no. but that’s a different story. “sydney opera house, 6 minute walk from here” the fallen angel read on a sign. he still remembered the streets from when he was alive, he never would’ve dreamed of ever coming back here. as he was lost in his own thoughts about his previous life he didn’t focus on where he walked and of course, walked straight into a pole only to fall to the ground with a groan seconds later. “oh my god, are you okay?” a soft voice immediately was heard from above him and when he opened his eyes he felt like he was in heaven again. his baby blue eyes were staring into a pair of big, dark, chocolate brown ones that clearly belonged to a girl as they were coated with mascara and framed with a pair of ruby red ray ban sunglasses. her eyes stood in contrast to her light blonde hair that was being tossed because of the wind. “hello? are you okay? does anything hurt? can you talk?” her questions overwhelmed luke so he just closed his eyes again and let out another groan. a soft sigh left the girls lips as she kneeled down behind his head and then gently placed it in her lap as she pushed strands of hair away from his forehead to check for injuries. “well i’d say you’re fine from the outside, but you hit your head pretty bad. do you remember your name? where you live? how old you are?” when luke slowly sat up the girl gasped and scooted away a little. “i’m luke. and you’re going to be my girlfriend.”


hey all, bee here. 

as some of you may know, the other half of prompts by ceebee— my platonic soulmate, my sista from anotha mista, my beautiful tropical fish ((sorry, getting carried away with love…)) miss swordofcandy, deactivated her account last week for personal reasons ((queue tears & tissues & sad orchestra music playing behind a video montage of all our lovely tumblr moments together)). 

her returning to tumblr is as of yet undetermined, but because i am ((hopelessly)) hopeful, i am choosing to believe she will be back in all of our lives sharing her words & her encouragement & her beauty SO soon. 

basically…. the point of this whole long sob story is that i, bee, will be continuing with the prompts on my own, for now.

that is, if you folks will continue to participate! 

i love reading & sharing your words every week & even on my worst days, i am inspired by all of you to keep smiling ((& of course, to to keep writing)). & i know that candy felt the exact same way. 

i hope that cee comes back to us on tumblr soon & when she does, i want this little prompt blog we created together ((what seems like forever ago)) to still be here waiting for her, welcoming her home to this little world of writing she loves so much. 

p.s. if you have any prompt suggestions please send them along! sometimes i feel like i’m missing half my poeming brain without candy’s inspiration. :( 

ok, no more sad. she will be back & we will keep doing what she ((& we all)) love to do in the meantime. 
we will keep writing. ❤️


  Hello, welcome to Angel Mort! Here’s a coupon for our weekend special… We’ve also got an event next Sunday, and… Dammit. As another stranger passed by, he shot them a (comically) pained smile. 

  Keiichi was standing outside the dessert restaurant, handing out advertisements of said place. Of course, not many people paid attention to those. His ridiculous maid costume, on the other hand, had gotten him more than just a few giggles. It wasn’t the only weird outfit here, but still! 

  Alas, this was how Keiichi Maebara was spending his free day, all alone. He had no choice. He’d lost a card game with his crazy friends after school, after all. This was the price to pay for not winning. But they weren’t even here to see him today. They were all coincidentally busy, yet he couldn’t escape. One of the waitresses here agreed to keep an eye on Keiichi the whole day, in case he ran off!

  This punishment… Only devils would think of something like it! Thinking that, he sighed. It’d be great if he could at least talk to someone just to pass the time. But it was a slow afternoon. Embarrassment and boredom did not mix. Cursing that, Keiichi looked in a random direction out of frustration… and he saw someone that stood out in the distance. What? She had long blue hair, as well as a complicated outfit he really didn’t understand. A regular fan in this part of Okinomiya, perhaps? That’s some dedication, actually. For a second, Keiichi just stared, genuinely impressed. But it was time to get back to work. Eventually, he heaved a defeated sigh and glanced away.

  But not before conveniently tripping. Clunk.

  Whoa—! Losing a flyer or two, Keiichi stumbled backwards with a yelp, managing to catch himself at the last second. It was a good thing that he hadn’t fallen over. Turning around, there was something behind him, and he’d bumped into it too hard. A row of motorbikes? Then, like dominoes, they suddenly fell over! A huge crashing noise followed.

