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"War without fire is like sausages without mustard." — Jean Juvénal des Ursins

(This is from the same campaign as this horrific accident:

As well as this bit of self-deprecation:

(After the inquisition attacked our place of business and forced us out of our home, we picked up our gunslinger and fighter's two new characters, an enterprising assassin and a (heavily inspired by Jason Voorhees) childlike serial killer bloodrager, respectively, then began planning a counterattack on their stronghold…)

Assassin: Well, we can burn them out.

Cleric (ooc): …Heh. Heheheh… Hahahaha! You laughed at me, they ALL laughed at me…

Bloodrager (ooc): Are you going to do the forest fire part 2?

Cleric (ooc): “Forest Fire II: This Time, It’s Intentional!”

Assassin: So, if that’s the plan, we’re going to need some arsonist’s tools.

Cleric: Hold on, I’ve never deliberately committed arson before. Let me write this down.

(What followed was a serial killer and an assassin teaching a lawful good cleric how to commit arson, describing the finer details of key locations, cutting off escape routes and so on, taking notes all the while. Then when we met with our boss to discuss our plan of attack…)

Bloodrager: We’re gonna teach [Cleric] how to start fires real good!

Boss: Congratulations, you’re an aspiring arsonist.

Cleric (Semi-sarcastically): Hooray!

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so sam and eileen had one hug in one episode where eileen tried to kill him with a knife and people ship them together (understandblle, they are adorable!) dean cas have had multiple hugs/deep moments/scenes that show as romantic and yet its less readily accepted? obvs everyone is welcome to their own opinions i just find it interesting ,,,,

YUPI love Saileen so much.

I ship it so hard. All it took was 2 episodes. That is some good writing, but basically it’s not that hard, you just have to use all the right tropes to make it obvious…. 


I’m sorry, I don’t usually appreciate Bucklemming that much, HATE their misogny and non consent issues and on occasion (I’m looking at you 12x13) facepalmed so much I think I hurt my brain. 

Perhaps that’s what made me love 12x17, because I LOVED 12x17! What?!

Originally posted by rednewsom

We have 8 years of narrative build up, romantic storytelling and UST between two of the main characters that still hasn’t been addressed, being paralleled extensively within this 2 episode’s clearly romantic portrayal?

Literally, all the romantic tropes they used were heavily paralleled with what we have been actively saying in fandom for years? And the textual parallels as well as the subtextual ones. 

Stabby stabby meet cute.

Someone, a hunter, someone who knows the life?  Eileen being a BADASS fighter and all “we don’t care” - remind you of anyone else who has no tact? The beer clinking scene? 

The directly paralleled dialogue (where’s Eileen? Heard from Cas? / Dean calling Cas and worriedly fondling his phone in worry while Sam and Eileen chat in the foreground)?  Oh, I’m just gonna add that this is a recurring theme and completely intentional this season (see 12x15′s ‘I love you’ purposefully overlapped with Dean’s goodbye to Cas so viewers all had to pause and rewind to figure out who said what?!).

Nearly every Eileen scene has a Cas reference. 

Even the first Eileen scene (in the car) is directly followed by the first words of the next scene about Cas. The way Eileen holds way more eye contact with Sam than Dean, the way when Eileen answers Dean that she is not OK, Dean looks straight to Sam as he is the one with the closer bond - these are all things that we have been picking up on with Dean/Cas for years. 

The way Eileen and Dean are clearly totally platonic and NOT romantically interested in each other, but still like each other a lot, shown through the exact same way Sam and Cas are? The brother in law relationship I’m always harping on about for Sam and Cas - totally paralleled here with Dean and Eileen.

And also, this totally validates our point and the brother in law thing?!!!!


So, Sam and Eileen, a new pairing, clearly romantic and clearly paralleled with a ‘shipping but not canon pairing’?

What is this?

Originally posted by itsmichaeldoan

This thing with Saileen is it is both a fantastic pairing in its own right but also, its either:

1. A fantastic way to open casual viewer’s eyes to what they’ve been seeing in the last 8 years with Destiel to move forwards with making this canon. You can literally see Dabb and co thinking, how can we ease people into this gently? How can we go back and say hey, remember when that happened? Yeah, that was on purpose, that was a thing, we totally did that on purpose.

