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Happy Pride Month! <3 Wanted to do something special for it with my kids!


Jellyfish stimboard for @jolene33rpm !! If you want anything changed, lemme know!

Please give me credit if you repost any of these gifs, as they are all mine!

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In the hospital...
  • <p> <b>Scorpius:</b> *wakes up slowly*<p/><b>Albus:</b> Look at that, he's waking up.<p/><b>Albus:</b> Hey there, sleepyhead.<p/><b>Scorpius, eyes wide:</b> Wha- wait, who are you? Did the doctor send you?<p/><b>Scorpius, grins slyly:</b> And you– you are some nice eye candy. Perfect wake up call.<p/><b>Scorpius, flirtatiously:</b> Are you a model? You have to be.<p/><b>Albus, stifling giggles and flustered:</b> N-No, sorry to disappoint. I'm Albus, and I'm your husband. *shows ring finger*<p/><b>Scorpius, gaping:</b> HUSBAND? *blows out a gust of air* I'm married to an angel. Wow<p/></p>

James: You’re smiling. Did something good happen?
Aleks: Can’t I just smile because I feel like it?
Aron: Trevor tripped and fell in the parking lot.

(Aquarius is giving a speech before their big game)

Gemini - Wait…is this-

Sagittarius - The speech from Independence Day.

Aquarius - The day the world declared in one voice-

Sagittarius- Aquarius’ favorite movie.

Aquarius - We will not go quietly into the night!

Gemini - He doesn’t know any sports speeches?

Sagittarius - I don’t think he cares.

Aquarius - Today, we celebrate our independence day!