  In the next second… his surroundings froze, and so did onlookers. If looks could kill. Some overly angry owners with weird accents (or gangsters) had now surrounded Keiichi, easily glaring down at him. He was that much shorter!

  “Huhhh?! What the hell d’you think you’re doing, you punk?!

  “I would laugh at your getup, but you just ruined OUR precious bikes! Bad life decision, kid.

  “We ain’t having this! Forget about that moe dessert shit! You’re gonna EAT OUR FISTS!”

  “Crap. This was it, wasn’t it? He couldn’t even think of a cool comeback. Keiichi knew he didn’t stand a chance against these guys. Not without a baseball bat or something!

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ah hello! I was directed to you by isaac (assholemurphy) to talk abt murphy/monty/bellamy?? I never rly thought abt shipping them till a little while ago heh. what are your thoughts on it? what do you think their dynamic would be??

hey nonnie, that’s an awesome question, thank you! <3 i dunno if you’ve read isaac’s murphonty fics, i def recommend that if you haven’t bc like…basically i see it as a similar dynamic to murphy x monty, just, instead of one gruff asshole orbiting monty, now there’s two. and they’d crash into each other occasionally, and monty would have to step in and sort them out.

if you don’t mind me rambling abt it more…

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But like...

Zayn looks super mega fine, yes. BUT HE ALSO LOOKS SO HEALTHY. I’ve noticed lately that he’s put on some weight. I could see it in his face. And that made me happy. He didn’t look so haunted and hollow. Little did I know that my muffin was putting on weight AND GETTING JACKED AT THE GYM. Like not only is he not just like lean and muscular, but he’s HEALTHY AND STRONG. AND THAT IS SO IMPORTANT. HES NOURISHED AND DOING GOOD FOR HIS BODY. AND IT MAKES ME HELLA READY TO APPRECIATE IT. Personally, I always used to feel like I could snap him in half… Now I feel like I’ll let him bend me over.


shoutout to jeweliannie & nichkhunswife for the tags! you da real mvps.

1. First kpop group? 2PM was the first I got into. But the first I heard were the wonder girls.

2. First kpop song? Wonder Girls - Nobody 

3. Favorite male group? 2PM 2PM 2PM but GOT7. I can’t choose. Please don’t make me.

4. Favorite female group? f(x) or 2NE1. 

5. Favorite solo artist? AILEE MY LOVE

6. Favorite kpop song? right now SNSD - Lion Heart

7. Favorite kpop mv? right now it’s GOT7 - JUST RIGHT

8. Favorite kpop ballad? I don’t know if these count but Hyorin - I Choose to Love You or Suzy - Don’t Forget Me. omg I love them.

9. Catchiest tune? probably GOT7 - I Like You


11. Best female dancer? HYOYEON MY LOVE

12. Best male vocalist? JUN. K WOWOWOW

13 . Best female vocalist? AILEE MY LOVE but I really love Hyorin too.

14. Best male rapper? RAP MONSTER YO

15. Best female rapper? CL CL CL <3 but Cheetah <3


17. Best female leader? CL but I have a special place in my heart for Victoria.


19. Previous song you listened to? Taeyang - Wedding Dress WOW THROWBACK

20. Next song you’ll be listening to? 2NE1 - Comeback Home my jam

21. Current kpop group addiction? GOT7 & BTS RUIN MY LIFE BUT THEY MAKE ME LOVE LIFE EVEN MORE???/??//???? 
adore u acoustic version makes me want to get into seventeen more but I don’t know if I’m ready for the diamond life yet


23. Female kpop bias? HYOYEON. & Amber. & Hani. & Min. & Suzy.

24. Male kpop bias? JACKSON MY LOVE


26. Hottest female idol? Hyoyeon & Hani

27. Cutest male idol? YOUNGJAE & WOOYOUNG but Jackson is seriously the cutest human being at times and I just want to punch a wall.

