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Hello friends! Guess who’s back? Spoiler - it’s me. So I have a confession - I love soulmate AUs. I’ve not written Pietro in a while so I eased myself into this by focusing predominantly on another character. It needs a second part to finish it off which I’ll upload soon. Hopefully the plot is twisty and interesting enough for you guys. Thanks to @sxnali for the request; I loved it. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: (if you don’t mind) can you do a soulmate au where the first words they say to each other are tattooed somewhere on the other’s body? with pietro please? (im sorry if this sent twice i think i hit send in the middle of typing this but im not sure oops)

‘Almost a Mistake’ (Part 1)

There was a reason that New York was considered the city that never sleeps. Regardless of the hour, life was buzzing, left, right, and centre. Cars clamoured the roads in lines of traffic, and birds flew overhead, seeking and taking every opportunity amongst the crowds of hungry people that swarmed the streets.

The smell of hot dogs was prominent – especially on a Saturday when everyone and his mate was out on the streets. You wished that you could say you too had come out for fun but work had called you in for overtime, and the coming winter’s energy bills convinced you to take it.

With your headphones safely nestled on your head, you navigated the bustling tourists with your eyes on your iPod, trying to pick the best tune for the next leg of your journey. You’d splashed out on new headphones and for good reason – there were noise cancelling. As far as you were concerned, that made them worth the cost, tuning out the soundtrack of the city as you walked.

Each time you skipped a song, there was a moment of quiet where the world bled in. You heard horns beeping, steps smacking against the pavement, and even someone shouting in the distance. Probably a food vendor trying to sell to a passer-by. You skipped another song and got another flash of reality. Cooing pigeons, roaring engines, and still a person shouting. It was definitely male, and getting closer.

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In which Undyne realises that the situation is more serious than she thought.

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I’m really sorry guys. I’ve been at Physio in the past week twice and I’ve honestly been hurting which makes drawing hard. Even this page took longer than usual because of that.

Also, font change! Please let me know about things like legibility. This page I’d already inked before trying to change the fonts which is a bad way to do it. But I can try and adjust the spacing of the fonts if needs be. Let me know.

Once again, I’m sorry for the slow updates recently. I’ve been struggling D’X

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Marauder’s: A Naughty Fiction (Part 7) The Morning After

Requested?: No

Prompt: Y/N has always been a student at Hogwarts but has gone through her years practically unnoticed by anyone that caught her eye. This year, she expects that to change. Instead of shoving her nose between the pages of books someone will be begin to take quite the interest in her. Watch her finish off her last year of schooling while fucking around with guys along the way.

Warnings?: Mentions of drugs, alcohol, and sex. 

Words: 1,288

A/N: THIS PART IS SHORT BUT IT NEEDED TO BE ADDED FOR CLARIFICATION. Sorry it has taken me so long to upload, I should be posting parts of this once or twice a week. This part might not make sense, but the next will. Love all of u, xx. 


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It came back in whispers, the memories of that night. It flooded into his dreams and wreaked havoc on his insides while he slept. How did he know it was her you may ask, and my answer is as simple as; he knows her underwear. He knows the blood red lace, how it grips her hips, and he remembers the same lace from that night. It all seemed to fit together now, how everything about him and her together felt so familiar.

He wasn’t mad at her,

He was confused,

And mad at himself.

But the one thing he couldn’t seem to escape was the fact that she left them there, she wanted him to find out, and he didn’t know why.

When he awoke he had a massive headache, his eyes could barely open because of the bright sunlight shining in on him. He twitched slightly, too tired to pull the covers over his head.

“Morning.” Remus said.

Sirius peered over to him, he was sitting on his bed, a cup of tea nestled in between his hands, and a pair of readers placed on his nose.

“Need some?” he questioned, referencing to the bottle of pills next to him. “Seems we both have quite the headache.”

Sirius sat up slowly, rubbing the bridge of his nose.

“What the hell happened to you last night?” he asked, looking down at a sleeping James still passed out on the floor.

