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If someone is happy with their identity, let them be happy. Don’t say their identity doesn’t exist. Don’t make fun of them or parody them. I’m sick and fucking tired of this shit. 

My identity isn’t your toy to fool around with; it isn’t your joke to make. 


Narkik Weekend - Day #2  Narkik // Inukag 

From @narqueen amazing analysis: “One of the major themes of the series is the conflict of fragmented identity; this is embodied the best between inuyasha versus naraku - inuyasha, who struggles internally with the desire to be a half demon and his humanity & love for kagome, compared to naraku, who struggles physically (by constantly shape-shifting his body) to shed himself of his humanity & his love for kikyou. this literary archetype is called the shadow - a formidable opponent who mirrors the darker psyche of the hero; a character to both compare & contrast with the hero.

in fact, inukag and narkik are one another’s “shadows” - the relationships themselves are nearly-perfect contrasting mirrors of one another.”

“Chris doesn’t have that reputation because guys don’t go around calling other guys sluts” - Noora Sætre.


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Honestly, I'm so petty I hope Bellarke kisses all the damn time soon just so people would shut up about the "Clarke needs to heal over L!!!" Well, she never got the chance to grieve Finn, did she?! But that doesn't matter to the antis.

You know what?

Me too.

I try to be nice, and they still come gunning for me. Only polite-like, until I get fed up, and then they act like how dare I?

Oh I dare.

My stupid streaming is too slow, so I can’t get through that sneak peek for the next episode, but you know what it kept freezing on? Clarke staring at Bellamy’s collarbone.

Clarke is ALWAYS staring at Bellamy’s collarbone. Like she wants to lick it or something. 

Because Clarke Griffin wants to devour Bellamy Blake, even though she had a fling with a girl she kind of loved and it hurt her terribly when she died. 




And she wants him too. 

And she’s done with Lxa too. As done as I am.


Your Heart’s Desire

a very late submission to @tmntflashfic‘s valentine’s day prompt thing, since it got insanely long, and has to be broken up into parts. I’ll post the next part within a few days.

Master Post of Chapters.


In which Casey makes a lot of bad decisions, buys more groceries than he wants to, deals with his own mistakes, makes a bad drunk decision, almost dies more than once, falls in love, and summons a demon.

Not in that order.

Chapter One. 

Casey heard his alarm sound, and he rolled over to slap the snooze. However, his had made contact with something… not plastic.

Casey grumbled, refusing to open his eyes yet. Too early, it was way too early… too much hangover, not enough sleep…

He slapped the thing again, trying to find his alarm clock.

“Quit it before I bite your hand off,” Someone growled.

Casey’s eyes snapped open, and he yanked his hand away so fast it smacked the wall behind him. Tangling his legs in his sheets as he did, he scrambled into sitting position.

There was someone in his room. Sitting by his bed. A pair of acidic green eyes glared back at him, standing out against the man’s darker skin.

“Wha- what the hell’re you doing in my house?!” Casey yelped.

The man glared harder, sneering at Casey. “You’re the one who brought me here!”

Casey frantically tried to recall if he’d brought a dude home with him last night, and failed.

“Shit- did I really?” He said, wincing apologetically. “God, I was so smashed last night, I can’t remember anything.”

The man gave him a look of disbelief. “Wha- seriously?! You can’t remember anything?”

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man i love in stb when bones is talking about spock’s vulcan anatomy saving him because it just wouldn’t be star trek without vulcan anatomy making one immune to certain effects or survive injuries that would have killed a human. just vulcan anatomy is such a great excuse. didn’t pass out like the rest of the crew? vulcan anatomy. didn’t get shot in the heart? vulcan anatomy. 14 inch dick? vulcan anatomy

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New OC !  っゝω・)っ~☆

Flower had a very rough day today. 

I am feeling very tired ! 

I have too many asks to answer too … I am really sorry for the delay ! ////// 

Also today I reached 800+ followers !

Thank you everyone !  ♡ ♡ I’ll do more UT soon ! 

“thanks for the cake, kunikida-kun”

It’s Osamu Dazai’s birthday today, decided to doodle a little thing for it - of course his partner would celebrate it (probably after yelling at him for five hours and then pushing a piece of cake to him and murmuring that he hopes Dazai has a good birthday).

A Cruxymox Special

Hi @cruxymox! I am your Secret Valentine! I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks and I am sorry that I did not like anything or follow you before today, but I tried to stay secret, even though I loved your work! Here is my gift to you, a poem with the most sincere appreciation for you and your work! Hope you enjoy it xx

Valentine’s at midnight
doorbell rings
echoing through the corridors.

You open the door
to find a bruised person
panting out of breath
bearing a gift in his hands.

“Hello, fellow writer,
happy valentine’s day”
he shrugged,
while handing you over
a box in torn wrapping paper.

He stares at you
waiting eagerly
to see your reaction.

Your claws continue tearing
the paper that remained,
to find a heart shaped sculpture
made from filth and grime.

He then said
“Thank you, for accepting
the unwanted and the unloved.
Keep doing what you do:
take the pain-filled darkness
mould it into art,
true masterpieces
that only you can create”