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Narkik Weekend - Day #2  Narkik // Inukag 

From @narqueen amazing analysis: “One of the major themes of the series is the conflict of fragmented identity; this is embodied the best between inuyasha versus naraku - inuyasha, who struggles internally with the desire to be a half demon and his humanity & love for kagome, compared to naraku, who struggles physically (by constantly shape-shifting his body) to shed himself of his humanity & his love for kikyou. this literary archetype is called the shadow - a formidable opponent who mirrors the darker psyche of the hero; a character to both compare & contrast with the hero.

in fact, inukag and narkik are one another’s “shadows” - the relationships themselves are nearly-perfect contrasting mirrors of one another.”

AU where Mon-El isn’t terribly written, and the show writers don’t prioritize “love” above “ending slavery”.

man i love in stb when bones is talking about spock’s vulcan anatomy saving him because it just wouldn’t be star trek without vulcan anatomy making one immune to certain effects or survive injuries that would have killed a human. just vulcan anatomy is such a great excuse. didn’t pass out like the rest of the crew? vulcan anatomy. didn’t get shot in the heart? vulcan anatomy. 14 inch dick? vulcan anatomy

“Chris doesn’t have that reputation because guys don’t go around calling other guys sluts” - Noora Sætre.


“I’m okay.”

“No you’re not, you’re hurt. You’re bleeding again and you’re slowing down. I should go find some help.”

“No! No.”


A couple basic colour spectrums for Echoes :)

The second image displays combinations from 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 echoes. For example the top row is RRRRR, GRRRR, GGRRR, GGGRR, GGGGR, GGGGG etc. While the second row from the top is RRRR RRRG RRGG GGGR GGGG etc.

I hope this is useful to my fellow ranchers <3


Pairing: George x Reader


  • CAN YOU DO ONE WHERE YN IS FROM AUSTRALIA!! Thank you i love your writing!
  • Hey there, I really like your writing and i only just followed you today so sorry for my spamming! do you have any Imagines where Y/N is Australian? ❤️️
  • Omg you’re Australian too?? Can you write something where the reader is from Australian, maybe Queensland or something??
  • hey, can i please have one where y/n is from Australia and with George and really fluffy please? sorry it isn’t very specific, i just need Australian y/n ahaha
  • George fluff is all I need in life can you please write a George fluff!

A/N: so I found all my notes… Turns out the problem was that I logged out of iCloud… I’m an idiot. ANYWAY, I’ve gotten a few requests for an Australian reader as well as a lot of Hufflepuff readers, so here is both! P.S. You’d think that this would clear up a lot of my asks, nope I still have exactly 100 requests

Squicks: None

It was February, meaning that back home it would be scorching hot, the sun would be blazing down and everyone would be in desperate need of cooling off. Here at Hogwarts however, the grounds were blanketed with snow and with more and more coming down, you swear you even saw the Whomping Willow shiver. You were from Australia, meaning that you in particular were more sensitive to the harsh cold that Scotland brought around this time of year.

You were in the Gryffindor common room with your friend George Weasley. It was 9pm meaning that most of Gryffindor were coming in and out of their common room, Fred and Lee doing god knows what and god knows where. The Gryffindors didn’t mind when you would come into their common room, knowing how close you were to the Weasley twins.

You and George both sat on the floor with your backs leant against the couch, your homework sprawled out messily on the small table in front of the fire. You and George had been trying to finish off your Charms work, and have been here for almost two hours.

You had written one and a half paragraphs.

George had written seven words.

It’s not that the work was hard, it was just that you two would somehow manage to goof off at any random time, making the other one laugh and lose concentration too. That, and you were freezing your arse off.

“I think that even if I jumped into that fire I still wouldn’t be warm enough,” you complain, looking into the fire with your arms crossed.

George let out a chuckle, “You can’t seriously be that cold”.

You shot a glare at George, your bottom lip shivering along with the rest of your body as you tried to pull yourself into the tightest ball you could form.

“…Shit, okay, maybe you are that cold,” George said with another laugh, but was also kinda worried.