“Well, we got drunk, and I mean bloody drunk,” He said, laughing. “Lily brought some of her favorite muggle alcohol and James and Peter, I and the others finished them off.”

“You drank…” Sirius looked down at the floor reading the labels on the front of the glass. “Jack Daniels? You’re telling me you drank hard liquor?”

“Last night was different, you know that.” Remus added.

Sirius stayed quiet, looking back to the table next to him, still not forgetting the red underwear sitting next to him.

“Who’s are those?” Remus asked, looking at the underwear.

After a moment of Sirius not answering, and Remus watching him swallow his response, “Oh.” Was the only sound that left his lips.

“What the hell happened with you two last night?” He questioned unknowingly.

“Guess we just had a good time,” He huffed. “Didn’t we all?”

She stood in the shower, letting the steaming hot water cascade down her body, washing her curves with lavender soap, rubbing every nook and cranny. For some reason she felt dirty, she didn’t like the fact that so many people saw her exposed, she didn’t like the distant feeling of someone else’s hands on her hips.

She felt a few tears drip down her blushed cheeks, watching them fall down the drain, they stood out against the water, fragile droplets that could paint the ground. She heard a distant knock at the door.

“Y/N,” Lily whispered. “I’m sorry, but classes are starting soon, just thought I’d tell you.”

She was quiet because she knew how Y/N was feeling, she knew she was having a hard time.

“Alright.” She choked, her voice cracking, she didn’t want to face anyone.

Students began to fill the hallways and slowly enter into the great hall. Lily sprayed a little perfume on herself and slipped on her shoes waiting for Y/N, she didn’t want her to have to walk alone.

“You can leave you know, i’m not incompetent.”

“Yes, but I care, don’t want you to walk alone is all.” Lily added.

“I’m fine, I’m not ashamed. I’ll be down in a minute, go on.” She said with a weak smile, her towel wrapped around her soaking body.

Lily smiled back and opened the door to their dorm room, and soon she was on her way with the rest of the students.

Y/N was dressed in her usual attire, just a little less put together. She left her hair natural, no makeup, just purple splotches resting under her eyes. She slipped on her shoes and rested her Gryffindor cloak along her forearm. She placed her brown, marbled glasses on her nose and went on her way.

The halls were emptier than usual since she was late. She was left alone with her thoughts. She listened to the click of her heels as she walked quickly down the cold halls. She heard the distant rumble of students laughter coming from the great hall and her chest began to get tight. Even with her anxiety she continued walking. She was hungry, and although she was ashamed, she still wanted to see him.

The doors were wide open as various teens skipped around the large hall. Students were bickering back and forth, not paying any attention to her, that was a good thing.

Remus sat at their usual table, glasses still perched on his nose, Sirius sat by his side, slumped, completely trashed from last night. James wasn’t any better, he looked half dead. Lily sat next to him, rubbing a calming hand up his back, she felt sorry for getting a little wild too.

She got to the table and sat down right next to James and Lily, Sirius hadn’t noticed.

“Morning.” She said.

He noticed.

“Morning.” Remus and Lily chirped in reply.

Y/N stared right down at Sirius, who seemed to have not noticed her presence, but deep down, the moment he heard her voice, his whole being tightened.

She stared at James next.

“Morning, James.” She said with a devilish smile, chuckling a little at his current being.

“Morning.” He said muffled, his words flowing into his shirt.

Everyone at the table laughed, except Sirius, who kept his head down.

The rest of breakfast was cheery, despite the obvious tension radiating off Sirius towards Y/N. Everyone was cracking jokes and reminiscing about the night prior, and so were the two boys from last night who had quickly joined.

“Oi, you all were trashed.” One of them called out.

“Not as trashed as Y/N.” One added.

“Hey,” Y/N yelled, “At least I remember last night.”

A few people at the tabled ‘oohed’ which caught Sirius’ attention.

