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[1] ( I totally lost the original post sorry but for the pokemon thing? ) While the Seven Birds, Seven Gyms thing is fitting af, that AU totally leaves out the idea of the Elite Four (the last people you fight before the champion, they're like gym leaders on steroids if you don't play Pokemon) so maybe the E4 battles are changed around a little, unlike any of the previous games? Such as: Taako and Lup: Double battle, combines fairy and fire types which would be a bitch to counter

[2] Lucretia: Psychic type, specializes in status effects, paralysis, sleep, *cough*CONFUSION*cough* Magnus: Fighting type, maybe with the occasional normal type? Could use triple battles as a catch (“You don’t have to take the big hits on your own”) Last of the Elite Four, Merle: Grass/Poison(?) types, the entire team is pretty much tanks able to heal themselves and deal status damage, making it a long, hard fight.
[3] (I’m so sorry about this you dont have to post these) So for gyms, it looks kind of different with NPC’s and different types mixed in. Johann: Bug type, strongest team member is a Kricketune. You get through the gym by solving a tune puzzle Carey, Killian, or N03ll3: Depending on your starter, it’s an Ice, Rock, or Electric type battle. The gym is a dojo, whoever counters you actually fights you.
[4] Bug Ice/Rock/Electric Avi: Normal type (I’m at a loss for gym ideas though oof?) Lucas: Steel type, the entire gym is just an elevator puzzle, maybe some kind of shrunken theme lmao Davenport: Flying type, put late in the game but not at the end, mainly to give you the move Fly, you get shot around the gym from canons (a lot like Skyla’s gym in Soul Silver) Kravitz: Ghost type, instead of gym trainers you fight powerful random encounter ghost Pokemon in a maze gym
[5, I stg this is the last one] Last gym, Barry: Dark type, the only gym leader that can use one revive on his pokemon. His gym is a lot like a crypt, you follow clues to find him and fight him And for the champion, I’m highkey tempted to suggest Angus, both because I think it’d be amazing to see this small boy come out with the most badass team in the game, but also because the champion usually uses the Dragon type (👀). Also, “when that day comes, little man” fairy counters dragon lol
So I know nothing about Pokemon but there was too much thought behind this not to post. It’s great and in depth and good.

It’s like 9:00 so I’m gonna review all the songs in Repo! The Genetic Opera.

Let me start by saying that I don’t have any knowledge of music. But you should still watch Repo or listen to the tunes because they’re quality. K let’s start.

