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I get so absurdly angry perpetually, because I constantly think about how there is enough food, water, medicine and resources to help nearly everyone survive/live well, but this doesn’t happen because a small percentage of hoarding humans are selfish and refuse to change the system for the better. It’s so wrong. How has this become our world? How can these people get away with making everyone else suffer needlessly?? And it’s just accepted as the reality of our collective society by the vast majority, and the powerful love keeping it that way??

I just don’t understand. My mom and I are lower class based on our income and I’m chronically ill, but we are so lucky to have everything we need and fun clothes/video games/nice car (my mom is very smart with money and my badass independent grandma set her up to survive comfortably with her hard work). I want for nothing except better medical care and access to fodmap medical diet food. How can these people with an absurd amount of wealth not want to give back and help people who are struggling? Why do they need (want) so much money and don’t want to give back??? They should be paying the community taxes majority by far. They have the majority of the money, they need to pay the majority of the taxes. Taxing the poor is criminal and shouldn’t be a set norm that has been accepted for so many centuries.


Happy Birthday to my lovely friend @merelatio!!  ♥

You’re an amazing person and its always so fun to talk with you, I hope you have a great birthday! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Part 2!!!

Okay so I got a few happy demands for part 2, and here it is! Some credit to @wirtless for reminding me of these fantabulous experiences—

- So first of all, I forgot to mention the way Ben wiped his ‘sweaty hands’ whilst talking to zoe? He brought up his leg and went all the way down until he hit his hecking shoe it was beautiful

- I’m still having trouble getting over the sincerity of the hair stroke,,, it looked as if they were going to kiss for like a split second they should’ve

- Sincerly me was just so exciting?? I’m never going to get over it?? Everyone was smiling like little happy idiots and Ben forgot to say a few of his smaller lines like the “cRAcK?!” And they had to keep going and when the went to thE dance™️, everyone started cheering and they were jumping around super high and the happy hand shakeS AND YES MY GOOD BOYS

- words fail was heartbreaking? There was so much silence because Ben was full on sOBBING. Not even just crying really, but just sobbing his heart out. You could see like snot and spit, it was vile and heartbreakingly beautiful.

- Jenn did an especially good job tonight! During words fail she was so completely heartbroken, like this was the first time she had ever performed. She could barely even like look at Evan.

- I know this happens every show, but for anyone who doesn’t happen to know, in requiem while Cynthia is sitting on connors bed, she carresses his pillow briefly, then grabs it and hugs it like it is her son. That pillow was the same one he had slept on so shortly ago, and it’s one of the only things that might still contain her beloved Connor.

- Will was so nice and loud and funny! Everyone laughed so purely at his jokes, and I found him being super nice and loud and he was just extra hilarious,, though to be fair all my emotions were heightened. In good for you when he does his stuff, I nearly blacked out because it was so amazing? He sounded so genuinely upset and tkwjfns

- Okay. Waving through a window.

- wistful, amazing, magic to say the least. I mean like it is everytime and what not, but everyone just seemed to be having fun with it? Ben was moving around a bunch and UG H

- I’m sorry this isn’t super good I’m having like an insanity thiS was the best thing ever

- “because I KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE TO FEEL INVISIBLE,” like honestly slay my girl yess kirstolyn,, she did so good they all did so good?

- sorry again but uh Joey from wills vlogs was sitting behind me and he’s seen it 12 times what goals his cast said “I hEart Ben platt,”

- at the end of the show, I was like briefly talking with others and I didn’t even know them. Half the people there’s faces were all red and teary

- oops


Make me choose: Sirius Black or Fenrir Greyback @azkabcn

Voldemort has promised him prey in return for his services. Greyback specialises in children… Bite them young, he says, and raise them away from their parents, raise them to hate normal wizards.

lotr8833  asked:

Hey, I was wondering if you could do a dialogue prompt or started between A who is not the smartest person (like the guy form Of Mice and Men kinda?) And their group of friends who, at times, get frustrated with them, other times they find it endearing. (Thanks in advance and I hope you're having an awesome time!)

//Is it too late to mention I’ve never read Of Mice and Men?

“They see the world in simpler, but brighter colors.”

“I never liked the whole ‘brain and brawns’ thing. We’re just two people, hanging out, really.”

“They either get on my nerves really quickly, or they help me calm down. It’s weird.”

“I don’t care what people say. I’ve never cared.”

I’m sorry guys but I don’t think I’ll be able to get a fic out this week.
Its just been really stressful the last couple of days. First my senior dog completely tore a ligament in her leg when she got too excited from me coming home after spending all day out with friends and she’s too old and small for my vet to preform surgery on like he would’ve if she were a larger dog. And since Sunday, I’ve been dog sitting for my aunt until Wednesday. So I’ve been watching three dogs, two senior dogs (one of which needs extraaaa care) and my own lowkey jealous doggo.
And I thought I only needed to prepare for one not at home thanksgiving at my sister’s apartment, but now we’re also going to spend Friday with my dad’s closer half of the family.
Then I’m also trying to get everything situated for my betta fish before I actually pick one up.
Ugh I’m just so sorry. Its just been kinda overwhelming recently trying to get so many fics done on time. I hope none of you mind that I need to take a break from writing this week

i’m forever grateful to have a friend like amy who isn’t afraid to call me out on my bullshit when i fuck up but also by doing so won’t let me let me blame myself for every little thing that’s beyond my control

it’s like, i’m the easiest person to gaslight apparently because i immediately just. believe it and blame myself and she’s so ready to shut that down because she’s so willing to be honest and honestly it’s so helpful

  • me (a literal trash goblin): Yeah so I have this story about my self-insert to make it a bit more interesting but idk if you'd even wanna hear it.
  • My Awesome But Foolish Friends: No, I wanna hear!!
  • me (a literal trash goblin): Ok, so let's start on The Final Timeline; Era 1, Arc 1, Season 1, Chapter 1, and for good-measure, let's make sure that it follows the true end, Good End #2. So, the universe is created by the god of Life who-

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the fact that you consciously choose to be a good person and check off that hypothetical list says a lot about you bud :>

maybe u.u Part of me just feels like an automaton whose just making sure to respond to things with the appropriate reaction. “This person said this. So to be a “nice person” I need to respond with this response. It is the correct way to respond in order for them to be pleased.”

It makes me feel more like a machine than a real person. It’s not that I DON’T feel those things I try and express. I care about people quite deeply, and I care about others’ feelings. But in the way I respond and talk and interact with them it all feels like I’m just making sure to hit all the right points so that I can form an appropriate response.

I feel like I don’t know how to properly express the things I feel so I just use that checklist so I can come across as nice. But that makes me feel fake and like I’m just following a script.


I saw @otherwindow ´s gorgeous Incubus McCree, so I decided to draw him, but I got a bit carried away. 

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Yeah, I’m sick of losing soulmates

Won’t be alone again

I can finally see, you’re as fucked up as me

So how do we win?