2. Or the biggest most awkward no-homoing the show has ever done and a middle finger up to everyone who has read into the narrative they’ve been writing for Dean and Cas to say hey, lets use this exact same long drawn out narrative, condense it into 2 episodes and make a hetero couple canon. Pff. I don’t see this happening for PR reasons. Can you imagine.

3. Or another pairing that just doesn’t quite get there for *reasons*. *Reasons* that can only now be really that they’re too chicken to go forward with Destiel because why would you create this romantic pairing for Sam and make it so clear, jamming it all into 2 episodes (well, 1 really as 11x11 wasn’t that obvious) if not, you just wouldn’t bother.

Come on show, I have faith…

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I was going back through your blog because I wanted to see if I could find out who Sagittarius is in your au and I saw that you reblogged a thing saying you had an original story and I wanted to ask about it. What's it about?? Who are your main characters??

OHMAAANNN—its been so long;;; 

well, its about a magical girl and shit since im p heavily influenced on anime so i wanted to do that. the only thing i could remember is that she had crazy huge ass hair, i named the dude VEN (like wtf), made two girls kiss, main girl’s name is mizuki (???? my memory is so shit omg), re-used the same characters and made a new story about yin and yang or some shit like that—

my 6th grade self was wild and should not be trusted with original shit djlaskjds im sorry if i didnt get to give u an in depth explanation i cant remember it anymore

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Thank you for answering my question, it helped me sit down and think about my characters. I guess I have two more questions, regarding race again (If you don't, mind of course!). 1, how do you write racism that's believable, and 2 how do you go about describing a person of colour physically without using the terms dark, pale, ect? Sorry for asking probably the same question twice!

Hi! And it’s no problem. I’m always happy to help.

I don’t really know how to write racism, since I’m not a minority and I wasn’t raised around prejudice. However, this post will probably be of great interest to you! It has some great links for all things writing characters of color, and I believe it has some links on writing delicate topics like racism.

As for description, most people will see a white person if you don’t give a skin color, because our society is predisposed to think about whites as the default race, so you can give your character’s skin color, if you don’t want the audience to see your character as white. However, don’t focus excessively on the race – just naming it once (”He had brown skin”, “She was caramel-colored”, etc) will be enough. Then move on to other traits.

I hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask. @authors-haven

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Top-5 in Game Argonians. :3c

From Reezda:

1. Scouts-Many-Marshes (Skyrim): My favorite just because I marry him in Skyrim. Can’t not put my hubby at the top of the list.

2. Sees-All-Colors (Online): I love her because she’s a Meridia-worshiping (sorry if that spoils anything for anyone) Saxhleel, just like my main character. She’s also got to be a pretty badass fighter to make it to Grandmaster of the Fighter’s Guild.

3. Teinaava (Oblivion): A Shadowscale member of the Dark Brotherhood, he’s the one who introduced us to the Shadowscales.

4. Haj-Ei / Hides-His-Eyes (Morrowind): The first Saxhleel whose name we know in both Cyrodilic and Jel, affirming that Saxhleel can go by two names which mean the same thing in different languages.

5. Croon-Tail (Skyrim / Online): A.k.a “The Sultry Argonian Bard,” he’s the male counterpart to “Lifts-Her-Tail,” the Lusty Argonian Maid.




if you’re interested please contact me with the same address above

 I will draw:

  • OC’s (with good references please, I want to do justice to your character ;w;)
  • any fandom, just please consider my style, don’t expect me to draw in the original artist’s style
  • nudity/partial nudity
  • Characters with animals parts (such as ears, tails, nose, etc)
  • bloody stuff

will not draw:

  • furries (I’m sorry, I’m terrible drawing these)
  • animals
  • literally two characters having sex (I’m not good with poses but maybe in the future)

If you’re interested please contact me! you’ll place your order, I’ll accept and then start working once you make the payment, if you can’t buy please signal boost this! I really really need the money ;; and thank you in advance

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how would a marvel ask blog join earth-9319?

We try to be as inclusive as possible, but we do have some requirements. 