28. Prettiest female idol? SUZY MY LOVE

29. Cutest maknae? NOT YUGYEOM BECAUSE HE KEEPS FORGETTING HE’S ILLEGAL so Jungkook even though he’s been getting more naughty.

30. Mbc, kbs, or sbs? SBS for their tv shows & dramas. MBC for music.

31. Are you active on allkpop? I just read the news.

32. Which fandoms are you part of? HOTTEST, IGOT7, ARMY, BLACKJACK, F(X) sm needs to give f(x) a fandom name because wow I love them so much ,SONES, SAY A, VIP, JYP NATION BASICALLY, & MORE

33. Which kpop forum are you a part of? none

34. Favorite korean drama? Rooftop Prince, My Love from Another Star, Angry Mom


yoon-bum kpopfeelstrain marktuanster definitely-a-daisy igot7angels & whoever else wants to do it <3

ryoutas-girl asked:

umm kibae and the aho bathroom and bedroom? if it's too much you can just choose any oops OvO

I’ll do them all! But they won’t be as detailed LOL. Unless I get carried away. Sorry for the wait D:



How does the character prepare in the morning?

  • While he has heard his fans refer to him as a “ray of sunlight” on many occasions, he doesn’t feel like one as soon as he wakes up. He blinks groggily at the ceiling, trying to muster enough courage in himself to step out from under his blanket and into the cold. This process takes about six minutes.
  • Once he gets up, he stretches for a few minutes before heading to the washroom, where he uses the toilet, washes his hands, then walks into the shower, considerably awake already. While in the shower, he remembers all the things he needs to do for the day. He tries not to use too much water, because he likes to think of himself as environmentally conscious.
  • When he gets out, he pats himself dry, blow dries his hair, then puts on a hairband. With his hair out of the way, he quickly, yet very cleanly, shaves, then moisturizes, then brushes every hair on his eyebrows and lashes in place.
  • Trotting back to his bedroom, he throws open his wardrobe and stares at his uniform pieces, as if he’s contemplating on what to wear. Which, he knows, is completely unnecessary, but he can’t help it. He carefully picks up his slacks, and slips them on over his boxer-briefs. Then he stares at his button down shirts. Without getting too much into it, the entire “getting dressed” process is a slow one for him.
  • Once he’s got his clothes on, he’ll spent at least fifteen minutes trying to get his hair sit just right– so it looks artfully mussed, but not like he rolled out of bed.
  • Finally, finally, he peeks into his bag once to make sure everything he needs is there, grabs his phone, and heads for breakfast.

Do they sing in the shower?

  • Yeah. The world is a stage for Kise, even when no one is watching. He sounds quite good, actually, because the acoustics in the washroom are just right. He does that cliché thing where he uses a shampoo bottle as a microphone.

What kind of hair product/make-up do they use?

  • Stuff provided by the agency. He, surprisingly, doesn’t use too much (though what he does use is considered more than normal for a boy of his age). He only uses a minimal amount of hair gel, specifically for fancier settings– and even then, it has to be fancy as hell. He most definitely uses a moisturizer and a toner, but that is mostly the extent of his own product use. If he does wear more makeup, it’s usually just at a photo shoot.

How clean is this character?

  • Very. As a person of fame, he needs to keep his image up in front of all his fans and any paparazzi. He can’t really afford too look scruffy in any way.

Does the character have thousands of shampoo/shower gel bottles by the shower, or do they use only the bare essentials?

  • He does have a wide variety. It’s practically a store in there. The producers of the ads that he does always give him a large amount of their products. Usually it’s a shampoo, conditioner, body wash, exfoliater, etcetra.


How does this character sleep? (Position, sleeping habits, bedtime routines)

  • This poor bby is always really tuckered out by the time he gets back home.
  • Usually if it’s right after practice, he’d take a quick shower.
  • He has this whole routine before he goes to sleep which involves cleansing, exfoliating, then using toner and moisturizer. This entire thing takes up about 15 minutes. He can’t skip this step before stepping into bed or it’ll ruin his whole night!
  • Once he finishes his routine, he shuts off all the lights, save for a small little night light that his eldest sister had given him when he was younger.
  • He then cuddles into his blankets on his side, and goes over the day’s interactions in his mind until he falls asleep.  