“Hey, I may have forgotten most of the night but theres one thing I cant forget,”

Everyone cocked an eyebrow, waiting for what the boy was about to say.

“Y/N’s brilliant ass.” He finished, everyone bursting into a fit of laughter, expect Lily and Y/N, they stayed quiet, and Sirius, well, he shot right up.

Everyone at the table went quiet and stared bug-eyed up at him.

“You know you always ask me why women never like you, and that’s why.” Sirius stormed, glaring at the boy, then walking away from the table huffing.

“Someone’s jealous.” The other boy replied, rolling his eyes at his friend, then watching an angry Sirius as he walked away.

The bell rang a few minutes later, students began filing out of their seats, headed back towards their dormitories.  Y/N needed to walk, so, she made her way in the opposite direction down the hall.

Her shoes tapped against the cold, hard floors. The crisp, chilly air beginning to fill the space around her, she was getting close to being outside.

“Y/L/N!” A familiar voice yelled.

She turned around swiftly, happy to greet the boy calling her name.

“Lucius!” She yelled, he, pulling her into a hug.

“Y’know I was meaning to speak with you.” She continued as the two walked out of the school, his arm wrapped around her shoulder.

They walked off into the chilly, bright day, Sirius watching angrily from behind. He had followed her, he wanted to speak to her outside, but, someone beat him to it.

Sirius Black was never jealous, excluding when he was drunk or high, and at this moment, he was neither.


STAY AWAY FROM ME | PT.5 OF “WALKED OUT” {You find out about him texting your friend and get really mad, so you confront him. ALL THE BOYS / ANGST

Sorry for the delay, I had to write Kookie’s part twice because I’m stupid and I lost the first one. And I had a very long day at work. And tomorrow is going to be crazy at work so I’ll try to upload as much as I can before going to sleep but I know for sure I won’t upload anything in the morning tomorrow because I just won’t have time. So sorry in advance guys…


Scott McCall, wingman extraordinaire

survivablyso asked you: If you’re still open for prompts I’d love to see Scott playing wingman/yenta for Stiles and pushing him towards Derek. + fujosht’s excellent prompt “idk HOOKUPS IN GRINDR OR SOMETHING”

“So I got you a Grindr profile,” Scott says, and Stiles says, “What,” and Coach says, “MCCALL AND STILINSKI!” and makes them change seats.

When they’re leaving class, Scott says, “I’m gonna need a better picture of you, dude,” and pretty much pushes his phone into Stiles’ face. The flash goes off. Scott looks at the screen and sighs. “No. A good picture. Like…”

He grabs Stiles’ wrist and drags him along, outside. “Here should be good,” he says, squinting contemplatively at the brick wall. “Nice neutral background, and natural light always looks better. Um, let’s try…” He ruffles Stiles’ hair with one hand. “Yeah, that works. That’s good. Here, gimme your backpack, you look way too jailbait. Don’t want to attract the wrong type of guys.”

“Scott,” Stiles says as he shrugs off his backpack. “Scotty. What are we doing?”

Scott frowns at him. “Getting you laid, of course,” he says. “Okay, now smile, but not too much, and try to kind of glance up through your eyelashes—”

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felix & peter imagine / flirtatious

hey guys! i’ll try to upload twice this week as an apology for all of the voice acting madness! thank you so much for all of your support! (this is written in pan’s point of view, so sorry for all of those that don’t like that!)

reminder that felix imagines are closed, peter pan imagines, however, are open!


requested by: anonymous


-pan’s point of view-

“Morning, Felix.” I greet the second-in-command, still drowsy after just waking up as I sit myself next to Felix.

“Good morning, Pan.” He states, his eyes unwilling to make eye contact with mine, and I begin to wonder what he continues to stare at. Typically Felix would make eye contact with those he converses with.

“And what would you be looking at?” I follow his line of sight to attempt to figure it out, and all I see is (Y/N), the newest addition to the island and the first girl. And while I have responsibility on Neverland, I can’t help but be attracted to her. Her adventurous spirit never fails to entertain the boys, and everything new thing about her always makes me fall for her more. God, I hope Felix isn’t staring at her.

