sorry for unliking then re liking the post

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Just wanted to say you're a really nice person and I wish i didn't get so scared about upsetting people (even complete strangers). My depression and anxiety have been bad these past few days but seeing you and the boys posts and videos have brightened my mood a lot, so thank you :)

Oh I’m so sorry your depression and anxiety make you worry about upsetting others 🌸 just know that it’s highly unlikely you’d upset any of us and you’d be welcome to post to us whenever you’d like xx thank you so much for the lovely compliments xx

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I started following you recently and at first I was like "ah she posts really often I'm not sure I can keep up" 'cause I like to fully catch up on my dash every time, but now like, I just browse my dash for less time, and more than half the posts are from your blog, and they're all lovely posts unlike some of the other rubbish on my dash, so you've like, singlehandedly improved my tumblr experience with your blog, so thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day <3

hahhahaha u are so freaking cute im so sorry for overwhelming u the first time but im glad it’s all better now! feel free to unfollow me if it gets worse btw!! i totes understand :)