  1. Genetic Repo Man: I’m sorry this is just fun. So this song is a fun way of giving exposition but honestly it’s nothing special in the music department, and the Chorus of “REEEEEEEPO MAAAAAAN” is stupid even if it sets the musical tone (there’s a lot of distant people singing). But at the same time Terrance Zdunich is so charismatic as the Graverobber it sells all his scenes and songs. 6/10
  2. Things You See in the Graveyard: Our villain song! OMG I’m so happy, I forgot about this one and how good it is. Paul Sorvino is a super talented singer, and even though he’s clearly overacting like crazy he’s so much fun. Plus the music is super solid for this song and the ever-present off-camera chorus is nice and haunting here, in a better way than the first song. It also sets up Rotti as such a douche, but we clearly see why later so I love it. It only loses points for being a lot of exposition again about the Rotti-Marni-Nathan backstory. 8/10
  3. 21st Century Cure: So technically this is just a better version of Genetic Repo Man, but honestly it sounds a lot better. The tune isn’t as dull, and it ramps up nicely to the chorus. Also once again, the Graverobber is a blessing. My only problem with it is every time he has to fucking scream at the top of his lungs “GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAVES!!!”, and honestly it’s a major defect. 7/10
  4. Infected: I don’t know why this wasn’t one of my favorites when I was younger. It’s a wonderful look into the mind of a girl locked up her entire life (played by Alexa Vega, yeah the girl from Spy Kids, don’t get distracted). It’s sad and tormented in the way that I really love. And it has evil violin, which is like A+. 9/10
  5. Legal Assassin: Okay, I don’t know why this was one of my favorites when I was younger. I mean, it’s definitely one of the better pieces but it’s a constant stop and start through the entire song. The highlight of the whole piece is the chorus, where they drop from the rock sounds to an acoustic guitar accompanied by a sad bass. Also Anthony Stewart Head (yes, Giles from Buffy, don’t get distracted) is amazing as the split personality here and his torment is so present and it’s beautiful and you feel the sadness of his lost love and what he has to do now. It’s such a mixed bag because on one hand the chorus and Nathan, on the other hand most of the song is just okay. 7/10
  6. Mark It Up: This song is fucking un-listenable. Bill Moseley can’t fucking sing, Nivek Ogre isn’t given a good tune to sing to, and Paris Hilton (yes, she’s seriously in this movie you’ve never heard of) wisely fucks off in the first 30 seconds. The tune is a nightmare. I can’t actually listen to this crap. 0/10
  7. Things You See in the Graveyard (Reprise): It’s the same song!! But now he’s telling his ex to fuck off. Unfortunately it kinda peters off without any solid ending so it’s not as good as the original song. 6/10
  8. Thankless Job: It’s okay I guess. I mean there’s parts I like, but the carnival sounds don’t work and the high pitched puppet voice isn’t fun. 4/10
  9. Zydrate Anatomy: This is easily the second best song in the whole soundtrack, OMG do I love Zydrate Anatomy. Once again, it’s the Graverobber here to give us exposition but the tune is hard and engaging, the production is spot on, and even Paris Hilton’s part in the second verse is amazing as the whole song briefly devolves into this drug induced horror which is hauntingly beautiful. If I had any complaints, the third verse and ending could’ve been stronger or nixed entirely even though they’re plot-important. 9/10
  10. Night Surgeon: I know I shouldn’t technically rate this one so high, but I love Night Surgeon. Anthony Stewart Head and Paul Sorvino are both charismatic and great singers, even Bill Moseley on this track can’t fuck it up. It sounds like a trial before Greek Gods, and it’s my favorite use of the backup singers. 9/10
  11. Chase the Morning: Sarah Brightman is the best part of this already amazing soundtrack, I cannot say that enough. Seriously, fucking listen to Chase the Morning because despite being almost nothing like the rest of the soundtrack this track is haunting and beautifully produced. Unless you’re watching the movie because holy shit they messed something up there. 10/10 BEAUTIFUL DUET
  12. Seventeen: This musical got Joan Jett to cameo and play an entire song for them. I repeat, it got legendary Joan Jett to play an entire song for them. This little trash musical I adore that has the best music you’ve never heard of. Shame the song is like just above average. 6/10
  13. Gold: Technically I lied earlier about our villain song, because Things You See in the Graveyard is more evil than Gold, but Gold is more the villain song. It also gives Paul Sorvino the opportunity to really show off his opera singing skills, and I really do enjoy the tragic nature of this villain song. But then there’s a part of the song that’s not quite up to bar with the rest. 7/10
  14. At the Opera Tonight: Ah, finally our big ensemble number to head into the third act with! Honestly I know a lot of people hate ensemble songs but I adore them, so fuck it, I’m rating this one super high because everyone gets to show their chops and it’s a perfect bookend to the first 2 acts. It even makes the “Reeepo Man!” part from earlier fucking awesome. 9/10
  15. We Started This Op’ra Shit!: So as much as I hate Mark It Up, it definitely has a point to the story. We Started This Op’ra Shit! though? It has literally no point than to start the Genetic Opera. Pretty much nobody from the main cast shows up to sing the song. That said, it’s still a very fun song even if it loses its mind towards the end and shows off how much of a very religious thing surgery is in this alternate reality. I kinda love it and hate it at the same time. 6/10
  16. Chromaggia: This musical may be labeled an opera, but it’s actually a hard rock musical technically. There’s a bit of funny business with what actually qualifies as opera, and because very few lines are spoken without some kind of rhythm, this musical technically counts. But this is the only true Opera number in the whole thing, sung by the amazing Sarah Brightman again and it’s fucking beautiful. It’s tragic and gorgeous and sweet zombie jesus this woman was a blessing. 10/10
  17. Let the Monster Rise: It’s okay, it works well as a slow build as Shiloh reacts to the shock of the reveal who her father actually is, abandons him, and he breaks down completely and goes on a rampage. But it’s just okay. Most of the best parts are at the start where it’s slow and creepy. 5/10
  18. The Man Who Made You Sick: So technically this is several songs, but despite being the most important part of the climax it’s not on the soundtracks. So I put it together myself. This song plays from Nathan walking on stage to the bullet going off. And I love it, it’s a mess of orchestration but the lyrics are spot on and it’s an excellent climax. Especially the last half where it becomes a ticking bomb and then brings back the leitmotif from Night Surgeon. That said it also can’t pick a single tune and keep it for more than 10 seconds and it’s a bit of whiplash. 6/10
  19. I Didn’t Know I’d Love You So Much: TIME TO CRY. It’s not the most hauntingly beautiful duet, that’s Chase the Morning, but this one does strike a nerve and the music is both a wonderful capture of death and the affirmation of love between family. It’s definitely a hit even if it’s a little repetitive and shorter than I wish, given it’s one of the most unique tunes in the whole soundtrack. 9/10
  20. Genetic Emancipation: Most of the cast is dead and it’s time to close the show! Shiloh affirms her freedom to make her own choices and departs the scene of a gruesome slaughter, free of the shackles of history and the music affirms this. It starts lost but as she embraces her future it swells perfectly to strength and empowerment. 8/10
  21. Epitaph: And right on its heels to send us out, our good buddy the Graverobber. Technically this song is a reprise of Zydrate Anatomy, and as such gets a lot of props from that. It’s short and a nice attempt at getting a sequel by pointing out our loose ends, that will never see the light of day. 6/10

Thank you for joining me on what will likely be my worst post ever, and my least loved even considering the fact nothing original I post gets attention. I hope you look at this movie, it’s the best thing you’ve never heard of and I’m not lying when it stars Giles, the girl from Spy Kids, and Paris Hilton. Go watch it.