What are their pyjamas like?

  • He wears those breezy harem pants to bed, without a shirt. He feels it’s the height of comfort and fashion. also he needs space for his giant dong

What do they dream about usually?

  • He dreams about being lavished in praise and affection by his senpais, and middle school teammates. He always feels like he gets bullied by them, so being recognized by the people he admires the most would make his day.

How neat/tidy is this character?

  • Since Kise is so busy, he doesn’t really find fault with tossing his stuff into a pile in a corner of his room after a long day. But, he never lets the mess fester too long. It usually takes a week before Kise cracks and is compelled to pick up after himself.

How affectionate is this character?

  • Kise seems like the type who is only affectionate to those he respects/admires (like Kuroko). If he likes and respects you, he’s like an octopus that latches onto you.
  • I (Admin M) headcanon Kise as the type to have serious trust issues and needs people to make themselves worthy to him. If not worthy, he won’t even give you a second glance.



How does the character prepare in the morning?

  • Momoi. She starts phoning him incessantly at some unholy hour in the morning. He ignores them all, and stubbornly remains in bed until Momoi has gotten herself ready and barges into his room.
  • She pulls him out of bed by the ankle and shoves him towards the washroom, tossing a towel and a pair of boxers behind him.
  • He can barely see, at this point, so he feels his way to the washroom (after scooping up the towel and underwear), winces as he flicks the light on, and kind of sleepily ends up in the shower. Of course, he spends an unnecessary amount of time fiddling with the temperature and groaning about not wanting to go to school.
  • Once he’s finished the shower, he holds on to his bad mood with all his strength, grumpily brushing his teeth and shaving, then stomping back to his room.
  • Momoi has already thrown his uniform and bag onto his bed, so he changes into that, grabs his bag, and heads downstairs for breakfast. But not before grabbing a gravure mag from under his bed at random and stuffing it into his bag. He doesn’t check for anything else, however, trusting momoi to have put in his bag the essentials for that day.
  • (this collection of headcanons is also called, aomine doesn’t know how to exist without momoi’s help)

Do they sing in the shower?

  • Generally, he doesn’t tend to sing. He hums, though. And sometimes, he really gets into it. And when he does, it’s a full on dance party in there. Of course, he does end up with bruises, but it is worth it.

What kind of hair product/make-up do they use?

  • He doesn’t use any. I don’t think he even brushes his hair before he leaves the house, unless someone yells for him to.

How clean is this character?

  • Not very. He showers when he reeks after practice, but his sense of hygiene doesn’t extend very far over the basics.

Does the character have thousands of shampoo/shower gel bottles by the shower, or do they use only the bare essentials?

  • Bare essentials. His general aim is to not smell like he has lived on the streets for three weeks. So, he has a bottle of shampoo, and a bar of soap. They both smell “manly”.


How does this character sleep? (Position, sleeping habits, bedtime routines)

  • A shower right after practice probably because even Aomine can’t sleep covered in sweat.
  • Directly after that he’d slap on some boxers and pass out on his bed. This kid likes his sleep after all.
  • that’s literally it.

What are their pyjamas like?

  • Does he even wear pyjamas. Like putting on clothes before bed would take too much time for him. He’d probably sleep in only boxer shorts and shirtless (HOT DAMN).

What do they dream about usually?

  • Mai-chan

How neat/tidy is this character?

  • His books, papers, and homework are strewn across his bedroom floor. Along with them are unfolded clothes where no one knows whether they’re clean or not.
  • There are A LOT of gravure magazines on his bed and ground; sometimes they’re in neat piles, but they’re the only things sorted properly in his room.

How affectionate is this character?