“I am, I’m absolutely freezing, Georgie,” you say sadly, making a move to gather your belongings, “I think I might head back to my common room, it’s just way too cold,”

“Don’t be silly Y/n, I’ll give you a jumper,” George says getting up before you can protest, “come up and I’ll let you pick one out, God knows Mum’s knitted me enough of the things…”

You giggle, standing up with George and follow him towards his dorm. Truth is, you didn’t really want to leave him anyway.

You followed George up the winding staircase, your arms still wrapped tightly around your body, feeling colder and colder with each step you took away from the fire.

“Here it is, the Gryffindor men’s sleeping quarters,” George announces, arms stretched out, showing off the messy room.

You slowly twirl around in a small circle taking in everything in the room. There was Gryffindor merch stuck to every wall and hanging off every bedpost, practically all of the beds were messy, and you were almost certain that you could tell whose bed was whose just by looking at the types of things spread across them.

“Take your pick,” George says as he dumps a load of jumpers from his arms onto his bed, catching your attention.

“I like this one, it’s got a big G on it, G for Ginny I suppose,” you say, looking up at George who was mid-eye roll. You giggled and slipped the knitted jumper over your head, the jumper reaching half way down your thighs and the sleeves about five inches too long, “it’s a perfect fit!” you say happily, causing George to let out a laugh.

“Now Y/n I will warn you, this lovely one-of-a-kind jumper does come at a cost,”

You let out an overdramatised gasp, “I knew there was a catch!”

George took a step closer towards you, rubbing the back of his neck, “I’m afraid so, because as you see I don’t have a great deal of jumpers, I can’t just give them away to every pretty girl I see,”

You look over at the pile of about ten jumpers still on his bed, “There must be a lot of pretty girls at Hogwarts then,” you say with a smile.

“Ehhh, there’s one pretty girl in particular, and unfortunately she hasn’t paid the price for this fine sweater I’ve just given her,” he says with a smirk, taking another step closer.

“Alright then Georgie, how much will this sweater be costing me?”


“One?” you ask with confusion, “one what?”

“One kiss,” George said, wiggling his eyebrows.

Whilst you were in complete shock, you pretended to be totally nonchalant to the whole situation. You folded your arms and looked up as if contemplating your decision.

“I guess it is a warm jumper…” you start,

“Oh yes, quite possibly the warmest jumper on the planet I daresay,” George encourages, taking a final step towards you and placing his hands on your hips,

“And the Hufflepuff common room is terribly cold…” you add,

“I can imagine it is, yes, what better way to keep warm than with an oversized sweater?” George says, playing with the hem of the jumper as you slide your hands around the back of his neck,

“I think you might have yourself a deal, Mr. Weasley,” you whisper, your face inches away from his,

“Perfect,” he whispers back before gently pulling you towards him and connecting your lips. You kissed back instantly, your hands playing in his hair as well as one of his holding the back of your head, his thumb brushing over your cheek.

Your kiss was passionate and quite honestly perfect. Your lips moved in sync with each other and your bodies were pressed together.

After a while the two of you pulled back, marking the first time you had ever seen George Weasley actually blushing.

“One kiss for a jumper is very cheap I would’ve thought,” you say with a smile, pressing your forehead against his, “I’m happy to make another payment,” 

“There’s no way I’d object to that,” he says, before the two of you started kissing once more.


Sorry if you don’t like the following, but I woke up today hating the world and Sam and Cait as well. Still do.

Since the “picture” of everyone together and cozy and after the shock wave of Cait posting it, we get the trolls, Antis and just hateful people dumping on Shippers again. Same old shit, different day. Does Sam now date MM publicly and does Cait get to do the same with her SO? Do we get the privilege of watching Sam and MM bore us to death. Yes, I am negative about this relationship. If Sam finds MM that exciting and worth dating, I just can’t imagine what he is like in real life. I find her boring and ordinary. Especially her IG. Watch one of her interviews for reference on my opinion. If this is the real her, it’s sad. Guess I got used to Cait and her sense of humor with posts .