For an ask-blog to be adopted into Earth-9319: 
1) Answers/responses must be drawn. (Preferably digitally, but exceptions can be made provided the images are scanned at decent quality). Text/Roleplay/GIF blogs will not be accepted. (Sorry for this, folks, but this is for the ease of potential crossovers.) 
2) We will not accept duplicates of characters. Please check that a character is not already taken before intending to join us. (This does not prevent the prospect of crossovers, but there can’t be two, say, Tony Starks on one Earth. The universe just couldn’t handle it.) 
3) The continuity of other blogs must be taken into account. If contradictory information is presented in your blog, (like, say, Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive sheep instead) clearly they can’t exist in the same world. 
4) OCs can be accepted, but their place in the universe must be fully realised. 
5) Your blog must be fully functional and operational, answering a minimum of 3 asks before your place in 9319 can be made official. 

Honestly, that’s pretty much it. To help you out on just what it means to be part of a shared ask-blog universe, here’s the list of all the Earth-9319 ask-blogs. (Blogs bolded are the known active ones, because unfortunately, we’ve got a lot of dead ones). NOTE: If inactive for a prolonged period, without word of return, your place in 9319 may be revoked. 

@ask-spiderpool (Peter Parker/Spider-Man & Wade Wilson/Deadpool)  
@ask-johnnystorm (Johnny Storm/Human Torch)
@ask-mattmurdock (Matt Murdock/Daredevil)
@ask-clint-barton (Clint Barton/Hawkeye)
@ask-natasharoro (Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow)
@ask–vision (Vision)
@ask-antman (Scott Lang/Ant-Man)

@ask-miles-morales (Miles Morales/Spider-Man)
@ask-sam-alexander (Sam Alexander/Nova)
@ask-msmarvel (Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel)
@ask-x23scheerupsquad (Wolverine, Gambit, Jubilee & X-23) 
@asktonymasters (Tony Masters/Taskmaster)
@ask-spiderpoolneighbour (OC - Peter Parker’s neighbour, Alfred) 
@askmarvelsilk (Cindy Moon/Silk) 
@purplemonsterqueen (Shiklah) 

@ask-spiderwoman (Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman) 
@mjanswers (Mary Jane Watson) 
@ask-venom-and-carnage (Eddie Brock/Venom & Cletus Kasady/Carnage) 

those OTHER ladies in Love and Rockets: Locas

i’m a lousy critic, insofar as i experience a huge gap between neutral-to-negative reactions, and then way on the other end of the scale, unreasonable fanaticism with a dash of unconditional love for anything and anyone i’m really tickled by. for instance, ever since i first started to see other bloggers talking smack about love & rockets’ hapless male lead ray dominguez, i’ve found myself stifling a shrill cry of HOW CAN U SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT JAIME HERNANDEZ OR LOCAS without even reading almost any of the actual criticism.

i guess i feel like it’s so unusual for me to enjoy anything that i don’t really want to dampen the moment by thinking about how my favorite things could be better than good. in this case, though, the dissing of ray helped me admit that there are not one but TWO locas characters–coincidentally, characters that we chiefly see through ray’s eyes–that i could do without, who i feel are not only unpleasant but nearly identical: vivian the frogmouth, and penny century.

it’s very likely that my allergic reaction to these two mammarian megaliths has mainly to do with their physical perfection–somewhat rare from an artist known for aging his characters naturally and including nearly every body type known to man in this lengthy punk rock soap–and the fact that this perfection is supposed to be “cleverly” offset by their “charming” personality flaws. i find that all to be a pretty cheap trick, and i don’t really have room in my brain for extra reasons that people should worship and adore, you know, hot chicks who do whatever they want.

trophy wife and wannabe superheroine penny century has been a mainstay in locas since the beginning, chiefly driving men (well, and most everybody else) to the brink of madness with her one-two punch of having a bitchin’ bod, and bats in her belfry. she seems to be modeled on jayne mansfield’s screen presence: she’s preposterously sexy, often nude or nearly so for no reason, and insuppressibly bubbly–but deep down, she’s hobbled by her own traumas and craving for love. it’s true that, in the latter years, jaime cooked up a terrific flashback to penny’s fraught juvenile delinquency, picturing her as a scary and not especially bright bully whose dreams of having super powers were symptomatic of the grim poverty and boredom from which she suffered in her daily life. i like angry chola penny a lot, but this glimpse of her past is just a blip on the radar amid a vast collection of scenes of her gyrating across the page in lingerie (or not) accompanied by lengthy, lusty paeans to her by erstwhile lover and obvious hernandez stand-in ray dominguez. call me crazy, but the idea that men ruin their lives over big titties doesn’t seem that radical, and i find the perpetuation of the sirenic “crazy girl” archetype pretty irritating. in a comic rife with startlingly realistic and relatable characters, do we really NEED this bullshit straight dude fantasy?

