sorry from straying from the boys

So I only feel like doing tag thingies once in a blue moon or so and this is the time so thank you @martinandtheirbooks for tagging me pal ;p

So imma list 10 fave characters from 10 fandoms right here:

  1. Yuri Katsuki from Yuri!!! On Ice
  2. Dazai Osamu from Bungou Stray Dogs
  3. Sugawara Koushi from Haikyuu!! (boy this is unfair once you watch Haikyuu!! you gain like at least 50 new children and they’re all your faves)
  4. Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul
  5. Yato from Noragami
  6. Hazuki Nagisa (or the other way around I’m not sure lol) from Free!
  7. Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist
  8. Kakeru from Orange (forgot his other name heh sorry)
  9. Pidge from Voltron: Legendary Defender
  10. Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender

(yeah I feel nothing for books right now so you’ll have to do with anime and other animated shows)

Not tagging anyone specifically but if you want to do this feel free (hehe free) ;D