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Y'all need to stop behaving so haughtily, people are allowed to have emotions. Y'all need to stop mocking people with your emojis and shit, or saying "hahaha they're so dumb" just cause they're having a hard time in believing Nygmobblepot will ever become canon. Just "chill" and stop behaving like assholes. Especially since you would be ok with them just being friends again

I knew I would get one of these for seeing Robins comment a different way 😂 oops sorry, was I not supposed to use an emoji?

You’re twisting my words. I never said people were dumb. If fans of the ship are upset by his comment, my posts are attempting to quell any worries about the future of nygmobblepot. Not to outright tell people what they should think - unlike some.

@anathesniper replied to your post: Reaper76 and Ana76?

I could do it - If I tried for your jack, I don’t particularly want to because they have such a nice thing going though. It seems almost rude to switch that on them. Other Jacks, yes, I probably could - but with how ours started out it seems unlikely unless it was AU

Could you do it? You’re more creative than I am though, I think. I’d get one post in and be like, “Sorry, no can do.” It’s not only that they’re in such a nice groove, but to me it feels so not right for them to be anything other than what they are. JACK NO. The door is unlocked

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Uh, sorry to be That Person, but- what’s “the hair thing”?

The idea that it’s exoticizing or grasping or creepy to find hair unlike yours unusual, interesting, etc.

I’d never touch a black person’s hair without permission, I get THAT taboo. But it’s as if you’re not supposed to be curious even about how someone’s hair does something yours can’t, or think it would be neat if you could, or etc.

It feels like “doublethink yourself into not thinking this is interesting” and that confuses me greatly.