but then again, who am i to say that the penny century character is nothing but fantastical bullshit. i certainly believe that everything that can happen, has happened, and there’s no reason why there couldn’t be women in the world who are born with incredible bodies, and suffer enough to have depth of soul. (i mean…i LOVE certifiable genius jayne mansfield) i guess it’s just that penny in particular, and viv the frogmouth, don’t especially convince me to take interest. viv is yet another perfectly shaped nutcase who ray takes up with while he’s waiting silently for the real star of the comic, frumpy old maggie, to come back to him. unlike golden girl penny, viv is a snarling, psychotic stripper cursed with a vulgar croak and haunted by her mob relations. however, much LIKE penny, the frogmouth seems to inspire first unbearable lust, then rage, then love and compassion in men around her–or at least ray. she’s intolerable for obvious reasons, and somehow, impossible to say no to, and nearly everyone seems to feel sorry for the doomed creature at the end of the day. even though they’re from opposite sides of the tracks, viv and penny tell the same old story, complete with noirish asides from ray about how character X is infuriating yet impossible to give up. moreover, if you take away the differences in hair color and most used facial expressions, i usually feel like the two women are drawn in exactly the same way, which is the norm for superhero comics i avoid, and disappointing from jaime hernandez.

i’m trying to remain aware of the possibility that i’m just a bitter old cunt, and i react poorly any time i’m asked to sympathize with women who appear to represent the straight male ideal. it’s also possible that i’m suffering from something SLIGHTLY more complex, and rather the opposite: that in spite of the fact that penny and viv are my least favorite characters, i’m unable to believe that while ray is carousing with these überwomen, all he can think of is regular ol’ maggie. it’s hard for me to accept the premise that maggie wouldn’t have been permanently friendzoned in the face of ray’s other sexual options (and i’m not even mentioning the third, danita, who is a totally different type of character, though with nearly the same exact proportions. sad face). i obviously don’t know if i want more political correctness from jaime, to have him stop churning out these spank bank characters, or if i’d rather have him give in completely to the idea that no natural-looking woman would have a chance with a guy like ray in the scenarios depicted. i guess i just don’t know what i want. how stereotypically feminine of me.

PS for no reason, i look almost exactly like this.

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Little angst ~ Gom and Kagami breaking up with their partner for many years because their love just fell apart for some reason, but they still care about them and their well-being


AKASHI: For once, he was at a loss. He didn’t know how to end things gently when everything had gone so well. The fallout came gradually, gently, creeping up on the two of you. “I’m sorry,” he said after telling you that you both needed to end this. You gulped, holding back the tears. “This isn’t the same anymore. We just… aren’t in love. Not the same way we had been.” You couldn’t say anything. “But I still care about you and I need to know that you’re going to be okay. We don’t have to stop contact altogether, unless that’s what you want, but I just think that it might be best for us to go our separate ways.” He didn’t know how things would turn out and only hoped for the best.

AOMINE: Aomine felt the anger build up inside of him when he realized. It was anger towards you, towards himself, towards the two of you. How could something that had been so perfect fall apart so easily? It was another fight. One of many that had already happened. “I can’t do this,” he said through his hoarse voice. “I can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry. We’re just not the same people and we can’t get along like we used to, God knows why. I hope you understand that.” And you did. You knew that the two of you were no longer compatible due to changes in environment, character, everything. “I do love you but I think I’m not in love with you anymore. I still care about you and I hope you’ll allow me to check on you every once in a while because I need to know you’re okay.”