When a reveal happens, it usually changes things. When it’s a couple most people are hoping are together, after the likes on IG in the thousands of the pictures of SC together, it’s usually celebration. But, when you get a sketchy relationship instead, it might be an uphill battle. An actress nobody really knows, except for this fandom and a C list actor. This is not a power couple. Do they breakup and stir the pot more? I don’t think Sam or PR have that answer.

So what’s next? More innuendo, more pictures, more MM? Then what happens when Season 3 has promo? MM isn’t part of the Outlander show. Do they throw her into the mix when she is not needed or wanted? This may be a turnoff to some people. Me especially. I think they are hoping all the dust from this mess will die down and go back to normal, whatever that is. They are already on Twitter trying to act like everything is coming up roses. I see some, like me, not so forgiving. When you get used for anyone’s advancement or personal gain, you find it disgusting for them to keep doing it. Yes, I feel used. They said they weren’t together, but kept playing the game of looking together and again we get blamed for believing their BS. Dangling the relationship carrot in front of the Shippers all the time. Yep, I went down that rabbit hole for the last time. Just hoping in love and what we saw means we are delusional. So now we should invest in the most fake looking relationship outside of Taylor Swift and Tom H. I don’t think so. Whoever is behind this shit needs a bitch slap.

Never have I seen such use of fans and total abuse by a has been old actor without someone stepping in to save their fandom from this mess. Total abuse to women and joy in their harassment of them. Right or wrong about a relationship has nothing to do with this. For Cait to be a feminist she needs to only look at her fandom, the bubble headed blonde fucking with the fans and IW, her big friends buddy. A damn picture was suppose to clear up this mess? How idiotic can everyone be? All of this could of been avoided and kept simple, but they keep feeding the dragon and expect not to get burned? I’m even pissed at myself for investing myself into this relationship of SC and the show. I’m not stupid, they are for not embracing the Shippers and letting the truth be known for a healthier environment for fans way back and no more are we/aren’t we playing with fans. The old saying in sales was “KISS IT, meaning keep it simple stupid.

Get your popcorn ready for September. We will need it. PR has enough problems just getting their shit together on a daily basis. This is going to be a real laugh fest. If I sound bitter, it isn’t because of SC not being together. Together or not has no effect on my life. I am pissed about the constant battering of Shippers when Shipping is a normal for fandoms. I think the actors who only see fans as a commodity are in trouble with themselves. I do see the forgiveness and the don’t blame Sam or Cait for any of this, remarks in the fandom. Who do we blame? It’s Sam’s so called gf making sure we get half truth pics on IG and him looking the other way. This whole are we/aren’t we thing wasn’t made up in our minds. It’s right out there on SM. Signs of publicist and PR are all over the place. Looking back at Amy and Cody even fighting on SM over Sam, but yet Amy says she was not his GF. Both she and Cody worked for the same studio Sam was filming a summer movie, When the Starlight Ends, but it was just a coincidence all three of them were plastered all over SM. Yeah right.

Whose fans are being the target of IW and trolls? Sam and Cait, not just the show. We don’t get words of encouragement, just please vote and oh yeah my Gf isn’t doing anything wrong by posting innuendo, it’s all of you interpreting it wrong. Really, when it looks like shit it usually is shit. Trolls and IW should be addressed. If they get ignored then the trolls get bigger and fatter from their harassment. Block, report, erase. Even the 16 year old Blondie can’t handle that on her IG. Enough reporting and maybe IG will get the message to up their game and stop the harassment. If Sam or Cait don’t know how to handle their SM then their PR team should be consulted immediately. But maybe they were and this is what we got. A picture and a tweeting fest.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t get appeased that easily after being hit upside the head. If they can’t come up with something good for the “what’s next” scenario, it’s going to get real quiet around here. It’s a long time till September and watching a 40 year old guy and a blonde bubble head is not going to cut it with a fandom full of smart savvy women. Maybe someone with some intelligence who knows women between the ages of 20 and 75 can help these dingbats out. So far they keep fucking up.

Oh yeah one more thing. if someone tells me I am picking on MM, I don’t care. Anyone who puts themselves out in a fandom of women and shows no intelligence in what she posts and how she handles it, well you asked for it. If you think I’m bad, you haven’t met the bitches of the world. Grow up.