He coughs, stumbling on his words, his eyes meeting mine to hide his obvious staring, “Uh, nothing, Pan.” My patience wearing thin with desperation to know, I stand up, a threatening gesture for most of the Lost Boys. I stare down at him, convincing him to tell me.

“Okay, okay! It was (Y/N)!”

“And why, exactly?”

“Because! She just…” He mutters incoherently, unable to form a sentence, and I immediately know that he feels the same attraction towards her that I do.

“You fancy (Y/N)?”

“Mmhm.” He mumbles under his breath, just barely audible, and immediately competition overwhelms me.

“Well you see, Felix, I also fancy (Y/N).” I smirk, knowing my second-in-command will take this as a challenge.

“What are you saying?”

“Let’s make it a game; you know how much I love competition.” I smirk at him, as his eyes brighten, as if accepting my challenge.

“Flirt with (Y/N)?”

“Exactly. The one to flatter her most today wins, simple as that.”

“Sounds like a plan. When do we start?”

“Hmm…now.” I instantly teleport in front of (Y/N), startling her at first, though she relaxes soon after. I peek over her shoulder, seeing Felix glaring at me with poison in his eyes.

“Hey there, (Y/N).”

“Oh, hey Peter!” Her voice is cheery for morning time, though I’m not surprised; she normally sounds happy.

“How are you always so happy?”

“Happy? I don’t know, I guess it’s just how I am.” She continues working, creating small meals for the Lost Boys.

“And what would you be doing now?”

“Just making meals for the boys who can’t, why?”

“It’s just great to get to know someone as interesting as you.” She blushes at my statement, and continues working.

“Nice to know.” She smiles at me, and I return the gesture.

“Would I have the honor of seeing you later?”

“Of course, see you later, Pan.”

I walk back to Felix with a smirk on my face, knowing of my small victories, as he stares at me in awe.

“Impressive, Pan.”

“Thank you very much.”

“But I’m pretty sure I can do better.”

“Is that so?”

“Watch.” He begins walking towards her, confidence in his steps, as he approaches her.

“Hey there, (Y/N).”

“How are you, Felix?”

“I’m doing great, you?”

“I’m alright. Listen, I’m sorry if this is way too forward, but I just couldn’t help it, you’re incredibly beautiful, and amazing, and I really enjoy my time with you.” A shade of red emerges onto her face.

“While I am flattered by both of you, I know what you two are trying to do, and quite honestly, I’m not interested in a relationship right now, but thank you for the compliment. Could you please tell Peter for me?”

Her words instantly hit me, and I instantly feel bad for Felix, knowing that he was the one to hear those words, but I soon accept her feelings, and when Felix sits down next to me, an embarrassed look presses on his face.

I state:

“Looks like neither one of us won that one.”


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Finally next part of the comic XD with other words panel 3. I have a crack in my right hand so it’s kinda painful and difficult to draw but what the heck! More will be uploaded quicker this time XD I hope u stil have hope and patience with me X) much love to u guys. And sorry if it got somewhat darker then the others, I was outside when I took a picture of it XD and gosh btw I see now that I’ve typed ‘some’ twice and I feel so stupid now when I read it haha I hope u can live with it anyway!XD so sorry


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#240: Studying Abroad

Harry: “I can’t believe you’re leaving in a week,” Harry groans as he pulls you closer to him on the couch. “We literally just moved into our flat and now you’re leaving me behind.” “Now you know how I feel,” you tease, chuckling as he pouts at you. “Hey now, no need to get offensive,” he grumbles, pushing your face into his chest to stop you from laughing. “I am happy for you though. And proud.” “You’re always proud of me,” you roll your eyes, pulling back to get a good look at your boyfriend. “I open a jar of Nutella and you’re proud of me.” Harry lightly flicks your forehead as he ignores your statement. “I’m serious. You get to spend six months in Spain. That’s amazing! All of your hard work is paying off.”