KAGAMI: He felt the tears blur his vision. Kagami rarely ever cried and, when he did, you knew things had gone virally wrong. This time, it was when he realized that he needed to end things with you for both your sakes. “This isn’t healthy anymore.” He cleared his throat, furiously wiping away his tears. “We can’t keep fighting like this. We… need to end this. I care about you, _______. I really do but I can’t stay with you like this any longer. It may be too much to ask but, if you’ll accept me, I hope to stay friends with you because you’re still my best friend and I care about you.” You knew that he was right and the desperation in his voice was so evident that you couldn’t help but nod. He was your best friend, your pillar, you couldn’t possibly let him go completely.

KISE: Slowly, steadily. He began to pick up the little hints that it wasn’t the same anymore. Goodbye kisses turned into friendly waves. Midnight cuddles turned into different sides on the bed. Tickle fights turned into separated jobs. When he looked at you that morning, you realized what he had realized. “I’m sorry, _____-chi.” He started in a whisper, not knowing how things fell apart. “Please don’t hate me for this because I just think that this is the best for us now.” You understood, you knew that it had to be done. “Please let me stay by your side at least as your friend because I can’t let you go easily just yet. As selfish as that sounds.”

KUROKO: Despite his excellent observational skills, he realized too late that the walls around the two of you began to chip away, bit by bit, drifting into the abyss. He looked up at you who were working on the desk just as you glanced down at his figure on the floor. “We need to talk,” he started. He did his best, planning everything in his hand before he spoke. “I think that this may be the best path for both of us. It’s not working anymore and we’re both aware of that. But I care about you, I always will, and I hope you’ll allow me to continue to care for you.”

MIDORIMA: Nobody could do this gently. Nobody could tell anyone that they had to end things without hurting the other party. He knew that and yet it was still so hard to come to terms with the fact that he had to let you go. Maybe it was because he knew that he still loved you, deep in his heart. Loved you in one way, but not in the way he wanted and you wanted. “I don’t know,” he stopped, trying to get rid of the lump in his throat. “I don’t know how to do this. Nobody does. But I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I don’t know how it happened.” He held back his tears. He needed to be strong to do this. “I care about you and I will always be concerned about your well-being but we can’t be together like this anymore. I’m sorry.”

MURASAKIBARA: Murasakibara was never good at dealing with emotional things but when he realized what had to be done, he wouldn’t beat around the bush. He knew that things couldn’t go on the way they were. It wouldn’t be fair for either of you. “This isn’t working out anymore.” He started. “I’m sorry, _____-chin. It’s not you, but it’s not me either. It’s the two of us. We’re just not… together anymore. I’m sorry.” He didn’t like seeing the tears roll down your face as you came to terms with it. You noticed it, of course, that things weren’t the same. “I care about you though, I really do. I hope you’ll let me care about you. Always.”

All We Do Is Drive

Request: Can you do a dean x reader where the reader and her best friend or sister love the show supernatural and somehow like a spell or something get dropped into Sam and deans world and ended up staying and fighting monsters with them and Dean and the reader end up together??? (alexstarnes1701)

A/N: Thanks for all your good wishes! Samantha and I definitely appreciate it. Things are still stressful with school, but I’ve fixed up my life and made it a little more bearable. // Man, this sounds like an epic idea that I should be writing a novel for, not just a one shot. haha :) I kinda got stuck halfway in but then I was listening to Halsey (as I do every morning on my way to class) and inspiration struck.

Song: “Drive" by Halsey

Writer: Castielle

Words: 2645

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Your name: submit What is this?

“I… I just can’t believe it!”

You threw down the TV remote and shook your head.

“After all this time… after Charlie dies and we get all this hype about another death… we get a lame-ass finale like that? I mean, what even was that?!” you demanded.

You and your sister (who also happened to be your best friend in the entire world), Cath, were sitting in the living room in the aftermath of the Season Ten Finale.

“I… I actually liked it,” Cath said slowly. “That scene with Sam and Dean at the end was beautiful and now they’re going to all be united in a single cause.“

You threw the pillow you had been hugging to your chest across the room and, jumping up, started pacing.

“But Cas!!! And Crowley? What’s going to happen to them? Ugh, I can’t bear the suspense! And I can’t believe that Rowena… she just got… ugh.“ You shook your head again. “There is no way I’m waiting until October.”