Do I still think they are together? Doesn’t matter right now when they let so much shit happen to their fandom. Yep I’ll say it again, their fandom.

I think I have said enough. I’m in need of a pain killer.


If someone is happy with their identity, let them be happy. Don’t say their identity doesn’t exist. Don’t make fun of them or parody them. I’m sick and fucking tired of this shit. 

My identity isn’t your toy to fool around with; it isn’t your joke to make. 

The Birthday (Miniminter imagine.. kind of)

A/N: I wrote this for @sdmntrxsh without her asking for it and it’s based on one of our conversations, hope you enjoy:)

The feeling of being unwanted have been growing inside of me for a while now. Simon always say that i shouldn’t think that way, all of the boys likes me according to him.

But it just doesn’t feel that way. They have been ignoring my texts whenever i ask if we all should do something and today is my birthday.

Not one of them have wished me a happy birthday yet and it’s nearly noon. Simon has, but that’s only because he’s my boyfriend and we woke up together since i basically live in the sidemen house with him. The other boys were out when we got up and Simon had forgotten to buy me a present.

This was probably the start to the worst birthday i have ever had. After breakfast Simon went back upstairs and said that i could do whatever i wanted to. Suddenly it’s like he doesn’t care either. I am all alone.

I went to the bathroom, locked the door behind me and sat down on the cold floor. Tears were streaming down my cheeks. Everyone hates me. It’s clear, even my best friends Sarah and Freya has been distant lately.

My thoughts got interrupted by a knock on the door. Of course it was Simon. “Two seconds! I’ll be right out” I yelled back. Fuck. He can’t see i have been crying! He’ll just ask what’s wrong and i know he would contact the guys and girls and force them to say that they still like me. I didn’t want that, they shouldn’t be forced to lie.

When i got out Simon stood there. A worried look on his face. He had hidden something behind his back. “Is everything okay babe?” He asked, perfect as always. My eyes are most likely red and swollen.

“Yeah, i’m just s bit upset because no one besides you have wished me a happy birthday.. not even Freya or Sarah!” I answered, not able to keep my big, dumb mouth shut. Stupid stupid stupid, you just had to tell him didn’t you? He must think you’re such a drama queen now.

Simons face fell, he looked so upset that you hadn’t had a good birthday so far. It was as if the mere thought of you not being happy put him in a bad mood. That’s one of the thousands of reasons that you love him.

He slowly pulled, whatever he had been hiding behind his back, out. It was the most beautiful lillies i had seen in a really long time. He knew they were my favourites. “I’m really sorry about today and also about the others. But i need you to follow me” he said. I took the flowers and his hand. He led me out front.

Here was the biggest surprise ever. They all stood there. Sarah, Freya, Tobi, Josh, JJ, Ethan, Harry, Vik and the Cals. Basically all of the people that has been ignoring me for the last few weeks. At first i didn’t react. I wanted to yell at them and run away, but i also wanted to run forward and hug them. After all they were my closest friends.

And the looks they were giving me, the boys had happy looks on their faces and the girls looked apologetic. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” Ethan yelled out of nowhere. He, without knowing it, had saved me from a really awkward ‘hi’.

“We’re so so so sorry for ignoring you or seeming distant! We have just been planning a surprise party and we didn’t know what to answer when you asked us what we wanted to do for your birthday!” Freya quickly said, “but! We have planned a really fun night out at Thorpe Park!” Josh exclaimed, clearly not able to hold it in anymore.

I didn’t know what to say. I was really happy because they cared, but at the same time i was uncertain. What if this was just their excuse for ignoring me? Or what if Simon had made them all show up?

I didn’t have much time to think about this before they dragged me into a car and we were on our way.

In the end my birthday was amazing. They all made sure to make me feel special and i loved all the rides there and the people. So we had a blast.

“Thank you” i whispered to Simon once we got home. Well aware that he had been the one to set it all up.

Firstly i want to thank everybody for putting up with me in this year. I haven’t reached any kind of milestone but recently it’s been about 2 years since i started this blog so making a follow forever seemed like a good idea. So many good and bad things happened this year  and i will try to cherish them all. Once again thank you, both to my followers and the people i follow ;

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