Btw do you know those places where you just get that really weird feeling that they’re just… somehow outside time. Like time just doesn’t pass there/has no effect on the place.

Because the place where my Aikido practice normally is, is like that. It’s an air raid shelter or some such place (I think?), but because the scenario where it would be used for it’s original function is kinda unlikely and it’s kind of stupid to have a such huge place just empty and untouched, it’s a place for several different sports clubs. And really, it feels like time isn’t real there. I suppose it’s because it’s deep underground so you can’t see anything that normally tells you about the passing time (such as shadows changing in the room because of how light comes from the window, weather changing outside, and so on). Also while there are some clocks in the “big tatami” room, where we normally have our practice, if you are around the middle of the hall you can’t see either of them well enough (I’ve never even paid attention enough to know if the clocks even work) to know what time it is, and anyway if you are there to practice, you don’t have time to look at the clock. You’ll be told when the practice is over.

But even though that’s the rational explanation, it feels like there’s something else too. Something odd, not evil in itself but perhaps slightly dangerous, something magical. And there isn’t, but I’m weird like that and I sometimes feel that anyway. There’s something about the way that I can come again after being away for around two years, and it feels like nothing has changed. The way no one ever takes off some of those adverts of sports clubs that maybe practice there or then not, I don’t know. The way that even if some of the adverts and announcements and whatever that are there around the walls (especially the newer ones) are taken off or changed or drawn on or replaced by another or moved slightly, it feels like it hasn’t changed. The way that the second women’s changing room’s door is slightly jammed and hard to close even though I was two years away so they could have fixed it (I know it’s because no one who could has bothered to do anything about it, but it just adds to the feeling). Something in the way there in the back wall of the big tatami room there are two spots which sound empty and metallic if you knock on them when most of the wall is just solid concrete or stone painted white, and you have to look really hard to know by seeing where those spots are, if you can see them at all (I know there’s just some ventilation duckts under that same paint layer, but still… some part of me whispers “magic door”). Such things. And yeah, always, always, even if something is changed, it feels like nothing ever changes there and there’s something magical.

I know there’s a good logical explanation for everything in there. And I know those. And most of the time I don’t think about the place at all. It’s just a place where I go and do one of my hobbies, meet some people, talk to them, and try to learn to do Aikido properly. It’s just a place, and it’s not important. What happens there is more important. And those same things could happen in any sports hall, or school gym, it just happens to happen in that certain shelter probably because of money or something.

But sometimes, when I’m a bit early, or waiting for my dad to change his clothes so we can go home together. When I’m for a while alone and I don’t have anything to do. Sometimes in such moments my imagination kicks in and asks “What if?”. Sometimes when I don’t really feel like being normal and rational, the place feels older than it is, and stranger, and more magical. And it’s stupid, and I know it, but hey, I’ve grown up reading fantasy books, and I know the cliches well enough. And sometimes a bit of imagination is fun, and sometimes it’s scary. And I know that if I were to become the protagonist of a young adult fantasy book, that would be a good place for weird things to start happening. And sometimes I think that even if it was somehow magical and more than it seems, it would probably be better to just not know about it, or if you knew, pretend you didn’t, and never ever go exploring further than in the main halls which you know and where sports clubs have their spaces. Because if that was a magic place, it would not be exactly thinking. In a way alive, yes, but not really… thinking. It wouldn’t know of good or evil. It would be old. Not good, not evil, probably not even really capable of good or evil. But very, very old and quite dangerous if you are not careful. Don’t go looking for its secrets, and don’t disturb its sleep.

Yes. I know I’m being stupid and childish. But when you live your ordinary life, stop at some place that’s so ordinary that you never even think about it. Take a deep breath, look around, listen. And think about it a little. Does the place feel strange now when you’re actually stopping and paying attention to the place itself? Because I feel like there’s magic in ordinary places, magic that we rarely notice. Or at least, our minds put the magic in those places when we stop to see them.

Our lifeless bodies lying there rotting. For all of time, and eternity

I hope you don’t mind that i stole a bit from that song. (it’s a good line)

that, unlike you, i’ll have to post this for you to see.

but i want to respond. sorry about dropping you like milion times in the proces. 

it’s so nice for you to just be there, even though you’re mute, just smiles in the dark and mesages. it’s nice to have this evening program. i’m glad you’re there, it makes me feel warm even though my toes are still really cold and puts a smile on my face.

and i can’t wait for you to actually be here. for you, to read what i want you to, for us, listening to vinyls together and burning down bad memories.

i hope i’ll be brave enough to give you what i typed out, because it says what i want to in the best way.

i’m sick of losing soulmates, but were there really any soulmates before i saw you?