Keep reading

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Hello! I hope you haven't been asked this already omg sorry if I'm being a bother but, I was wondering how many layers you use to get your art done? Or if it's all on one layer? Do you work relatively fast when it comes to painting types of art or does it take you a while? Sorry if I'm being a bother I really am omfg

No bother at all! 

I usually work with 2-5 layers, plus text.

Sketches are just… sketches. normal stuff.

I normally work on backgrounds and character colors at the same time, on two layers. Just base color stuff, color blobs, values, etc. 

I change the sketch layer from “normal” to either color burn, linear burn, OR duplicate it and have a layer of 100% opacity color burn over 20-50% opacity linear burn. This one in particular just had a layer of color burn.

I finish with highlights, color fixes, value fixes, clean up lines, etc. on one top layer.

When i do 2-layered work, its normally the background color and then a sketch on the same layer, with just color/paint style on the layer above that.

And yes, I feel like I work pretty fast. Unless its something huge, I don’t like spending more than an hour on one drawing. This one here took about 35-45 minutes. 

I usually put on a show on my computer, or something to have background noise AND keep track of time. I found the best thing for this is youtube let’s-plays, because lots of them spend about the same amount of time on every episode… PLUS they’re not so interesting that i stop what I’m doing to watch, and not boring enough that i lose interest from listening.

Hope this helps!

I know someone has brought it up before but I just wanted to also say that it really bugs me that standards are higher for the validation of lgbt characters and relationships in the media, like??

everywhere you turn there’s the same hetero romance being portrayed with different names and the same ideals but suddenly LGBT characters and couple representations are held to a higher standard as though they have to be more than what they are to be “worth it”

like yes, there are always ways to make things more progressive and more representative but stop using the fact that both Sherlock and John are portrayed by two middle-aged white guys as your reasoning to it “not being good enough” for representation, as though making two of the most famous fictional literary characters ever in a loving same sex relationship doesn’t make them good enough or “progressive enough”

BSG Poll #3 - Relationship Edition

Okay fine IT’S HAPPENING, from the person who brought you tumblr’s top 30 BSG characters and top 30 BSG episodes.

It’s time to make this the trilogy it deserves to be and start voting on ships. Not just romantic ships, but friendships, rivalries, all of the above or something else in between. I don’t see it as a ship war as much as a *celebration* of the varied things we Battlestar fans love. Now let’s all get super mad about the results together. ;)


1. Minimum 3 votes (in order of preference), maximum 20. Votes will be weighted, and there will probably be a run-off/sudden death round after the initial poll.

2. ANY type of relationships welcome - canon couple, non-canon couple, family members, platonic pairings, and so on. The point is 2 characters and the dynamic between them, whatever form it takes.

3. That said, the 2 characters must interact. Preferably in more than one scene – just for the sake of me having to make gifs of them. This is sadly not the place for your (or my) crackships that never spoke to each other. (Side note: Cally & Hot Dog apparently had a BABY but they are disqualified by this rule.)

4. TWO characters per vote.  I know this leaves out families, poly shipping, multi-character cliques, and even canon threesomes (HI D’ANNA) but with so many possible choices already, I’d like to keep the options from getting out of hand. Break it down to two-person combinations.

5. Same as in the character poll, CYLONS ARE PEOPLE INDIVIDUALS, at least where Sixes & Boomer/Athena are concerned. Gaius/HeadSix and Gaius/Caprica are different ships. Helo/All the Eights is not a ship (sorry Helo). I will write you back if I have to clarify which one you meant.

All set? Give it a lot of thought and then contact me via FANMAIL (preferred) or ASK with at minimum your 3 favorite BSG relationships, 20 maximum. Like this:

1. Character A & Character B  (you can use / instead of & if you want)
2. Character C & Character D
3. Character B & Character C
(and as many more as you need)

The poll closes on SEPTEMBER 30. Have fun!

Okay wait, I DO want to say a couple of things real quick in response to cleverindeed’s anon:

I keep getting so confused and angry at people wanting to ship Bilbo with Thorin all because they’ve just stared at each other for two seconds or like hugged. That doesn’t make them gay at all and it’s annoying how people like to make straight people/non sexual people just gay or some shit. Ugh. Tolkien would roll in his grave.

