sorry for uploading this pic like 3 times

Merry Christmas!! <3

anonymous asked:

okay but like.. when you post moodboards and character posters and stuff you just post it in order and it'll line up the way its supposed to depending on the dimensions/ sizes of the image right? (sorry for the elementary ask i don't wanna test it bc yike idk how to do anything)

don’t worry omg it’s not a silly ask :”)

if you select a couple photos and upload them at the same time, tumblr will randomly sort them. like when I was uploading my character poster (which are 6 pics), tumblr sorted them like 


2 3 4 

5 6 

even though they’re all the same size. so, I dragged a pic to where I wanted to place it. does this makes sense? I’m sorry omg

also, don’t be scared to test it!! I always save my edits to draft first to see if it looks fine.