Liam: “Promise you won’t find some hot Italian boy and forget all about me,” Liam mumbles while burying his face in your neck. “Liam Payne, you have nothing to worry about,” you reassure him, running your fingers through his hair. “You’re pretty unforgettable.” “Because of my good looks or my charming personality?” he teases, sensing your attempt to try and lighten the mood. “Neither,” you shake your head. “It’s because you’re in a famous boyband and I’ll probably see your merch somewhere.” The two of you hear your flight called on the intercom, letting people know that boarding was beginning. “Bring me back a cannoli, yeah?” Liam asks. “I mean I’ll probably end up eating it, but sure.”

Louis: "Have you landed safely then?“ Louis asks the second he answers his phone. "No tragic plane crash where you ended up as the only survivor?” “Nope, none of that,” you laugh, leaning back on your new bed as you glance around at your dorm room once more. “And before you ask, I haven’t found any evidence of my roommate being a psychotic killer or a devil worshipper.” “What if they have a dolphin fetish?” he suggests. “Is that even a thing?” you question. “People are weird,” he replies, and you could almost hear him shrugging. “Or maybe she likes to eat plastic bags or something.” “Louis!” “What? There’s weird people out in the world, (Y/N). You don’t want to be stuck rooming with a person that eats plastic bags!”

Niall: "How much sleep have you been getting, babe?“ you ask worriedly when you notice the dark circles under Niall’s eyes. "Think I got 10 hours this week…” he trails off, his voice getting a bit quiet towards the end, but you still heard him. “This week?” you repeat incredulously. “Niall-” “It’s nothing, (Y/N), don’t worry about it,” he waves it off, hoping you would do the same. But you obviously didn’t. “Are you sick?” you question. “I can send you my mom’s recipe for soup.” “M’ not sick,” Niall sighs. “I just miss you is all. It’s hard sleeping without you here.” You feel your heart drop a bit at his words, tears beginning to prick at your eyes. “Do you want me to stay on until you fall asleep?” you suggest. “Go get changed and ready for bed. I’ll still be here when you get back, I promise.”

Zayn: "Hey stranger,“ someone mumbles in your ear while they grab your wrist, making you turn around to see who it was. A wide smile spreads across your face as you let go of your bags to hug Zayn. "I missed you so much,” you whisper as you look into his eyes. “Tell me about it,” he nods as he rests his forehead on yours, kissing you deeply. “Now I know how you feel when tour comes around. Guess I’ll just have to take you with me.” You roll your eyes at that, pulling away to grab your bags from the floor. “So how was it?” Zayn asks, holding on of your bags in one hand as he takes your hand in his other. “Anything exciting?” “I’ll tell you everything once we get home.”

A/N: Hey guys so it’s been a while since I last uploaded a preference… Whoops. I’m really sorry about that, January is one of the worst months for me. But my season ended for track which means I finally get to go home at 3pm rather than 5pm which is great because it means more time to do stuff (or not do stuff…). But January is also the month when we have midterms which means a lot of projects and tests and a lot of studying. So I’m going to be uploading preferences twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday) rather than every other day. It’s just easier for me right now so yeah I’m going to end this now. Hope you guys enjoyed this preference and please like it if you did, we really appreciate it. Requests are always open! -Isabelle xx

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you guys need to make new vines, youre starting to lose people. Its been days and days since one was open. The people such as nash grier and alx and etc have millions of followers or pretty close because they upload videos every single day sometimes twice a day or etc.

We know :( we are sorry for the inactivity recently. To be honest, with this family vacation to Costa Rica we wanted to stray from social media for the time being. Just to simply relax, surf, hang out in the middle of nature itself and not worry about where is the nearest wifi connection. Our phones have been on airplane mode since we’ve been here due to the unnecessary roaming charges we would rack up. So, with that being said, and with our return to Florida tomorrow. You will see more of us and more interaction :)