  1. They’ve done a loooooot more than stare at each other and ‘like hugged’. Idk if you’re not paying attention to the books or the movies or just being willfully ignorant, but it’s def one of the two.
  2. No, it doesn’t make them 'gay’. Two people of the same gender in love doesn’t brand them as one thing or another. They could be bi/pansexual, something else besides. They could both be uninterested in sex, like you say, but still romantically interested in each other. THAT’S A THING THAT EXISTS. 
  3. Folks, the excuse that 'this white male creator that lived at some point in the 20th century or earlier wouldn’t like this interpretation’ is not a valid reason to not make a source material relevant to the modern day audience. Romantic or, at least, ambiguous relationships between two characters of the same gender is becoming more accepted and more mainstream in media. Get fucking used to it. 
  4. Again, idk if you’re not familiar with Tolkien’s work, but he’s pretty much the master of m/m lifetime relationships. Legolas and Gimli went to the Undying Lands together because, and I quote, of Gimli’s 'love’ for Legolas. Sam and Frodo did the same. Bilbo cried until his voice went out after Thorin died and then he never married. SO YOU TELL ME IF TOLKIEN WOULD REALLY MIND THIS INTERPRETATION. Hint: He fuckin wouldn’t. 

hmm does anyone wanna talk about the week of sardonyx more?

specifically how the plot of the arch was essentially what would feature in a fanfic? the reference to garnet’s and amethyst’s troublesome past fusion and the sadness/guilt/miscommunication about that, pearl being so happy she starts crying, the breathy eyes closed close-embrace that pearl and garnet un-fuse into, their absolute joy,the teasing banter “I hope you’re ready” “you know i am”,  the drama, amethyst and pearl having so many feelings about garnet, amethyst trying to prove herself to garnet and steven helping,  Pearl lying, pearl’s gut-wrenching fear when garnet finds out, garnet being so upset that she unfuses and greg being clueless like wtf is going on, pearl trying so hard to win back garnet’s approval, the “pearl! get off me!” “i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m sorry–!” moment, amethyst being totally sensitive to all of this and trying to comfort pearl, the ‘we’re trapped together in a tiny space so we have to talk’ resolution

that whole arch was like watching fanfic on tv

its-overly-cute-satan-666  asked:

My girlfriend lives in America and I in the UK, and when we plan to meet in the future and dress up as Aot characters,but I'm scared that we might not agree on who, what kind of char would suit us, she's more like Hanji and Me a mix of levi and ymir?

Sorry, but where is the problem here? Can’t you just talk about it? Cosplay is supposed to be fun so I’m sure you will find something nice to do. If not you can still do two characters, since the cosplays are mostly almost the same.

choppenstantz  asked:

Sorry, my question was more about Emrakul than Karn; I was just trying to see if the two cases were similar. Isn't calling Emrakul "she" something the titan herself hasn't provoked, but rather just an easier label for those referring to her? I know there are differences - Eldrazi don't have the same sapience required to correct someone or have an issue - but ultimately it seems like both characters are in the same boat where they have no gender, but do have a pronoun others use for convenience?

Emrakul is a very different case than Karn. The Titans spurned “gods” loosely based on them. The God associated with Emrakul was female. The actual Titans are so far removed from anything fathomable, that I’m not sure what gender for them actually means.

Okay let’s be serious this time, with proper syntax and everything. This is about my struggle with names.

Last october, I decided to ditch my rl nickname and opt to be named Sho, after that angsty guy from Persona 4 Ultimax because of a dream I had. And since everyone’s been calling Megumi Aino “Megooms”, I also adopted that too.

But the I’ve been mulling over my name changes and realized it just happened on a whim. A desperation of wanting to separate my rl identity from my online one. Sho is a great name, but there are so many characters named Sho, and I’ve known at least two more tumblr users who have that as their nickname too! Same with Megooms – some people in the fandom also use that nickname to refer to Megumi Aino, not just me.

So I decided on two other names, and I hope that this’ll stick. New year, new me, indeed. And to all my followers who are putting up with my namejumping, I am sincerely sorry. I promise that this’ll be the last time I’m gonna change my name.

Just call me Io or Callisto from now on.

Thank you for reading! And thank you so so much for sticking around despite this mishap!