  • Aomine’s the type to internalize the emotions that make him appear “weak”. Affection is one of those emotions. The closer he became to you, the more it appears he is distancing himself from you.
  • Never one to initialize things in order to seem cool and aloof, he needs someone who pushes him but still understands him.
happy and healthy bucky things

brady making bucky breakfast cause he isn’t a morning person and wants to sleep in as late as possible 

brady coaxing bucky awake with nudges and then by scratching his scalp 

bucky pulling brady into his arms and murmuring something about five more minutes in russian 

brady responding with i just cooked a lot of bacon for you, get yo’ ass outta bed, barnes in russian 

bucky whining and kissing brady’s temple and rolling out of bed and hollering at brady the whole time because he can’t find anything




and then he lumbers into the kitchen all grumpy gus and eats his bacon and eggs and toast and coffee 

steve calling to check in and bucky rolling his eyes cause god damn it rogers it’s been two months already i’m fine

but he talks to steve anyway cause he kinda does always feel better when he and steve talk, even briefly 

brady has to work but bucky doesn’t wyke it 

he grumps the whole time brady gets ready all the way to brady putting his shoes on

grumps even as he hands brady his jacket

“do you have to go?”

“technically, i don’t have to do anything but there are bills to pay and certain grown men to spoil”

and bucky just looks kinda hopeful like “i could get a job and be closer to you”

and it is adorable because grown ass former assassin who could rip you in half is a 12 year old boy with a big crush 

and brady is hardly oblivious to bucky’s feelings but he isn’t bringing it up any time soon

he’s just the dad taking care of him

and it could have been steve

it should have been steve

but steve rogers is mature enough to understand that his best friend needs this from another man right now

because brady only knows one bucky

the bucky

and bucky loves him for only wanting him as he is

not sgt. barnes

not the winter soldier

just him with his man bun and constant stubble and v necks and wife beaters

and brady just looks at bucky like “if you want to work you can” and what he doesn’t say is that financially he’ll be supported regardless because brady is a dad and will take care of you forever

bucky watching 3d disneys with the baby sitting on his lap and both of them gasping at the dramatic scenes and laughing too hard at the funny ones 

bucky sitting down cross-legged while she paints his nails because you don’t say no to a five year old princess ever and she knows how to make him look good 

bucky watching youtube videos on how to braid hair and trying different styles on baby bean’s hair 

and steve talking to brady about how far bucky’s come in trusting himself

and steve wanting to thank tony for giving bucky an arm he can live with

and gratitude embarrasses tony so he escapes to his lab but not before bucky pulls him close and hugs him tight enough to make tony squawk like “gerrooooffff”

and bucky learning to smile and laugh and crack jokes and be sassy again 

walking around with the baby on his shoulders

buying little trinkets that make him think of people he loves and steve getting misty-eyed when he hands him a keychain with the word punk written on it

bucky slapping the controller out of sam’s hands every time he’s close to winning until sam wrestles him 

bucky and nat having long convos in russian and the only ones who really understand them are brady and tony 

going to coney island with steve and riding the cyclone 

making a face when steve hugs him a bit too hard but smiling halfway through because aw stevie 

picking up a seashell and remembering a time when he was a teen and his first proper date told him to whisper secrets into it and toss it back in the water

bucky doesn’t remember if he did it then

but this time he does and he makes sure no one’s listening and whispers i love brady 

and he considers tossing it 

but then he reconsiders and carries it back and places it in brady’s delicate hands

“put your ear to it. maybe you’ll get a message”

brady sees how important it is to bucky so instead of informing him about seashell resonance he puts his ear to it and acts like he heard his secret

even though he’s been hearing it for ages now 

“love you too, man”

and bucky grins because he’s happy and things are finally okay


Things had seemed to be getting back on track. Mizuki’s bar was nearly complete and everyone seemed to be in good spirits. This life he lived now seemed so surreal, sometimes it made him feel a little dizzy if he thought too much. It was nice to live like this, but he never thought he’d out live the prison of that dreadful tower.

It was still pretty early in the morning, but Sei had been awake for a little while. He couldn’t seem to get back to bed. For awhile he just sat next to the other, occasionally watching while he slept. Eventually though, he got up– slipping on a shirt tossed aside before heading to the kitchen for something to drink. 

He decided on milk, maybe it’d help him sleep a bit. He grabbed a glass from the cupboard. It felt sort of nice, but as he went to set the glass back down, he missed the counter. Naturally, it shattered into many pieces. 

“….damn it…” He sighed. He supposed the noise might have woken the other, but he tried to quickly pick up the mess